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A house invasion is foiled by a mom and her daughter.
The doorbell rang followed by a quick knock. As Jane reached the door, a young man took off down the driveway. He didn’t even stay long enough for someone to answer the door.

“What the hell?” Jane opened the doors to check the porch for something left behind.


What had the man been doing? A knot churned her stomach. She stepped back inside, lokcing the security door and the wooden door.

“Mandy?” She got the attention of her oldest daughter. “Please lock the back door.”

The girl hopped off the back couch and locked the glass door, letting the curtains fall back into place. “What’s wrong?”

“Hopefully nothing. Just seems weird. Like he’s casing the house.”

Someone shook the back door, trying to wrestle it open. Mandy stepped back, her eyes wide.

Jane didn’t hesitate. She ran back there, shoving her daughter behind her. “Call the police!”

The nearest weapon was a spray bottle of bleach sitting on the table. She clutched it to her chest, ready to spray the want-to-be intruder.

The door shook again and then popped open. The man from the front door stuck his head in.

A high-pitched scream tore out of him as Jane sprayed the bottle at his face. He jerked his head back, disappearing through the curtains.

She waited for him to poke his head back in, prepared to send another mist of bleach into his eyes.

Mandy called out, “Mom, they’re on their way. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine but tell them to keep an eye on local ERS. His lungs and eyes might need some attention.” And she was ready to fight like a wild cat should he decide to make a second attempt.

But he didn’t, cause no one wants a faceful of bleach.

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