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A poem, my prompt was human relationships.
In the tapestry of souls, our threads entwine,
A dance of spirits, an embrace divine.
Through the ebb and flow of life's grand design,
Heartbeats synchronize, an eternal sign.

In the silent whispers of the soul's refrain,
Echoes the melody of joy and pain.
Connections woven, like an intricate chain,
Binding us together through sunshine and rain.

Each encounter, a chapter in the soul's book,
A shared gaze, a lingering, soulful look.
In the tapestry, where our destinies crook,
A shared journey, a path that we undertook.

Through the labyrinth of time, our spirits roam,
In the cosmic dance, finding a soulful home.
A connection so profound, no need to roam,
Entwined together, in the vast cosmic dome.

Through the seasons of the heart, we sway,
In the dance of emotions, finding our way.
With every sunrise, a promise of a new day,
An eternal connection, in the soul's ballet.

So let our souls converse in silent speech,
Beyond the realms where mere words can reach.
A connection profound, lessons that each teach,
In the tapestry of souls, a bond to breach.
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