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Thanksgiving Disaster on Alpha Centaura

Thanksgiving Disaster on Alpha Centaura


         Joe Lewis was the commander of the 1st Earth colonist's expedition to the planet Alpha Centura. 1000 people from all over the earth were in the colonial fleet. Five more ships were on their way for a total of about 25,000 colonists.

          This is the year 2250 and was the result of the invention of the first warp drive that allowed people to travel to Alpha Centauri in about two months, as opposed to the number of years it would have taken without warp faster than light drives. The colonists were excited to be there when they landed and arrived on the planet they discovered there was a community of intelligent creatures living there who were dog-like creatures that lived in villages

         They arrived and set up camp and met with the natives and eventually, they were able to figure out how to communicate with the natives Centurions. The natives were friendly, but a little bit worried about the colonists and their intentions, but the natives also said that they had no problem with the colonists coming to the planet because they felt that there was plenty of space on their planet

         The Centurions told the colonists that there were a few things they needed to know about Alpha Centauri. First, the wild birds that looked like turkeys could not be killed, eaten, or harvested because they were sacred creatures to their Gods. If they killed them or ate them, their God would come, and a terrible retribution would occur.

         The colonists ignored their warnings, dismissing them as the myths of a backward agrarian society, not having invented modern technology, and not understanding space travel. Besides, the colonists, of diverse faiths, all believed that the Earth’s Gods were the only Gods that they needed to worry about. They felt that Allah, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohamed would bless their venture as he had shown them mercy in bringing them to a land where they could settle. Some of the settlers felt that the natives would have to be displaced like the native Americans had been, others felt that they could work out a mutual co-existence agreement, with the colonists staying in their sector, about half the planet, and the Centurions contend with living in reservations on the remaining lands..

         And they slaughtered the turkeys and had and had a huge Thanksgiving feast to celebrate their arrival on the planet. They invited the locals to the feast, and the Centurions sat down with them. But, when the locals discovered that they were eating their sacred animals the locals stood up and cursed at them saying that they had brought upon the retribution of their Gods, and they fled in terror.

         The colonists finished their feast, dismissing the fears of the locals. Then they saw a flock of eagle-like creatures flying towards them, saw thousands of enraged turkeys, and heard the howls of wolves-like creatures that emerged from the nearby jungle.

         The creatures killed most of the colonists. Only a few survived. Including Joe Lewis.

         The head of the Centurions came up to Joe, apologetically, and said,

         “Humans, we had warned you. Don’t mess with our Gods. You brought it upon yourself. We believe that you are doomed and should we leave our planet immediately. You have been warned, You are not welcome and you must leave immediately. Go to another planet we know there is another one, Sirius, about five light-years away that is uninhabited.

          Joe called the remaining ships who came and rescued them, and they went on to the next planet Sirius, which was uninhabited. Joe recalled the famous quote attributed to that infamous fictional 19th-century rouge, Flashman’s dictum,

“          Never mess with pagan Gods.”

          That was the end of their first and only Thanksgiving on Alpha Centauri.

NEW PROMPT: It's the year 2222, and human settlers on another planet decide to revive an old Earth tradition... only they get it horribly, and hilariously, wrong. What tradition, and how do they mess it up?

One of your genres must be COMEDY.

Harry Flashman is a fictional 19th-century English rogue who traveled the world getting into all sorts of scraps, including the raid of Harper’s Ferry. One of his famous lines was “Never mess with Pagan G
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