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by David
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Dar'mont's quest for vengeance begins here.
Synopsis: Dar'mont wedding was disrupted by a raid, and he will exact his revenge on the raiding party, even if it takes until his dying breath. They took what was most precious from him, and he will never be able to get it back, so he will take everything from them.

"It's been three months, and these foul beasts have not slowed down. They must know that I am on their trail by now, six of them dead plus five more wounded, and they too would be dead if it weren't for them riding off so quickly. I shall get them all, that I swear each, and everyday upon the day I find my beloved Katrina. I shall have my revenge for them stealing her from me," Dar'mont thought to himself.

Dar'mont had been tracking them for 3 months, three months not stopping save a few hours at night for rest and then up again, the only thing fueling his drive is pure hatred. The hatred of all Orc kind, and humankind. They took his beloved Katrina, his own neighbors tried to stop him from saving her, he could have found her months ago, but now he is doing this alone. He looked to the gods, and they did not answer his prayers, so he no longer prays. He has none, and trusts no one anymore. His only hope is that when he finds her she will still be alive and they can continue on in this world. Until then he will not rest until they are found and killed.

As he lay down for the night, sleep came slowly as it had lately. His thoughts drifted to her, the day of his dreams, the beginning of the rest of their lives, how true is that. She was dressed in the traditional wedding gown, perfectly contrasting her beautiful red hair, braided back with the back coming down straight. Her pale skin covered with the soft red hues, her brown eyes looking so lovely. She was truly happy that day, the whole town had gathered to watch, the guard paid more mind to the wedding than their duties. The vows were half done, Dar'mont just started his, and the attack begun. There was no warning, the guards at the walls had no chance and they came charging the street, they charged right for her, knocking Dar'mont over, nearly trampling him. They grabbed her and were riding hard out of town. Dar'mont awoke quickly, with a start. It was still an hour or so before first light, time to get moving, since there is nothing more to do. Aches and pains for lack of rest rippled through Dar'mont's body. He grabbed some of his jerky as he began travelling again, tracking them, knowing they were not awake, not yet at least.

"Another night, another nightmare, but why that one always." Dar'mont muttered to himself as he began moving forward. He moved quickly through the woods, following the trail they took. He no longer knew the lands he was in but cared not. His quarry was but a few hours ahead, so long as they took their time and ate a hot meal.

"Fools," he thought to himself, "such irony that the hot meal they must have will be their last." Dar'mont wanted this to be the last of them it was many, but he had many arrows. "Four score arrows, and merely a score of them, that should be more than enough," Dar'mont thought as he moved in close to his prey.

The camp was relatively quiet, but it was just after first light, and they were lazy. That’s why they are on horseback. Dar'mont moved in closer, just inside the edge of the woods is great. He took a few arrows out and placed them point down into the ground and strung the bow. "Fly straight," Dar'mont murmured as he pulled the string back with his first arrow notched. "Be swift," he murmured as he released it, targeting the closest guard's throat. "Strike soft," as he released the second. "Be my deliverers of death," as he released his third arrow.
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