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by David
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2313592
A magical moment shared.
First he walks to the stereo, and turns on some Bach, he then approaches his beloved. As he reaches her, he extends his hand to her. She takes it, allowing him to help her to her feet, as he moves closer to her, wrapping his other arm around her waist. She sees everything begin changing before her eyes. First the bed shifts, collapses into a glittered mess as a shimmering aura engulfs the entire room slowly. The Stereo sinks into the floor, as it expands outward revealing itself as a grand piano, with a pianist gracefully dancing across the keys, then a cello appears with the musician, his bow running across the strings. Now in what was in the corner of the room is a small orchestra softly playing the music, the shimmering continues across the room, as the room seems to expand before her eyes. The walls as she knew them melted away to reveal taller stone walls that reach forth to the now vaulted ceilings. The carpeted floors shift, as she begins to dance, initially she feels the hard wood floors under her sock covered feet, but with her next step she finds she is now wearing a pair of dancing shoes, looking down she no longer sees her feet, but a formal ball gown, trimmed with lace, has replaced her sweats that she was just wearing. His jeans and t-shirt have become a proper courtesan’s outfit. With each step they take the world, and they change more. Her shoulder length hair, before knotted and unkempt, now is finely braided into a French style, and now extends down her back to just below her shoulder blades. His hair, once spiked, and wild, now is properly parted and maintained. Petals begin falling like snow from ceiling as they waltz, she looks up and sees a chandelier grow from the light that was there. As the music winds down, he leans into and they kiss, their eyes closing. When she opens her eyes they are again in her room.
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