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the Demon Cat Fights Back

the Demon Cat Fights Back

The demon cat was an ornery old black cat,
A former feral cat, who lived
With his adopted owner, Sam Irvine.

Sam was a vet, who lived with
His son, Jake Irvine,
In an old house
In Eagle Point, Oregon.

His wife, Maria Lee, had died
Under mysterious circumstances.

The demon cat tolerated Sam
But hated Jake as only a demon cat can.
The feeling was mutual.

Jake one day decided
That the demon cat
Smelled so bad,

He needed a bath
To get rid of the skunk-stank
After the cat got into a fight
With Felix, the neighborhood skunk.

He grabbed the demon cat
Threw him into the bathtub.
The demon cat
Ferociously fought back.

Like an escaped banshee
Straight out of hell,

Screaming, like an angry
Deranged maniac high on drugs,

The demon cat attacked Jake
Almost killing him.
Just like he had done
To the last Mrs. Irvine.

Sam pulled the demon cat off
Saying, "I don't smell anything wrong."

Jake said,

"Either the cat goes,
Or I go."

Sam said,

"The cat stays.
Lots of luck
In your house hunting."

And defended the demon cat

"He never should
Have tried to bathe
The cat."

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