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We are surrounded by treasures. We should be thankful
Perfect Gifts

A carpet, luscious and cool
Almost indestructible
Yet soothing on the feet
Woven with unblemished stitching
In colours that are easy on the mind
When the air is hot
It stays cool to the touch
When it gets wet
It absorbs the moisture without staining
Not made in factories
By underpaid children
It is free to all
Cherish the perfect grass beneath your feet
That coats the earth

A small package of food
Full of goodness
With no artificial colours, flavours, sugars, fats, or chemicals
Even the wrapping can be eaten, if you choose
Not made in factories
But, self-replenishing
And free to all people
Be grateful for the perfect fruit of our world

Lean green machines
They tower over the horizon
Bringing beauty and splendour to our lives
Better shade than a parasol
Standing stronger than a concrete pillar
They bend and sway
Telling us which way the wind blows
Cleaning our lungs
Feeding our bellies
What would we do without the magnificent, perfect trees?

Water holders
Larger than a supertanker
They float gracefully by
Indifferent to our plights
From dazzling brilliant white
To ominous dark grey
They decorate our world
Carving endless shapes across the skies
They are soul-lifting
They never diminish
Nor run dry
But forever circle the world
Delivering their precious cargo
And when the copious showers of rain touch your skin
Refreshing you
Be thankful
For the perfect water system
The wondrous clouds

A friend who loves us unconditionally
They exude joy
With a waving furry flag
When we enter the room
Never holding grudges
But always acquiescing to our desires
They are more loyal than even some family members
An alarm for danger
And a protection from harm
They will never leave our side
So simple to read
And so uncomplicated to understand
Treasure your perfect companion – your dog

Once called “The most mysterious object in the universe”
It is a machine that repairs itself
That expands it's memory every second
A working network of ideas and possibilities
That can calculate, create, plan
And move the world
A lump, like soft cheese
But encased in a carton stronger than wood
It has composed symphonies
Painted landscapes
Built rockets
And shaped history
It has explored the cosmos
Imagined the future
And sought to understand it's origin
Be in awe of the perfect machine – your brain

What would we do
To improve a gliding swan?
To carve a better tree?
To paint more glorious stars?
Perfection cannot be improved

We adore the painter who captures beauty
We revere the singers and songwriters
Who enrich our lives with inspiring sounds
And we admire the engineers
That produces our techs
Yet, there is one
The greatest artist
The greatest designer
The greatest composer
Who goes unseen
Few know His name
Most ignore his words
But his works remain
For all to enjoy
And they are perfect

“Stop looking for miracles – your whole life is a miracle” - Albert Einstein

“Every house is constructed by someone, but the one that constructed all things, is God” - Hebrew 3.4

“God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth” - Revelation 11.18

“I will praise you, because – in a awe-inspiring way, I am wonderfully made.” - Psalm 139.14
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