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Women in their fifties are different than the ones of yesteryear.
These ain’t yo momma’s fifties,
no ma’am
cause we out here in these streets
doing our thang
We ain’t prim or proper
and we don’t take no shit
We are flames and icicles
doing what we want
wearing what we want
we’re high heels or sneakers
Gucci and Wal-Mart
and silver hair don’t mean a thang
(not when we own the rainbow)
We’re MBAs and PhDs
degrees from the streets
‘Cause we’re smart like that,
savvy, and baby you can’t stop us
We know trials and tribulations
heartache and loss
Been single, married, divorced
(ain’t no man can tame us)
but we stay in our element
strong and sexy
defying your rules
while we make new ones
So you can challenge us if you want to
we dare you
but we’ll rise
because we are the expectation
of our ancestors
are the birth of their dreams
are the daughters of all their tomorrows
and we own it,
we make it look easy
cause these ain’t
yo momma’s fifties
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