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Written for a poetry potluck. I used 20/57 words. I thought that was pretty good. :-)
Today I want to write a poem of big words
A verse that’s a juggernaut
of verbosity
with superfluous stanzas and overstuffed sentences
humongous words
words that will indubitably confound the mind
even though
this will be a clandestine operation, totally covert
It was never meant to be big, bad, or bodacious
(we leave that for the symphony)
But rather like seeds, I’ll plant my words
And let them germinate and resonate
I’ll spread them around from verse to verse
like bees spreading pollen from one flower to another
(that iridescent magical powder)
until they bloom and blossom, forever mighty—
Yes, I want to write a poem of big words
pretty words
like champange or chartreuse
that evoke the elegance of drink or the gentleness of color
Or words that sing
to their own quirky beat
like fortuitous or mellifluous
(hey that’s kind of neat)
I’ll write under the soft cover of dusk
and avoid any demolition of my verse
by those who have an aversion to my (big) words
and once I’m done and this stanza’s complete
I’ll put up pen, I’ll put up feet
I’ll sit pretty on a little bench
and preview my piece,
pretty like a princess
(oh yeah, I said it—come on, be sweet!)
No need to be the gatekeeper here on out
Because my words are meant to be shared
and of this, there can be no doubt
So let me write my poem
my poem of big words
I’ll splurge on a feast of dictionary terms
We’ll then gather together
to read and to wonder
about the splendor of words
and their enormity
we’ll ponder.
This is my poem of big words.
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