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Rated: E · Poetry · Satire · #2318223
This satirical poem delves into the absurdity and necessity of gun control in the U.S.
In a land of the brave and free,
Where guns outnumber the birds and bees,
The right to bear arms stands tall and proud,
Like a peacock in a bustling crowd.

From sea to shining sea they roam,
In pockets, holsters, and under every dome,
A gun for you, a gun for me,
In the land of the wild and the gun-toting spree.

With rifles, shotguns, and pistols so fine,
The Second Amendment is the golden sign,
"Shall not be infringed!" they cry with glee,
As they wield their weapons for all to see.

In the morning, at the crack of dawn,
The gun enthusiasts start to spawn,
To the gun show they eagerly trot,
In search of the perfect firing shot.

In the name of self-defense, they claim,
As they load their guns with fiery aim,
"Protection from tyranny!" they exclaim,
As if the government's their personal game.

But oh, the irony so sweet,
In a country where gun violence meets,
The streets run red with crimson hue,
Yet more guns is all they pursue.

In schools and malls, the bullets fly,
As politicians offer thoughts and prayers to the sky,
"Gun control?" they gasp in shock,
As they cash NRA checks around the clock.

"More guns will solve it!" they preach,
As the gun lobby's lessons they teach,
An AR-15 for every man,
And a Glock for every woman's hand.

But sanity cries out in vain,
As the streets echo with the sound of pain,
When will they see the bitter truth,
That guns alone won't save our youth?

So let us raise our voices high,
And demand a change before we die,
For in this land of the brave and free,
Gun control is the key to set us free.
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