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by hippo
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Entry for ABC contest Nov 02. Honourable mention

An ant ate an apple
By burrowing beneath bruised bananas
Courageously confronting covetous centipedes.
Definitely delusional, decidedly demented,
Eccentric elephant eats eucalyptus.
Famous foreign femme fatale
Glitterati gassing guff,
Holding high herbal hemp
Igniting illegal indian.
Jitterbugging, jiving, joking,
Knitting knobbly kinky kilt.
Laughing, leering, licentious lad
Mutters, misused mixed metaphors,
Nameless numskull, narcissistic
Ogles own odious obeseness
Pathetic presumptuous pachyderm.
Quinquagenarian quietly quoting
Roundelay……….. riposte required,
Spontaneous sardonic syntax
Tornedo tongued, tactless tripe,
Utilizing unsung utterence
Valediction very vocal,
Worthy words wreaking wrath.
X-raying xanthic xenophobe
Yardbird yomping, yielding yowl,
Zany, zesty, zealous…………zonked !
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