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by Shaara
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Comedy · #820492
Are you sure you understand the questions you are questioning?
SLAM 2004


There Are Questions, and Then, Well, There Are Questions...

Interrogatively speaking,
I questioned information,
For the problem I was seeking.

Based on indetermination,
While thus I was researching
The quandary of discussion
For solutions worth unearthing,
Among those repercussions,
I came upon such matters
That peppered me extreme.

And it hit me with its clatter
Of such controversial themes,
That the morphemes and their phonemes
Really are the cream of dreams,
Especially when they’re shouting,
“Do you sensor elicitations?
Can you halt your questions' outings?
Are your endings explanations?”
For they always rumble me a quiz.

So, investigating further,
Categorically I whizzed
So I’d find the blooming answers.

But the problem is, you see
That the questions are the dancers,
And this hoary line of query
Which I think is pointing down,
And though it's rather dreary,
Indisputably’s a clown.


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