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She had to rhyme quite all the time...
The Dink who had to Rhyme

There was a Dink who had to rhyme
She had to rhyme quite all the time
No matter what she had to utter
Whether loud or just a mutter
Smooth words must flow right from her head
In every single thing she said
She couldn’t help but turn a phrase
This wasn’t just a rhyming craze!
Whether morning, night, or day
Rhyming…what she had to say
So one day I came across her
And this is what she had to proffer
“Good morning and God Bless You,
I am well so how do you do?
The day looks fine and sky is clear
for all day long from what I hear.
I’ve come to town to get some stew,
to picnic out…enjoy the view
at Limelux Rocks around the bend
come with me ‘cause we can wend
our way through swaying grass knee high,
until we find a place to lie
upon the blanket I’ve laid down
to eat this stew I brought from town.
I love to have a friend with me,
to munch and see the sights I see.”
So though this Dink loves to rhyme
And loves to rhyme quite all the time
One…can not help but take her hand
Forget the rhymes and phrases and
enjoy this friendship that is offered
and don’t change or try to stop her
for I must…truly…profess it
then indub…ibly…confess it
that though this Dink loves to rhyme
and she rhymes quite all the time
and though you find it aggravating
it really is fascinating.
Because how many do you know
who can create a big word show
by speaking rhyme right off the tongue
‘cause rhyming is just way too fun!
So let this Dink rhyme her rhyme
and let her rhyme quite all the time
and leave my friend, just leave her be
to hear what’s next, yes we will see.
What will be her newest line?
Who cares ‘cause she’ll just rhyme and rhyme!
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