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The pain of seeing someone waste their life. 3rd place in the Big Poetry Prompt Contest
Broken Smile

I guess I owe an explanation for the way I've been
You think I'm acting differently since she came on the scene
But I'm not the only one

I remember at one wedding, how you laughed with all your friends
And I think I never understood until I saw you then
How she stole your sense of fun

The photos give a true account of how you were in life
And how your sparkle faded when you took her for your wife
There's nothing in you now

You've become a shallow, hollow wreck of who you used to be
You turned your back on all your friends, you turned your back on me
But you understand somehow

You know exactly what you're missing and what you sacrificed
But you've always played the odds at Life, and so you rolled the dice
And lost all you ever had

When she told you that she loved you, did you look into her eyes?
When you tell her that you love her, does she know you're telling lies?
For you, love's just a fad

How could you make your plans to marry when you know just what she is?
I forgave you many things in life, but can't forgive you this
You threw your life away

I wish that you had listened to everyone who tried
I wish that you could know right now how many people cried
On your lonely wedding day

But you said it's what you wanted, that it wasn't just a game
You said you were a big boy now and you'd do it all the same
That's always been your style

So I stood back and watched you wed her, mourning all the way
And for your sake I had to hide the tears I felt that day
Behind a broken smile
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