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Please Remember:

*Bullet* Choose any one item from your partner's port. Read it and give an in-depth review. Be honest, encouraging, and helpful.

*Bullet* You don't have to make your review public, but public reviews increase exposure for the item.

*Bullet* After you finish the review, send the member a merit badge. It can be any merit badge of your choosing.

*Bullet* Post a message in this forum: "Merit Badge Bonanza! when you have sent the merit badge, so I can check you off my list. *Smile*

*Bullet* All reviews and merit badges should be sent by June 15th.

*Bullet* If you haven't received your review and merit badge by the 15th, please email me. I'll gently nudge your partner. If you still haven't received them by the time I return from vacation on July 12th, I will do the review and send you a merit badge in their place! *Heart*

Have fun!

*CheckB* Blue Check Marks Show Players Who Have Completed the Challenge

1. NickiD89 *CheckB* 5. Lornda
2. Mara ♣ McBain *CheckB* 4. ShelleyA~11 years at WDC
3. Adriana Noir *CheckB* 9. NOVAcatmando
4. ShelleyA~11 years at WDC *CheckB* 2. Mara ♣ McBain
5. Lornda *CheckB* 1. NickiD89
6. 🌓 HuntersMoon *CheckB* 26. francie
7. sherryb NickiD89 *CheckB* 20. mARi♥BusyWithWork
8. Jessica *CheckB* 11. Annette
9. NOVAcatmando *CheckB* 3. Adriana Noir
10. LJPC - the tortoise *CheckB* 25. sarahreed
11. Annette *CheckB* 8. Jessica
12. Arwen9 *CheckB* 28. blainecindy
13. Shannon *CheckB* 16. Kyle Curcio
14. It's too hot already! *CheckB* 18. very thankful
15. Princess Megan Rose *CheckB* 17. okghost
16. Kyle Curcio *CheckB* 13. Shannon
17. okghost *CheckB* 15. Princess Megan Rose
18. very thankful *CheckB* 14. It's too hot already!
19. Preacher *CheckB* 29. 🌓 HuntersMoon
20. mARi♥BusyWithWork *CheckB* 7. sherryb
21. Boston *CheckB* 27. Jace
22. Coolhand *CheckB* 32. chopstixd
23. Humming Bird NickiD89 *CheckB* 34. wolf-writer
24. wakko71 *CheckB* 30. WistyOne
25. sarahreed *CheckB* 10. LJPC - the tortoise
26. NickiD89 *CheckB* 6. Charlie Maddox
27. Jace *CheckB* 21. Boston
28. blainecindy *CheckB* 12. Arwen9
29. Charlie Maddox *CheckB* 19. NickiD89
30. WistyOne *CheckB* 24. wakko71
31. Brandon *CheckB* 33. Just call me Omni
32. chopstixd *CheckB* 22. Coolhand
33. Just call me Omni *CheckB* 31. Brandon
34. wolf-writer *CheckB* 23. Humming Bird
33. 🌓 HuntersMoon *CheckB* 31. Preacher
Writers Rock!

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