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Since February 22, 2007
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~Create: verb.The art of banging your head on the desk until something interesting pops out.~Welcome to my WdC neck of the woods! I write mostly Comedy and have banged my head a few times--it's even possible something funny did fall out. If you enjoy poetry, peruse "Lornda-imericks or "Amusing Poetry. Real life humor: "The Quirk Files Find a quick funny story here: "Humorous Shorts. Does someone need a laugh? Send a funny greeting: "Movie Quotes Gone Wrong cNotes.   *Tv* Stay tuned! Special rounds of "The Humorous Short Story Contest (June) & "The Humorous Poetry Contest (November) coming soon. Write on!
A comical look at the quirks in my life - including squirrels! ~Quill Winner~
Rated: 13+
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Comedy, Drama, Biographical
Type: Collection
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Fiction, non-fiction, old, or new entries ~ New Round June 1st ~ NEW: Write to prompts ~
Rated: 18+
168 Posts
Contest, Comedy, Community
Type: Contest
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A scroll book for my nonsense down the rabbit hole! ~In memory of Mona~
Rated: E
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Activity, Nonsense, Other
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 2 days ago
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