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"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." -- Cyril Connolly

SoCalScribe's Portfolio

WdC Community  [E]
Groups, forums, contests, and other Writing.Com-specific activities.
by Jeff
Nonfiction  [E]
Essays, articles, editorials, letters, and other nonfiction writings.
by Jeff
Short Fiction  [E]
All my short fiction of varying lengths.
by Jeff
Images  [E]
All my images - banners, sigs, awards, etc.
by Jeff
Horror & Thrillers  [ASR]
Genre short stories that focus on the dark and sinister.
by Jeff
Romance & Erotica  [18+]
Genre short stories with adult and/or graphic themes and content.
by Jeff
Polls, Surveys & Other Interactives  [E]
A collection of interactives - polls, surveys, campfires, interactive stories, and more!
by Jeff
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I've been a writer for most of my life. My specialty is screenwriting and I'm a motion picture production executive by day, but I love the written word in all its forms: novels, short stories, essays, articles, speeches, comics, poetry ... absolutely everything. Also, please check out my Rising Star, Jace

My Blog

The Book of Jeff  [18+]
A place for my personal writing.
by Jeff

My Groups

Unofficial Erotica Newsletter Group  [18+]
A group dedicated to publishing an unofficial WDC erotica newsletter.
by Jeff
The Dark Society  [13+]
A horror group that worships all things dark and sinister. Join at your own risk!
by Jeff

My Contests

 Talent Pond Tennis - CLOSED  [13+]
A multi-round, multi-genre writing challenge brought to you by The Talent Pond.
by Jeff
Beyond The Water's Edge - CLOSED  [ASR]
A creative essay writing challenge from The Talent Pond. CURRENTLY CLOSED!
by Jeff
Sinister Stories Contest  [13+]
A horror contest for everyone! Can you write a terrifying tale? February Special Round!
by Jeff

SoCalScribe's Trophy Case

The Austere Theater

The Choice  (13+)
Discovering the fountain of youth presents a unique problem.
#1600048 by Jeff
The Times They Are A-Changin'  (13+)
A soldier contemplates life after the service.
#1586241 by Jeff
Pit Stop  (ASR)
The Spinoff Contest Entry - Round 1
#1426513 by Jeff
Ambition  (13+)
Keeping the dream alive. (99-word Flash Fiction Contest entry)
#1426471 by Jeff
The Boy At The Lake  (13+)
A family takes in a boy they find during a weekend getaway.
#1407917 by Jeff
Phoenix Rising  (13+)
Monotony comes in many forms... (Mythical Creatures Contest - Phoenix Entry)
#1399991 by Jeff
The Secondhand Adventurer  (ASR)
Unofficial Fantasy Contest - 2/29/08
#1394982 by Jeff

The Lively Playground

Disappearing Act  (E)
War games for parents.
#1433188 by Jeff
The Flower Girl  (ASR)
April comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.
#1420115 by Jeff
Location, Location, Location  (ASR)
No wonder it was such a bargain...
#1399996 by Jeff
Heads Up  (E)
A man finds a lucky penny.
#1399992 by Jeff
The Ex-Girlfriends Club  (ASR)
Quotation Inspiration Contest Entry - 2/28/08
#1394335 by Jeff
Oblivious  (E)
Third time's a charm.
#1383198 by Jeff
World Builders, LLC  (E)
Creating worlds in your image, one day at a time.
#1375469 by Jeff
Not So Happily Ever After  (13+)
Beauty and the Beast... ten years after Disney.
#1373363 by Jeff

The Creepy Cemetery

Penance  (18+)
The price is paid for human arrogance.
#1491116 by Jeff
Escape  (13+)
Freedom is almost within reach...
#1490968 by Jeff
The Surrogates  (GC)
The anniversary weekend didn't go exactly as planned...
#1490867 by Jeff
Rush Week  (13+)
A little hazing never hurt anybody...
#1468869 by Jeff
Another Day, Another Dollar  (18+)
Something unexpected arrives at the morgue.
#1466134 by Jeff
Siphon  (GC)
Stake and Garlic Contest Entry - 2/28/08
#1394534 by Jeff
Eternity  (13+)
Be careful what you wish for...
#1386316 by Jeff
Itzpapalotl  (18+)
An Aztec goddess appears.
#1383342 by Jeff
The River  (13+)
A modern-day adaptation of a Greek myth.
#1376764 by Jeff
Out of Time  (ASR)
The countdown to oblivion has begun...
#1376467 by Jeff

The Red Light District

Knightsbridge Love Affair (HSP Final)  (GC)
Romantic relationship set against The Blitz in WWII-era London. HSP Final Exam (Session 1)
#1670976 by Jeff
Quandary  (XGC)
Will she marry a man she's never met to ensure her family's future?
#1596112 by Jeff
613 W0215.03  (GC)
Librarian liaisons (Saints & Sinners entry - 7/15/09)
#1579331 by Jeff
Rival  (GC)
Entry for Round 3 of RSW's ENF Story Contest. My first attempt at writing an ENF story!
#1568240 by Jeff
Kitsune  (XGC)
His dreams will guide him...
#1544912 by Jeff
Against All Odds  (GC)
We will be reunited... against all odds...
#1542366 by Jeff
The Long Haul  (GC)
She's got a thing for trucks...
#1477393 by Jeff
Random Encounter  (18+)
An unexpected encounter during a tabletop RPG game.
#1468153 by Jeff
Prince Henry & The Maiden  (GC)
A fairytale gone awry.
#1452496 by Jeff
Tulsa Tryst  (XGC)
An annual corporate rendezvous.
#1431018 by Jeff
Mastery  (GC)
Letting go can feel so good...
#1428775 by Jeff
The Need For Speed  (GC)
Living life in the fast lane.
#1425675 by Jeff
The Meadow  (GC)
A very special Valentine's Day. (Paradise Cove Entry, 2/20/08)
#1391448 by Jeff
Control  (XGC)
A domineering boss has the tables turned when he tries to seduce his assistant.
#1373775 by Jeff
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