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#1005129 added March 31, 2021 at 9:54pm
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Perhaps a Productive Year

Perhaps a Productive Year

It has been two days already since the creation of this blog and I still don't have something to post. It seems that I am stuck in a first timer's dilemma. Anyway, I haven't done much during those past days other than writing pieces of poetry for some great contests here at Writing.com. I actually thought that this year is going to be another unproductive year for me. Unproductive in the sense that I have done or written something worthwhile. Unlike now, things had been so dull that I only spent most of my time working and had my nose stuck in ubiquitous papers at my office. Not to mention the struggles I had to face due to this pandemic.

         Last year was not totally bad for me. I'm grateful that despite of the community quarantine implemented by the government, our company had continued to operate unlike most companies which suffered from a complete lock-down. Although on a skeletal working schedule, I still received a salary enough to compensate our household necessities.

         So much for that. Actually, I wouldn't be back here in WDC if not of this kind anonymous. He/She had gifted me with an upgraded membership and I can't just let it expire without using. I don't like to put his/her gift to waste but instead, will use this to help my fellow writers around the site. That's why I created a unique activity to not only raise funds for various wonderful groups around the site but also encourage everyone to do reviews while having fun. You can check and join on this activity by visiting the following:

"Ultimate Candy Crusher Game E: The newest and exciting fundraising game with lots of amazing prizes!

"Ultimate Review Trade Center E: Do reviews and get free Lolli Hammer towards the Ultimate Candy Crusher Game

Whoever this anonymous gifter be, I am forever thankful to you. Also, I won 1M gift points from Season Tickets by SMs. From this, I was able to buy a Premium Membership which is of great help in running the Candy Crushing Game.

         In addition to my "productive and busy days", I had written two poems and edited and old one (written almost 5 years ago. All of them were entered to the ongoing wonderful contests. Please take time to read them.

"The Clandestine Love entered to "Search for a WDC HeartThrob Poet
The Clandestine Love

For months I know it's been a strenuous journey,
the path we traveled was rough, steep and thorny.
You wished and prayed for a sod or carpet laid,
yet we found ourselves dancing in trenchant blade.
Though clandestine, we promised to not refrain
from loving each other, we do not complain.
I still remember from not so distant past
you've promised me a love that'll forever last.

We shared glorious moments every day and night,
shared hugs, kisses and things that were intimate.
But all these are secrets we tried to conceal.
I may have no courage to conquer my fright,
but your love fuels your willingness to wait.
Perhaps this is the time for me to reveal.

"I Love You Father entered to "Write from the Heart - closed
I Love You Father

As I traverse back down this memory lane
With this lovely picture of a man with his cane.
A hint of tiredness, a vision of dismay.
His windows dimmed beneath his tousled gray.

I remember those days when I was still a child
The efforts you did to pacify, every time I've gone wild.
With that ceaseless hide and seek, that tiresome chase
You still comforted me with your warm embrace.

Sometimes I felt that I'm not a good son
'Cause I always ignore things needed to be done.
Those white lies I kept just for you to impress
Became secrets that are now difficult to confess.

With all those burdens I added to your load
Am I worthy to be your son - your blood to be called?
Even those dearest words I'm about to utter
Became a statement that I always fail to muster.

You might have felt that I never cared for you,
My father - I love you, more than you ever do.
And if I could only bring back the days of yore
I would never give you the pains you tried to endure.

And this one that I edited and entered to "The Lighthouse Poetry Contest
"Stream In The Desert

         I am as well drafting one poetry for "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest. The current prompt here is inviting but I can't find an inspiration to write something about it. I won't quit though. I will continue to squeeze my brain for this. Hopefully I can create one before the deadline ends.

And finally. One other thing that I've been working with is my Portfolio Webpage which can be viewed at
"Gervic's Portal E: A webpage about my works and writing crafts.

         This webpage is still under construction while I'm still playing and testing how HTML works here. It's a great thing that HTML and WritingML will work perfectly when combined. A brilliant work SM*Cool*

         I think that's all that makes me busy these days. I just hope you enjoyed your reading with this.

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