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A collection of short stories for the Daily Flash Fiction contest.
         I discovered the "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge on November 10th, 2007. I saw the rules and said to myself, "Self," I said, "You can do this." The rest as they say is that. I have to tell you, squeezing setting, plot, characters, a climax, and resolution into three hundred words or less is hard*Exclaim* The challenge draws me back from time to time.
Entry # 1 Night Rider 1.88k
Entry # 2 The Pain Of Shattered Dreams 2.36k
Entry # 3 Only The Strong 1.71k
Entry # 4 Paradise Lost 1.49k
Entry # 5 The Magic Of Science 2.07k
Entry # 6 A Moment In Time 1.63k
Entry # 7 Not In The Budget 2.12k
Entry # 8 There's No Place- 2.10k
Entry # 9 A Contest ~ No, Not Really 1.94k
Entry # 10 Mister International 2.65k
Entry # 11 A Lesson On Life 2.20k
Entry # 12 An Old Friend Of Mime 2.06k
Entry # 13 A Sign From The Past 2.07k
Entry # 14 A Portent Of Death 2.48k
Entry # 15 Man Of The House 1.83k
Entry # 16 The Scapegoat 2.05k
Entry # 17 Darkness Falls 2.10k
Entry # 18 The American Reality 2.07k
Entry # 19 Write On! 0.59k
Entry # 20 America 2.31k
Entry # 21 Diverted Fate 1.84k
Entry # 22 A Long Night 6.43k
Entry # 23 Song of the Deep 2.88k
Entry # 24 Absolution 1.85k
Entry # 25 Of Course I Have! 2.04k
Entry # 26 Decent Into Purgatory 1.92k

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