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Rated: 18+ · Book · Hobby/Craft · #1760256
Alice has a new friend, an interest in mushrooms, and a fantastical scientific experiment
Just to the left of Wonderland
Where the wandering may go,
Lived Miss Alice Price with some Dallas rice,
Some logs, two dogs, a frog, and some stones.

She ventured one day to her garden,
Or, rather where she wished it to be.
She read, and she read, and she ordered
What she needed for research mycology.

By the birdbath base sat a big tree stump
Imported as a local tree laid curb treasure.
With a ladder, and various terracotta about
One plastically massed enclosure of dirt,
Has been tended by what spore might hurt
If ingested at the wrong time.

So, the old pourn concrete patio,
Developed a two and 1/2 foot hump, or so,
And gestated my research thru hot and rain
Until, by golly, a frog came to stay.

Dirt, humus,compost, sand, and wood,
Broken, severed, and chain-sawed branches
Collected sometimes as a scavenger fee
Piled upon with nutritional purpose.
Monthly collection dates provide diversion
Like "Sanford and Son" on TV.

With several months of planning,
Searching Internet sites and side streets,
Alice gathered what she needed,
Set the stage with mycological characters,
And waited for time to produce
A psilocybin wonder.

This outside terrarium was house to a toad,
And an unbelievable number of snails.
Alice sang happily when she saw
The return of a frog she'd named Michael
One hoppily hot year before.

As a frog haven, mostly inert, but soon to be awoken,
Spore drops injected, growing invisibly in this warmth of token spring.

Adding much water a necessary thing,
Time to let the network grow,
Forming fruit bodies, then caps,
These drops of spores may open some doors.

Go ask Alice. I think she knows.
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