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Rated: 18+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2030411
“Action-packed, hot & steamy paranormal Werebear romance”
Book Description

"Heaping Pile of Heartache"

Sometimes the best relationships
Ocean is an everyday twenty-year-old female. Well, she does have one small quirk. Inconsequential, really... she can heal with a single touch. She's managed to stay safe, hidden from the lime-light, living under the radar of anyone who wishes her harm. Until she heals a little boy gravely injured in a car wreck and gets recorded on someone's cell phone camera. The video hits the internet and immediately goes viral. Next thing she knows a couple burly men are trying to shove her into the trunk of their car.  WTF!  She manages to escape, barely. Running for her life, alone on the wrong side of an unfamiliar town, Ocean needs to find safety and fast.

Are based on a little white lie
Broc Granger is the Supreme Alpha Werebear of the Midwest territory. He's sitting in his car, minding his own business outside a local Shifter bar while he waits for his bouncer brother to get off work, when a terrified, gorgeous woman jumps into his passenger seat. The innocent angel claims to be a hooker and asks him if he wants to "party".  From the moment Broc catches Ocean's scent his bear demands she's his mate. But the female is human. Weak. Fragile. Mortal. He decides to play along with her deception until he can figure out how to make her his.  Unfortunately, Broc is not the only Paranormal who wants to take Ocean to their lair. Now he must keep his mate safe from the men still stalking her, as well as convince the beauty that he's the only one for her.

WARNING! This book contains a super macho, super ripped, super rough and super arrogant male who is more than ready to take his female to the highest level of sexual peaks. There is plenty of cussing, lots of sexual situations including forced seduction and erotic bondage, kick ass violence and a leading character love match that will leave you breathless... and oh, so happy. 
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