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October Nano Prep 2015
Premise Line as a Sentence:

A cunning, yet doubtful FBI agent decides to withdraw from the agency and move to a small, quiet Montana town when she is contacted by a friend and co-worker begging her to take one last assignment in Vienna. Puzzled by the urgency in her voice, she decides to travel to Vienna where she meets and teams with two men who offer their assistance but appear to have agendas of their own.

1. Protagonist(s). FBI Agent: Alexis Benson
2. Goal(s) .( What do they want) - 1) to get away from the ugly game of cloak and dagger (later)
2) to find out why her friend and co-worker was so upset.
3) to recover the item of mystery
3. Conflict. (What is keeping them their goal?) - The US as well as the Vienna governments, her self-guilt and
a secret organization.
4. Antagonist(s). Undercover agent - Marshall Shields


Failure along with determination can lead to success and redemption.

Brain storming resolution of the theme.

1. Investigate within herself as to what went wrong and cost her fiancé his life.
2. Investigate the forces behind the disappearance of her friend and co-worker, Vanessa.
3. Has to go back to the cloak and dagger game when her hunt for Vanessa leads her into her own investigation and her friend's involvement in the black-market, multinational agents and her Russian boyfriend.
4. Discovers that she has a stalker.

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