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by Zen
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This is the first draft of a story that is complete. (10/26/2020)
Calgary, Alberta. Winter 2020.

The city is taken by surprise by a sudden invasion of enemy forces. At first, it is thought to be that only the city is under attack , but quickly it becomes clear that the opposition is everywhere throughout the rest of the country. A longtime ally of Canada has turned its back on years of mutual relationships with its neighbour. Outnumbered and vastly overwhelmed, the Canadian government attempts to respond to repel the unprecedented threat on a national scale. However, the military opposition proves too large and relentless to combat with conventional means. Within days, all branches of the Canadian military suffer massive casualties and the battle becomes increasingly one-sided.

During the opening days of the invasion on Canadian soil, an off-the-books organization originally created to preserve national security from threats both domestic and foreign discreetly enacts an emergency protocol in response to the threat posed by the hostile takeovers throughout the country. Sleeper cells throughout the country are activated in a desperate attempt to turn the tide against the army that has whittled local and national armed forces to the thousands.

When an elite tier clandestine team is activated and tasked to disarm and neutralize threats within their area of operations, they find themselves pushed to their limits to offset the daunting progression of the first few months of what may be the last global conflict mankind will ever know.

Among them, one man is about to discover that within the large intricate cogs of a world war are tangled connections to his own personal demons.

[First entry in a planned trilogy]

[Update: COMPLETE as of 10/26/2020]

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