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My first attempt at a campfire creative. It's a simple story that can be taken anywhere.
[Introduction] This is a project I think will be quite fun. Like a regular campfire creative, everyone gets to add a section, but I am not going to lay down any specific guidelines, main characters, general plot, etc. If you feel another character or location needs adding, add it. I will only say to keep it within the storyline (obviously) by reading the section before yours and adding to that and try to keep it PG13, please. Let's see how far this can go, shall we??
MiKayla's alarm went off at 9:00 AM. She didn't want to get up, but she couldn't stay in bed all morning. She begrudingly woke up and threw on some clothes that smelled clean and had no visible stains. She stumbled into the kitchen, sleepily threw together a bowl of stale Honeycomb spilling a bit of milk over the edge of her bowl, and ate in silence. When she finished she placed the bowl in the sink full of dirty dishes. When her roommate got home she would do a thorough cleaning of the house like she always did after a nice long vacation. That was fine by MiKayla...not only was she not a morning person, but she was not Betty Homemaker either.

Plopping herself on the couch, she began her daily ritual of searching for an interesting show on 150 different channels. Nothing was on that caught her attention, but then nothing ever was. "All these cable channels, and nothing to watch," she stated in her usual morning tone. "What a waste of money." She got up, a little more awake than before her bowl of cereal, and went out the door to drive around looking for something to do.
The drive was as boring as sand, and everything she saw was utterly senseless. She came back to her apartment, hoping to find life on the internet. When she walked in the door, however, she sensed something was different. The kitchen was spotless, all dishes cleaned and put away. She walked to her bedroom and was stunned. It was tidy, all clothing clean and put away, even the denims with the caked mud from her fall was spotless and neatly hung on a hanger. She knew her roommate had not returned and the door was locked. She sensed she was not alone, but she could not find anything out of order. All the rooms were empty. She heard a tiny voice singing cheerfully from somewhere. She looked everywhere but the volume did not increase or decrease. It was a strange tune, unlike any she had heard before. Is sounded of forest trees and brooks, ferns and mushrooms.
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As if without trying she found her legs dragging her into the next room and she sees her girl friend cleaning her apartment. This would explain why she was able to get in because she had a key to the apartment, she in fact was the only other person with a key other than her room mate. Her girl friend was obsessive and also extremely compulsive and had to clean every thing. This did not sit well with her since she did not like her stuff messed with and now she couldn't find anything, in this new "neat" environment. Though the she was wearing her maid outfit from Halloween she liked so much, still.. she was still upset at her barging in and messing with her room. However she found herself unable at the moment to stop her, yell or even speak. The song she was singing was so beautiful she found herself drunk and speechless upon every word. Engulfed in a euphoria. When she came to her senses she found herself with her mouth open quickly closing her mouth open; she gets back to seriousness with a frown remembering the transgression against her.
"You know I don't like ANYONE, including you, messing with my stuff, Kara."

"I know, but I thought I would drop by and say hello. I know you sometimes lock the door when you are in the shower, so I jsut used my key and came on in. Then, I noticed how messy you left the house, so I thought I would save Sarah some work and go ahead and clean up before she got home."

"Thank you, but the fact still remains that I don't like people messing with my stuff!" MiKayla stopped fora moment at the sight of Kara's face for being snapped at so suddenly. "Sorry," she quietly said. "I didn't mean to snap at you like that. It is just that I am so damn bored. I wasted time channel surfing and then went on a useless drive. I thought there would be something better to co!"

"Well..." Kara childishly reaches in her pocketbook on the end table beside the bed. "I DID get these..."

"Tickets to the WARP TOUR?! Oh my God! Kara, you're the BEST!" MiKayla jumps into Kara's arms, giving her a peck on her cheek. "Is this tonight??"

"Yeah, so you better start getting dressed. We have a party bus to catch, Hun!"
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"Are you sure this is gonna work, man? I mean, It's been so long, I doubt Mickey would even remember me." Jason looked out the window of Delta flight 2583 as it began it's descent into LAX. He had a mixed look of excitement and regret. Hope and fear.

"Relax, Jay. I have it on good authority that she isn't seeing anyone, and hasn't, since she moved out here. That can only mean one thing. She still digs you."

Jason, or Jay, as his friends called him, gave a soft sigh of acknowledgement. He glanced over to his friend Rick, sitting in the aisle seat,"I suppose you're right. I just hope she hasn't changed too much. New York City can do that to a person."

Rick patted him on the back, "It doesn't matter where she lives, You can take the person out of Orlando, but ya can't take Orlando out of the person. Now chill out and finish your beer. We're about to land."

Jason slammed his glass and laughed as he thought to himself, 'Of all places to see her again. Warped Tour in LA.'

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