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A demension of creatures built for nothing but tickling
Upon arriving in this dimension, there appears only trees and shrubs. The air is breathable. All you have are the clothes on your back. The group before you built a settlement to the west. But there are caves to the west. You hear human shrieks and laughter to the north and west. Instantly you and your group head towards the settlement to rest for the night.

Now we must first know about you.





Ticklish spots(all)



Bio (optional)

And you must also know the rules.

1. English only.

2. Third or first person is acceptable.

3. You can get tickled by annything and anyone.

4. If someone doesn't want to be tickled somewhere then hands off.

5. You are aloud to be tickled anywhere as long as you give consent.
Name: Dusk Light

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Ticklish spots: literally everywhere

Appearance: Dusk is a maned wolf furry. He has black and purple fur dotted with white. His eyes are a dark blue. He has an athletic though skinny build. He has 2 styles. His masculine one consist of black skinnies and a black tshirt. His feminine consist of a knee length black skirt, a purple tshirt and purple nylons. In both cases he wears dark blue high tops.

Personality:Dusk is very flirtatious. He flirts with everyone. If he doesn't flirt with you he most likely hates you. But for him to hate you takes a lot.
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Name: Snowy White

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Ticklish Spots: Mainly upper body, especially on her sides and belly

Appearance: Snowy is an athletic built arctic fox. Her clean white fur will draw you in but her deep blue eyes will make you stay. Her favorite outfit consists of a pink crop top that shows off her delightfully ticklish belly and tight denim shorts that cling to her. Her look is finished off with simple running shoes.

Personality: Out going, loves to show off her body whenever possible. Loves to be tickled more than to tickle. Will let you know that she's interested you. She loves to tease especially with that big bushy tail of hers, so watch out!
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Name: Swift Blonde

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ticklish Spots: Her chest, sides, belly and thighs

Appearance: Swift is a beautiful Owl with big blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She is of a muscular but skinny build. Her gaze lures anyone to her affection.. Her favorite outfit consists of a white lace top that stops above her belly button with tight yoga shorts. She wears ankle high socks with tennis shoes.

Personality: Swift is shy, but majestic. She wonders on her own but is always searching for a partner.
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Name: Maggie Jackson

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian

Ticklish Spots: Upper body- The insides of her hips, the rim of her bellybutton, the space between her waistline and navel, these are probably her most sensitive spots. But her underarms and breasts are quite sensitive as well.

Appearance: A cheetah, tall and lean with a runner's build. She has normal coloring for her species: yellow fur with black markings. Her eyes are a dark brown.

Clothing: Black running pants, with an elastic band hugging low on her hips; a pair of white running shoes; her top is a black sleeveless tank top that stops at her ribs, exposing the entirety of her ticklish midriff and underarms.

Personality: Maggie has traditionally been a bit of a loner, and fairly introverted. She's proud of her athletic form, and has no shame in showing fur/skin, although to her its more about comfort than trying to turn heads. She's a clever and careful thinker, although she can also be easily distracted. Especially by a ticklish touch… Her reaction to being tickled is to resist, and act as if she's not ticklish. Which is something she's not very good at. Actually, Maggie enjoys being tickled, even finding it a turn-on. Although she wouldn't admit it.
Name: Anastasia 'Stacy' Chernova

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual; evenly balanced between genders.

Ticklish Spots: Anastasia is, of course, ticklish from nose to tail-tip; for example, one could likely make her giggle by lightly squeezing her elbow. However, no experience tickling 'Stasia is complete without sampling her underarms, being certain to trace downwards to enjoy her sides and hips, and seeing to the soft fur and skin of her lower belly. She is especially receptive in a triangular area defined with her navel and two hip-bones as vertices. Other targets include around her collar and at the base and tip of her tail.

Appearance: Anastasia is a brown European Mink, appearing almost fox-like except for her rounded ears and generally shorter hair. A huge strip of stark white fur marks her out from tail-tip, between her thighs, up her belly, and to her throat, drawing the eye every inch of the way. Her fur is quite soft and thick, exceedingly warm and comfortable, and often serves to accentuate sensations of touch like an entire body-suit of nylon. Stacy has huge dark eyes and an average build, though she takes some quiet pride in her bust size. Her tail is heavy and strong, rudder-like and comparable to an otter's, with an unusual pure-white tip at the end.

Clothing: Anastasia's love-hate affair with tickling comes out in her clothing. She usually wears a a loose red skirt, hanging low on her hips, coupled with a tight sleeveless top that hugs against her body until past her navel, exhibiting an eye-catching crescent of creamy fur above her pelvis. For modesty's sake, she typically couples such an outfit with a red-and-black plaid shirt that hangs to mid-thigh, matching her skirt and typically unbuttoned.

Personality: Many friends have observed of Stacy that she seems to swing between two extremes. At meeting someone, she is usually shy and withdrawn, often self-deprecating and reserved. As she gets to know and trust someone, however, she rapidly swing to a self that is comparatively outgoing and talkative. She is divided as to whether tickling is something that she loves or hates; all she knows is that it always seems to find her, and even the slightest touch can make the mink dissolve into a mass of girlish giggles.
Name: Tim Littleton

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Apart from being the only human character here, (so far anyway) Tim has short brown hair, white skin color, black eyes, stands in at around 5' 2", wears a white button up long sleeved dress shirt and black dress pants, along with dark blue socks and black dress shoes. (Basically, he looks like he's going to church, and that's how he normally dresses mind you)

Personality: Tim is a kind soul who'll help out those in need whenever he's able, but in most of those cases, he'll not only make things worse than before, but he'll also land himself in some of the most awkward positions ever witnessed with those he was trying to help. (In short, it'll be a sexual position 99% of the time) In addition, he's also developed a fear of being tickled, though he has his reasons. (Which you can find out for yourself below)

Sexuality: Bi (Though he doesn't know it yet) *Wink*

Ticklish spots: Literally everywhere, though the sides of just about any part of his body are the most ticklish.

History: Growing up, Tim had the most basic life of any boy, up until around his teenage years. Somewhere during that time, Tim had an episode when he was being tickled by one of his childhood friends. (it was also the first real time he was ever tickled by anyone) Without warning, he suddenly began shrinking down to around six inches tall. Both Tim and his friend freaked, and soon afterwards, Tim's parents rushed him to the hospital wanting to know what had happened to him, only to see him not long afterwards back to his normal height.

The doctors concluded after some tests that Tim had a rare condition, so rare in fact that his was the first case in the world. They ended up explaining to his parents that for reasons still unknown, even to the best doctors the world over, Tim's body undergoes a strange reaction when exposed to the sensation of tickling anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, which causes him to shrink at a rapid rate of about one foot every three or so seconds, until his body stops shrinking at the six inch mark. From that point on, Tim's body needs to be freed from the sensation for about an hour in order for him to regrow back to his normal height at the same speed as listed before. If anyone or anything causes him to feel that sensation again before that one hour recovery time-frame is over, he'll need to wait an additional hour without any further tickling in order to regrow back to normal once again.

After the discovery of his condition, his parents started pushing him to be a good Christan in the hopes that God's plan for him would be realized. However, Tim didn't care about it all that much and rebelled at every turn he could, until Tim's parents recently heard about a doctor that might be able to help him, and they sent Tim to see him thinking it was a message from God. Tim thought otherwise, but decided to go in the hopes that he could have some time away from his parents.

In the end, Tim got his wish. But if only he knew what would happen to him next.
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Name: Pilar Musica

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Pilar is a Mixed-Elf; her father is of the Eldar but her mother was a Dark Elf, so Pilar's skin is a chocolaty brown color between her parents' skin tones. Due to people commonly mistaking her for a human, she wears her hair in a ponytail to make her short, pointy ears as visible as possible. She will occasionally wear a stunning, shiny, purple, sleevless dress on special occasions (or for special people), but prefers to wear sneakers, jeans and a brown fleece--in short, clothes more suited to a human.

Personality: Pilar is sarcastic and somewhat pessimistic. Although she makes friends easily and is really a nice person, she works hard to maintain a "tough girl" persona. Pilar has passions for ancient Empires, playing the violin, villains in fictional stories, and going on adventures of all sorts (except the political sort). She has a love/hate relationship with tickling insofar as that she likes the sensation but doesn't like how it undermines her persona.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ticklish Spots: Literally anywhere below the neck is fair game. Her most ticklish spots are her underarms and navel.

History: Pilar's parents were married as part of a peace treaty negotiation between the Eldar and the Dark Elves. Her father being the leader of the Eldar, Pilar spent her early years among his people, but she took after her mother, preferring action and adventure to the more mundane activities the Eldar women enjoyed. This, combined with her appearance, made the other Eldar look on her with disdain, so Pilar's father eventually sent her to a non-biased human village where she spent most of her free time playing (and fighting) with the boys her age. This allowed her to enjoy her childhood to the fullest, but by the time she was a full grown adult, she had become so "humanized" that her father feared the opinions of the other Eldar might become a danger to his daughter's safety. Her father never wanted to admit this, however, so he chose to keep Pilar busy (and reletively safe) by sending her on missions to distant lands as often as possible. Unfortunately, this all has led Pilar to believe her father disapproves of her, which in turn has led her to be both a bit of a rebel and a bit of a pessimist.
The Eusebios

Name: Helios Eusebio

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ticklish spots: All over

Appearance: 6'4 male phoenix, predominant reddish-orange colors. Mohawk-like crest feathers. Three toed talons. Hooked beak, golden eyes. 2 sets of wings, one on his arm and one one his back. Emblem of the phoenix is tattooed on his chest and back. Attire is a t shirt and cargo pants. Barefoot. Parts of him (namely his eyes, beak, hands, and talons) seem to glow. Around his neck is a chain which is attached to a pendant cut out in the shape of a phoenix. This is a family heirloom and never leaves his person.

Personality: Something of a born leader, Helios is the person to call when you want answers to the questions you've never asked. Brilliant, cunning, and tenacious, he tries to find the advantage in any situation he's in. His somewhat brash attitude occasionally results in him biting off more than he can chew. He's also nice to a fault, an easy person to warm up to, and is always there to lend a hand to those who need it.

Name: Ariane

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: All over

Appearance: 6'4 female phoenix. Appearance is similar to Helios on account of them being twins, with some exceptions. Her own crestfeathers are slicked back behind her, giving her a more "feminine" appearance. Above her right eye is a decorative flower. Her own eyes are red and she lacks the glow seen on her brother. Her build is a blend between "athletic" and "model", as shown by her toned tummy, and decently sized breasts. She also only has one set of wings on her arms. Her attire is a black tank top and blue jeans. She also has her own phoenix pendant.

Personality: Ariane is the more levelheaded of the two, whereas Helios ruses headlong into a situation, she's the one trying to keep him from doing something stupid. She loves meeting new folks and always has a smile on her face. She also is something of a trickster with a rather mischievous side.

Bio: Helios and Ariane are two in a set of four phoenix siblings. While they have "day" jobs that keep them occupied most of the time (as well as provide them with spectacular adventures every now and then) they all share a deep passion and love for tickling. So to that end Helios has constructed various devices to assist in his own self professed goal of tickling as many furres as possible.

One day, he was working on these devices when he happened upon this dimension. Eager to go exploring, he brought Ariane along who agreed to go if only to keep Helios from getting into too much trouble.
Dusk stumbled through the portal, looking around and sighing. He wasn't too happy being chosen as a guinea pig. But they needed someone to do it.

Quickly he pulled out a map trying to figure out where he was. He made one heck of a guess before searching the map.

"They said there was a settlement.....but I don't see it." He started walking around. Before he knew it, he reached a very large clearing. He huffed quite loudly, letting out a soft whimper. Randomly he chose a direction and started walking. Surprisingly enough he soon reached the settlement. Signs were plastered everywhere of a feather with an x through it.

"Guess they didn't enjoy the natives." He smiled putting away the map.
Name: Fletcher ("Fletch" for short)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: Feet, toes, inner thighs, belly, chest, armpits, upper back, under chin

Appearance: Stands at about 6 feet tall, and has a decently-toned thin build. His fur is the usual brown, with lighter shades from his muzzle to his pelvis and darker shades in a repeating ring pattern on his tail, around his eyes, the backs of his ears, and his forearms and shins. He wears a white wifebeater shirt (sleeveless tank top), blue jeans, sandals, white socks, and a dogtag necklace.

Personality: Tends to be shy around new people, and has a habit of stuttering when his anxiety worsens. He's also quite gullible and cowardly. He'll believe almost anything someone tells him, and as a result, ghost stories, urban myths and the like tend to unnerve him. He does try to be friendly when he can, though if he doesn't get along with someone he tries to avoid them as best he can. He's the type who is mostly quiet and could surprise everyone when he raises his voice on rare occasion. He also has a closeted quirk for tickling, mostly ending up being tickled since he's a clumsy tickler, but goes for either side when he can.
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Having crossed through the portal, Snowy looked around seeing nothing but large trees surrounding her "really?.......trees?" she sighs knowing her white fur won't help her hide if she needs to. Taking out the map she was given, she was having trouble reading it .
"Great, what's the point of given me a map when I can't understand it".

It was then she felt her feet become cold, so looking down she sees that she had been standing in a large muddy puddle. "OH COME ON!!" stepping out of the puddle, she shakes her legs trying to rid of the mud that clings to her running shoes.

"They could of put the portal anywhere but no, they had to put it next to the giant mud puddle".

Groaning, she looks at the map again "this is pointless, I'm not going to find anything with this".

As she looks around, she decides there's only one thing she could do. Holding out her arm and pointing, she closes her eyes and starts to spin. "Wherever I stop, I go."

After a few seconds of spinning, she stops and opens her eyes finding she's pointing North of the portal.

"Okay, its a start". Putting the map away, she begins walking into the unknown.

         The coati named Fletcher had been walking around for hours, not having a single clue where he was. How he got into this strange location was the least of his worries; what worried him more was that he had no idea who was around, or if anyone nearby would be particularly friendly...
         He couldn't take the walking anymore. His feet ached horribly from his trudging around and his legs felt as if they would buckle out from under him. The coati continued to stagger over towards a small cave, deciding to rest there for the moment. It looked like a wild animal's den, but it seemed to be uninhabited. "Lucky me," the coati mumbled with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.
         Arriving at the cave, he sat down against the inner wall of the cavern and tried to numb the discomfort in his legs from walking. He lifted the pant leg of his blue jeans a little and rubbed at his shin, attempting to massage the pain away. Fletcher also kept an eye out for anyone passing by, hoping to find some clue as to where he was.
Maggie stepped out of the portal and took a confused look at her surroundings. One moment she had been out for a run, the next she had been drawn through a strange purple hole in the universe. She seemed to have come out the other end in some kind of forest. It didn't look familiar, which would mean she was somewhere completely new. But at least it looked harmless enough. Tall trees offered a good amount of shade, and the forest floor had grasses and large ferns of a kind Maggie had never seen before.

She looked… north? Let's call it 'north,' she thought, wishing she had a better sense of direction. The forest seemed to thin out that way. She thought she could hear something faint off in the distance. Voices? It was too far away to tell, and could have just been a trick of the wind. To the 'south' the forest got denser. She walked slowly in that direction, her mind going over recent events. I was running, I came through some kind of weird portal, and now I'm in a forest somewhere. I should probably look for someone who knows where I am. She thought to herself, not paying attention to her surroundings.

As Maggie walked deeper into the forest, she passed by one of the large ferns. It was around three to four feet tall, and the large blue-green fronds had an usually soft, feathery look to them. Walking past it, the fern's fronds brushed against Maggie's midriff, stroking along the short, pale fur of her underbelly and the taut skin of her stomach beneath. It moved from near her bellybutton to her side, and the feathery touch jolted Maggie out of her thoughts. Oh, that tickles!

Maggie flinched and jumped away from the offending plant with a ticklish yelp. "Eep!" She quickly covered her mouth with one hand, embarrassed by the outburst even though she seemed perfectly alone. She smoothed the fur of her stomach and rubbed away the memory of the tickly sensation, attentively maintaining the short, soft fur of white with black spots. Am I really that ticklish? She wondered to herself, as she carefully approached the fern and ran a finger along its soft length. Maybe I'm not that bad. This thing is as soft as any brush or feather.

Getting curious, Maggie stood up in front of the fern and gripped it with one hand. She then deliberately brushed it across her belly in a repetition of the earlier incident. Since she was in control of it, it didn't really tickle, but still made a grin spread across her face. It actually feels pretty good... she thought before shaking her head and clearing her mind. Wait, I'm trying to figure this place out! Besides, if anyone saw me doing this…

Just then, Maggie realized she actually did hear someone moving through the forest somewhere in the direction she was heading. Quickly pulling away from the fern lest that person see her do something embarrassing, she started moving in that direction, hoping to make contact with some local.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh -oof!"

In the serene forest fastness, leaves flew up in a mushroom cloud of loam. The rotting petals flashed and pirouetted about in a ray of hot golden sunlight, for the briefest moment, before raining back down on the furry source of their propellent. Groaning loudly, exclamations aroused as much from shock as from physical discomfort, Anastasia sat back up, sending a second pattering of leaves clattering down amongst their fellows. Groggily, a paw smoothed back a tress of brunette head-fur.

What... Well, that wasn't a very precise question. 'What' was that freaky purple thing? 'What' was she doing? 'What' had become of her now? What the hell is going on? Was the final verdict of the bemused mink's thoughts, as she stood up and began a vigorous dusting-off of her bedraggled personage. Disturbed loam and sooty earth up-turned under her paws as she twisted on the spot, shaking out her skirt and noting the circumference of stony grey trees that enclosed her.

There was no small source of unconscious reassurance to the mink in the proud way the flora stood up potent and stony-grey, emerald-bedecked limbs leaping overhead like the blur of racing deer. If trees could be pretty, the specimens stretching off in endless orchards all around here would certainly represent a pageant. Where am I? I was just taking a hike with the guys.... I got pushed into a ravine by that snooty little mouse, there was all that purple light -what happened? Anastasia thought, head flicking back and forth, tail twitching through the cool air.

Charming as they appeared the trees were all covered in broad-leaf leaves; a rarity in her experience. A cool brush or air glazed over her naked midriff, but it was the gentle cool of an early summer morning, promising future heat, not the typical icy tinge of winter's ghost. The land rolled differently -she couldn't make out the rise of a hill or mountain anywhere in the blue patches shining through the vaulted branches overhead- and even the air tasted peculiar.

It was denser, with a subtler tang -quite a different concoction from what she had been enjoying scarce an hour ago. Wearily, the mink collected her trail back-pack from its repose against a bush, feeling a rush of relief as the familiar weight of the object settled into place on her shoulders. At least here was something that proved she had been living life as normal up until a few minutes ago. Determined to figure out what the devil was going on, Anastasia lifted her head and set out into the unknown.

She managed almost three determined steps. Jolted by the forward motion, a leaf in the back of her collar slipped, falling down the hem of Anastasia's shirt. The unusual fronds on the item's sides brushed against her neck as it slid past, prompting a ticklish jerk and twist from the startled mink. Anastasia grabbed at the sudden burst of tickling at her shoulders, swinging around wildly, as the little frond tumbled between her shoulder-blades and slid down further, inveterately a step ahead of the frantically pursuing paws.

It electrified a path all down the frantic girl's spine, lodging in the bare small of her back, trapped against her by her weighty backpack. Anastasia buckled forward, doing a curious jig as the ticklish debris was pinned against the top of the base of her tail. Gosh, how that tickled! She shook her tail like a dog -going to all fours under the burst of tickling as the leaf was tugged back and forth- and at last the frond fluttered out to settle amicably on the forest floor, rubbish again.

Whew, Anastastia panted, rubbing the ticklish sensation out of her fur busily, feeling the last traces dissipate teasingly. Note to self: watch the leaves. With one final shudder, she stood and began to advance. Was that a voice in the distance?

Upon opening my eyes, i could tell right away i was no longer where i was before.

"Huh? What's going on? This isn't the plane i was on." I said as i got up and looked around at my new surroundings. It looked like some kind of small house. There was a bed that i was sleeping on, a desk, chair, hardwood floor, among other things as well. Though there were no lights.

"What happened to me? Did someone carry me off the plane? No, I'm pretty sure i would've woken up to someone lifting me up and off the plane." I said as i looked out the window. Looked like i was on the second floor of the place, and there were some other buildings scattered both far and near from what i could tell. The only problem was i couldn't see anybody around.

Confused, i made my way downstairs and into the living room. It also looked modern enough, some couches, chairs, etc etc. But no lights or anything that would use electricity. Shaking it off, i made my way outside and saw there really was no one around.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" I started shouting, only hearing my own echos and nothing more. I looked around the settlement for about 15 minutes before i heard something coming my way.

"Hello? Is someone--?!" Then i stopped talking. For before me was some kind of monster that looked like a werewolf holding a map and wearing human clothes. The sight made my heart drop.

"Ah, hello there. Are you one of the people who live in this settlement?" The strange creature asked me, making me fear for my life even more.

"He can talk? Why hasn't he killed me yet?! Or is he even a threat?" I thought to myself as he looked at me strangely, almost as if hew was waiting for me to reply first.

"Hmm? Is something wrong? Or are you not used to seeing an anthro?" As soon as he said that word, 'anthro', things started making some sense. If seeing a talking animal standing fully upright on his back legs and wearing the clothes of a human made any sense before at all of course. But i have heard of anthros before. Creatures that are basically crossbreeds of both humans and animals.

Perhaps i really didn't have to worry about him harming me. So i slowly started to control my breathing as i tried talking with him.

"Umm. To tell you the truth, you're the first anthro I've ever seen in my life. I never even knew they were real up until now sir." He laughed a little, showing off his sharp teeth as he did, which only brought back some of the fear that i let go of a moment ago.

"Please, there's no need to call me sir, there's also no need to fear me either. I can smell it all over you. And i don't mean you any harm." The anthro said as he offered his hand my way.

"I'm Dusk. What's your name?" Dusk said as i offered my own hand slowly to meet his.

"Call me Tim. I-*Giggle*" I started, only to feel a ticklish feeling coming on from my hand rubbing against his fur. Each strand felt like a feather rubbing against my skin and made me laugh with every time i touched it.

"Hmm? You ticklish Tim? Well i know how to fix that!" Dusk said as he reached out for me and began tickling me with his hands, which caught me off guard and forced some more laughter out of me.

"Hahahahahah! P-p-please! Stop that! *Giggle!*" I tried to say as i kept giggling, all the while he kept tickling me, even causing me to fell to the ground with him on top of me. Then after about 15 or so seconds, i remembered my condition and realized what would happen if i didn't get him off of me.

"Hahahah! Wait! Haha! Stop! Please hahaha don't hahahahahaha!" It had already been 20 seconds at least, if he tickled me any more, there's no telling what he would do to me. So i did the only thing i could do.

I tickled him back. Reaching out for his chest, i tried my best to get him to lower his guard so i could get away from him.

"Hahahahah! Oh yes Tim! Hahahah! That feels so good! Hahahah!" Was he enjoying this? Did he get some kind of pleasure out of me tickling him? Was he even getting pleasure out of tickling me i began to wonder.

Just then, i felt myself begin to shrink, and fast. Dusk had his eyes closed when it happened, and he even fell backwards from being tickled so much. But it was too late for me as i slowly shrunk out of my clothes until i stopped, trapped inside my own underwear.

"Hahaha...huh? Why'd you stop Tim? Dusk asked as i heard movement outside.

"Huh? Where did he go? And why are his clothes here?" Dusk said as i felt him picking up my shirt.

"Oh no. I can't let him find me, or he might keep me as his tickle slave for life." I thought to myself, already having an idea as to what kind of...person i was dealing with.

"*Sniff* *Sniff* His scent is still around here somewhere. But the only thing here are his clothes. Perhaps i should examine them more closely?" And just as i feared, he began inspecting my pants as i tried to hide somewhere inside my underwear. Then came the part where he pulled my underwear out and began inspecting that as i rolled around inside that.

"Strange, his scent is coming from his underwear." Then Dusk brought his nose in through the front flap of the underwear and pushed it right into me, forcing me into his nose holes every time he inhaled until my arms were inside them. Then he pulled his nose back out leaving me hanging onto his nose just under his line of sight.

"I don't know why, but his scent is stronger than ever now." Dusk said as he began licking his nose, along with me, causing me to giggle even more. But that also gave away where i was as he slowly placed one of his hands on his nose to pick me up by the back of my neck. Then he looked down at my tiny, nude, and strangely erect form. The erect part was the worst of it as far as i was concerned, even though i didn't know why i was growing like that. Then the silence was broken by Dusk who asked me the obvious question.

(By the way everyone, my character is currently one to three inches tall right now)
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When Pilar Musica had arrived in this village yesterday, she had found its inhabitants to be... total jerks. She wasn't sure if they just didn't like strangers or if they just didn't like her sarcastic personality or if they had some other reason for ignoring her, but whatever that reason was, the only person who was willing to speak with her was the innkeeper, and even he threatened to turn her away if she started asking questions.

However, Pilar had no intention of giving up; her father had chosen her for this recon mission to the other side of that portal, and she planned on getting as much information as she could from the natives before returning home. So this morning, she tried a different approach. Rather than wander the village searching for a native willing to speak with her, she went to the village square, opened up her fiddle case, and just started playing it.

At first, no one paid any attention to her; they even made a point of looking the other direction when they passed by her. But Pilar kept going, and after a few hours, some children started to assemble around her and play and dance to her music. When their parents came looking for them, some of the parents dragged their children away from her as if they feared Pilar would eat them when she stopped playing, but others were more open-minded and decided to stay and watch.

Pilar kept at it throughout the afternoon, and by now there was a large crowd of natives around her, clapping and dancing and just having a good time. In fact, Pilar believed she may have drawn the attention of the whole village to her by now. People had brought out so much food and drink, that a passing stranger might think this was a planned festival.

As Pilar wrapped up her last fiddle set with a fury of motion, the crowd burst into cheers and applause. Pilar tried to maintain her professional composure amidst all the merriment, but her lips twitched into a smirk despite her best efforts. She bent down to put her violin away and was beset upon by families asking her to join them for dinner and children begging her not to stop.

The offers of food were extremely tempting to someone who hadn't eaten all day, but she could tell these kids didn't plan on letting her go anywhere until they were satisfied. "One more set, but then I need to eat," she said to the children, who cheered with delight. Pilar just rolled her eyes and picked up her fiddle with a sigh.

As she prepared to play her last set, Pilar's ridiculously keen elven eyes could see another newcomer-- a purple-black wolf --holding what appeared to be a wingless fairy on the far side of the village. No doubt where they were, the village would probably appear to be abandoned. Well, I better wrap this up them, so the villagers can give them the same "warm" welcome they gave me when I first got here, Pilar thought sarcastically as she set about playing her Bm Slip set.
"So, remind me again, what exactly are we doing here?"

The two phoenixes had arrived rather unceremoniously to this realm. Just an opening of a door and they were there.

"C'mon Ari, where's your sense of adventure? Besides, I did build that little device to take us to a tickle-centric dimension."

"Yes, but that was supposed to be a dimension of our creation. This place is a totally separate world, we don't know what's out here."

"True, true. But that's half the fun, don't you think?"

Ariane sighed as she placed a hand on her hip, casting a wary look at her brother. "I don't know..."

"Oh come on, what's the worst that can happen? Besides, if we get in over our heads we can just head back home."

"And how exactly are we going to do that?"

That made Helios pause for a little bit. He admittedly hadn't thought of that part. The only way he came up with to get out of his own tickle dimension was for the victims to be stripped naked and tickle to orgasm. But that was a place where he wrote the rules. How would they get out of here? Who could say.

"We'll figure that out as we go along. For now, onward!"

The two phoenixes stalked off into the forest, glancing around at the various fauna that surrounded them.

"Nothing seems out of the ordinary." Helios noted half to himself. "Still, better be careful around these plants, Sis. We don't know what they could be like."

"Don't I know it." She responded flatly.

Suddenly they heard a shriek, and both birds turned their heads. They looked in the direction of the noise with an alert intent, bracing for anything that might come out at them. When they had a sense that nothing was going to jump them, they nodded at each other and started off in the direction of the noise.
"Why are you hard? You better not be trying to get fresh!" Dusk growled rather upset. He wasn't too fond of being boned on by someone he never met. Especially if they shrink like this.

"You have explaining to do. A lot." Dusk brought him inside, dropping him on the couch. He had no intentions of necessarily punishing. But there would be an explanation inorder.

"You aren't leaving until you do several things." Dusk pacedbackand forth pondering about the punishment. There had to be something. And soon he had his lightbulb.An evilgrinon his dark coloredmuzzle.

"One you will explain everything." He knew it was obvious but needed.

"Two. You willbe mylittle tickle toy. And I don't mean me tickling you." He laughed and looked at the small figure.

"And three. I hope you don't mind feet. Whenever you shrink I'll keep you safe. By putting you in one of my shoes." Dusk could just imagine what was going through the boy's mind.
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After much trekking through the forest, Snowy had become exhausted and taken a seat on a fallen tree "this is ridiculous, I'm an Arctic fox.......I need freezing cold temperatures not hot, humid forests". Her fur dirtied by the forest, she felt like she could scream but settled for a whimper "I hate this place". As she sat in silence, the sound of a water fall caught her attention "that's close by" looking around, she stood up and walked with a purpose toward the sound of running water.

With the sound getting louder, she resorted to running the last few meters before stopping at the waters edge finding a small pool with a water fall "oh sweet heaven, yes!". With her dirty, exhausted body begging for rest, the cool water looked like the perfect place to do so. "I am so going to enjoy this" with no one ins sight, she quickly removes her clothes before entering the water.

"That feels so good" she sighs contently as she swims "screw everything else, I'm staying here". Happily enjoying herself, she hadn't taken any notice that the pool may be small but beneath her, it went deep below and it was there that something lurking in the depths was watching her.

Too busy splashing around, Snowy never saw the approaching mass beneath her "this will be my home" she says smiling unaware she was in reaching distance. Her attention was then drawn to the water fall "goody my own shower" as she goes to swim toward it, she feels something wrap around her ankle "hey, what the hell?". Trying to free herself, she looks down seeing a huge dark mass beneath her "WHAT IS THAT?".

         After resting enough that the pain went away, the coati stood back up onto his feet and set off for wandering again. Still having no clue where he was or how he ended up here, Fletcher felt very on-edge and any sudden change in the environment around him would startle him. Eventually, however, an almost fiery glow caught his attention as he turned to look at the source, seeing two others. They both looked like birds, or at least resembled them. Perhaps they were phoenixes, he thought to himself.
         "Well, it's better than being alone, I suppose..." Fletch mumbled to himself, scratching his head in thought. Working up the nerve to talk to these two strangers, he made his way over to their location, clumsily tripping over a tree root and landing face-first onto the dirt.
         He really hoped no one saw that.
It was hard for Maggie to make sense of much of anything in these woods. It seemed like sounds reverberated off those oddly broad leaves, making everything echo off in all directions. And the foliage was so thick it was impossible to see very far. At least it was warm, keeping the cheetah girl comfortable. If she had ended up somewhere cold, Maggie knew she'd be shivering before too long. It's not like she was wearing much, and her short fur was little help. Yet she couldn't mistake that sound that pierced through the her muddled senses. She definitely heard someone yell. A feminine voice, and close.

Maggie turned and headed in the direction she thought it came from. At this point, she was eager for any contact. It was getting unnerving to be alone in a strange location, and hopefully she'd at least learn where she was and how to get back home. She trotted through the brush between the trees, unable to break into a run because of all the plant-life.

As she did, she passed more of those soft, feathery fern fronds. They brushed teasingly against her exposed midriff as she moved. One frond teased along her left side, another seemed to linger as it brushed against her waistline. The result was decidedly ticklish, and Maggie started to snicker as she moved forward. Ah! How can a plant be this ticklish! She thought to herself, as she struggled to control any outburst.

But as she kept going, the ferns seemed to grow denser, until it felt like a continuous feathery stroke across her sides. Clenching her teeth and giggling under her breath, Maggie was determined to move forward. Besides, if she had been honest with herself, she'd admit that enjoying the feeling, an odd test of will against a forest that seemed determined to make her curl up and giggle. But with each step and stroke, that seemed like a more plausible reaction. How many of these things are there?! Maggie wondered as she was slowly losing control of her quiet giggles, threatening to become an embarrassingly loud burst of laughter.

But just as she was sure she couldn't take one more flick of the feathery ferns, Maggie emerged from the underbrush into a sort of clearing between the trees. And there, grinning and giddy, she found the person she was seeking. She was… a weasel or ferret of some kind, she thought. Younger than Maggie, the other girl carried a large backpack. She was dressed pretty normally, skirt, shirt, undershirt… although the shirt was unbuttoned, perhaps from the warm weather. Her fur did seem on the thick side.

And it looks pretty soft too…
Maggie thought, her eyes drawn to the creamy fur of the girl's midriff and chest, the impressive latter provoking a small pang of jealousy. Cute girl, too. Maggie thought, before pulling herself out of the indulgent introspection. Oh, I hope she didn't notice me giggling in those ferns just now. ...Or why I'd be laughing like that. Maggie noticed the girl was looking at her wide eyed, and decided she'd better introduce herself before it became awkward, or before either had any more time to think about Maggie's odd entrance.

"Hi there!" Maggie said, trying to sound friendly, and unconsciously brushing the short fur of her midriff, the action comforting and rubbing the feathery tickling sensation from the ferns from her body. "My name's Maggie. Maggie Jackson."

"Uh… Anastacia. Hi." The girl said, as she seemed to look over Maggie slowly.

Crap. Maggie thought I hope she doesn't think I'm a weirdo.
"So… this is maybe a strange question but: could you tell me where we are? I'm kind of lost. Actually, really lost."
"Wait- you mean you don't know where we are?" Asked Anastasia, wrestling panic. One person having a trippy hallucination and waking up in a strange place was one thing; two separate people was quite something else. And now both victims were young women- was this some kind of kidnapping ring? "Oh man. I don't know where I am, either. I was going for a hike with my friends, when I fell into this ravine, there was all this purple light, and-"

"That happened to you too?" Asked the imposingly tall, lithe cheetah, ears perking up. "I fell through a, through a..." To Maggie's distaste, the most fitting word was one that belonged firmly in the realm of sci-fi. "Portal, too. It sounds just like yours."

"And now neither of us knows where we are?" Anastasia sighed forlornly. "Great. I guess... The only thing is to try and find someone who does, right?" She asked hesitantly.

Maggie appeared to think about it, one paw cupping her chin while the other idly smoothed down the fur over her bare abdomen in an incredibly distracting way. Anastasia could only wonder what the cheetah had done to get abs sculpted like that. Just looking at that toned muscle and brilliant yellow and white fur made the mink pang with envy –an emotion almost as strong as the desire to run her own fingers over it along side Maggie's....

"Well, I can't think of anything better," Said the cheetah, and Anastasia hurriedly battened her mouth, blushing as she realized that her jaw had gone slack. Luckily Maggie didn't seem to notice. "My sense of direction isn't the best. Any idea where we should go?"

"I can smell water over there," Anastasia gestured vaguely, glad that her heritage gave her such a special predilection for finding streams. "We could follow it to higher ground, and then try and get a look-out from there. See if there’s any smoke or a break in the trees that looks like a road."

"Yeah-I can smell it to now," Maggie sniffed. "Let's go!"

They continued talking as they ploughed through the forest, fighting their way through the dense ferns. In the lead, Anastasia was just glad that there was no Devil's Club, and that the insects seemed to be bunkered down for the noon heat.

On the other hand, the heteroclite ferns presented their own problems, feathery fronds seeming to reach out unerringly and teasing along her bare belly with torturous precision. It was too hot for her to button her shirt, and the going was too hard for her to cover her exposed lower belly, both hands instead resting on her back pack straps, effectively rendering her defenseless. But from the sounds of things, her clothing offered considerably better protection than poor Maggie's.

The tips of the plants seemed perfectly angled and elevated to drag against whatever exposed skin passed through; a ticklish caveat for her, but positively torturous for the cheetah (or so Anastasia assumed). Even walking in the trail blazed by the better-armoured mink, the poor runner could barely speak for giggles.

Anastasia could only see her out of the corners of her eyes, but Maggie always seemed to be twitching and shaking back and fourth as one mischievous limb after another brushed against her bare midriff. She would cross her arms over her belly for a few steps, hunching forward protectively, shielding as much skin as she could -and then need them back up for balance or to climb over a log only a few moments later. And almost instantly, the ferns would be back, prodding and stroking, harrying her every step of the way. The poor girl was giggling constantly as they pushed on.

"Da-hamn! What kinds of plants -haha!- what kind of plants are these? Hahaha!" She chortled, swiping at the encroaching sea of ticklish flora with one paw. She snorted in shock as an especially long plant flicked through her underarm, exposed by the movement. Ahead of her, Anastasia shifted her long shirt guiltily, jerking up as one frond teased along the hemline just below her navel.

"You -hahaha!- you can borrow my shirt if -hehehehe!- if you'd like." She stammered, gasping as a frond brushed against the side of her belly excruciatingly. "You probably -hahahaha!- could use it more than me."

"You can keep it (snicker) -after all, you're in front (giggle)." Chuckled Maggie, with a herculean effort forcing back the ebullient tide of giggles welling up inside her. At least, for a single moment.

"Hold on," Anastasia clambered over a log -as she turned, a trio of fronds poked against the previously protected base of her tail, making the mink practically leap the fallen giant in a single bound. "Yeah! Whew- I think we're almost there!" The prediction was, thankfully, an accurate one.

After a few more giggly, staggering paces, they emerged out onto the banks of a stream at last, the water chortling as if too was a victim of ferns' ministration as it rambled over a bed rocky of shale. Boulders reposed on either side sleepily, liberally overgrown with fluffy banks of moss, illuminated by jade-tinged pillars of sunlight descending through the vaulted tree-cover. Here, at least, there were bugs; hundreds of dragonflies clicked and whirred around the creek, opalescent wings sparkling in the warm light.

Anastasia set down her backpack with a relieved sigh, and Maggie, throat parched from a constant river of laughter, gladly knelt to take a drink.

"Wait -can we share a thermos?" Asked Anastasia, feeling prudish but pressing on. "I mean, you can get all kinds of nasty stuff in forest run-off like this. Shouldn't we wait until we run out of bottled water?" The mink beseeched, embarrassed. Maggie managed to resist rolling her eyes only with difficulty, but took the proffered bottle.

"Thanks." She said, purring as cool water splashed down her throat.

After a break to recover from the ferns and cool their paws in the stream, it was on the road again, climbing over rocks as they traced the waterway to its source. The forest around them was pristine as ever, almost fay in atmosphere, and neither would have minded it as place to hike or jog in. Both soon discovered that in the other as they talked, conversation mainly composed of speculation as to what was going on, but increasingly shifting to personal details.

"I've never heard of ferns like the ones we had to walk through earlier," Panted Anastasia, sliding over an up-turned slab of stone. "It's like they were made just to tickle people!"

"They were certainly good at it," Maggie's breath came comparatively lighter, the athletic cheetah having little difficulty with the terrain. "My belly still tingles! It almost makes we wish I was wearing something less revealing than this top."

"I sure don't -you look great in it!" Said Anastasia, before blinking owlishly and blushing as she traced the source of the words back to her own mouth. "Uh, but I am surprised you wore something like that considering how ticklish you are." She babbled, trying to change the subject. "I'm really ticklish too -I'd be afraid of somebody taking advantage of all the exposed skin." She trailed off awkwardly.

"Well, it's not so bad." Said Maggie slowly. "I don't get tickled very often, and I really hate restrictive clothing. I love the feeling of fresh air on my skin."

"Really? Gosh, I seem to get tickled everywhere I go, ever since I was little. Schoolyard, beach, at the park- once even on an amusement park ride. It was built so that the operator controlled the safety restraint, and your feet ended up poking out one side. Anyways, I got locked in, but they had to wait to start the ride, and the guy in front of me..."

Even going uphill, they were making good time, especially without the ferns to titillate them. It seemed like no time at all before they could see a little forest pool twinkling through the trees ahead, and hear the splashing roar of a waterfall. The scent of fresh-water was stronger than ever, along with some other odours....

"Hey, do you hear that?" Asked Maggie, ears and tail twitching, alert as ever even after the long walk. "Sounds like somebody's laughing their butt off up ahead." Raucous laughter and desperate cries echoed through the calm trees from the pool, and after swapping glances, the two took off in pursuit, Maggie in the lead.

Breaking through the bushes growing over the end of the stream, Anastasia almost knocked the both of them into the pond. Next to her, Maggie stood as if paralyzed, staring at the naked, stark-white vixen hanging onto a set of vines with a death-grip farther down the shore–and at the huge mass of dripping squamous tentacles wrapped around her legs, pulling her taut above the surface of the pool. The beautiful white fox was laughing hysterically as tentacles busied themselves over her nude body, and both newcomers were puzzled to the point of numbness with the realization that the monster was tickling her.

Anastasia hardly slowed as she came out of the tree line, throwing aside her pack and as much clothing as she could peel off while on the run. The European Mink might’ve been too intimidated to join the swim team, but as befitting her species, she had practically been born in the water. Which she now returned to at terminal velocity, in the shape of a tight cannonball of fur and firm mustelid muscle, smashing straight into the mass of tentacles with a scream.
I was starting to fear for my life again. Now that he had me trapped, there was no way for me to escape from him. I had no choice but to explain to him of my condition and see if he would be merciful and help me out.

But something that was still bothering me was the fact that i was still somewhat hard from what had just transpired. I would think that after such an experience I'd be shitting myself right about now. But no, something about what happened a moment ago was turning me on. Was something wrong with me? Did something happen to me after being sent to this strange new world?

Whatever the reason for anything that's happened to me so far, i explained everything about my condition to him. As soon as he heard the tickling part however, an even eviler smile than the last one began to form on his face. And from that point forward, i knew he wouldn't want me to grow back to normal. He'd sooner tickle me just before I'd grow back to normal so i could be his little tickle toy, as he said himself. Now i was convinced there was no hope for me at all.

And then he said...
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"Anyone who passes through the village could be a shapeshifter, so we've become very wary of strangers. I hope you understand."

In her mind, Pilar sarcastically thought, Come now, I thought this was the friendliest place on the planet when I first came here. She kept this thought to herself, however, unwilling to talk back to the elderly couple whom she was dining with.

It had taken Pilar several minutes following her last fiddle set to decide which of the people asking her to dine with them were the friendliest and most talkative. She knew these two would probably tell her pretty much everything there was to know about this place without much prompting or suspicion. For example, she'd already learned that that there was a portal back to her world somewhere in the labyrinth of caves in the mountains to the west. Unfortunately, there were also portals to a few thousand other worlds in those caves and there was no way to tell them apart. Furthermore the caves were inhabited by creatures that capture and... tickle people. Pilar was still having a hard time processing that concept.

The couple had then told her that adventurers called "cave-runners" would frequently go into those caves, fight through the beasts and travel through random portals. The "cave-runners" typically had to return to this world a hundred times before they found the portal leading to their homes, and they would often take civilians back to their home worlds if they had found a portal leading there.

"Speak of the devil," the old man said, snapping Pilar back to attention. Outside the window, the purple-black wolf she'd seen earlier was walking into the inn, which was right across the street from where this couple lived. "Another stranger is heading into Bert's place. Friend of yours?"

Pilar shook her head. "No, but I'll probably meet him at some point if he's staying in the inn."

"Well, try to keep your distance; them shapeshifters are cunning, but they'll attack at any time your guard is down, even if other people are around." The man stroked his white beard, and he smiled wryly. "Actually, that's how we knew you weren't one of them; no shapeshifter could've just kept playing a fiddle like that for hours without trying to tickle its audience soon after attracting one."

Yes... tickling... Pilar had almost managed to forget that everything here revolves around it. She'd have to leave that out of her report when she went home; if her friends--or enemies--found out that the great warrior Pilar had spent who-knows-how-much time fighting tickle monsters in this place, she'd die from embarrassment.

Pilar politely and daintily ate some more of the meat the couple had provided her, which though it wasn't bad, certainly wasn't up to Eldar standards either. "If you'd like," the woman said, drawing her attention, "you could stay here with us. We have room, and it would be safer than staying at the inn where anyone could be a shapeshifter."

"No thank you," Pilar replied, wiping her mouth with a napkin. "My equipment is still in my room at the inn. Besides, I plan on leaving tomorrow anyway. I suspect I'll become a cave-runner and search for my home world."

"You could always wait here for a cave-runner who's been to your home world to pass through," the woman pointed out.

Before she could restrain herself, Pilar snorted and said, "Oh, yeah, I'd really enjoy that!" She quickly added, "I-I mean, no offense but I'm not the sort of person who can wait around for something to happen. I need to be out there looking, not just sitting here hoping for rescue."

The shocked looks on the couples faces softened. "We understand dear," the woman said with a sigh. "Youth these days have so much energy."

Kill me now, Pilar thought with a roll of her eyes. "Thank you for your hospitality and food, but I think I need to get some sleep before I start adventuring," she said, standing up to leave.

"Nonsense, it isn't even 7:00 yet," the old man exclaimed. "Besides, you haven't tasted any of my wife's desserts."

"It's not like I've been doing anything for hours on end without a break," Pilar said, this time not caring that her sarcasm had slipped out. "I am really exhausted from playing the fiddle for as long as I did, so I really do need to sleep."


"Let her go, John, she deserves a rest after making everyone so happy today."

The old man hesitated for a moment and then stood up and showed Pilar to the door with a smile. "In that case, I wish you good luck finding your homeworld tomorrow."

Several minutes of goodbyes passed next to the door, and when she was finally alone again, Pilar sighed with relief. Those two may have been helpful, but Pilar was glad she wouldn't have to hear them prattle on anymore.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she walked across the street and into the inn to find the purple-black wolf (Dusk Light) arguing with the innkeeper...
All at the are around the two phoenixes seemed to be filled with noises. All at once there was a rustling of leaves to their left, and to their right there was a scream followed by a sound which sounded suspiciously like laughter.

"Well, at least there aren't a lot of dull moments around these parts." Helios snarked.

Helios glanced over and just managed to make out a figure that appeared to have tripped over an exposed tree root. "I better go see what's going on here, check out that scream will ya?"

"On it."

The siblings parted ways, Ariane heading off towards the laughs while Helios went over to address the fallen figure. Upon a closer look he appeared to be some kind of a rodent, similar to a raccoon in appearance. He was certainly acting like one, snooping around in the trees like this.

"Are you okay?"

Upon addressing the creature, he instantly froze, looking up at Helios with a somewhat frightened expression. It was quite obvious to Helios that the poor fellow was nervous, yet at the same time he was trying to summon what courage he did to not flee on the spot.

Helios knew that he wouldn't get anywhere if this person ran away, so he decided to try and defuse the matter.

"I can assure you that I mean you no harm." He held his hand out to help him off the ground. This seemed to calm him a little bit as he took the hand of the phoenix and allowed himself to be pulled back up to his feet.

"That's better isn't it? You got a name, son?"

"F-Fletcher." The raccoon-like creature managed to stutter out.

"Fletcher eh? Well my name is Helios. So tell me, Fletcher. What are you doing out here by yourself? My sister and I have only just arrived, you see, but I got a feeling that this is the wrong place to be exploring on your own."

Meanwhile Ariane had managed to bob and weave through the foliage to get to the lake. Her brother's instincts were correct: the leaves that did brush against the exposed parts of her body really did tickle. Her lower body was spared thanks to her jeans, but unfortunately her tank top bared her midriff. She made a note to be careful around those plants in the future.

Upon arriving at the shore, she was greeted by a rather strange scene. There was a series of tentacles that seemed to emanate from the water. The tentacles had ensnared what looked to be like two females; a nude arctic fox, and a mink that seemed to be in the process of losing her clothing. It was hard to make out exactly what the tentacles were doing to them, but based on their howls of laughter, Ariane figured they were getting tickled pretty savagely.

"What in the world..." the phoenixess mouthed to herself. It was then that she saw there was another furre on the beach, a cheetah it looked like, and it seemed that the tentacles were going after her next.

"Ariane! You find out what all the commotion was?" Helios called from a distance.

"Yeah! You'd better get down here!" She yelled back.

Helios turned to Fletcher. "Well come on, then. If there's one thing that I've learned from my sis, it's that when she says I better see something, it's gotta be important."

Helios headed off towards the lake, with Fletcher reluctantly in tow, wondering just what the hell Ariane saw down there. Based on the laughter he was hearing, whatever it was couldn't be good news for anyone who was down there.
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Trying to free herself from whatever had caught her, she felt it curl up her leg "whatever this thing is, it'll regret it". Trying to swim to the waters edge, something else wraps around her other leg pulling her back to the center "GET OFF ME". Kicking and struggling, she then reaches under to free her legs "when I free myself, I'm going to kick its ass". Finding something long and slippery wrapped around her leg, she grabs it "ewwwwww this is nasty". Attempting to remove it, she feels something wrap around her wrists pulling them away.

With her now restrained, Snowy was panicking not knowing what was going to happen to her next "YOU BETTER LET GO OF ME" she shouts looking down toward the dark mass "YOU'RE A COWARD, WHY DON'T YOU COME UP AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN". It was then the large mass ascended toward her and grew in size making her regret gulp "you may be bigger than me.......and have me bound, but I'll still beat you". It soon surfaced, its massive head along with its tentacles "an octopus.........great, a giant octopus in a small pool......yeah that makes sense".

The octopus suddenly lifts her out of the water with her wrists and legs bound "uhhhhhh any chance I can take back calling you a coward?". With her raised above the water, she whimpers "I'm not good with heights" she's then stretched out leaving her immobile and defenseless "can't we talk about this?". Watching one tentacle rise toward her, she tries to prepare herself for what's to come "okay Snowy, this looks bad, you might become this thing's lunch. If that's the way its going to end then go out fighting".

The tentacle stops before her "if you want to eat it, then get it over and done with. I'm not scared of you.......DO YOU WORST". The tentacle moves toward her underarm, confusing her by the octopus's action "hey, what are you doing?" it gives her underarm a quick poke and a wiggle making her squeak and giggle "hehehehehey don't". It does it again getting her to giggle some more "hehehehehehe stop that hehehehehehee". Just when she though it couldn't get any worse, another tentacle rose up "I'm going to be here for a while".
The sight before Maggie could not have been more bizarre. A nude white vixen was pulled out of the water, a tentacle wrapped around each wrist and ankle, stretching her out in the air. Even stranger, still more tentacles appeared to be tickling her. Two tentacles were wriggling their way under her arms, stroking up and down methodically. She howled and bucked in the grip of the giant octopus, but the frantic struggles wasn't helping her get away, and she was slowly being dragged farther and farther away from the shoreline. To what end, Maggie had no idea, but the idea of being swallowed by this strange monster at the bottom of the water popped into her head. Maggie turned away from the sight, partly in order not to see that terrible vision. But also because a part of her was enjoying the sight. Her keen eyes noticed the wet, slick fur clinging to that young, attractive form. The sight of the girl giggling and writhing in ticklish torment… No, this isn't the time for that.

But Anastacia wasn't doing too much better. Having dived in aggressively in order to save the stranger, she hadn't given any heed to the remaining two tentacles now directed at her. One only managed to get hold of her shirt, which it threw onto the shore as if disgusted. Another managed to do the same, only this time with the girl's pants. Undeterred, perhaps now even more efficient in the water, the mink swam towards the fox at an impressive speed. But Anastacia wasn't able to avoid the appendages' grasp a second time, and shrieked as she felt it wriggle along her thighs, her legs kicking out. Despite the predicament, she was still an excellent swimmer; managing to pull the tentacle along and slowly getting closer to fox. Part of Maggie was again stirred by the sight of Anastacia's fur clinging tightly and wetly to her, and she bucked from the alien, ticklish touch.

But Maggie didn't have the time for that, she realized she had to do something too. While the agile feline couldn't swim, and couldn't do anything to help the other two girls, here her agility could be put to use. She ran toward the shore, grabbing Anastacia's clothes and moving them to a safer spot that was hopefully out of reach of this strange creature.

Turning back, Maggie saw that Anastacia had managed to grasp onto the vixen and was trying to tug her back towards the shore. But as the two got close, the tentacles didn't easily give up their prizes. One of them licked up and down Anastacia's exposed belly, causing her to gasp out and giggle girlishly. Their pace through the water slowed to a halt, but Maggie decided it was just close enough. Wading into the water until it was waist deep, Maggie grabbed onto Anastacia. Wrapping her arms around the mink's midsection, the cheetah took over the duty of pulling both of them to safety, fighting backwards in a burst of energy her kind was well known for.

In the tight embrace, Maggie couldn't help but notice the softness of Anastacia's fur and the comforting warmth of the body pressed against her. It evoked a desire to stoke the plush surface, or to want it in contact with as much of Maggie as possible. Her grip also had her taut forearms pressed against the sides of Anastacia's breasts, producing another soft and distinctly pleasant contact. But what would otherwise be a tender embrace was now a desperate one, and these thoughts and impulses were pushed into Maggie's subconscious as she pulled, slowly moving the three of them onto the shore.

While the giant octopus didn't seem to be particularly intelligent, it knew it was being deprived of its ticklish prizes. Two tentacles loosened their grip on the white fox and turned their attention to Maggie. While this made it easier to pull, there were downsides. Maggie felt the slimy things rake up her sides. While Maggie was sure she wouldn't be so easily tickled by the contact, especially in such a situation, there was something about it that was irresistible. The slime that lingered on her fur seemed to tingle electrically, and she found herself snickering as tentacles explored wherever they could.

A third tentacle came to Maggie, and tried to worm its way to her belly, something the woman tried to prevent by hugging Anastacia all the tighter as she pulled. Despite the tickling, Maggie's burst of energy was successfully yanking the group out of the water. Now on the shoreline, Anastacia was now able to pull and position her feet as well, and between the both of them managed to break free of the slimy, ticklish grasp. Maggie backed up until she fell over onto the grass, exhausted from the effort.

The fox girl curled up on the grass nearby, giggling and panting for breath. Anastacia was sitting next to Maggie, who was panting on her back. While her species excelled at quick bursts of energy, the downside was the exhaustion that came after. Maggie raised an arm weakly to wipe away some of the strange, tingly slime that still clung to her fur. Thankfully, the stuff wasn't sticky, and she was happy to wipe it onto the grass.

"Thanks, I can't believe you pulled us loose from that thing!" Anastacia huffed, catching her breath. "We wouldn't have gotten out without you." The mink looked and noticed her clothing lying neatly but wetly on the other side of Maggie, but for the moment was content to sit.

"No… problem." Maggie gasped. "Just glad to we got away from that thing. What's going on with this place?" She lifted an arm and promptly let it flop to the ground again. "Ooh, my limbs feel like jello. I need a minute before I can move again."

"Really? Then take all the time you need." Anastacia said with an odd glint in her eye, which seemed to move downward across Maggie's supine form. "Oh, there's still some slime on you." The mink girl said innocently, and reached out and ran a hand over Maggie's belly. Her fingers combed through the short, white and spotted fur of her stomach, and moved against her toned abs. Whether or not it was true, Maggie couldn't tell, and didn't have the energy to stop her. But the lingering touch causes a ticklish twitch, and Maggie grinned as she stifled a giggle.

Anastacia's face seemed to light up as she heard a snicker slip past Maggie's lips. "I think I see some more here. I got it~" The girl said playfully, as her fingers dragged southward through Maggie's fur. The ticklish 'slime removal' moved below the navel, and explored along the firm lower abs, which were now quivering in response to the soft yet insistent touch.

Tickles, that tickles! The cheetah thought to herself as she grinned and snickered softly.
Oh, that spot's so bad! Ah! Maggie giggled more openly as she felt the mink's fingers caress her toned lower belly just so. This has to be on purpose! …Actually, I kind of hope its on purpose. Feels good… Oh, how long is she going to keep doing that? The feline thought, her mind warring with itself as she fought to keep some small amount of composure. Meanwhile, Anastacia had a dreamy look in her eyes as she stroked and explored the other woman's midriff, her fingers moving with a diligent motion, maintaining the small façade of combing her fur free of any slime.

While those two seemed to be in their own little world, the white vixen was coming to her senses, and three new faces were making their way into the clearing.
"I don't believe this!" Said Anastasia, incredulity nearly half sincere. She flicked another patch of nebulous slime out of Maggie's fur, clenching her teeth to avoid smiling as the cheetah trembled ticklishly. "Those things must have been completely slathered in this gunk! It's all over you now!" Her hand slid lightly along the hemline of Maggie's jeans, neatly combing out a glistening trail of muck. Maggie jerked at the touch, back arching slightly as her abs tensed, rhythmical panting momentarily violated by a ticklish gasp. Against the expanse of blizzard-coloured fur, even the faintest traces were easy to detect, but that didn't stop the mink covering every square inch on offer in her explorations.

Anastasia noted the reactions her ministrations caused carefully, even as the fascination was overcome by the exquisite contrast of her friend's soft fur and firm stomach muscles, trembling under the delicate claws that raked and combed over them without pause. Maggie's belly sucked in tightly as Anastasia perused a stretch of toned skin perilously close to her navel, marked by a sunken ellipse of fur. The mink's carefully probing fingers kept to the edge, never venturing in as she groomed with an impressive thoroughness, simply sliding over the gently sculpted curves offered to her so easily.

Maggie's jaw locked, breath puffing out of her nose as the mink began to trace her way outwards towards the cheetah's golden flanks, dutifully keeping to her pretence of grooming. As she clipped over the bare fur of her upper-hips, Maggie's tail flicked spastically, the cheetah clearly trying to stifle a welling giggle. Casually, Anastasia gave the side farthest from her a playful squeeze, feeling muscles squirm under her paw.

"Mrow!" Maggie practically squeaked, making an entirely too adorable cat-noise. "H-hey! Haha! That kind of tickles, watch it!" She snapped with caricatured anger, calculating exactly as to how the mink would observe the warning.

"Oh, sorry Maggie." Anastasia did her best to look bashful and contrite. Maggie knew a mentally-challenged kitten it might have fooled. Still, the effect was curiously adorable. "Now, what was it? Doing ...this?" Her paw contracted again, thumb stabbing at the nerves right inside Maggie's hip, unleashing a potent flare of tickled nerves.

"Ye-he-hes!" Maggie fluidly curved away from the mink's threatening hand, incidentally pressing against her helper's legs all the harder. "Tha-hahat!"

"Sorry," Said Anastasia primly. "I'll sure know to look out for that spot from now on." Her hands slid up to the feline's firm sides, lightly rising and falling with their owner's breath. Anastasia began to plough her fingers northward glacially, wondering at the potent curves under
her tacit disposal. They certainly were ticklish, the mink noted, as she wormed her fingers in gently every time she plucked away another malingering speck of slime, seeming to hit a nerve-ending every time.

Anastasia wondered if her friend even knew that she was purring like a tractor, of if instinct had given the lithe cat an aural blind spot for the noise.

"We're almost done, Maggie." She said reassuringly as her hands encountered the egregious obstacle of a tight black top. If Maggie objected tot eh paws lightly resting on her firm bust, she neglected to show it. "But I think there's some caught in your underarms. Could you, kinda', hold them up..."

With a vague idea of paying the mink back at this transparent entendre, Maggie tried a sit-up. Hardly a shake; as feleing would have it, her muscles were still full of peanutbutter. Grudgingly, she carefully folded her arms behind her head, offering the stark white hollows below her shoulders to any hand willing to explore. As if entranced, Anastasia's own paws crept closer, creeping over the hilly terrain of Maggie's chest to begin....

"Excuse me," Said a voice above them, both heads turning to examine the interruption's perpetrator. "Can you tell us who you are?"

The words came from a curved beak set in the proud head of a phoenix, cocked to one side as it regarded them curiously from an impressive height. A double pair or crimson angelic wings only seemed to make the new-comer look more massive, but didn't completely block out the sight of an almost identical looking female phoenix and a worried looking raccoon-thing behind him.

Anastasia slowly stood, suddenly realizing she was wearing only her underwear. Now with the mysterious vixen -Anastasia could see her off to one side, looking back and forth between the two groups with interest- having reclaimed her clothes, that made her the only one nearly nude. She blushed under her fur as she folded her arms over herself.

"Uh, I'm Anastasia Chernova," She said awkwardly, staring at the phoenix in fascination. There had been so few Feathers back home- what would some impressive plumage like that feel like? It certainly looked soft, and warm... "This is Maggie. We both came here after being... taken. By a Portal."

"And we had to fight off that octopus-thing," Added Maggie, falling to her paws like a sky-ward demolition. She looked like a strong breeze would see her back on the grass. "Are you from around here? Do you know what's going on?" The two phoenixes exchanged glances.

"Somewhat, but you may not like it." Said the double-winged one apologetically. "But first, I hope you don't mind if I make some introductions. My name is Helios, that's Ariane," He gestured at what could only be his twin sister. "This is Fletcher...."

"...And I'm Snowy!" Added the vixen cheerfully, stepping lightly into the circle. "Sorry to interrupt, but thanks for rescuing me, you two! That was... Really impressive." Under her smile, for a moment Anastasia felt about as weak as Maggie looked. But it was only for a second before she made sure the cheetah was able to stand alright, and faced the other four standing next to her. "Before you ask, I'm not from around here, either. But I think I've got a better idea of what's going on..."

"Not me," Put in Fletcher, suddenly looking like he thought speaking was a bad idea. "I just found these two a few moments ago. I'm in the dark too"

"We're inventors." Said Ariane with some pride. "We built a machine to take us to a tickle-dimension-"

"A what?!" Asked Anastasia, starting to feel that this was going to be a very long talk as the word appeared, neatly chorused with fully half the circle of Furs.

"THat's basically the gist of it." Helios said. He took a deep breath before launching into a spiel that sounded like it had already been rehearsed, or at least said a few times before.

"You see my sister and I, as well as our friends back home, are really into tickling. They usually come over to our place for tickle fun; tickling, getting tickled, stuff like that. As a result I've amassed quite the collection of various tickle machines, tools, and bondage devices back home."

"He's not kidding, it's pretty big." Ariane quipped.

"Well, it was. You see the massive array of devices was cluttering up the place, and at the end of the day it was starting to get repetitive. I kind of wanted something more...well, fun for my friends, so I decided to build a device that created a tickle dimension.

"Now, would any of you happen to be familiar with Calabi-Yau manifolds, dark energy, quantum entanglement, or the Cooper-Hofstadter superfluid vacuum theory?"

The blank stares he got in response told him all he needed to know.

"Right, thought so. Anyway, in laymans terms I was attempting to create a pocket universe whose physical properties, appearance, etc. was totally based on user input. In laymans terms that could mean the people inside the universe could remake the world into whatever they wanted. Like a spaceship, or a medieval village, or a factory, whatever. The only constant was that whatever world they created would come with a wide variety of tickle traps, devices, etc.

"Hell you could even conjure up the tickle traps as well! Stocks, x-frames, racks, just think of it and BANG!" He accentuates with a snap of his fingers "There they are!"

Ariane could sense that Helios's technobabble laden speech was starting to unnerve the others a little bit so she decided to wrap things up.

"The good news is that he actually got it to work. I've been there a couple times and other than the fact that it's tough to leave, it's a pretty cool place.

"The bad news, at least for you folks, is that this amazing tickle dimension that my brother created is a different one from the one we're in now."

Helios gave a weary sigh. "I'm afraid my sister is right. This is not the world that we created, so sadly your guess as to the origin and purpose of this place is as good as ours. And we only just arrived here ourselves so we're still learning exactly what makes this place tick."

"But from what we've seen we're pretty sure it's similar to the one we made, the only difference being that, as far as we can tell, we don't have any input on what this place looks like or what kind of tickle traps can be conjured up. Even so, we're confident that an array of such traps do exist, such at the octopus you all were just fighting." Ariane tilted her head towards the lake.

Helios pointed at the arctic fox. "Snowy, right? How did you end up in that creature's clutches anyway?"

"Well, I was walking through the forest and I was having trouble reading the map I was given. So I decided to just walk in this direction, and I came across this lake. I was hot and tired and thought that a swim would cool me off." She cringed a bit as she glanced back at the lake. "Little did I know that I wasn't alone. Good thing these two came to the rescue." She smiled over at Anastasia and Maggie.

Helios let out a soft chuckle and shook his head. "Rookie mistake. Even if you had no idea what this place was it's not a good idea to instantly go swimming in a foreign body of water. And in a place like this, I'd wager that most, if not all, of the ponds and lakes here have similar beasts. So we're all going to have to be very careful around water."

The rest of the furres nodded in agreement.

"Hang on a sec." Ariane quipped. "Did you say something about a map?"

"Yeah, I was given a map before I came here, but I was having trouble reading it."

Helios held out a hand "Lemme see."

Snowy pulled out the map and handed it to the phoenix. As he unfolded it he glanced at Fletcher. "Where did you say you were from again?"

Fletcher shuffled his feet a little bit as if he was trying to work up the courage to speak. Just a few moments ago he was alone, and now he was surrounded by five new faces. Taking a deep breath he managed to finally answer Helios.

"I-I was in some c-c-caves. I'd been walking a-a-around for some time and I c-couldn't find anything or a-a-anyone. But then I found th-th-this cave, and I was t-t-tired so I-I." He suddenly became aware of his stuttering and he flushed. "I-I'm s-sorry."

"It's alright." Helios put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "You're among friends now. Or at least I'm sure our new ones won't do you any harm." He glanced back at the three ladies and neither gave any indication that what Helios said was untrue. "Can you point us in the direction these caves are in."

Being told this seemed to make Fletcher more confident. With a nod, he turned around and pointed into the jungle. "That way."

"Alright, now we're getting somewhere. Good man." He patted Fletcher's shoulder. "I didn't get a chance to ask you before, but what are you, exactly?"

"A coati." He responded with some pride.

Helios arched an eyebrow. "Fascinating. Never met one before."

He glanced down at the map in his hand. "Well, Snowy wasn't kidding. I can't make heads or tails of this." With a sigh he glanced skyward, an idea forming in his head. "I'm gonna fly up and see if I can triangulate landmarks. At the very least we'll get a sense of what this place is like. Also it should be easier to pick out any other folks that wound up here."

"You think there's more?" Ariane asked.

"Hey, this place is too big for just 5 furres. And based on the diversity of our little group here, I'd wager that anyone could be out there." He paused for a second and tapped his beak as if he was in thought. "Wonder if there's any birdgirls?"

Ariane just rolled her eyes. "We should be so lucky."

Helios just snerked at his sister's remark. "Well, I'd better get up there. We may only have a finite amount of daylight left, and the sooner we learn this land, the better."

Ariane nodded. "We'll wait here until you get back." She turned to the rest of the group. "I know we all only just met, but we're gonna have to stick together if we're gonna make it through this place."

"Exactly right, sis. Why if Maggie and Anastasia here didn't stumble upon this beach, Snowy would be octopus food." Now he turned to address the group. "Once we get a better handle of this place we might be able to stake out areas on our own. But until then, no wandering off by ourselves, agreed?"

There were five nods in response.

"But aren't you doing that right now?" Maggie pointed out. Traditionally a loner she was somewhat reluctant to team up, especially with five other furres she'd never met before. On the other hand...if that meant she got to spend more time with Anastasia, then perhaps it wouldn't be so bad at all.

Helios nodded back at the feline. "You do bring up a valid point. At the same time though I'm the only one of us here who can fly. Well okay my sister can as well, but I'm more experienced."

Ariane scoffed as she examined the wings on her arms. From their structure she was built more for gliding than real flying.

"Me and my two other sisters got two wings, and he got four. How's that for being born under a bad sign." she quipped sarcastically.

With an eye roll Helios turned back to Maggie. "Still, you are right. I have no idea what's up there. For all I know a bunch of 100ft long tentacles could grab me right out of the sky!" The comment was intended to be humorous but Helios wasn't counting out the possibility all the same. "So safe to say if I'm not back in a few hours, you'd best come look for me."

"Or if we hear you laughing your head off." She grinned at the rest of the group "And trust me, we will."

With a playful jab to Ariane's ribs, which made the phoenixess giggle slightly, Helios flexed out his wings. "Alright then. I'll be back after I've made a proper survey of the place. Until then, just kick back and relax. Oh and this probably doesn't need to be said, but you may want to stay out of the water. Unless you're really looking to get tickled."

The last statement was punctuated with a subtle glance directly at Maggie. Subtle enough to not be noticeable by anyone but her unless someone was actively looking. It was a look that said he knew that she had a secret craving to be tickled. Helios, the experienced tickler that he was, knew when someone was secretly concealing that desire. And right now he was seeing right through Maggie's facade.

He also could tell she had a thing for Anastasia, but that was of secondary importance.

"Be careful, bro." Ariane said to Helios.

"As careful as I can be." And with a couple flaps of his back wings, Helios soared up into the air. Taking off like a rocket it was only a matter of time before he was nothing more than a barely visible dot in the sky.

Helios reached an appropriate altitude soon enough. Flapping his wings at a constant pace in order to effectively "hover" in place, he looked out at the land before him. Sure enough, it was pretty big. It seemed to be mostly covered in vegetation, and based on the flora that he could see looked like something of a rainforest. He also saw what could possibly be settlements of residents off on the horizon, but it was impossible to tell from this height.

Taking out the map, he rotated it so that it aligned roughly with the shape of the land from his vantage point. He glanced up as he started to pinpoint landmarks on the map, correlating them with their real locations.

"Now let's try to make sense of this place..."

Back on the ground, Ariane took a seat on the beach. It felt good to get off of her feet for a little bit. She figured Helios was going to take his sweet time figuring out where the hell they were, so she may as well pass the time by getting to know the new faces she'd just met.

"So, where did you all say you were from again?"
The ground shook violently. Cracks in the ground spread wide open. Several abandoned houses collapsed and were soon replaced with metal trap doors. The cave riddled mountians crumbled and soon stood a large black metallic complex.

A voice boomed over the dimension.

"WELCOME MY PRISONERS! YOU HAVE WALKED PERFECTLY INTO MY TRAP! As you can see several features have strident. Let me describe them for you."

A large black misty arrow pointed over a field, covered in cracks.

"THE TENTACLE FIELDS! These tentacles have no limits of where they will tickle you. The have a rather dirty mind if they get your clothes off. On the horniest of tickle lovers dare enter."

The arrow then shifted to the metallic trap doors.

"THE TICKLE ARENAS! You will face a monster of my picking. To win? You must get your opponent to surrender with hysterical laughter. If you lose you will be sent to the tentacle fields. Be brave young fighters."

The arrow then shifted to the complex.

"And now my home. Tickletopia. I mind not if you care to visit. For you may tickle or be tickled."

The arrow vanished.

"Now there is only one way to leave. You must defeat 10 of my most challenging tickle beast. Then you must survive a day of the tentacle fields. Finally you must defeat me in the arena. Then you have the choice to come and go as you please."
         Seeing the opportunity to get on these other furs' good sides, Fletcher decided to take a seat next to the phoenix. Though he worried that he would be invading her personal space, he scooted away from her slightly before settling down.
         "So...your brother mentioned that, uh...you were making a tickling-themed pocket dimension?" the coati asked. "How do you go about making an entire dimension...? ...S-sorry, it's probably nothing that I would understand. N-never m-mind..."
         The coati's attention was interrupted by a small pain in his left foot. It seemed he had hurt his ankle when he clumsily tripped over the tree root earlier that day. To numb the pain, Fletcher removed his left sandal tried to massage his ankle to numb the discomfort. "I need to be more aware of where I walk..." he mumbled to himself.
(woah. Hell of a deus ex machina, Wolf.)

Helios hovered in the air, trying to compare the vague landmarks on the map with the ones he was seeing below. That must be these mountains… and I think that's this village… he thought, eyes squinting as he tried to decipher the almost useless map. But that's when everything changed beneath him.

An earthquake seemed to emanate from the mountains, which looked to crumble off in the distance, replaced by some kind of artificial complex: large boxy buildings made out of some kind of black metal. The village near the mountains also shook violently, with buildings nearing the mountains crumbling. The phoenix could see that beneath the collapsed buildings, some kind of trap door in the ground seemed to be present underneath.

And on the far side of the forest, what looked like a peaceful, idyllic grassy plain seemed to start to writhe menacingly. If any of this was mysterious, the booming voice in the sky made everything clear. Tentacle fields and arenas. Images of exotic creatures popped into the Helios's head: snake women with four arms, all primed to tickle. Spider people restraining victims in webbing to slowly, teasingly tickle at their leisure… or whatever is was meant by 'tickle beasts.'

"Well, apparently someone beat me to creating a tickle dimension." Helios mused aloud. "Although I think mine would have been much… friendlier." He looked down into the dense forest below. "I doubt they heard any of that. Ah well, I'll be the bearer of ticklish news…" And with that, the phoenix slowly glided downward to rejoin the group, taking his time as he enjoyed the warm wind waft through his feathers.


Oblivious to the godlike voice and changing landscape, the group chatted amicably. "My brother would be the one to explain that, Fletcher." Ariane told the nervous coati as he sat next to her. The group arranged themselves in a circle in the grass: Ariane, Fletcher, Snowy, Anastacia, Maggie, and then Ariane again in the circle. "Although I doubt his answer would be very helpful. I guess the short answer is: it takes a lot of effort." Ariane said, which seemed to satisfy the coati, who nodded quietly. The lady phoenix urged him to sit as close as the rest of them, as he seemed to be of the neurotic sort. The group sat closely, none eager to get too close the forest foliage.

Maggie was eager to sit with the others, resting on the ground as her strength slowly returned, her body prepping for another quick overload of energy, as was the way of her kind. She was eager to let others talk while she thought to herself. Was I purring earlier? Oh, I hope not. She wondered, embarrassed by how transparent she was when enjoying herself, as well as the difficulty she had in noticing the behavior in the heat of the moment.

The cheetah gazed at Anastacia as she stood to put her clothing back on, her dark eyes lingering on the exposed fur. Somewhat frustrated and frisky from the gentle tickling Anastacia had given her in the name of cleanliness, Maggie had the urge to pounce on the little mink before she could cover herself. The image formed in her mind of pinning the girl down, her raspy tongue licking along her collar and up the neck. Her claws moving through that soft fur as she explored those curves… Maggie had to prematurely stifle a sultry growl before it started in her throat. Nope, nope! Not helping me calm down! Can't let my emotions get the better of me… or my libido.

It was something the hot blooded feline wasn't traditionally great at. Maybe the purring had something to do with it. After all, it was easy to push boundaries and buttons when she was letting out a constant 'this is great!' noise. It had also traditionally made it easy for lovers to become very persuasive when they wanted something.

Maggie tried to focus on her new companions, the distracting Anastacia aside. There was the phoenix pair. Helios's knowing gaze earlier was more than a little unnerving. I'm perfectly capable of staying out of trouble. The cheetah grumbled internally. But she tried not to think about that look, which seemed to see right through her. Maybe he was watching as she was tickled earlier, and noticed something in the way she reacted. And then there was Ariane… very tall, attractive… and also apparently very into tickling. It made for an alluring package, as Maggie gave the feathery woman a sidelong glance. It made her wonder what it'd be like to have that feathery body pressed against hers, every movement of that feathered chest and belly against her own making her writhe and giggle…

Crap, there I go again. She thought, and turned to the other two. There was this Fletcher, who's stuttery mannerisms were making her a little short tempered. She resolved to try her best not to be abrupt with him, as her tail flicked abruptly in annoyance. And the last member of the party was Snowy: a cute little vixen, and seemed pretty energetic. But otherwise Maggie wasn't sure what to make of her.

Maggie came out of her thoughts as she realized Ariane was talking to her. "Maggie!" She said, louder, as she reached out to poke the furry side. Maggie twitched and hissed softly in a ticklish reaction, quickly bringing back her focus on the world around her. "I said, what about you? Tell us a little bit about yourself." Ariane asked. Maggie realized that while she was thinking, she had missed out on at least one or two of them talking about themselves. Unfortunate.

"Well, uh… not sure if this will mean anything to anyone, considering we're in a whole other dimension, but…" Maggie said, gathering her thoughts to share. "I live, or lived, in a city near the equator called Tikoro, and…" She stopped abruptly as she heard Anastacia gasp.

"Tikoro?" Anastacia asked quickly. "The captial of New Gigana?" to which Maggie nodded. " I know that place! I mean, I've never been there, but… that means we're at least from the same, y'know, world! Well, I'm from thousands of miles north and all, so it's not like we came from the same portal, but that's something!" The girl said excitedly, before stopping quickly, as if realizing she had been babbling.

"Hmm. I've never heard of this place, but from the sound of it I would have if I were from your world." Ariane said pensively. "Which means the portals pulled people in from multiple planets. But also multiple locations from the same planet. Interesting. My brother might know more about that."

"Wait, so that means some of you guys are aliens?!" Snowy exclaimed, not making clear if that was directed at Maggie and Anastacia, Ariane, or both. "That's so cool!" She exclaimed sitting up with wide eyes. Maggie noticed that as she did, her bare midriff stretched out rather enticingly, and from their encounter with the octopus she was sure it was ticklish. It made Maggie want to nuzzle that tummy, softly scritching her claws at those sides while she traced the edges of that bellybutton with her tongue, hearing giggles pour out of the girl..."Man, I wanna go to another planet! You guys should take me with you!" The fox continued, before Maggie could continue her distracting line of thought.

The group continued to chatter excitedly, trying to figure out the world they were in. Maggie noticed that the shadows were starting to get longer, and a cool evening breeze brushed against her fur, prompting a slight shiver. It made her wonder how cold it got here at night. Maggie only had the clothes on her back, making her feel very unprepared for… just about anything, and wishing she had a warm blanket to sleep on tonight. With a poorly stifled yawn, Maggie wondered if they'd have to end up sleeping right here tonight, or if there was a better spot nearby.
The conversation meandered and straggled onwards as conversations do; under the startling circumstances, there seemed little shortage of topics on which to ruminate. It was nice to be able to talk for its own sake, to find out what was going on, to know the equality of circumstances that afflicted the lot of them on an equal basis.

Across the circle from Anastasia, Fletcher seemed quiet and reserved; by appearances, the poor guy really hadn't weathered his temporal abduction very well. Certainly not so well as Snowy; the vixen almost seemed positively bubbly as she chatted with the others. Ariane seemed as calm and levelheaded as her brother had been pompous and conceited; no small complement, in Anastasia’ estimation. With the most experience in inter-dimensional affairs of the group of them, Anastasia felt as if they were already starting to defer to the imposing pheonixess.

And lastly, Maggie seemed calculating and quietly interested in all her compatriots, gaze sweeping coolly around the circle, evaluating her companions one-by-one. At the look the cheetah gave her, Anastasia pulled the hem of her shirt down for a brief moment and squirmed comfortably, wondering if Maggie was feeling at all vengeful over her earlier, ah, 'cleaning session'.

Abruptly, the cheetah's head split in two, seeming to almost unhinge as the cheetah yawned as only a cat could yawn. Feeling abruptly tired after the day's unorthodox events, Anastasia reluctantly broke in over Ariadne, who was speaking dreamily of some of her more impressive and humorous ticklish exploits.

“So there I was, wrapped up in a carpet with one of my girlfriends, with three feather-dusters going at my feet, trying not to-”

"Sorry for changing the subject, Ariadne," Anastasia said, averting her gaze. "But it's getting late. Shouldn't we try to find shelter soon?"

"You're right," Ariane stood easily, only to shift on the spot pensively. "Except, I told Helios we'd stay right here. It's weird; I thought he'd be back by now."

"L-lean to?" Blurted Fletcher. "By the waterfall; there's a little cave in the cliff. If we leaned some logs against it, it might, uh, it might..." He trailed off miserably.

"Great idea!" Said Ariane, stepping over to investigate the shallow concavity in the granite. Not much of a cave, but at least it was in the leeward side. Far enough from the falls not to get dampened by the spray, yet still in the clear. "There should be plenty of logs in the woods for us to use, and we’ll be able to camp for the night.”

With the sun setting -in the east, no one failed to note, though it meant something a little different for everyone- the five set to work, fanning out into the forest to collect some likely logs and vines. The unavoidable feather-ferns grew in patches, promising a ticklish retribution to the overly adventurous Fur or Feather, but letting the work go on with only minimal giggly interruption.
Anastasia soon found herself rooting for capable logs alongside Maggie, cut off by walls of greenery on three sides with the clearing to her back. Ariane hadn’t been mistaken, and the logs on the ground were copious and firm, but all the same, Anastasia was happy to be able to work alongside the athletic cheetah. Together, they managed to shift four sizeable logs before an inveterate distraction set in.

In pursuit of one end of a promising woody cadaver, Anastasia was climbing a low knoll at the end of the alcove, when she felt dry ground crumbling and draining out form under her. Oh crap. Without warning, she pitched forward, tumbling into a gully concealed by the vegetation.

With a thrumming like a distant violin, something snapped her to a halt, and the mink twisted in frustration, rocking side to side in the net of vines entrapping her. The ropy dry things held the hapless young mink in a thorough tangle, suspended over an old creek bed, swaying gently under the toll of their occupant's struggles. Held fast on her back, Anastasia could hardly even tug her arms or legs, entrapped at awkward angles, pedalling feet higher than her twisting head. It was with no small measure or trepidation -and an ominous sense of deja vu- that she called out for help.

"Maggie? Maggie! Are you there?" She yelled, attempting a sit-up. Arms sliding about in the vine's enclosure, she slid and flopped backwards, knocking the hem of her skirt up a few inches. Anastasia growled and twisted her hips, trying to right the garment, efforts redoubling as the bushes rustled nearby.

From out of the foliage flowed a statue of liquid mercury, pausing in a spotlight of dusky sunlight to regard the mink. Anastasia did a triple-take; in her solo ray of light, golden fur turned to amber -Maggie looked resplendent. Her sly feline head cocked to one side, muzzle curved into a roguish half-smile, arms folded beneath her shapely bust, fluid curves of her moulded abdomen practically shining like white gold... The cheetah really would have looked like a picture, mysterious as the Mona Mousser. Anastasia suddenly felt weak from far more than the last twenty-four hours' arduous contents.

"There you are, 'Stasia! I thought some animal had grabbed you -are you all right?" She glided over to stand next to Anastasia, sliding like olive oil over the shaded loam, tail bobbing in the air behind her as it echoed her sinuous movements. Anastasia gave a renewed struggle at her friend's approach, feeling a pang of empathy for the fly in a web. Maggie towered over her, hands on hips; as they swapped glances, the cat's tapetum lucidum gleamed in a stray ray of sunlight.

"What are you doing playing around in these things?" She chided, one claw plucking at a taut vine. "The others will think we're slacking off."

"Oh, you know; it’s really the beautiful view and stuff." Anastasia rolled back and forth. "I tripped and fell; I'm completely stuck. Would you, ah, help me out here?" Maggie's eyes gleamed again, but this time there was no light to reflect.

"I would love to, but- Oh no!" The cheetah looked down at her pal with mock horror. "When you fell, you got covered in ...dirt! Here, let me help you get it off." She raised her left paw over Anastasia, a single finger worming ominously, gently descending to the exposed patch of fur revealed at the edge of her mussed shirt. Anastasia watched it descent nervosuly, heavy with the promise of an incoming meteor.

"Hey, wait! Maggie! Maggie, let's talk about this! You don't have to -aaaiii!" The mink jerked as that lonesome wiggling digit at last made contact with her belly, arching her back in the vine net, shaking back and forth like a marionette on its strings. She yelped laughter, stomach heaving as Maggie gently flicked her finger back and forth, right in the burgeoning curve of her prey's right hip. The mink kicked wildly, spinning gently as she laughed and squirmed uselessly, completely helpless in her suspension.

Enjoying the display, mouth widening in a predatory smirk, Maggie couldn't help but cock an eyebrow at the sight. She was only using a single finger after all; the mink's stomach must have been phenomenally ticklish for such a galvanized reaction. Intrigued, Maggie pressed in, probing deep in the tender flesh. Anastasia squirmed and giggled uproariously, head lolling back, entire body arching and twisting ludicrously to escape even as she bubbled an ebullient stream of laughter. The cheetah wriggled and teased thoroughly, cheerfully determined to see how many laughs she could get out of one finer. When Maggie suddenly stopped, the mink seemed to deflate, panting and glaring ruefully up at her tormentor.

"Whew-hahaha! Damn, I hate it, -haha!- I hate it when people do that," Anastasia tried to bring her weight to bear on some vines, and was inveterately disappointed when she slipped sideways instead. "Will (pant) will you let me down now (pant)?"

"While you're still all dirty?" Asked Maggie with disingenuous incredulity. "Now, what kind of person would I be if I let that happen? Now, hold still, dear; you've still got some more on you." Calmly, she pinched the hem of Anastasia's shirt, lightly drawing the selvage up over the girl's abdomen, systematically revealing her friend's belly for a more in-depth examination.

Under the creamy fur so exposed, a faint trace of musculature was visible, in contrast with Maggie's own chiseled abdomen. Amidst the curves of the younger girl's hips and the gently slope marking the boundary of her ribcage, lay a gentle oval of raised fur, picturesquely denoting the valley around her navel. Anastasia trembling as a breath of chilled evening air licked over her short-shorn fur, squirming back and forth in anticipation as Maggie's hands rose like clockwork.

Maggie grinned wickedly; fingers wiggling like giant spiders as they slowly began their descent to Anastasia's midriff. The mink sucked in her belly, teeth gritted -and let out an unladylike snort of shock and merriment as the two devious appendages leisurely made contact. As Maggie actively squeezed and poked over her victim's belly, the mink's willpower simply melted away like butter under the onslaught. She giggled roisterously, trembling and writhing futilely under the tactile assault, sides shaking as Maggie squeezed and assaulted every inch of her curves. The vengeful cheetah was at it with gusto.

She was energetic yet methodical, pinching and digging deep in Anastasia's sides as the mink belted out laughter, setting the welkin to ringing with enforced mirth, thrashing pointlessly about in the tight vines as her friend danced and kneaded and scribbled and pressed her paws all over the mink's frenetically ticklish midriff. She was everywhere -a grope to the hips here, tracing around her navel here, investigating a sweet spot at the base of Anastasia' ribs here -about as predictable as a cat abruptly biting at the hand that pets her. She was implacable, deaf to all wheedling entreaties and commanding pleas, ears twitching only at the endless rolling waves of successive gouts of laughter, eager to explore and enjoy each every square inch of vulnerable fur offered to her. And Anastasia could but only lie there and take it.

On its perpetual odyssey over her belly, one of Maggie's fingers happened to run in a spiral around Anastasia's abdomen, gently zeroing in on an obvious target. As if only noticing the motion herself, Maggie grudgingly slackened off, laying one hand casually to rest on the mink’s trembling pale flank. Giggling and gasping, entrapped limbs rubbery with fatigue, Anastasia could only tremble...

...As Maggie instead seized her sides in a ticklishly firm grip, pressing her face in close to the mink's. She licked her muzzle languidly, rough wet tongue curving over her fangs, and Anastasia's eyes widened as the gesture spoke for itself. Overcome with giggles, Anastasia could only stare as Maggie slowly pulled back, and glacially lowered her head to her victim’s taut belly, giving the elliptical depression of her navel a gentle kiss.

And the mink screamed as Maggie's tongue rasped out, huge and wet, rough with papilla, scraping and grinding over her navel. She bucked and thrashed, laughing explosively as tickling exploded outwards through her, escape proving as elusive as ever. Maggie lapped rhythmically, as if she was taking a drink, tongue flicking in and out to bore into Anastasia's navel and drag over her belly, again and again.

Above the intent Furs, leaves rustled and branches parted. The flower-bedecked head of a phoenixess poked through, eyes widening at the sight before her. Having been previously acquainted with the terribly ticklish nature of a cat's tongue from inordinate past experience, Ariadne's own belly quivered in sympathy as Anastasia howled and writhed, paws flailing and snatching uselessly at the vines overhead. The foliage made a potent barrier; only a few feet away by the clearing, the phoenixess had made out only light giggling. The sight was enthralling as it was curious, but after an entranced time, it struck Ariane that perhaps she ought to say something…

Before Dusk could say a single word, the ground beneath us shook violently, to the point of the whole building we were inside of shaking and falling apart.

"What's happening?!" I shouted, though i doubted Dusk heard me over all the noises being caused by the obvious earthquake. And it was right after i shouted, the floor began to give way. Dusk tried to reach out to grab me, but he was too late as we both fell through the floor, along with the rest of the house above us.

Some time later

"Ahhh!" My eyes shot open with fear as i jumped up and screamed for my life, only to realize that i wasn't falling anymore.

"Huh? Where am i?" I said as i looked up and saw the sky above me. Looks like i didn't fall very far. But i wasn't the only thing that survived the fall. Dusk was laying on the ground a little way away from where i was. Though something about him had changed. He seemed normal sized again.

"Wait a second, have i returned to normal again?" And just as i suspected, i was indeed my normal height once more. But that meant that at least an hour has passed since we fell. Were me and dusk really out for that long?

"Hello? Is someone down there already?" I heard a loud voice boom from overhead say.

"Hello? Yes, we're trapped down here and we need help getting out!" I shouted up, foolishly thinking the person with the loud voice would help us out of here.

"Oh, there's more than one being down there? Interesting. I believe this calls for a special kind of tickle fight, as the first participants in the Tickle Arena, i hereby declare a Team Battle!" Just then, a giant door on the other side of the room we were trapped in opened up, and out of the opening came forth two monsters.

"If the two of you wish to leave this place, then you must defeat these two beasts in a tickle fight. Though if i were you, I'd focus on waking your friend up first. Because i doubt you'll be able to handle the two of them on your own." And with that, the two monsters were approaching slowly yet surely. It was then that i began to worry about what would happen if those two got a hold of me. If they were to tickle me till i was tiny once more...

"Dusk! Wake up! I need you to wake up and help me out here! Dusk?!" I kept trying to wake him up by shouting and moving him, but nothing seemed to be working, and the monsters were almost upon us both. And then i had an idea. If nothing else was working up to this point with waking Dusk up, then what about...
Helios had to admit he was terribly confused by what he just saw happen. This complex and mysterious world he and the others found themselves in had transformed into something...well, rather straightforward.

On the plus side, at least it made getting out of here easier. In the sense that he now knew it was no longer an impossible dream.

He landed back at the spot that the others were before he left, and he found that not one of them was to be seen. The phoenix grumbled to himself about he left for just a minute and they bailed. Looking down though he saw a bunch of tracks leading into the forest. Following them he came across a cave.

"Well, at least they were here at some point, so that's somethin."

Helios started towards the cave, but then he stopped. Gradually the phoenix was overcome by a sensation that he was being watched. Not by whatever meglomaniac was in charge of this place, but by someone a lot closer. Lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike.

He took a look around his surroundings, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Satisfied, he shrugged and moved on.

Ariane continued to watch on with amusement. She didn't need much to tell her that these two were already firm friends. Or at the very least, Maggie had a thing for Anastasia. It was actually pretty adorable watching her go to town on the mink.

Also Maggie was conveniently open for attack. The phoenixess figured "eh, why not take advantage."

Silently swooping down behind the feline, she stalked up towards her. Anastasia caught sight and tried to warn Maggie, but she could barely get words out through her laughs.

Maggie got all the indication she needed though when she felt a pair of clawed hands grasp at her sides, causing her to yelp. The sudden sensation also made her jerk forward, resulting in her losing her balance and falling towards her bound up friend. Before Maggie knew it she was caught up in those very same vines that had ensnared Anastasia.

"Ah! What the?!"

Ariane just giggled at the two girls before her. Maggie was now beside Anastasia, and conveniently face up, the vines exposing her midriff.

"I've always been quite amused by how jumpy you felines can be." Ariane snickers to herself as she looks at the gully. "And, I thought we just agreed to be careful around water?"

"I heard Stasia fall in, I was just trying to help her."

Ariane blanked "Stasi-oh right." She nodded over at the mink. "I see. How did you end up here?"

Anastasia gave a shrug. "I was looking for some logs, and the ground gave way. Good thing Maggie was here to help me."

"Right. Help." Ariane gave a dark smirk as she walked her way up towards the bound mink. "I take it by "help" you meant "tickle you till you couldn't take it?"

If the mink was blushing, it was hard for the phoenixess to tell through her fur. "N-no! I mean..well, she was..." she trailed off uncertainly as she started to realize that Maggie was less "helping" and more "tickling." She glanced over at her friend, who almost seemed to have a smug look on her face.

"Well, what that the way of it?" Ariane asked Maggie.

"No way! I was just trying to get some dirt off her. Not my fault she's so ticklish." She smirked over at Anastasia.

"Dirt...oh like the one you have on your tummy?"

"W-what are you talking about? I don't have an-AAAAH!" Her words disappeared into giggles as Ariane skittered her claws across her bare tummy. "Hehehehe! There's no dirt! There's no dhihihrt!"

Ariane stopped for a second and tapped her beak. "Hmm...you're right."

And then she started to furiously tickle Maggie's tummy.

Maggie yowled and thrashed, tugging at the vines as best she could as the phoenixess worked over her tummy. "AHAHAHAH WHATAREYOUDOHOINGHAHAH HAHAHAHA!"

"Well it's quite simple. You see we didn't really leave a trail for my brother to use to find us. So he's going to need some kind of signal to draw him here. What better way than laughs?" She just grins with a mischievous intent down at the feline as she wiggled her fingers up and down her ribs.


"Hmm..." Ariane seemed to consider this and slowed her tickling down to just one finger teasing her tummy. "You're right. One person laughing may not be enough."

She then cast her glare to Anastasia, which made the Mink's ears fold back.

"Two on the other hand..."

Had Ariane known that Helios had already found the cave..she'd still go through it anyway.

Helios entered the cave and came across what he deduced as an in-progress lean-to. Thankfully he also stumbled upon Fletcher and Snowy.

"Hello there." He greeted them.

"Oh, uh h-hi." Fletcher responded. "W-we waited for you, and then i-it was getting late so-."

Helios nodded, understanding instantly. He actually still wanted more details but he didn't want to make the poor fellow more uncomfortable than he was. He turned over to Snowy, figuring she'd be easier to talk to.

"Anything happen while I was gone?"

"Not really. We all just kind of sat around and talked. About how you guys are aliens and stuff."

"Oh." Then he processed the last part of what she said. "How's that?"

"Yeah, like some of you guys are from some other planet or something."

Helios raised an eyebrow. "Who in particular?"

"Anastasia and Maggie. They said something about a place called...Tikiwhoa or somethin."

Helios tapped his beak, deep in thought. "Fascinating." In hindsight, he probably should've guessed that there was a chance that some of these folks were from dimensions other than his own. He also knew that if he and Ariane said they were from "Good ol' Earth" that might elicit more feelings of confusion than nostalgia. Either way, getting everyone home might not be unchallenging.

"I see. Did you guys talk about anything else."

Snowy just shrugged. "Not really. Oh, but your sister did mention the time she was bound up in a carpet and had three dusters tickling her feet while she tried not to laugh."

This actually got a chuckle out of Helios "Oh, I remember that day. Good times, good times." Contrary to popular belief, their talons were, in fact, ticklish. Something that Ariane was usually called to demonstrate more often than not.

"So, where are Maggie and Anastasia, and my dear sister for that matter?"

"Well, Anastasia went out to find some logs for our shelter, and I haven't seen her si-"

They were interrupted by a sharp cry, followed by a stream of giggles. Voices slowly drifted through the cave.

"Kitchy kitchy kitchy koo..."


"Oh why should I? You like this don't you?"


"How about you? Does the mink have a ticklish tummy?"


"I'll take that as a yes!"


"Oh, please, this is nothing! Now how about we lose the tops and start having some real fun, hmm?"



Helios just gave a nod. "That's her." And he started off in the direction of the voice.

He didn't look back to see the expressions of his colleagues, but if he had to guess they would be pretty shocked to her his sister, the kind warm phoenix they just met a few minutes ago, saying such taunts. It didn't surprise Helios one bit though, when he and his sister were "in the zone", they could be cruel.

It ran in the family.

In no time at all, Helios came across the origin of the noise. Both Maggie and Anastasia were suspended in vines, Anastasia's shirt unbuttoned and her undershirt rolled up to just under her breasts, and Ariane was tickling both of them, with one hand skittering on each tummy. Seeing how much the two thrashed around in their makeshift bindings, it seemed this was a pretty sensitive spot for both of them.

He almost didn't want to interrupt the show, but there were more important issues at hand.

Announcing himself with a cough, three sets of eyes turned towards him.

"See, what did I tell you? He showed up. Good job, girls!"

Ariane walked over to rejoin her brother, who just raised an eyebrow at her.

"And what was that about, may I ask?"

"Oh nothin, just havin a little fun while waiting for your slow tail to get back." She smirked up at her sibling.

"Right, well looks like you were enjoying yourself there."

"Oh trust me, I wasn't the only one." Indeed, Maggie's more than frequent glances towards Anastasia had not gone unnoticed.

"I'm sure."

"So, find anything about what's going on?"

"Yup. You're not gonna believe it, in fact, I don't think I do."

Ariane grimaced. Few things surprised her brother these days, so when he came across something that he called unexpected, that was saying a lot.

Helios nodded over to the two bound ladies. "You'd better get them down. Everyone needs to hear this."

Almost reluctantly Ariane went over and worked to untangle the two furres from their bindings. Anastasia kept a bit of distance between her and the phoenix. Maggie not so much.

Once they were free, they regrouped with the male phoenix and headed back to the main campsite to find out just what they were in for.

"By the way, sis. Is it just me or did the Sun set in the East?"

"I think it did."

Helios blinked. "How about that."

"Okay, so that seems to be the gist of things."

Helios had just explained to them what he had seen. How a disembodied voice called them all its "prisoners" and challenged them to escape, before changing the landscape right before their very eyes.

The response from the assembled furres as simple an unanimous.


Helios just sighed and ran a hand through his crestfeathers. "Yeah, it's not exactly how I'd run my place either...well at least at first. I think it might be a good concept for like some kind of reality show or something...wonder how many people would tune in..."

The four other furres just looked at Helios as he trailed off on his own train of thought. Ariane rolled her eyes and jabbed her brother lightly, bringing him back to reality.

"Ah, right then! So, as you can see, we have our work cut out for us." He gestured to the wall behind him where he'd managed to etch a rather crude map of the world that he saw.

"The arena and the tentacle fields sound bad enough. As for the "tickletopia" place? I have no idea what we're gonna find there."

He turned back to face the group.

"Our...'host' has already told us what we need to do to get out of here. So if anyone has any blinding insights as to how we should accomplish those goals, by all means speak up."
Dusk groaned sitting up before looking at shrink.

"What the hell? Where are w-" he was cut off as he was suddenly dragged across the pit. He clawed desperately to break free, only to be hoisted into the air by an eight armed warrior. She smirked devilishly at the wolf, stripping him to his socks and boxers. Dusk squirmed hard.

"What are you going to do?" He asked worriedly. His slim form shook violently. But then he realized what was going to happen. In a matter of seconds he burst out laughing as his socked feet were assaulted by two pairs of hands. Two on each paw.
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As everyone looked at each other, Helios sighed "does anyone have an idea what to do, anything". As the deathly silence continued, Maggie looked at the ground "the voice said we all need to battle a tickle beast each." Helios nods "it did say that, yes......what's your point?". "Well......uhhhhh" "we need to fight the beasts in order to escape" Snowy says having been silent most of the time.

"Do you want fight?" Helios asks Snowy making her shrugs her shoulders "I don't know......maybe. It does seem like the only choice we have." Maggie looks at Snowy "you wasn't doing well against that octopus earlier, how are you going to cope with a beast that its only purpose is to tickle?" Snowy folds her arms feeling herself blush "I think I'd do okay, besides the octopus had the advantage since it was in the water."

"Arctic foxes can swim" Helios says, "yeah they can.......but I'm not exactly a good swimmer when there are tentacles attacking and tickling me". Snowy smiles "you secretly enjoyed being tickled by that octopus didn't you?" Maggie asks. "It.......its wasn't unpleasant" Snowy replied "how ticklish are you exactly?" Snowy looks at Maggie "why do you find out for yourself".

"Alright, we can get to tickling each other later" Helios says seeing where this could lead to "right now we have bigger problems so we need to decide. Whoever is in favor of battling the beasts, raise your paw".
         "...Anyone? Anyone at all? No need to be shy here..." Helios said, looking for any fur, feather, or otherwise to raise their hands. After a brief moment of silence, a paw went up.
         "I-I guess I could volunteer...?" Fletcher said, his face looking very red under his brown-colored fur, accompanied by a sheepish grin. "I mean i-it's just tickling...how bad can it be, r-right?"
         The coati puffed his chest out a little in an attempt to look tough, but to no real surprise fell victim once again to his anxiety not long after. "I guess to just get it out of the way... A-ahem, sorry, you were saying?"
"Let me just get all this straight." Maggie said, feeling a bit tired and muddled by all this. "We can live in this place for the rest of our lives, stuck here even the plants are trying to tickle us all the time. Or we battle ten 'tickle beasts,' tickling them back until they give up. And then we make our way through some kind of field full of tentacles. Which I can guess what they do. Then after all that, we find whoever made this place, and do the same thing to her that we did to the monsters?"

"Y'know, when you say it like that, it kind of sounds like a video game!" Snowy said, oddly enthusiastic about the affair. "We beat up ten enemies, get to the final level, and then beat the boss!"

Ariane perked her head up. "There's some good news in all this. It means that even the monsters here seem to be ticklish. Clearly, tickling is the tool we need to master to get ahead in this place."

"Something some of us have already taken to rather enthusiastically." Helios said, his gaze drifting over Ariane and Maggie. Maggie avoided his gaze, but Ariane simply grinned at her brother, guiltless over her earlier mischief. Helios rolled his eyes, although her perspective was little different than his own.

"I'm guessing these monsters aren't going to be a fair fight." Anastacia said in a concerned tone. "We barely got away from that big octopus. How are we going to actually fight some kind of monster?" The mink hugged herself at the thought of some creature hell-bent on tickling her horribly.

"Elementary, my dear Anastacia." Helios said, relishing the reference, even if some of them were from other worlds and wouldn't notice. "Teamwork. Alone, none of us are any match for creatures giant, many-limbed, or otherwise extra-capable of tickling their opponent into submission. But! I can fly. I believe our dear Maggie is quite capable of bursts of speed and strength! And, well… I'm sure the rest of you have your essential talents as well. We simply need to out-think and out-coordinate our opponent."

Fletcher quietly contributed to the conversation. "S-so, then do we start with these tentacle fields, or attack the monsters? Maybe we don't even have a choice, and the monsters will start coming to us?"

The talk continued, round and round as the group decided what to do. As they did, the forest continued to darken as night descended. Maggie's thoughts were in a whirl. It was all so much to take in, and it had been a crazy, eventful day. Her thoughts lingered on how she had just tickled Stacia. How her belly had quivering enticingly under her lapping tongue as adorable giggling poured out of her, retribution for the mischievous tickling the cute mink had given her earlier. She remembered well how Stacia's claws had gently but so ticklishly mapped out each little weak spot across her midriff. Her hips, along her waist, the rim of her navel… all the while keeping up a flirtacious banter. As if that weren't enough, there was also Ariane's tickling her into the vines. The touch was confident, the bird woman able to deftly tickle her while teasing her devilishly. Her taunts made her ears burn...

"Guys, its getting pretty dark, and kinda chilly." Anastacia said, her voice pulling Maggie back from memories of touch and laughter. "Maybe we can pick this up in the morning and go from there?" Helios nodded, and the group got up and moved into the cave, protected from the outside by the logs and branches constructed into a simple lean-to. It wasn't terribly roomy, and the stone floor was somewhat cold, but it beat simply lying around in the forest.

The group reserved small areas for themselves. Fletcher took a corner, seemingly going for the most secure location. Helios settled nearby, the men sticking together, occasionally chatting with the nervous man, seemingly trying to keep him involved and spirits up. Next to Helios was Snowy, laying down and seeming to fall asleep almost instantly. To the right of her was Ariane, who lay on her back with a quiet wakefulness, her eyes seemingly lost in thought. Next to her lay Maggie, and at the far side was Anastacia, seemingly giving Ariane a bit of a berth after the tickling in the vines, which put her closest to Maggie. Somewhere deep in the rock could be heard the gentle babbling of a subterranean stream, providing a gentle white noise which muffled the world around them. At the very least, it would keep their neighbor's snoring to a minimum, if it came to that.

Maggie couldn't fall asleep right away, her mind lost in thoughts of a different kind. Despite her fatigue, her body kept her awake with a lustful frustration. The lithe woman would have otherwise been tempted to wander off for some alone time to 'clear her head.' Somewhere private where a hand could drift under her waistband, another beneath her top... but considering how this place had treated them so far, doing that now seemed very unwise. Maggie just had to go with it, at least until morning when she could devote that energy to physical activity.

The cheetah tried her best to sleep, to not think about rolling over and kissing Stacia, holding her warm body close and make her giggle and squeal. Or getting Ariane back for that tickling earlier. She tried even harder not to think about one of them cuddling up to her in the night, their warm bodies pressed together as arms wrap around her, claw tips softly tickling Maggie as she had to fight to keep silent and not wake the others, teases whispered in her ear, nibbles on her neck turning her to a ball of purring, sensual goo. No, need to sleep! Those birds are already starting to smirk at me, I need to keep it together! Just sleep!

Maggie hugged her chest tightly, feeling cold without a blanket in the dark cave, a night breeze wafting between the logs of the lean-to, slowly trying to relax.


In the trees, a pair of large eyes gazed at the group. Hands moved a sinuous body amongst the branches, along with a prehensile tail and dexterous feet that had more in common with grasping hands than tools for walking on the ground. It stared at the strangers as a predator analyzes prey. A tongue licked the creature's lips, then stretched out inhumanly to lick its unblinking eyes clean.

As it moved amongst the branches, the forest canopy muffling any sound, an errant leaf brushed against the thing's belly, and it emitted a surprisingly girlish giggle. It froze stock still, the color of its skin changing color from the ruddy brown of bark to the deep green of the leaves. But no one heard it. And it waited with the patience of a statue, content to sit until tomorrow. It couldn't confront the group, but sooner or later one of them would get separated in the forest. A straggler from the herd. And then it would strike. It already knew, already saw, the delightful ticklish reactions of its prey. They would be delicious.
Peace settled over the forest, blanket-like, as the day rolled away long last to grace further alien horizons. Animalia the strangers would have doubtless found reassuringly similar to owls and crickets set up their chorus, screeching and cheeping softly, rhythmically in the gloom as shadows deepened around them. A great golden discus of a moon -amber surface marred only by the onyx striations of dark seas, looking for all the world as if a colossal feather were chiselled across the surface- rose to reign over the alien night, pale light falling like soft rain over the woods.

"...Hey, Maggie, are you asleep?" Anastasia saw Maggie jerk on the spot at her whisper, feline muzzle tightening for a brief moment as the mink prodded against her belly, to the accompaniment of a gust of hot breath in her ear. Under the moonlight, feline eyes flashed like coins in the chthonic gloom. "Maggie?" Blinking, the cheetah slowly turned her head, catching a heavy whiff of Anastasia's distinctive scent, emanating from nearly on top of her.

"Well, Not anymore..." Maggie yawned, stretching and shivering in the cool night air as it ventured a glacial caress over her naked lower ribs. Fortunately, the lean-to was helping to trap all their body-heat in the confined space of the cave, but she had the ill-luck to have bedded down closest to the door. Even if 'bedded-down' was only right in its denotation and hopeless in its connotation- Maggie's rear ached, and the cheetah felt stiff and cold patches shining numbly all over her body, quickly sprung from the hard and awkward position.

"This is a bit awkward..." Said Anastasia tentatively. "But ...Do you want to share my sleeping bag? I, uh, I just mean that Fletcher and Snowy are both foxes; they've got lots of fur and are used to the cold. And the phoenixes have high-altitude feathers and, well, they're phoenixes. Fire-birds; they're probably warm enough." She whispered. "But you- you said you were from down south, right? You're probably used to warm places way more than anyone else here -and I also think that you're wearing the least clothing. I've got a camping roll; we could, uh, we could share it to keep warm for the night..."

Maggie arched her throbbing back and yawned, feeling vertebrae grind and sinews twang like harp strings as she stretched, stifling her irritation and exhaustion to consider the offer. As the vague, alert drowse she had finally stumbled into fell away, another unwelcome gust of cool air blew into the lean-to from the darkness beyond, pricking her fur. Set in the lee and shielded by the cliff, the chilling winds were rare, but more than enough to make Maggie shiver. And still there were some other parts of her (the only warm parts, in fact) that were also finding the proposal most agreeable....

"Thanks, Stasia. I'd love to." Anastasia put a soft hand on her arm, letting Maggie follow carefully on her knees as she guided her to an oblong patch of smooth fabric on the ground. It rustled and squeaked as Anastasia slid deftly inside, moving over and giving Maggie a tug to let the cheetah know she could make her own ingress freely.

Maggie kicked off her shoes and slid in without fanfare, feeling the tight-fitting sides of the object brushing as her sides and back, accompanied by a wall of fur to her front, thick as an otter's, soft and warm as plush. For her part, Anastasia felt the cheetah curl up beside her in the warm confines of the bag, feeling the comfortable pressure as the taller girl's chin came to rest on her ears. The mink snuggled in heavily in the close quarters, feeling the cheetah's muscular thighs pressed on either side of her tail, making her smile in minor ticklishness every time they had occasion to flex. About her, the cocoon was warm and comfortable, the somnolent chuckling of the subterranean stream a lullaby, the feeling of Maggie's sinuously muscular form pressed up against her from behind a source of perpetual comfort. Were it not for the crackling, tingling, burning sensation growing in her from such close contact, she would have dropped off immediately...

Drowsily, Anastasia felt a casual duo of paws creeping along the curves of her hips, felt Maggi's arm slowly working its way under the curves below her rib-cage... Oh, no. She thought giddily, her own exhaustion lending an air of tensely anticipatory surreality to the tickly feeling of the curious paws advancing around her waist. Maggie's hands glided over the surface of her soft belly, tracing the edge of her underwear glacially lower, rubbing over the hemline as if searching for an opening. Arms formerly folded at her chest, Anastasia bit back a nervous giggle, made to move her own hands down- to interrupt the sultry feline or to guide her to location, she herself didn't know- and so found that they were neatly trapped by the confines of the sleeping bag, pinioned against her chest tightly. Leaving Maggie to have her way completely uninterrupted.

Anastasia giggled softly at the sensations of those devious hands gliding over her tender midriff, hardly tickling save for the odd squeeze, their owner just enjoying the feel of the soft surface left invitingly wide open to her. Maggie didn't speak, silent as the grave, but Anastasia
could feel her gusts of warm breath on her ears, making the appendages twitch at every sultry exhalation. Anastasia moaned softly, squirming against the teasing cat, wriggling the base of her tail up against her thighs and higher. One hand fiddled teasingly with the selvage of her panties, plucking at her hemline and kneading her soft skin, tickling vexatiously as it titillated. It's mischievous confederate circled a slow rhythm around Anastasia's lower diaphragm, rubbing softly about her navel, massaging lightly all across the sensitive skin, always threatening but never entering.

The mink squirmed under her comrade's exquisitely torturous ministrations, time and time again, waves of pleasure rippling through her like the sluggish lone wave on a glacier-fed lake, filling her with a hot glow from twitching button nose to flicking pearlescent tail-tip. Her arms squeezed at her shoulders fruitlessly at the endless creeping barrage of sensual tickles, rubbing helplessly against each other and the sheets, held as fast as their owner in their snug confines. Having her arms trapped, to be rendered so helpless and supine, was a pleasure in of itself. Her own vulnerability, the very thrill of the knowledge that Maggie could dig in -could make her squeal and howl, or make her fight to keep her silence and thus the peace- at any moment, it was intoxicating in of itself!

Yet the cheetah was content to play her game, to delight in the feeling of the soft, warm form squirming and squeezing against her in their own private fabric-wrapped world of warmth and darkness, to squeeze and caress every inch of the bosky curves set before her. With a soft moan, Anastasia changed tact, going against the grain of her instincts as she pulled her arms up instead of down, wiggling the two limbs out to fold them gently behind Maggie's neck. It was an unreal feeling that gripped the both of them, husky and dreamlike, minds teetering on the brink of sleep, bodies as alive and vibrant as if this were their first call to perform. Anastasia arched forward as Maggie tweaked the base of her ribs, cheeping by way of laughter as she felt the fabric of the sleeping bag of rub and rustle over her chest. She let out a laugh-choked purr as a finger scratched back and forth across her pelvis, hips sliding and wiggling against each other nervously, tail flicking side to side only to be caught to left shaking in the space above Maggie's knees. She moaned and tossed her hips side to side as one of the older woman's hands crept down to squeeze along her ass ticklishly, groping a handful of firm flesh, tickling ecstatically.

Sleepily conscious of her vocal escalation, Anastasia redoubled her efforts to button herself, teeth clicking together -and, as if detecting the defiant stance like a shark the electrical movements of prey, Maggie lent in to trail a kiss down her neck. Up, down, both sides, around her wiggling ears -nothing was spared an affectionate feline caress of the lips. And that tongue! The papila-bedecked piece lapped mischievously around the mink's shoulders, every bristle a natural tickling implement, gently grooming every hair of fur to perfection -lighting up every nerve ending conveniently in the ay like a constellation of city lights. Anastasia giggled and groaned, chortled and moaned, hands twisting and clenching one another on the forelimb behind her friend's neck, paws kneading into one another in their owner's frustration. Under her top, her she felt on fire, desperate for attention, though it was a fire-fly weighed against the sun when compared to the need flaring beneath her waist...

At long last, kissing and nibbling along her neck passionately the whole while, Maggie moved her paws on, grinding herself into the younger girl as one paw at last sank below the edge of her panties, the other ascending to range and fondle amidst her chest, by now practically searing with want of attention....


Slowly, Anastasia floated up to access a primitive form of consciousness. At the edge of her umwelt, insects buzzed, birds chattered -everything but a pot of fresh coffee dripping. The mink started at the sensation of Maggie wrapped around her, arms enfolding her in a hug, breasts firm against her back, but swiftly relaxing with celerity at the memory of the night's events. The smell of cheetah -and some other, fainter odours- was potent in her nostrils, accompanied by the spoor of warming earth trailing in from outside. The day was back, all bright and yellow, crystallizing a rainbow from the waterfall and settling the water to sparkling merrily.

Promising, but it would have its work cut out indeed to compare with its predecessor.
As Dusk was being assaulted by one of the tickle beasts, i felt like i had to do something to save him, even though he was ready to make me his tickle slave when i was tiny. But i had my own tickle beast to deal with, and it came in the form of a ten foot tall anthro crocodile that was standing on it's two back legs and had the softest looking black fur all over it's back. It also had some metal straps on the sides of it's upper and lower back, but i could only guess at what they were used for. Other than that it looked like a normal crock.

And then the thing began charging at me, and at a faster speed than i first thought it would be able to move. Without so much as a chance to avoid it, it sent me flying over it's body, then it quickly bent over backwards and pushed it's back onto me while i was laying on the ground.

Then i heard a strange sound, followed by my wrists and ankles feeling a tightness on them. It was then i realized what those metal straps were used for, trapping prey on it's soft back where it could tickle prey without worrying about a counterattack from it's hostage. And then it got to work as i felt it's fur moving as though it had a will of it's own and proceeded to tickle my still naked body silly.

"AHAHAHAHAH OH STOP IT STOHOHP AHAHAHA!" The fur on this thing's backside was just so soft and ticklish, plus add the fact my skin was completely exposed, and there was no way to contain myself. I tried my best to escape from the trap this thing had laid out for me, but it was no use, and at the rate this was going, i was going to shrink again.

Then i had an idea, a crazy idea, but an idea nonetheless. I simply waited until the shrinking began, laughing the whole way through until i started shrinking once again, right out of shackles that were keeping me trapped on the crock's backside, and then i tumbled off of it's back and onto the ground once more.

From there i had to act quickly, for no doubt the crock would figure out soon enough that i wasn't trapped on his back anymore. I looked around quickly for a spot on his exposed underside that was within reach and ran right towards it, then i proceeded to tickle it's belly.

Quickly i got a reaction. The thing started laughing as it tried stomping me while i was underneath it, but i avoided it's feet as i kept tickling it senseless, until the big guy fell on it's back still giggling away. Then i made my next move and climbed on top of it's belly as it tried wiggling me off of it, but failed at every turn. And it wasn't long before i heard it say something.

"OOHOHOH! Alright! OOHHO I submit! HHAAHAH Just stop! HAHAHAH! Please!" And with that said, i jumped off it's belly and watched him wiggle around uncontrollably for a moment or two before turning my attention to Dusk and his own tickle beast.
Ariane blinked as the first rays of the Sun peeked in through the cave. Coming from the west of course.

'Gonna have to get used to that.' The phoenixess thought to herself.

Stretching a bit with a yawn, Ariane glanced over to see Maggie and Anastasia wrapped up in their sleeping bag, allowing herself a muted giggle at the sight. Their activities last night had not gone unnoticed by her, though she was rather impressed that they managed to keep the noise level down. All the same, she wasn't surprised one bit; those two had been giving each other the big eyes ever since they first got here, at least based on what she had seen.

She thought briefly about peeling that bag off of them and using her hands and feathers to give them both a proper wake up call, but she decided she didn't want two grumpy females snapping at her this early in the morning (despite the fact that she was pretty sure that Maggie wouldn't mind).

Looking back over she saw Snowy and Fletcher, and a spot where her brother used to be.

'Figures.' She thought. Helios wasn't exactly an early riser, but when he was in an unfamiliar setting, he tended to be on guard more often than not. A part of her wondered if he even slept.

It didn't take long to find her brother. Helios was standing at the mouth of the cave, glancing outside with a neutral, but intense, expression.

"Whatcha lookin at?"

Helios held a hand up, signaling her to be quiet, before scanning the horizon with this predator-like glare.

"We're not alone." He said in a sotto voice.

"Well..we do have almost half a dozen furres back there-"

"Not what I meant, sis. I think there's something snooping around out here."

That got Ariane's attention. She turned to look outside as well, looking for any telltale signs of a predator of any kind.

"How can you be sure? Did you hear anything?"

"No, but that's what worries me. 6 furres, lost in a tickle dimension. We know that there's tickle monsters here. You really think they're all just going to conveniently wait for us?"

"You could be right." Ariane nodded, now taking a slight step back inside the cave as if trying to shield herself from whatever might be out there.

"Well, we'd better go wake the others." Ariane quipped, figuring that if there was something out there, it was better to have strength in numbers.

Helios nodded and the two walked back into the lean to. Lacking any sort of alarm, the phoenix just rapped his hand on one of the branches of the lean to a few times. He kept it quiet though, not wanting to alert any potential predators.

"Rise and shine, folks. We got a big day ahead of us."
Dusk was practically sobbing from the endless tickle torment. By now his paws were bare and a pair of hands and moved to his sides. He couldn't hold out any longer. Though he felt one last burst of energy and used it. Quickly he shot his leg forward, nailing the tickle fiend in the jaw. She rocked as her eyes spun. Dusk panted hard and fell limp as she dropped him. He was beyond tired. His strength was sapped. Even if he wanted to get up and finish the job, he just couldn't.

"D-do it." He called as loudly as he could to his fellow brawler. Their hope as now in him.

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Hearing Helios's voice, Snowy opens her eyes "morning Helios" "morning Snowy, could you wake the others?" Helios whispers "sure, but why are you whispering". She asks stretching and yawning "precaution" he replies before moving to the mouth of the cave "sure......precaution" "and do it quietly, we don't want any trouble". Not sure what he was talking about, she shrugs her shoulders and looks over and Fletcher "hey Fletcher, wake up".

Getting no response from him, she leans down toward him and whispers in his ear "if you don't wake up, I'll tickle you" he suddenly bolts up and looks around nervously before looking at Snowy "easy there Fletcher, I'm just waking you" "oh......okay" she smiles "you're very jumpy". Spotting Maggie and Anastasia inside a sleeping bag, she smiles and giggles "looks like they had some fun". getting to her feet, she walks over to them and bends down before lightly shaking them "hey lovebirds, its time to wake up".

As they begin to stir from their slumber, Snowy walks to the mouth of the cave to join Helios and Ariane still yawning and stretching as she does so. "So what's the plan for today?".
At the feeling of someone shaking her awake, Maggie stretched and yawned languidly. Her memories of the previous day slowly came back to her: falling into a strange dimension obsessed with tickling her and everyone around her. Falling in with a strange but friendly enough group of people stuck in the same situation. Being tickled repeatedly. Climbing into a sleeping bag with Stacia and… oh yes. Maggie realized the warm and exquisitely soft fur she was wrapped around belonged to someone she had been intimate with last night.

The cheetah would have liked nothing more than to lay like this for a while longer, the girl was so comfortable in her arms like this. While the night before was wonderful, it hadn't quenched her heated libido, only whetted its appetite. It was tempting to snuggle up to her even more, wrapping her more tightly in her arms, and once again combing her fingers through that fur, luxuriating in the feel of her taut underarms that she had so enticingly exposed last night, stroking and teasing, Stacia giggling softly as the touch became more and more insistent...

But peering out of the sleeping bag, she noticed the rest of the group already awake. "Time to wake up," she whispered into the mink's ear, giving it a light nip with her teeth before wriggling her way out of the sleeping bag. She stretched again, the feline for a moment appearing as if she were twice her normal length, enjoying the warm feel of the morning sun on her golden fur.

The other four were all standing in a row, peering out into the woods intently. The scene made her quiet, a predatory instinct tingling at the tips of her ears. She silently walked up to them, standing behind Snowy, and asked in sotto voce "What are we looking at?"

It was Ariane who replied. "Helios is sure something's out there. Or someone. But damned if any of us can see it." At this Maggie's gaze sharpened, scanning the wilderness. Her eyes were sharp in the daylight, but she could make out nothing out of the ordinary. That is, unless one counts ferns with an innate ability to tickle passers by as 'ordinary.'

Snowy turned her head back to give a knowing look to Maggie and Anastacia, the latter having just packed up her sleeping bag and fully dressed, taking a spot behind Ariane. "So, you two have fun last night?" She asked in a coquettish tone.

Maggie bristled for a moment, and saw Stacia become similarly flustered. But Maggie wasn't going to let the jibe embarrass her. After all, there wasn't any shame in it. "Lots of fun. Why, jealous?" Maggie replied, with just a hint of edge at the question. There was no use playing coy about it, as from the looks of the others everyone had noticed what they were up to last night. She just hoped they didn't disturb them.

Snowy just grinned, not giving off any hostility. "Of course. My fur's nice and warm too, y'know…" And the arctic fox brushed her bushy tail back and forth across Maggie's exposed midriff. The soft, plush fur was actually quite ticklish when the fox put her mind to it. The tail was wide and dexterous enough to get almost the entirety of Maggie's toned abdomen at once, and the vixen could feel it quiver delightfully under the teasing touch. Any retort from Maggie was stifled as she clamped her mouth shut and moved her arms protectively to her sides, unable to speak without giggling. The cheetah's eyes drifted to the exposed pale fur of Snowy's belly, the urge to retaliate two-fold was irresistible, but Ariane quickly interrupted.

"Now, now. Nothing wrong with letting off some steam. Especially if the alternative is getting yourself into trouble for the sake of being tickled." She said, diplomatically. "Honestly, I'm more than tempted to…"

"Tracks!" Fletcher piped up loudly, surprising all of them. It was the first confident thing he'd said yet. "Look, there are some kind of strange tracks in the ground here. They lead off to the west!"

Helios looked down immediately in surprise. He had been awake almost the entire night, and hadn't noticed anyone nearby. Yet he could make out barely imperceptible footprints… or where they handprints? It was certainly odd. But he couldn't deny Fletcher was right. Apparently the coati had an eye for such things. "Indeed. Fletcher, could you follow these tracks? We'll be right behind you." The coati nodded solemnly, looking down intently and walking westward, the group close behind.


It moved through the branches above them, aware of their every word. So, they think they can track me? It thought to itself. Fine, then let them follow. The creature slithered effortlessly through the foliage as a fish through water, landing on the ground at the exact spot where it had ascended last night, its skin immediately becoming the dull color of the earth beneath it. More tracks seemed to appear out of nowhere, leading the unfortunate outsiders onward. It carefully kept its tail up now, to avoid obscuring the new tracks in the soil.


"C'mon! The tracks are easier to follow now, see?" Fletcher called to the group, and indeed, all of them could make out the odd tracks now. Whatever it was, it seemed to move on four feet, and yet each footprint looked as much like a handprint as anything else. It was as it a pair of circus acrobats had walked on their hands for half a mile through the jungle. They had just reached a clearing, and on the other side the path seemed to divert, one way elevating, the other descending. As all six of them entered the clearing, the tracks ended abruptly, and not even Fletcher could figure out where they went. All of them looked around, disappointed that their trail had gone cold.

Suddenly, the ground rumbled disconcertingly beneath their feet. "Everyone, move!" Helios shouted, and leapt into the air. The others dived this way and that. Maggie, who seemed to be at the very epicenter of this earthquake, didn't know which way to escape to, but felt her arm being grabbed by Stacia as she was pulled strongly off to one side. No sooner had they all bounded to safety, the ground opened up where they had been standing, a crevice cracking the clearing in two. On the southern bank, where the trail westward descended, was Snowy and Fletcher. There seemed to be no way for them to get across.

All six of them peered into the crevice. It appeared quite deep, at least 30 feet. While it was pitch black down there, the morning sun unable to penetrate the vertical slice, something seemed to be… wiggling down below, and all of them sighed in relief that they didn't fall in. Whatever it was down there, it was likely something very ticklish, and there didn't seem to be any means of escape.

Helios stood up, looking pensive. "So, divide and conquer, is it? A strategic first move." He muttered, before turning to Ariane, Maggie, and Anastacia. "I should join Snowy and Fletcher. Three and three is a better pairing than four and two, wouldn't you say? And I'm the only one capable of flying over this trap." The others nodded in agreement. Even if they couldn't rejoin their new friends, they could at least even their odds. "I saw a village west of here, we should all try to reunite there. And stick close together! Whatever it is we were following is trying to separate us. Any more of that and someone will be alone, and I'm sure that's exactly its plan."

With that, the phoenix bounded into the air, flying over the ravine to join Fletcher and Snowy. He could be seen discussing the situation with those two, before turning and waving to the three women he had left. "Alright." Maggie said, the athletic cheetah feeling awake and energized at this point. "We just have to keep close, and make it to that nearby village, and we're out of these weird woods!"

"It seems so." Ariane replied evenly. "So by all means, lead on." the phoenix woman replied with a somewhat amused expression. Maggie turned around and remembered what exactly 'leading' through the thick vegetation entailed. With a low growl of annoyance, Maggie pushed ahead. Anastacia and Ariane followed immediately behind, deciding the heed Helios's warning not to let anything separate them.


It watched as the two groups headed off in the same direction. They seemed to know the closest route to the edge of the forest, which meant she had to act sooner rather than later. It would only take one more division to find one of them alone and vulnerable. But which group of three to follow? They were all so enticing, and looked to be so very ticklish...
Whatever there might be to be said of certain undesirable circumstances, none of the three could argue that the morning was anything but beautiful as they trekked up the hill. The preternaturally gorgeous forest rang with birdsong like a molten foundry in an endless orchestra of strains and warbles, not a one of which could have been heard naturally on their respective homeworlds. Around them, the endless serried ranks of creamy trunks reached up to grasp at the sapphire welkin as if stretching out in eagerness for the new dawn. The dying traces of a sunrise still streaked and powdered the sky far behind the trio with whirls of faint ruby and gold, even as the entire planet seemed to rise joyfully to meet the new day. And as the terrain ascended, a quick glance over the shoulder illustrated a gentle valley rolling out picturesquely behind the travellers, far side dotted with a speck of blue and white where the familiar waterfall slapped down next to their previous camp-sight from the still ineffable heights beyond.

"What on Earth happened back there?" Said Ariadne as they continued to force a path uphill through the resistive undergrowth, the phoenixess in line right behind a long-suffering Maggie. Unseen but well-guessed by her companions, the stoic cheetah's locked jaws trembled with a silly grin at the pressing forward of every paw-step, as the feather-ferns did their valiant duty even as they were crushed underpaw. "That thing that made the hand prints -how could it make that huge grotto open up? And exactly when we got to it?"

"Your guess.... Is as good as mine," panted Anastasia from the rear. The mink had buttoned up part of her shirt for protection, but already it was looking to be a punishingly febrile day. "Let's hope... That whatever it is can't control much else around here, or we might be ....In trouble... Whew! Today's going to be hot!"

"As hot as last night?" Piped up Ariadne swiftly. "I mean, from the sound of things, you two were pretty busy."

"Yeah -sorry about that," Gasped Anastasia, shifting her back-pack on her shoulders. "We tried our best to keep it quiet; we thought everyone was already asleep."

"I wouldn't blame you; except when you giggled, you were pretty quiet. And, between us, I could probably hear someone giggling on the moon." Said Ariadne placatingly, pulling up to a stop as Maggie climbed over a fallen log, the poor girl fairly trembling with suppressed laughter. Behind her, Ariane's voice rose carryingly, teasingly, as she went on. "But Maggie- for hours I thought there was a thunderstorm, before I eventually realized that it was just her purring. And there I thought that cats were supposed to be stealthy."

From where she boldly struggled on through the latest in an infinite line of feather-thickets, Maggie growled back protestingly, cupping a paw to her twitching muzzle as a fern licked along her unguarded flank.

"You sure you don't want one of us in front?" Called Anastasia, quietly admiring the athletic feline's ongoing tenacity. Mouth ground shut tight as a vice to hold back waves of laughter, the poor ticklish girl could only grit out something else thankfully unintelligible as she fought on through another wave of ferns. Anastasia could hardly fault her; if she had to fight for every breath against tickle-plants for an hours-long hike, she'd be cranky too.

"Hey, there's no need to be rude," Said Ariane mischievously. "I was just worried that the situation might be a bit ticklish up there." Maggie gave another politely indecipherable growl as she whacked a weed- though her tail flicked out behind to expertly swipe the tip across the taunting phoenixess's naked belly.

"H-hay! Watch that thing! That tickles!" Giggled Ariane, swiping at the offending appendage and missing as it retracted, snake-like, to strike again. As if by accident, the serpentine length of fur dodged under her questing hand and neatly squiggled through the inside of her underarm, darting away again as the avian almost fell over the other way, chortling in surprise.

“Okay then –have it your way!” Snickered Ariane.

With one arm curled in defensively, the bird-girl lunged forward, lobster-pinching up and down Maggie's own undefended side, squeezing deep into soft fur and firm muscle. The surprised cheetah -kept standing for the past hundreds of steps over tickling ferns through sheer willpower alone- achieved a vertical of more than two feet, eyes bolting wide as she let out an unladylike snort.

Still on the return trip to earth, Maggie spun, every hair contributing to a general sense that it was now on -only for her shoes to tangle in the dense ferns, tripping the cat backwards. She toppled with a wide-fanged look of surprise and a spray of loam, disappearing in the thick waves of green brush like a ship lost in a storm.

"Maggie!" Called Anastasia. The mink’s hands found her hips. "Come on, you two. We've got to keep moving, or the other group'll wonder what happened to us."

"I'm sure we'll all be fine," Said Ariadne, leaning forward to help Maggie back to her feet. "If Helios saw a town or something up ahead earlier, then he'll come back and fetch us when his group gets there. After all, it's probably hard to get lost from two miles up." she rooted deeper in the tangled mass of ferns, hesitant as the flurry of feathery fronds almost seemed to reach out for her more exposed areas.

Anastasia was about to reply- and then just blinked instead, as the pheonixess abruptly vanished, plainly yanked into the undergrowth from beyond. Monster! Thinking fast under sudden panic, Anastasia leapt forward, smashing right through the veritable wall of ferns to stagger into the clearing on the far side.
The dusky little glade was wrapped in cool shadows at even this time of day, a trickle of water feeding into a pool -more a corpulent puddle with delusions of grandeur, really- and surrounded by more leafy, birch-like trees. The ground was almost entirely dust and leaf-litter, the excessive shade apparently precluding the advances of the ferns, though not of a few scattered clumps of grasses.

And as a tragic result, the pair of bodies wrestling against each other in the clearing's centre had accrued quite the amalgamations of dirt on each other, as they tussled and laughed furiously. Still more of the stuff hazed through the air, jiggling in a shy ray of sunlight, flicking back and forth as the combatants'' contortions stirred at them. The roughly spherical, boiling mass of feathers and fur responsible whirled in the centre of the clearing, emitting a series of caws, yelps, growls, and bursts of laughter as the two sides grappled and for the upper-hand.

As she slung her pack aside and stepped forward, Anastasia surmised that Maggie had at last taken it upon herself to retaliate against Ariane and repay her for yesterday... But hadn't really counted on the intricacies of wearing what was essentially a sports-bra with ambition and then rubbing and wrestling tightly against a surface covered in long feathers; in this case, the pheonixess. First Maggie was on top, alternately laughing and tickling furiously, then Arianne, head split in a desperate grin as she retaliated, then neither had the upper-hand, then somehow both. Finally, Ariane managed to squeeze both of Maggie's elbows behind her back in the crook of one arm, hugging them tight together, legs wrapped around the cat's slender waist as her free hand tickled up and down her would-be assailant's exposed side.

"Attack me, (heheheh!) would you? I'll (haha) teach you!" Declared Ariane, struggling to hold down her bucking quarry as the feline shook wildly to get an arm free.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! St-stasia! Hahahaha -don't -don't just stahand thehere! Hahahahahhalphahelp me!" Yowled Maggie, arching up and back, whipping her head side-to-side as the phoenixess dug in savagely as the base of her ribs, taut and arched invitingly under her upthrust chest.

"Oh, don't listen to her," Said Ariane, too enthralled to even look up from her would-be torturer. "She attacked me! Make yourself useful and grab her paws instead."

"Oh, I'd love too!" said Anastasia, plopping down next to Maggie's runners, whipping up a cloud of dust as they drummed the hard ground. "But I've got another score to settle first!" She lunged at Ariane, teeth bared in a predatory smirk as she squeezed and groped up her sides with both hands.

Knocked to the ground, a roisterously laughing Ariane shook and rolled, managing to avoid falling into a hold as she retaliated. Lucklessly, this foe mightn't have been nearly as strong -though endowed with considerably greater prowess than Ariane would have expected- but the mink was nonetheless considerably better armoured than the cheetah had been.

They tossed and rolled for a few long moments, the upper-paw firmly undecided scrabbling and writhing, when Maggie rejoined the fray, the cheetah recovering quickly from her brief thrashing. Tickling and attacking whatever body-part came to paw, the vengeful duo gradually forced the bird-girl's arms to the ground, yanking them out to the sides as they lay across the feathery limbs, pressing her elbows down with their ribs. Stasia and Maggie's legs kicked out, ankles locking around Ariane's knees and tightening back, pulling her shaking legs wide and immobile. The panting, giggling trio soon lay in a row, outriders on their sides, centre on her back, arms and legs trapped hopelessly out wide from her incorrigibly ticklish and now pristinely helpless body.

"Good thinking, Maggie." Lolled Anastasia, shifting to keep Ariane pinned to the ground. "I do believe that it's about pay-back time..."

"Yeah, you said it. And let's not forget the interest!" They smacked a high-five over the phoenixess's beak, paws breaking off to spider menacingly over the struggling bird-girl in perfect sync.

"Okay, let me up!" Demanded Ariane, fighting panic as she realized she was at a distinct disadvantage under the circumstances and knowing full-well from experience what a revenge-minded Ler was capable of. "We have to keep moving! There's no time for thihihihis oh no ahhahahahahaha!"

The position had left mink and cheetah alike with a free hand, which they quickly put to use, worming their fingers into Ariane's underarms, poking about her belly, squeezing at her hips. The duo were disorganized, unfocused, but highly motivated, fully confident in their ability to maintain the hold for hours, or until they were fully satiated. Whichever came first. Soon, Anastasia leaned in to nibble and blow a cataract of ebullient raspberries on Ariane's thrashing neck, even as Maggie's tail curled out to swipe and twirl over her abdomen.

"No time? Oh, I'm sure..." Anastasia searched for something witty to say. The failure only redoubled her already savage efforts to coax every laugh and contortion out of her victim physically possible. "That the day is at least forty hours long on this planet! I think we'll have all the time in the world for this!"
As i looked over at Dusk, who was now on the ground asking for my help, all i could do was wonder, how in the world was i going to be able to bring this one down on my own? The last one was easy to bring down because it was something i could tickle easily enough, but this one was more humanoid, and had too many arms for me to avoid. It would catch me and tickle me silly without much effort at all.

While i was in deep thought of how i was going to bring this beast down, i failed to see the beast moving towards me while it was trying to recover from it being kicked in the jaw from Dusk's last attack. It was still in a daze from the sudden assault, and as a result, it couldn't see where it was going before it tripped and began to fall.


Right on top of me.

Author note

And that is the end of my first character in this campfire. Now before you all start asking me why i went and offed my own character like that, allow me to inform you now. I've decided after much thought that i would really like to play as my own fursona instead of the character i first started off with. I've already gotten permission from MidnightWolf to do this. So without further adieu, allow me to present you with my second character. (And hopefully the last one i intend to off in place of another one in this campfire)

Name: Timmothy Kirkman. (Also called Tiny Tim as a joke for his height, or just Tim for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Tim is a mouseboy (a mouse with human characteristics) who stands in at around three to four inches tall, has a short mouse tail, and has light gray colored fur all over his body, except for the insides of his ears, and where his pads are under his feet. He has big oval shaped ears on either side of his head, his hair is short and looks like a hand that's covering some of his left eye, his eyes are pure black, though sometimes have a glint of light shining off of them, and he has whiskers on either side of his face as well. He normally wears a red and white striped short sleeved shirt with the stripes going left and right, normal jean type jeans, and he walks around barefoot.

Personality: Tim's personality is easily summed up with the following words. Childlike. Carefree. Friendly. Outgoing. Pretty much anyone would enjoy hanging out with him.
"Should be right up here." Helios said, leading his group along through the forest. Thankfully they had a clearing so they were spared the terrible touch of the feather fronds..for now.

"You, uh...you sure you know where you're going?" Fletcher asked, seeming to be a little bit more confident now than before. Which was a relief to Helios.

"Honestly? No. But that's the best way to get to a place you've never been!" The phoenix responded cheerfully, totally oblivious to however Snowy or Fletcher were feeling about the matter.

Sensing that they might not be as committed to exploring as he is, though, Helios went and patted them both on the shoulder. "C'mon, it'll be fun!"

"Yeah, fun, sure..." Fletcher trailed off. Snowy did seem to brighten up a bit at the prospect. Something that made Fletcher a tad wary. He shivered a bit when he recalled just what she said to him to rouse him from his slumber. He hoped that perhaps she'd be more inclined to torment Helios than him, at least that would spare him the wrath of that big tail.

As if on cue, Helios turned to address the fox. "Snowy, any of this look familiar?"

Snowy just gave a shrug and shook her head. "Not really. I mean, yeah the plants do, but we're in a forest so...that's kind of to be expected."

Helios shrugged, not able to argue with that logic. As they walked on Snowy perked up again. "So what do you think is out there? You said something might be following us? What do you think it is? Some kind of tentacle beast? A swarm of tickle hands?" The vixen rattled off a series of possibilities for tickle monsters, seeming to grow more and more excited with each name. Fletch though just looked more and more nervous.

Helios was more amused than anything though. "Well whatever it was made some rather interesting tracks. And based on the fact that we haven't seen it yet, I'd say that it's got some kind of camouflage ability." He tapped his beak in thought as he continued to muse. "And the best plan of attack for this beast would to get us alone, so it could pick us off, one by one."

"Uh...did this thing happen to fly?" Fletcher spoke up.

Helios turned towards the coati. "I don't think so, why?"

Fletcher just gulped and pointed up.

The threesome looked up in time to see a silhouette cross the face of the sun, now high in the sky. At first it was hard to make out, but after a while it was clearly an avian creature. Upon closer examination, it appeared to be a female avain. Naturally, Helios picked up on this first.

The avian hung in the air for a moment or two, perhaps regarding the threesome below, and then turned and flew off into the forest.

"Was that your sister?" Snowy asked.

"No. Ariane can't fly, she doesn't have the proper wing structure. Besides, that bird was the wrong shape for a phoenix. She was closer to..." he thought for a second as he reviewed the various bird species in his head "an owl. Yes, that's it. She was an owl." He took on a puzzled expression again as he gazed off in the general direction of where she flew. "That's kind of odd though, an owl out in the middle of the day."

"Are you really surprised?" Snowy asked.

"Honestly? After what I've seen here, not really."

Snowy giggled to herself and nodded. "How do you think your sister is doing, anyway?"



"What for? You thought this was funny when you did it to us!" Maggie grinned down at Ariane as she dug her fingers into her bare midriff. Those nails driving the poor girl nuts as they clawed over her tattoed tummy. Occasionally Maggie would tease her by circling a nail around her biologically inappropriate bellybutton, which itself was encircled by a ring tattoo.

Anastasia meanwhile was going to town on her ribs and armpits, skittering her nails along her side like she was playing a piano before digging into her underarm. The way Ariane was pinned down meant that she couldn't really move that much, but she could still wiggle from side to side. Sadly every time she leaned over to one side, the girls just tickled that side, and when she leaned to the other they got her there too! The poor phoenixess was literally in a tickle sandwich.

And then those tails! Those damn tails! Maggie had the longer one, which stroked and teased her talons which, contrary to popular belief, were, in fact, very ticklish. As the fur brushed against her arches, Ariane squawked and chirped and wiggled her toes, trying to pull away. Anastasia's shorter tail mostly focused on brushing her bare tummy, but every so often it would tease her thighs which got a really big reaction from the bird.

"Are you sorry yet, birdy?" Anastasia grinned as she and Maggie teamed up to tickle her sides and hips.


"If we ever let you up! And I could do this allllll day!" Maggie grinned down at her. Luckily for the two ticklers, Ariane, much like her brother, had an unlimited stamina which literally meant she could be tickled for a long time.

Anastasia then matched Maggie's grin. "Hey, Mags. I think the phoenix needs a proper..." she looked for the right words again, this time she found them "dressing down, don't you?"

Maggie just grinned down at her bound captive. "Maybe..."

Now Ariane was getting worried. The phoenixess' outfit covered more or less everything outside of her midriff and feet. But the flame-print black strapless bra and thong underneath? Not so much. In fact the parts that her underwear did cover were her most ticklish spots!

Frightened at the thought of losing her clothes, she renewed her struggles, and even began snapping her beak at the two. "Don't you dare! If you do that, you'll be so sorry!"

"Aww, don't tell me you're not a little...hot, in all these clothes?" Anastasia grinned as she and Maggie slightly pulled up her tank top a bit, tickling the exposed skin as they did, causing Ariane's protests to become mixed with chirps and giggles.

"HeheheehehE! I'm fihhine! HAhahahh! Nohoho! Nohohohohohoo!"

As the three ladies continued their fun, none of them seemed to notice that the secluded area that Maggie had dragged them into had a rather unusually large amount of vines. Some of these vines even had tips that resembled things like feathers, or paintbrushes, or dusters.

And none of them noticed that some of these vines were starting to move.

Back with the others...

"Oh I'm sure she's fine." Helios said without a second's hesitation.

"Really?" Snowy replied. It wasn't that he sounded like he didn't care, but he sounded unusually confident about the situation.

"Oh yeah, she's done this before, she can handle herself. Trust me, our friends are in good hands."

And without bothering to explain just how Ariane had "done this before" Helios turned and lead the group into the forest.

"So..." Fletcher spoke up again "I take it we're going to uh...find that..owl lady?"

"Might as well." Helios replied. "Maybe she can give us a bit more insight into what we've gotten ourselves into here. Besides, we could certainly use all the help we can get when we get to those monsters. Strength in numbers, right?"

And with that, the threesome headed out.

Two groups of furres exploring the ticklish unknown.

One of them was about to find themselves in a world of trouble.

The other? That remained to be seen.
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As the group of Helios, Snowy and Fletcher continued their trek through the thick undergrowth of the forest,it was an hour later that Helios was noticing Snowy dropping back "Snowy, are you alright?" she gives a weak nod "I'm.....fine, just need to rest". She sits up against a tree while Helios and Fletcher walk over to her "I know you're not suited to these climates but we need to continue". Breathing deeply, she shakes her head "I'm too tired Helios, why don't you fly ahead while me and Fletcher stay here".

"That doesn't sound like a good idea" Fletcher says looking around nervously "what if someone.......or something comes after us?" "Fletcher's right Snowy, we need to stick together". Snowy nods "I know but I'm just slowing you down, Helios you can fly to that owl lady and then come back to us once you've found her". Although he didn't like the sound of that plan, he could see Snowy was in need of rest and at this pace, he was sure they'd have to camp in the forest.

"I know I'm asking a lot Helios but I really can't go another step and besides with me and Fletcher sticking together, we can look out for each other. She looks at Fletcher "what do you think Fletcher, we can keep an eye on each other" "well uhhhhh........I guess so, with the 2 of us we should be fine" Snowy nods "see Helios we'll be fine, you fly ahead to locate the owl and we'll wait here". Helios sighs "you 2 will remain here? you won't walk off?" they both nod.

"Alright but be careful, who know what other creatures are lurking in this forest" with that sorted, Helios swoops into the air and with one last glance down toward the fox and coati, he flies off. While Snowy rests against the tree, Fletcher sits against another tree opposite her "how long do you think he'll be?" he asks "not sure, hopefully not too long". Leaning against the tree, Snowy watches Fletcher look around the forest "Fletcher" he looks at her "just relax, we'll be fine" he nods but still looks around "guess I'm going to need to take his mind off of this situation" Snowy thinks to herself.

"Hey Fletcher, I know we haven't exactly gotten to know each other since we've met but is there anything you wanted to ask me?" "oh, well there is one thing I wanted to ask you" she smiles "go ahead" "well its just........do you like Maggie?". She sits up straight "what makes you think I like her?" "you seemed rather jealous that she and Ariane slept together.......and you said you was jealous". Snowy hadn't expected this sort of question, she was thinking he'd ask about her life or something along those lines. "Well......she's attractive, I guess I do like her" he nods "so that means you're......gay?".

She giggles "just because I like another girl doesn't mean I'm gay.......I am bi though" his eyes widen slightly "so you like girls and boys?" she nods "yeah.....equally" she sees him smile "you like the sound of that don't you Fletcher?" he nods slightly. "Anything else you'd like to know about me?" "you like being tickled" "that's not really a question but yes I do like being tickled and I guess its no secret that I enjoyed being tickled by that octopus the other day". Fletcher nods "yeah you said you did" Snowy was enjoying talking to Fletcher, he had always been quiet among the group "what about you, do you like being tickled?" he shrugs his shoulder "I enjoy it, but I never really get to do the tickling" "why's that?" she asks "I don't know, I'm not very good".

"Maybe because you need more experience" he nods "yeah but in a place like this, I don't see that opportunity happening anytime soon". Snowy bites her lip "well......what if you tickled me" he shifts in his spot "seriously?" "yeah we've got time to kill". Getting to her feet, she stretches "we just need to figure how we should do this" Fletcher get to his feet as well "what if I tie you that tree?" looking at the tree, she turn back toward him and smiles "what would you use to tie me up?".

"Uhhhh........" looking around he spots some vines hanging from a tree "how about those" she watches him grab and pull the long vines down "okay I guess those could work" he walks over to her tugging them to see how strong they are "these should hold you" Snowy could see the excitement in his eyes "so how do you want me, should I be standing or sitting?". He looks at her "standing preferably" nodding, she stands against the tree "like this" he nods "yeah with your hands above your head". Doing as he asks, she raises her arms above her head then watches him use the vine around the tree, securing her arms tightly but not uncomfortable.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you've done this before" he finishes tying her arms to the tree "I've seen......videos" she nods "haven't we all....so what's next?" "your legs". Using a shorter vine, he ties her thighs together "don't you want to tickle my feet?" "there's not a lot you can do with feet in my opinion". He was soon finished and steps back at his handy work "can you move?" he asks and watches Snowy struggle in her bonds "barely an inch" he smiles "good cause this is the first time I've tied someone up". Fully aware of her predicament, Snowy bites her lip "so where would you like to begin?".

         "Well...um...hmm," Fletch pondered to himself, tapping chin in thought. Without announcing it, he tried to see if Snowy's sides were ticklish, lightly brushing them with his fingertips. This made the fox twitch and yelp, followed by a giggling fit. Seeing her reaction, the coati smiled a little and tickled a little faster, easing into the process.
         "I guess I started off with a good spot...!" he stated, seemingly satisfied with himself. "Uh...ticklers usually throw some teasing talk into the mix, right...? So uh...coochie?"
         The fox's torso twisted from left to right, instinctively trying to evade Fletcher's tickly fingers. Her giggling seemed to slowly become louder, and soon her whole body began struggling in the vines. "Y-yohohohou're getting the hahang of ihihihit!"
         "Glad to hear it...!" the coati said, sounding less nervous than before. His fingers scribbled up to Snowy's ribs, gently digging in between each rib to tickle there.

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(It's the thought that counts, Jig. If you have the time and inclination, you can always make it up next time!)

Anastasia and Maggie sat at either side of the hysterical bird woman, each had a hand on the hem of her shirt, and a hand roaming her ticklish frame. With a shared look of mischief, the two in unison let go of Ariane's arms and immediately yanked her black tank top up over her head. The giggling girl had no time to defend herself, and could only lie there weakly as Maggie idly tossed the shirt behind her, and the two resumed their irrepressible grip on her arms.

The two ticklers leered down at the attractive phoenix, her black strapless bra now the only thing covering her upper half. Each of them gazed over the tall, athletic frame with a hungry look, noting the subtle outlines of her now exposed ribs. The tops of her enticing breasts were also now on display, something neither of the two could help but steal glances at.

But Ariane couldn't take any comfort or pride in those wanting looks. She was too busy laughing her pretty head off. Anastasia pawed her way down one side, massaging her way down the woman's body as if trying to get toothpaste out of the bottom of the tube. Although that inanimate object wouldn't wriggle in her grasp just so, to provoke another trip up and down that taut body. Meanwhile, Maggie was contenting herself with Ariane's underarms, a single claw-tip drawing little shapes in each.

Despite the dual ticklish assault, Ariane never once begged for mercy. She continued to threaten retaliation in between incoherent words mixed with too much laughter. None of it was helped by either of the intoxicated pair, who were too caught up in the tickling to notice the crawling vegetation thicken around them.

"Aw, such a tickly little birdy." Maggie teased with a Cheshire grin as her movements teased an impressive amount of laughter out of their victim. "I'll have to remember all these spots the next time you try to come after me." As she said this, the long cat tail swiped in between Ariane's thighs, prompting a surprising squeal that Maggie noticed with glee. The cheetah was immersed in her entertaining retribution. First, because she really did want to get Ariane back for the vine incident earlier. And second, she had to admit it the feel of the beautiful, model-like body under her touch was hard to resist.

"Wow, I'm surprised your own feathers don't tickle you, considering how sensitive you are!" Stasia added with a taunt of her own, seemingly of the same mindset as Maggie. Her fingers were delicately curling against the territory between navel and waist, as she watched in intense fascination as the skin rippled with mirth under her touch, the feathers ruffling uncontrollably. Perhaps best of all, despite their prolonged tickling, Ariane didn't seem the worse for wear, her impressive stamina keeping her giggling and struggling at a constant pace. Anastasia's head lowered closer and closer to that shaking midriff, and Ariane worried that it was only a matter of time before the cute young mink would bring her lips and tongue into the equation.

Maggie's hands moved down from those outstretched underarms, each caressing against the edges of those exposed breasts and gently stroking. The result from Ariane was all she could have hoped for: another gasp of forced laughter, her back arching involuntarily and eyes widening. The tell tale signs pointing to one delicious conclusion: a sweet spot. With a playful yet predatory grin only a feline is truly capable of, Maggie slipped a single claw beneath the fabric of Ariane's bra, gliding it around to the clasp on her backside. "RRrrrmmm…" Maggie purred in a low, husky tone. "You were saying something about my top earlier? If you're so eager for that, maybe you should go first…"

Ariane realized her intent, and tried to buck and wiggle in order to stop the cat woman. "Nohohohohoo! You stahahahay outtahahahaha thehehehere! I swehehehear I'll geheheheet you bahahahahack!" Ariane cried, obstinate to the last.

But moments before Maggie could unclasp that bra and strip Ariane topless, or before Anastasia could finally plant that first ticklish kiss upon that tummy, the vines finally made their presence known. Maggie suddenly found her wrists clasped by strong green coils, yanking her back with a yowl of surprise. Two more similarly restrained her ankles, and before she realized it she was on her knees. From this position, the vines seemed to be able to pull the lithe cheetah no further, but her arms were pulled taut above and behind her by the vines, rendering her completely immobile. Anastasia, pulled in the other direction, was even more unlucky. Vines wrapped around her forearms, shins, and tail, and their combined strength managed to yank the girl a few feet off the forest floor. The surprised young mink hung there at a 45 degree angle, looking as if she were in mid leap or attempting to fly. With a yelp, she struggled in the air, but only seemed to twist in the wind.

Ariane had been spared due to her two ticklers serving as unwitting shields. The foliage seemed content with the prey it had, which gave Ariane a chance to recover, getting over her giggles and slowly climbing to her feet. She looked first at Maggie, pulled taut and barely able to squirm within her bondage, and then at Anastasia flailing as if in an uncooperative hammock. Ariane made eye contact with the distressed mink with a look that communicated 'I'll deal with you soon enough.' The look provoked a surprised gasp from Anastasia, before Ariane turned towards Maggie with an evil look that spoke volumes.

"So." Ariane said casually as she walked up to Maggie. "How long were you going to keep tickling me like that?" As she spoke, both girls noticed that the tips of the vines at Maggie's wrists were extending downward, and that those tips ended in some kind of fuzzy nub that looked as if it were engineered specifically to lodge itself under Maggie's exposed, ticklish underarms and wriggle in those hollows to devastating effects.

"How long?" Maggie asked, putting on as much innocence as she could, but not putting on a very convincing show of it. "Not long at all, I was just about to tell 'Stasia to let you go! H-honest-t!" Maggie said, her teeth clenching at the end as those vine tips finally reached their target. They sat for a moment right in the smooth center of Maggie's underarms, before wriggling ever so slightly, in a maddeningly light vibration, as if daring the sensitive feline to try and ignore them.

"Sure you were." Ariane agreed with a sarcastic tone. "That's why you were just about to unhook my bra. That's exactly what you do to someone you're about to let go." In saying this, Ariane noticed her shirt was several feet behind the cheetah woman in a tangle of vines. It seemed possible though difficult to retrieve; not worth the effort at the moment. No, Ariane's mind was focused fully on ticklish revenge, as vines had once again put Maggie right into her grasp. The phoenix leaned down and began to rake her claws gently through the fur of Maggie's firm abdomen, feeling the quivering muscle underneath, the touch foreboding in its gentleness.

All Maggie could do was bite her lip as she held in the well of laughter as best she could. The vines under her arms were maddening. The light touch rubbing and vibrating in the epicenter of her underarms was just the right amount to tease without overwhelming. It made her want to squirm and twitch, but she couldn't move an inch. And now the bird's claws were pursuing the same tactic: teasing and sensitizing with light ticklish strokes that maddened and weakened her. With their respective positions, Maggie's eyes were level with Ariane's chest, and she couldn't help but stare at the now revealed cleavage protected only by the tight strapless bra, the flame print of which mimicked a heat of Maggie's own. Combined with the impish tickling that kept her just on the brink of exploding, part of Maggie had to admit that she was enjoying the attention immensely.

Meanwhile, Anastasia had stopped struggling, and was somewhat pleased to discover that for the moment, the vines were only restraining, but not tickling. This gave her a front row seat to Maggie's own teasing torment, and the young mink stared in a mixture of fascination and envy. Maggie was so deliciously ticklish! Ariane barely had to touch the other woman's midriff to put her at the edge of hysterics. And yet Maggie fought tooth and nail not to react, despite her obvious ticklishness. Anastasia could see that this only egged Ariane forward, like a red flag to a bull. Maggie had to realize how hopeless the effort was. The mink couldn't tell if the stubbornness was instinctive, or if Maggie was aware of it all and simply daring Ariane to do her worse. The girl found herself wishing she could be the one teasing Maggie into overwhelming giggles, to be the one to caress those tight curves with eager fingers, to be the one poised to remove her top and expose what's underneath…

"Now. Speaking of undressing…" Ariane continued to verbally tease, noting the effect such methods seemed to have on the cheetah, "I do remember I was about to do that to you last time. I'm sure you wouldn't mind…" Ariane continued to twirl a fingertip around the rim of Maggie's long, stretched navel; using her other hand to slowly lift Maggie's top. Maggie was at her wit's end, looking as if she'd explode into a pile of giggling fur at any second, as the vines continued to gently buzz and wriggle under each arm devastatingly. On top of that, the attractive feline noticed one of the vines at her legs slowly curling its way up her thigh, to what end she could only guess, its curious tip textured as if it were a dry, green tongue. Yet she hadn't burst yet, in an impressive if futile display of resistance. Maggie didn't dare open her mouth, or she would've been able to complain to Ariane that unlike the phoenix, she had only one layer protecting her chest from inquisitively ticklish touches.

Anastasia, floating in midair a few feet behind and above the increasingly steamy scene, noticed that the vines had relaxed their grip on her. Either because Maggie's predicament somehow satisfied them, or ending her struggles lulled them, or they were merely waiting for the right moment to finally strike, she couldn't be sure. But the mink did know that if she didn't worm her way free soon, either the vines would get her, or Ariane. Quite possibly both. With the right decisive movement, perhaps she might just be able to get free. Although whether she wanted to get free so she could end this little tussle and move forward, or join in with Ariane and give Maggie a good tickling, Anastasia didn't even know herself.
Set out like so much washing on the line, Anastasia shifted in her hangings, bringing one paw around to cup her chin dreamily as she regarded the roisterous entertainment. Her lids fell heavily, dropping half-way over her soft brown eyes, darkness kept back only by the fascinated sparkle glimmering there. The fact that Ariane was doubtless going to tickle the living daylights out of her in a few hours -at least, she hoped for Maggie’s sake that it wouldn't take longer than that- was important on some level, she was sure. And yet, the promised retribution seemed explicably insignificant when weighed against the spectacle before her. For now the only thing to do surely was to enjoy this rare and beautiful opportunity.

Wrapped liberally around her arms and legs, the vine-tips practically buzzed with life as they vibrated deep in Maggie’s underarms, making the crazed feline squeak and groan with restraint as they tickled hellishly. Eyes bugging, teeth grinding, cheeks bulging out- Maggie looked like she would simply come apart as the pressure built. Ariane was as good as gyrating against her toy, talons rubbing and poking around her victim's navel, other hand busy behind Maggie’s arched back, every minute revolution seeming to torque the cheetah like a rack, bringing her visibly closer to screaming out at any moment.

Slowly, the torturess's great feathered head leaned in, whispering sultry unintelligibles in Maggie's schizophrenically twitching ear, as her claws worked dutifully along behind her prey's back and down her belly. Anastasia could only wonder what taunts the experienced bird-girl was furnishing. The vines enthusiastically continued their inhuman assault as Ariane leaned in closer, positively intimately -and then pulled back and whipped Maggie's bra off with a showy flourish, phoenixess casting it far as she struck a pose. A stray ray of sunlight limned her like a spot-light, and under the circumstances, an enthralled Anastasia was reminded of confetti the way the garment fluttered to the ground in front of her.

And the show it presented really was quite good- if Anastasia's jaw hadn't already sunk surreptitiously open in awe, it would have fallen clear out of her head as Maggie's full round mounds were bared to the world. Maggie herself bore an indignation expression of supreme shock and outrage even through her ticklish strain, maintained as Ariane paused in her sunbeam -and then lost it in a supernova of crazed laughter as the fire-bird wheeled like a striking hawk to the attack, claws skittering over her prey's ribs and the undersides of her breasts. Maggie threw her head back and yowled as only a great cat could yowl, every muscle tensing as laughter shot at last from her convulsing body like hot steam from a geyser.

"Dahahahahahmmit! Youhouhou bihitch! Ahahahahahahhahahahahahah!" As the only appendage that could move, her unrestricted tail seemed to vanish into mid-air, whipping faster than sight in its owner insanity. “Cuthuhuhut it houhouhiouthahahahahah!”

Ariane's claws scratched and raked at the underside of Maggie's full breasts intently, thrust out as they were and presented irresistibly to her teasing fingers. All of Maggie's twisting and embarrassed cursing couldn't suffice for an escape, as the phoenix drove her steadily towards insanity, one rapid stroke at a time.

“Agahahahahhahahhahhaha lehehhemme gohoho! Ahahhahahahahahaha!”

"D'awwww, does the widdle kitty want a widdle break?" Ariane asked with mock sympathy, thumb-claws moussing over Maggie's fur as their counter-parts scratched intently at the almost painfully sensitive hollows at the base of her mounds. She leaned in, crowding Maggie close with her own significant black-bound bust, beak dipping to whisper in her ear: "Funny; I don't remember getting one." Maggie quite possibly could have bitten her, had the maddened cheetah not been laughing to hard to even scream coherently. And the vines never rested for a moment, shaking themselves deep in the Maggie’s taut and defined underarms, hellish vibrations the icing on a many-layered cake of ticklish stimulation.

Desperate under the taunts, Maggie’s entire lithe body contorted, countless muscles moving as one, cheetah throwing out her trade-mark bust of energy to try and cover herself, straining against the vines holding her fore-arms captive. Through the supreme effort, she managed almost a full inch; a remarkable feat under the circumstances And then she flopped down as if deflating, head roaring out laughter as it lolled forward, Ariane tickling on as if she hadn't even noticed.

"Hhahahahahahahahahhaha lemmme hahahahha lemme go!" Maggie half-panted, half-howled, feeling the vines poking about between her legs, almost as frustrated as she felt at their prey's protective covering. They prodded and lapt at her thighs, looking unimaginatively for an opening, even as their counterparts held the prey steady and tickled on in a frenzy.

And Maggie shook and writhed furiously, shaking side-to-side as Ariane wormed a talon deep inside her navel at last, squirming busily. With her other hand, Ariane kept up the much-needed attention on Maggie's breasts, pausing briefly only to give one of the voluptuous orbs a playful bounce, before moving on to the side and top, fingers spidering titillatingly.

"Wow, girl, I can see why you work out so much now," Noted Ariane with measured mischievousness. "You really need those sports-bras to look good, don’t you? At any rate, I guess I'll never have to worry if I'm 'flat' ever again." She gave her embedded talon an especially potent wiggle in Maggie’s navel, smiling indulgently at the resultant hysterics. "Will I?"

"Screwhehehew youhophouhohohahahahhahaahaha!" Maggie swung her head, trying to knock away her assailants hands, failing abjectly as per the usual.

"You know, I'm getting really fed up with your language," Lectured Ariane irately. "But I think I now something that can cheer us both up!" Leaving the vines to cover for her and keep the frenzied feline in the appropriate hysterics, Ariane reached around and pulled out two long ruby-red feathers, safely close to moulting as it was. It cost a grimace nonetheless, but, as she held them up before Maggie's momentarily horrified face, the phoenixess privately decided the expression alone was worth it.

Without preamble, Ariane whisked them over Maggie's chest, tracing the long implements in devious patterns over the defenceless orbs, smiling in languid enjoyment as the cheetah's continual uncontrollable reaction. Would that she only had more arms as well as more feathers to cover Maggie’s belly and breasts simultaneously… As it were, some area was always going unappreciated at a given time, a tragic conundrum the uncouth cheetah just didn’t seem to appreciate through her crazed bawling.

From her post across the clear, Anastasia just watched it all in fascination. The laughter, the rebuke of the struggles, the teasing and the reactions -to the mink's senses, it felt like one continuous warm bubble bath. She tingled, she felt as if she were itching, her own chest and nether-regions crying out for a touch of their own. Anastasia swore she could feel the fire-storm of tickling almost as much as if it were her under Ariane's talons and the vines' probes.

Knowing that neither of the others would be watching, Anastasia slowly shifted to sneak a hand out of a loop of plant-matter and down to her skirt, only for the vine to contract and pull back sternly, arresting the limb. Willfully or not, her organic restraints were having nothing of any attempt by the increasingly frustrated mink to relieve herself. She didn’t want to try and spring in case she failed and egged them on further. At least the vines weren’t tickling her senseless like they were stimulating Maggie…

Still (Anastasia squirmed nervously as well as in frustrated arousal, feeling the living restraints tighten momentarily about her in response to the motion) that time would come all too soon. And with a vengeance. At least she had considerably more clothing on than poor Maggie, and the very position of her restraints would make it harder for the vengeful phoenixes to strip her...

Lost in her musings and the considerably more important business of getting an arm free, it was several seconds before Anastasia realized that she the ground was receding, the vines retracting, pulling her up into the canopy like a stage-prop.

"Uh, Ariane..." She called nervously, voice lost in the rebounding laughter reverberating through the glade.

"Does the widdle kitty like this?" The bird-girl was saying exultingly as her own feathers sawed and danced over Maggie's tumescent mounds. "Oh, I know she does!"

"Gahhahahahahah hnngghg hahahahahaha ooooohhhhhhhho-ho-ho-hohahhahahahah!"

"C'mon, say it! Tell me you love it!"


"Ahahahahhah gohwad hahahahahahah hhunngh dohohnanhahhan’t hahahahahah! Dohohon't stohophop!"

"Say it!" One of Ariane’s hands was swirling a feather under the selvage of Maggie’s sweats in time to the feline’s own husky yowls.

"Ariane!!” As the ground grew further away, Anastasia at last tried to jump, throwing herself head-first out of the vines in a perfect dive. She grunted as the last two loops snagged around her feet, constricting like traps and snapping her to a lung-wrenching halt. She twisted and flailed as their compatriots whirled down with a flurry of snapping limbs, seizing around every section of her struggling body greedily.

“Oof! Ariane, I'm, I’m -mmph!" Anastasia eyes widened, jaw biting down on the thick length of vine that wreathed over her mouth, her cry lost in the dense greenery as the clearing at last vanished from sight. A floor of creamy limbs and emerald greenery stretched away from her in all directions, boasting a second leafy canopy of its own, horizontal vista obstructed by the thick tree behind the flailing mink.

She was spun around, struggling fully, window of escape lost with her caution, as the source-less tangle of animate flora flipped her neatly over, yanking her limbs out even as it lashed her to a thick wooden limb. Trepidation lost in panic now, Anastasia struggled to cry out, to move something, even as the vines tightened. From wrists to cheek, from the knees on downward, and with many interweaving straps in the middle, she was wrapped tight, the vines squirming against her as they consolidated a patient hold on their softly-squirming prey.

And of a sudden, the tree seemed to shake imperceptibly, a curious tremor running away in all directions, dropping leaves and rustling twigs before it as it rippled across the forest cieling. And as she squirmed and moaned helplessly, snug in her over-zealous restraints, the message was clear enough to Anastasia.

Tink-alink! Dinner's ready! Tink-alink!

"Well, I hope you've learned your lesson about jumping me." With a snap, the last of the vines frayed apart under Ariane's methodical claws, and she leaned in to support the dazed cheetah on one shoulder as the limp body flopped forward. Maggie panted indistinctly, half-naked body heaving under the last aftershocks of her experience, as Ariane pulled her out of reach of last vines that licked at her sides and legs mournfully as their prey withdrew. "Now, on to your friend..."

Setting the exhausted cheetah down on the ground next to the pool, safely out of reach of the vines, Ariane dusted her hands together and stretched luxuriantly, intending the exorbitant display of exposed skin as a taunt to the doubtless impatiently watching mink. "Ready or not, 'Stasia, here I come aaaand where'd she'd go?"

Fists on hips, the bird-girl paced up to where she was certain the mink had been left hanging, so to speak, glancing around in confusion. A leaf fluttered down, brushing against her beak. She glared up suspiciously, arms folded, at ease as a trio of vines strained for her, wriggling tips just short of the nonchalant bird-girl's plumage. Already forming suspicions of what had happened, she tapped one finger to her beak thoughtfully.

"This may be a problem."
Author note

I forgot to add these to my new character bio.

Sexuality: Straight. (At least for now anyway)

Ticklish spots: Literally everywhere, though it should be stated that while properly tickling someone so small will be quite the challenge for most other creatures, finding those sweet spots on other creatures will be quite easy for my character. *BigSmile*

And with that, I'll need to skip my turn for the round. Sorry about having to do this, but for the moment, there isn't a real moment for my new character to scurry into that i want to write about.
"Well, we'd better go looking for her. If Helios finds out we lost someone, he'd flip."

Ariane walked over to the vine clearing and retrieved her tank top. A couple vines reached out for her but a flash of clawed fingertips made them appear to reconsider, and they slinked away. Tugging her top back over her torso, she glanced over at Maggie who was giving her an almost disappointed look.

"You'll have plenty of time to admire later, hun" she smirked "for now though, I think we'll need all the protection we can get." She reached down and tossed her sports bra back to her. "Unless you want to show off for Stasia some more."

Maggie's fur bristled at the notion as she pulled her sports bra back on over her chest. The poor girl had gotten quite excited over the outcome of their little tickle fight, as evidenced by her rock hard nipples that poked out against the fabric covering them. She was going to have a very hard time sleeping tonight, not when she had to think about the feeling of those feathers brushing across her breasts, tickling her with an intensity she had never felt before in her life.

If only those vines hadn't gotten in the way. She wanted so badly to see if Ariane shared a similar weakness.

"So, what's the plan?" Maggie said, trying to take her mind off the subject.

"Well, we'll have to find out where she went first." Ariane peered back up at the vines leering down from the canopy at them. "If I had to guess, I'd say this way."

"And how exactly are we supposed to get up there?"

Ariane tapped her beak in thought, then a grin crossed her beak. "Like this!"

She grabbed Maggie with one hand while the other grabbed one of the vines. Giving it a couple tugs, the vine retracted upwards and the two disappeared into the canopy.

Maggie yelped as she was jerked off the ground and up into the trees. "Are you crazy?!"

"Oh relax. How could it possibly be any worse than what you and Stasia just had to go through?"

Ariane found a branch for them to stand on and released her grip from the vine, dropping down onto the limb with enough precision for her talons to firmly grip it, making sure to keep an arm around Maggie lest she fall to the floor and injure herself.

"Okay, sniff around and see if you can pick up her scent." Ariane said to the feline.

"Huh? Why me?"

The phoenixess just raised an eyebrow.

"...right." Sniffing up into the air it wasn't long before she picked up the very familiar scent of the mink. "This way!"

The two females bounded through the canopy, moving from one branch to the next. Occasionally they would climb or swing across vines when the distance was too great. They both had to admit to themselves that this was rather fun, despite the dire situation their friend surely found herself in.

Before long they found what they were looking for.

"There she is!" Maggie cried. "Stasia!" She headed over in the direction of the mink. Only when they got closer could they see that she was bound up by a series of vines, struggling to get free. Turning towards her friends, Anastasia tried to shout out a warning, but the vine gagging her made it all but incomprehensible.

Finally though Anastasia spit out the impromptu gag and shouted at the other two "Don't! It's a trap!"

Her friends stopped in their tracks, puzzled as to what she was referring to.

Until they saw dozens of tickling vines surrounding the three of them, tips wiggling at the girls as if to tease them about what was to come.

"Okay." Ariane deadpanned. "It's worse.


So this is going well... Helios thought to himself as he flew over the forest. For the last day or so he'd done nothing but emphasize how important it was to stay together, and now not only had their group been split up, but he was going off on his own! It was almost like this entire world was going out of its way to put all of them in peril.

Which, for all he knew, it was.

But he still had pressing matters to attend to. There was someone else out here, besides whatever monster was probably stalking them, and it was down to him to find out who they were. Even if they didn't stag along with his crew, they could probably at least give him more info about this world. There was still a lot that he didn't know, and the more he knew the better.

A low rumble of thunder got his attention, and Helios looked up to see rolling black crowds on the horizon, approaching fast. "Oh good, a storm is coming" he said to himself, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Figuring it would be more practical to search on the ground as opposed to staying in the air and potentially getting blown away, Helios descended into the canopy. Looking around for a spot to land, he eventually aimed towards a branch, landing on it with his talons.

All at once something brushed against his side, causing the bird to squawk. His weight shifted and the branch snapped. Helios suddenly found himself falling through the forest ceiling. It was only for a couple seconds though before his fall was arrested by several vines. Luckily, unlike his sister's group, these vines did not appear to be sentient. Unluckily this meant that Helios was tangled up in them, suspended between the bottom of the canopy and the forest floor.

Helios cursed to himself in his native phoenician as he tried to free his limbs from the vines. The phoenix was suspended with his arms above him and his legs outstretched, almost like he were sitting on some invisible chair. He tugged at one of his wrists, only to find that it was rather firmly ensnared. "Ah! Fuck!"

Only then did he notice movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head and found his vision filled by a pair of beautiful blue eyes. It took him about a second to realize that he'd found who he was looking for.

He was right, she was a female owl. In many ways she reminded him of his friend Oro back home, save for some noticeable differences. For one thing she had hair, dirty blonde, from the looks of it. While her build suggested she was no older than 19, she still looked rather athletic, muscular almost. She seemed dressed somewhat appropriately for this world, with her white lace top and yoga shorts, but she also had ankle socks and tennis shoes, something that he and his sister lacked. If her feet were indeed digitigrade, then getting them into those shoes was a rather nice trick.

Realizing he wasn't going to get anywhere with a staring contest, Helios decided to speak up. "Hello there."

"Hello yourself." The Owl responded. "I heard noise and I came to see what happened. Are you alright?"

Helios glanced up at his impromptu bindings "All things considered, I could be better, but I suppose I'm okay."

"Well, what are you doing out here?"

"Actually, I saw you flying earlier. Thought I'd drop in and say hello." His mild attempt at humor earned him a smirk from the owl.

"My name's Helios, by the way."

"Swift." The owl said. "Swift Blonde."

'You don't say.' Helios thought to himself.

"So, Swift, what are you doing out here?"

The owl looked around. "I'm..not exactly sure. I don't even know where "here" is. I was flying one day, minding my own business, when I got sucked into this strange glowy portal thing...next thing I knew I was here."

Helios nodded. The portal was pretty consistent with the stories he'd heard from the others. He and Ariane never went through one, but then again they came here thanks to their own device, as opposed to some other act.

He also realized that he wouldn't find out anything new about this place from her. Well, he thought, even if that's a dead end I should at least tell her what's going on. Would be nice to have another bird around.

"Well you're not alone. There's a group of us. We've been exploring this place as well as trying to get home."

"So you do know what this place is?" Swift asked hopefully.

"...yes, and you're probably not going to believe it."

Helios spent the next 4 minutes explaining who his friends were, why they were here, and what they had to do to go home. He also explained that this was a tickling-centric world, with seemingly everything out to tickle them silly.

Swift just nodded and took it all in. Wearing a blank expression, it was impossible for Helios to tell just how she was taking this.

At least until she responded.

"So...are you ticklish then, Helios?"

The phoenix reflexively jerked in his binds. Swift giggled to herself as, presumably, that gave her an answer. "Uh..well..yes, I am." Helios finally responded. "I'm guessing you are as well?"

"Well, wouldn't be much of a point in transporting me to a tickle dimension if I wasn't right?" She winked at the phoenix.

"I suppose so." Helios responded, before another rumble of thunder caught the attention of the two birds.

"Hey listen, there's some rain that's coming. I don't know how long it'll take to get here, but we probably should get moving soon. So how about helping me out of these vines?"

Oddly Swift didn't move. Helios was wondering why she was just standing there and was about to say something, when the realization hit him.

She was considering whether or not she should free him from his current predicament; being bound up before her, quite vulnerable.

And he was pretty sure he knew why she was thinking it over.
Dusk slowly climbed out of the arena like hole. He wanted nothing to do with it ever again. He had recovered his socks and shoes but his shirt was in ribbons. He looked around still tired. His only hope would be to attract someone to him. Hopefully someone that will help.

"H-HELP! ANYONE!" He yelled with the strength he had barely recovered. Slowly he crawled away from the pit. Hoping to never enter it again.
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As Fletcher's fingers danced and squeezed at her ribs, Snowy was enjoying herself as she was so vulnerable and helpless to stop him "oh gohohohohohd Fletchahahahahahahaha". Her laughter steadily increasing, Fletch suddenly attacks one of her underarms while continuing on her ribs "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA". This reaction from her makes him smile "ticklish underarms as well" she manages to nod her head through the laughter. "Is it your most ticklish spot" he focuses on her underarms, scribbling and poking bringing out more laughter from her "hahahahahahahahha Fletcher hahahahahahahahah".

She tries to bring her arms down but they weren't budging since he done a really good job at tying her "where's your most ticklish spot Snowy?". He asks feeling more confident as time goes on "I'm sure you want to tell me" she shakes her head laughing "NEVEHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA". He gives her underarms a good tickling for another few minutes until there's only silent laughter from her which makes him stop "Snowy are you okay?".

She breathes deeply, trying to regain her breath "I'm......fine" her chest rising and falling with each deep breath, she looks at him "don't worry about me, I can take it and besides you still haven't found out where I'm most ticklish". She says smiling "are you sure, I mean I don't want to over do it" "believe me Fletcher, you do what you want. You can even tickle me until I pass out since it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere". She could see him still wondering if he should continue "you're enjoying yourself right?" he nods "yeah" "so keep going, don't hold back, give me your all".

Seeing as she wants it to continue, he steps forward and starts tickling her sides making her squeak and giggle "there yohohohohoh gohohohohoho hehehehehehehe show me no mercy hehehehehehehe". With her now telling him to show her no mercy, he was going to show her what he could "tickle tickle little foxy woxy". She bursts out laughing as their tickle session continued all the while hoping he would eventually get to her sweet spot.........Her Belly.

Despite the fact that it was still morning, Maggie felt like she had endured a week's worth of teasing. And then Ariane had stopped just before the best part. The firebird had to know, and the extent Ariane was willing to tease was equal parts infuriating and alluring. But in any case, the cheetah felt like she was going to be frustrated all day. At least until they could get to the village, and presumably have some alone time in an actual room to herself. Or even get Stasia to help her with the situation. There was a thought. As the two had followed Maggie's nose through the branches, the familiar scent was exactly like it had been last night, and there was some chemical component to it that send an electric thrill down Maggie's spine, and resonated with her arousal.

But the athletic woman's musings were stopped short as Ariane and Maggie had finally come into contact with Anastasia. But unfortunately, that also meant the two of them were face to… 'face' with a horde of those creepily intelligent vines. Before either of them could put up much of a struggle, the vines came at them from all sides. No amount of claws or talons could deter them, and soon all three of them were trussed up in the vines, packaged like ticklish gifts. Their arms and legs are completely entangled in coils that rippled with botanical strength. Yet certain spots were left bare on all three: stomachs, underarms, thighs, exposed places were left with clear intent.

Yet none of the vines moved to tickle them, they merely restrained. None of the three could figure out the purpose as they dangled there, their eyes darting around with heightened anxiety. That's when it started. The feeling of fingertips seemed to glide across Ariane's belly, despite the fact that none of the vines moved, and nothing seemed to be there. She let out a ticklish squawk of surprise, but it was gone as quickly as it came. Then the sensation of ticklish stroking raked down Maggie's underarms, causing her to buck and yowl in her bonds. But again, despite looking all around her, none of the vines seemed to be the culprit.

Then the figure appeared before them. What was once a barely imperceptible shimmer in the dense foliage suddenly turned into a bright orange figure. Were it bipedal, it would have stood over seven feet tall. But both feet and hands had a similar structure, better fit to grasp and climb than to walk. Large eyes darted at each of the three, as the scaly form moved easily through the vines. The hard scales covering its back and limbs here a dark crimson, but its underbelly was a pastel pink, and looked much softer. It's figure indicated a feminine form, and all three of the prisoners realized what they were seeing. They had met their first tickle monster, which had the form of a giant chameleon. "Monster!" they all exclaimed, and renewed their futile struggling.

"Yess…." It hissed, the hint of an absurdly long tongue behind its lips evidence in its lisp. "And I've caught my prey. Didn't even have to separate you, you were all too busy tickling each other." The wide face grinned in triumph. "And now its my turn. We're going to have a lot of fun together. I plan on keeping you for a long time…" The chameleon held herself in the vines with a tail holding tightly to one, an arm to another, buffeting her long form in from of Anastasia. "And I'll think I'll start with you!"

The monster's free hand reached out and began tickling under Anastasia's outstretched arms. A dexterous foot reached forward to paw and stroke over the mink's exposed belly, spidering its fingers (toes?) across the fur that recoiled and rippled under its skillful touch. And the other foot maneuvered its way between Anastasia's thighs, skittering against the inner flesh of one, than the other. All the while those large eyes stared into the girl's own, and the mink exploded into ticklish laughter. Anastasia had already been hyped up from watching Ariane tickle Maggie within an inch of exploding, and now that lingering sensitivity had given her no resistance to the malevolent touch. She bucked and guffawed, her body twirling like a marionette tangled in its own strings, unable to do anything but hang in midair as her laughter echoed in the canopy.

"Ssssshhhh." The monster told her in a command the mink couldn't hope to obey. "So loud… but we can fix that." The chameleon clicked her long tongue in her mouth, and somehow the vines snapped to obey her wishes. A vine coiled its way across Anastasia's mouth, gagging her and muffling her laughter. The monster grinned again and continued her quest. Anastasia was being tickled senseless, nothing like the deliciously erotic pawing she had gotten from Maggie, nor the playful tickling from Ariane. The monster was intent on overstimulating her body, slowly driving her mad with forced mirth. All she could do was writhe in her bonds as large hands played with her taut belly, a finger probing at her stretched navel. From the hand raking its way up and down her underarms, first one and then the other. From still a third appendage, playing with her inner thighs, taking advantage of the sensitivity her earlier state had put her in.

Maggie could only watch in fascination and horror. It was an intense and terrible tickling, to be sure. And yet, perhaps because of her earlier mood, Maggie couldn't help but notice the way Stacia bucked and arched her body from the tickling. Despite the situation, Maggie couldn't help but admire the furred form, the way her bust protruded as she arched her back, the way her belly shook under the monster's touch. But there was also fright, as Maggie knew she was likely next in line to be the recipient of the monster's ministrations.

Ariane managed to keep her composure, despite her nervousness at their plight. "Excuse me, ma'am." The monster paused in its tickling, turning its large eyes to the firebird in an annoyed expression. "I just wanted to ask… how exactly do you control these vines? You're not a plant yourself, how do you get them to do your bidding?"

The question made the monster smirk, seeming to enjoy the question as if it were praise. "Simple, ticklish prey. The vines crave ticklish flesh, and so do I. If they obey me, they can feel this lovely thing giggle and shake in their grip." The monster turned to continue, but before she could Ariane kept speaking.

"Interesting. I've never seen such plant-animal cooperation. Helios would probably be too fascinated to speak. But it makes me curious. How do you keep these vines from tickling you in order to get what they want?" Maggie turned toward Ariane, wondering if she her calm tone meant she had completely given up. But the two briefly made eye contact, and the feline saw a clever glint in the phoenix's eye.

"Rrph." The monster snorted, clearly displeased by the line of questioning that was interrupting its triumphant moment. "Simple. I give them what they want: ticklish toys to play with. And you three will keep the vines entertained for some time!" The giant chameleon's tone became abrupt, as if to cut short the conversation and get back to business, its eyes drifting back towards the sensitive furry mink in its grasp.

"But I bet you're pretty ticklish, too!" This time it was Maggie who piped up. "Look at that long, smooth belly of yours. I think those vines would have a lot of fun dragging their tips against it, and feeling you shiver and giggle…" The cheetah even started to get recover a semblance of a predatory grin, regaining confidence despite her restraints. "These vines would probably be entertained for days!"

"I think you're right, Maggie!" Ariane agreed, nodding sagely as if they were discussing philosophy over a bottle of wine. "Why, considering the surface area, this ticklish reptile could have double the vines tickling her that'd cover all three of us! Just look at the expanse of ticklish underbelly, the soft chest, the pavilion of inner arms and thighs! The three of us could easily tickle her all at once and not bump into each other!"

"Enough, both of you!" The monster snapped at them angrily. But the three of them noticed the vines constraining them slacking, loosening their hold on them. It seemed like they were listening, weighing their options. Even Anastasia could feel it, despite the fact that she was still giddy with lingering tickles, and the vine around her muzzle kept her silent, unable to join in on the retaliatory taunts.

"Can you imagine? Dozens of vines crawling all over you?" Maggie teased, her voice dripping with the conveyed imagery, in a way that reminded Anastasia of the woman's hot breath in her ear the night before. "Feathery tips just snaking their way under yours arms, brushing all over that sensitive belly, finding spots you didn't even know existed!" The feline continued to taunt, and as she did Ariane and Anastasia both felt their bonds weaken even further. Maggie was clearly having fun with Ariane's gambit, taking to the verbal sparring with an almost unnerving enthusiasm. Each of the other two girls felt a shiver run down their spine from Maggie's words. As for Maggie herself, she was hypnotizing herself as well, her predatory instincts kicking in as she envisioned her large prey giggling and moaning under a combination of vine strokes and furry caresses.

"I said be quiet!" The monster shouted. "I'll teach you to-hoho… AH!" The monster recoiled as a vine seemed to experimentally probe along her side. "Stop that! I've given you three ticklish bodies! Obey! What more do you wahahant?! NO!" The chameleon snarled as another vine reached out to test her, caressing her underneath the soft chest that hung pendulously in the soft pink color of her undercoat. The chameleon batted both the offending vines away from her, but all of them seemed to sense that a tide was turning, that these vines were being taught to sense a new target.

And all three of them were starting to feel the vines coiled around them loosen enough to wriggle free.
Anastasia mmphed out something of her own, just trying to be helpful -but reinforced by the sensation of her hiking shoes slowly being peeled quietly off by a pair of vines. Biologically incapable of observing her pleas, the vine soon left the to dangle some distance behind her, and the mink squirmed with renewed vigour as the air brushed over her naked soles.

"I said get off me!" 'Lizzie' (what with her endless depth of wit, Stasia could really call her nothing else) snapped, kicking away one of the vines as it wiggled against her side naughtily. "Haha-hey! You cut that out!" The monster turned a deep, rusty red at the continued probes of the indecisive plants. She spun in a full circle, trying to keep ahead of the curious foliage, tail flicking out like some outlandish grazing animal to swat away the venturesome tips.

"Man, just look at that tail!" Drawled Ariane, the phoenixes seeming completely relaxed as she hung limp in her leafy bondage. "Half the forest could probably find space with room to spare! I bet all along it would feel just like someone was tickling at your thighs, or the backs of your knees, or that one pesky little stretch just below your wrists..." She shook her head in wonderment. "Positively diabolical."

"I said enoughhouhough!" Yelled Lizzie, angry command breaking off into a shocked giggle as a vine goosed the base of her tail. Ariane was right; it really was ticklish. "That's it! Now I've got to show them why we work together!" The monster fumed and promptly launched into a redoubled attack on her nearest captive. Tail to the feet, hands to thighs, tongue to midriff, one foot to sides, all moving as if controlled by an independent, but still diabolically experienced tickler. It was an impressive feat in of itself.

As they had waited for other prey to blunder into their grip, the vines hadn't been idle with Anastasia. Utilizing overwhelming superiority of strength, they had flipped her vertical again, strapping her against the upper trunk of another tree, with her arms belted above her head, knees pointing downwards, lower limbs folded so that her tail and feet curled up and together behind the thick trunk. The position saw her firmly stuck fast even when weighed against the mightiest inducements to move -such as those she was now undergoing- with her legs spread and all targets offered to the curious on a veritable silver platter. Luckily she was still fully clothed, at least.

All the same, she practically cried into the gag under Lizzie's attack, twisting side to side as if she hoped to rip free of the tree, head rolling as the monster continue her work. The scalie's tongue had wormed its way through the buttons of her front, curling up under her undershirt to lap at her navel and belly. To the frenetic mink, the entire gross length was cold, slimy, and tickled abominably. The only thing that could compare, Anastasia noted dismally as she writhed and squirmed, was the pointy tail-tip dragging and poking along the soles of her feet, stimulating all over the previously unmolested limbs with shocking dexterity.

It was almost as bad as the 'foot' that was squeezing and pinching up her side, held nice and steady by the vines, unable to do anything by way of movement except shake with Anastasia's giggle-strewn breath. Luckily, she was still wearing her long-sleeved plaid shirt, which offered some protection -but which was doubtless the least useful under the deep-muscle gargalesis Lizzie was hurling at her.

“You have to admire that kind of coordination, I suppose,” Said Ariane leisurely. “With all those long limbs… I bet it results in some very interesting brain structures. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was subdivided into multiple personalities, with each one responding to the same tickling separately.”

“Wait- so you mean there’s, like, four people in there?” Asked Maggie lounging back comfortably, but every inch the eager pupil. “And she’s already got more skin area than the three of us combined- now it’s up to the equivalent of a dozen of us. Makes me wish I could get at her. It’s a real shame that there’s no one taking advantage.”

With an attack on all fronts, Stasia could only scream helplessly into her meaty gag in frustration. But of all the areas under fire -the tongue flicking and probing deep in her navel, sliding along her belly like some greasy gastropod, the fine tail-tip dancing over her wiggling and immobile foot-paws, the heavy paw driving deep into her aching side- that was nothing compared to the ongoing attack on her thighs. With her knees forcibly spread to the utmost on either side of the trunk, Anastasia's skirt had risen up to only cover the few inches below her waistline, and incidentally showing off both legs nicely. As the single largest stretch of exposed body that she had, it was only natural that Lizzie should attack there, and the scalie had set to it with a will. Her hands alternated, one groping and squeezing up and down one side, while the other rapidly gnawed at the diminutive hollow formed where the base of her leg met her groin.

Always a torturously sensitive spot, the fiend's instinctive techniques were fast dragging Anastasia to insanity. Under the onslaught, the mink could do nothing but twist faintly in her bonds, movements so tiny that they gave an impression that she was only twitching under the ministrations of a gentle tickler, as opposed to the desperate struggle of freedom from the sadist's touch that was truthfully taking place. Her lungs hurt, breath practically sneezing in and out of her gag in ragged staccato bursts. And with every squeeze of her thighs against the trees, every arrested arch of her back, every attempt to force her arms down or her legs together, every act of defiance only made the vines hang on tighter.

"She's hardly moving," Maggie was noting loudly. "And I know that she's a squirmer! That can't even be that ticklish."

"No wonder -Stasia's covered in clothes," Added Ariane with an air of professional distaste. "In fact, we all are! Oh wait; everyone except our big scalie, ticklish friend here. She'd really have no defence at all if something were to go after her..."

The monster just carried on busily torturing Anastasia with a will -even when a venturesome a vine flicked its fern-like tip up her vulnerable side. Undeterred except for a giggle, Lizzie just growled and drove in all the harder, and the vine slowly pulled back.

"Stasia!" Hissed Maggie abruptly, suddenly urgent as it seemed the vines were still reluctant to switch loyalties. "Stasia, you've got so stop struggling! It only makes the vines hungrier!"

"Ten seconds! Hold still for ten seconds!" Pleaded Ariane. "You can do it!" She glared at the vines holding her. "Come on, you lot! What are you waiting for? The prime cut's right there!"

Fighting for breath, lungs and limb aching, mouth throbbing, mind adrift in a tempestuous aether of ticklish fire, Anastasia barely heard their entreaties. But 'barely' sufficed, and the mink forced herself to go limp, teeth biting down on her gag by way of a pressure-stick. The taste of some kind of earthy fluid stung her mouth as her jaws clenched, neck muscles bulging out, but the mink held on, lolling idly in her floral restraints as the barrage continued unabated. Lizzie poured on the tickling, digging almost violently into the expanses of tender flesh and soft fur offered to her, hissing and spitting with frustration as the mink hung like a giggling cadaver.

It wasn't easy. The urge to move was as insistent if it were a colossal hill of army ants she were staked to and not a tree, as if the thrills and rifles that ran down her nerves and coerced belts of laughter from her gut were actually teams of crawling biting insects. It certainly helped that she already felt so very, very tired.

If Lizzie hadn't already tickled so hard earlier, if she hadn't already been hiking all day, if the gag had let her breath properly- but no, the mink was exhausted, and now she had a reason not to struggle at last. If… She could just… Hold… On… Impulsively, not one but two vines flicked in and out to goose over Lizzie, and the lizard laughed but pressed on.

"You’re doing it! Just hold still!" Called Ariane. Gently testing the bonds of plant-matter coiled around her own limbs.

"You're almost there!" Added Maggie, unconsciously mirroring her feathered confederate as she very carefully extricated one leg. The vines were loosening! It had to be now.

Even as the duo watched -Stasia with her eyes screwed tight as a submarine's hatches- more vines stabbed in to tease over the would-be predator. At first, her busy tonguing of the mink's underbelly was interrupted by chortles, then gasps, then full-fledge chuckles, and finally Lizzie was forced to pull back for air. Her hands left off worrying Stasia’s side to swat away a vine, then had to repeat themselves after a few minutes, then only a few seconds later. Like a boulder perched on a mountainous precipice for a hundred years and more that finally decided to make the plummet, Lizzie began to loose control.

The air all around the doomed reptile was full of darting and lashing vines, coming at her from every angle, as if the plant was slowly warming to the idea of this new and previously unexplored prey. For every rake of claws down Anastasia's sides, vines danced and swirled over her own twice over. Every squeeze to her captive's legs was echoed by the half-dozen devious fronds swirling and prodding over her own hips.

Lizzie practically danced on the spot, first going to two feet, then pulling her hands away to swat at the vines, then collapsing backwards fully, tongue stabbing the air as she laughed uncontrollably, pulling back from the tree trunk and hunkering down. There were too many, it was too much.

Slowly, gently, mentally yelling back as the nerves screaming at them to hurry, Ariane and Maggie pulled themselves loose, exchanging grins as they watched their brilliant handiwork. Before them, Lizzie had curled into a fetal position, rocking back and forth on the broad branch, laughing hysterically as the plants swarmed over her mercilessly. The frenzied creature flashed through a throbbing kaleidoscope of colours, flickering through dozens of neon shades in moments. Fire-amber-sunset-desert-ruby-each briefer and more garish than the last.

"Get her!" Fur and Feather cried in unison, springing to the attack. But Maggie had no sooner slid to her knees next to their quarry, hands wiggling into the creases of her underarms, when Lizzie screamed out.

"I submit! Ahhahahahahahahahaha! Isuhuhubmithahit!" And with a final desperate lunge, she rolled sideways off the branch, hurling herself downwards into the arboreal abyss. Taken with their quarry, the vines all but flew in their pursuit. And then there was silence.

As they turned to face Anastasia on knees the consistency of jelly, the duo shared a smug high-five. Releases by the vines' sudden flight, the mink slumped forward, falling and catching herself on the branch in a push-up position. Maggie and Ariane helped her back up, supporting her shaking body in between them.

"You did great," Said Maggie reassuringly. "If you had struggled just once we might never have gotten out of that."

"Nice work, but I have to say, that I wasn’t really worried for a moment,” said Ariane, wrapping the minks other arm over her shoulders. "As it is, we may have defeated our first monster, gang!"

"Good... Job..." Gasped Stasia. Suddenly, moving seemed like it would require a lot of effort. Grudgingly, she sat down on the tree-limb. "If (pant) you two hadn't thought so fast, I'd be insane by now, and we'd have never gotten out. Best (pant, pant) best impromptu acting I've ever seen (wheeze)."

"Of course, we still don't know how to get back down to the clearing," Maggie noted pensively, staring over the precipice that had swallowed their erstwhile assailant. "It's hard to tell, but it seems like a long fall to me."

"Yeah; I guess that it's the Arboreal Elevator again." With a disproportionate air of casualness, Ariane reached into a leafy bough and yanked out a vine. It squirmed in her grip, tip probing up to poke around at the soft organism that had accosted it -only to drop back down as the phoenixess gave it a stern crack with her hand. "Like this! Grab on!" Reluctantly, her two companions grabbed onto the vine next to her, Stasia blinking to herself in bemusement.

"I don't get it. What elevator? What are we supposed to do-ooooooooo-" She broke off in a scream as Ariane gave the vine another sharp yank and all three beasts were promptly hauled off the branch, rappelling down through the jungle at break-neck speed. "-Ooooooooooooooo!" Anastasia grunted as they thudded back into solid ground, preceding a veritable avalanche of leaves and twigs. Ariane grinned at her.

"See? Nothing to it. Now come on- I think we should get to this village thing of Helios’s before some other monsters show up."
Day three. So far i haven't found anyone or seen any signs of a man-made shelter ever since I've arrived here. Though there's something strange about this place. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it always feels like there's something watching me at all times in this place. If that's the case, then it's doing just that so far. Watching. Perhaps waiting for the right moment to present itself to me before doing onto me what it seeks to do. Whatever the reason it has, (if this thing is indeed real and is indeed stalking me) I've decided to keep pushing forward.

After a couple of hours of wandering around however, i ended up coming across a man-made structure of some kind. It looked like a fantasy style inn, though it seemed to be in a state of disarray, almost as if something tore the whole place apart. Though it was still standing, at least i would have a roof over my head, and perhaps there were some bread crumbs laying around somewhere inside. Perhaps even a hole in the walls i could use just in case someone was indeed still living here.

So i took a look inside. I started on the first floor which housed the dinning hall. Tables and chairs were overturned and tossed around the place like a storm rushed on in and then left in a hurry. At least i could tell right away that no one was occupying this part of the place. And i even found some stale bread crumbs on the floor just like i thought i would. At least i wouldn't go hungry for a while longer anyway.

After i had my fill, i decided to explore the second floor where all the rooms were. I couldn't hear any noises up here either, so i conformed that there wasn't anyone else in the inn with me at the time. At the time. That could change if other people like myself decided to come in here and claim it for themselves.

Whatever was going to happen next, i decided it could wait until i found some decent shelter inside a wall perhaps. Somewhere where i would be safe just in case someone else did come inside.
"Was all that really necessary?" Helios asked as he brushed himself off.

"Hey, you asked for my help in getting untangled, so I helped you!"

"Sureee you did." Helios deadpanned. He was pretty sure getting helped out of a tangle of vines did not involve getting tickled for about 15 minutes. The phoenix was glad he wore clothes that at least properly covered his torso, despite the humidity it at least gave those spots some protection. His talons on the other hand...

Swift just giggled and prodded his side, eliciting another jolt from Helios. "Not my fault you're ticklish" she teased him. The phoenix got a glare in his eyes and went to retaliate by getting those hips of hers, but before his fingers could reach her she'd jumped back up onto a limb, smirking down at the bird.

"You are fast, you know that?" The two avians shared a chuckle.

Another rumble of thunder sounded, which brought Helios back to...well not Earth, but whatever this place was.

"Alright, I gotta go find my friends and get them moving before the rain starts. There should be some kind of village around here, but I'm afraid I've kind of lost my sense of direction. You wouldn't happen to know which way it is?"

"Actually, I think I saw that village of yours while I was flying around. It's about a mile or so that way." Swift pointed off into the forest.

Helios nodded and started to head off, but only took about 2 steps before he turned around and addressed Swift again. "You coming with me?"

Swift just smiled and shook her head. "If it's all the same, I'd rather stay here."

Confused, Helios tilted his head up at her. "What? How come?"

"Oh, don't get me wrong. It's nothing you did. It's just...I kinda prefer working alone. I know it's cliched and all but that's really what I prefer doing." She gave an almost apologetic shrug.

Disappointment briefly flashed over Helios's face, but only for an instant and then it was replaced by concern. "Are you sure? This world is pretty dangerous, considering that just about everything is out to tickle us."

"Hey, don't worry about me. I can handle whatever tickle monsters are thrown at us." She grinned down at the bird and wiggled a few of her fingers at him.

"Well, where are you heading, then?"

Swift thought for a moment. "If what you told me is really the only way out of here, then I guess I'll have to go fight some monsters at those arena places. And eventually I'll have to get to that city."

Swift looked down and saw Helios had suddenly taken an interest in the forest floor. If only to mask the downcast look on his face.

"Maybe I'll see you there." She said.

That seemed to perk up Helios a bit and he gave her a nod. "Well, I'd better get going. It was nice meeting you Swift, and good luck."

The owless nodded at her fellow avian. "Likewise, and you too, Helios." With that she lept off the branch and soared back through the forest clearing.

Helios trodded back to the place where he was pretty sure Fletcher and Snowy were waiting. The phoenix was not too happy with himself for returning to them empty handed. Right now they needed all the help they could get to survive in this place, and he was returning with next to nothing.

Well, not next to nothing, he reminded himself. He was given a direct path to the village, so the trip wasn't a total loss. Still, it was too bad that he didn't have a pretty owl coming with him. But such things couldn't be helped; owls did tend to have something of an independent streak.

Helios looked around, seeing no sign of the coatl or the vixen. Until he heard what was unmistakably laughter. His senses sharpening, he dashed in that direction, hoping beyond all hope that some fiend hadn't grabbed the two while he was out. That was just what he needed after all that-

He came across a scene that he'd never thought he'd see. Fletcher had tied up Snowy to a tree trunk and was tickling the poor fox silly. And based on her reactions, it seemed like she was loving this.

The bird allowed himself a smile. Nice to see Fletch at least coming out of his shell at long last.


"Ugh, finally." Ariane quipped as she stepped into the outskirts of the village. It appeared that the "event" that reshaped the world had done quite a number on the settlement. Places that were once hubs for friends and lovers were now abandoned and decaying. It really was too bad, and Ariane wondered just what had become of the inhabitants.

"This place must've been nice once." Anastasia quipped. "Wonder how long it's been since anyone was here?"

"My guess is not very. For all we know there could still be people here." Maggie responded.

Ariane nodded at that, her eyes gazing around, looking for anything that could resemble a place to hole up. Eventually she settled on what looked to be an inn.

"This way, we can stay there until the others catch up with us." She turned to give a lewd grin at her companions "And you two can finally have some real privacy."

The mink and the cheetah blushed so hard that it showed through their fur. Ariane laughed to herself and headed off towards the inn. Her companions followed, undoubtedly making plans for what they were going to do to the phoenix once they were alone with her.
Name: Tori

Age: 17

Gender: male

Sexuality: bi (likes either gender equally)

Ticklish spots: neck, chest, stomach, back, feet

Appearance: Tori is a nekomata. He has grey fur with a white underbelly. A natural born gymnast, he can stretch out of any hold if been grabbed. Wears a long sleeve blue shirt with a green vest over it,purple sweatpants, and white sneakers with blue stripes.

Personality: Tori is a playful catboy who loves making new friends. He loves tickling as much as being tickled. When he encounters a cute person, he immediately starts to have a conversation with them. He won't tickle anywon unless they want to.

Tori was out camping in the woods, enjoying being out in nature.

Then he started hearing screaming, calling for help. Hearing this, Tori gets up and starts to investigate the call for help.

He hears the voice getting louder and on his next turn, he look to see a wolf crawling on the ground. "Hey are you ok?" Tori ask him. The wolf looks up at the nekomata. He extends a paw to the cat which he accepts. He hunch him over his shoulders. "Come on. We're heading to my camp!" Tori said as they head back.
Dusk was still very much so tired. He wanted to point out the inn he noticed earlier. But he was on the verge of just blacking out. Unlike the other groups, dusk didn't realize what was in the forest. He hadn't yet explored it.

Before long he was lowered and set down, slightly shaking from the before incident. When he was back to full strength he'd talk with his "savior".
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Scribbling his fingers over her body, Fletcher was too busy bringing Snowy to the verge of crying with laughter to notice Helios had returned "looks like you 2 have been keeping yourselves occupied while I've been gone". Fletcher jumps at the sound of his voice "Helios........you're back" walking over to them, he notices Fletch's handy work in tying up Snowy. "You enjoying yourself there?" she nods while trying to regain her breath "very much" he smiles "I can see that". He takes hold of one of the vines that secure her to the tree "what are you doing?" she asks "we need to get to the village.

She whimpers "can't that wait, me and Fletcher are having fun" she smiles at Fletcher "besides, we're in no rush". Helios sighs "sorry to ruin your fun Snowy but we need to get to that village before nightfall and you being tied to a tree isn't going to help". He looks at Fletcher "give me hand in freeing her" getting a nod from him, they start to untie her "don't you want a go Helios?" she asks not wanting the tickling to end so soon "Snowy if I tickled you, you wouldn't last 10 seconds".

This only made her smile "sounds like a challenge" she bites her lip making him shake his head "maybe later". As he works at the vines that are securing her arms, Fletcher had already released her legs "jeez Fletcher, you're really good at tying". Fletcher smiles "thanks, here let me do it" while Fletcher releases Snowy, Helios looks around the forest "so did you find that owl lady?" asks Snowy just as Fletcher gets her loose "oh.....yeah I found her".

"Was she one of the creatures we're trying to avoid" Fletcher asks "no, she's in the same situation as we are". Snowy looks behind Helios "where is she?" "She decided to go it alone" the 2 of them both nod "okay, so off to the village then?" Helios nods "yeah this way". As they trekked through the forest, Helios lead up front while the other 2 walked behind him chatting to each other. "Come on Fletcher please, just a quick tickle" "but Helios said we need to get to this village" "you can tickle me while we walk, look I'll even put my hands on my head".

"Snowy" she looks at Helios "stop pestering Fletcher, we need to focus". "But he didn't get to the best bit" Helios looks over his shoulder to see Snowy pout "I'll tell you what, once we get to the village, I might allow you 2 some......privacy but only if you're good". She claps her hands in excitement "okay deal, I'll be good" with that done with, Helios could focus on the job at hand.......getting to the village. They had finally made it to the village but there was no sight of the others "Ariane, Maggie, Anastasia are you here?" Helios calls out hoping for a response.
(Welcome to the group, Dragon. Always good to have more positive contributions. One thing: this campfire has an adult rating, and as such all characters should be at least 18. I don't think it's too much to ask for Tori to be one year older? That way everything is on the level.)

Turning around, Maggie noticed the dark clouds that were quickly moving in from behind them. It looked like they had reached a shelter just in time, if they had to camp out in the forest tonight they would've gotten soaked. And the cheetah would have definitely hated that. So much better to have a roof over their heads. Not to mention the prospect of actually having some alone time. Or some not so alone time… Maggie mused, eyeing the young mink out of the corner of her eye, noting the sway in her walk as she hurried to catch up with Ariane as the three entered the inn.

It was immediately clear that the inn had been abandoned, probably after the earthquake Helios had talked about. Chairs, cups and other such things were strewn about the floor; otherwise the building seemed intact. "Hello?" Anastasia called out. "Is anyone here?" The three looked at each other, and with a glance seemed to be of one mind. "I'll look upstairs," the mink said, claiming that bit of exploration, "Don't worry, I'll yell if anything happens to me." With that the girl bounded up the steps with an energy that belied all they had already been through today.

Maggie stepped a few paces forward when a pleasant scent wafted past her nose, reminding her of something very important. "Food!" While her breed's strengths were in its burst of speed and relied on eyesight more than scent, nonetheless she had the sharpest nose of the three. Maggie ran down a flight of stairs behind a counter, to what was presumably the cellar. The doors to it had been rattled; the earthquake had jammed the door shut as it sunk upon its foundation. But this didn't deter the athletic feline, who grabbed the cellar door and pulled with all her might.

The door groaned and creaked in response, bending but not giving way. Maggie tugged again, getting the same result, her body tensed in an impressive display of sinew and muscle as she wordlessly demanded the prize behind the thick hardwood door. "C'mon!" Maggie growled at Ariane, who now stood behind her, watching the spectacle. "Don't just stand there, help me open it!"

Ariane eyed Maggie for a long moment, her eyes moving over the taut frame of her body, seeing the way her muscles rippled smoothly under the short fur. Admittedly, it was very entertaining to watch the cheetah strain herself. But the sight gave Ariane an impish idea, and she moved behind Maggie. Instead of pulling in tandem as the struggling feline had intended, Ariane reached out to goose the other woman's sides, giving the spot just above her hips a series of quick little squeezes. With a yowling laugh, the cheetah exploded like an uncoiling spring, and in doing so yanked the door free of its jam.

The two of them tumbled to the floor, Maggie on top of Ariane, but with the firebird's hands still poised at the cat's sides. The two of gazed into each other's eyes for a few seconds, until Ariane said calmly "What? It worked, didn't it?" Maggie gave her a glare that said 'If I weren't half-starved, you'd be giggling on the floor right now.' But the two put aside the nascent feud and looked into the cellar. To their astonishment, it was full of food. Barrels of dried fruit and nuts lined the walls, cans filled with who knew what were on shelves. There were jugs of fresh water, and what looked to be bottles of wine labeled in a script foreign to them both. And to Maggie's delight, great cuts of butchered, salted meat hung from the ceiling, the remains of a number of unknown animals.

Maggie dashed into the cellar and quickly ripped a massive drumstick off the butchered remains of some kind of equally enormous bird, biting into the meat with a predatory hunger. Ariane eyed the room with more reserve, noting to herself that it seemed to have enough reserves to feed the group for months, if it came to that. If the owners of this place truly weren't coming back, this inn could serve as an excellent base from which to plan their next move against these 'tickle monsters.' Then Ariane looked back at Maggie, gorging herself on bird meat. "I hope whatever you're eating wasn't intelligent." The phoenix said dryly.

"If it was, I didn't kill it." Maggie said, her mouth half full, making it an effort to reply. "And it's not intelligent now, is it?" The cheetah was absorbed in the meal, needing to replenish her strength after all the exertion of the past two days. Yet her simple reply had an inescapable logic.

Ariane grabbed a bag of dried fruit and a bag of nuts. "I think I'm going to examine the outside of the building." She decided that the way Maggie dug into her bird meat was just a little unnerving, and it would be wise to explore the perimeter. Casually munching on her food, birdlike in her slow eating, she walked back upstairs and headed back outside.

Meanwhile, Anastasia explored the upstairs. She found it equally deserted, consisting of a number of rooms with beds, which was consistent with it being an inn. The upstairs was oddly less disheveled than the main room, but perhaps it was because there was little else to each room but a bed and a dresser. Had the mink heard Maggie yowl, she would have ran back downstairs, but the building was build sturdily, and sound didn't penetrate past the bedroom's thick walls. Anastasia wandered into one room, and ran her hand along the bed. The mattress was plush and soft, and the blankets of a pleasant silky material. The mink imagined how nice it'd be to be under those covers… and then she thought of Maggie: her long, lithe form against the silky sheets, her body pressed into the plush mattress, the feel of her warm body under the mink's paws, her firm curves shuddering under her teasing touch, the two of them pressed against each other as… the girl shook her head to pull herself out of the daydream, and turned to hurry downstairs to share what she had found.

Anastacia eventually found the cellar, as well as the object of her lusty daydream gnawing on what was left of the giant bird's thigh. "Maggie! I found entire bedrooms, with beds! They look…" Before she could describe the comfy beds and their potential uses, the cheetah interrupted her.

"Hey, 'Stasia!" Maggie called out, beckoning her over. "This place is great! Here, have some meat. I don't know what kind of bird this is, but its delicious." Maggie gestured to the rest of the bird, at which point Anastasia's mouth watered with the realization that she couldn't remember the last time she had eaten. Breaking off a wing, the mink felt like she ate voraciously, but it couldn't match the cheetah's aggressive devouring of the carcass. The two ate next to each other, silent except for the sounds of aggressive eating and drinking.

Eventually sated, the two relaxed with a contented sigh. The cheetah looked wistfully at those strange bottles of wine with the unknown script, before deciding to pass for the moment. Maybe later, once everyone gets here. Does 'Stasia drink wine? She is pretty young… The woman's thoughts wandered as she leaned back, grinning contentedly after the meal. Anastasia found herself gazing at the pleased expression, until Maggie's ears perked up. "Oh. When you came in, you were saying something about beds?"

Anastasia grinned and grabbed Maggie's hand, bringing them both to their feet, her eyes brightening. "Yea! C'mon, let me show you!" The mink said with enthusiasm as she pulled the taller woman up the stairs, turning around to flash her an unmistakable look.


Ariane completed her walk around the edge of the building. It looked quite sturdy, whoever had built this inn had done a much better job than on some of the surrounding structures. It looked like they weren't at any risk of it collapsing on them. The firebird looked down the various streets she could without straying, but saw no other sign of life. It appeared that the villagers had fled. Looking up, the sky was darkening quickly, not from a setting sun but from a heavy storm rolling in, thunder booming faintly in the distance.

Then Ariane heard a noise that she recognized. "Helios!" she cried out, "Is that you? Over here!" After another round of calls, Ariane was soon reunited with her brother and the others. The three looked none the worse for wear, but Ariane was amused to see Snowy at the center of everyone's attention. Helios was glaring at her like an annoyed parent, while Fletcher was ogling her like a nervous teenager on a first date. Snowy was giving such flirtatious looks at the both of them that Ariane was surprised they made it despite the distraction. Then again, Ariane did beat them, and her group had been very distracted.

"Sis!" Helios said, giving his sibling a brief hug. "I take it everything's alright on your end?" Not much slipped past her brother, if something was wrong she'd have said so immediately. As it was, things must be going well. Then Helios looked down at the bag of nuts Ariane was casually munching on, something that quickly got the attention of all three of them, despite Snowy's coquettishness. "Sis, where'd you find that food?" Helios asked, all three of them looking suddenly hungry, even Snowy temporarily dropping her frisky attitude.

"What? Oh this!" Ariane said with a teasingly innocent air. "There's a ton of it back at the inn we found. Enough to feed all of us for months. Why, hungry?" Ariane said with a grin, forgetting how famished she had been only minutes ago. "Maggie and Anastasia are manning the fort, I'm sure they've eaten their fill already."

"You left Maggie and Anastasia alone together?" Snowy asked, the suggestion in her voice obvious.

Ariane made a quick snort of laughter. "Trust me, it's better than getting between them. We can head back and eat, and once we're done we can regroup with those two and swap stories. I'm sure you guys had some fun too…" Ariane said, giving her brother a knowing look, able to read the subtle but not completely hidden expression on his face. The group turned towards the inn, just as the first droplets of rain started falling from the sky.
She had been completely right earlier, Anastasia noted with hazy satisfaction: The bed really was extraordinarily comfortable. Amber candlelight washed over her naked fur as she reclined upon the soft furnishing, mind peacefully adrift in itself, her worn muscles the consistency of fine jelly. Let in through some crack in the wall, a minuscule wisp of cold air brushed over her leg, setting the candle flames to swaying like corn stalks, a million miles away. Considerably closer was the feeling of Maggie's warm fur pressed into her side.

Beyond the room, separated from its quarry by a single pane of low-grade glass, the storm rampaged across the valley in a fury. Inside, languid pupils reflecting the pinprick illuminations of a half a dozen candles, Stasia felt content, like her ongoing status as a solid was a matter of pure coincidence, and that she couldn't care less if it should change and she should melt away right there. After such prolonged exertion, the perfectly contented mink probably wouldn’t have hurried had one the candles they found slipped and set the room on fire.

"Maggie?" She mumbled, nudging the lightly dozing form next to her with one arm. "Hey, Maggie?"

"… …S'what?"

"That thing... That thing you did with your tail... S'wasn't... S'wasn't fair..."


"You can't just hold someone down... Like that... In a full nelson, and use your tail to tickle 'em. S'not fair..."


"Yeah..." Ponderously, Anastasia rolled herself over, snout nuzzling against the crook of her lover's neck, right arm wriggling its way under the small of the cheetah’s back. The scent of the cheetah's musk, she noted as if it were some small detail in a distant dream, was, of all things, uncannily similar to a fresh batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies. Cool.

"Yeah." Her eyes fell closed to the comfortingly heavy sensation of Maggie's arm wrapping around her snugly, fingertips lightly fiddling over the curve of her hipbone. Anastasia giggled, squirming slightly under the minute tickling, snuggling against her partner's firm, warm body all the harder.

There was no denying that she had definitely come off the worse over the past hour, a testament reinforced by the way her body was still warm and tingling from the endless rounds of tickling the cheetah had unleashed. Having her arms pinned behind her head and her waist immobilized by the playfully sadistic cheetah's strong thighs wrapped securely around her -leaving Maggie's tail to circle and dust all across her belly and beyond- had been but one of many positions. And now, as Maggie gave her side a mischievous tweak, scratching her fingers up still higher, making her squeak and squirm despite her languorous exhaustion, Anastasia suspected her partner still wasn't entirely sated.

"H-hey. Maggie... Maggie, cut it out. I'm trying, hehehe, I’m trying to relax here..."

Lazily, Maggie rolled over on one side, eyeing her speculatively. Almost casually, she acquired a hold on Anastasia's free wrist, easily pinning the limp appendage to the bed next to the mink's head. Her other hand gently alighted on the mink's diaphragm, feeling the rise and fall of her nervous breath.

"And I'm just trying to have a good time," Purred Maggie, drawing her hand down the mink's soft midriff, lone pointed finger weaving a ticklish trail through her fur. Anastasia chuckled up at her nervously, arm rolling where it lay pinned under Maggie’s back, twitching as the cheetah continued her uninterrupted play.

Gracefully, Maggie rolled over on top of her, nude body resplendent in the soft candlelight. Anastasia took a deep breath as Maggie collected her now free hand, giving a sheepishly ticklish smile as the feline stroked over her belly with latent potency. Gradually, with no small show of ease, Maggie pinned both of the younger woman's hands over her head, safely out of way as she admired the voluptuous set of full curves on offer before her.

Staring sheepishly up into those slit-pupil lynx eyes, Anastasia could only do a kind of nervous shimmy on the spot. Over the past hour -and after their break from ecstatic exhaustion, she suspected it was now about to segue into another- the point had been reinforced an abundance of times: Maggie was too strong, her self-control, too powerful, for the smaller mink to hope to match.

The athletic cat-woman had managed to force her into half-a-dozen holds easily, targeting a different body-part each time. Even in the positions that had left a body part exposed to counterattack, the cheetah had done little more than giggle under Anastasia' most frantic efforts, tickling all the harder to hammer home just who was in charge here. The only way out was to get one of Maggie’s sweet-spots, which the cheetah had become comparatively adept at protecting some time ago.

And now, as Maggie circled her free hand over her comrade’s defenceless body, tail twisting and flicking animatedly through the air behind her, Anastasia could do little more than gulp and flinch in the cheetah's firm grip. Maggie let the anticipation build, let the mustelid silently know that there was no escape, that they would be here all night, a ticklish little cat-toy, that she would be reduced from that to a bundle of melted ticklish nerves before dawn was even halfway here. The candles flared in a renewed draft, distant thunder grumbled, Maggie drew her arm back to strike, and-

"Hey, are you two still busy in there?" The door tapped. "It's been over an hour. In any case, we're having a meeting down-stairs to talk about what to do. If you're not too busy, feel free to join us." Helios called out.

"We'll be right there!" Anastasia called, making yet another in a long and fruitless line of attempts to get an arm free from Maggie's control. Her eyes never strayed from the slowly circling paw looming over her.

"Just give us a second!" Until next time, Maggie licked her chops down at Anastasia, giving her arched belly a quick tickle, before sinuously sliding off and practically dancing over to the wardrobe. Anastasia shuddered at the close call, dusting herself off, sitting up -and pausing to admire the graceful twist of Maggie's hips as she strode across the room and began checking through the dresser.

"What are you doing?" Stasia asked, flopping forward and tottering after her on unsteady legs.

"Well, I don't know about you, but my own clothes are covered in sap, dirt, twigs, are soaked with sweat, and they feel like I’ve been living in them for two months instead of two days." Said Maggie, examining a fur scarf with distaste. "We've already holed up in someone's building, and someone else's room, and helped ourselves to their food. Borrowing a set of clothes is hardly out-of-place at this point. After all, we can always return it before we escape this place.”

"I guess so..." Said Anastasia slowly. She shrugged, picking up her own rapidly discarded clothing and folding it in a corner next to her pack.

"Euraka!" Said Maggie behind her. “Wait -don't look. Not until I've got it on." Anastasia dully paused, listening to the rain smashing down like an artillery barrage outside. "Okay, turn around!"

The mink turned, and broke out into a grin at the sight of her companion. Maggie had found a long skirt of a light blue material, surprisingly fine given its probable manufacture, and complimenting her golden fur nicely. Her tail, fitted through the appropriate ring of fabric at the back, seemed to be the only thing keeping the loose garment from sliding right off her; as it were, the airy clothing rode relatively low, leaving little of the muscles curves of her lower belly to the imagination. Something Stasia could only appreciate.

Complementarily, Maggie had tied a matching robin's egg coloured scarf snug around her chest, knotted tightly at the back. The stark-white fur of her bound bust stood out sharply, while the rest of her head-fur looked an even richer shade of gold under the contrast. Overall, the change from her work-out clothing was mild, but Stasia suspected she could’ve worn a garbage bag with arm-holes and made it look good. As it was, the cheetah seemed only all the more graceful for the change.

"Wow -you look really nice in all that!" Said Anastasia eagerly, staring hungrily as if trying to remember every detail at once. "Is there anything else in there, or am I going to have to use a blanket?" She stepped up and began poking through the dresser, eyes lighting up at something in the back.

She pulled out a what looked like a rumpled skirt similar to Maggie's, yet obsidian black and connected to a matching rigid top not unlike some variety of corset, or so the mink thought. The difference seemed to lie in that it lacked anything resembling a back, Anastasia noted wryly as she slipped into it, the bust instead held up by dual lengths of chain leading from the breast and adhering to a kind of choker.

She stood up fully, snapping the collar on with one paw, feeling the rest of the fabric hugging against her body tightly. Somewhat tight and restrictive, and too small to be modest, but the glossy midnight fabric squeezing against her could have been custom-built given the measurements.

"Like two-million bucks, Stasia." Maggie wolf-whistled, rubbing sultrily past her to get to the door. "Now come on, they're waiting downstairs." Anastasia lingered to blow out the candles before moving after her, only to pause, ram-rod straight, eyes wide and breathing carefully at the unexpected feathery sensation running over her thighs and chest. Yikes! This stuff tickled when it moved! She was going to have to watch out for that. Moving with exaggerated caution, she slid out of the blackened room and after her companion.

"If we get attacked by monsters now... We're gonna die. They could just tickle us to death." Noted Stasia as they crept down the stairs.

"Eh, somebody has to be the bait, it we’re going to lure them in." Shrugged Maggie, perfectly comfortable in her makeshift tube top. "Anyways, I don't know how anybody could stand tight clothing, like what you seem to prefer."

As they swung off the landing and descended into the common room, both were happy to note the sizeable fire groaning and jigging to itself in the hearth next to one end of the bar, dousing the room with a carnival dancing company of light and dark shadows. Two crude benches and a pair of equally rough chairs were pulled up around a rough coffee table near the flames, occupied by their separately engrossed companions.

Helios leaned against the bar, looking contemplative as he sniffed over something expensive-looking in a glass. Next to him on a bar-stool of her own, Ariane's beak moved quietly, phoenixess watching the fire as she chatted. To Anastasia' surprise, Snowy lay with her back arched over Fletcher's legs on one of the benches, the alabaster vixen giggling to herself musically as the coat's paws played her naked belly like an instrument. It also looked like several of her companions had also put aside their scruples for the moment and managed to change.

Anastasia plunked down on the bench over from the chortling duo, putting her paws up on the table idly, all but bathing in the fire's warm radiance. Outside, wind roared, rain hammered, and thunder sounded off like an anvil splitting in two, the area beyond the building black as any midnight under the smashing storm-clouds.

Inside, the mood was quiet, contemplative, secure and warm after their hour-long sojourn since invading the building. Reclining immersed in the flickering gloom, sniffing the familiar therapeutic tinge of woodsmoke and boiling sap, Anastasia listened to the familiar pop and roar of the heating system. As she basked in it as she had a thousand times before, in a different place, far, far beyond her current universe, Stasia suddenly felt almost queasy with homesickness.

"Maggie, Stasia -I thought something had attacked you," Drawled Helios. Like the duo so addressed, he seemed too relaxed to be actually irate. A safe building at last, a warm fire, and the food couldn't have hurt. "Glad to know you're still willing to join us."

"We've got a lot to talk about." Added Ariane. "I've filled him -and Fletch and Snow over there- in on our... encounters... with the vines and tickle-monster."

"Oh yeah. Yeah... It was a close call." Maggie shifted. "At least there's one down now, right? What'd you get up to, Helios? Was your trip eventful?"

"Well..." Helios's eyes flicked to Fletcher and Snowy. The vixen was laughing out exhortation and advice as Fletch held her wrists above her head with one hand, the other worming a finger deep in her navel. Anastasia shuddered unconsciously at the memory of the myriad uses for Maggie's tail in such a position, so recently discovered first-hand. "...Those two got to know each other a bit better. Also, I found someone else stranded here; an owl-girl named Swift.

"Really?” Asked Stasia with interest. “Is she around, or just too tired to come down and talk?”

"Actually, she wanted to go it alone," Helios smiled to himself, subconsciously rubbing his bare talons together after the onslaught they had endured earlier. "She's a pretty skilled tickler, though; I doubt she'll have much to fear from any of the monsters." Anastasia frowned as she remembered Lizzie; the way the monster had somehow broken up the ground to separate the group, had controlled the vines to trap all three of them so easily, and how the brute strength of the seven-foot monster would probably have made such a feat unnecessary were it only any two of them that she had targeted.

"I'll take your word for it."

"So... What are we going do tomorrow?" Asked Fletcher. Next to him on the bench, a panting, disheveled, but still inveterately gorgeous Snowy lay curled in a fetal position, laughing softly as she hugged herself, grinning considerably brighter than mere ticklishness would warrant.

"I mean, people could come back at any moment, or more monsters could show up. We need to decide in advance what to do about them." Stasia blinked; the coati sounded more confident than the mink had ever heard him.

"Good point, Fletcher." Ariane tapped her chin. "Well, the way I see it, if the villagers come back, we'll probably have enough bodies around us not to worry about tickle-monsters. I mean, if they live here, they’ll probably have experience in fending them off. Of course, them finding us here could result in other problems…
          ‘If they don't, though, then I’ve got a feeling that the monsters will likely start to close in and try to hunt us down in this very building. So, we probably will only have to deal with one group or the other at a time."

"Right." Nodded Helios. "If the villagers come back, it might be good to make ourselves scarce for a bit. And return the clothing we've borrowed. At any rate, I guess we should all just be ready to leave fast at any time, day-or-night. Still..." He trailed off, letting the staccato blubbering of the rain speak for itself. "...If the storm hasn't driven them back inside, I doubt anyone will move in this until it lets up. Considering how long it’s lasted already, that could take hours."

"On the other hand, if they're run off somewhere else entirely, then all we have to worry about are the monsters..." Said Maggie thoughtfully. "And like you said, they'll probably come to us, eventually. We could try and hole-up here, and trap them one-by-one as they try to get in. There’s lots or rubble outside; we could build a wall around the building, and barricade all the windows."

"In the meantime," Snowy and Fletcher hauled their bench in closer, the vixen poking her friend in the leg with one foot-paw tauntingly as they both sat back down. She leaned back in her seat, arching her lower-belly tauntingly. "In the meantime, we should stick together, right? Nobody going anywhere alone."

"What about food rationing?" Stasia piped up. "We have enough for months, but there's no telling how long it'll take for us to take down the monsters, clear those Fields you mentioned, and then... What did the Abductor say the last condition for leaving was, again?"

" 'The Abductor'," Helios slowly nodded to himself at the word. "Well, I suppose that works as a name, and we’ll have to call It something. It said we had to fight It in one of the Arenas, here in this very village. However, the Abductor has some kind of base or castle or something, that I think it'd be interesting to try and break into at some point. Try and fight It on our ground, even, you know, if it's really Its ground."

"Well, by all appearances, It controls this dimension," Ariane frowned, leaning back against the bar. "It’s all the Abductor’s ground. That would make It something on par with a god, wouldn't it?"

"How are we supposed to fight that?" Groaned Fletcher, looking aghast at the very thought. He relaxed as he kneaded Snow’s foot, throwing in the odd tickle as he massaged the limb.

“Ahany way we cahahan!” Chortled Snowy, heroic stance and words afflicted egregiously by the light tickling crackling over her foot. By her humorous grin, the vixen was well aware of the comedic dichotomy. Smiling to herself, Stasia tossed a few more logs on the fire.

Outside, the storm raged and fought on, lashing the countryside ruthlessly, black with power and rage. Inside, as the fire jiggled and twisted, the six companions talked on, swapping countless idea for the detriment of the monsters and their Abductor.
It didn't take me long to find a small hole for me to crawl into and hide inside of for shelter. Just in case someone else did live here, it would be better that i kept to hiding, at least until morning came around again. And as much as i wanted to find some decent things to sleep on and with, i felt that if someone was still living here and they noticed things were missing, they would start searching the place top to bottom for the thief. So i played it safe and curled up in the corner and tried my best to go to sleep.

Some time later

I didn't know what time it was when it happened, but i quickly woke up when i heard the sound of other people talking nearby. Scared by the sudden appearance of others, i got up and moved though the inside of the wall until i saw a hole nearby with voices on the outside of it. So i poked my head around the corner and saw a bunch of anthros sitting around talking to each other about a lot of things. So many things that they all seemed to go over my head.

And then i took a sniff of the air and smelled something good. A lot of good things really. It was food, more food than what i found when i first came in here. Feeling more hungry from smelling all the food that was nearby, i decided to leave the hole in the wall and make my way to wherever the food was. It didn't take me long to scurry across the floor, and i don't think anyone saw me, though I'm sure no one heard me anyway, i soon came across a stairway into the cellar that was wide open, and had lot's of food inside.

There was so much food inside here, there was at least a few months supply for just those other people alone. They wouldn't mind me helping myself to some. At the very least, i don't need to eat all that much, being a mouse and all. So i decided to climb into one of the barrels and have a look around. I soon found some food that wasn't mostly hard and dried up like the bread crumbs i found when i first entered, and began chowing down until i would have my fill.
All at once there was a ruckus emanating from what everyone had come to label as the food cellar. Holding a hand up for silence, Helios headed off in that direction with Ariane following close behind. Both their expressions shifted to neutral, but with a focused appearance, as if they were bracing themselves for something to come at them.

What they found instead was not at all what they were expecting. There was a pile of food on the floor, seemingly the result of one or two of the shelves having collapsed due to an excess of weight put on them. Nearby the pile was the presumed culprit: what looked to be about a 4-inch tall mouse clad in a red and white striped shirt and jeans.

Helios blinked down at the mouse. "Your name wouldn't happen to be Waldo, would it?"

Behind him, Ariane rolled her eyes. The mouse however just blinked in confusion. "No, my name is Tim. Timmothy Kirkman."

"Right." Helios said mostly to himself. "Well, I'm Helios and this is Ariane. What brings you to these parts, Tim?"

Tim just shrugged. "I don't know. I've been here for three days now, I just found this inn and thought I might see if it had any food." He grinned as he hefted a block of cheese. "I was right!"

"Wait, did you say three days?"

Tim nodded.

Helios turned to his sister. "Ari, how long have we been here?"

The phoenixess shrugged. "A day and a half? Two at most?"

Tapping his beak, Helios turned back to face the mouse. "It seems you've been here longer than any of us. I don't suppose you know what this place is?"

The mouse sighed. "Sorry, I haven't a clue. All I know is that ever since I've gotten here, I've felt like I'm being watched. And whoever used to be in this place cleared out of here in a hurry."

"Well...that's not very far from the truth. You see, the three of us, our friends upstairs, and at least one other furre, are stuck in some kind of a tickle dimension."

"Tickle dimension?"

"Pretty much." Ariane chimed in. "Like I said, we've only been here a couple of days, but so far just about everything and everyone we've come across has been trying to tickle us silly." 'Including each other.' She didn't say it though, rather preferring that the cute mouse find out himself. She was already sure a couple of the girls upstairs would love to play with him.

"Uh huh..." Tim said, taking it all in. "That sounds like fun!"

"Hmm...yeah I guess, in a way, it is!" Ariane responded cheerfully. Helios thought about protesting but, then again, he couldn't exactly argue with that sentiment.

"So, how long are we here for?"

Helios took over again. "Well we apparently have to defeat the person that brought us here to go back home. I'll fill you in upstairs, and you can meet the rest of our team."

"Oh yeah, I saw you and your friends earlier. You guys look like quite the crowd."

"Oh we are." Ariane giggled. "And before you ask, don't worry, to my knowledge none of us have a craving for live meat." Maggie's eating of the bird meat notwithstanding, of course, but then again that had already been dead. Eating cooked avians was enough to warrant a raised eyebrow and maybe even a remark from her and her brother, but nothing more. Live birds on the other hand...

"Well, that's good to know I guess." Tim chuckled, considering that he was pretty sure he saw a couple felines earlier.

"Well, c'mon upstairs, we'll introduce you." Helios held out a hand, which Tim hopped onto. Before leaving, Helios reached up and grabbed the food Tim was trying to reach, handing it to the mouse. One of the advantages of being 6 feet tall as opposed to 4 inches.

"So, like I was saying, we've defeated at least one monster without setting foot in the arenas. So, all things considered, I'd say we're off to a good start."

The furres were gathered around the bar as Helios continued his briefing, something that a few of them were becoming convinced would be a daily event. The phoenix had managed to wrangle up a blackboard that was ordinarily used to advertise specials of the day, but now was being used to draw out a crude map of the land.

"But how do we know that the monster we defeated was one of the ten we're supposed to fight?" Maggie quipped up, the feline laying her head against Anastasia's shoulder. The mink was reciprocating the gesture by holding her arm around her partnet.

Helios gave a shrug. "Well, unless the Abductor puts up some kind of a scoreboard showing our progress towards escaping, I guess we'll just have to hope for the best."

There was a murmur of agreement. Even if the Abductor said that monster didn't count, there wasn't really anything they could do about it.

"Now, I know some of you might be eager to take on whatever monster are in the arenas here, but I think we should spend tomorrow checking out the rest of the village."

"What for?" Snowy piped up. "The sooner we beat those monsters, the better, right? I mean I doubt this abductor person is gonna wait around for us to show up at his tickletopia or whatever he calls his home."

"She's right." Fletcher added. "And Like I said earlier, what if he starts sending the monsters here to get us?"

"Well," Helios began, "the fact is that we're still in the dark about this place. I mean I ran into someone new on my way here, there could still be other folks out there, not to mention other hazards. My point is that if we just plow straight through this thing, we could end up overexerting ourselves and make us some easy prey for these monsters. Or even worse, we could end up leaving some poor soul behind while we escape back home. After all, we don't know what's going to happen to this place, or anyone left in it, after we leave, now do we?

"As for Fletcher's concern, that actually works to our advantage. In case you forgot, the arenas seem to be some kind of enclosed pit. I don't know about you guys, but that's not the kind of field I want to battle a tickle monster on. No, if we bring them here we can use our available resources to our advantage, and turn the tide against them. And like Ariane said, if there's other people in this village, they can help us. Strength in numbers, right?

"And that's the main reason I want to explore this place. All signs indicate that the villagers left not long before we got here, and I'd like to find out what happened to them."

He turned to address the mouse, who was perched on the bar itself. "Tim, you've been here the longest, did you happen to come across any of them?"

Tim shook his head. "Not really. I don't know where they went either. It's almost like they vanished into thin air."

Helios tapped his beak. "That's kind of a troubling observation."

"I did find something interesting, though. There's a bunch of signs around here and...I can't exactly make out what they say, but it seems that tickling is illegal here."

That got everyone's attention. As soon as the last word left his lips, Tim found that all eyes were staring intently at him.

"Come again?" Helios asked.

"Tickling is illegal here. At least, that's what I think those signs are saying."

"Huh. That's...really odd...and yet oddly appropriate." Helios said, mumbling to himself again as he started to try and rationalize this in his head. A tickle-themed world, and they were in the one place where it was illegal to tickle someone? That was just insanely ironic.

"So...how exactly does that help us fight off the tickle monsters?" Ariane asked.

"Hmm...it could still work. I'd imagine that a tickle monster has got to get a little too close for comfort around here at least once in a while, so I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to say that they have some kind of defenses set up around the village perimeter."

"Are you sure, bro? I didn't see any on the way in."

"They probably keep them in storage until they're needed. After all, you don't keep a fully loaded bomber on the runway 24/7, do you?"

"Suppose you're right." Ariane shrugged. "But that still leaves the villagers, assuming there are any. If tickling is illegal, then they probably have lost the know how to tickle someone to tears. How do we fix that."

Helios's response was simple as it was absolute. "We train them."

This actually got a grin from Ariane. "I like how you think." Ariane could say, without exaggeration, that when it came to tickling, there were few who could teach it better than her brother, Helios. After all, that's how she learned the most effective ways to make someone beg for mercy, as Maggie and Anastasia found out back at their campsite.

"Uh, I don't mean to interrupt" Anastasia piped up, bringing the two siblings out of their discussion "but you said earlier that there might be others out there? Well, I think if we're going to rescue them, we should do it as soon as possible."

"Yeah, what's that line you keep saying? Strength in numbers?" Snowy quipped.

"They're right, bro. If there are stragglers out there, the sooner we find them, the better."

Helios had to concede that point. As much as he wanted to stay in this village for a while so they could all get some proper rest as well as effectively plan their next move, he had to admit that it was imperative that they find any other people lost in this world as quickly as possible. Not everyone was able, let alone willing, to go it alone like Swift.

"I guess you're right..." Helios paused, thinking the situation over.

"Okay." He said. "As much as I don't like it, we'll split up again. Tomorrow we'll send a group out to look for any other stragglers, the rest of us will stay here and check out the village. And perhaps later we'll head to the arenas to knock those out of the way, depending on how we're all feeling. Agreed?"

There were nods all around. It wasn't much of a plan, but it was still a plan.

A rumble of thunder sounded in the distance as lighting flashed in the windows. "Alright, it's getting late. Let's rest up."

Goodnights were bid as the furres filed upstairs. While there were more than enough rooms to accommodate everyone, only Tim occupied his own space (and even then it was just a hole in the wall next to the other suites). Helios and Ariane occupied connecting rooms, one next to the other. To no one's surprise, Maggie and Anastasia disappeared into one room. To the surprise of some, however, Fletcher was seen being tugged by Snowy into hers.

"So, you're telling me you managed to talk the vines into tickling her?"

"Yup! I guess I have a future career as a botanist." Ariane called from the bathroom. Technically it was Helios's but she was using it because she happened to be in her brother's room at the time, and it was more convenient for her.

"Well at the very least we know how to keep them from bothering us." Helios quipped as he reclined on his bed. The phoenix had doffed his shirt, revealing the tattoos that covered his chest and back. Both were the same: the symbol of the phoenix. Simple, yet bold. Ariane had similar tattoos covering her body, though her clothing hid most of them. While she had a phoenix symbol on her back as well, her torso, arms, and legs were covered with intricate swirls and patterns, almost like something one would expect from a tribal woman.

Ariane walked out of the bathroom, stripped down to her black flame print bra and panties. Helios noted that she'd made an addition to her underwear in the form of two nylon stockings that ran up her legs and stopping just at her thighs.

"Uh...where did you get those?"

She shrugged as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Found em. You like?"

"Ari, we really shouldn't be rummaging through these people's clothes."

"Oh relax. What's the worse that could happen."

"Oh I dunno...this?" With that Helios suddenly lept up and tickled his sister's sides and ribs, causing the avian girl to sqawk.


"You will pay for that, criminal scum!" Helios taunted playfully as his fingers skittered along her tummy and hips.


"Yes! You will suffer the punishment that a thief deserves!" With a dark grin, Helios grabbed her ankles and put her talons in his lap. Amazingly the stockings fit right over her talons. What were the odds of that?

Ariane instantly struggled to free her ankles. "Don't you dare!"

"Say you're sorry..." Helios grinned as he teasingly dragged a finger along her nylon soles. The material getting a heightened reaction from his sister.

"Hehehehee...nohoho stop!"

"Not until you pay for your barbarism!" Helios announced in as hammy a voice he could muster as he brought his arm around to brush his arm-wing against her soles. The combination of his hyper ticklish feathers and the nylons sent Ariane into absolute hysterics.


After nearly 2 minutes of this, Helios finally relented, freeing his sister as he leaned back against the bed. "Seriously though, you need to put those back before we leave. You can have them for now, but that's it."

Ariane groaned. "Fine." She brushed herself off as she grabbed a bathrobe, slipping it on. It seemed these robes were complementary to the inn so no one really had any qualms about wearing them. Save for Helios, he didn't do that kind of stuff.

"So you never finished telling me about that owl you ran into."

"Swift? What's there to tell?"

"Well, from what I heard, she got you to sing pretty good." She flashed a knowing grin at her brother.

Helios hesitated a bit before he responded. "I was a tad tied up at the moment, thank you. But...yes, she's quite skilled." And coming from Helios, that was saying a lot.

"Mhmm. So how come she's not here? She really wanted to go it alone?"

Helios shrugged. "Yeah. I'm not really sure why. She just said she prefers doing things herself. She said she might meet up with us later, though."

"You think she will?"

Helios just sighed and closed his eyes. "Hard to say."

"Do you like her?"

And his eyes instantly shot open again. "What?"

Ariane folded her arms. "You heard me. Do you like her?"

"Do I like her? What are we in sixth grade?"

Ariane giggled at how her brother was avoiding the question. "Just answer it. Do you like her or not?"

"Ariane, I just met her! I mean...she seemed nice and...I won't lie, she was pretty. But I'm not going to try to get her in bed or anything after knowing her all of 20 minutes. I mean, who am I Maggie?"

The phoenixess couldn't help but snicker. It was rather amusing how quickly Maggie and Anastasia had hooked up. "No, but I know you've had a thing for owls for some time now. Why else would you be hanging around Oro so much back home?"

"...that's purely a business relationship and you know it."

"Really? I don't recall many business relationships involving one party stripped naked and tickled by machines on a constant basis."

"Well, this is why I handle the business side of things back home." Helios stated with a resolute nod.

With a snerk, Ariane returned to the original topic. "So, do you think she'll show up later to help us out? I mean I'm sure she could handle those monsters as well as we can, but having another eye in the sky might help at the city."

"Like I said, I don't know. She seems capable of handling herself but...there's so many factors. The fact of the matter is that there's a thousand things that have to happen in order for us to get back home. Right now we're on number 8. There's no sense in worrying about number 692."

"Hmm. I guess you're right. Well, I still hope I get the chance to meet her. She sounds really nice."

Helios just nodded. "Yeah, I hope so too."

Ariane looked in the mirror and fixed her crestfeathers, making sure to adjust the decorative flower that was just above her right eye. With a satisfied nod, she headed over to the doorway.

"Where you goin?"

"Oh, I'm gonna go pay Anastasia and Maggie a visit before I hit the nest."

"Don't you think they're having enough fun as it is?"

"Oh, I'm sure they won't mind a little more." Ariane said with a mischievous grin.

"Alright, but don't stay up to late."

"I won't. Goodnight, bro."

"Night, sis."

With that, Ariane closed the door. Helios closed the connecting door between the rooms before heading back to the bed. Slipping off his cargo pants, the bird got under the sheets as he laid back and reflected on the day.

They still had a long way to go, but they were making good progress. They'd managed to upgrade their living arrangements for the time being, so that was a start. And they might have already taken the first step towards defeating the challenges of this world. But they still had a big mountain to climb, and he knew it.

His mind wandered as he lay there in the darkness, the sound of the rain drumming against the windows and the roof. He thought of his other sisters Molniya and Selene, as well as all his friends back home. Were they worried about him and Ari? Did they even know they were gone? What if they were going to eventually be brought here as well?

What about the other furres in this inn? What about Swift and whoever else was still out there? Did they have friends and families to go home to? As he thought about this, Helios became aware that, like it or not, he was up against the clock. As much as he wanted his team to pace themselves, the truth of the matter is that they still had to get out of this place as quickly as possible, and it was down to him, and him alone, to see them through. And, more importantly, to stop whatever sick mind ran this place before he kidnapped more people.

And that just lead him back to the one question he'd been thinking about since he and Ariane got here. Why?

He could make the argument that he and Ariane ended up here by accident, but what about the others? Why would someone want to kidnap a fox, a cheetah, a mink, a coatl, an owl, and a 4 inch tall mouse? Why would someone create an entire world dedicated to tickling them to tears and beyond?

What the hell was this all about?

The phoenix rubbed his temples. Whatever the answer was to the mystery behind this place, he was sure it wouldn't be revealed until the end, if at all. There was no sense burning himself out thinking about it now.

And besides, it hadn't been all that bad. He and his sister had made a bunch of new friends. Granted he was sure that he'd never see most, if not all, of these furres again when all was said and done, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy the time he had with them now.

And based on the faint giggles that were seeping through the walls of the hotel, it sounded like that at least some of them were doing just that. Considering that the walls were designed to be as soundproofed as possible, the fact that any sounds were getting through was pretty impressive.

'Wonder if Ariane is giving yet another workover to Maggie and Anastasia...'

In a way, Helios envied them. By chance or design, everyone now had their own playmate. Snowy had Fletcher, Maggie had Anastasia, and the latter two did not seem to mind Ariane joining in the fun at all. Sure now there was Tim, but he was 4 inches tall. Helios was worried that he might accidently crush him with one wrong move.

The phoenix rested his arms behind his head as he continued to take a particular interest in the ceiling. There was tickling going on, and he wished he could play. Even more he wished that right now the his arms were wrapping around the frame of a nocturnal avian...

He snickered and shook his head, banishing said thoughts from his mind. Now was not the time, nor place for such things. She was out there (hopefully out of the storm), and he was here. And for now there was nothing that could be done about that.

In a way though, Helios could understand why he seemed to be the odd one out. When he first met the others, no one had really demanded to be the leader. He just kind of took the job. And no one had really complained, so he figured that he had to be doing something right. But more importantly, it meant that he had to be the one to think about where they would go next and what they would do when they got there, which meant that everyone else was free to just relax and...well...enjoy themselves. And Helios figured that one person doing the work so everyone else could play was a lot better than everyone having to work and no one getting to play.

So yes, Helios was missing out, but at the same time he was the one leading everyone through this.

And that, he decided, would have to do for now.
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Tori was fixing a meal for the two of them as he checks on his unconscious neighbor. He was concerned about how he came to be crawling on the floor like that. He'll have to ask him that once he recovers.
Dusk shot up hearing a crack of thunder. The storm was pounding on the surrounding forest. He let out a whimper in worry. Dusk was never good when it came to storms.

"W-we have to get inside." He whispered out. Though he wasn't alone, he sure felt it. Dusk let out a rather loud howl in hopes of attracting more people. Maybe even persuade his rescuer. At this point he was on the verge of darting for a near by cave. It couldn't be that far could it?

Without thinking twice, he ran for it. He ran on all fours into the forest. Tickling leaves and blinding rain poured onto the scared wolf. He ran in what he believed to be the direction of the village he was in. He could have swore he saw the tips of buildings. But before he reached safety of buildings he was suddenly stuck. His trap waving back and forth as well as glissening from rain.

"A trapped little puppy in my ticklish little web. Oh what fun." A female voice cooed. Dusk looked around frantically for the source. What he found was eight violet eyes looking over his body. Eight long and thin black legs sprouting from the large double spherical arachnid. Slowly she approached the trashed wolf in her trap. Leaves covered dusk. Mud and matted fur joined the combination.

"Such a dirty one. Lets fix that." With that she tore away his jeans, shoes, and shirt. Dusk gulped at his current apparel. In a last minute attempt for help he let out another howl. Half way through it he was cut off with giggles. Giggles that soon became bellows of laughter. The spider dug two legs into his sides and two into his socked feet.

"Sohohohomohohhone plehehehase hehehehlp meheheheh!" He laughed out as he was tortured by the fiendish creature.
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Closing the door behind them, Snowy leans against the door and bites her lip while staring at Fletcher "finally alone" Fletcher looks around the bedroom "I'm guessing this is your bedroom" she smiles and walks toward him "its our bedroom". Passing him, she climbs onto the bed "a nice big bed for us to share......and to tickle" she smiles before stretching provocatively, giving him a good look at her body "don't you think we should get some sleep, I have been tickling you all day" he folds his arms "I'm sure you could use some sleep".

"I'm not tired and besides, with those skilled fingers of yours how can I sleep" feeling his confidence at an all time high, he figured he could have some fun with her before they sleep "you want me to tickle you Snowy?" she nods "you bet I do" he nods and steps toward her "well if that's to happen, those clothes are going to need to come off". Liking the sound of that, she grips her top and proceeds to pull up over her head but midway, Fletcher sees him chances and goes for her underarms "kitchie coo little fox".

Screaming out in laughter, she falls onto her back effectively denying herself of escape "HAHAAHAHAHAA FLETCHAHAHAHAHAAAA". His fingers digging into her defenseless underarms, he watches her struggle to free herself from her top "such a ticklish fox". With him sat on her hips, he was in full control and was intent on using that to his advantage. "Do you like that Snowy, me tickling your defenseless underarms" unable to speak, all she could was laugh helplessly "HAHAHAHAHHA".

With er in such a predicament, he could make her say anything he wanted and if she didn't, he could just tickle it out of her. Slowing down, he begins drawing circles "I'll tell you what, if you agree to say that you'll go to sleep right now, I'll stop". Trying to regain her breath, she manages to remove her top "what.......what makes you think......I'll want you to stop". Seeing as that wouldn't work, he get another idea "I guess I'll go to plan B" in her weak state, she couldn't stop him from pinning her arms above her head by sitting on them.

"Now lets see here" reaching out, he sticks his finger into her navel making her squeal out "nohohohoho not thehehehehehere" wiggling his finger inside, she thrashes around laughing harder than before "are you ticklish fox Snowy?". Only getting laughter from her, he leans down and blows a raspberry "EEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHA" he continues this action non stop until Snowy becomes slient and her movements cease.

Sitting back up, he finds that she's passed out "oops" moving off her, he wasn't sure what to do "uhhhhh Snowy?". She doesn't respond but since she was peacefully sleeping he decides to put her under the covers "can't exactly leave her". Removing some of his clothing, he gets into the bed himself and watches her snuggle up to him "maybe she does have a limit" placing his hand on her belly, he feels it quiver and her giggle softly. With a half naked sleeping fox next to him, he looks up at the ceiling and smiles "tomorrow should be fun".
It hadn't taken long for Maggie to once again pin Anastasia to the bed, their naked bodies illuminated only by the dim glow of the candles in their room, their new clothing tossed frantically to the floor. The two stared into each others eyes without words, each staring into the other's soul with the knowledge of what was about to begin in mere moments. Both of Stasia's wrists were held tightly with one of Maggie's hands, while the other hung forbiddingly just above an underarm. The cheetah was insatiable, and while Anastasia complained and pleaded that she was too tired, neither of them believed in the mink's sincerity, her nervous giggles and lustful glances betraying her.

It was at this moment, just at the beginning of whatever round of Maggie's ticklish explorations oh the younger woman's oh-so-sensitive body that this was, that Ariane knocked on the door. The two froze, turning in the direction of the sound as the lady phoenix opened the portal, not waiting for permission to enter. She opened the door just enough to step across the threshold and close it behind her, clad in the found bathrobe. The tall, red feathered woman surveyed the scene with a knowing smile. "Am I interrupting anything?"

Oh no. I'm just straddling 'Stasia in the nude for the hell of it. What do you think we're doing?!
The cheetah thought in frustration, her tail flicking in annoyance. "As a matter of fact, y-"

It was at that moment that Ariane dropped her robe, sending it falling to the floor. The grand gesture. The two women on the bed froze, gaping at her without any subtlety. Anastasia blushed, but didn't avert her gaze, peering around the equally alluring form of Maggie on top of her. The look on Maggie's face was even more obvious. Clad in her black and red undergarments, with the addition of the thigh high black nylon stockings, Ariane had entered the fray with clear intent. The bird woman sauntered confidently toward the pair.

"Hey, Anastasia." She called out to the supine mink. "It doesn't seem fair that Maggie can pin you down like that. Need a little… help?" Maggie's eyes widened at the suggestion, her head turning toward Stasia's with a look that was equally pleading and commanding, trying to urge her partner to decline the generous offer. But Anastasia's expression had gone from giddy nervousness and embarrassment to confidently mischievous.

"Definitely!" Anastasia piped up with enthusiasm. "I need to give her some payback for earlier." Maggie started to utter something in protest, trying to quickly come up with anything remotely persuasive. But her strengths lay more in quick action than quick thinking, and before she could say anything coherent Ariane had advanced to the bed. The tattoed phoenix lept onto the mattress with an elegance befitting her avian nature, her hands alighting on Maggie's ribs. With an enthusiastic curling on fingers she squeezed and pinched her way up the cheetah's tight, athletic body, making the cat arch her back and yelp ticklishly.

Maggie turned with a surprising flexibility, an offensive being her only defense. She pawed at Ariane's sides, attacking the smooth skin just under her lowest ribs. Maggie rolled off of Anastasia and onto Ariane, the latter two rolling on the wide bed in a mutually ticklish embrace , giggling and grabbing at each other in a struggle for dominance. Ariane had the advantage of wearing some clothing, and also having a coating of ticklish feathers, both effective defenses. But Maggie was tenaciously aggressive, and what she lacked in Ariane's technique she made up for in strength and zeal. The two fell on each other in peals of laughter, their hands roaming across each other's bodies.

Left to their own devices, it would have been even odds who would have won over the other. But Anastasia had been left alone, and quickly made her own move. While Maggie was grappling with Ariane, the mink pounced low. The girl's paws grabbed Maggie's waist, and Stasia's leveraged her body against the cheetah's legs, pressing them to the bed. Ariane saw the support and moved high, and before Maggie could react she found herself pinned. Anastasia lay over her legs, her hands poised over the woman's taut midriff. Ariane knelt over Maggie's upper arms, pinning them. Despite being stronger than any of the other two alone, Maggie couldn't overpower them both, and after a few long moments of thrashing, she lay limply, accepting her fate.

Ariane leaned low over her, her eyes looking into the widened slits of imprisoned cat beneath her. "Any last words, Maggie?" Ariane asked, not hiding the gloating tone from her voice. Anastasia grinned impishly, eager to get Maggie back for everything she had done only a few hours earlier. Not that the mink hadn't thoroughly enjoyed herself, but she was more than eager to give Maggie some of the same.

The feline glared at her, trying to keep her expression as deadly as possible in the face of the mirthful torment awaiting her, the corners of her lips curling expectantly. "I'm so going to get you back for this, you know."

"Oh, I'm counting on it." Arinae replied calmly, and with a smooth motion, brought the tips of her talons underneath Maggie's arms. Her touch was gentle and teasing, easily resistible but slowly maddening. The athletic cheetah twitched and writhed what little she could, clamping her mouth tightly shut. Meanwhile, Anastasia wasn't idle, her paws softly prodding Maggie's belly. She had already mapped out the cheetah's weak spots earlier in the forest. Now that she was able to manipulate them leisurely, Anastasia's teasing was much more pointed. Despite the lightest touches, they poked and stroked with impeccible precision.

Maggie's grin widened steadily, her control slipping as the two played with her body. Despite realizing it was inevitable, it wasn't in her nature to give in, she just couldn't. But it was all the woman could focus on, the feel of Ariane's smooth talons drawing little shapes under her stretched armpits. The way Stasia was caressing each abdominal with an irresistibly patient precision. They were acting like they had all the time in the world, and it was driving Maggie nuts. Not to mention the feel of Ariane's smooth, nylon-clad thighs against her arms. Stasia's bare bust rubbing enticingly against her thighs. Anastasia had completely forgotten her bashfulness in her enthusiasm for payback.

"Such a ticklish kitty, about ready to burst." Araine taunted sotto voce above Maggie's head. "Why not just relax and let it out? I know you want to…" Maggie shook her head futilely, both trying to deny the truth of it, and the effectiveness that those words were having on her. I can't take it! It tickles so much! Ah, Stasia not there! Rrrr, Ariane, won't you ever stop drawing under my arms?! Wait, are those heart shapes? No, no no stop stop stop…

It was Stasia who finally broke Maggie's resistance. Her paws moved to that sweet spot at her hips that she had found in the forest. A gentle rubbing motion was all it took, as if she were massaging or trying to rub away some dirt. Maggie's belly quivered, and finally she burst in a stream of giggles, tilting her head back into Ariane's thighs and losing herself in ticklish laughter.

Ariane found herself quite amused by the cheetah's breakdown. As she laughed, her ears twitched constantly against the phoenix's stockings, sending a ticklish sensation across her thighs. While not enough to provoke laughter, it made her distinctly giddy. And because Ariane was at least partially to blame for Maggie's reactions, it was almost as if she were tickling herself. The thought was something Ariane found terribly amusing. She leaned over her prey further, her hands moving southward slightly to Maggie's chest, now shaking with the rest of her. Ariane caressed the furry flesh with a sensual yet decidedly ticklish stroking, keeping the cheetah giggling but now with a somewhat breathier tone.

Not to be outdone, Stasia was determined to be able to tickle Maggie better than Ariane, and lowered her mouth to the shaking midriff in front of her. She began kissing and nibbling all across Maggie's stomach, to deliciously effective results. Maggie's laughter notched up, and while it was hard to understand anything she was saying, Stasia was under the distinct impression she was trying to tell Stasia to stop. Or was it not to stop? The mink couldn't tell, and in any case it didn't effect her decision, as she nuzzled against the taut stomach to place kisses all around the rim of her lover's navel. Even if the cat had been as ticklish as a stone, Anastasia would have been enjoying herself. The feel of the tight, firm body under her lips was intoxicating, and she enjoyed the opportunity to be the one on top this time. And by the way Maggie was starting to purr, vibrations emanating from her core to ripple against the other girl's mouth and tongue, clearly Maggie was having more than a little fun as well.

"Mmm, she likes being petted doesn't she?" Ariane continued to tease, in a malicious yet sensual tone. "Tickly kitty's having fun, hmmm?" Her talons caressed the undersides of Maggie's breasts, the feathers on her arms rubbing against the sides only adding to the ticklish torment. Maggie could only yowl laughter in response, not even attempting to retort now.

And Stasia's kisses, nibbles, and licks were moving steadily lower, and lower… below the navel, down each abdominal, to the cheetah's waistline, and lower still… feeling a needy heat radiating from that part of her body, now wet with need. It didn't take much to get Maggie riled up, but from all this, she felt like she was on fire, as if her nerves were singing with tension. Finally, Stasia reached the dense patch of fur at Maggie's womanhood, diving in and lapping eagerly, attempting to even a score Maggie had enthusiastically taken the lead in earlier. But she didn't ease up completely, her paws poised at Maggie's hips, ever so gently scritching just enough to keep her lover completely overstimulated.

Oh no. Oh no no no no no… you can't keep doing that… if… I can't… The cheetah babbled in her mind, unable to order her thoughts even internally. Oh 'Stasia don't stop doing that… never stop doing that! If you stop I'll have to kill you… or mount you… oh yes yes yes yes yes!

It wasn't long before the combination of Ariane at her breasts and Anastasia down below was more than she could resist. Maggie exploded with pleasure, her body tightening into a writhing animalistic mass of muscle and sensuality. She emitted a delightful mewling of pleasure, cooing as her eyes rolled back into her head. To Anastasia, it was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard, and she swore to herself that she'd make it happen again before the night was over.

Eventually, the two ticklers stopped, allowing Maggie to lay there, panting and sweaty, her face glowing with pleasure, unable to muster any fake anger at either of them. Maggie didn't speak, didn't have the words, merely licked her lips and sighed, breathing deeply as she slowly caught her breath. But the second it seemed like she did, Ariane's voice cooed in her ear. "So… looks like you're ready for round two?" Unable to protest at all, Maggie could only collapse into tittering laughter as paws lovingly stroked along her inner thighs, and her upper arms felt the stroke of feather tips…


Maggie opened her eyes, seeing that it was still night. One lone candle had been left to burn, but it was slowly burning out. Not fair… not fair at all… Maggie thought dully, the line sounding vaguely familiar. In the second round of tickling, she had been even more sensitized than the first, and the third… 'Stasia was tenacious when she had the upper hand. Maggie made sure to remember that. Also, that fluttering thing she did with her tongue… it was beyond persuasive. Maggie would have promised anything to keep her from stopping that. Thankfully, she hadn't had to. In the faint light of the fading candle, Maggie could make out two figures on the bed with her.

Ariane never returned to her room, but lay nestled to Maggie's left. Positioned a little higher on the bed, her breath wafted just above Maggie's ear. Ariane's top and stockings had come off at some point, leaving her just in her panties. Even in the low light, it was quite the attractive sight, and if Maggie had a hand free she wasn't sure she'd be able to resist the temptation. But her left arm was stuck tight underneath Ariane's body. But Ariane didn't have that problem, her left hand cupping Maggie's left breast. Behind the bird woman's eyelids, Maggie could see the telltale movement of dreaming. At the same time, Ariane's hand occasionally twitched, massaging and squeezing Maggie's breast. It was pleasant, but not enough to provoke a response, ticklish or otherwise.

'Stasia lay in the crook of her right arm, her nose nuzzled against her breast. The mink's left arm lay under the feline's midriff, arching her back slightly but not uncomfortably. She was quite flexible. The younger girl's right hand rested suggestively in the fur against her skin, dangerously positioned low on her waistline, just above still more sensual areas. Despite being raked into the fur, it didn't move.

As Maggie laid there, nestled against her lover and… whatever Ariane was to her, Maggie realized she felt content. Happy. Despite the fact that she'd been thrown into a crazy tickle dimension and might never see home again, she wasn't alone. She had always been a loner, something of a hermit. But right now Stasia's warm body was pressed against hers, and even Ariane seemed to have the urge to unconsciously cuddle. She didn't try to move, it was pointless, and the embrace was so good. Her arms would be asleep on her when she tried to move them in the morning. But as the candle finally brought her into complete darkness, and the storm spent itself against the roof and the earth around them, Maggie feel into a deep, satisfied sleep she hadn't felt in a long time.
Morning came early to this particular tickle-planet, and Anastasia yawned cavernously as the first inquisitive rays of sunlight poked through the shutters to prod at her eyelids. Slowly, the piping of unfamiliar birds trickled in on its heels. Groggily, the mink came awake, stretching out -and gasping vehemently as she tumbled off the foot of the bed with a thud.

Collecting herself from a heap, the mink dusted herself off, smiling ruefully as she realized that she had gotten twisted completely around, head poking out past where her paws had been when she went to sleep. As she stood up, the mink butted her fists to her hips, smiling to herself at the sight of Maggie and Ariane both still curled up on the mussed sheets, slumbering forms scattered with bars and spots of light, corresponding to the window shutters.

Anastasia toyed with the idea of gently waking them up, stepping up the foot of the bed, one paw creeping almost instinctively to one of Maggie's paws as the other marched on Ariane's talons. Slowly, mischievous fingers stroked and circled over the cheetah's firm pads and the phoenixess's leathery talons, swirling soft as November snowflakes, savouring the feel of the firm flesh running under them. Eyes half lidded again with blissful contentment, Stasia watched the duo of sleeping beauties grin and snicker in the respective sleeps, legs slowly retracting to get away. Maggie's hand shifted, curling fist-like as it subconsciously slid over one eye in a adorable attempt at blocking out the sun, even as the cheetah's teeth showed with an involuntary snicker. Next to her, Ariane's head-feathers ruffled as the bird girl stirred, beak curving cutely, talons flexing under the mink's teasing strokes.

Anastasia gave them a few more strokes, before grabbing up some clothing and yanking it on as she tripped out the door. At the last moment, she returned to her pack sitting in the floorboards in one corner, and grabbed her phone. A pang of regret wen through her as she wondered how many people might have tired to call her after her disappearance, and how many times they would try again before giving her up. Still, it was still almost fully charged and she flipped to the stop-watch, flicking it on and returning it to her pack. Theoretically, she'd be able to stop it again at dusk that evening, and could see the easy way just how long a summer's day was on this planet.

In any event, it was Day Three on the tickle world, and it promised to be a busy one. Anastasia padded down the stairs, already feeling vaguely nervous and excited at the prospect of another day in their unfamiliar surroundings. A dip into the storeroom furnished some tea -seemingly no one here possessed coffee- and a check into the kitchenette produced a kettle and water. Starting a fire with a hunk of flint took some stumbling and petty growls, but didn't take long. As Anastasia pursued breakfast, one by one, with much rubbing of eyes and yawning of jaws, the others climbed down to the common room, lending their own paws to the search. Three of the tables were butted up together in the middle of the room, with the handy benches alongside.

And soon, two phoenixes, a fox, a coati, a mink, a cheetah, and a mouse had assembled around the furniture's periphery, discussing the day's plans as they ate.

"Okay," Said Helios. "As well as I remember, the plan we made last night was for about half of us to sweep the village and see if anyone's still around, while the others would fan out into the forest to try and find anyone else kidnapped by the Abductor, right?"

"Right," Said Fletcher.

"Well, that was simple enough. So, now the question is, who wants to go in what group? The forest patrol probably will have to walk farther, and might be at a greater risk of tickle-monsters. Personally, since I can fly, I think I should be in it."

"Wait a second, bro- shouldn't someone stay behind to guard the fort?" Said Ariane. "I don't want to underestimate the tickle monsters, and the one we met was clearly intelligent. One could track us here, than move in while we're all away and try to ambush us. And that says nothing about the emotions of any villagers who come back to find us here. It'd be good to have somebody on guard."

"Good point..." Helios cupped his chin. "Unfortunately, we're going to need as many hands as possible to search for other prisoners and fend off monsters. I don't suppose that anybody here wouldn't mind staying behind to guard the fort?"
While everyone else was having fun tickling themselves last night, and leaving me all alone in my hole in the wall without anyone to have fun with myself, i ended up hearing something howling outside in the thick of the storm. It sounded like a call for help. I didn't know why the others didn't hear anything except me, nor did i know why i was the only one who ended up checking things out, but that's what happened during my first night with the group.

Looking for the source of said howling and seeing if there was anything i could do to help them.

The storm was brutal, but then again, i was only about three to four inches tall, and thus the raindrops were much bigger to me than an ordinary sized beings, plus the wind and thunder/lightning was also a lot worse for me than it would be for most others as well. Nonetheless, i proceeded towards the source of the cry for help.

Until i soon heard the sound of laughter, and lots of it. And when i heard that noise, i looked around only for a moment before i saw a giant spider lady tickling what looked like a wolf anthro who was trapped in a giant spider web.

"Sohohohomohohhone plehehehase hehehehlp meheheheh!" He clearly didn't sound like he wasn't having much fun over there, even if he did have a fetish for tickling like the others did. Though watching him being tickled made me wonder if i myself had such a fetish? Sure, I've tickled other beings in the past, both male and female, and sometimes i would even tickle others in places most people wouldn't even think about tickling, even on other males. But that was just for fun wasn't it?

But what if it wasn't just that? What if i secretly loved tickling others the way the others back at the inn love tickling their friends? What if it was such a big secret, even to myself, that i wasn't even aware of it yet?

While i was deep in thought, i almost failed to hear someone walking behind me. I turned around to see a catboy looking at the wolfguy with a worried expression on his face. From the looks of things, that was his friend. Feeling he would be more interested in saving his friend than wondering what to do with a tiny mouseboy, i quickly climbed up his body to the top of his shoulder and began talking into his ear.

"Hey." I said low enough for only him to hear me, he looked around for a moment before his eyes locked onto mine, and boy were they close.

"Is that your friend being tortured over there?" I asked him the catboy as he gently nodded.

"I can help get him out of there for you. I just need to to distract that spider lady for me so i can get to the web without her spotting me. Can you do that for me?" The catboy nodded once more, giving me the okay to help him out.

"Alright. Now there's one last thing i need to tell you. Once i free him, i need you to run for the inn just over there. It's not very far, and there's others like us, and we even have food supply's that could last for months." He seemed to get the hint as he nodded once more before i crawled down his body, giving him the chance to distract the spider lady for me.

"Hey you!" Shouted the catboy as the spider lady looked over and began chasing after him after he tossed a stick at her and began running. Once she was gone, i made my way over to the wolf and began biting into the web and cutting it with my teeth.

"Is someone there?" The wolf asked as i felt him trying to free himself.

"Don't worry, me and your cat friend are here to help get you out of this mess." By the time i said that, i had already gotten one of his arms freed as he began trying to free his other arm with his now freed arm. While he was doing that, i decided to work on his legs, and ended up getting one of them freed quite quickly as he began to kick his other leg free. And after a few more moments, he did. And even managed to free the rest of his body as well.

And that's when the catboy showed up.

"Alright, he's freed. Now let's get out of here before that spider lady shows up again." I said as i quickly climbed up the catboy's body to his shoulder once more while he helped his friend up to his feet and helped him make a run for the inn as well. It didn't take us very long to make it back safe and sound as the two made their way inside as quietly as they could as i guided them up the stairs to one of the empty rooms.

"Alright, you can use this room to rest in. The others are resting right now, but you can meet them in the morning." I say as i jump off the cat's shoulder and onto a wooden desk next to the bed as the catboy set his friend onto the bed.

"Thanks for your help. Is there anything we can do to make it up to you?" The catboy asks as i look up at him for a moment before replying.

"Well, if you don't mind letting me share the room with you two, that would be nice. All I've got is a little hole in the wall with nothing inside to keep me warm, nor do i have anyone to converse with close by."

"Sure, that's fine. So long as it's alright for us to stay here with the rest of you, you're more than welcome to stay in our room whenever you'd like." The catboy said as he sat himself down on the other side of the bed and began stripping down to his undies while the wolf was doing the same as they both set their wet clothes aside to let them dry off for the night. I could only watch as their clothes came off as i felt a strange sensation in my groin.

Was i getting turned on by them stripping down? Was it possible that in addition to possibly having a tickling fetish, that i was also bisexual? There were so many thoughts passing through my mind at the time i didn't know what to think.

"By the way, i didn't catch your names. My name is Tori." The catboy said as he looked at me and the wolfguy.

"I'm Timmothy, but you can call me Tim." I said as me and Tori looked at our other friend.

"I'm Dusk." Said the wolf. Then i began stripping down myself and set my clothes aside so they could dry off as well. Then i waited for Dusk's hand to lift me over to the bed and laid down on it between Dusk and Tori, both of whom were facing each other, and me.

"Good night guys." Tori said as he closed his eyes.

"Good night Tori." Both me and Dusk said as we both made our way to dreamland rather quickly.

The next day...

I woke up just as the sun was rising, though it wasn't visible from our room, i could tell that the sun was rising on the other side of the inn and began to wake up for the day. And that's when i saw Dusk and Tori's faces right next to me on either side of me. Both of their faces were nice looking, even i thought they were both attractive. And the way their warm breath washed over me while they were sound asleep made me moan in pure pleasure as i felt myself getting hard.

Then i shook my head as i began thinking to myself.

"Nonono! Don't think like that Timmothy Kirkman. Not unless you're sure you're bi. You need time to think things through before you rush this issue head-on." With that thought out of the way, i began to walk around Dusk's head and over to the desk as i decided to let them sleep in and get dressed. After all, they've had a rough night, they could use the shut eye.

And with that, i made my way downstairs where i could see the others assembled and chowing down on breakfast as they began discussing what out next move would be.

"Okay, as well as I remember, the plan we made last night was for about half of us to sweep the village and see if anyone's still around, while the others would fan out into the forest to try and find anyone else kidnapped by the Abductor, right?" Helios said as i was handed a small, (to him) yet large enough piece of meat (to me) by Fletcher.

"Right." Fletcher said next.

"Well, that was simple enough. So, now the question is, who wants to go in what group? The forest patrol probably will have to walk farther, and might be at a greater risk of tickle-monsters. Personally, since I can fly, I think I should be in it." Helios said his sister spoke up with a new issue.

"Wait a second, bro- shouldn't someone stay behind to guard the fort?" Said Ariane. "I don't want to underestimate the tickle monsters, and the one we met was clearly intelligent. One could track us here, than move in while we're all away and try to ambush us. And that says nothing about the emotions of any villagers who come back to find us here. It'd be good to have somebody on guard."

"Good point...Unfortunately, we're going to need as many hands as possible to search for other prisoners and fend off monsters. I don't suppose that anybody here wouldn't mind staying behind to guard the fort?" Helios said once more, giving me an opening to reply to his offer.

"I'll do it. I'll stay behind." The others looked down at me like they thought i was kidding.

"By yourself? Are you sure you can hold the fort all by yourself?" Helios asked.

"Don't worry, i won't be by myself. I'll have Dusk and Tori to help me keep the place safe from those tickle beasts." Then i saw the others look at me even more confused than before.

"Dusk and Tori? Who's Dusk and Tori?" Someone piped up, but i couldn't tell who it was at the time.

"Oh that's right, i forgot to tell you guys, but i found two others like us being tortured outside by a tickle beast during the storm last night, so i helped them get away and led them back here." All the eyes were on me once again, and this time they were all wide eyes.

"You rescued two others like us from a tickle beast during last night's storm? And all by yourself?" Helios asked, just as amazed as the others were.

"Well to be fair, Tori distracted the thing while i freed Dusk from the web he was caught in. The beast in question was a spider lady who's home wasn't very far from here, so i think someone should take care of her first before we all wander off too far from the inn." Everyone else looked at each other before seemingly in agreement. Then Helios asked me another question.

"Alright then, what about these Dusk and Tori fellows, are they upstairs right now?"

"Yeah, i decided to let them sleep in after the rough night they both had. If you want me to wake them up so all of you can meet them, i can go get them right now."

"Yes, i think that would be wise before we just let you stay here with them, not knowing who they are ourselves." Helios said as i went back upstairs to wake up Dusk and Tori.

(I hope everyone enjoys this chapter. It took me quite a while to write and edit it until my turn came around)
"So he saved those two by himself? That's actually pretty impressive." Ariane quipped.

"Yeah, especially for someone his size." Helios added onto that.

Soon enough, Tim returned with Dusk and Tori. Introductions were made and Helios gave them both the short version about where they were and what they were trying to do. As he talked he noticed the two new arrivals sizing up the others in the room...but it seemed that Dusk was only paying attention to the males, completely ignoring the females.

Hmm...seems I'm going to be in the minority. Helios thought to himself, amused.

"So we're stuck in a tickling dimension and we have to tickle our way out of it?" Tori asked, trying to surmise the information he'd just been given.

"Pretty much." Helios deadpanned.

"...yeah, I guess that makes sense." Dusk commented. Considering he'd been tickled pretty much non stop since he got here. "So, what's the plan then, fearless leader?" He said with a smirk at Helios.

'You'd best save your charm for the others, son.' Helios thought to himself.

"Well, Tim mentioned you boys have been through a lot already, so I'd say you deserve some proper rest. So the three of you will stay here and keep watch over the hotel. I don't really expect anything too exciting to happen, but you never know, so don't let your guard down.

"Now, Dusk mentioned something about a spider woman, so we know that there's at least one monster nearby here. So it's imperative we find anyone else that might still be out there ASAFP, and, if necessary, eliminate the monster.

"I'll head out into the forest, since Ari did the exploring last time. I'll take Maggie and Snowy with me, they're the most athletic amongst us.

"Meanwhile, Ariane you'll scope out the village with Stasia and Fletcher. Try to find the villagers, or at least find out what happened to them. If you do come across them, try to be as non-threatening as possible. They're likely to be suspicious of us, but it's important that we get them on our side in case our "host" decides to switch things up on us again."

There were no vocal objections to the plan. But Helios could see the rest of the team giving each other some worrying looks. Especially Maggie to Anastasia.

Helios sighed. "Alright, look. I know what you're all thinking-"

"Why can't I go with Stasia?" Maggie blurted out before Helios could even finish his sentence. "Or Ariane, for that matter? I mean the three of us made a good team last time."

"You're right, you did. But didn't Stasia end up being captured by that monster because you were all a little busy having fun?" Helios raised an eyebrow.

Maggie stammered and blushed a bit. She had to admit the phoenix did have a good point. She and Ariane got so caught up in their tickle fight they almost didn't notice Anastasia was gone until it was too late. And if Ariane didn't figure out how to handle those vines...

"Listen," Helios continued. "I know that you've all become...attached to certain folks in our little groups. There's nothing wrong with that, but the fact is that right now we need to focus on getting the job done. And it's going to be a lot easier to do that if we're not constantly checking out the backsides of whoever is with us at the time.

"And more importantly, we're a team. If we're going to get through this, we're going to have to learn to trust and protect each other, not just a select few. Does that make sense?"

Eventually everyone nodded. As much as the lovers didn't like it, Helios did have a good point. Besides, it was only going to be a few hours away...right?

"What time should we meet back here?" Fletcher asked.

"Well, seeing as we're still working on a way to actually tell time, we should meet back here when the Sun is at celestial noon: the highest point in the sky. Sound good?"

"What happens if you guys don't come back?" Tori asked, bringing up the one possibility few wanted to consider.

Helios just shrugged. "You'll just have to come get us. I think you'll be able to tell where we all are."

With that Helios turned back to the rest of the group. "Okay, that takes care of everything. Any questions?"

No one had any reservations this time.

"Alright good. Grab your gear and let's move out."
With that, It was Dusk, Tori, and Tim who was left at the hotel. It wss quite quiet as Tori look outside in case of trouble.

He came to Dusk who was leaning down, looking out the window. He could see that he was shaking a bit, no doubt he was remembering the incidents of yesterday.

"Hey." He cried to him. Dusk turned to him. "Dusk, are you okay?"

He raise his eyebrow. "Yeah of course. Why wouldn't I be."

"Cause you're shaking like a leaf in a breeze." Tori pointed out. Dusk looks to see he's telling the truth and stiffen up to stop it.

"It's about what happened yesterday isn't it?" Tori commented. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Dusk lowers his head. "I mean, what happened to why you were crawling on the ground when I first met you?" Tori placed his paw on his shoulder. "I'm just curious as to how you got into that situation."

Dusk explained what happened to him. Tori looks shocked, "I'm sorry that happened to you." Dusk nods. "I'm impressed you went out of the way to help a stranger like me."

"A stranger? You certainly looked at him like you two are friends."A voice spoke out and you turned to see Tim sitting on your shoulder.

Tori shook his head. "Oh no. I found him crawling on the forest floor cause I heard a call for help. I picked him up and brought him backed to my camp, but then the storm came and he ran off, which lead him to that spider women and I didn't know what to do until you showed up Tim."

Tim nodded. "Speaking of which, why you helped me? You didn't know me at all, but you still went out of your way to provide me with support?"

Tori smiled, "It didn't matter if I knew you or not, you were in trouble and I wanted to help. That's all there is." Dusk smiled at his kindness.
Dusk hugged Tori tightly. He was glad that he had saved him. And not just once. Though he had an assistant the second time.

"Tori. Are you ticklish?" Dusk asked deviously as he gently prodded the cat boy's sides. He bit his lip hearing the giggles from Tori as he poked. He had some ideas now. Some fun ideas.

"Tim. Mind holding down the fort?" Dusk gave the puppy eyes as he laid his head on Tori's shoulder. If anything, he'd let the mouse join in. But it would be a bit risky. In any case, it may be fun to do a three way scene. Especially with how devious Tim can be with his size.
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Trekking through the forest, Helios lead the other 2 in the direction of the spider's web. It had been quiet since they left the others at the village and he could feel an awkward tension between Maggie and Snowy. "I guess Snowy feels hurt that Maggie would rather be with Stacia than her" he thought to himself as they continued. Helios was good in difficult situations but even the silence in their team was too much to handle so he stopped and turned toward them.

"Okay, before we go any further, I think its best we sort out what's going on between the 2 of you". "What do you mean?" Maggie asks "there's nothing wrong between us" Helios looks toward Snowy "is that true?" Snowy glances at both of them before looking to the ground "yeah fine, couldn't be better". The sound of the obvious sarcastic tone to her voice said differently "alright here's what's going to happen, we're not taking another step until you 2 clear the air with each other. We need to be team and by the looks of it, we're far from one".

After a few seconds of silence, Maggie sighs "okay, you're right" she looks at Snowy "Snowy I hope I didn't hurt your feelings when I wanted Stacia to come. We've become close and I guess since you and me haven't exactly spent enough time with each other, that's why I wanted her. I don't want you to hate me, I think we could be good friends..........so can you forgive me?". It took a full minute of fidgeting and silence from Snowy to finally speak "I don't hate you Maggie, although I would be lying to say that it didn't hurt me to know you'd prefer to be around Stacia than me. You're right about us not being around each other enough and I guess me being......somewhat jealous of your relationship with her doesn't help".

Maggie smiles "you don't need to be jealous Snowy, besides you're with Fletcher" Snowy nods "I know but we're not as close as you and Stacia are, I see the way you 2 look at each other". While the 2 of them talked, Helios had stepped away to give them privacy "hmmm.......didn't think it was this serious or that it would take this long" he said to himself as he looked on.

"I know its not really the best time but why don't we take this opportunity to bond with each other while we try to find this spider" Maggie says which gets a smile from Snowy "I'd like that" seeing them hug each other, Helios gave a sigh of relief before rejoining them. "So everything is resolved now....we're a team?" they both nod and smile "yeah we're a team now lets kick this spider's ass". With renewed confidence in their team, they continue on through the forest "hey Helios?" he looks back at Snowy "yeah?" "isn't it a bit odd that so far all the creatures we've came into contact with........they've all been female" Snowy says "the chameleon that Maggie, Stacia and Ariane met was female and now this spider.......are there any male tickle monsters in this forest?" Maggie smiles back at her "I think you forgot about that octopus" "that could have been female" Snowy responds.

"Does it matter what gender they are" Helios says "whatever they are, we need to defeat them". They soon came across a wrecked spider's web which had to be the one Dusk was talking about "wow look at the size of it" Helios said inspecting it. While he took a look, Snowy and Maggie hid in a near by bush to keep a lookout "I wonder what it felt like to be tickled by something with 8 legs" Snowy says staring at the web "it could tickle your underarms, sides, belly and feet all at the same time" Maggie notices a smile form on Snowy's lips. "You're getting excited about that?" Snowy bites her lip "aren't you?" Maggie shakes her head "I don't want to think about".

As they hide in the bush, Maggie quickly glances at Snowy "are you addicted to tickling?" Snowy shrugs her shoulders "maybe but I am obsessed". Even though she enjoyed a good tickling herself, Maggie never met anyone who was obsessed with it "I guess that's why you've been sticking close to Fletcher". Snowy smiles "Fletcher's cute, he's shy but give him a few pointers and he'll give you his all". They both watch Helios walk around the web while he talks to himself "have you tickled him yet?". "Who Helios?" Maggie shakes her head "no Fletcher......although seeing what kind of reaction Helios would give from being tickled would be interesting".

"Fletcher, no I haven't. I feel like I should take it slow with him" Maggie nods "what about you and Stacia?". "What about us?" "things between you 2 got heated very quickly, I'm assuming you've had some bedtime fun". Maggie couldn't stop herself from smiling "yeah, that was amazing" looking behind them, Maggie saw Snowy's tail swishing from side to side "I bet that's a good tool to use" "I haven't really been able to use it, from what I remember I've only used it once briefly.......on you". Maggie smiles "oh yeah........that morning in the cave" Snowy nods before returning her focus to Helios. "You having fun Helios?" he looks at them "just give me a sec".

Looking back at Maggie, she's finds her still staring at her tail "seen something you like?" Maggie quickly averts her gaze "its just fluffy is all". Snowy smiles "soft too......you might want to try it out sometime" seeing where this could lead to, Maggie quickly gets Helios's attention "Helios, is the any sign of her?" he looks at them "no, but there are tracks" he walks back over "they might lead to her lair". Maggie and Snowy looked at each other "please tell me we're not going to her lair, which I'm assuming will be in a cave." Helios sighs "do you have a better idea?" they both shake their heads "didn't think so, now lets get to it". As Helios walks off, Maggie sighs "he's always in a rush" Snowy nods in agreement before they both run after him "HEY HELIOS, WAIT UP".
"...Nope, doesn't seem like there's any villagers around here," Ariane stated, walking over to Stasia after a quick scan of one part of the vilage. "What about you? Did you find anything?"

"I'm afraid not," Stasia replied. "It's kind of creepy though. The thought of a place of civilization only to have almost no one live there."

"That's the appeal of ghost towns, though. Anyway, did you find anything, Fletch?" Ariane asked the third member of their party, only to realize he wasn't there.

"Still looking!" his voice called out, sounding like it came from above their heads. As they looked at where they heard him, it appeared Fletcher had climbed his way on top of a small building, trying to get a better view of the area. Considering the wall of that building didn't offer much to grab and climb with, it seemed weird how he could climb atop the roof that fast.

"Uh...when did you get up there?" Anastasia asked, raising her voice a little so she could be heard.

"Just now, why? ...Well, I am pretty good at scaling walls and such. I practice a bit of parkour in my spare time..." Fletcher responded. "I think I see something over in that direction. I can't tell from here but it looks like it might be a villager." The coati pointed to the trio's left, presumably on the other side of a building or two.
Helios was marching forward at a fairly rapid pace, his eyes cast downward at the tracks he had managed to find. Maggie bounded after him, darting out from behind the bush to catch up. It wasn't difficult for her, and she cleared the space in moments. "Hey, don't get all alpha male on us, Helios. We're supposed to stick together!" She called to him angrily, but without much volume. If there really was some kind of spider monster out here, there was no point in giving away their position.

The firebird turned to look back at her, noticing Snowy trailing far behind, in no rush to close the distance as they walked. "You're right, sorry." He turned back to Maggie, the two walking side by side as they alternated looking down at the tracks and around for any danger. "You two bury the hatchet?"

Maggie sighed and nodded. "I think she was a bit insulted when I said I'd rather pair up with 'Stasia or Ariane. I think I smoothed it over, but I'm usually not the best at these kinds of things." Maggie looked at Helios with an annoyed look. "You're not all blameless, Helios. If Stasia and I want to explore the forest, who're you to give us orders? Any of us?"

Helios held up his hands appeasingly. "I'm not trying to push people around or give orders. But like you said, we need to work together. And that at least means working with me and Snowy, not just Stasia and my sister. I'm just trying to keep everyone moving forward."

The phoenix's tone wasn't the commanding one of earlier, Maggie noticed a pleading in his voice. "What's got you so gung-ho today, Helios? If we don't slow down, poor Snowy will never catch up at this rate." The two turned around to see Snowy trailing a ways behind them. She waves at them happily, but seemed content to take her time catching up. Maggie and Helios slowed their pace to allow her time to catch up.

"Look, Maggie, I was just thinking about back home." Helios told the lithe cat, speaking softly. "I was awake last night thinking about my sisters, my friends, wondering what they're doing or if they're worried about us… do you have anyone back home, Maggie?"

"Me?" Maggie seemed surprised by the question. "No. I kept to myself, mostly. Apparently we're not even from the same planet? So you wouldn't know anything about the place. Race matters a lot there, if you're not a lion you don't matter all that much. Stopped playing in those circles over a year ago, and just kept to my little corner. I might need to get a new job if I spend too much time missing in a strange dimension, but that's it."

Helios arched an eyebrow. "What about Anastasia? Apparently you two are from the same place, right? If you get along with her so well, maybe you could be near her?"

Maggie shook her head. "Same world, different sides. I don't know a whole lot about where she's from, other than it's gets pretty cold there. No lions, though. But no matter how explosively we hit it off, we've only known each other for a couple days. I don't know if she'd even want me there, I don't know if I'd want to go, I don't think there are many cheetahs around, and… look, one step at a time, Helios. If we get out of this place, and I actually get back to my own world, then I'll think about what to do there."

"Fair enough." Helios nodded. "And if I come across as pushy or bossy, I'm sorry. Really. Look, as a peace offering, I can give you a helpful tip. If you really want to get my sister, all you have to do is tickle her…"

At that point, Snowy came up behind them, jumping the last few feet with her usual enthusiasm. "I finally caught up to you two! So, what'cha talking about?"

The two exchanged a conspiratorial glance, not wanting to dwell on the serious subject any longer, although Maggie wished Snowy has taken just a few more seconds to catch up. The cheetah turned back to Snowy, answering "Oh, not much. Shoes and ships and sealing wax…"

"...Cabbages and kings." Helios finished, as the cat and bird gave each other an amused expression, both surprised at the strange coincidence while Snowy just looked eminently confused.


The three marched on through a winding trail in the forest, slowly pursuing the odd tracks this person-sized spider was leaving. Glancing up revealed a sun still solidly in ascendance, giving them plenty of time before noon. As they had suspected, the days and nights here were longer than any of them were used to. Not that it was unpleasant, it gave them plenty of time to explore during the day, and plenty of time to sleep, and well, other things, during the night.

It was Snowy's turn to walk up front, her head down as she followed the trail, while the other two looked around defensively. For the moment, the trio walked on in silence. Maggie couldn't help but notice the way the white fox's tail swished back and forth in the air in front of her, bringing to mind the last thing she had said to the cheetah back in the bushes. 'Soft too… you might want to try it out sometime!' The eyes of the distracted cat kept following the playful, hypnotic motion. She's doing that on purpose, she has to be! Maggie thought to herself.

It made the athletic cheetah war with herself, as if she had an angel and a devil on each shoulder. You could just walk up behind her… the voice of temptation whispered in her ear, all you'd have to do is ask her to tickle you with that tail. She'd be all for it. She said it herself, she's tickle-obsessed. Can't you just imagine that tail brushing against your stomach? And afterwards you could get her back…

No, no no! The upright side of Maggie protested internally, the last thing to do is to get make yourself all vulnerable and ticklish when there's a monster around. That's how Stasia almost got taken away! Do you want something like that to happen again? Maggie shook her head, dispelling the inner monologue, trying to make peace with her warring instincts. Gotta focus. Maybe have fun later… she compromised to herself sensibly.

Despite Maggie's newfound focus, she didn't have time to come back to the real world before she walked right into Snowy, who had stopped in front of her. "What? Snowy, why're you stopping?" Maggie asked, feeling Snowy's tail press against her thigh, just outside the thin fabric of her light blue skirt, the sensation not helping her behave.

"Look, you guys!" Snowy exclaimed, pointing to a depression in front of them. It was a cave, an opening descending into the ground at a roughly 45 degree angle. Wisps of cobweb could be seen along some of the rough contours of the inner walls, and the tracks ended where the rocky surface began. There was no mistaking it, they had found this Spider monster's lair.

"Excellent." Helios said softly, all three instinctively keeping their sounds to a minimum. "We've found her lair. Now all that remains is to defeat this creature, and we'll have two monsters down!" Helios seemed eager to move forward, but Maggie was much more cautious, turning to him and holding up a hand.

"Wait a sec, Helios." Maggie protested. "You want to sneak into the monster's cave, and fight her on her home turf? That's nuts, we should go back and get the whole group to gang up on her instead!"

"And lose the element of surprise?" Helios retorted. "Those newcomers only just escaped from her last night with Tim's help." Maggie's eyes narrowed, remembering. She still didn't trust the new members of the team. But Helios continued "This spider might be waiting until tonight to track us down and catch us while we sleep. Best we strike now. Besides, look at the cave entrance." Maggie and Snowy complied, and looking carefully, noticed how narrow it was. They'd have to squeeze through one at a time. "Numbers won't do us any good like this. No, my hypothesis is that our opponent is overconfident, unsuspecting, and nocturnal. All of which bode well for us!" Helios seemed pleased with his deductions, and still more eager to press forward. He turned to the vixen. "Snowy, what do you think? You're the tie-breaking vote here."

Snowy turned to Maggie and shrugged sympathetically. "Sorry, Maggie, but I think we should do it. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? We get tied up in a big spider web and tickled by eight legs at once!" Snowy seemed giddy at the possibility, as if winning and losing were equal sides of the coin to her. Maggie sighed, realizing she was outnumbered. Deciding that it if they were going to go in, it was best to get it over with, the cheetah headed in first. Even with her thin, flexible frame, she had to shimmy sideways through the opening, her body pressed against the rock. Helios, being taller and possessing the more pronounced musculature of a male, would just barely fit through. She noticed him going in right behind her, hearing the sound of his feathers rasp against the rock of the opening. Maggie hoped this cave wouldn't be this claustrophobic for long, as she felt a sticky wisp of spider silk brush against her arm.

"What do they look like?" Anastasia cupped her paws over her mouth. “Friendly?”

“Are they hurt?” Ariane called next to her, squinting against the sun.

Atop the dome of the building's roof, they could both make out the coati silhouetted against the crystal blue sky, one paw held out to balance himself as he squinted into the distance.

“Doesn’t look like it- but they do seem a bit confused.” He yelled down. “They’re wandering around and bumping into things. I think they might be in shock or something.”

“Let’s go see if they’re okay,” Said Ariane resolutely, darting around the side of the building. Anastasia could only shrug and run after her. The level of damage to the city seemed to vary from block to block, with pieces of rubble scattered intermittently between almost pristine stretches of sprawl. As it were, most of the simplistic buildings showed only cracks or light damage, but a few had collapsed completely.

As she jogged at the phoenixess’s heels, Anastasia felt as much as saw a momentary shadow fall over her. A glance skyward granted a glimpse of Fletcher boldly leaping from his cupola to the burgundy shingles of the next building over, skidding briefly down the slope before scrambling to the crest.

“Over here! They’re just down this alleyway!” He called down excitedly as he slipped over the ridge of the roof and vanished from sight again. Anastasia could only hope that the shell-shocked villager wouldn’t mind the trio of intruders that were about to bear down on him or her –and that their languages would not be dissimilar.

She and Ariane rounded a street-corner, instinctively fanning wide as they caught site of the local, who appeared to be sitting on a partially mangled street bench, crying. Anastasia’s first thought was that she was some variety of avian, based on the thick covering of marble and tan plumage that tufted out from all over her body. A matching set of glossy black garments over what corresponded with mammalian genitalia left little of the feathering in question for the imagination.

A… seagull? Albatross? Owl? Anastasia and Ariane swapped glances, slowly approaching the distraught bird-girl.

“H-hello? Are you alright?” Ariane called, the commanding phoenixess for once sounding hesitant.

The bird girl jerked, looking up in alarm. Slowly, Anastasia raised her hands next to her head; palms peacefully out, as Ariane subconsciously copied her. As they surveyed each other, Anastasia noticed the avian's more mammalian hands, with undersized talons. But it was the avian’s face that fascinated her.

Covered in a fine layer of downy feathers, its curious contours reminded Anastasia of something from history textbooks. Extraordinarily flat, with a small nose and rounded edges, curving around to meet a jawline essentially fused to the rest of her head. The short face wasn’t entirely different from Anastasia’s or Maggie’s, but the contrast with Fletcher’s snout or Ariane’s beak would be glaring. Anastasia could only stare for a long moment; of all things, the alabaster-feathered villager had a head like a Hominid.

“Are you alright?” Ariane asked again, walking forward slowly, tone gentle as if she were speaking to a wounded animal. “Do you live here? Can you.... understand me?” For the latter question, her peaceful tone betrayed a doubting edge indicative of what she thought the likelihood of that was.

The primate-faced bird girl stood up, stared back at them with a set of huge blue eyes. Standing up next to the public furnishing, Anastasia realized that she was only a little over one and a half meters tall; shorter than she herself, and Anastasia had never had heighty figure. Given her stature, the mink would’ve suspected that the avian was young, but her onyx-bound attributes made her very much doubt that.

“Yes; I know wha you're saying,” The bird-girl chirped musically, taking a nervous step back as the duo approached. Anastasia and Ariane exchanged bug-eyed glances. The bird-monkey-girl apparently noted the exchange. “Universal translator; I can hear you just fine.” She sang with that same flowing voice, tapping one small talon to an unremarkable section of her head. Long feathers jutting down from her scalp made it look almost as if she had hair.

“We just want to talk,” Called Anastasia hopefully, slowly lowering her hands. “We’ve only just arrived her the other day. Do you know where everyone else is?” The bird-girl stopped retreating from in front of them, though she still stood poised like a paranoid deer.

“No… I was in one of the abandoned buildings.” Said the girl slowly. “My friends dared me to spend a night in the Whocket Place -it’s haunted- and I over-slept. When …It happened… The whole thing collapsed underground, and a monster attacked me. It tickled me for what must have been hours, before I got away and climbed the rubble back to the surface. It was too heavy to follow. As I was trapped, I couldn’t understand why nobody had helped me, but when I got back up here, half the town was wrecked and… everyone was gone…” She shook her head in stupefaction, feathers ruffling. “I hid in another damaged building during the storm, and I’ve been wandering around ever since. ...I really don’t know where everyone went…”

“It’s okay; we’re here now.” Said the phoenixess softly. “I’m Ariane, by the way, and this is Anastasia. Up there- that’s Fletcher. Please, will you tell us your name?”

And what in the Iikar’s name you are? Thought Anastasia, though she had to admire her comrade’s diplomatic skills. Before she could answer, all three jumped as Fletcher slid down the roof and thudded to the pavement, raising dust as he padded over.

“My name is Yidanya,” She said, the word seeming to slide off her tongue with a piano symphony. “I’m an Ufi.” She cocked her outlandish head at Anastasia, and the mink blushed as she realized to just what a degree she had been staring. Still, an ‘Ufi’... Whatever that was, that probably explained the flat-face vs feathers juxtaposition.

“Uh, tell you what,” Said Ariane. “We’ve kind of moved into a little motel a little ways across town. We have food and stuff there, if you’d like to come, and you could meet the others.”

“How many of you are there?” Asked Yidanya. “And what are you? You’re a –a phoenix,” She said, sounding proud that she had identified the species, even as she turned to Fletcher and Stasia. “But I’ve never seen one of you before. Just what are you, anyhow?”

“Uh, coati.” Said Fletcher, apparently resigned to explaining his species to everyone they met.

“I’m a mink,” Added Stasia. “And there’re about …Three others back at the place we’re staying at. Assuming that the other group hasn’t gotten back by now.”

“Come on- it’s this way,” said Ariane, making a motion to follow and turning back to the mouth of the alleyway.
"Sure, i guess." I said as Dusk and Tori returned to their room upstairs, leaving me to guard the first floor all by myself. Which was a bit disappointing, me being left all alone by myself once again while everyone else had something fun to do. It made me a little upset that Dusk and Tori didn't want to include me in any of their fun, and i could almost tell by the sound of Dusk's voice that it was my size that made him worry about the three of us having fun together.

Still, that was no excuse to leave me all alone to guard the place by myself while those two had fun without me. At the very least, i could get them back later tonight with my own bread of fun if i felt like it. But for now, all i could do was watch the place on my own on the floor and under the tables.
"Sheesh, pretty dark in here." Maggie quipped as they descended into the cave.

"Anyone got a light?"

"One sec." Helios patted his left forearm and the parts of him that seemed to glow actually started to do just that. The result was rather crude, but it lit up enough of the cave to where walking around wasn't an impossible dream.

"Alright." Helios said, looking around. "Let's head....this way." The trio walked off in the direction he pointed. The cave did seem to get a little bigger as they descended, not spacious but not small enough to where it was claustrophobic.

"So how long you think that this thing has been down here?" Snowy asked.

"Probably as long as that village is up. Maybe longer."

"I wonder if..." Snowy trailed off, looking deep in thought.

Helios and Maggie turned back to look at her. "What is it?"

"Well...that wolf, what's-his-name, he wasn't captured too long by the monster, right?"

Helios nodded, unsure of where she was going with this.

"And if she's a monster, she probably doesn't hang out on the surface for very long right?"

"Uh huh..." Maggie slowly said.

"So, if she's been going around capturing people, she wouldn't just leave them up on the surface to tell everyone who she is and where she lives, would she?"

Helios titled his head at her, sensing that she was onto something but he wasn't sure what. "What's your point?"

Snowy swallowed. It wasn't often that the fox looked nervous, but she did now.

"What if, all of her other victims...what if they got taken back here and they're still here?"

"You mean to be like her tickle toys for all eternity?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah!" Snowy's answer sounded a little bit more excited than scared, betraying her innate love of tickling.

Helios tapped his beak as he thought it over. "That does make a bit of sense. If she's been capturing others, I highly doubt she'd just leave them up on the surface. Even if they were tangled up in webs or whatever, I doubt she'd want to leave any kind of a 'calling card.' A creature like her would depend on the element of surprise, and the less the surface knows about who or what she is and where she lives, the better..."

He turned back to Snowy. "I think you might be onto something."

All at once there was a rumbling. The cave shook slightly and some pebbles clattered down the slope as they were jostled loose.

"Okay, well let's just find the monster and anyone else that might be here and bolt. This place is freaking me out." Maggie said, looking around anxiously.

"Shh! Quiet!" Snowy held up her hand.

It took a while for the others to pick up on what she meant, but then they heard it as well. It was faint, it was hard to believe it was real and not some hallucination, but it was there. And after a second or two, they could start to make out what it was.

It was a chorus of laughs, accentuated with begging and pleading. And it was coming from someone.

Actually, several someone's.

"Guess you were right, Snowy." Helios said grimly. "C'mon, let's go spring them out before we all get tangled up in a web of trouble."

And as lame as the pun was, the three headed off towards the sounds.
Tori and Dusk headed into the room they stayed in last night. Dusk kept tickiling your back for some time, keeping you giggling. You thought about Tim though, having to keep a eye out for trouble by himself.

"Dusk I know this'll be fun, but I think we should be serious here." The wolf pause.

"What if something does happen, Tim would be in big trouble of course. I think we should wait for when they all come back." He brushed his cheek.
Dusk pouted slightly but nodded. He knew what he was getting at. Plus it would be better to do it at night. Less interruptions that way. And who knows. Maybe they could add a third to the party. Dusk was curious about what it would be like getting double teamed by Tori and Tim. He loved getting tickled. When it was on his own terms of course. Not like last night. That was simply brutal beyond belief. No one deserved to be tickled against their will. Not mercillessly anyways.

"Lets head back then." Dusk hurried back down to where Tim was guarding hoping nothing had happened in the brief time.
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As the sound of laughter got louder, Helios and Maggie were keeping silent as any noise would echo throughout the cave "okay, I'm guessing a few more feet and we'll see her". While the 2 of them were sticking together, Helios saw Snowy had gone out in front "Snowy" he whispers trying to gain her attention. Getting no response from her, he sighs and looks at Maggie "she too far out in front". Maggie could only shrug her shoulders "what do you expect, she likes the thought of being tickled by 8 legs". Helios shakes his head before attempting to bring her back "Snowy" calling out for her just a bit louder got her attention "come here". Thankfully, she walks back to them "what's up?" "you're too far out in front, you could of been seen".

With all 3 of them together, they enter a large open space that's been lit up "you can turn off your lights now Helios" Maggie said. When Helios didn't respond, she looks at him seeing a nervous look on his face "hey" she nudges him with her elbow "Helios, what's gotten into you". He points out "s-spider" Maggie gulps and turns her head in the direction he's pointing, her eyes widen at the sight of the spider busy enjoying tormenting her toys.

"What the f........" Snowy covers her mouth quickly and drags both of them behind a large boulder "did you see the size of her.........she's bigger than all of us put together". Snowy peeks over the boulder "I count 7" the others look over as well "7.........7 what?" "7 of the luckiest people" Snowy says making Helios and Maggie stare at her "seriously?" "are you kidding me" they both protest. Snowy feels herself blush "what........don't judge me" as they watch the spider tickle 2 of her victims, the others are struggling in the webs that they're caught in. "2 tigers, a crow, a dog, a lion and what looks like 2 zebras" Maggie sits behind the boulder "so are they the locals?" Helios and Snowy join her "I guess........maybe they all came from the village".

Helios says "I mean I know it doesn't make sense that such a variety of people like them that live together but lets face it, nothing has made sense since we've been here". The 2 girls nod "so what's the plan Helios?" Maggie asks "why you asking me, I don't have a plan" she growls out of frustration "so you dragged me and Snowy here with no plan". "I had a plan........defeat the spider" Maggie nods "great, we're sat in this cave with no plan and huge spider a few feet away from us......... some plan".

Sighing, she looks at Snowy who's gone back to watching "you got any ideas Snowy?" judging by the look on her face, Snowy was entranced by the spectacle before her "hey Fluffy" Snowy look at her "huh, what?". "Ideas as what we should do?" Snowy bites her lip "uhhhhh what if we distract her........one of us could get her attention while the other 2 free her toys, I mean victims". Maggie thinks about it "hmmm doesn't sound too bad" Helios nods "yeah.....but who's going to distract her?". They smile at each other before looking at Snowy "hey Snowy, how'd you feel about being the one who distracts her?" it takes about a second for Snowy to make her decision as she walks out from behind the boulder.

"Wow she's brave" Snowy takes a few steps toward the spider "uhhhhh hi" the spider quickly turns to face her "well what do we have here?". Snowy looks at the spider's toys as they continue to struggle and she tries to hide her excitement at what it would feel like to be in their position. "I......got lost?" the spider steps toward her "who don't sound so sure in yourself little fox". The spider eyes her up "yeah.....I think you'll be a perfect addition" seeing her chance to get this plan into action, Snowy ran off "its so much fun when they run".

With the spider off in pursuit, Helios and Maggie run out from behind the boulder "we've got to be quick about this" while they set about freeing them, Snowy had found herself backed into a corner. "There's no use running" she stops in front of her and raises her front leg to poke Snowy's belly which makes her giggle. "There's something about you little fox, something different compared to the others" "well it could be my fluffy tail or the fact that I like TICKLING" she lunges at the spider and proceeds to tickle her underside with her tail "kitchie coo spider". The spider was in hysterics in seconds "no stop that hahahahahahaa I'm ticklish there hahahahahahaha" Snowy was loving this but she knew she had to stick to the plan so tickling the spider a bit more, she then runs off back to the others.

Helios and Maggie were making great progress in freeing everyone, the only problem was once they were freed, they ran off. Once the last one was freed and ran, Maggie sighs "we risk our lives to save them and not one thank you" "yeah well at least they're free". Snowy returns with a smile "that was fun" "okay great, so the spider is gone then?" Helios asks Snowy "uhhhhh". Maggie narrows her eyes "you did get rid of her right?" before Snowy could answer, the spider enters "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE......MY TOYS ARE GONE". She turns to them "you pests, I'm going to give such a tickling" she glares at Snowy "starting with you".

Snowy's eyes widen "SHE'S TICKLISH" she shouts "her underside" Maggie smiles as this reminds her of her encounter with the chameleon. "3 of us and 1 of you........I like those odds" the spider was taken back by this "you wouldn't dare" Maggie raises her claws. "Time for some payback" the 3 start to converge toward her which must never happen to her because she was soon giving up "okay, okay stop you win I won't tickle anyone anymore". As the spider walks away in defeat, they all high five each other "but be warned, there are worse things than me out there". They look at her "there's one......beast that's been watching you all, 100 arms and the ability to split their body in 2" Maggie gulps "enjoy your trip back my lovelies.......he'll be watching".

She disappears into the darkness leaving Maggie, Helios and Snowy in stunned silence in which they remain while they journey back to the village. With Helios leading them, Snowy in the middle while cleaning her tail and Maggie at the back, she looks around the forest "100 arms" she shudders at the thought "must be one of those millipedes or centipedes" Snowy says while picking webs out of her tail. Helios looked back at them "we'll talk to the others when we get back" he looks up and around "we've got to keep moving". Crossing her arms across her chest, Maggie stares at Snowy "did you tickle her with your tail?" Snowy nods "uh huh". She looks over her shoulder "don't worry, you'll get your chance soon.......I'll make sure of it" with the thought of a creature in the forest with 100 arms was watching them, Maggie couldn't believe Snowy was thinking about tickling her at a time like this.

"I'd like to see you try fox........we'll see who tickles who first" she thinks to herself while staring at her claws. Maggie smiles "oh yeah we'll see, just you wait. Maybe I can get some help with that". Continuing their way back, a pair of eyes watches them intently with a grin "you're mine, you're all going to be mine".

(I thought I might as well get the spider out of the way so we can move onto another creature. Hope that's alright with the rest of you)
(Thank you for allowing me into this lovely piece of ever expanding literature. Ill do my best to make my additions useful and productive.)

Name: Shade Albertson

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ticklish spots: Underarms, ribs, sides, belly, feet, and unbeknownst to him, his groin.

Appearance: Shade is a Obsidian Dragon, with scales to match his namesake. He stands at the height of around 5' 11", and carries a set of browed wings on his back that he can fold up into a compact size, looking somewhat like a fleshy backpack. He has a athletic build, and usually runs around in Steal armor Emblazed with symbols of wolfs on it. But as that would make for a very boring tickle toy he is now wearing just a black t-shirt with a gold wolf on the front of it and black sweat pants.

Personality: More of a loner, Shade prefers to keep to himself in most cases. Will usually sit in the back of groups if forced in one, allowing others to fill the role of leader. Only once you get to know him and he starts warming up to you will you start to see his fun charismatic side that he only usually shows to his bio cube Mercy, speaking of which...

Bio: Shade lives in a realm well outside those of many of the other critters here. In the world he came from space flight has been possible for many centaury's, and intergalactic commerce is common place. Do to his parents both being in the military, he grew up constantly moving around, with very little time to make lasting relationships with anyone, fur or otherwise. So when his parents got him his very own military grab bio cube for his twelfth birthday, (a bio cube is, well, a cube. Equipped with a state of the art AI system, it floats round near its master and gives it him/her helpful advice about there surroundings. It is able to scan and document the makeup of most objects, and then uses that data to map out the best cores of action. They also have the ability to "faze clock," a ability with means, simply stated, that they meld with there masters subconscious and kind of fuse with, thereby removing the need for a fascicle form, but also removing the ability to communicate with anyone the there master.) he latched onto it, and they became near inseparable. This made him grow ever more distant toward making new friends in the places him and his parents would travel to, but it gave him something he desperately needed, a constant friend. Now in present day, Shade has become a excellent air force technician, starting his training at only the age of fifteen thanks to his cube, and has been fixing air force ships for the past two months. One of his instructors thought it time he start to learn how to fly the thinks that he had got so adept at fixing. But unfortunately things didn't go very well. Right as they got of the ground, Shade accidently started the faze warp system (light speed travel) and in his frantic button pressing to try and turn it off, ended up ejecting his mentor out the back of the ship Now he's off to crash land in a distant world, but unbeknownst to him, he would not only warp through distances, but also dimensions as well...

Shade kicked the end of the ship angrily. "Darn it, Things completely busted." He groaned, siting down next to it. Mercy metalized next to him.

"Well if you had simply listened to the instructor instead of pushing whatever shiny button you see we wouldn't be in this mess." "She" exclaimed (its more of an it but considering how it tends to snark at him he's taken to calling it a girl). "IM sorry but with everyone yelling at me I kind of lost it." Shade groaned again putting his face in his hands. "Where even are we anyway?"

"That's...actually a good question." said Mercy, floating around to scan the perimeter. "Well by the looks of it we are on a undocumented planet, I cant find a single fill on anything that's growing here" she exclaimed floating back to Shade.

"That's just perfect!" Shade sighed, falling back on the grass. "How the heck are we support to get home if we don't even know where we are right now?"

"Well we could head to the village I saw when we entered this planet." exclaimed Mercy. Shade shot up.

"You saw a village?"

"Yeah, while you where busy screaming, I was trying to document the lay of the land while we still had altitude on our side."

"Well... great, but couldn't you have waited tell we got to the ground, I can fly you know?" Shade said, stretching out a wing and pointing to it.

"Yeah, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea, we have no clue where we are, or more importantly, what might want us dead. Flying around would pretty much put a huge target sign on our heads." exclaimed Mercy.

"True." said Shade, folding up his wing again. "Well, in any case, we should probably get to that village, and hope there are friendly people inside it..." Shade gulped, shifting a bit uneasily.

"Yeah.." said Mercy, slowly floating toward Shade. "Well, the village is that way." Mercy said, sort of doing a head bob in the direction of the village. Shade sighed.

"Well, lets get on with it then." he said, as he set of at a brisk pase through the undergrowth, vaguely noticing the small tickling feeling arching up his foot with every step he took.
Maggie caught up with Helios, a look of bewilderment on both their faces. "Did we really defeat another monster that easily?" Maggie asked the phoenix, "That seemed way too easy." The three of them trudged through the forest, heading back the way they came. Despite the fact that they had just set several people free from the spider's web, there didn't seem to be any trace of them now.

Helios nodded in agreement. "Yes. Well, yes and no." Helios replied confusingly. "We seemed to have won a victory without firing a shot, unless you count whatever Snowy did to her." Helios cast a sidelong glance at the white fox, who was trailing behind them a few paces. She would deliberately stray off the path to brush against the ticklish ferns of the undergrowth, only to giggle to herself and jump back in a ticklish reaction, and then repeat the process a dozen paces later. Either she was naturally eccentric, or this place was beginning to have an effect on her. "At the same time, this doesn't quite fit with what the 'Abductor' told us earlier. We had to 'get our opponents to surrender with hysterical laughter,' if memory serves. It's possible the spider didn't count."

Maggie cursed under her breath. "It's possible the chameleon monster didn't count either! Didn't you say we had to defeat monsters in some kind of arena?" Maggie pondered the idea, and flinched noticeably as a long fern brushed against her exposed side.

"Yes, that's true." Helios concurred. "It's impossible to tell without some kind of confirmation. Either that spider woman gave up tactically, because she was outnumbered by an aggressive foe or…"

"Or maybe I'm just the best tickler on the planet!" Snowy piped in energetically, bouncing up behind them. "A few swipes of my tail and I showed her who's boss!" The vixen swiped her tail back and forth for effect, which again drew Maggie's eye. The tail looked incredibly soft and luxurious, and it made her wonder if it really was such a devastatingly ticklish weapon. Her own tail, while long and agile, was no more or less than a prehensile brush. Devastating on a ticklish foot, but it couldn't compare with the foxtail's surface area. Snowy caught the cheetah's long look and returned it with a knowing smile. One which made Maggie turn away all too quickly.

"I'm also curious about the villagers we released." Helios continued, inattentive to the silent banter between Snowy and Maggie. "They all seem to have run off. A natural reaction, but did they return to the remains of the village? Or did they scatter in all directions? I suppose we'll see once we get back, which we should do promptly, it looks like it's almost noon."

True enough, the sun was now high overhead, and the forest was starting to heat up significantly. The midday heat had little effect on Maggie, who was used to tropical conditions, but Snowy's ears started to droop, and she became less of her ebullient self. The trio pushed on through the thickets, occasionally yelping or giggling as one of them inevitably strayed too close to the foliage, which always managed to tickle them in an uncanny way. Perhaps the whole forest was an intelligent being, at least the vines were in some way. And then there was what the spider said: the fabled beast with one hundred hands. None of them spoke about it, but they hurried on as if trying to outrace some kind of curse or boogeyman.

Before too long, they had retraced their steps back to the inn. The group could hear the muffled sounds of the team they had left at the inn, who had apparently gone upstairs. None of them paid it any mind, and gave them their privacy. But they seemed to have beaten the Ariane and the others who had gone out to search the village. "I'm sure nothing has happened to them, and they'll be back any moment." Helios said confidently, "but I'm going to go check, and see what's up. I'll be back in a moment." Helios then brusquely left, leaving Maggie and Snowy alone in the main room. Maggie thought she detected more than a hint of brotherly concern in Helios's voice, although she agreed that Ariane and the others probably had the situation well in hand. After all, it was the safer mission than heading into the jungle. None of the villagers had come to the inn, but it's possible they had run elsewhere in the village.

Maggie sat down heavily on a lounge chair, relaxing after the hike and tense encounter with the spider. "Whew," the feline exhaled, "that was an eventful morning. I wonder what the others found out…" Her aloud musings were cut short when Snowy suddenly plopped herself down on Maggie's lap, sitting daintily on her thighs and prompting a surprised noise to emit from the cheetah. "Snowy! What're you doing?"

"This!" Snowy exclaimed, and began brushing her soft, furry tail against Maggie's bare midriff. "Told you you'd get your chance!" The lithe cheetah woman yelped and squirmed underneath the seated fox, the tail continuing to swipe back and forth across Maggie's stomach. She had been right, the thing really tickled! It only took a moment before Maggie burst out in a fit of laughter, giggling as her stomach rippled under the brushing of that tail. It managed to swipe almost everywhere at once, making contact with her sides, hips, waist, and brushing the rim of her navel. Thankfully, her tail was too broad a brush to actually squirm inside Maggie's bellybutton, or all that tickling at once would really have her howling.

"Hehehehey! Quihihihihit thahahahat!" Maggie protested, although they both knew that was only the sort of thing that egged a tickler on. Snowy only grinned and swished her tail faster, flashing an impish grin as if to say 'make me.' Maggie fell back in her chair, unable to restrain herself from snickering. Given free reign to continue, Snowy grew bolder, and her tail began to move upward, brushing against the undersides of Maggie's breasts. The make-shift scarf tube-top Maggie had concocted for herself offered almost no protection from the sensation, and her laughter took on a breathy quality as her breasts where painted by the tickling brush.

Realizing she had to either retaliate or let herself to tickled to Snowy's content, which might really be all day, Maggie used her remaining strength not drained by tickles to lunge up, grasping Snowy's sides in her claws and wriggling furiously. Snowy instantly began to laugh and wriggle in Maggie's lap, but made no move to pull away. Indeed, it seemed to be the reaction the vixen was hoping for, and her tail swished against Maggie's chest and belly all the more energetically. It was all Maggie could do to tickle back, her claws softly roaming up and down Snowy's sides from her hips to her ribs. The two were locked in a mutually ticklish embrace, giggling themselves silly as neither gave the other any quarter.

After what seemed like an eternity, but couldn't have been more than some minutes, the two stopped, as if mutually reaching a limit, or at least a break. They both panted in the chair. "Truce?" Maggie said, panting, which got a nod in agreement from Snowy.

"Truce… for now, at least!" Snowy said, and grinned in an expression that betrayed her typical enthusiasm. It was at that moment that the group came together. The door at the top of the stairs opened, and the men who were in the rooms came down. At the same time, Helios re-entered, with Ariane, 'Stasia, Fletcher… but not just them! Maggie realized she saw at least one more figure behind the group enter the room, all of which was enough to completely pull Maggie's attention away from Snowy's tail, which rested passively yet dangerously just underneath her top.
Anastasia sighed as she pushed out of the hot sun and into the cool of the common room, plopping her shoes off on the expanse of flat river-stones mortared together that floored the entranceway. The room was crowded with furs, milling about and discussing the day's events. Helios and Ariane were in conversation by the fireplace, while in front of the charred hearth Maggie and Snowy were giving each other alternate teasing and weary glances as they glanced in the direction of their returned allies. Both seemed flushed and rather disheveled.

The mink raised an eyebrow at that; what had they been doing together? She banished the flicker of childlike jealousy within the second, shaking her head at her own pettiness as Dusk and Tori (with Tim riding casually on the latter's shoulder) emerged down the stairs. Stasia was about to say something –when Fletcher brushed by her, making his way towards Snowy, and accidentally ruffling her outfit in the process. She bit her lip to keep from gasping at the resulting wave of ticklishness, slowly coming back under control, before turning and gently catching Yidanya's arm reassuringly.

"It's okay- everyone's friendly here," she said brightly, stepping forward, cupping one paw to her mouth. "Uh, hey guys. This is Yidanya. We found her in the village, after she escaped from one of the Tickle Arenas."

"H-hello?" The wide-eyed bird girl stepped forward, keeping close to the mink.
She spoke up awkwardly, trying to keep the semi-circular crowd of inquisitive furs and feathers in sight.

"If you want to talk to the guy in charge, I think it's Helios over there," Stasia told her, poking a thumb at the phoenix in question. "Anyways, next to him are Tori (the cat-guy), the lupine's name is Dusk, and the little one? That's Tim." She searched for something to add, in vain, it seemed.

Across the room, Snowy sprang to her paws, massive fluffy tail sliding out from under Maggie's top with a flourish, nearly causing the poor cheetah to topple off the chair after her as she snorted with laughter. Pretending not to notice, Snowy marched up to them and put her fists to her sides, pout failing to stifle a smile.

"What, don't we even get an introduction, Stasia?" The vixen tutted, turning to Yidanya mock-conspiringly. "Don't listen to her! I'm Snowy, and that ticklish bundle of nerves and fur back there is Maggie." Without turning, she seemed ignorant of the way that Maggie had recovered and quietly crept up on her on silent cat feet. Maggie ran a claw up Snowy's naked side, half-smiling as the fox jumped and doubled over, giggling and swatting at her ineffectually.

" 'I'm ticklish' ? Are you crazy, or just asking for it?" She smiled down at Yidanya, who, Stasia noted, seemed to have perked up considerably at the brief ticklish demonstration. "She would ask for it, you know. Snow's always trying to get people to tickle her."

"Well, I think I might be able to oblige her in that," said Yidanya, though softly enough that few beside herself heard.

The mood seemed noticeably lighter after the introductions, and Helios soon had enough tables to seat the entire party drawn together in front of the hearth. Each of the Eusibio's sat at one end, with Fletcher and Snowy sitting across from each other just down from Ariane, with Dusk, Tori, and Tim down from Fletcher to Helios along one side, sitting opposite from Maggie, Stasia, and Yidanya in the process. At the phoenix’s immediate left, Stasia idly noted that the... Ufi was her species name, right?... Yidanya seemed fascinated with Helios's fiery plumage.

Ariane and Helios each spoke their respective reports, while the others kept patiently silent during the narrative, waiting even as Yidanya hesitantly recounted her own story of being trapped in the Arena and tickled horribly before encountering their scout party. The only interruptions occurred when Snowy spoke up to make sure everyone knew just who was responsible for the defeat of the most recent monster, a point universally acceded.

"So, in summary," said Helios when all was said and done. "There's another, seemingly much larger, monster on the loose somewhere. The good news is that we’ve now defeated two- three; if you count the one that Dusk told me he fought earlier in one of the Arena’s. There are also half a dozen tired and scared villagers roaming around, at least, but the village appears to have been deserted in the entirety. If it wasn't, someone would have eventually come and found you, right ....Yidanya?"

"Yeah- you're the first people I've seen since the earthquake," the bird-girl nodded. Everyone seemed to be taking her unusual appearance in stride, Stasia noted, and vice versa. "But, can I say something? You all really haven't been around here long, have you?"

"Well," Ariane spoke up from her end. "We were only dropped in a few days ago. We still don't know exactly where 'here' is, or much about it."

"Right. It's just that you all seem so... Tickle-happy," said Yidanya, not sounding at all perturbed by the concept. Just the opposite, in fact. "Like, you two -Snowy and Fletcher, right?- you've been tickling each other under the table ever since we started." Fletcher looked downcast, while Snowy just beamed guiltily, but Yidanya had already swung directly to her left. "And -Maggie, was it?- you've had your tail poking up in Stasia's skirts almost as soon as you both sat down. And Tim- you've been tracing you own tail all over Dusk's neck, trying to get him to interrupt."

"Uh, guilty as charged..." he squeaked.

"Personally, I'd say that you're hardly guilty." Yidanya beamed, already seeming almost the opposite of the shy personage she had first come across under. "It's just that, almost everyone I knew since I got here a few months ago hated tickling. It was even banned inside of city limits! It seemed so cold and unnatural -I had a terrible time getting used to it.

‘Where I come from, it's so common; it was like suddenly having to give up verbal speech. I kept accidentally tickling people out of habit; everyone hated me for it. Whenever there was a Monster Hunt, I was always the 'bait', and I think that the others usually waited for a few minutes of leaving me with whatever monsters we were fighting as a ways to get back at me. Now, it’s like being mute for a year and suddenly being able to talk again.” She beamed.

“Well –I’m glad to hear that,” Helios smiled. “And you’re right –some of us also have a thing for tickling. But as is, I’m curious about the Abductor. Would you mind telling us what you know of the entity that controls this place, and do you have any idea how It can be defeated?”
Author note

I just wanted to say before i began writing my chapter for the round that JD's chapter is incorrect in where my character has been since the two groups departed. As it stands since before everyone else returned to the inn, Tim has been sitting under the table waiting for Tori and Dusk to come back downstairs from their little tickle session. Therefor, I'm going to be writing my chapter in a way that will be disagreeing in some places with what JD has written in his last chapter. Just letting everyone know this in advance so there's no confusion later.

I could only watch from under the edge of the table by one of it's legs as i saw Snowy and Maggie having fun tickling each other on one of the chairs. Seeing the fun they were having made me feel more than a little upset, especially with how Dusk and Tori left me down here all by myself to guard the place while they were busy having fun without me.

"I don't understand. Why is it no one want's to do anything fun with me? Is my height the only reason, or do they just don't like me for some reason?" I said softly, almost feeling like i was going to start crying. But i didn't and decided to just let my emotions build up until i couldn't take it anymore.

Then, i saw the other group enter the inn, and they seemed to have another bird like creature with them, though this one looked different than the others.

"Uh, hey guys. This is Yidanya. We found her in the village, after she escaped from one of the Tickle Arenas." Anastasia said as she introduced the newcomer to the others. It was around this time i saw Dusk and Tori coming down the stairs, looking at everyone else in the room.

"Anyways, next to him are Tori, the lupine's name is Dusk, and then there's...um, where's Tim?" Then i looked up at Dusk and Tori from under the other side of the table as they both looked around shocked.

"What? You mean he's not here?! We only left him alone for a few minutes, he couldn't have--" Dusk started, but was quickly interrupted by Helios who said...

"Hold on, you mean to tell us you two left him all by himself down here? Why did you do that? What was so important that you two had to go upstairs without bringing him with you?" Now Dusk and Tori were backed into a corner, they knew the mistake they made and decided it was time to come clean.

"We...wanted to have some time alone. We were trying to have fun.....tickling each other. We didn't want to include Tim because we were afraid he would get hurt with how small he is and--" Tori started saying, but he too was cut off by Helios who interrupted them once more.

"Just stop. Do either of you realize what your negligence has caused?! All three of you were tasked with keeping the place safe from intruders while we were away, and for all we know, someone else might've snuck in here and taken Tim away while you two were busy goofing off." Now Dusk and Tori were really looking down, and feeling it too. And I'm pretty sure some of the others were feeling the same way as well.

That's when i decided to make myself known.

"Hold on a second! I'm right here!" I shouted as i quickly climbed up the table leg up to the top of the table where everyone had their eyes on me.

"Tim! Were you under that table the whole time?" Helios asked with some concern in his voice.

"Yeah, sorry i didn't say anything sooner, but i dozed off after dumb and dumber left me to guard the place all by myself while they were busy having fun without me." In a way, i could understand why Dusk and Tori chose to exclude me from their alone time, but at the same time, Helios was right. What if someone did kidnap me while they were ignoring their duties? Or what if worse things happened to me while they were away? They needed to learn how to be responsible. After all, i did save them from the spider lady last night, and this place was their home just as much as it was all our home. And if they were going to continue living here with the rest of us, then we need to be able to trust them.

And this last stunt they pulled isn't helping their case any. Just saying.
"Well, we can talk about that later." Helios said, now aiming to keep the conversation going before arguments started flying. The truth was that he couldn't really blame those two. Stuck in such an environment like this, this band of tickle-happy critters was going to need some time to...relieve any pent up desires.

But that was beside the point, and the bird got back on track.

"Right now, we need to decide how we're going to go about the rest of today. As it's by no means certain how much time we've secured ourselves before any of the other villagers decide to drop in on us. Or, even worse, before our...host" he practically spat the word out "decides we're not playing fast enough for his liking and comes to get us."

"Why do you think he'd do that?" Maggie asked.

Helios just shrugged. "It's what I'd do."

"I don't like it when someone else pulls the strings, brother." Ariane commented.

"Neither do I, Ari. But whoever's running this place is calling the shots right now."

"Whoever...or whatever."

That comment from his sister got Helios thinking. What if the abductor was an AI? So far they'd all been operating under the assumption that he was an organic creature like the rest of them. But if he was a robot or computer program? Well...tickling one of those to submission wasn't exactly unchallenging.

Looking around the table, he saw that some of the others were thinking along the same lines, and their concern was palpable.

"Well, we'll worry about that when we get to it." Helios turned back to the newest avian addition to their band. "So do you know anything about the abductor?"

Yidanaya shook her head. "I'm afraid not. The earthquake was just as big a surprise to us as it was to all of you. To say nothing of the revelations that followed."

"I guess that explains why the villagers all freaked out and ran." Fletcher spoke up. "If they knew anything about him, they would be on their way to take him down right now."

"And the villagers we freed scattered like rats-no offense Tim" Snowy added, Tim held up a hand to indicate none was taken. "Though maybe that's why tickling was illegal here? Because if they did know about the abductor, that would be the best way to kinda-sorta rebel against him right? To show him that they weren't going to play his game?"

"Kind of like a "screw you" to him?" Maggie wondered aloud. "I like it."

"This is assuming that they do know about him." Anastasia said, bringing up a rebuttal to the argument. "Yidanya here doesn't, but then again she did just get here a few months ago. Did any of the village elders mention him?"

The quasi-avian shook her head. "I mean, there were some whispering about someone that...I guess sounds like your abductor, but they were few and far in between. Almost no one ever mentioned tickling though. It was such a forbidden concept that even saying the word was frowned upon. And if you ever asked why they were so against it..." a blush crept across her cheeks "you got punished."

Helios had a feeling where this was going.

"Let me guess." He said dryly. "Tickled to tears and beyond."

She just nodded. "It never happened to me, but I saw it happen to other unfortunate villagers. Sometimes they would be stripped down and left in the square for the public to have their way with."

"Why am I not surprised." Helios said half to himself. "They did that to anyone who asked about tickling?"

"Yes, along with common criminals and...well...pretty much anyone they were suspicious of."

"And I don't suppose a bunch of strange furres suddenly occupying their hotel rooms" 'and wearing their clothing' he didn't add "would qualify as suspicious, would it?"

Yidanya gave an almost amused smile and nodded.

Helios rubbed a hand over his face. "Hoo boy" he breathed. "Well, suffice it to say, any villagers we meet we'll have to treat...very nicely."

As soon as the last word left Helios's beak, the entire table (sans Yidanya) turned to look at Snowy. "What?" The vixen asked, putting on a face so innocent it was begging for a halo. This actually got some chuckles out of the furres, while Yidanya just looked on in perplexity.

"Right, anyway the question still remains: how do we proceed from here? We've still got the arenas to take care of, not to mention that 100-hand beast." Helios stated, getting back to the topic.

"That's seriously a thing?" Ariane asked incredulously. "That sounds like something you'd make up for a photoshoot!"

Helios just shrugged. "At this point, not much surprises me about this place. Regardless, if we're gonna take on the arenas today, I think this time we should all go together."

Ariane tilted her head. "You sure? You, Snowy, and Maggie just fought off a beast."

The phoenix just smirked and waved a hand in their direction. "I think they're more than ready for round two." He got a positive response from both girls to that statement, though Snowy was a tad more enthusiastic.

"And besides, if we're going to take these things down we're going to need to throw everything we have at them. And we all have individual skills we excel in: we've got canines and vulpines with big bushy tails, felines that can run circles around anything we meet, a mouse that can provide the sneak attack no one saw coming, and avians that can give a lil of the ol death from above when not being walking featherdusters."

Helios leaned back, wearing a smirk that one has when they know they've got what it takes to knock out their opponent.

"In other words, if our host was looking to rule over this world for all eternity, he picked the wrong people to mess with."

This confidence seemed to spread to the others at the table. This abductor person had crafted an entire world based on tickling, possibly terrorized and entire society into submission, created tickle monsters that would be the envy of any Japanese hentai, and he decided to invite a cadre of tickle-obsessed furres to his house?

Wrong move, partner.

"Well that's all well and good, but what about the villagers?" Ariane asked. Monsters and overloads aside, they still had to worry about how to keep the aforementioned society from tying them down, literally and figuratively.

"Well, if they see all of us fighting the monsters, getting them to trust us should be easier." 'In theory at least' Helios thought. "And besides, it'll save us the awkward moment of having to explain why we're occupying their hotel rooms."

No one could argue with that, that was a conversation no one was really looking forward to having.

"So." Helios said, turning back to the group. "What do you say guys? Up for some hardcore tickle combat?"

The furres thought about this for a moment. Hesitation flashed across some of their faces. This wasn't going to be like before where they just happened to come across a creature that was living out in the world. This would be sanctioned fighting. And unlike the previous times where they could create a diversion or talk the creature down, they had to defeat them fair and square. Otherwise they would be sent to the tentacle fields, and that was a part of the world that maybe not even Snowy was looking forward to visiting.

Finally they all gave their answer: a resolute "Yes!"

The confident smirk had not faltered, and now it broadened into a grin. "Alright then. Everyone take an hour or so to get changed, freshen up, etc., then we'll get started."

The part about "getting changed" was intended to be hyperbole. Helios didn't think taking any more of the clothes from the inn was a good idea. But he knew there would be no stopping the copious amounts of females in his party. While the bird did shower to get the gunk from the jungle and the caves out of his plumage, he chose to wore his outfit of t shirt, cargopants, and boxer shorts that he'd been wearing since he got here. The phoenix found that the presumably male clothing the world had to offer was a little bit...too liberating.

Ariane however had decided on a total outfit change. Freshly showered, the phoenxiess was now clad in an almost-see through mesh top and jean shorts that were almost impossibly low cut. Underneath she was clearly wearing what looked to be a black bikini.

Helios just blinked. "Where did you even get that?"

Ariane shrugged. "Found it."

"Right." Helios just dropped the subject right there. "Y"know it's not gonna help if you keep Anastasia and Maggie distracted while we're working."

"Hey about that..." Ariane walked over to her brother, a look of concern on her face. "I was just talking to her and Snowy about your little adventure. You seriously charged right into the cave of that spider?"

"Well it worked didn't it?"

"But if it didn't then you'd be exactly where Dusk and Toni just were last night, and we'd have to risk our behinds coming to save yours." She sighed and shook her head. "But that's not what I wanted to talk about. I'm worried you're pushing them too hard."

"How do you mean?"

"You kept snapping at them to keep moving. You know these are just ordinary furres, Helios. Not soldiers."

"I know, it's just-" the phoenix gave a sigh out of frustration. "We're stuck in this place, y'know? And we have no idea if we're gonna be able to get back home or not. I mean last night I was thinking about-"

"Wait, you're worried Moly and Sel are gonna miss us? If anything they could use the break!"

Helios just rolled his eyes at the mention of his two other sisters. "Well what about our friends? You think they'd notice we're gone? I mean, I got responsibilities back home."

"I thought you took care of that whole thing with-"

"I did, but it's not just her I'm worried about."

Helios ran a hand through his crestfeathers as a frustrated expression crossed his face. "Look, I know that I'm asking a lot from them, and I know that none of them asked me to be the leader, I was just the guy who walked in a took the job. And I'll be honest, I want to stick around here and see just what kind of ticklish contraptions this place has to throw at us. But...at the end of the day this is just a nice place to visit, not live."

The phoenix gave a sigh that was half frustrated and half depressed. "I don't know what their intentions are but...eventually I'd like to go home."

Ariane rested a hand on her brother's shoulder. He always tried his best to keep his emotions compartmentalized. Always pushing negative emotions and feelings away from the surface, never to be seen by anyone. But recent events before their arrival had been pushing the bird to his limit. For the sake of everyone involved, Ariane couldn't let Helios snap here.

"Hey, we all want to get through this. And we're going to. It may not happen overnight, but if we work together, we can do this. You said so yourself down there."

Helios just gave a shrug. "Maybe I'm not cut out for this leader thing after all."

"Hey" Ariane said more sternly. "I'm not going to allow you to say such things. Trust me, if those folks doubted you being in charge, they would've said so. But they respect you, and hopefully you respect them. I know you're under some stress right now, but you need to channel that in the right direction, and that doesn't mean running us through the jungle until we all drop dead from exhaustion.

"If you're going to lead us out of this, you're gonna need to keep your head on firmly. These furres aren't soldiers, but they're the best we got. And we all want the same thing, so there's no sense in trying to start something because it's not being done as fast as you want.

Helios took a deep breath as he absorbed her words. At the end of the day he had to admit she was right. No, they weren't the hardened operatives he was used to working with back home, but they were still willing to work together to get out of this place, and more importantly willing to follow him.

He wasn't going to let them down.

He turned to Ariane with a chuckle. "Since when did you start acting like Mom? You were almost too young to remember her."

Ariane gave a sad smile at the mention of her late mother. "Well, someone had to keep you from amazingly stupid things."

As the phoenixess turned to go, she stopped and prodded her brother's side with a mischievous smirk. "Maybe you just need some stress relief."

Helios blanched at that. To him and his siblings "stress relief" involved gales of laughter. "Uh, I'm really not feeling that bad..."

"Oh really? Cause I'm sure I could talk Snowy, maybe even Stasia, into giving you some-"

"I said I'm fine!"

"What about Yidanya, or that owl what's-her-name if she's still out there? You know, you never did tell me what happened when you-"

"Y'know what?" Helios turned to his sister, who was sporting a big grin on her beak. "Why don't you go...distract someone until I get downstairs."

Ariane giggled and gave a mock salute. "Sir, yes, sir." With that she turned and walked down the hallway.

Helios just snickered to himself as he pondered over his sister's words. He had to admit that he, or perhaps he and his sister, at the mercy of the skilled hands/tails of the rest of their little group was a very...interesting idea.

But now was not the time, nor place, for such things. They had some monsters to tame.
Tori smiled as everyone's feeling confident about the plan. He turn his head to Tim and feel upset about the situation. He decides to make it right and fix it.

Tori headed to the table he was at. "Hey tim." The mouse turn to him and wave.

"I wanted to apoigize for leaving you alone to look after the place for out fun. It wasn't right since something could have happened to you. I hope you can forgive me for it."

Tim thought about it and smiled. "Don't worried about it. I do appreciate you caring about my safety."

Tori smiled in relief. "For the record, I am curious as to how you can do things." He admitted.

Tim smiles as Dusk came by to apoligize as well. The three of you stare out the window when Tori saids. "It's by birthday today."

Dusk turns his head to him. "Really?" he ask.

Tori nods, "Happy birthday!" Tim cries out. "Now you're...?"

"18." He answers.
Shade continued his run through the forest, getting more and more annoyed at the ticklish sensations coursing through his body as he passed the ferns and shrubs lettered throughout. After one particular fern jabbed him straight in the side and got a good snort to emit did he stop for a quick breather.

“*snort* ehh what are these things?” he asked Mercy.

“Not sure.” she said, materializing near his head. “They seem to be a organic substance made with the soul purpose to tickle anything nearby.” Mercy scanned one of the ferns closest to them. “In fact, they seem to gain some sort of sustenance off of it. Your ticklish giggles sustain them.”

“Great…” Shade rolled his eyes, hoping beyond hope that the village that they were supposedly running toward was just on the other side of the trees.

But before they could continue their trek through the forest there was a loud screech that came from just above them. Shade looked up just in time to see a large bird like creature come flying (more falling) from the dense tree tops to land just in front of them. As it did so the ground seemed to cave, creating a large circular arena.

Shade, out of reflex more than anything, rolled backward a few feet and pulled out his combat knife, one of the few pieces of weaponry he had left, and took a closer look at his opponent. It looked like a Archaeopteryx, only with more feather duster looking arm-wings, Its plumage all manner of colors.

“What is that thing!?!” Shade yelled at Mercy.

“No idea, no record of any such being exists in my data base.” Mercy said, quickly dematerializing.

“Perfect.” thought Shade, getting into a combat stance.

Archy (the name he came up with for the bird thing) looked up, and as it spotted the knife, it started making a high pitched wine. Shade wasn’t sure what it was doing, tell he started hearing, no, feeling this loud booming voice yelling in his mind.

“NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!” it yelled, “weapons are NOT allowed in this game, no killing of any sort is to happen on the premises, and…wait, who are you?” The voice stopped for a moment, allowing Shade to put his thoughts in order.

“I’m Shade.” thought Shade, “and you are?”

“Your captor.” The voice boomed “I brought people here for the soul purpose of having a tickle battle royal, but I don’t remember inviting you..”

“Yeah, I kind of crash landed here…” Shade started to say.

“Ahh yes I remember now” boomed the voice. “You came here through a worm hole created by your failing ships engine; I saw your entrance, wonderful landing, top notch.”

“Thanks…” Shade thought sarcastically.

“I’ll tell you what.” boomed the voice. “I’ll give you the same chance I gave all the rest of the people I brought here, defeat ten of my creatures, in a group or alone, survive a day in the tentacle fields, and then defeat me in my humble abode, and I shale give you passage in and out of this world. The only catch, you must do everything with tickling, nothing more. Other than that anything goes, you can even use your floaty cube thing if you wish, sound fair?”

“Well.” thought shade, putting away his knife. “Do I have much of a choice?”

“No.” boomed the voice.

“Well then.” Shade thought. “I’m in.”

“Excellent…” The voice said, as it slowly exits Shades mind. As it did so the monster seemed to be given the go ahead, as it started to lunge at Shade, its feather duster hands swinging and swaying in front of it. Shade jumped back from the hands, only to hit his back on the arena wall.

“Great.” thought Shade, as the feather duster hands descended upon him, tickling all the scaly flesh he had exposed (witch wasn’t much at this point but enough). This started him giggling profusely.

“Hay *giggle* stop that *snort.” Shade giggled, trying to bat the hands away to no avail. Shade then noticed that the creatures outstretched swaying hands left its pits wide open. With great effort Shade pushed through the swaying arms and started using his claws to tickle the underarms of the beast. This got the beast going, making it sputter and snort and stop its duster assault to try and cover its pits. This gave Shade the opening he needed, forcing the bird to the ground with some quick jabs to its sides before climbing onto its belly and tickling as much of it as he could. He wiggled his tail in the things navel wile pinching its sides with his hands. He even started blowing a few raspberries into the things stomach. After a good fifteen minutes of this the creature let out a below that sounded something like “I submit” and the ground shook as the pit became solid ground again. Shade rolled of the creatures belly and laid in the grass panting. Mercy materialized next to him.

“You were a little to good at that.” Mercy exclaimed, forming and then raising an eyebrow.

“I’ve had some practice.” Shade panted, “What do you think I do while you’re in the repair shop? Anyway that seemed like it was a beginner anyway, probably the lowest tier of them all.”

“Hmm.” Mercy nodded, looking down at the now passed out creature, then back a Shade. “You seem a little to excited about this.”

“Hay, what can I say, that was fun.” Shade said, getting up from the grass. “Now which way to the village again?”

“That way. “ Mercy said, creating a arrow. But before they could set out another thing dropped down from the tree tops. This time it was beautiful female anthro owl. She looked at Shade and the cube with a curious expression.

“I heard some laughter coming from this direction and felt I should go check it out, you two ok?” she asked.

“Uhh who me yeah I’m fine totally fine everything’s fine.” stammered Shade, blushing and staring at his feet.

“hmm.” said the owl. “Well just wanted to make sure, I’ll be off then.” She stared to spread her wings.

“Nooo *cough* I mean, can I at least get your name? Mines Shade” Shade blushed again. The owl smiled.

“Swift.” she said, before expending her wings and flying off into the trees.
Mercy stared at Shade, then at where the owl was, then at shade, then at where the owl was, the back at Shade.

“You like her.” cooed Mercy, bonking Shade on the head.

“I do not!” Shade retorted. “Besides, she’s way out of my league, you know what lets go, lets just go.” Shade said, running off in a random direction.

“The village is this way.” called Mercy, forming another arrow.

“I knew that!” retorted Shade, running back and then off in the direction of the arrow. Mercy sighed.

“What is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt…” *Mercy dematerializes*.
Name: Silva Vain (The Hunter, Silva)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi (Even though she doesn’t know it)

Ticklish spots: Underarms, breasts, thighs, belly, her most sensitive spots being her thighs, which she takes great care to try and not let anyone get to them.

Appearance: A female human with black hair tied in a long ponytail; she has a mask quite akin to a ninja’s covering the lower half of her face, with a sleeveless leather jacket over a black bikini top that ends at her ribs protecting her upper body. A pair of leather jeans protects her lower body, although she doesn’t have any footwear protecting her feet, opting for what she calls for a more “natural feel” when walking.

Personality: A normal poker-faced person, she thinks calmly about a situation before deciding what she should do. A natural loner, Silva prefers to hang back instead of being outgoing. However, also a naturally proud person, her pride might be her undoing one day…

Bio: Not remembering where she previously came from, all that she remembers was that she was a hunter, and she lived for “the hunt”. Her most recent memory was that while she was chasing… ‘something’ during a hunt, a portal pulled her through to wherever she was currently right now. When she woke up in this new world, a quick inspection revealed all her lethal equipment, knives, mini-Molotov’s, fire arms had been taken away from her. A voice also spoke to her as she woke up, explaining who he was (the captor of this world’s denizens), the situation (she was to participate in a tickle battle royal with other participants), and that tickling would be the only form of combat around here. As the voice disappeared from her mind after explaining the basics, she didn’t get a chance to ask who her allies were, or who she was supposed to face. However, as soon as the voice disappeared, a large crashing sound could be heard nearby, which she promptly went to investigate out of curiosity.

Jumping from branch to branch, The Hunter cautiously made her way to where the sound of the crash originated from, careful to make as little noise as possible, for even she didn’t know what awaited her in this forest.

“I need to be careful around here. Who knows what lurks around in this forest. But tickling… what an interesting form of combat. I might come to like this world after all.” Grinning a little under her mask, she continued to jump across the tree tops, heading closer and closer to her destination.

As she wondered about awaited her at her destination, she failed to notice the many different types of fauna and leaves in her path, brushing this way and that, stroking against her taut tummy and her exposed sides, making her gasp and giggle and surprise, almost losing her footing and falling to the forest floor due to their ticklish ministrations.

“I’ve got to be careful of these… leaves. If I didn’t know any better… I’d say that they’re out to tickle me. No, I must be mistaken. Leaves and Trees can’t have sentient thoughts… right?” Proceeding even more carefully, she continued making her way, albeit giggling and chuckling all the way there as the various fauna and leaves brushed and stroked against her ticklish skin.

Giggling and almost gasping for breath, Silva finally made her way to a secluded area in the bushes, where it seemed to be somewhat clear of leaves and vines. Using her hands to create an opening, she could make out what seemed to be a Obsidian Dragon anthro conversing with a beautiful female anthro owl. She quickly started to eavesdrop on their conversation, trying to listen in on any information she might be able to hear.

“I wonder what they’re talking about. Judging from his blushing face though, I can guess that someone has a crush on a certain owl.” Crouching down, she waited to see what would happen. After the owl gracefully flew off, the dragon anthro, whose name she heard was Shade, and his companion, Mercy, quickly made their way according to an arrow that his companion made.

“Time to move out. Let’s see where he’s headed. He could be quite a… interesting ally.” With a quick nod, she moved out from her hiding place, continuing to shadow the obsidian dragon.
Dusk cheered slightly and giggled. "We have to do something for your birthday. I'll go tell the others." He said excitedly as he hurried off.

Dusk ran down the hallway happily. "Everyone hurry! Its Tori's birthday!" He yelled gleefully. He didn't care if Tori and he had ended up with a bad rep already. When it was someone's birthday, Dusk made it known.
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As Fletcher sat on the bed, Snowy was looking through some clothes for an outfit to wear for the battles that lay ahead. "This is so exciting!" she squeals before going silent and turning to Fletcher "don't tell anyone I said that........although they probably know that I'm excited". She turns back toward the clothes before realizing Fletcher had remained quiet since they go to the bedroom. "Hey Fletch are you okay?" she looks at him to see he's staring at the floor "Fletcher".

He looks up at her "huh, what?" "you okay, you've been very quiet". He nods "I'm fine" "are you sure?" "yeah, its just........you and Maggie were tickling each other". She pouts "awww is Fletcher jealous?" she walks over and sits down next to him "you don't need to be jealous, you know me and Maggie have this......tension between us. We were just releasing some of the tension on each other and if we release some more, maybe I can talk her into letting you get some tickling in". He smiles "thanks Snowy" she kisses his cheek "no problem" getting up ,she turns her attention back to the clothes.

"I can't seem to find anything" as he watches her, he spots an item of clothing she might like "how about the red plaid skirt?". Snowy smiles before taking out "its cute.......quite short, it'll just about cover my butt" she turns to face him "does someone have a schoolgirl fantasy perhaps". Fletcher felt himself blush "maybe" looking at the skirt, she bites her lip "all I need now is a shirt". She continues to look for clothes "maybe you need to start looking for something to wear". He look down at his clothes "I'd rather not dress up for beats that will tickle us" she shrugs her shoulders "suit yourself".

Finding what she needed, Snowy got dressed and proceeded to model her outfit "is this what you had in mind Fletcher?.........a slutty schoolgirl" he gulps and nods "very much so" she smiles "good, maybe you can give me a spanking later". As they head to the door, Fletcher shudders "this is going to be the worse, I'm not excited about this Snowy" she turns to him "you'll be fine, trust me now lets go downstairs and wait for the others". He nods reluctantly "sure but this is not a happy occasion" just as she opens the door, Dusk runs past shouting "Its Tori's birthday!". They both look at each other "I guess that's something to be happy about" Snowy says.

(To everyone in the campfire, I'm going on vacation/holiday for 10 days. I guess I should have let you all know earlier but what's done is done. I'm giving you all permission to do as you please with Snowy whether its tickling her, what beast she's against or sexual stuff. I look forward to reading all your additions when I get back and sorry for not telling you all earlier. See you all in 10 days TTWF.)
Maggie and Anastasia returned to their shared room, taking what time they had before setting off for this 'arena' they seemed destined to enter. The young mink seemed content with what she was wearing, but Maggie dug back into the dresser. "I appreciate that you like the dress, 'Stasia." Maggie replied to the mustilidae lounging on the bed. "But if we're doing something active, I'd like to be able to move around better. Oh here, perfect!" Maggie exclaimed, as she found the ideal garment she was looking for. It was very similar to what she was wearing: a robin's egg blue dress that would hang scandalously low on her hips. But what separated it what her current clothing was a long slit up the thigh. This would allow her legs a better range of movement, at the expense of revealing much more of the strong, muscled leg on the cheetah. Anastasia had to nod in approval at the choice, not minding in the least as the lithe woman let her dress slip to the floor.

"Hey, Maggie…" Anastasia began softly, prompting the cheetah to move over to the bed before re-clothing herself. "Don't you think it's odd how we're finding the perfect clothes right here? Stuff that fits perfectly?"

"Maggie scratched her chin with one hand idly, thinking about the idea for the first time. Her other hand idly smoothed the fur of her stomach in an unconscious gesture that never failed to distract Anastasia terribly. "What do you mean, Stasia? I figured whoever was in this room before me just had the same fit."

"Uh…" The young mink stuttered before pulling herself back to her point, and away from Maggie's eye-catching midriff. "It's more than that! It all fits both of us perfectly! What are the odds two people before us had the same builds? And did you see what Ariane was wearing when we passed her in the hallway? That mesh top fit her like a glove!" Maggie arched her eyebrows at Anastasia, who blushed at the shared acknowledgement of how good Ariane had looked. "The point is, everything here seems tailor made for all of us! It's like it's deliberate. Like the abductor is encouraging it. Like it wants us to change into something more… revealing!"

Maggie's eyes widened at the realization, before she nodded in agreement. "Not a bad thought. But even if you're right, what do you want us to do about it? My old clothes aren't much better, so we might as well take what we can get. Besides, don't tell me you don't like the look!" Maggie posed dramatically, elongating her form in a model's stance, and despite her reservations, Anastasia couldn't help but nod. She looked resplendent in her revealing outfit, made all the worse by the fact that she still hadn't put on that skirt yet…

Anastasia found herself climbing out of bed and making her way deliberately over to the taller woman, wrapping her up in a tight embrace, her nose nuzzling into the cheetah's neck. "Hey, Maggie?" She asked innocently. "We've got some time before we're supposed to head downstairs, right?"

While the mink couldn't see, the feline grinned warmly, gripping 'Stasia all the tighter. Maggie could feel the girl's hands moving their way to her sides in a gentle wriggling motion, prompting her to grin in an entirely different way. Maggie responded in kind, maneuvering her paws to 'Stasia's ribs, the tips of her claws resting gently on the sensitive skin at the edge of the girl's alluring bust. "Mmhm, I think we've still got plenty of time…" the cheetah answered. As she did, she could feel the smile spreading on the mouth against her neck.

Anastasia's fingers curled oh-so ticklishly against Maggie's sides, wriggling more insistently at the beginning game. Maggie simultaneously began exploring the sides of Stasia's breasts with gentle strokes of the tips of her claws. The two squirmed in the mutually titillating embrace, neither wanting to be the first to break into snickering laughter. The two held the tense yet delicious moment for what seemed like an instant and an eternity at the same time. But it was Maggie who broke the silence first, perhaps because of her more exposed state of dress, giggling the from insistently teasing squeezes administered to her hips by Anastasia's now experienced hands. In response, she began to tickle in earnest, not willing to lose ground to the lovely girl without a fight, as the two mutually made their way towards the bed. Maggie seemed focused on a lustfully ticklish touch, provoking gasps and moans from her partner as she explored the alluringly full chest before her. Anastasia meanwhile, seemed competitively intent on bringing the stronger cheetah to fits of laughter, roaming across the taut expanse of exposed midriff. At the rate both were going, the were likely to each get their wish and more...


Ariane had thought about inviting herself into Maggie and Anastasia's room again, but had decided to give the two some time alone. She had noticed the jealous look the mink had given when she saw Snowy in the feline's lap, and the hungry look the cheetah had given to the young mink upon seeing her come back to the inn. Still, Ariane was restless, and looking for someone to distract…

Which she found in the villager they had rescued, Yidanya. The odd bird-yet-not-bird that called herself an Ufi was idly looking around the main room downstairs when Ariane found her, the short bird-girl wearing her glossy black bikini, or clothing was effectively little more than the two-piece swimwear. Ariane walked up behind her quietly. "So, what do you think of our little home base?" Ariane asked, prompting a startled jump from the other girl.

"Oh!" Yidanya voiced in surprise, turning around to face the lady phoenix, who was at least a foot taller than her. "I never got to go in here before. The villagers weren't too fond of me. But it's a nice place. And…" Yidanya looked Ariane up and down, not even attempting to hide her pleasant look at the taller woman's clothing. "I like what you're wearing! Was it in here?"

"Yea, I found it in a dresser in my room. Convenient, huh?" Ariane replied casually. Yidanya had stepped up to her, and was examining her clothing closely. Maybe not her clothing… Ariane felt Yidanya's hands against her sides, moving just under the fabric of her top. " Yidanya's small hands moved delicately against Ariane's lowest ribs. The sensation was a light but extremely potent tickling, and it made Ariane grin and twitch from the girl's light touch. But the contact was so gentle, and frankly so pleasant, that she made no attempt to move away.

"Very convenient." Yidanya agreed with a grin, continuing to softly tickle Ariane. "I like it. Everyone in the village dressed so conservatively. It wasn't at all what I was used to. My people expose a lot more skin and feathers, just like you are now!" Yidanya exclaimed, as her dexterous hands wandered over Ariane's sides. The touch was just barely resistible, yet it took all of the phoenix's effort. If her goal were to tickle her as much as possible without making her burst out laughing, Yidanya was extremely good at what she was going. "Oh…" Yidanya replied, as if realizing for the first time what she was doing, "I'm not tickling too much, am I?" Her question was posed so innocently, yet in a tone that clearly suggested a correct answer, to which Ariane could only comply.

"Oh, n-not at all! I'm -hehehe- used to it!" Ariane exclaimed in a very giddy fashion, squirming in place as Yidanya probed her midriff with a surgeon's precision, softly pressing into her belly as she mapped out the woman's ticklish spots.

"Oh good!" Yidanya exclaimed happily. "I wasn't allowed to tickle any of the other villagers. It makes me worried that I'd gotten rusty…" One of the Ufi's hands circled Ariane's navel, a suggestive movement that she was hard-pressed to ignore, while the other softly moved up and down a side. Yidanya seemed to be an expert at this soft, subtle tickling, as if it were the equivalent of shaking hands to her own people. It was all Ariane could do to hold her beak shut and not burst into an embarrassing bout of laughter from such a simple touch, as Tori and Dusk wandered in shouting something about a birthday. It was hard for Ariane to focus on what they were saying, her entire consciousness focused at Yidanya's fingertips.
As Dusk ran around shouting that it was Tori's birthday, Tori decided to follow suit. But not before looking down at me on the table.

"Tim? You coming?" Tori asked as he held a hand out for me to climb up.

"You go on ahead. I'll catch up." Tori nodded as he left to follow Dusk, leaving me to ponder some things for a moment. Firstly, my current thoughts on Dusk and Tori. While they did abandon me for as long (or short) as they did, even i couldn't be mad at them forever. So long as they didn't do anything like that ever again, i suppose i could forgive them for their actions.

Second, my thoughts on this place and it's inner workings. To tell the truth, I've had plenty of experience tickling other people back in my own world. Though most of my encounters with tickling others often led to something sexual with them. This didn't happen all the time however, but i guess you could say i had a way into people's hearts through tickling them senseless, as odd as that may sound.

Not with this lovely band I've managed to live with so far. Most of them seem to love tickling just as much as me, if not more. Though to be honest, i don't see tickling as a hobby or anything like that, it's more or less a way for me to release some stress, or the stress of others in some cases. I also don't really enjoy the thought of being tickled myself, though if most of the people here enjoy it themselves, perhaps i could offer my assistance tickling them whenever they would like to be tickled.

And who knows? Maybe it could lead to something pleasurable as well? It would be nice if i could release some of my emotions the same way some of the others do around here. Even if it was just a one time thing, right now, i really wanted a release. But who would be willing to to help out a little mouse like me without worrying about hurting him based on size difference alone?

"You go on ahead Fletcher, I'm gonna see if i can find something for Tori for his birthday." That's when i heard the voice of Snowy talking with Fletcher close by.

"Alright, just don't take too long." Fletcher said as he left, leaving me to ponder something new that entered my mind.

"Hmm. I wonder if Snowy wouldn't mind helping me out. She seems to be getting a lot of attention from the others." That's when i decided to go to her room and see if she would be willing to help me out with my...little problem. So i got off the table and scurried across the floor until i came to the door to her room. There was a crack small enough for me to crawl underneath, so i did. And once i was on the other side, i saw Snowy looking through the closet for something.

"Hmm. There must be something in here Tori would like." As Snowy was bending over into the closet looking for a gift for Tori, she was unknowingly giving me a great view of her panties from the short skirt she was wearing. The sight was starting to make me feel hard. Then she stood up and turned around and began walking my way, until she stopped just inches from where i was. Her feet looked just as nice as the rest of her body, and as i looked up, it turned out i was right in front of a dresser and she was looking through it now.

"Oh come on, there must be something in here." Snowy was getting a little agitated, but just a little. It was enough for me to notice, especially when she moved her foot into me and pushed us into one of the legs of the dresser. Her attention was focused on finding Tori a present, thus she failed to feel me as i unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and let her foot rub it in annoyance. At the moment, i didn't care. All i knew was that i needed a release, and if Dusk and Tori weren't going to help me out, then i was going to have to help myself out.

And at that moment, i felt Snowy stopped moving. Then i looked up and saw her looking right at me. And at that moment, i knew one of two things were about to happen. Either she was about to scream for help, or she was going to question me for answers as to why I'm in her room jerking off to her foot. Right now, i was hoping for the lather. But i would have to wait until she opened her own mouth before i could find out for myself what would happen to me.

"Why are you...why are you here Tim?" I sighed in my mind as i was about to put my dick back in my pants.

"Don't. Leave it out." I looked back up at her, wondering why she would want me to leave it out. Then i saw her reach down for me as she picked me up by the back of my shirt as she lifted me up to her face as she began looking right at me. Then i could feel the air from her nose as exhaled blowing right onto my body, it felt so good on my member. And that's when i felt it. I shot my load out towards her as some of it landed on her shirt, and the rest dripped onto the floor below. Then i saw Snowy look more upset than she did before she saw me on the floor.

"You have ten seconds to explain yourself Tim." The tone in her voice didn't sound too kind, so i decided to tell her the truth.

"I'm sorry Snowy. I couldn't help myself. I just needed a release so bad i couldn't take it any longer."

"That's not good enough Tim. You're going to have to do a lot better than that if you want me to--"

"Why can't i be included with you guys when you want to have fun with each other?!" That took Snowy back a step as she looked at me shocked by my sudden outburst.

"It's not fair! Everyone else seems to have someone they can go to when they want to talk or tickle or do something sexual with, but i don't have anyone like that! Not even Dusk or Tori wanted to include me in their fun when they left me alone earlier. How come I'm the only one in the group who doesn't have anyone to rely on when i need help with something?!" After i was done shouting at Snowy, i began crying as i couldn't hold my feelings in any longer. I was tired of being left alone with no one to take care of me. Though that wasn't to say i couldn't take care of myself just fine on my own, it would be nice to have someone else to help me out in my times of need. That's all i wanted. But it didn't seem like i was going to have anyone like that in this group.

"You know, if you wanted someone to help you out with something, you could've just asked. And you should've asked me when you came into my room. I wasn't aware that you were in here until i looked down at you. If i had stepped on you, that might've been the end of it." I knew where she was going with this, but at the same time, i was still in a somewhat uncaring mood.

"And do you know how awful i would've felt if i had killed you? How would i tell the others what had happened? They would've felt just as sad as i would've felt. You really need to be more careful. We can't always be aware of our surroundings you know." Then i started calming down a little. I knew she was right. I was wrong in what i was doing when i came in here, and i did need to be more careful if i was going to survive in this place with all these people.

"I'm...sorry Snowy. I just...I'm so sorry."

"Hey, it's alright Tim. You learned your lesson, and you're still alive. That's all that matters right now, right?" I started wiping my tears away as i looked back at her, her face much nicer looking than before.

"Right." Then she set me down in her open palm before talking again.

"Alright. Now listen Tim. We're all working together in this, which means we all need to help each other out when we need help. But no one here is omnipotent or all knowing, if someone needs help with something, they ask for it. I really think you should try doing it sometime, you might be surprised to hear someone else who wouldn't mind helping you out as well. Promise me you'll try to do that, alright?"

"Right. I promise to ask for help next time i need it."

"Great then. Something else we need to do, and i don't know if you'll like it or not, is that we need someone to be by your side at all times to ensure you stay safe. And i think it would be a great idea if we all took turns taking care of you. That way, you'd be able to learn more about all of us, and it would be a different adventure every day. I'm sure the others will agree with me on this, but what do you think Tim?"

"I....i would love to hang out with the others like you just described. I really would."

"Alright then, let's go downstairs and see if the others agree with our idea." Then Snowy looked away, but then looked back at me for a second time.

"Um, Tim? You might want to put your...um." Snowy looked away as she began blushing, and that was all the hinting i needed as i quickly stuffed my dick back in my pants and zipped it back up.

"Right, sorry Snowy." Then i started blushing as well, both of us just looked away from each other for a while, until we heard the others talking louder downstairs.

"What's going on down there?" Snowy asked out loud.

"I think...they're singing. It sounds like happy birthday." Then we both looked right at each other and both said at the same time...

"Are they starting Tori's party without us?" Then Snowy bolted to the door with me still in hand, but stopped as she reached for the handle.

"Why did you stop?" I asked as Snowy looked back at me and said...

"I was just wondering if you had any idea what you could give Tori for a birthday present? I mean, i couldn't find anything myself, but I'm not sure if you wanted to do something special for him. Do you?" I thought about it for a moment, and it only took me a moment before i had an idea.

"I think i know what i could give him."


"Me." Snowy looked down at me perplexed, like the others would've done no doubt.


"Yeah. I was thinking if the others were okay with taking turns looking after me, that i could start off being with Tori. I'm sure he'd love the extra attention now that he's 18 and all." Snow smiled as she brought me up to her face and gave me a small kiss on the top of my head before saying...

You know what Tim? You really are a caring person when you aren't out for yourself, you know?"

"Yeah, i guess." And thus, we both smiled as Snowy opened the door and began walking downstairs.

(I hope i played Snowy right. I guess I'll find out when TTWF returns from vacation)
"Y-You don't say?" Ariane was just able to get out as Yidanya teased her torso, those fingers stroking along her tattooed torso. For someone who was out of practice, she was certainly doing a good job teasing her! Every flick of those fingers urging her to burst forth with giggles...

"She doesn't seem out of practice to me."

Suddenly Ariane felt her brother squeeze her other side, which actually caused the phoenix to burst with a squawk mixed in with laughter, much to the mutual delight of the other two birds.

"Not fair!"

"All's fair in love, war, and tickle torture." Helios grinned, repeating his often used motto.

"Right, right, right. What's the word, bro?"

"Oh, I'm just gonna go take a walk for a bit. Stretch my legs and all that."

"Well don't wander too far now."

"Hey, you let me worry about that." He gave his sister a playful poke to her tummy. He then repeated the same gesture for Yidanya. "And you be nice to my sister."

Only then did Helios notice Dusk's excited behavior. "Whoa there, son. What's the big hubub?"

"It's Tori's birthday!" Dusk practically shouted.

"Oh yeah?" Helios turned over to the catboy. "Happy Anniversary of Birth!" he said cheerfully.

"Uh...thanks?" Tori said, casting a confused look at Ariane who just rolled her eyes as if to say "just go with it."

Helios then turned to his sister and made a strange gesture towards Tori. Ariane arched her eyebrow as if to say "are you sure?", and Helios gave a nod as he turned to walk out the door. As he did, Ariane turned to Yidanya with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "So, you were saying something about needing some practice?"

Helios craned his neck as he stepped outside. While he didn't mind the accommodations of the inn, he still didn't like being cramped up for too long. Avians had something of an aversion to interior spaces for obvious reasons. As he worked the stiffness out of his wings, he took some time to examine the scenery around him. He'd been so caught up in trying to get out of this topsy-turvy world, that he'd never really bothered to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

"Nice place, ain't it, bruddah?" a voice to his side said as if it was reading his mind.

"That it is, Moly." Helios responded in an absent-minded fashion.

Only then did he realize just what he said.


Standing beside him were two more phoenixes, both similar in appearance to Ariane. Except one was blue and one was black.

(The other Eusebios:

Name: Molniya "Moly" Eusebio

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: all over

Appearance: Similar in build to Ariane except with blue plumage and blue eyes. Phoenix pendant around neck and black tattoos on body. Attire is a white tank top with a red star on it and camo cargo pants. Speaks with a Bostonian accent.

Ref picture: http://41.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdcmf1pfdz1rkg69io1_1280.png

Personality: Tomboy to a fault, Molniya is probably almost as headstrong as Helios. The "enforcer" of the three Eusebio sisters, she's the one usually being tasked with doing all the hard work. When it comes to tickling, she's ruthless and brutal. If you have any weaknesses, she will find them.

Name: Selene Eusebio

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish Spots: all over

Appearance: Black female phoenix. Tattoos are slightly lighter than her siblings in order to stand out against her plumage. Purple eyes. Attire is white lace top and faded bluejeans.

Red picture: http://40.media.tumblr.com/e04664eba854e304754237baa9313842/tumblr_mjid4cssdx1rk...

Personality: Selene is the wildcard. While each Eusebio fills a particular niche, Selene is all over the map. Cheerful, playful, and a shameless flirt, she will not hesitate to let you know if she likes you. She's the only Eusebio sibling to prefer being tickled over tickling, but when she has a chance to show her stuff, she can be just as bad as her sisters.)

"Yo, what's up." Molniya said casually, as if she was running into Helios outside of their house.

Helios just blinked. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, we was gettin tired of waiting for yous two to get back, so Sel wanted to come see where you guys were."

"Wait, how long have we been gone?"

"Uh...I'd say about uh...4 hourahs?"

Helios tapped his beak in thought. "Fascinating."

"Yo, Hel" Selene spoke up. "You been doing some redecorating? This place looks a lot different than last time."

"Yeah and how come yous haven't come out yet?"

Helios grimaced and rubbed his head. "Well...funny you should mention that..."

"So, you're 18 now ya?" Ariane said as she walked over to Tori.

"Yeah, pretty cool hmm?"

Ariane giggled. "Well, you are 18 just once." She gave that devious smirk she gave whenever she was up to no good. "And in my family, we like to give a...special kind of present when it's someone's birthday..."

Tori looked at the phoenixess and blushed. "Uh...well...you're nice and all, but we just met and-"

"Oh, no, not that, silly!" Ariane laughed, waving a hand. "No. We give birthday tickles."

"Oh." Tori said, feeling a bit relieved. Then he caught on to what she said. "You give wh-"

And before he could say another word, he felt Ariane's hands skittering across his ribs.

"...what that fuck?" Molniya stated after hearing Helios' explanation.

"That's basically it, yeah."

Glowering, Molniya turned to her sister. "Real good, sis!"

"Hey, I didn't know that the place actually tunneled into another universe! I thought he just set it so it was it's own little world!"

"Even so, yous should know bettah then to poke around with that thing! Now we're stuck in this twisted game made by some kind of maniac! And I don't know what we're gonna tell the others when-"

"Wait." Helios held up a hand. "Others? What others?"

"C'mon, birthday boy, give us some laughs!"

Ariane had managed to wrestle Tori down onto a table. She'd made quick work of his vest and sneakers, pulling his sweater up enough to expose his tummy. Ariane held his arms above his head while Dusk tickled over his feet, using his fingers on one foot and his tail on the other. Yidanya meanwhile was going to town on his tummy, her fingers skittering over his soft fur.


"Wow! No wonder he wears those layers in this kind of climate. Look at how ticklish his tummy is!" Yidanya was beside herself as she worked over the catboy's tummy, occasionally leaning down to blow a raspberry right into his navel; her lack of a firm beak made that feat considerably less difficult for her than it would for Ariane or her siblings.

"You should give his feet a try." Dusk grinned as he worked them over. He grabbed Tori's legs in an ankle lock and skitters his fingers over his soles. But as if that wasn't enough, he then leaned down and lapped them with his tongue sending the catboy into hysterics.

Looking down at the tortured feline, Ariane got an idea. "Hey, Tim!"

The mouse perked up and ran over, happy to finally be getting a chance to join in the fun. Ariane leaned down and whispered something into his ears. With an excited nod, Tim ran his way down one of Tori's shirtsleeves, traversing the distance to his chest, where he started to skitter about.


"As my brother says, all's fair in love, war, and tickle torture!" Ariane cooed down at him as Snowy decided to join in, idly swishing her big bushy tail along his sides, covering all the spots Yidanya wasn't reaching at the moment.

"So this is your little band of misfits, hmm?"

"You might say that, birdy. I would use "merry men" but...well, we're kind of outnumbered."

Helios was looking in through a window at the tickling being given to the birthday boy. Surrounding him were his two other sisters, as well as a few other furres. At the moment he was engaged in a conversation with another female phoenix. This one however looked different from him and his sisters. Aside from having a slightly different build, she also had red and black plumage, most notably in her headfeathers which made her look like she had a bad hair day.

"Well they seem nice enough. You say that none of them are from around here?"

"Not that I know of. Except maybe Yidanya. She's the owl-like girl over there."

"So how have these guys managed to make it this far with you at the helm?" This comment came from what looked like a hybrid between a dragon and a fox. He was also the only male besides Helios in the group.

"Well, admittedly luck has helped us. But, for the most part it's been some good ol fashioned teamwork. Every furre in there has a role to play?"

"Even the pet mouse?" This comment came from a somewhat imposing mare, with a dark brown coat and purple hair and a blood red scar on her right eye.

"Livy, Tim ain't just a pet. In fact, he's the one responsible for saving Tori and Dusk from a giant spider."

The mare blinked. "That mouse there?"

"That mouse there."

"Hmm, well it certainly looks like they can handle themselves." A purple argonian mused to herself. As she did, she looked around at the surrounding village, lost in thought. "This realm certainly does remind me of Haa. Almost an exact duplicate in fact..." 'And I see those who lived in this village didn't take kindly to tickling...finally some people with some damn sense.' she thought to herself.

"Yes, but I fear something far more sinister than L'fftah lurks here...something that has struck terror into the hearts of the fair citizens of this land." This observation was made by another avian. Female, but not a phoenix. She seemed to be more of a mix between a raven and a crow, impossible to tell as her face was hidden by a mask.

'Yeah, remind me again, how did you two get here anyway?" Helios asked as he looked at the argonian and the avian. They both just shrugged.

"Hey, it doesn't matter how we got here. The point is that we're here now. And we've got quite an adventure ahead of us!" a female purple snake chirped. Of the entire group, she seemed the most giddy at the prospect of being in a tickle-centric world.

Beside her, another snake anthro, this one a rattlesnake, nodded. "Yup. I reckon we got quite the journey ahead of us."

"And on that note," Helios turned to the purple, "where have you been? You kinda dropped off the face of the Earth."

"I was busy." The snake woman replied.



Helios just shrugged and dropped the subject. "Well, needless to say, if you're looking to be tickled out of your mind, you're in the right place."

"Oh I'll say" a yellow barn owl cooed. She was intently watching the scene, but her eyes were focused more on the females in the room. "You said the red one is your sister, right?"


A devious grin cross the owl's face. "I wonder if she squawks just as bad as you did when-"

"You know what?" Helios quickly cut her off, "I think it's time we go inside and meet the gang, hmm?"

Poor Tori was being tickled out of his mind. Fletcher and Snowy took turns tormenting his sides while Yidanya and Dusk worked over his feet. Tim had scampered down to his tummy and was scritching his claws all over his fur, even occasionally blowing a raspberry. Tori's face was covered in tears as he slipped in and out of silent laughter.

Suddenly a knock came at the door. Ariane raised a hand in response. "Hold on a sec folks."

Ariane bounded over to the door, where Helios was waiting. The two spoke in hushed tones, and were far enough away that the others couldn't make out what they were saying. But they figured that whatever it was, it had to be important because of how Helios was gesturing. At one point he pointed behind him, Ariane looked that way and her expression changed to one of astonishment. Then it seemed like she was talking to someone that was just out of sight of the rest of the gang.

Everyone inside had the same thought: what was going on?

As if on cue, Ariane came back inside. She just about ran past them as she headed towards the stairs. "Everyone get some tables set up, and make yourselves look presentable!" she managed to get out before disappearing upstairs.

In no time at all Ariane was knocking on the door to Maggie and Anastasia's room. A nude Maggie answered the door, not the least bit modest around Ariane.


"Get dressed and come downstairs. Right now."

Maggie was taken aback a bit by her tone. Usually it was her brother giving all the demands. "Now? But we're in the middle of-"

"I can see that, and you'll have plenty of time to finish later. But you need to come downstairs, now."

"What's going on?" Anastasia called from the bed.

"It'll all be explained, but I need you both down those stairs ASAP." And with that, Ariane rushed back down to the ground floor.

Maggie gave her partner a glance. "Never seen her like that before. Whatever it is, it's gotta be pretty important?"

Anastasia couldn't help but agree. "Alright, well, we better not keep her waiting." She climbed out of the bed and began to dress herself. "And by the way, we talked about that thing with your tail, remember? That's just not fair."

"Okay folks," Helios addressed the assembled furres just a few minutes later. Based on the glances he was getting from Maggie and Anastasia, he could tell that they were hoping that whatever it was that needed them to be called away from their playtime had better be as important as Ariane had made it out to be.

"It seems that, by curious quirk of fate, we will be joined by some more furres."

That got everyone's attention.

"More stragglers?" Anastasia asked.

"Not...exactly." Helios said, sighing a bit. "You all remember how me and Ariane said we got here because an invention of ours messed up?" The majority of the furres nodded. Tori, Dusk, Tim, and Yidanya all gave confused looks, but they didn't question his statement. "Well it seems that my sisters, in their infinite wisdom, decided to follow us in."

"Wait, did you say sisters?" Maggie cried, now on the edge of her seat. The thought of their being more beautiful birds like Ariane was almost too much to process.

"There's four of us." Ariane explained. "Helios, myself, and our two sisters."

'Three of them...' Maggie thought to herself, only barely remembering to breath. The tickles she had suffered at the hands of Ariane were blissfully unbearable. Did she have it in her to handle two, or even three at once?

"And on that note, let's meet em." Helios stated. With a whistle, the other two Eusebios entered the room.

"This is Molniya", Helios gestured to the blue phoenix. "She's kind of our enforcer. The one who goes out and does the dirty work." The phoenixess beamed somewhat pridefully at that. Helios then went over to the blackbird. "And this is Selene. She's...well, let me put it this way: Snowy, she knows exactly how you feel in regards to tickling." This prompted some light chuckling from the group, and a grin from Selene at Snowy's direction, which made the vixen blush a tad.

"So, your whole family is here now?" Tim asked.

"Something like that, Timmy ol boy. But that's just the beginning," Helios said, motioning Molniya and Selene to stand beside Ariane. "Turns out, they brought some friends with them. And luckily for us, they're all well versed in tickling."

Helios turned to the door. "C'mon in, guys!"

And the gaggle of furres that was beside Helios earlier filed into the room. There was a collective murmur amongst the furres as the newcomers filed in.

"Guys, this is our crew." Helios waved a hand over each member of the party that had joined up so far. "Dusk, Tori, Tim, Fletcher, Snowy, Maggie, Anastasia, and Yidanya."

Helios then turned to the astonished furres. "Now, I'd like to introduce you all to my friends."

(AN: Since this entry is long enough, in leiu of Helios making an introductory speech, I'll just fill you all in on the new arrivals

Name: Firebird Cinders

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ticklish spots: All over (worst spots, armpits, sides, tummy, feet)

Appearance: Phoenix with red and black plumage, hair in a "perma mess" style. Green eyes. Attire is tank top with fire pattern and jeans, with running shoes and socks, black bra and panties underneath.

Ref pic: hhttp://www.deviantart.com/art/2013-Firebird-REDONE-351112994

Personality: Firebird is very caring and kind, always willing to make a new friend (she's also Helios' best friend). Getting on her bad side though will result in serious consequences. She's also playful to the point of being a tad goofy. She loves to tickle folks, but it's no secret that she enjoys it just as much.

Name: Oneex Foxdale

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: All over

Appearance: Oneex is a drox, a kitsune-dragon hybrid. He has the appearance of a Kitsune but his torso is covered in what look to be dragon scales. He's of an orange color with reddish hair. His wings allow him to fly short distances, and he puffs some smoke when embarrassed or frustrated. His attire consists of glasses, t shirt, and what look to be military-grade cargo pants and boots, with socks and dark red boxers underneath. He has nine tails, per being part kitsune, and his wings allow him to fly short distances.

Ref pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12973139/

Personality: Nice, caring (to a fault), trusting (also to a fault). Tends to be laid back, but has a hair trigger when it comes to other emotions. Can also be a straight up professional when the situation calls for it.

Name: Oblivion ("Livy", but only to her friends)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: All over

Appearance: Anthro horse, with a brown coat color and purple mane and tail. Blood red eyes, accented by a scar on her right eye. Attire is very skimpy chain mail armor with a black bikini underneath. Bare-hooved.

Ref pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/438462/

Personality: Hailing from hell itself, Oblivion is literally a nightmare. Hot headed and sadistic, she has absolutely no qualms about doing whatever it takes to make her victims break, usually though some intense tickle torture. She does have a softer side which she'll show when she really takes a liking to you, but that privilege has only been bestowed upon a select few (Helios is one of them). She takes pride in her body and loves to show off and tease, but nothing more. While she works with others, it's almost always begrudgingly. Generally speaking, she's anything but gentile, she's almost certainly not your friend, and she probably wishes that you'd shut up before she has to make you shut up.

Name: Issuvi the Wanderer

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ticklish spots: All over (worst spots: Underarms, Breasts, Tummy, Feet)

Appearance: Purple argonian, with blue markings and red war paint and white horns. Decorative necklace of black feathers around her neck. Covers her arms and legs from the knees down with wrappings. Attire is argonian armor salvaged from Skyrim, with a fur bikini underneath.

Ref pic: http://quintonquill.deviantart.com/art/Issuvi-the-Wanderer-465065343

Personality: Issuvi is, in many ways, very much like Oblivion.She generally carries a sour demeanor as though any and all words are insults and she prefers to be alone. She takes compliments more like 'kissing ass' and does not easily surrender herself to tickling... though when money is involved, she will swallow her pride for gold. It is worth noting that she is aggressive, blunt, and at times inconsiderate. While despising tickling at first, she has come to tolerate it, and may sometimes even offer herself up as a victim should she be so inclined.

Name: Ellehaha the Radiant ("Elle")

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ticklish spots: All over (worst spots: ribs, belly, sides, knees, calves, feet)

Appearance: Something of a crow/raven hybrid, Elle is of a predominantly black color. While she has plantigrade feet, her toes are sharpened like talons. Her chest is adorned with a feather of the divine and her attire is a simple cloth with armor plates bound to it, with a yellowish-white bikini underneath. Her face is obscured by her helmet which she never removes until her job is done. Can illuminate areas similar to Helios.

Ref pic: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ellehaha-the-Radiant-473501292

Personality: Seen as a literal divine light for the people of Haa, Elle has made a name for herself as a valiant warrior, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Armed with an enchanted spear, she has considerable combat prowess, though has sworn to never take a life. Her talons have been worshiped by many, with statues in Haa being built of them. Virtuous and daring, she gives off an aura that practically any male would become enamored by.

Name: Sassy Snake

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: All over (worst spot: sides)

Appearance: Purple snake with green eyes. Exact species is unknown. Attire is a brown jacket, yellow tank top, blue jeans, sneakers and socks with yellow bra and panties underneath.

Ref pic: http://sassysnake.deviantart.com/art/Sassy-Snake-64987110

Personality: A very playful purple snake who adores tickling. She loves to get tickled, but also doesn't mind playing tickler, especially when a cute scaly guy is involved.

Name: Rita Rattlesnake

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ticklish spots: All over (worst spots: thighs, butt)

Appearance: Golden-brown rattlesnake, with blue eyes. Unlike Sassy, who is a generic snake woman, Rita is very clearly a rattlesnake. Her attire is that of your stereotypical cowgirl: setson hat, vest, button up shirt, jeans with belt, and cowboy boots with light blue bra and panties underneath.

Ref pic: http://sassysnake.deviantart.com/art/Howdy-148654942

Personality: Rita is a cheerful, outgoing gal who is up for just about anything. She adores horses and is also pretty handy with rope. Hailing from Texas, she speaks with a southern accent.

Name: Miss Oro

Age: Unknown (appears to be 30's)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual (female pref)

Ticklish spots: All over (worst spots: between toes and tummy)

Appearance: Golden white barn owl. Blue eyes and swirl-like markings just below them. Similar to Ariane and her sisters, her wings are part of her arms. Three-toed talons with a heel toe as well. Attire is a tube top and shorts, with blue leggings and a white semi-transparent bra and blue thong underneath.

Personality: Oro is dominant to a fault, almost to a point that everyone is required to address her as Miss Oro. While she likes to be the center of attention, she also wants to make sure everyone is in a good mood. Conversely whenever she gets upset, she will just disappear to blow off steam as opposed to taking it out on others. She's very fashionable and likes to wear sexy clothing. Ever since Heliost got her involved in his tickling projects, she's had something of a friendly rivalry with him that occasionally results in one of them stripping and tickling the other to tears.

And now back to your regularly scheduled story).

"Okay, so that's pretty much everyone." Helios said, finishing up the introductions.

"So...." Anastasia spoke up, trying to put all the pieces together. "These are all people from your world?"


"Will there be any more?"

Helios turned over to Selene. "Well?"

The black phoenixess shrugged. "You never told us how to turn the machine off. Basically if anyone shows up and they stumble on the damn thing, they're going to end up here."

"And didn't you say that whoever is in charge of this place is just sucking people in through portals?" Sassy quipped.

"I know how that feels" Issuvi muttered, recalling her...less than cordial banishment from Skyrim.

"Something like that." Helios said. "So, basically it's possible that more folks from my world, or your worlds" he once again addressed the congregation "could arrive here as well."

"Well, let's hope they're as skilled as you say your friends are." Maggie simply stated.

"Oh trust me, dear. Helios is not exaggerating our capabilities in any way." Oro said with a grin that made Maggie think she might perhaps be so inclined to demonstrate her skills personally. A demonstration that Maggie might not mind that much...

"Hey, enough about us." Firebird spoke up. "We want to hear about you guys! What have you guys been up to since you got here?"

"Yeah!" Selene added. "Helios said there's like monsters and stuff here, right? Well tell us about them!"

"Oh please, I'm sure that whatever monsters are here aren't anything that I can handle." Oblivion said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Even so, we should listen to what they have to say," Elle countered. "Besides, I doubt these folks have yet had a chance to regale anyone besides themselves with their heroic tales."

And with that, Helios turned to the group.

"So, who wants to start us off?"

Tori smiled and walked up to the new folk.

"Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Tori." The Neko extended his hand to them. "I was out camping alone when I heard a cry for help, I went to found Dusk crawling on the ground." He points to the wolf. "I went and helped him back to my campsite, but then the storm came and scared him off to a spider creature. I had no idea what to do until Tim came around." He pointed to the mouse. "I haven't been here for long, but all these people are nice and all. I hope we become friends as well. I also turned 18 today." Tori finishes.
*Meanwhile of in the forest for hopefully not to much longer...*

"We-ee are going the right direction yes?" Shade asked Mercy, looking up at her.

"Yep, shouldn't be much further now." Mercy stated. "In fact, I think it should be..."

Shade then bursts throw a fern, almost doubling over in laughter. When he looked up he was relieved to see that they had finally made it to the village.
"Ahhhh yess." Sad sighs, arching his back as he stretched, opening his wings to there full length before folding them back up again. "We finally made it."

"Lets hope there's some people here that can give us more information about this place." exclaimed Mercy, looking around.

As they both looked around however they where depressed to find that the place looked completely disserted.

"Well if nothing else we can find some shelter for the night." Shade said, beginning to walk forward through the town. Shade looked around as he walked, seeing fairly well kept but now abandoned buildings all around him. "Wonder where all the people went." Shade questioned.

"Well..." Thought Mercy, scanning the surrounding area "there seems to have been some seismic activity here recently, like a earth quake. That might have been what spooked them off."

"Hmmm" Shade thought, rubbing his chin as he walked. "Well lets hope there's someone here we can talk too."

As if on queue they both came upon what seemed to be a very lively inn. As they looked in through the windows they could see all manure of fur sitting around a circular of tables. Some of them seemed to be bring out food from what looked like a cellar, and they all seemed to be having a good old time.

"Well either they have no clue what's going on, or its somebody's birthday." Shade inquired, getting a raised eyebrow look from Mercy. "What? You don't know if I'm wrong." Mercy just shook here head, dissolving into Shades conscious.

"Well, we should probably go introduce ourselves, if there friendly then we need them on our side, if there not, well we'd end up having to fight them eventually." Mercy thought at Shade.

"True." Thought Shade, walking over to the door of the inn which was slightly ajar. "Well, here goes nothing."

*Nok Nok Nok!*
Cautiously following the obsidian dragon and his floating mechanical partner, Silva continuously jumped from tree branch to tree branch, keeping on Shade’s tail as he walked throughout the forest.

“Where is that dragon going… He said he was walking to a populated area of this world, but all he’s doing is just walking in circles in this stupid, accursed tickling forest! Maybe he’s also lost and doesn’t want to show it. But he seems to be my only clue to finding if there are other intelligent lifeforms around here….” Clutching her bare sides in barely contained giggles, she thought to herself as the teasing fauna of the forest threatened to make her burst out in laughter.

When she finally heard his giggles end however, she quickly peered her head out through the leaves, and her eyes widened in surprise. There, right in front of them was a house with a large amount of exuberant noise coming from it (She thought she heard the words ‘Happy Birthday’ mixed in there, along with the laughter of many things?). Peering through the window, she also managed to catch a glimpse of some of the occupants currently in the house.

“Hmm… This was the place that he was talking about. Seems like quite the lively place. Now time to see whether those animal… humanoids… anthros? Yes, time to see whether those anthros friendly, or if I have to hunt them down too…”

Making herself comfortable on a nearby tree branch, Silva hid behind the cover of the leaves of said large bushy tree, keen to observe what would happen to Shade when someone answered the door which he just gave a few knocks on, also ready to determine whether they were allies… Or enemies.
Disk couldn't keep his eyes off the new male that had entered with Helios. He wasn't like anything off his home. But maybe that was a good thing. Every male on his planet seemed to either hate him or want nothing to do with him. Regardless, he didn't want to ho back there.

It wasn't till Tori had started talking about the spider incident that he finally snapped out of it. He couldn't help but blush embarrassedly from his rather rude stare.

"Th-thanks Tori. I was trying to forget that." He nudged the neko. He smiled shyly.

"As this one already said. I'm Dusk. Ended up in one of the arenas. Then ended up here after some interesting events..." He began shifting around a bit. He walked over towards Oneex. He whispered softly to the hybrid.

"Y-youre cute....." He made the comment and hurried off to his room. As he scurried off he made an excuse about changing or something.
"Even so, we should listen to what they have to say," Ellehaha countered. "Besides, I doubt these folks have yet had a chance to regale anyone besides themselves with their heroic tales."

And with that, Helios turned to the group. "So, who wants to start us off?" There was a long pause where none of the old group spoke. Maggie looked around the room, noticing no one willing to speak up. In fact, Dusk got up and bolted upstairs, murmuring some excuse as he went. Oneex, the strange fox/dragon man who he had been speaking to, gave the retreating wolf a curious glance. Maggie forgot about the silly creature for now and was about to open her mouth and be the one to tell the story, but suddenly there was a knock on the door. "What, more?" Helios exclaimed in surprise, turning to his sister Selene, who just shrugged in response. Apparently no one else expected anyone either.

Helios got up to answer the door, and some of the others nervously readied themselves in case the person turned out to be unfriendly. Behind the door was a confused looking black dragon. "Uh, hello everyone. My name's Shade, and I seem to have fallen into a warp wrong and got stuck on this weird planet. I… don't suppose anyone could help me out?"

Helios gave the confused looking dragon a knowing smile. "Come on in, comrade. We'll explain everything. Maggie, I noticed you were about to start?" Helios said, turning to the cheetah, who nodded. "Now might be the perfect time."

Maggie told their tale, from falling into strange purple portals, to their encounters with tickle monsters and plants, to the Abductor and his strange conditions for letting them out of his personal tickle dimension. She did leave out a few choice parts of the story: namely her tickle fight in the woods with Ariane, and just about any other time the feline had been tickled. Ariane gave the lithe woman a smirk when she caught her eye, but didn't interfere with Maggie's rendition of the story.

The reactions to the story, and what it meant for the new prisoners of the Abductor, ran the gamut. Issuvi scowled and shuddered. Ellehaha seemed nonplussed, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for everything in it to be trying to tickle you beyond your capacity to do anything but writhe and laugh. Others, like Selene and Sassy, appeared to actually be excited by the prospect, the expressions on their faces reminding Maggie of a certain white fox she knew.

"So, I take it you're getting ready to enter these 'tickle arenas?'" Oro asked, turning to Helios. "Or are you just bunkering down in here and accepting your new life as a tickle toy?"

"Definitely the former." Helios said, tapping his beak. "And with so many new people on the team, I imagine we're even more capable of overpowering whatever foe we're about to face. Although there are a few problems with the larger team…"

Maggie piped in. "Right. We had food for months, but I don't know how long we can last on the supplies we have now. We also don't have enough beds here for everyone…"

"I think we both know the solution to that last problem." Ariane quipped, causing Maggie to stop and blush under her fur. If everyone had to share a bed, Maggie and Anastasia were already doing their part, and then some. "But bro, there's over twenty of us now. Coordinating any kind of attack is going to start getting hairy."

"Yes, that is true…" Helios nodded in agreement. "We've had good luck moving in groups of three or four, so we should keep that up. That'd be…" Helios quickly scanned the room. "five teams, that should do it. I'll lead one, Ariane, could you captain another?"

His sister nodded. "Sure, but only if I get dibs on Moly." The response made the bluebird's chest puff out pridefully, enjoying the praise for the second time today.

"Deal." Helios said quickly, knowing that the sisters would be a potent combination together. "Just…" Helios leaned in closer to speak quietly enough for just Ariane to hear. "I can see you planning, and go easy on Maggie, ok? The two of you wear her out and she won't be able to fend off any monsters."

"No promises, bro." Ariane replied in the same soft tone, giving Helios a wink. With a sigh, Helios turned back to the group, raising his voice so everyone could hear again.

"Tim, despite your size, you've been a big help to us, and you've been able to make quick decisions when you needed to. Can you lead one of the teams?" Tim nodded, grinning at the recognition and casting a glance at Oneex and Tori. "Great. Snowy, while I'm still not sure how you did it, you handled that Spider monster pretty handily. I want you in charge of another team." Snowy let out a little cheer and began scanning the room. "If nothing else, I suppose we could use a team to distract as many monsters as possible. As for the last team…" Helios's voice trailed off, uncertain of who else to nominate.

It was the masked blackbird woman, Ellehaha, who spoke up. "I would be willing to lead another group, Master Helios." She spoke with a grave seriousness most of the rest of the room couldn't hope to match. "I will do what I can so that we can all win our freedom from this Abductor."

"Then that settles that. Everyone organize up in groups of four or so." Helios noticed Oro giving him a questioning look, and he didn't even need to ask to understand what she wanted from him as he walked over. "I know, you want to be in charge of something. But I wanted you with me. Think of it this way: we can have a competition on who can tickle the monster to tears first!"

Oro continued to give him a stern look for a moment, but then softened. "Alright, I suppose that works. Same stakes as usual?" The question prompted a shiver from Helios, recalling the last time Oro had won a bet.

The group leaders gathered up their members. Helios took Oro, Shade, and Rita. Shade was telling his group about some kind of cube he hadn't shown everyone yet. Ariane took Moly, Maggie, and Anastacia. Tim was talking with Oneex and Tori, and presumably they'd have Dusk in their group whenever he came downstairs. Snowy had managed to wrangle anyone she sensed might enjoy getting tickled as much as doing the tickling: Selene, Sassy Snake, Firebird, and Fletcher. Perhaps Fletcher joined the group for Snowy's sake, but the vixen seemed to have a perceptive eye into the nature of the other newcomers. Ellehaha took Issuvi, Oblivion, and Yidanya. The first two seemed like formidable allies, although petite Yidanya seemed a little out of place in their company. Nevertheless, Ellehaha welcomed her with open feathery arms.

Molniya and Ariane came over to where Maggie and Anastasia were sitting at the table, the latter almost in the other's lap as they sat next to each other on a bench. The interruption to leave the privacy of their shared room and welcome the newcomers had come at a particularly inopportune time, leaving both in a frustrated and distractible state. Nevertheless, they both realized the importance of more than doubling the size of their group.

"Alright." Ariane said. "Moly, meet Maggie and Anastasia. Maggie's our resident frisky feline, and 'Stasia here is our… hmm, mighty mink?" Ariane said with a pause, not thinking the alliterative adjectives through in advance. "Girls, meet Molniya. But you can call her Moly."

"Wicked! Nice to meet you two." Moly said, in an accented speech whose significance was lost on the other two."

"Likewise." Said Anastasia, who had a hand behind Maggie and was softly scratching the small of her back in a pleasantly distracting way. "Sorry you got roped into this crazy place too, Moly. It seems like everything in this place is out to tickle us."

"Including you guys?" Moly said with a grin, observing the way the mink was casually scratching Maggie's back, and the way Maggie's tail was suggestively resting itself against the other girl's side. But Moly gave a resigned shrug. "Eh, brother's got us into weirder stuff before. Usually he's the one who made it, but…" Moly turned to Ariane. "What's the next step, sis? When are we going to these… d'you call 'em 'tickle arenas?' Are we gonna sit around planning or jump in?"
Well a lot's happened ever since my little talk with Snowy in her room. Now we've got more members for our team, so many that now we're going to have to split off into different teams in order to maximize efficiency, which is a little sad for me as i was just about to ask everyone if they wanted to take turns taking care of me so i could stay safe.

Now that we're dividing off and away from each other, that plan isn't going to work anymore. And just when i thought i found a way to enjoy myself here with the others, that plan gets taken away from me. I swear if something like that happens again, i may just have to leave these people and go off on my own. It would be hard, but i think I've done a decent job of looking after myself so far.

In any case, at least i still have Tori, Dusk, and this new guy Oneex to help take care of me. And perhaps we could cross paths with another group and i could ask one of them to take care of me if i ever had any problems with my current group. I doubted i would need to ask for that kind of help anytime soon, but i suppose we would have to see about that first hand.

"Hey boss-er, Tim, right?" Oneex said as i looked back up at him.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"So i guess you're our leader now, so whats our first move as far as getting things done around here?" I thought for a moment before i remembered we were short one member of the team.

"Well, i suppose we should check up on Dusk and see if he's ready to head out yet or not." Oneex and Tori nodded as Tori offered his hand for me to climb up onto. Then we headed off to the room Dusk ran off into to see what was taking him so long.
"So, looks like you've got an admirer."

Oneex stopped in his tracks at the words. He turned to look over at Helios, who was giving him a knowing look. "What? The wolf boy?"

Helios nodded. "I haven't known him that long, but I know when someone's got a thing for someone and..."

The drox just gave a soft chuckle. "Guess I just have that effect on folks hmm?"

"Don't flatter yourself, my friend. Of all the males I've seen here so far, he seems to be the only one not interested in the fairer sex."

Oneex nodded, understanding. "I see. Well he seems harmless enough ya?"

"Yeah, and probably the most pent up."

Oneex blinked. "Pardon?"

"Well, like I said, he doesn't seem too interested in the ladies. Considering that us guys are considerably outnumbered, and these gals have spent more time getting tickled by each other as opposed to any monsters, that leaves poor Dusk out in the cold, so to speak, doesn't it?"

"Yes, I guess that does..." Oneex nodded thoughtfully. "And the other boys I have?"

Helios just shrugged. "Same deal."

A mischievous grin crossed Oneex's face. "And no one has tickled them silly yet?"

"Well not counting the monsters they said they already faced, no."

"Interesting..." His nine tails flicked behind him as some rather devious ideas crossed through his head. Perhaps he could leave this dimension with a couple new pets?

"Hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. You guys still got a tickle monster or two to take down."

"Right, right, right..." the drox rubbed the back of his head. "DId Tim seriously save Dusk and Tori by himself?"

"Sure did. He's small, but he is resourceful."

"Well he sure doesn't look lazy, unlike some people." Oneex stuck his tongue out at the phoenix, who responded with a poke to his ribs, making the drox jerk a bit.

"I'll have you know I haven't slacked off one bit since I got here, thank you very much!" This earned a chuckle and an eyeroll from his friend. "Is it that hard to believe?"

"Considering that every time I come over, you're napping..."

"Ach!" Helios waved his hand at him. "Go get your new fan." And with that, Oneex went to rejoin the rest of his team.

Helios took a look around the room. The individual groups seemed to be coming together pretty well. Ariane was telling Molniya about the fun she would have with Maggie and Anastasia, the former considerably less embarrassed about hearing those tales told out loud than the latter. Yidanya and Elle were conversing with each other about their respective homeworlds, while Oblivion and Issuvi just stood and watched, casting the occasional scowl around the room. At the very least they seemed to be at least on decent terms with each other, so that was something. Snowy was telling Selene and Sassy about the various creatures that she'd already encountered, which both of them seemed quite fascinated by. Fletcher just watched on with a grin, figuring that, if nothing else, he now had three ticklish ladies to play with. And back at his own group, Shade was showing off his little computer, Mercy Helios thought her name was, to Oro and Rita. Helios was pretty fascinated by the device, commenting on how it was like something out of one of his video games, Destiny. But the remark had only gotten a confused response, so he dropped it.

"So, this is quite the mess you've gotten us into, isn't it?"

Firebird had managed to get away from her team for a little bit and had decided to come talk to Helios.

"Hey, technically this one isn't my fault...not entirely anyway." He responded with a smirk.

"Oh yes, the abductor." Firebird said, trying to make the word "abductor" sound as menacing as possible. "And what a shock will it be when it turns out to be you."

"In your dreams, birdy." The two phoenixes shared a laugh at the notion.

"So, anyway. How come I get to be live bait hmm? You know I'm just a skilled a tickler as anyone here."

Helios shurgged a bit. "Yes, but we both know how evil Oro can be."

"Oh I'm not doubting her, I'm saying I'm just as good." The phoenixess grinned and lightly fluttered her fingers along the sides of her best friend. "Did you forget who taught you everything you know, dear?"

Helios cringed a bit from her words as well as her fingers. "Well, not everything!" He wiggled a bit as he stepped away from her grip. "ANd besides, you have it coming from all the times you tickled Lumiere and others!"

Firebird raised an eyebrow. "And all the times you tickled me?"

"..we'll settle that later."

Firebird laughed and nudged Helios in the ribs. "You've been saying that for a while now."

"And it's not later yet." Helios responded with a grin.

Firebird just shook her head, snickering at Helios's constant denial of his comeuppance. "Fine. But before we're done here, you gotta give me a chance to show everyone here what I can do."

"Oh, trust me, you'll get it." Helios said knowingly, casting a glance in the direction of Snowy and the others. "So, how come you guys came?"

Firebird shrugged. "Well we were in the neighborhood. Well, I dunno about Elle and Issuvi, and lord knows where Sassy and Rita came from, but the rest of us were around. Selene practically pushed us through the door but, hey, always nice to go on an adventure with your friends."

"I suppose it is."

"Speaking of which, how are these folks? They good people?"

"Yeah, they are. I mean, the guys don't really talk that much, oddly enough, but the girls? Great folks. You'll get along with Snowy and Fletch just fine."

"Well that's good. So, how we gonna beat these monsters?"

Helios just sighed. "I guess we'll find out when we get there."

"And when would that be?"

"As soon as..." Helios looked to see Tim's group returning. Dusk was trailing behind them, casting some longing glances at Oneex but being careful to not get caught staring. "Right now."

"Alright then." Firebird nodded and went to rejoin her group.

"Hey." Helios called to her as she walked off, causing her to turn back. "Take care of yourself out there."

Firebird smiled at him. "You too."

"She did bring up a good point." Issuvi whispered to Oblivion as the army of furres headed towards the arenas.

"Who, Firebird?" She responded. The twosome had overheard a good portion of their conversation.

"Yes. What if there's a traitor amongst this band?"

That got Oblivion's attention. The nightmare turned to look at the argonian. "A traitor?"

"Yes, what if one of them is working with the abductor? Luring us into traps?"

Oblivion tapped her snout in thought. "Well...quite a few of them do seem to be into tickling...hardly the type of people I'd want to ensare in a tickling dimension."

"I'll say." Issuvi said with some disgust.

"But, Helios said the abductor wanted us to go to the arenas. So it's not like they're actually trying to go against his wishes...so why would the abductor need to even plant a mole?"

"Perhaps to slow us down? Weaken us? Divide us? Distract us? Do anything to keep us from getting to his base and defeating him. The longer we stay out here, the more likely it is that he'll be able to come up with measures to stop us. And who knows what could happen if we're defeated." The argonian paused as she allowed a somewhat worried expression to cross her face. "We could all be tickle slaves for eternity!"

This got Oblivion thinking. The nightmare ran a hand through her hair as the implications went through her head. She didn't think there was a mole amongst the group...but part of her did feel that whoever was in charge here wouldn't pass the chance to keep people like her and Issuvi as tickle slaves...

"Well..." she finally said, "we're gonna have to be very careful around these folks."

Issuvi nodded greatly. "On that note, perhaps it's Helios?"

"Oh, trust me it isn't him." Oblivion said with finality.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Trust me, if it was him, you'd know." The nightmare shivered as she recalled some rather...intense memories.

"So, trap door's eh? Freakin figures."

The group had reached the arenas. Or rather the entrances to them. A grid of metallic trap doors, as if leading to some kind of perverted gladiatorial arena. They had split off into their individual teams, the 5 groups each standing over one door each.

"So...now what?" Sassy wondered aloud.

"I guess we wait for something to happen." Helios commented, figuring that the abductor should have some kind of notification that they had arrived.

"Well, the sooner we do this the better." Rita commented. "This place is hotter than Austin in the middle of July!"

"You can say that again." Selene commented.

"You think your friend will show up?" Mercy asked Shade.

"I dunno. She didn't seem like the type to hang around."

"Yeah, owl's tend to be loners." Helios's comment got a raised eyebrow from Oro. "C'mon Oro, you're kinda the exception to that and we know it."

The barn owl huffed. "Fair enough."

"But I'll tell you one thing though. When I'm standing here on a tickle-centric planet, about to be dropped into an arena with a tickle monster, I really wish I listened to what my Mom told me when I was a chick."

Rita tilted her head at Helios. "What did she say?"

"I dunno, I wasn't listening."
The three went upstairs to find out where Dusk went. Tori smiled at the leader of this group, but feels like it could be a lot for a little guy. they found where he went and was about to enter, but first he need to talk to Tim a bit. "You go on ahead. I like to talk to our leader privately." Oneex nods and enters the room.

"What is it to talk about?" Tim ask curious.

"We appreciate the fact that you're out leader and I know I can count on you." He seems to smile a bit from that, "But considering what we're going through, It might be tough for someone to make decisions alone." Tori told him about this.

Tim looks at him for some time. "Yeah, I'll be lying if I said I wasn't nervous." He admits.

Tori nods about it. "Well maybe you need someone to talk to, give you advice or something like that. Like a co-leader or something like that." He suggested.

Tim puts up a smirk at the neko's words. "And you're saying it should be you."

Tori shakes his head. "I'm not saying me, but I would like it if you do, and I won't let you down." Tori smiles and places him in his hand. "Reguardless with what you choose. I'll be there whenever you feel you need company, need a talk, or even when you like to have fun. Anything you need, just ask me." Tori said kindly and gave tim a light kiss on the forehead as he headed back to the others.
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Shade sat there for a moment while the rest of the groups discussed what to do, each was standing on there own metallic trap door, waiting for the abductor to get the party rolling. Shade didn't really know of any idea's so he simply sat in back and waited to see if the abductor would show himself.

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Sitting at the tree branch, Silva observed the several furries that were currently chatting about in the house below, unable to hear what they were talking about.

“Wonder what that Obsidian Dragon, Shade, is going to do with them. I still can’t figure out whether they are a threat to me, or if I should help them in any way… And it seems like I’m the only human around here, from the looks of things. This should be quite an interesting adventure, just as that Abductor guy promised.” Thinking to herself, Silva let a grin creep up her face, quietly excited of what was to come next.

The opening of a door snapped her out of her thoughts as she quickly made sure she had hidden herself carefully behind the leaves of the fauna she was hiding behind. There she saw multiple furries exit the house, some in an orderly group, some of them still happily teasing and talking with each other.

Taking extra precautions to make sure she wasn't found out, the Hunter continued her shadowing, jumping from tree branch to tree branch. She decided to follow the group that Shade was in, as well as a fiery phoenix, which looked to be the group’s leader.

“Maybe I can talk him into letting me join his little group. This might even be fun, relaxing little adventure. They don’t look like super evil people or anything…”

Making her way through the bushes around the group, which had stopped in front of some giant metal trap doors and had split up to form smaller groups, she made her way to the closest bush to the group that Shade and the Fiery Male Phoenix was in, as well as a what look like a smiling and happy anthro rattlesnake (a snakenoid?) and a anthro Barn Owl, which somehow had an air of smugness and control constantly around her.

As she made her way closer, she unknowingly stepped on a fallen tree branch, making a small ‘crack’ sound underneath her feet. Quickly pausing to make sure no one had heard her, she crouched stock still for a few moments, before she heard a voice call out to her.

“Whoever is in those bushes, you better come out, before we come in. And trust me, you won’t like it when we come to you.”
Sighing in defeat, Silva slowly raised her hands, and walked out of the bushes, disappointed in herself for making such a careless mistake. There, she found the Phoenix looking at her, for her was the one who had heard her and called her out.

“Wow, there are actually species other than furries that have been brought to this dimension. Can you tell us your name?” By then, Shade, along with Mercy by his side, the snake and owl all walked closer, curious to what was happening.

“My name’s Silva, the Hunter. You can just call me Silva. What would your name be, Phoenix?

“My name’s Helios, and the Snake woman’s Rita, and the Owl’s name is Oro. Lastly, the Dragon and his Companion’s name are-“

“Shade and Mercy. You can thank the both of them for letting me find the lot of you. Well, I’m not sorry for stalking you guys, but I’m also not sorry for you guys for being so easily stalkable.” Turning his head, Helios arched an eyebrow towards Shade, who was looking a little sheepish, one hand scratching the back of his head.

“So I’m since guessing you understand the situation Silva, do you want to come with us to try and escape this dimension? If you don’t know, the Abductor that brought us all her has issued us a challenge, where if we want to escape, we have to go through various challenges, one of them fighting monsters in this ‘Tickle Arena’. We might all find a chance to escape, or we might all fail laughing. After knowing all this, do you want to help us? After all, an extra pair of hands never hurt anyone.”

Grinning, Silva nodded, her suspicions proven correct that this was some sort of a ‘tickle battle area’, which was the reason why they were all gathered over here. “Okay, I accept, on the condition that I get to be in your group. After all, I was the one who technically found Shade first.” Smiling cheekily under her mask, Silva proposed, already wanting to be in this ‘interesting’ group of furries.

“All that’s left to say is… ‘Welcome aboard’, Silva. Well then, all we’re waiting for right now is for something big to happen, since we’re all gathered here at the Abductor’s door step…” Helios muttered to himself, his attention somewhat distracted by the mechanical marvel named Mercy. As he left Silva alone to converse and study the cube further, Silva grinned making her way to the group. She suddenly felt something scaly poke her across her bare midriff, making her yelp in surprise. Looking around, she saw Rita barely concealing a smile, walking past her to join the Owl, Oro, who had also noticed what had happened, and was also hiding a smile at the corner of her lips.

“Oh this is going to be fun, alright… I wonder if how ticklish are Owls and Rattle Snakes?”
The all too familiar voice of the abductor boomed over the dimension.

"Wow. You guys take forever don't you? Oh well. Better late than never! And you've formed teams? How cute. Ah lets see. The lovely leader and his group shall deal with the slime family. His sister's group shall play with my Multics armed army. The dragon will face the octopus brothers. The boys will have fun with the night time ticklers. And the ladies will get the ever so crazy, mummy army. Have fun losing!"

Dusk had buried his face in Oneex chest during the speech. It was almost like the thunder, bringing back some bad memories. When he realized how cowardly he looked, his cheeks turned crimson. Dusk was about to pull away but felt arms bring him closer. In one loud clamber of metal, all five doors gave way, sending each group inside. Dusk looked up only to see a metal roof slide over the top, leaving their group in pitch black darkness. Before fully sealed, he heard a rather loud splash. Probably from the girls.
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As the trapdoor they were standing on disappeared beneath their feet, Snowy, Fletcher, Sassy Snake, Firebird and Selene slide down this shoot that was leading them to their arena. With Sassy Snake out in front, she was closely followed by Selene and Firebird with Fletcher and Snowy bringing up the rear. "I HATE SLIDES" shouts Firebird before they all see an orange glow in the distance. "Well looks like this is it everyone.........good luck" Sassy says before they enter the arena. Exiting the shoot, they all end up in a pile on the floor with Snowy sat on top of them "thanks for cushioning the landing". "Yeah sure, you're welcome........now get off us" Selene groans as the weight of 3 furries on top of her was too much.

As they all got to there feet, the arena was something completely different to what they had thought. "Uhhhhh are we in a Egyptian tomb?" Fletcher asks looking around the large room "well that......abductor did say something about mummy army so I'm guessing this is our arena" Selene says before looking at the sand covered ground. "So where are these mummies?" Snowy asks while adjusting her skirt "this isn't exactly fun". Sassy smiles "its not supposed to be fun Snowy" she eyes up the white fox "since the mummies aren't here, maybe we can have some fun of our own".

Just as Sassy steps toward Snowy, the ground shakes and several bandaged arms break through the surface. The heads soon follow as well as the rest of the bodies "I'm counting 10 mummies........2 each then" Fletcher gulps "2 mummies each.......sure, no problem". Snowy was all to excited about this "hopefully they'll double team me" she thinks to herself. "Hey Snowy" shaking her head, she looks toward Firebird "huh?" "you're the leader, what do you propose we do?".

"Oh right.......well, Firebird you take the 2 at the far wall, Fletcher those 2 in the corner" he sighs "a corner.....great" "Selene, you can take the 2 tall ones" Selene smiles "excellent" "and Sassy, you'll get the ones to the left". With everyone getting their orders, Snowy smiles "I'll get the 2 in the middle........alright team, lets kick some ancient mummy ass". They all split off and head for their opponents "this should be a piece of cake" Snowy says while walking toward her chosen mummies.
Fletcher approached his assigned pair of mummies nervousy, as one would expect from him. "Hey, uh...I-I don't suppose we could uh...talk this over, right?" he said, as if trying to start a conversation with the two mummies.

They said nothing in response and just moaned unanimously.

"D-d-didn't think so..." Fletch mumbled to himself, sighing and getting into a clumsy fighting stance, if one could even call it that. Part of him was hoping the mummies would give up merely out of pity, but he knew they woudn't.

The two began to walk towards Fletcher with their arms outstretched and loose bandage wrappings hanging from their bodies.

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Metal doors opened up beneath their feet, sending Maggie and everyone around her suddenly and surprisingly downward into some kind of dark abyss. Judging by what the Abductor had said, the door that opened beneath her feet had been wide enough to ensnare Stasia, Ariane, and Molniya as well. The cheetah felt herself descending down a steep metal chute, something that could pass for an amusement ride if it weren't disturbingly real. She knew Stasia was nearby when she heard her yelling behind her, a wordless noise of surprise and fright. Maggie kept her own mouth shut, bracing for the inevitable crash…

Which wasn't nearly as abrasive as she had expected. In fact, it was rather soft. Maggie landed with an 'oof' emanating from multiple mouths; the girl had landed on top of Ariane. Her feathery body acted as a comforting cushion, to the phoenix's consternation. "Ah, get off! I…" Ariane couldn't complete her thought before Stasia landed, the mink crashing atop Maggie in repeat of what had just happened to Ariane. Finally, Moly completed the ridiculous pile of feathers and fur. The four lay in a tangle for a lengthy moment, regaining their breath and reorienting themselves to their surroundings before slowly disentangling to stand up and look around. Maggie noticed that brushing against the two birds produced a distinctly ticklish twitch out of her as each moved against a side as they withdrew. Maggie was glad they were on her side, at least until the fighting was over. If Moly was as mischeivious as her sister…

But there was no time to dwell on that sort of playful tickling. They were in the arena now. The group looked around at the strange, gigantic room they were in: high ceilings held up by haphazard massive columns, obscuring vision. They couldn't see the walls from here, and for all they knew this place was as large as a small city.

"So… did that big voice in the sky just say 'army?'" Molniya asked in her accented voice. "I thought you guys said we just had to beat ten of those monsters. An army sounds like way more than ten."

"You're right." Ariane agreed. "And we're still not completely sure of the rules. Or if the Abductor just changed them. Let's say instead of ten total, we each had to best ten monsters, and none of the ones in the forest counted… then the four of us would be facing forty of them."

"Forty!" Anastasia exclaimed nervously. "We had enough trouble when it was three on one! And what else did he say for us… 'multi-armed army?' I don't like the sound of that."

"I don't, either." Ariane said, "And with all these random pillars everywhere, we have limited visibilty. I think it might be best if we kept ourselves as hidden as possible, and sent one of us out to scout around and report back." Ariane turned to the cheetah at her left. "Maggie, would you be so kind…?"

"What? Why me?" She asked indignantly, before pausing to give it some thought. "Yea, I guess it makes sense. I'm faster than all of you, so I can run away if it gets bad. I might have the best eyesight, too. Stasia probably has a better sense of smell, but still… fine, I'll go." Without any more hesitation about it, Maggie turned and bounded off, as the remaining three nestled close to a particularly large pillar.

"Do you think she'll be ok?" Anastasia asked in concern for the woman. While Maggie was certainly capable, at the moment the odds didn't seem in their favor.

"Probably." Ariane replied wrly, grinning. "And if not, we'll hear it. We both know what her laughing sounds like.Now, I'm guessing our odds can't be as astronomical as we think. There's got to be some aspect of this place that'll help us beat the monsters, even if they outnumber us. Look around a little, see if you can't notice something unusual we could use…"

Meanwhile, Maggie crept ever farther from the entrance to the arena. She had found another wall, at least, noting that they were nearest to the southwest corner of the arena. It definitely wouldn't be good to get stuck in a corner. But despite moving swiftly amongst the columns, Maggie still hadn't found any sign of… then she saw something. Using all the feline reflexes she could muster, she silently moved behind pillars as she stalked closer. In a more open area were five large beings standing in a circle. They looked like normal anthros, tall and intimidating, but each seemed to have six arms to them. Apparently this was what was meant by 'multi-armed army.' They didn't wear anything in the way of armor, their clothing having more in common with swimwear than anything else. Then again revealing outfits did seem to be the norm here.

Maggie was only a few dozen feet behind the back of a large bear, and a reptilian she couldn't identify from this position. But the three facing her direction were easier to identify. One was a she-wolf with silver-grey fur, and a lean and a graceful body not too unlike Maggie's. Well, except for the extra arms. One of her left arms held a large brush of some kind, with what looked like short, soft bristles. A right arm held a two foot long feather as if it were some kind of tickling dagger.

Beside the wolf was a crow woman, shorter than the others. Her figure was far more voluptuous than the wolf's, with full breasts and sensual curves to her hips. Jet black feathers coated her entire body, and it looked as if just brushing against her would tickle intensely. She bore no weapons, but then again her feathery body was almost a weapon unto itself, with six feathered arms and six impressively taloned hands.

But it was the final member of this troop that intimidated Maggie the most. It was a lioness, and the tallest of the group, with a gracefully well muscled body that rippled with a subdued power under her short fur. Despite the oddity of her six arms, the lioness was beautiful: with a caramel-golden coat of fur and a pale-straw underbelly, a firm chest and a taut midriff. Like the crow, the lioness also had no tickling tools to speak of, but all the same she sent a shiver down the cheetah's spine. The lioness reminded her of old encounters back home, ones that did not end with her on top.

The five multi-armed opponents were talking in low voices that Maggie couldn't pick up on. She wasn't even sure they were speaking in her language. But she had the distinct impression they were getting ready to move, to search for them. And for all Maggie knew, this group wasn't the only one, maybe just one of the search parties hunting them. She slipped away, slinking back to the group at a run, trying to move as quietly as possible and hoping none of them had sensed her in any way. The lithe woman was sure she hadn't been seen, but she couldn't know if she hadn't been heard, or even smelled by one of them. But Maggie knew she had to hurry back to inform the others. Hopefully one of them would be able to come up with a plan. Maggie couldn't think of anything, and the image of being held by those hands while still more roamed over her ticklish body… it made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.


Oblivion stood in waist-deep water, looking thoroughly unhappy. "Ugh, why'd we have to get the pool level?" She asked in annoyance, not enjoying the wet.

A moment later Yidanya popped out of an area of deeper water with all the gracefulness of a mermaid. Or perhaps a penguin was more apt, with her feathers clinging wetly and tightly to her body as she moved with ease through the water. "I like it!" She said happily. "My people enjoy spending time in the water. We have group baths all over our world, just like this! We're actually descended from a littoral…"

"We don't need your life story." Issuvi said, also making herself at home in the water. "But my people are excellent swimmers, and we can breathe underwater. If we're going to be fighting here, this is a good spot for me, too."

"I may not be as gifted as you two," Ellehaha commented, "but I can swim adequately, and am willing to combat this evil wherever need be. This situation does not seem so bad: two of us have an advantage in the water, two a disadvantage. We'll be relying on you two." Yidanya and Issuvi nodded seriously. Issuvi's seriousness was complete, she wanted no part in being tickled by some giant octopus. But Yidanya still had a sparkle of mirth in her eyes. To her, this was something of a game, and losing didn't sound quite so bad. Still, she would do her best to tickle her opponent senseless. But how does one tickle an octopus?

The group didn't have time to discuss the matter, as one of these 'octopus brothers' (and who could say how many brothers there were?) emerged from farther into the aquatic arena. It's central mass lay beneath the surface, yet its slimy tentacles reached out for them menacingly as it moved closer. None of the group could remember, but if Snowy, Maggie, or Anastasia were there, they would have recognized a prior foe.

A tentacle flicked its slithery appendage, the tip flicking the pale slime. Some of it hit Ellehaha, hitting her on her well chiseled abs. The substance clung to her tightly, and gave off a strange tingling sensation. Ellehaha was quite familiar with this sort of tactic, the substance was attempting to sensitize her. She submerged herself in water, but as expected the substance didn't dissipate. She had to remove it manually, scraping off the substance with a talon. As she did so, she felt herself flinch in response. Where the slime had made contact, the avian was actually able to tickle herself. That did not bode well.

"Everyone, watch out for the slime! Don't let it touch you!" She commanded quickly. "Issuvi, swim out to the left! Yidanya, the right! Spread out and encircle!" Ellehaha commanded, and her troop obeyed. The two able swimmers moved agily around the octopus, while Oblivion and Ellehaha stayed in the shallows, tensing defensively for the inevitable.
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Slowly, Stasia's head peeked out to peer around the edge of the pillar. Wide eyed, the mink surveyed the expanse of schizophrenically-angled pillars and disproportionate vaulting, the cavernous dimensions of the chamber only heightened by the pervading quietude. Her ears twitched softly, only to receive nothing more than the phoenixesses' muted conversation behind her and off to the left.

The shapes of the seemingly randomly placed pillars stood around them like the trunks of trees, systematically cutting off visibility as they marched father away, each pillar complimenting the edges of the nearer ones to eventually form a solid wall of colour. In some places, their anomalous positioning left wide-open patches in between, in others; they clustered together so thickly as to constitute a single super-massive support. The way many slanted up or down with unorthodox and outright impossible angles did little to add to the locale’s welcoming atmosphere.

Stasia frowned, about to pull back and make a suggestion about recalling Maggie, when she was almost literally struck by a cadre of familiar odours. Her snub snout twitched eagerly as the mink took a deep breath. Lupine, ursine, carron- were there other people down there? Refugees from the village maybe, who had snuck down here in search of shelter, or other victims who had stumbled into the arena before them? Stasia took a last deep drag to assure herself and swung about, darting up to the two plotting firebirds.

"Hey, do you guys smell that?" she said. "There's somebody else down here, and they sure don't carry spoor like a monster! Whoever they are, they're still fresh."

The sisters swapped glances, Ariane briefly taking an undignified sniff before thinking the better of it.

"You sure about that?" she cocked her head like a …bird… at Stasia's enthused nod. "Well, they must be close then, if they’re still fresh; the air's pretty still down here. Which way?"

"I ...I can't really say. The scent's all around us- there's nothing as distinct as a trail." Abashed, Stasia made a face, only to suddenly catch a snout full of lupine scent. She stood up like a ramrod happily, completely missing her companions’ wide-eyed expressions. "Hold on! I got something! They're right behind-" Something approximating the size, consistency, and velocity of a cannon ball struck her in the side, and Stasia's mouth popped open as the floor simply dropped away beneath her.

The ground plummeted away in a blur as the mink passed over it, face frozen in understandable shock. The floor beneath her hardly seemed to change as its motion shifted from falling away, to hurtling back up at her, coming to collide with her at such a speed that as she tumbled across it Stasia felt that it surely had to be at fault for flying right into her. She skipped to a halt against a pillar, heels in the air against the monolith, fluffy tail curling back down between them to brush against her nose. Upside down and winded as she was, her breath nonetheless caught, surprise hardly lessened as she found the reason for her abrupt departure from conversation.

Behind her, a huge grey wolf woman bore down on Molly and Ariane, five of the juggernaut’s six arms held in a battle-stance as she charged, the final still rising outstretched from where it had so casually tossed the mink aside like so much chaff. A gigantic form that must have been nearly four meters tall rippled with musculature under layers of naked fur; only binding the tight fabric of a comparatively tiny onyx-black two piece that impeded the behemoth not a wit as she launched into the assault.

To their credit, Ariane and Molly rolled out to either side bare jiffies from being run over by the colossus, dodging flat-out in perfect sync as they fell through the air horizontally. Coming out on Stasia’s near side, the red-feathered women landed on her outer shoulder and rolled on, swinging a cartwheel towards Anastasia and coming down in a crouch, skidding on her talons as she steadied herself on one hand, the other thrust out behind for balance. Less lucky was her sister.

Molniya jerked to a halt in midair as she lunged, squawking indignantly as a huge paw seized around her ankle like a bear-trap. Hardly slowing with her own momentum, the colossal bitch turned her charge into a spin on the spot, spinning the phoenixess like a centrifuge even as her sister went rolling away. After a few blurred rotations at blinding speed, the monster let go, sending Molly up, up, and away. Dizzy or not, the sapphire avian thrust her arms out, huge arrays of feathers knocking her to a near halt high above the floor. Slowly, she curved back in the trajectory of her arc, intercepted by the veritable ramp of a pillar running into the ceiling at a 400 angle.

Stasia rolled over on the ground, grateful for the earlier chance to change from a skirt to form fitting leather trousers, as the wolf shook her own proud head to clear it, glaring daggers down the field at her and Ariane. Two body-builder arms reached to the ground in a sprinter's stance, the other four rising like crab pincers. Slowly, one bare foot-paw scuffed back on the ground like a bull, building momentum.

"Stasia?" Ariana never took her own glaring eyes off their adamantine lock with those of the rampant macro. "If you're back there... I've decided that I'm not to proud to ask for help." Slowly, she rose from her crouch, legs splayed wide in preparation for a spring.

With a roar (in her adrenaline addled brain, Stasia supposed as she ran for the fight that on a normal individual it would have constituted a growl) the bitch charged, bearing down like a freight train. Ariane waited, waited -and threw herself straight at her, summersaulting forward in an attempt at either tripping the giant up or darting straight through her trunk-like legs. When the wolf suddenly stopped short with surprising control, the phoenixess rolled straight into her legs, tumbling over in a heap.

With a smirk to make a saltwater crocodile proud, the wolf snatched at her, crouching as she seized the phoenixess's limbs greedily. Ariana was big, naturally tall, powerfully athletic, and with a generous build further exaggerated by her bosky plumage, but in her current circumstances, she looked like nothing so much as an ant trapped in the grip of an ancient tarantula. No matter how she struggled, it was child's play for the wolf to pinion her to the ground, one meaty catcher's-mit-paw holding both of her forearms firmly overhead, with one corresponding massive leg holding her foot-talons down. The wolf pushed her face in close, leering right into the phoenixess's scowl as she brought her five sets of claws back for the strike, wiggling teasingly...

"Get away from her, you bitch!"

...Just in time for Stasia to body-check her in the shoulder at a full sprint. Lucklessly, the mink hadn’t been counting upon the sheer mass of the object she was attempting to move, or that the wolf's position left her in a complimentary brace against any onrushing mustelids with vainglorious images of grandeur on their minds. The mink went down as if she had had her metaphorical strings cut, breath ejecting out with a hurricane whoosh as she bounced off the wolf's braced shoulder to come crashing down on her back. Stasia was considerably too stunned to even resist -ineffectual as it would have been, anyways- as her own limbs were gathered up and dragged out.

The wolf soon had each of them held each of them in mirror of the other as she kneeled, atop them, one paw securing both their arms above their respective heads. For the two young women, it would have been about as easy to force the restraining arms away as it would have been to go in the other direction and instead try to move the planet they were trapped against. One of the wolf’s knees rested at the outer hip of fur and feather alike, with a stockade formed by the natural space under her calves trapped each of their thighs against the ground.

"It's okay; that was a good try," said Ariane to her confederate out of the corner of her beak. Contrasted with her earlier foaming struggling, the beautiful phoenixess abruptly seemed positively relaxed. Vaguely aware that she might very well be in for the ticking of her life, and that the wolf might simply hold them both in place and torture them until they died of exhaustion, Stasia could only envy her serenity. "As it is, stay calm: we should have a way out of here in roughly three, two…"

Reeling drunkenly from her recent circuitous ejection from combat, Moly barley remembered to extend her arms and break her fall as she hurtled through the air. The wind lashed at her as she fell, falling helplessly away from the battlefield -only to touch down on inclined surface, grunting as she felt the jolt ripple along her vertebrae. Moly squawked, stumbling backwards for a few steps, but grateful for angle of the broad 'pillar' supporting her. In the distance below, she could make out the crouching shape of the wolf-monster, about to charge her sister!

Without a second thought, Moly charged herself, sprinting straight back down the slope like an avian avalanche. As she threw herself onward, a vision came to mind that made her smirk through her angry grimace; the mental picture of someone throwing a bowling ball down a long slide, with a group of small children clustered below with the awareness of nine-pins and precious little more mass.

At her speed, the descent didn't take long, and as the ground neared, the blue-feathered phoenix leapt straight forward and up, arcing high above the monster holding her comrades. Her only regret was that there was no sun to blot out while underground, as she formed neatly into an otherwise textbook demonstration of the world's single largest pile driver. Not for nothing was Moly regarded far and wide as her siblings' 'enforcer', a title she demonstrated as she came down like a thunderbolt on the small of the Amazonian wolf's back.

"...One. Atta' girl," Ariane nodded to herself as the monster holding her shuddered, almost falling over. "Yeah; I think that was worth the life-time of teasing I'm going to get after this for being 'rescued'." She was cut-off by the bitch, who, after the moment's stunned silence, reared up, threw her head back and gave a colossal aaaarrrrrrrroooooooooooooo!

Suddenly released by the monster’s contortion, Stasia yanked her legs in and rolled to the side, narrowly twisting away from a snatching paw as the monster reached after her. Next to her, Ariane did likewise- only, because of her greater stature, the phoenixess had that much farther to scoot away. Slower, she could only squawk angry disbelief as a massive paw seized around her bicep and yanked her back.

Herself stunned by the impact, Molniya wasn't fast enough to escape the plethora of enraged arms that snaked out to grab her up from her place on the ground a few feet away. Soon, the phoenix sisters felt themselves in exactly the same circumstances as before- biggest differences chiefly lying in the aspect of their jailer; enraged rather than smug, in the swapping of prisoners, and that Ariane was suddenly feeling considerably less calm than before.

Wonderful simply marvelous, just great- I can’t believe that we just swapped Stasia for Moly. She thought, feeling her toned stomach muscles ache as she strained against the hold forcing her to lay exposed and supine. Her net-top was a small comfort under the cicrumstances. What the hell's she going to do?! I honestly can't blame this stupid thing for not going after her. It can torture us both to insanity, then run her down later. There’s no where to go down here. As before, four sets of wicked claws drew back like the heads of adders over their prey. And speaking of torture....

One paw lunged for her belly, squeezing up and down her side electrically, claws groping eagerly over the phoenixess's firm body. Ariana yelped and swore in frustration, squirming back and forth, back arching, stomach pushing to the side in a vain attempt at escape. She threw her head back, laughing, eyes squeezing shut as that paw kneaded form the curve of her hip to the base of her ribs greedily, tickling hellishly every inch of the way.

While intense, it certainly was nothing new, but the knowledge that it could very well go on for ever -that the phoenixes had no chance at escaping this brute; that she doubtless lacked all feeling that might cause a more mundane Ler to relent after an otherwise brutal and prolonged session, that she would tickle and tickle and tickle until her prey passed out, then tickle some more- seemed to heighten the experience. It was as if every jolt and spasm of the claws probing over her only served to remind the phoenixess of the thousands yet to come, echoing back from the future with their torturous promise. Still, at least she wasn't Moly right about then...

By appearances, the Amazonian wolf-giant hadn't taken kindly to the pounding Moly had given it, however brief. One paw squeezed at the bird girl's hips, thumb probing all across her pelvis, unhindered by her wild struggles to divert it. Above it, another thumbed up and down her opposite side eagerly, mirroring Ariane's every buck and squeal. The third burrowed into the tomboy's open underarm, eagerly exploiting a nerve cluster formed by the lines of the hollow and the curve of her breasts. Savage and aggressive tickler that she was, in the depths of her laugh-effused mind, Moly had to admit this encounter had the potential to shape up into an especially nasty time of it if that useless little mink of Ariane's didn't find a way to distract their enemy.

With the mirthful screams and curses of the Eusibio's ringing in her ears, Anastasia scrambled away, ducking behind the nearest pillar as the two phoenixesses were brought down behind her. Under the circumstances, there was precious little she could do; six arms on a body that strong and powerful were enough to hold and tickle all three of them at once with little trouble, if she risked getting within that prodigious arm’s reach. For all her strength, even Moly had only been able to faze their assailant for a moment. There was nothing she could do- and yet she had to do something.

Behind her pillar, Stasia looked around wildly, desperate for a way out, every fresh wave of laughter goading her to new heights of guilt and frustration. A weapon- she needed a weapon of some kind- but where to get something offensive around here in this stupid, crazy, bloodily evil excuse for an arena?! As she took a step towards the next pillar over, the mink tripped over something metallic.

Looking down, she could only blink at the sight of a long silvery object lying innocently at the base of the pillar. Odd dials, bizarre lights, and curious bulges lit up the implement's otherworldly lines, but, for all its shiny accouterments, the device was, unmistakably, a gun.

At this point not even bothering with the effort of being surprised, Stasia leapt to her feet and hefted the deadly instrument. The gently serrated handle-grip felt solid in her paw, the entire thing conveniently light but promisingly heavy. The stock felt correct against her shoulder, smooth chrome surface shining except for a curious inset of a blazing green eye ringed with tentacles. The knobbly rectangular barrel, boasting multiple muzzles, and adorned with what looked like an industrial cattle prod in place of a bayonet, gave off a resounding impression of being somewhat more heavy duty then the aged hunting-rifles she was used to.

A scream from around the pillar wrenched Stasia from her observations, and, with nothing better to do, the mink flicked the safety, sighted down the barrel, and fired. The kick of the stock against her shoulder was like a baby's burp, and the mink cocked her head at the ground where she had opened fire, adrenaline shifting her reasoning in untrustworthy new directions as an idea flashed to mind.

In the bitch's clutches, Ariane wasn't sure whether to curse or thank her own stamina. It seemed a petty miracle that she hadn’t passed out by now, but her continued tormented writhing was hardly an enjoyable state of being. Beyond her sight, the wolf's tail flicked back and forth like a pendulum, huge fluffy expanse rolling over one set of helplessly flexing talons at a time at it swayed in a veritable blur. With such a massive owner, the limb was easily large enough to cover an entire set of talons at once, assailing the unlucky appendages with thousands of long hairs in rapid alternation.

To top it off, the wolf had even started licking them, lapping contentedly at both her and her sister’s shaking torsos, slathering over Moly with a pink tongue the size of a bath towel, occasionally letting off to make advantage of Aiane's greater exposure. The copious drool it left behind only seemed to sensitize them further. To both phoenixesses, it was a disgusting and wickedly effective technique, not for the least due to the implement’s impressive scale. As if the four massive hands so eagerly kneading and scratching over them weren't bad enough!

Sneaking in from behind the scene, Stasia admittedly couldn't appreciate the intricacies of the situation, but she could grimace to herself at the ongoing screaming and the sight of the four helplessly wiggling feet winking at her in between rapid-fire brushes from the Amazon's huge tail. Of more interest to the mink were the two unaffiliated paws present, resting outside of the phoenixes'.

Each of the specimens was probably as long as Stasia's arm -big even for the scale of their owner- and boasted high arches, a pronounced ball, and several inviting pads set in the carpet of short white fur. Doubtless they would have made for an attractive and ticklish looking pair no matter whom they were attached to.
And at the moment, each stood up straight, toes bent forward to prop them up on the spot, perfectly stretched and all but audibly begging for a thorough tickling. The Amazon clearly didn't dream that her third quarry would dare to attack. She thought wrong.

Stasia crept closer, scarce believing it herself with each successive step, silently grateful for the ongoing cacophony of the firebirds. 'Cacophony of the Firebirds'? I think I just named an old piece of classical music. As it was, she hunkered down, creeping the last few inches in, and slowly ran one claw down the entire length of the foot to her right, dragging neatly down her taut arch and interjecting a brief squiggle as she arrived at the expanse of her paw-pad. The wolf bolted upright, eyes wide in panic, nostrils flaring, glaring over her shoulder in alarm. Still pinioned beneath her, lathered in saliva and sweat, Moly and Ariane didn't question the reprieve as they panted themselves back to some exhausted semblance of lucidity.

Crouched at the giant's feet, still hardly able to believe what she was doing, Stasia stuck her pink tongue out sassily, rising to her feet. Grinning cheekily and holding eye contact, she stuck out one finger, gradually lowering it to drag down the wolf's foot again, pressing in even harder, tracing even more slowly. The wolf snorted, teeth barring in a juxtaposed giggle as she patted one paw against her muzzle in a hopeless attempt at concealment, before rising in a business-like manner, attention completely diverted from her playthings.

Apparently, around here, only one individual was allowed to dish it out, and from the wolf's almost hypnotized manner, she intended to leave no doubt as to just who that was. The wolf turned and rose to her full height, and, even at that distance, Stasia could hear vertebrae crackle as she twisted her head back and forthm, plethora of sculpted arms flexing and stretching promisingly.

Slowly, Stasia started backwards, as the giant took a step forward, then another, then, quicker, another, breaking out into a lope as the mink spun and ran for it, leaving two exhausted avians slumped in her wake. Stasia needed no second urging as she sprinted away between two pillars set together like a gate, rounding hard left and skidding to a halt on one knee. She smelt the tang of singed leather as she slid across the floor, snatching at her firearm and fumbling with the workings. There went nothing.

Like a mountain falling over, the monster rounded through the gate, limbs waving in a tangle as it slid around to pursue the more agile mink. Hackles raised and growling like a waking volcano, the bitch bore down on the minuscule form before her, arms raised to catch her at any dodge, no matter how clever. Instead, Stasia merely rolled over, bending back where she sat, face locked in a desperate grimace as she proceeded to throttle the trigger on her new friend.

On cue, the chrome weapon ejaculated lightning, spewing an ever-expanding web of pearlescent sparks over the wolf's muzzle. Blinded and surprised, she staggered to the side, batting at her face and growling in outrage as she tumbled against a pillar.

Teeth bared, legs extended before her, gun raised, Stasia squeezed her trigger for all she was worth, feeling the gun whine and jolt as it spat its nets of blazing lunar light. Again and again, an expanding net flew in to lash against the wolf, as fast as she could tear at them and faster, wrapping around her, anchoring the giant to the pillar. Wherever the bulbous glowing end of a cross-rope landed on the structure, it adhered as if anchored won, pulling tight. Stasia fired until her gun beeped, flashed a ruby warning light from one of its many indicators, and refused to fire again.

Slowly, remembering at last to breath, Stasia rose to her feet, giving her handiwork a wide berth. Liberally ensnared in glowing strands of ethereal netting the size of an old ship's rigging, the wolf was well and truly pinioned to the pillar. Snout forced up and to the side, almost trapped too tight to manage a snarl at the mink as she walked past, while her lowest and uppermost sets of limbs remained adhered to the sides of the pillar, one set reaching low, the other, high. Only her middle pair of arms retained any freedom of movement, struggling against the netting savagely, but, with so little room to work with, any progress they were making appeared to be approximately nil.

As she passed back between the two pillars, Stasia narrowly bit back the urge to cry, the shock of battle catching up to her. Instead, the mink shook her head and bit the urge back in the face of bigger concerns, such as the as-yet indeterminate reliability or duration of her net-gun’s handy ammunition.

Ahead of her, Ariane and Moly staggered to their feet, leaning on each other as they laughed and rubbed off the last aftereffects of their brief but intense ordeal. For a long moment, the trio contemplated each other. At length, Anastasia was the first to put forth a fitting epitaph for the episode.

"Ewwww! You guys are both soaked! Yuck!"
As the trapdoor swung open, i could feel Tori drop me as we all started screaming for our lives. Though to be fair, i felt i was the one screaming the most, due to the fact that i was dropped and would most likely be hurt the most. Unless our landing ended up being a soft one.In a few moments, i suppose i would find the answer for myself soon enough.

Moments later...

Slowly i opened my eyes to see the trapdoor above starting to close, leaving us trapped in eternal darkness as far as the eyes could see. The good news is it didn't bother me, I've lot's of experience exploring dark places before, so i could see in the dark quite well. As for the others, that i would have to wait and see about myself.

The next step was finding them. I got up and looked around only for a moment before i felt the ground shake. Then i looked down and saw that the ground wasn't the ground after all, but instead was my comrades in arms laying in a pile. Oneex was on the bottom facing up, Midnight was second from the bottom facing down, and in a rather cute position with each of their lips so close to each other. And Tori, he was the ground that was shaking a moment ago, facing upwards as he made small movements.

"Looks like the fall knocked them out. Gonna have to wake them up first." I was about to start shouting, but then realized that would alert our foes as to where we were, if they didn't already know and were just waiting for all of us to be ready for the attack. So i decided to wake them up as quietly as i could.

That requires me to try a different approach. So i made my way over to Tori's feet and did something that was sure to get his attention. I licked them. I remembered when we were celebrating Tori's birthday, Dusk tried licking them himself, and it seemed to get a reaction out of him. So the best i could hope for was that he would wake up quietly enough to this.

"At the very least, his feet do taste good. I can see why Dusk kept coming back for more now." I said quietly as i took a quick break. And as i kept worshiping Tori's feet, i could hear him giggling lightly. It turns out my idea was working. But before his giggles could turn into full blown hysterics, i decided to stop and quickly made my way up to his face where he would undoubtedly be able to see me, even if he couldn't see all that well in the dark.

Then i could see it, his eyes opening as he was no doubt wondering what that wet feeling on his feet was and why it stopped. Then i saw his eyes lock onto my form. All that remained now was to see if he and the others were capable of seeing in the darkness. If not, then this would be an interesting battle.

With no one else able to see anything but me.
There was no mass tumbling onto each other with Helios's group. By chance or design, each member had mastered the art of the three-point landing. Helios and Oro were able to control their fall through use of their wings. Shade and Silva kept their posture thanks to their years of disciplined training. The only one who really had trouble keeping her composure was Rita, and even then she managed to come to a controlled stop. Though the abilities of Shade and Silva caused her to raise an eyebrow, wondering just where they managed to learn such skills.

"Trap doors leading to long chutes. A classic." Helios said to himself.

This caused Silva to raise an eyebrow. "You've done this before?"

"In...a matter of speaking."

Oro stretched as she stood up, looking around at the subterranean area they were to do battle. "So remind me again, who are we up against?"

"Augh...what a drop..." Oneex groaned as he regained consciousness, rubbing the back of his head. As he came back around he noticed the form of Dusk sprawled on top of him. Smirking, he gave Dusk a jab to his ribs, waking the wolf. Dusk soon roused himself, and quickly rolled off Oneex with a blush on his face as he realized the position he was just in.

"So...who do we got?" Tori spoke up.

"I think he said something about the night ticklers?" Dusk offered up, still a little woozy from the impact.

"Great." Tori deadpanned. "We're going up against an opponent that we can't even see!"

"Not exactly." Tim gave a grin, though it was hard for any of his comrades to tell in the darkness.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a mouse, remember? I can see just fine!" Tim stated with a certain amount of pride. "And Oneex could probably give us some light with his abilities, can't he?"

"Uh...yeah about that..."

Everyone turned to look at where they thought Oneex was speaking from.

"I actually can't use any magic of any kind. I'm only half dragon, remember?" the drox said a bit sheepishly.

"So...no fire breath?"


Tim gave a shrug. "Well, I guess I'm our eyes then. We should all stick together, just like Helios would say."

"For once I agree with lazyburd," Oneex commented, warily glancing around, "I'm as blind as a bat."

"How come you call him lazyburd?" Dusk asked, curious as to the origin of the seemingly random nickname.

"Well, I go over his place a lot. And almost every time I'm there he's taking a nap on the couch. I gotta tickle him to wake him up!"

"Wait, he's ticklish?" Dusk was now quite interested in what Oneex had to say, he even managed to get Tori and Dusk's ears as well.

"Oh, like you wouldn't believe!" The drox snickered a little bit as his nine tails flicked behind him. "He's ticklish pretty much everywhere, but just between us guys..." an evil grin crossed his face "if you ever want to get him to sing, then give his sunstick a good working over and he'll pretty much do whatever you want."

"His sunstick? What part is th-" the question died on Tori's lips as the realization dawned on him. "Ohhh....."

"...well alright then." Tim finally stated. "Anyway, we can worry about that later. Right now we got to focus on getting through this. I dunno about you guys, but I don't want to go to the tentacle fields."

"Well, can you see anything?" Tori asked, apprehensively looking around him.

"Sort of..." Tim squinted as his nocturnal vision attempted to discern any possible details that could help them in their battle. "Looks like we're in some kind of cave. Pretty wide open space, lots of room to move. No obvious exits either outside of the one was just came in...and I can't see any one else here with us."

"Well, maybe they won't show up and we'll win by default!" Dusk suggested.

"I dunno..." Oneex replied. "That sounds a little bit too easy..."

"Aww c'mon, Oneex, have a little faith!" Dusk smirked as he slunk up behind the drox, raising his hands up and preparing to give him a good goosing on his sides. In the darkness, it would be impossible for him to see the attack coming. "And since we're down here...perhaps we could-"

He was cut off with a yelp as suddenly he felt himself being yanked away from the group. A second later Tori felt the same thing. "Hey!"

Oneex and Tim looked at each other in confusion, when suddenly they heard the unmistakable sound of giggles.

A scowl crossed Oneex's face. "Aww hell." With that, he and Tim rushed off towards the source of the noise.

The confidence that Fletcher had been feeling these last few days was gone in the blink of an eye. Of course, being cornered by reanimated mummies tended to do that to a person.

As the mummies approached him, he tried to lash out and tickle them. This was meant to be a tickle battle, so what better way to attack than by tickling, right? Unfortunately this didn't quite work out. His hands just pressed against the bandages and wiggled uselessly. The two mummies turned to look at each other inquisitively, before turning back to Fletcher and repeating his attack. Except their fingers tickling his sides made him laugh and press against the wall, flailing as the fingers worked him over.

Sassy was able to give her mummies the slip multiple times. Given that she was a snake, she was quite flexible. She twisted and squirmed around their grasp, trying to distract them enough to cause them to crash into each other. Every so often a mummy would slip a finger into her armpit and wiggle it, causing the snake to giggle. But she still was too quick for them. Finally she managed to get both of the mummies literally wrapped up in themselves, and they collapsed in a tangled heap on the floor.

"Easssy as pie!" Sassy grinned, stretching out the s sound.

Selene craned her neck at the two tall mummies she had to face. "Hmm. Well they always did tell me to pick on someone my own size." Instead of trying to tickle or outrun the mummies, she just went right at them. She dove to her right and swept her legs out to knock one to the floor. Oddly enough the animated bandages landed with a rather large thud. The other turned around to face her, but the phoenixess was a step quicker and quickly flipped up back on her feet, delivering a roundhouse to the "face", which sent it reeling to the floor. As if to cap off a particularly badass series of moves, she turned back to the already downed mummy and stomped down on its head with her talon. Classic curbstomp.

"Ha! That was nothing."

But as she turned to walk away she tripped and fell to the floor. Cursing, she looked back to see her talon was tangled in the bandages. Before she could even blink her other talon was wrapped up as well. The two mummies reached their hands out towards her bound, bare, talons.

"....should've seen that coming."

And with that sarcastic remark, the animated fingers skittered along her soles and the giggles flowed from her beak.

The last two stood up against the wall. Glaring down at their opponent.

"Oh." Firebird said, thought it was more of a condescending tone than anything.

The two mummies raised up their arms, fingers wiggling in a threatening matter.

And disappeared a second later in a ball of fire.

Firebird grinned to herself as some embers radiated from her gloved hand. It wasn't often that she got to use her fire based abilities, but she was by no means out of practice. Satisfied by the pile of ash her two opponents had been reduced to, she turned back to see how the others were fairing.

"Nice one, FB!" Sassy called out to her. Firebird grinned back at her and gave a wave.

"Putting a bunch of goons made of papyrus against a fire elemental isn't exactly a good strategy."

Sassy giggled and shook her head.

"I see you made it out okay."

"Yup! Just a little too slippery for them I'd say."

Firebird chuckled and turned to see how Selene and Fletcher were doing. Sadly it wasn't quite as good as them.

Fletcher was being pinned up against the corner, with one mummy holding his hands up while the other tickled his armpits and ribs. Selene's ankles were bound together as the two mummies worked over her talons, and the bandages were slowly wrapping their way up her legs.

"I got this." Firebird said as she charged up two more fireballs. She sent one towards each of the bound furres, making sure to hit the mummies and not her comrades. In the blink of an eye, four mummies turned to ash.

Selene got up and brushed herself off. "That was a close one. Thanks, Firebird!" She turned over to Fletcher. "You okay over there?"

"Y-yeah, I'm a-a-alright." The coatil said a bit nervously, hugging his sides some from laughing so hard.

Sassy rolled her shoulders. "Well, that wasn't so bad. Where's Snowy?"


The foursome turned their heads at the sound of the battle cry to see Snowy charging headlong towards the last mummies. Without breaking her stride she tore off her shirt and seemed to jump into the open arms of the mummies, who wasted no time in tickling all the bare flesh they could find, even tugging at her remaining clothes to get even more flesh exposed.

The rest of the team just stared. Fletcher with a nosebleed.

"Did she just..." Firebird muttered.

"Uh huh." Sassy just responded.

"...she's got issues." Selene deadpanned.

And before any of them could blink, they all felt themselves being grabbed by hands. But instead of fully formed mummies, these were just disembodied hands who held the furres spread eagle in the air.

And there was an army of more hands swarming towards them, some with tickle tools like feathers, brushes, and dusters, to tickle them to tears.

"Well, Ari's always tellin her fans about her chicken thighs..." Molniya smirked at her sister. Ariane rolled her eyes at the comment about her job as a dancer at a rather upscale furry nightclub.

The phoenixess looked down at her somewhat soaked shirt, it was already see through so a little slobber didn't make much of a difference, and ran a hand over it to collect some of the slobber. She held her hand up to her face as if she was inspecting it.

"Hmm...I'd say this sensitizes the skin. We'd better watch ourselves around it."

And with that, she turned and nonchalantly wiped her hand on Moly's top. "AUGH! Dammit sis! Gawd that smells!" Molniya cried out in annoyance, much to the amusement of Anastasia.

"C"mon, we better find Maggie before one of that thing's...friends...finds us." Ariane stated resolutely. With that the threesome set off to find Maggie, who was still crouched behind her hiding spot and totally oblivious to what had happened.

"Hey, Stasia, where'd yous get that thing anyway?" Molniya pointed at the weapon she was carrying around.

"I found it." The mink stated, only once again stopping to ponder the curious placement of such a device.

Molniya held out her hand, asking for the gun. Anastasia placed it in her open palm, and the phoenixess looked it over. "Hmm...nothing like I've seen before. Looks like it's some kinda taser...though I'm not sure what that tentacle thing there does...." she turned back to Anastasia. "Yous mind if I hang onto this?"

Anastasia shrugged. "Go ahead."

Maggie's ears perked up as she heard footsteps behind her, but breathed a sigh of relief to see her friends. But her eyebrows perked up as she saw the state the phoenixes were in. "What happened to you two?"

"Crazy bitch." Molniya spat.

Ariane glanced out at the multi-armed furres Maggie was spying on from the distance. "So, this is it. The day that proves Helios right."

Anastasia and Maggie looked at her inquisitively.

"Helios has a phobia for anything with multiple limbs. Particularly heads or arms. He says anything with more than one set of limbs can't be trusted."

"Well...he's not wrong." Anastasia muttered, still taken aback at just how aggressive the wolf was.

"I dunno about dat." Molniya stated, her expression being that of someone who was coming up with one of those ideas crazy enough to work. She pointed towards the crow woman. "You see dat burd there?"

The group nodded.

"Ah think we can get her on our side."

"What?!" Anastasia sharply whispered. "After what just happened to you two?!"

Molniya gave a shrug. "Hey. She's a burd, me and Ari are burds. Bro says dat burds of a feathah gotta stick togetha..or somethin like dat."

"Uh huh. And how are you going to convince her to betray her army of multi armed ticklers and join us?" Maggie asked, equally incredulously in response to the bird's seemingly crazy idea.

Molniya just grinned and wiggled her fingers at her.

"Just get her alone and...settled down. I'll take care of the rest."

'Octopuses...WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE OCTOPUSES?!' Oblivion thought to herself. As a nightmare, the list of what she was afraid of was a very short one. After all, she was in some respects dead. She couldn't be killed, or very easily hurt. So many beasts that made even the most courageous warriors fall away in fear didn't phase the war horse.

But Octopuses...it wasn't cause they could harm her. It was because, much like ghosts, and tentacles, and crazy machines, they could tickle her.

And it seemed pretty clear this one was going to do just that.

Issuvi had dove underwater to see if she could find where this monstrosity began, or ended, and both Ellehaha and Yidanya had hidden. The plan was for the beast to be lured out, and for Issuvi to attack from below, while Yidanya and Elle took it down from the air.

WHich meant Oblivion had to be the live bait.

'If I get out of this, I am going to tickle each and every one of them until they SCREAM for mercy!'

Her train of thought was interrupted by the feeling of a tentacle sliding up against her bare thigh, which made her jump in the (thankfully shallow) water. But then she felt another one brush against her rear which made her give off a sharp cry. Out of anger she lashed out at the tentacles, kicking one with her powerful hind leg, and bringing her arm around to punch the other.

But this provided just the opening they were looking for as two tentacles lashed out and grabbed her arms. Pulling them above her head, she was yanked up into the air. Oblivion screamed and cursed, flailing her legs as she was held up.

"Let me go you freak! I'm gonna make calamari out of you as soon as I get free!"

As if in response to her threats, two more tentacles snaked out and started to stroke along her bare tummy.

"Heh-hehehe, hey cut that ohohohut!"

Her strong tummy muscles flexed as the tentacles teased her, tracing little patterns along her flesh and even stroking along her ribs. As if that wasn't bad enough, another two appeared and started to wiggle in her armpits. This got her giggles to turn into laughs. Oblivion tugged at her arms as best as she could as her tummy and armpits were teased, the tentacles drawing little circles and lines over her ticklish flesh, and that goo which had splattered on Elle was being dragged along her flesh, making her even more sensitive! And just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, the tentacles started to poke at her armor, looking for places to undo it and strip if off.

If her teammates didn't act soon, Oblivion was going to be in big trouble.

"The slime family." Helios stated.

"The what?" Silva asked, almost not believing it.

"The slime family. I dunno, it's just what he said."

"And where is this,,,family?" Shade asked, looking around.

"I'm picking up life forms nearby us. Composition appears to be gelatinous. Sentience questionable." Mercy chirped, appearing nearby Shade.

Sure enough, there were several...things approaching the furres. Their shape seemed to be forever indeterminate, though everyone could agree that they looked like a blob. The only really defining features were what looked like masses of tentacles, wiggling threateningly at the band.

'Where's Jouster when you need him...' Helios thought with some amusement, wondering just how his goo-obsessed crane friend would react to being stuck down here with these things. In all probability he'd be having the time of his life.

"Okay, so slime it is." Shade said. "What's the plan?"

"Well, they kind of remind my of my friend Dashady..." Helios said, trialing off in thought.

"Who?" SIlva asked.

"He's a goo-like alien thing" Oro explained "he helps out Helios with his stuff back home. Usually by tickling him silly." The barn owl gave a grin over at the phoenix.

"Well, okay then, we can work with that, I guess." Shade said. "Where is he ticklish?"

"That's the thing. He's not." Helios stated flatly.

"Oh...well that's a problem."

"Darn right..." Rita muttered, looking warily at those blobs. "How in tarnation are we supposed to defeat somethin that can't be tickled?"

"Well..." Silva thought, rubbing her masked chin. "They're slime. So they can't be that tough, right?"

"How do you mean?"

"I mean a few cuts or hits in the right place, and they're good as gone." The huntress thought, somewhat ruefully, that if she still had her weapons this would be a piece of cake. But even without them, they couldn't be that hard to pick apart, could they?

"Mercy, can you analyze their integrity?" Shade asked his companion.

"Afraid not. All I can tell you is that they're gelatinous. But they don't...appear to be very robust." The bio cube said, trying to make it seem somewhat hopeful.

"So we're just gonna punch our way out then?" Rita asked.

Helios shrugged. "Unless you got a better suggestion."

"Well..it's not the best plan, but it's better than nothin-AAH!"

During their conversation, no one had noticed the blobs had managed to sneak up on the group, in fact it was rather remarkable how fast they were. The fighters were now surrounded on all sides by a ring of the slime blobs, and the tentacles were starting to go to work.

Rita was grabbed first, her arms wrangled above her head and her legs spread. The tentacles stroked and teased along her sides and armpits, causing the snake woman to snicker a little bit. But then they slipped her boots and socks off and started to tickle her feet, causing her to squirm and thrash.

Shade was next. Mercy was knocked aside by a tentacle as the dragon was bound together in a hogtied-like position. The tentacles found their way to his bare feet and went to work, tickling his soles and toes. A couple more snaked into his armpits and wiggled frantically.

Silva put up a fight, but she was soon stretched out in an I-shape. Like Shade, her own feet were bare, and the tentacles quickly started working over those, tying her toes together to properly torment her soles. Another pair unzipped her jacket, exposing her bikini top, and a flurry started to tickle her tummy and ribs, causing her to arch her back in laughter.

Helios and Oro looked at their comrades, ensnared in the blink of an eye and now being tickled out of their minds. It also didn't escape them that other tentacles were tugging at their clothes. It was pretty evident that these beasts would not stop until they were stripped naked and tickled to insanity.

And as some tentacles began to wrap around the wrists and ankles of the two birds, it was very clear they would not be spared the same fate.

"Uh, just out of curiosity," Oro asked dryly as the tentacles descended upon her and Helios, "did we have a plan B?"
Tori found himself waking up in a strange dark room with a wet and tickling feeling at his feet. He got up and found Tim at his face. Ummph..Tim? You ok?" He ask in concern. He look to found the others still out cold and that there in a dark room. For a nekomara like Tori, he has no problem seeing in a dark.

"I hope the others are okay? Let me help you get them up." He said as they went to them.
“Well this is just perfect” thought Shade as the slimy tendrils started to do their work. “Mercy, you ok?”

“More or less.” Mercy thought, quickly melding back into is mind to prevent any further damage by the tentacles. “Although I think you have your work cut out for you this time.”

“Don’t I know it.” Thought Shade, as the tentacles began their work on his soles and armpits, causing to burst out in giggles and thrashing. “Just *snort* find us a waayyyhheeh out of thissifheeeheh.”

“Already one it.” Mercy thought. “Can you look around, help me assess the situation?”

“Illll *giggle* do my besttt “ Shade sputtered, straining his head to see how the others where fairing. Unfortunately it did not seem to promising.

Rita had her arms held high above her head and her legs spread wide, here entire frame being assaulted by numerous tentacles. They dove into her clothing, wiggling against here sides, ribs and underarms, causing her to arch her back in ticklish agony. If that wasn’t enough, the tentacles had removed her boots and socks and where wiggling there tendrils all over her now bare soles.

“Get your stinking selves off of mee haahahah” Rita yelled as she thrashed around in her bounds helplessly, unable to break free.

Silva wasn’t fairing much better, the tentacles quickly finding that all they had to do was unzip her jacket to get to the goods. They wormed there way across her midriff and sides and wiggled there tendrils inside her pits. Some went digging around in here belly button while others where adventures enough to start stroking the underside of her boobs. These caused Silva to buck in her bonds profusely, laughing and cursing as much she could. Then the tentacles started to go for her feet, tying back her big toes and going at her arches and soles with gusto. This got Silva screaming with uncontrollable laughter, turning the proud huntress into a laughing buffoon.


Helios and Oro weren’t being left out either. Oro was strung up in an X-shape position while Helios’ was more of a T. Oro had tendrils sliding around her sides and tummy, as well as poking around her thighs and bum. They also tickled madly at her talons, seeming to be surprised by the fact that they caused a reaction out of her. This caused here struggle in her bounds, more out of frustration than anything, her Dom side not letting the tentacles get an inch.

“Hahha is that all you got? Haeehaahahah a first grader could tickle better than you! Ahahaha”

Helios wasn’t nearly as confident as Oro though, probably due to the tendrils finding his most ticklish area. His T shape he was tied up in was due to the tentacles puling his pants and undies down to his knees, and deciding it a good idea to give his “sunstick” the old what-for. At least 4 feather shaped tendrils where dancing there way all up and down is length, while another still fluttered around his balls. This caused the firebird to double over in laughter, not able to make hardly a coherent sentence as he struggled hard to try and break his bonds.


“Well thatsssss not gooag haaha o crap” Thought Shade, as the tendrils that where assaulting him seemed they weren’t getting near the reaction the other tendrils where, and thought it best to start doubling their effort, attacking his feet and armpits with renewed gusto with some new tendrils attacking his sides.


“I think I do actually.” She thought “Think you can stop laughing long enough to blow some of your species trademark black flame on them?”


“Got any better ideas? Didn’t think so, now do it!”

“AHAHA OK AHGAHAHAHAA” Shade laughed, summing up all the strength he had so take a deep breath in without immediately blowing it out in laughter, he then turned his head to face the tendrils holding him in his hogtie and let loose a column of black flame at them. Though it was cut short by a stream of giggles and snorts, the flame hit dead on their target, evaporating the slime instantly and leaving shade to flop on the ground giggling.

“Hehe will what do you know hheeh it worked.” Shade giggled, staggering to his feet as fast he could. The slime didn’t seem too happy to lose some of their members, or one of their ticklish prizes, as some of the spectating slime balls began to converge on shades position. Shade took a deep breath, exhaled, and then faced the oncoming slime.

“Come at me you somewhat sentient gelatin!”
(Sorry for taking such a long time to post, and such a short post to boot. I got quite ill these past few days, but I'm already feeling a bit better. I'll post more in my next turn!)

"Geheheheet theessssssee ten-eehehheeetickles off me!! I caahahhahaan't stahahahahaand it! Noahahahahaaa!"

Screaming with laughter, Rita bucked even more wildly, trying to slither her way out of the squirmy grasp of the wildly moving tentacles. Just when she thought she was about to escape, the tentacles kept adjusting to her wriggling form, not letting their prey escape that easily. Getting more creative, they grabbed Rita's hands, pulling and stretching them above her laughing head, now easily getting to her ticklish underarms, as well as her taut ribs, making her yell with girlish laughter even more.

Over in their own corner, Oro and Helios wasn't faring any better, with Helios being the more tickled out of the both of them, as the Dominatrix-like Barn Owl faring a little better, still trying to hold out against her tickly multiple-appendage nemesis with her dominating attitude, urging the tentacles to tickle her more.

Obliging, the tentacles almost acted as if they had heard her taunts, pulled her already taut frame even more, pulling on her arms and legs, causing her belly to be fully exposed. Not holding back, the tips of a few tentacles fluttered over her belly in a quick motion, as if a feather duster cleaning every inch of her shaking tummy. This caused Oro to almost double over in (literally) belly-wracking laughter, if not for the tentacles that were binding her.


Off to her side however, was the more tickled Fire-bird Helios, the tentacles barely even tickling him... except for his damnably ticklish 'sunstick'. One tentacle wrapped around his long shaft, stroking it's slimy appendage up and down on it, another kept flicking up and down at the base of his shaft, while the last few made lazy strokes around his balls, making him thrash wildly in his bonds, silent laughter hysterically flowing out of his mouth.

Off to one laughing corner, the once proud hunter now lay in the tentacles numerous grasp, feebly struggling about, trying to bring her arms down to cover her vulnerable heaving chest as she felt the mischievous appendages flicking under her bra, just managing to tickle the sensitive areas in the undersides of her breasts. It also didn't help her situation as she felt the continuous random poking and prodding on her ribs, making her giggle and yelp every time, the tickly smooth sensations on her bare belly making her chuckle and squirm even more, or the dozens upon dozens of tentacles, sweeping against her arches and toes with ticklish strokes, making her curse and almost fall into silent laughter along with Helios.

Luckily out of the corner of her mirth filled eyes, she saw the obsidian dragon, even though held by the tentacles ticklish hold, manage to escape his trap by breathing... black fire?! It soon proved effective however, as all of them were able to see the slime that was holding him evaporate into a fine mist. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, Silva used her remaining energy, struggling against her bonds even harder. Whether it was the fear of being evaporated if they stayed, or if they were shocked at seeing his black flame, Silva managed to slip out of the tentacles slippery hold, quickly running over to where Shade was with Mercy, clutching her sides with a few last giggles.

"Well, that seemed to be effective. Good idea by the way, to burn the slime off with your dragon breath. We need to save the rest some how... Although that group of slimes crawling towards us doesn't seem to want us doing that...."

"And I can't do it too many times either. If they tickle me too much, I also won't be able to use it while I'm laughing too much. It was already a miracle that I did it once. Maybe if I had a decoy... Wait! Don't zip up your jacket yet Silva! I just had an idea..."

Smirking, Obsidian gestured for Silva to come closer, ready to whisper his plan to her. After a short moment, Mercy melded back into Obsidian's mind, as he quietly walked to the edge of the 'cave' they were in, quietly making his way to where Rita was. Gulping nervously, Silva replayed the plan again in her head.

"Okay Silva, if you can just distract the slimes that are grouping and coming towards us, I think I can use my signature flame to free the others, and we should be able to win this fight easily. Just hold on for a while, while I try to reach Rita first, she being the closest to us right now. Ready to do it?"

Gritting her teeth beneath her cloth mask, she raised both her hands, beckoning for the slimes to come towards her, making sure her jacket was opened all the way in order to make her as tempting of a tickle target as possible.

"Come at me, you stupid tickle slimes! I bet you can't even make me laugh for five minutes!"

Dusk laughed hysterically, squirming on the floor. He wasn't restrained at all. But something was horribly tormenting his sides. And what was worse? He couldn't he even see anything! He couldn't tell who or what was tickling him. All he knew was that he was no where near the rest of them. Though he did hear the familiarity of Tori's giggles not too far away.

"Sohohohmeohohohne gehehehehet thehehehehese thihihihihngs ohohohohoff mehehehehe!" He screamed through the darkness. He could feel the sensation begin to travel lower. First his hips, then his thighs. Finally it jumped right past the knees and right to Dusk's feet. His shoes were pulled off and the tickling began on his socked paws. His laughter shot up an octave. No matter how much he squirmed he just couldn't make it stop. Not even for a second.

"ONEHEHEHHEHEHEEX!" He squealed out as the tickling picked up pace.
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As the 4 struggled in the disembodied hands grasp, Selene had all but given up seeing as it was no use getting free. With the other 3 still hopelessly trying to free themselves, she looked towards the approaching army of hands carrying a variety of tools "I somehow feel that this won't end well for us". It would seem that they're only chance of escape was busy being tickled by the 2 mummies she had thrown herself into "she's our only chance". Snowy was having such a great time that she hadn't noticed the others dilemma but having 2 mummies tickling her, what were they to expect from her.

Being sandwiched and naked between the mummies, Snowy hadn't put up any resistance against them or any sign of fighting back. With the mummy below her giving Snowy's belly a good tickling, the one above her was busy showing no mercy toward her underarms "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA IS THAHAHAHHAHAHAHAT THE BEST YOUHOHOHOOAHAHAHA CAN DOOOOOO". The mummies seemed to take offense to this and decided to change tactics when the mummy on top of Snowy grabbed her and placed her in a full nelson hold while the other took up position. "They can understand us then.......I'm guessing they're not just brain dead ticklers".

Selene looked back at the slowly approaching hands "they're taking their sweet time" the others had stopped struggling as well "so this is the end then" Firebird says. "Either we're trapped in here or our one hope stops letting the mummies tickle her and helps free us" The only response they got from Snowy was the tortured laughter that passed her lips as the mummy attacked her underarms vigorously. As the army of hands were within inches of their prone bodies, Firebird looked toward Selene "hey give a word that describes our situation".

Selene sighs "fucked would be a good word" everyone nods in agreement just as the hands proceed with their devilish tickling. The room was soon filled with laughter and writhing bodies as Sassy was getting a feather treatment, Firebird had the privilege of what being tickled by various sized brushes felt like. Fletcher was getting a dusting while Selene had the joy of fingers attacking her body. With their efforts of escape falling to pieces, it looked like their team would fail.

With the others preoccupied, Snowy was somewhat jealous of them getting tickled more than her as she only had 2 hands tickling her. Although they were skilled in getting her to laugh, she still wanted more "is that the best you can do? come on, give me all you got". Breathing deeply, Snowy stares at the mummy who gives out a groan which in turn brings some of the disembodied hands over. 2 hands are holding feathers, another has a duster and 2 more each hold a brush.

They all converge on her sending her in hysterics, her laughter becoming louder "AHAHAHAHAH THAT'S MORE LIKE IIHIHIHIHIHIHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Getting what she wanted, Snowy was in heaven and could only wish that she could remain like this forever. And by the looks of it, that may very well be the case.
"Okay, I like tickling as much as the next guy I suppose, but something about being tickled by the undead is a bit of a turn-off..." Fletcher shakily stated, standing up while leaning on the walls for support. "Th-that was all we had to do, though...right? ...Not right? ...Aw hell..."

Fletcher's ears had drooped considerably and his long tail coiled itself around his left leg a bit. "U-um, Snowy...uh, now isn't really the time to get your fill of tickle fetishism...they are mummies after all..."

"COME OHOHOHOHOHAHAHAN, I CAN TAHAHAHAHKE IHIHIHITAHAHAHA!!" Snowy shouted, having the time of her life as the hands tickled her like mad all over.

"I-i-if you s-say so..." Fletcher responded, hiding behind the rest of the group anxiously. So much for warming up to the idea of a tickle-themed world; this was getting to be too much for him.
Maggie stared at Molniya incredulously. "Do you honestly think you can convince one of these six armed monsters to join us? That seems like it's breaking some kind of rule in this dimension."

Molniya shrugged her blue shoulders. "Hey, you gotta better idea?" The logic was simplistic, but hard to argue with. As it was, the group was outnumbered and severely out-armed. Unless they did something to even the odds, they were going to be tickled by what seemed like an endless amount of hands, not to mention tongues and feathers.

It was just then that the group got a stroke of good luck. The circle of multi-armed enemies stood up and split off, some wandering deeper into the pillars and away from Maggie and the others. The only two that remained were the alluring six armed/winged crow and the athletic looking lioness. On a purely arm-based accounting, they were still outgunned 12 to 8, but they now had a person to person advantage.

Ariane smirked triumphantly. "Perfect! They split up. Now to get that lioness away from the crow, and we can get down to business. Maggie, would you be so kind…?" Ariane asked in a tone that was polite, yet with a significant undertone of mischief.

"What?! Why me?" Maggie asked, to a blank stare from the lady phoenix. Obviously, if anyone could outrun or dodge that lioness, it was the cheetah. Maggie sighed in resignation, tacitly acknowledging that she was the best one for the job. "Alright. But you guys owe me big time, and I'm probably going to need the help in a few minutes…"

"C'mon, it won't be all bad!" Ariane chirped cheerfully. "Besides, a part of you'll be enjoying." Maggie scowled, but began to slink off to draw away the lioness. But before she could, she was stopped by Anastasia.

"Maggie, hold on!" the young mink said nervously, sidling up to Maggie. "Just… be careful, alright? I still need to get you back for that tail thing you did earlier!" With that, Anastasia leaned up to give Maggie a kiss, before running off to join the avian sisters.


Oblivion was not doing well. Six tentacles now focused on her, and the despite being a nightmare in her own right, she was outmatched. The slimy tendrils had managed to slip underneath her armor and pry it off of her, leaving her exposed and vulnerable. The heavy garments sunk to the bottom of the arena. Meanwhile a tentacle had grabbed each of her wrists and was pulling them above her head, despite her best efforts to prevent it. Oblivion's efforts were dampened by the tickling from the remaining four tentacles: One flicked under each arm, teasing the sensitive hollows deviously. Each stroke made her shudder and laugh louder, wearing down her resistance and strength. They stroked up and down, then twirled in circles around the perimeter, possessing a surprising dexterity.

"Nohohohohoho! Gehehehet off mehehehehehe! Ahahahahahahaha!" Meanwhile another appendage was exploring each abdominal patiently, to Oblivion's dismay. Her muscular stomach tensed and shook under the touch, caressing each inch of her midriff lovingly, also managing to rub that sensitizing slime more and more into her skin. The final tickling tentacle attacked her hips and waist, teasing every spot just above her clothing in a way that was too much to bear. Oblivion was login group, being slowly dragged closer and closer to where the tentacles originated.

Ellehaha was also encountering a struggle of her own. She held the tip of one tentacle in both hands, wrestling with the thing as it tried relentlessly to tickle her, barely holding it inches away from her as it jerked and wriggled. The radiant bird might have been able to fend it off, if not for the 8th tentacle attacking her. Unhindered, it lapped at her navel, circling and tickling at her bellybutton in a way that was driving Ellehaha mad, causing her to guffaw loudly behind her mask, and slowly lose her grip on the other tentacle. She knew that if both her free to attack, she'd have no hope of keeping her composure, but giving the other free reign over her midriff was no solution either.

"Issuvi! Yidanya! We've got all the tentacles distracted! Go-hohohoho!" Ellehaha managed to command before collapsing into giggles, finally submitting to the inevitable as that second tentacle managed to finally reach her ribs, wriggling between one than another.

The two able bodied swimmers heard and eagerly obeyed, trying desperately to find the main body of the creature. Simultaneously, both of them reached the root of the tentacles, where the arms joined a large mass. Knowing exactly what kind of attack to pursue, the lizard and the feathered alien reached out to tickle the 'underarm' of the octopus. To the glee of both, they could feel a shudder run across the tentacles as they tickled. "Coochie coo, you big ticklish monster!" the Argonian teased as she reached out to tickle aggressively. Issuvi had a rough touch, digging her fingers into the flesh and wriggling with a devastating intensity. Yidanya was much more teasing, her soft feathered touch surprisingly effective, almost more so for the amount of tickling she could dispel so effortlessly. In tandem, the pair were nigh irresistible, and it was hard to imagine any being able to hold out against them. It became a contest: could the underwater pair tickle the octopus enough to put it on the defensive, or would it first be able to tickle Oblivion enough to carry her away? And all this had to be decided before they encountered one of the thing's 'brothers.'


"Crap crap crap crap crap!" Maggie muttered in between panting, as she ran from the six-armed lioness that was rapidly pursuing her between the irregular columns. She had gotten on the other side of her, and managed to distract the monster with a well thrown pebble. But now Maggie was regretting her status as distraction. Despite being much faster than the lioness, the cheetah couldn’t change directions at speed very well, and didn't know the layout of these random columns. As a result, the lioness was gaining on her.

As with most predator-prey encounters, it was over all too quickly. Maggie rounded a corner, taking another right, and there she was. The lioness loomed in front of her, and Maggie wasn't able to slow down or change directions in time. She collided with the lioness, which effectively wrapped her up in a hug, catching her in a damnably simple manner.

"No! Let go of me or I'll nyahahahahaha!" Maggie's protests were quickly stopped short as the tickling began. The lioness had stretched out the lanky cheetah, one powerful arm holding her wrists up, and each of her lowest pair of arms grabbing an ankle. The cheetah was stretched out against the lioness's body as if she were a pelt draped diagonally across the lioness's body. But the lion still had three more hands. One roamed over her belly, stroked up and down in a raking motion, then spidering back up against the grain of the white fur. A second arm skittered against her thighs, making the cheetah want to buck against the touch, lightly teasing along the sensitive spot. The third tickling arm was slowly caressing the undersides of Maggie's breasts in a terribly ticklish way. All of this combined to completely overwhelm the cheetah, making her giggly putty in the monster's hands. If her teammates weren't able to help her out soon, she'd quickly be reduced to begging. Not to mention the little fire starting to build inside her from all those teasing tickles, embarrassingly making a part of her want to beg for more from the strong feline she was now pressed alluringly against.

Maggie could only hope that the others had a plan to coerce the voluptuous crow woman to their side.
As me and Oneex ran off looking for Dusk and Tori, we came to a crossroad with Dusk and Tori's giggling voices coming from either path. Though something wasn't adding up. While Dusk was laughing like crazy, Tori was barely laughing at all. It was almost as if whatever had dragged him off into the darkness of the cave had stopped tickling him.

"Alright Tim, you're the leader, so what do you think we should do?" Oneex asked as i thought about our plans for a moment.

"Alright, you go and rescue Dusk, and I'll go and rescue Tori. You should be able to find Dusk easily enough without my eyes anyway. Just use your ears and you should be fine." Just as soon as i told Oneex that, we could both hear the sound of Dusk crying for help.

"ONEHEHEHHEHEHEEX!" And just like that, Oneex bolted off towards Dusk to save him, leaving me to look for Tori. It didn't take me long on my own, only a few minutes at most, and that's when i saw him against the far wall of the cave with a smile on his face. And no one else was around except for me and him, so i approached Tori as he looked down and spotted me.

"Tim!" Tori shouted as he picked me up and brought me up to his face for a hug.

"Are you okay Tori? Did you get a look at what kind of creatures we're dealing with down here?"

"Yes, i did. But it kinda took me by surprise when i saw them."

"Them? There was more than one?"

"Yeah, and they were all rodents from what i could tell. Some of them even looked a bit like you, which is why they took me by surprise and even managed to carry me away like they did. Strength in numbers and all that." I was a little shocked as well. If we were dealing with more of my kind down in here, perhaps i could find a way to convince them to let us go.

"Oh right, where's Dusk and Oneex?"

"Right, Oneex ran off to rescue Dusk while i came to rescue you." Tori smiled as i said that.

"Really? I'll have to thank you personally for that once we're done in here, and once we have some alone time back at the inn." I blushed at Tori's comment, and so did he a little. Then we decided to get moving and go help Oneex save Dusk.
"Dusk? Where are you?" Oneex called out. The lack of light meant the drox was more or less blind. He was starting to wish that he had some form of magic besides gratuitous smoke.

Eventually he came across what looked like a wolf who was writhing in laughter.
"Dusk, is that you?"


'Yup, that's him.' Oneex thought.

"Can you see what's tickling you?"

"I can." Tim said as he and Tori came up behind Oneex. The drox was only sure of where Tori was though so he made sure to keep perfectly still so he didn't fall on Tim.

"They seem to be little creatures, about the size of me."


"If that helps you."

"Huh..." Oneex stroked his chin in thought. "Well, if they're like you, maybe you could tell them to leave us alone?"

"I don't know...I mean they might just see me as an easy target. To say nothing of you guys..."

"HAHAHAHAHA CAN YOU AHAHAHA CAN YOU GUYS PLHEHEASE DOHOG SOMETHING?!" Dusk's hysterical laughter brought them all back to reality.

Tori suddenly yelped as he felt something crawl up his leg and over his tummy. Oneex would then feel creatures scampering over his paws.

"Tim..." Oneex said, trying to keep his composure. "If you're gonna do something, do it now!"

It was debatable if these mummies were sentient or not, but Snowy had managed to get them riled up. Hand after hand descended on her naked body, teasing and tickling every inch of her. And yet she still begged for more. So more came, disengaging from the other furres and focusing on Snowy.

Selene was the first to notice this when she was unceremoniously dropped to the floor, realizing that the fingers that had been tickling her sides and feet were no longer there. "Huh? What's goin-"

Then she saw Snowy writing in a mass of hands, including the ones that were just tickling her.

"She must be drawing the hands towards her..." Selene muttered to herself, an idea suddenly forming in her head.

"Snowy! You got to draw all the hands towards you! It's our only chance!"

Selene glanced back at her still tickled companions. Some of their hands were starting to tug at their clothes. Selene gulped, if they ended up as naked as Snowy, she could be the last one standing.

"And make it snappy!"


Selene tried to put as much space between her and the hands as she could, not wanting to become the toy of some that got away. Idle hands were the devil's work, after all.

Of course there was still the matter of how they would save Snowy. Could Firebird even burn that many hands at once?


The attack was swift and fierce. Molniya swept out and kicked at the legs of the bird woman, and at the same time Anastasia tackled her from behind, forcing the creature to the ground.

"Ack?! What is this?! Get off me!" She shouted in a voice that would not be out of place in a legion of demonic monsters, yet still had a decidedly feminine pitch.

"Perfect!" Ariane called from the shadows. "Now we just have to get her tied up."

Anastasia blinked and turned to address the phoenixess. "How do we do that?"

Ariane just turned to Molniya.

"I...may not have thought that paht through." She admitted sheepishly.

"We could just shock her with the rifle?" Anastasia suggested.

"No, I got a better idea." Ariane stated, and without another word she stripped off her mesh top, leaving her upperbody bare save for her breasts which her bikini helpfully concealed.

"What are you doin?" Anastasia asked.

Ariane ignored her as she quickly grabbed the arms of the creature and tied them together using her shirt. Try as she might though she could only bind 4 of the 6.

Molniya saw the two arms were still free and pulled off her own tank top, leaving her clad in, appropriately enough, a sports bra. Getting onto the backs of the thighs of the bird, she secured the last two arms.

Anastasia decided to follow their example and stripped her top off as well, working to tie together the ankles of the crow woman.

"Oh, Maggie is gonna love that." Ariane gave her a somewhat lewd grin, which made Anastasia blush a bit.

With their quarry now secured, Molniya rolled her over onto her back, quickly sitting down on her thighs to make sure she wouldn't be escaping. "Okay 'Stasia. Go find Maggie and bring her back here."

"What about you two?"

Ariane just flashed her a smile as she took up a spot beside the feet of the crow. "Oh, we'll be fine."

With a nod of acknowledgement, Anastasia turned and headed out into the darkness, walking in the general direction Maggie had gone.

"So." Molniya spoke down to the crow. "You was one of the monstahs sent after me and mah friends, eh?"

"Yes. We have orders from our master to hunt you imbeciles down and tickle you until you submit!"

"Yeah kinda figured dat." Molniya said as if the crow had just asked her how the weather was. "Anyway, were kinda outnumbahed here...so from one burd to anotha, I don't suppose you'd like to switch teams?"

"Ha! I'll never join you fools!"

"Yup, didn't think so." Molniya just kept speaking in that casual tone, almost like she didn't care at all that she was in an underground cave with a literal tickle monster.

"Even so, allow me to put my offah on da table."

With a nod to Ariane, the red phoenixess laid down beside the bound up talons. Angling her arm, she brushed her long feathers along the soles in a slow, teasing manner. At the same time Molniya reached down to teasingly draw patterns and shapes on the tummy of the crow woman, who was starting to look a little nervous at the thought of being tickled by not one but two phoenixes...burds that made the ticklishness of her own feathers pale in comparison.

"I assure yous that it's...very persuasive."

Oblivion was not a fan of the plan. And every second that passed made her hate it more and more.

Stripped down to her bikini, the nightmare writhed in the grip of the tentacles as every ticklish spot was explored on her. Her armpits, her ribs, her tummy, her hooves, her thighs, her butt! Even she didn't know that part was ticklish.

Elle at least still had her clothes, but they weren't helping her that much. The tentacles had quickly picked up that her feet were deathly ticklish, and no fewer than 10 assaulted her talons, making the bird woman laugh and squawk in ticklish agony.

Just when it seemed like they were both doomed to a ticklish hell, the tentacles wavered. Their tickling became less focused and more erratic before stopping altogether. The tendrils slid away from Elle, while Oblivion was rather unceremoniously dropped back to the floor, landing on her rear.

"Agh! Now what?!"

Both of them were astonished to see the beast seemingly squirming as if it was the one being tickled. "That's impossible..." Oblivion muttered. How did one tickle an octopus anyway?

"Look!" Elle pointed into the lake. Oblivion peered down and was just able to make out the forms of Issuvi and Yidanya going to town on what she assumed was the body of the creature.

The nightmare raised an eyebrow. She had to admit she was impressed.

After another minute, the octopus disappeared from sight. Issuvi and Yidanya quickly surfaced and climbed out of the water.

"Well. He won't be bothering us again." Issuvi stated proudly.

"Yeah," Yidanya followed up "I'd say that went pretty well."

"For you." Oblivion huffed, frowning as she looked down into the lake, wondering how she was going to get her armor back. Ordinarily she didn't mind walking around scantily clad, but she had a feeling that doing so in this world was a bad idea.

"So how many of these things do we have to face?" Yidanya asked.

"He mentioned brothers, so I assume there's at least one more to go." Issuvi thought, tapping her snout. "At least we have a solid plan, right?"

"Uh, am I the only one who's not a fan of this?" Oblivion asked incredulously as she waved an arm over herself. "I'm practically naked here!"

Issuvi just folded her arms. "I fail to see how that's a problem."

"Oh do you? Well how about next time I do the tickling and you be the live bait?"

"Ha! You think you could possibly tickle a beast like that into submission?!" Issuvi knew that Oblivion probably could, she was just so terrified of the thought of being tickled that she was looking for any possible out.

"Of course I can!" Oblivion stated with a mix of indignation and pride. "I'm good for being more than just live bait, you know."

"I know that." Issuvi curtly responded. "Given how long our road is, we'll probably need a mount!"

That set Oblivion off. The nightmare lunged at the argonian with fire in her eyes. "Why you little-!"

"Cool your tongues, both of you!" Ellehaha quickly stepped in between the two of them before they could come to blows. "Our quest is trying enough as it is. But things will go a lot smoother without both of you quarreling amongst yourselves."

This seemed to take the wind out of Oblivion's sails a bit. She hadn't known Elle for that long but she could tell she was a bird not to be messed with. Giving off an annoyed grunt, the mare backed away from the argonian.

"Oblivion does have a point though," Elle said once the two had a healthy amount of space between them. "It is possible that the siblings of that creature were watching our attack and thus will be able to counter it. We may need to alter our strategy."

As if on cue a low rumble was heard, and the four amazonian warriors looked out over the lake.

"Well we'd better alter it right quick." Issuvi quipped. "Company's coming."

Silva was wondering exactly how she'd gotten herself into this. Here she was, a huntress, master of stealth and subterfuge, throwing herself at goo tickle monsters because she was told to do so by a dragon who was trying to save a rattlesnake, an owl, and a phoenix from the same fate.

This was perhaps the weirdest trip she'd ever been on.

Not to say the plan didn't work. Sure enough no less than three goo monsters converged on her, and in no time at all the tentacles went to work. The monsters attacked her armpits, sides, ribs, and tummy. A couple of them even slid against her bra, Silva cringed at the thought of losing that.

Luckily black flames came out and vaporized the goo monsters instantly. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Silva got to her feet, looking over to see that Shade had freed the others as well.

"Whee-ew." Rita said, wiping her brow. "I reckon that was some intense ticklin right there. Good job, Shade."

"Yes, thanks Shade." Oro quipped, smirking down at Helios who was more than a little annoyed by the fact that he was the only one who got stripped down to their skin, even if his shirt was untouched. They still went for his most ticklish spot though, and now that that secret was out, it would only be a matter of time before everyone else found out.

"Don't get any ideas." Helios snarked up at the barn owl.

Oro just grinned. "I wouldn't dream of it." She teasingly fluttered some of her wingfeathers at the phoenix. Helios cringed, remembering the last time she used her wingfeathers on him. (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7495221/ )

"Say Oro." Shade spoke up.

"Miss Oro, dear." She smiled sweetly at the dragon, but her voice carried an undertone that suggested he'd find out just why she was called that if he forgot her title again.

"Right, sorry. I couldn't help but notice that your...talons are ticklish?"

The barn owl shrugged. "Honestly a lot of birds have ticklish talons. My Fiona sure does. Shame I didn't bring her here, she'd have gotten along with that mouse fellow."

Shade rasied an eyebrow at that. "Really? So both you and Helios have ticklish feet?"

"Well you're more than welcome to find out if he does." Oro gave an evil little grin.

"Uh, I'll decide that." Helios said as he stood up, now dressed again. "And by the way, how are we going to decide our wager based on what just happened?"

"Well it's not like we could tickle them, could we?" Oro gave a shrug. "I suppose it'll have to wait until our next monster. If we fight another one that is."

"Fine by me. So when will you be coming to my dungeon?" Helios grinned at the dominant tyto.

"Oh I'll be coming...and so will you." Oro replied in a rather dark voice.

The other three were quite taken aback by this exchange of words. Each avian was implying the other would be tickled until they screamed, and yet they were discussing it as casually as one might discuss the news.

"How did you two even meet?" Shade asked in astonishment.

"Well," Oro began, "it all started when Helios needed a model for some pinups. I don't often get a chance to show off so I figured 'why not?'"

"They came out great." Helios said with a bit of pride. (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7301909/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7450651/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7501667/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12661688/ )

"Then what happened?"

"Well, then he asked me if I wanted to do something more kinky. He wouldn't tell me what though. But I told him that as long as nothing got...put into me, I was ok with trying anything at least once. Then I was in a room with a bunch of tickle machines and the rest is history."

(http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7452765/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7459331/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7466343/ )

"Good times." Helios simply said.

"And which one of you has had the..erm...upper hand?" Shade asked.

"As much as I hate to admit it" Oro gave a soft chuckle "Helios has gotten me more often."

(http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8012349/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14249940/)

The dark grin returned as her head swivled to look at the phoenix. "Which means I owe this bastard a lot of tickling."

"Which we will get to later." Helios quickly replied.

"You always say that!" Oro playfully shoved him a bit. "And right now we don't seem to be doing much of anything so..." she grinned as she lightly traced a feather up and down the phoenix's side. "I'd say it's later."

"Now hold on a tick," Rita spoke up. "What are we supposed to do now that we beat these things? I mean do we leave? Is someone gonna come get us?"

"Mercy." The little device materialized beside Shade. "See if you can locate an exit." Without another word, Mercy zoomed off to scout the area for any passageway out she could find.

"And now we wait." Helios said with a tone that would hopefully bring the previous subject to a close.

"Or, we make you entertain us with your lovely singing voice." Oro gave that evil grin again.

"Mine? I'm sure they'd rather hear yours!"

"Ha! I doubt they could make me sing." The statement from Oro was both said in a prideful and daring way.

The two dominant birds just smirked at each other, each plotting how to make the other sing so loud it would threaten to make the cave fall in on them.
Dusk collapsed onto the floor, quickly helped up by Oneex. Light had filled the area now. Looking down, Dusk easily figured out why. Tim was tickling the living daylights of what he believed to be the leader of the smaller creatures. Dusk looked around to see if there was a path. It seemed the lights were a path enough.

"Hey guys. I think I found the way out." Tori was the one to speak up. He noticed the same as Dusk. The lights only went down one path. At least so it seemed. Dusk glanced down to see Tim now climbing up Tori. The creature was passed out and surrounded by some sort of fluid. Oneex quickly took leadership though rather out of place.

"Tori you should lead the way. I'll stay back with Dusk to make sure he doesn't fall behind. Tim just hold onto Tori." Tim gave a bit of a glare at Oneex.

"Couldn't have said it any better." He spoke through gritted teeth.
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With the last remaining disembodied hands going to Snowy, the others gathered themselves and tried to come up with a plan. "Okay, here's what we do" Selene says taking charge "with the hands busy, we can converge on them and beat them off Snowy". Firebird, Sassy and Fletcher all stare at each other before looking back at Selene. "We beat off the very hands that were just tickling us?" Sassy asks Selene finding her plan a bit idiotic. "Hey I'm open to suggestions" she looks at Snowy "just make them quick because even Snowy has her limits". As the others went quiet, it seemed no one had a plan "well lets get prepared, everyone finding some sort of weapon". As everyone starts to spread out, Fletcher stares at Snowy "WAIT" he shouts getting the others attention.

"I've got an idea" the girls walk back toward him "so what's your plan Fletcher?" Fletcher nods "okay so Firebird, you produce fire right?". She nods "I'm not called Firebird for nothing" "right so what if you produce enough fire to turn those hands to ash". Firebird looks at Snowy and the hands "well I guess I can what with them being so close together" Fletcher smiles "great" "whoa hold on". Selene interrupts "what about Snowy, she'll get caught in the line of fire......literally" Fletcher thought about Selene's observation. "Uhhhhh well we could.......pull her out of the way just as Firebird does her thing".

Although it seemed dangerous and unlikely to work, Sassy and Firebird liked the idea so Selene didn't have anymore say in the matter "LETS DO IT" Sassy shouts. Reluctantly Selene followed Fletcher and Sassy around behind Snowy and take hold of her tail which was conveniently sticking out and untouched by the hands. "Okay Firebird, when you're ready" With the 3 holding Snowy's tail, Firebird takes a deep breath and her hands suddenly ignite "okay Fletch, I'm ready". Fletcher nods "okay so on 3, we pull and you burn those hands to dust" while Snowy continues laughing her head off, they grip her tail "1.....2......3". Pulling sharply, they yank Snowy out of the hands reach and Firebird lets loose a ball of fire that turns the hands to ash.

With no sight of any hands, they all celebrate their success while Snowy rubs her tail "that hurt" she says breathlessly. Settling down, Selene sighs "well Fletcher, you're idea worked so with the way we came in not an option for escape, lets go through that gap in the wall". "Sure but shouldn't we ask Snowy since Helios did pick her as our team leader" Selene roll her eyes "alright fine......Snowy what do you...." they all look at Snowy and see her giggling to herself. "What's so funny?" she stops giggling but it was obvious by her body language, she was trying very hard not to "nothing's funny" a smile forming on her lips and her body shaking, she quickly started laughing.

It was then Sassy noticed some movement in Snowy's bushy tail "hey what's up with your tail Snowy?" her eyes widen "nothing......nothing at all". Selene walks toward her "you've got a hand in your tail don't you" Snowy bites her lip "I want to keep it as a pet". "Why?" Firebird asks "because it will tickle me when I want it to" Sassy walks up to her "why settle for 1 hand when there are 4 pairs of hands that would be willing to tickle you". Snowy looked at them "really?......all of you will tickle me?" Selene smiles "that's right but after we get out of here". Snowy squeals in joy before taking out the hand from her tail "okay deal.......uhhhh Firebird you know what do to".

With a burst of fire, the hand turned to ash and the group moved on "so through the gap?" they all nod and proceed to squeeze themselves through.

(I wasn't sure how Firebird produces or uses the fire to attack so I just guessed)
Molniya's fingers continued to trace teasing, ticklish patterns across the crow woman's exposed belly, which quivered sensitively underneath her touch. The six armed monster was obviously very ticklish, even the slow teasing was almost overwhelming her. Still, she glared defiantly at her captors, trying to look as intimidating as one can while being slowly tickled into hysteria. "Last chance, Miss Monster." Molniya told her. "You gonna switch sides, or am I gonna have to start for real?"

Pulling up the last of her resolve, the crow retorted "I'll never s-s-ehehehehahahahaha!" As soon as Molniya could tell that she wasn't getting a 'yes,' she dug in with gusto. She wriggled into the exposed belly, vibrating intently against the abdominal muscles underneath, sending the crow woman into a fit of laughter. Ariane responded as well, moving from the light tickling of her arm feathers to brushing them quickling up and down the captive soles. The crow bucked and writhed in her bonds, but was effectively tied taut. All she could do was squirm and giggle, and interesting sound coming out of the feminine yet clearly demonic voice. It was as if one was tickling a succubus, her laughter had an almost intoxicating effect, and spurred the firebirds on to coax still more from her.

"Never is a pretty long time." Molniya told her casually. "Especially when you're that ticklish." One nail circled the rim of the alluring navel before her, which flinched away in an instinctive gesture that gave away the ticklishness inside. With glee, Molniya's fingertip delved inside, wiggling intensely and getting an equal reaction. The crow's head tilted back and she roared with laughter. "But if you wanna help us… we could stop…"

Ariane got up, moving from the victim's feet to near her head, placing an hand in two of the plentiful array of underarms before her. Scritching at them made the crow shudder and laugh even harder, if it could be believed. "I can even through in a bonus…" Ariane whispered huskily in the hysterical monster's ear. "Join up with us, and once we beat your friends I've got a very ticklish kitty that'd be happy to meet you."

Molniya looked up at her sister, but didn't stop the tickling for a moment. "Sure Maggie's gonna be ok with that?"

Ariane shrugged. "I'm not giving her a choice in the matter." She said with an impish grin. "Just a little incentive for you, crow. And here's another incentive… give in quickly, and we won't get to figure out what happens to you when we tickle all six of those armpits at once…"


"Nohohohoho! Plehehehehehease stahahahahap!" Maggie pleaded weakly as she squirmed in the tight grip of the six-armed lioness. She'd do anything to get a reprieve, but she didn't have the ability to speak more than a few words before laughter overwhelmed her speech. The lioness was relentless, it seemed like she had sixty hands instead of six. They roamed all over her body: stroking her sides, pinching her ribs, squeezing her thighs… and the lioness's raspy tongue was licking under an arm to devastating effect. To make matters worse, the lioness was changing her tactic as Maggie weakened. No longer needing to tickle her to keep her weak and unable to squirm free, she devoted two hands to sensual teasing. One groped and kneaded at her breasts, while another rubbed at her waistline suggestively, tickling yet also stoking a growing fire in the lithe cheetah. It made her mind whirl. One the one hand, she'd do anything to end the torment. On the other, she be just as willing to give in just to be overwhelmed and be done with the teasing. Maggie felt like she was losing her mind.

It was then that Anastasia peered from around a pillar. Since Maggie's laughter had died down into low, breathy giggles, she hadn't been able to trace her by sound. Instead, the mink had to rely on intuition and smell to track her prey. The lioness was completely oblivious to the world around her, having eyes only for her prey. Yet Anastasia didn't know what to do, fidgeting on the spot. How was she supposed to get Maggie away from that monster? And all by herself? She looked around, looking for something, anything that could help.


"Nahahahahahat agahahahahain!" Oblivion shrieked, as tentacles coated her body. She was lifted out of the shallows by a tentacle grabbing each limb, pulling her taut and exposed. More of the things stroked and slimed her all over: one under each arm, at least four probing her sides and ribs, and she couldn't tell how many felt like they were exploring her belly, her rear. She cursed and laughed and screamed, all to no avail. All she knew was that there were more tentacles than before, and they had quickly identified her as their preferred target. It almost seemed like they were fighting with one another for access to her ticklish and sensitized skin, as they stroked and massaged the sensitizing slime into her.

Ellehaha was doing better, although that wasn't saying much. She was as defensive as possible, retreating and deflecting, moving quickly, but never able to counter. She was simply outnumbered, and was doing as much as possible to at least keep her vulnerable feet out of the frey. If those tentacles wrapped around her ankles and started caressing those tender soles, she knew she was done for. But in doing so, she missed opportunities to protect her midriff, with tentacle tips flicking their way against her taut abs, hunting the ticklish skin as if it were heavenly ambrosia. Ellehaha giggled openly, not wasting the effort to conceal her ticklishness, knowing that at this point her best tactic was to serve as a distraction for the others.

Issuvi and Yidanya swam rapidly under the water, dodging a maze of tentacles. There were four of the creatures now. Two clung near Oblivion, and seemed completely focused on her. It made it easy for Yidanya to sneak closer, but she did so cautiously, not wanting the attackers to notice her calmly swimming closer to that junction of body and limb.

Issuvi moved to the brothers attacking Ellehaha. These showed more caution, and devoted a number of the appendages to a rear guard, trying to grab at Issuvi. The Argonian dodged, but couldn't avoid the errant ticklish stroke that brushed against her flanks, causing her to giggle behind her teeth. It slowed her progress, but she knew if she didn't get in for an attack of her own, Ellehaha would eventually slip up and be captured. And if she didn't get in close, eventually those probing tickles would start to really get her.
Even i don't know what happened when the horde attacked. One moment they were upon us, the next moment i found myself on the ground tickling what looked like their leader. And then the lights came on and we left the cave. I didn't know what to make of it, but something did feel a little off to me. I just couldn't put my finger on what that something was.

Then after a while of running through the tunnel, we saw what looked like light from the sun, and that's when we realized we were outside again.

"*Whew* We made it. Everyone okay?" Oneex asked as he looked around. Everyone seemed to be fine as we all caught our breath's.

"I think so. So was that really it?" Dusk asked.

"Look's like it. Hey, i even think we're close to the inn again." Everyone looked back at me after i said that.

"Really? How do you know?" Tori asked.

"Well i remember this area from before i found the place. If I'm right, it should be a few minutes walk down this path." I pointed at the path as the others decided to follow it, and sure enough, it led right back to the inn.

"Is anyone else here?" Oneex asked as we walked though the front door.
"Hmm, no reception committee." Oneex stated dryly as his query went without answer. This meant they were the first ones to beat their monster, or at least the first ones to escape the arenas.

It also meant the natives hadn't decided to come knocking yet, which was a good thing.

"Not to be a spoilsport but am I the only one who thought that was a little too easy?" Tim asked.

Tori tilted his head. "How do you mean?"

"Well, I'm not entirely sure how we won. I mean I just dove right into the fray, tickling whatever I could get at, and it worked." The mouseboy gave a shrug "Not that I'm doubting my own capabilities as a tickler, I just feel like...maybe they let us go?"

Oneex tapped his chin at the thought of the prospect. "You think this could be another trap?"

"Maybe." Tim suggested.

"I dunno." Dusk countered, though he did glance out the window. "It seems a bit far fetched, don't you think? I mean we just got out of the arena, what would be the point of trying to trap us again?"

"Maybe to keep us on our toes." Tori had snuck up behind Dusk and punctuated the statement with a quick tickle to his sides, making him hoot and squirm. Tori grinned to himself and kept scribbling his fingers on the canine's sides.

"Heh, well that sounds like something Helios would do." Oneex stated, half to himself.

"Say, how did you and all your friends meet?" Tim asked, turning to Oneex while Dusk and Tori became wrapped up in their own little tickle fight. "I mean, you all happen to have a thing for tickling, right?"

"You could say that."

"So how'd you all end up meeting?"

Oneex smiled as nostalgia started to filter into his thoughts. "Well, it's a long story..."

"I first ran into Helios many years ago," Firebird stated as Snowy's team started to exit the arena. "He was an...admirer of my work" she gave an impish grin at the statement. "But eventually we started talking and we became good friends."

"And does he tickle you often?" Snowy asked as she squeezed through the gap. The opening wasn't spacious by any means, but it was a tad claustrophobic. Selene muttered to herself in annoyance as her long feathers kept getting stepped on or brushed by the walls.

"Ohh he's always got some kind of tickly situation or other that he likes putting me in." Firebird twisted a bit in the gap, having conjured up a fireball to light the way out. "He says I deserve it because I've tickled so many others for so long and I always got away with it."

"Is that the only reason you let him tickle you?"

"Not the only reason. I do like getting tickled. I just prefer to tickle more."

"And have you gotten him back?" Fletcher called from the rear. He was a bit wary about being the last in line as it meant he wouldn't have much time to react should someone come from behind and grab him. But he did get a nice view of the posteriors of Snowy and the 3 other females in front of him though.

"Sadly I haven't had a lot of opportunities to tickle him...but trust me he's got in coming" Firebird responded in a dark voice.

"Hey are we almost out of this thing yet? I can barely breathe in here!" Selene squawked, huffing as her plumage was messed up again.

"I dunno what you're complaining about back there, I'm totally fine!" Sassy called back. Of course being a snake, she could easily negotiate the various obstacles in the crack.

"Sassy, are you close to the exit?" Snowy called up.

"Yeah, I think so..." Sassy's voice echoed down the small gap. "Okay I'm out!"

"Oh thank God" Selene breathed a sigh of relief.

"Wait...wait..whahahahiit!" Suddenly Sassy's voice descended into a stream of giggles. "Guhuhuys! Turn around! It's a thrhrhahahaaaap!"

Everyone perked up at the barely intelligible word 'trap." The implication was, of course, dreadful: they'd just survived an army of undead(?) mummies, and now they were going right into another tickle trap?

Snowy was, of course, estatic about this.

"I'm coming Sassy!" And with that the vixen brushed past Firebird and ran out the crevice.

Selene gave a melodramatic sigh. "I guess we'd better go save them."

The 4 furres ran out of the crevice as fast as they could, which is to say as fast as they could maneuver without getting tripped up by the rocks or other debris littering the floor. Firebird was glad that she hadn't decided to wear her more "tribal" clothing she sometimes wore, heaven knows she'd be in big trouble now if she was in a skirt instead of jeans.

After a minute or so of abbreviated running, the foursome burst out into daylight, looking around frantically to see what kind of tickling terror was attacking their comrade...

...only to find Sassy laughing her head off of her own accord.

"Hahaha! You should see the looks on your faces!"

Firebird, Selene and Fletcher just deadpanned when they saw they'd been tricked. Snowy looked a little dissapointed she wasn't getting tickled again so soon.

"Well, at least we're out of the arena." Selene muttered to herself.

'Are we EVER going to get out of this place?! Oblivion thought to herself as the tentacles worked her over. Elle had lost the battle against her own beast, and was now writhing on the floor in laughter as the tentacles probed and teased her body, looking for the most ticklish of her ticklish spots. Naturally her feet were a prime target, with tentacles that wiggled on her soles and even tied her toes back to tease them.

"HAhahahAHAHAH! Issuvi! AHAHhHAH YidnanayahahhAHAHAH!" Elle cried out.

"SSOHOHMETIME HAAHAHHAHAH SOMETIME TODAY WOULD BE NIHIHICE!" Oblivion added. She looked down to see a couple tentacles trying to unstrap her bikini top. This got the mare to thrash even more. If they exposed her sensitive breasts...

They never got the chance. Issuvi made her move and the monster quivered and dropped Oblivion from its grasp. This time she was able to anticipate it and made a more co-ordinated landing. Yidanaya did the same, saving her fellow avian from a tickly fate as the monster receeded into the lake.

Everything was going according to plan...except Issuvi's monster turned around and grabbed her.

The argonian cried out in shock, a cry that was muffled due to being underwater as she was held spread eagle. The proud warrior resisted fiercely, clawing at the tentacles that ensnared her. Her wild desperation attacks were futile however and some more tentacles started to tease her sides and armpits, stroking up and down and swirling around. Her armor not doin much to protect those spots, Issuvi started to giggle. Then she started to laugh as the tentacles really dug in, wiggling around underneath her armor to see which spots got the best reaction.

The worst part was that because she could breath underwater, the beast might not see a need to let her go anytime soon. She'd be stuck down here, with her fellow fighters powerless to stop it...

That is, if Oblivion didn't suddenly appear. The mare swam down with precision and zeroed in on the octopus. She instantly got to work, wiggling her fingers all over its body as if trying to look for ticklish spots like the beast was doing to Issuvi, albeit in a more blunt way. She eventually found a good one: right in the areas where the tentacles connected to the body. A few good tickles in those spots, and the monster was defeated. Issuvi wiggled free from its grasp and quickly surfaced.

"There you are! I was getting worried about you." Elle chirped as Issuvi climbed out of the lake.

"Damn beast got me" she sputtered out, taking some time to catch her breath.

"Oh my" Yidanya said, shuddering at the thought of being trapped underwater by one of those beasts. "Oblivion must've saved you then."

As if on cue, Oblivion rose out of the water. The mare was carrying her armor underneath one of her arms, which she threw onto the arena floor as she hoisted herself out, soaked body on display for all who were willing to look. As she started to redress herself, she caught the eyes of the others on her. "What?"

"That was a brave thing you just did." Elle simply stated. "Risking your hide for Issuvi like that."

"Pfft" Oblivion responded dismissively. "I was just getting my armor back."

"What do you mean?" Yidanya asked almost incredulously. "I saw you jump in after-"

"She was getting her armor." Issuvi stated tersely, and with that the subject was closed.

There was a soft thump as the lights in the arena came back on. "Well," Elle stated "I guess our challenge has been completed. Good job, everyone! Now we just need to figure out what happens next..."

"When yous spend your time 'round a lot of ticklish furres, like we do," Molniya spoke down to her prey "you learn a lot of neat tricks. Tricks to get people to do what you want them to do..." her fingers teasingly stroked circles in the avian's armpits, alternating between each set.

"You see, any problem can be solved with the correct amount of tickling." Ariane chimed in, joining her sister in teasing those hollows. "The trick is to apply it in the right spots."

Molniya looked right into the eyes of the crow amazon, trying to see if there was any hint of submission. Sure enough there were some flickers starting to appear. But it wasn't good enough. Not for her.

"So, let's try this again. Are yous gonna help us or not?"

"NEVER!" The crow screeched in reply, more to reassure herself than defy Molniya.

Molniya just gave a causal shrug. "Fine then."

And with barely a second for her comment to register, she and Ariane started to double team her armpits. Each phoenixess wigggled their sharpened claws in the hollows, with Molniya bringing her talons around to wiggle them in her third set of armpits, her toes doing the tickling. The response was total and absolute: the crow shrieked and thrashed, she'd never had her armpits tickled before in her life and as a result they were hypersensitive.


"Beg allll you want" Ariane cooed "no one is coming to save you."

"Ey sis, speakin of which, you think Maggie and...what's her name, Anastasia are doin okay? Haven't seen them in a while."

"Oh I'm sure they're fine. Hell they've probably already taken care of that monster and are tickling each other."

Molniya grinned and looked back at the crow woman as her fingers dug in with renewed vigor. "You see dat, bitch? Yous beasties are so weak that we spend more time ticklin each other than you creeps! So why don't you just give up already?!"


"Oh yeah? Then why are you laughin yer fuckin head off, eh?" Those fingers continued with their terrible dance, scribbling and scratching in those hollows. Molniya's toes weren't quite as dexterous, but they did their job just fine; she flexed them as if she was a bird of prey coming to snatch something from above, so they did a repetitive in-and-out motion, raking the sharpened toes along her armpits.


"Not until yous agree to help us out."


"Then we're just gonna keep going. Don't yous get that?!" As the crow squirmed and thrashed beneath them, Molniya glanced down to see her voluptuous breasts jiggling about, barely concealed by what looked to be a tube top. Getting an idea, Molniya glanced up at her sister, who returned her mischievous grin. The two avians then removed their hands from the bird woman's armpits, with Moly's talons slowing to a teasing pace. Before the woman could react however, the sisters had started on a new tactic: Molniya began to undo the crow's top while Ariane plucked a couple feathers from her wing.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she gasped in horror as her massive breasts were exposed.

"We're taking it up a notch, bitch."

"Wh-ew! Never thought we'd get out of that place." Rita drawled as her group emerged from their arena. Helios and Oro's debate got interrupted when someone pointed out the exit, and the decision was quickly made to get out of there before something else went wrong.

"You can say that again." Shade replied, stretching out his wings. "It was getting really crowded in there."

"Now you know how I feel sometimes." Mercy materialized next to shade. "I'm not picking up any other threats. We should be safe for now."

"For now being the operative term." Helios said. The phoenix then turned to address Oro. "We're gonna continue that little conversation later, by the way."

"Oh, I'm sure." She gave a predatory grin at her fellow tickler.

"Well, at least we can enjoy the view." Silva said as she surveyed their new surroundings. The arena exit deposited them onto what looked like a cliff, which gave a broad overview of the world. Because the arenas were near the edge of the village, the group was looking out onto wilderness. Forest and jungle spread below them, and in the distance they could barely make out an amorphous green blob that appeared to be made of tendrils.

"Those must be the tentacle fields." Helios commented. "We need to head there next." This caused Rita, Shade, and Silva to perk up in alarm, they were not looking forward to another round of tickling tentacles. "Not right this minute." Helios clarified, which got relieved looks from them.

"Shame, I was really looking forward to them." Oro smirked. The battle she had just gone through had not been terribly difficult for her, and with good reason: the barn owl loved tentacles, to the point she'd kept them as pets back home. Spending an entire day in a field full of tickling tentacles was not something she considered a challenge at all.

"Hey! Bro!" A voice called out. Helios turned to see that Selene's group had emerged just a short distance away.

"Hey, it's my sister. Let's go meet her."

The two squads converged about halfway between they're respective exists. Each was glad to see that the other had emerged none the worse for wear.

"How'd you make out, sis?" Helios asked.

"It got a little hairy for a second, but on the whole it wasn't that bad. It sure helps when you have willing live bait." She grinned at Snowy who blushed a little bit. "How about you guys?"

"No complaints here." Helios simply replied.

Silva was at a loss. She hadn't gotten a chance to look at any of the other groups before she joined up with Helios. Now she was seeing a group that was almost identical to her own. They also had a phoenix, two of them in fact, as well as a snake. But they also had a vixen and what looked to be some kind of canine, though she couldn't quite place the species.

Seeing the odd stares Silva got due to being the only human in the pack, Helios cleared his throat. "Right, guys this is Silva. She's a huntress who ran into us just before we dropped. She's decided to help us out on our journey.

This seemed to relax the other furres and greetings were exchanged. Helios was relieved to see the other mesh so well with the new arrival on the fly. As he'd been adamant in reminding folks since they got here, teamwork was paramount to getting out of this.

A short distance away, the two groups on the cliffside were being watched. The natives of the village were somewhat shocked to find that the inn had been ransacked, and some of their clothes even missing. Certainly not what they were looking forward to seeing upon their return to their home. For a day or so they had been following the groups of furres, being careful to stay in the shadows (a feat made trickier by the presence of the huntress who would surely be aware of such tactics). While their comrades were off to investigate the inn, this group made a point to keep an eye on these furres who had just appeared from the spot where just days ago their homes had been.

Had these mysterious visitors been the cause of the cataclysmic even that rocked their town? In their minds, there was only one way to find out.

There was a reason tickling had been outlawed. Tickling was considered by the elders to be the most brutal form of torture imaginable.

And the villagers were exceedingly efficient at it.
Tori was lost in his little world as he kept on tickling Dusk. Which said wolf giggle and squirm while trying to do the same to him.
Shade sat at the end of the two groups as they had a little reunion. Stories of grandeur where spread through all as they each told there own rendition of the events to transpire in there respective arenas. Shade was even pointed out as being the "saver" of Helios' group, even though Oro "Clearly could have gotten out and freed everyone whenever she wanted." As the heroic tales where spun Shade couldn't help but feel like they where all being watched by something other than there captor...
Sensing something amiss, Silva turned her head, gazing out into the jungle and wilderness. She could have sworn that she felt the gaze of multiple things on her, as well as the group. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Shade grow uneasy. “So it looks like it’s not just me. There is something watching us… But I can’t tell from where, which direction, or how many eyes there are… I should go inform Helios about this.” Walking towards where Helios was conversing with Selene, she raised her hand, about to open her mouth to inform them of this potential new threat before the group was about to journey forth, possibly into the tentacle fields or that wide expanse of fauna below them.

What she didn’t expect however, was for giggles to start pouring out of her throat instead of words, not expecting something furry to stroke against her sides. Caught off guard, she burst into a small bout of giggles, her arms flying to her sides. When she opened her eyes, she saw Rita and Snowy standing in front of her, the former having a Cheshire-like grin, while the latter had a sly smile, her tail waving in the air back and forth.

“Sorry Rita and Snowy, but I need to tell Helios about something, so if you would please excuse me for moment…”

Giggling, Snowy gave Rita a nod, before running behind Silva, catching the Huntress off guard and trapping her arms in a full nelson.

“H-hey, what’s the meaning of this! Hurry up and let me go, I have to tell Helios something!”

“Well you see Silva… I’m actually curious as to how ticklish you are seeing that you are the only human in our gang, after all. As for Rita here, she just wanted to continue where she left off, before you guys went into that cave with that tickling goo. Without further ado…” Snowy grinned, bringing her tail up to start sweeping Silva’s belly, making her grit her teeth in an attempt to not laugh.

“H-Hey now, stop that! Let me go and stop tickling me-H-hey! W-Wait! Not that! G-Get it away from me!” Her belly already quivering from the effort of not laughing from Snowy’s fluffy tail, she couldn’t move her move her body to get away from Rita’s rattling tail, which was creeping towards her underarms.

“Oh but my dear Silva, I haven’t even begun to touch you yet. Don’t tell me this proud huntress is afraid of just a few tickles?” Grinning, Rita pressed her vibrating tail in Silva’s right underarm while her fingers scraped across her left underarm, making the huntress gasp, bursting out into girlish giggles.

“What’s wrong, Silva? Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this? That wide smile on your face says otherwise, you ticklish little thing.”

“I’m not eehheheheenjoying this, lehehehheet me go, Hahahahahaa! Wait, noaaAAHHAAHAA!” Bursting into full blown laughter, she felt the artic fox behind her grow more mischevious, her white tail dipping into her navel to tickle inside her leather pants, as she felt something grabbing the zipper of her jacket, opening it up.

“I wonder if you’re ticklish here… You always wear this stuffy leather jacket. Those slimes just now tickled you under here. I wonder if I can get the same result...” Musing to herself, Rita stretched further her hands, reaching out towards Silva’s upper body, ready to wiggle her fingers.
Dusk laughed and squirmed madly. Those fingers on his sides were brutal. And after the tickling he was just put through, this wasn't helping. Though maybe if he could just get Oneex to help him, he could escape.

"Oneehehehehex! Please help!" Dusk called out in a last minute attempt. Within a few moments, the tickling let up. But not for long.

"Alright. Now its my turn lover boy. Lets see if I can't tire you out enough to bring you to your room." Dusk gulped. Oneex stood over him grinning deviously and the poor wolf was frozen in fear. Before Dusk could object, Oneex used one of his hands on his tummy to keep him distracted while untieing the wolf's shoes. Dusk knew he was in for a wild ride. Though he didn't know how bad till Oneex spoke up.

"Can you two get this pups little socked feet while I play up here?" Tim and Tori both beamed with joy.