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After a terrible incident, all Kaiju girls are reduced into balls like Mario Pinball.
[Introduction] The story is based on the Haruka and the Girls story (https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/2031099-Haruka-and-the-Kaiju-Girl...) and the Yuki the Dinosaur girl story.(https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1873584-Ryzanyes-30-Life-as-a-Spec...)

Characters from those stories would appear too.

Rules: At least make a decent chapter and not too short.

Don't worry, the whole story will end with them back to normal and this whole thing is a side story. So the girls are stuck like this until the end of this campfire. Its cruel, I know, but its a strange story in my head.
A law was made to make sure Kaiju girls won't be a threat to society anymore by reducing them in a sphere like form. We see a meeting with a bunch of people and they explain this case.

"Most of the incidents nowadays are caused by Kaiju girls and not other threats like aliens and such. To reduce any more damage, we found a way to reduce anymore damage. You see, we will reduce the kaiju girls into a ball basically. They can still use their powers, but it gives us a chance to fight back at least if they were to be a threat.", said a man.

"Wouldn't this be cruel and violate the rights of these girls?", said another man.

"Until we could figure something out, we have to use this method. Many guards lost their lives in the secret project of the hybrid Kaiju girl. Survivors won't tell us anymore information, but this ball experiment has been successful with the hybrid as our test subject. The results show. All those in favor.", said the man.

Most raised their hands.


In the island, many Kaiju girls, even the ones in the city and Haruka(The person who is in charge of the place and is now a Kaiju girl), are in line to be transformed into balls.

The process works like this. The girls lose their bodies and are left as heads with life support and then the heads are made to be slightly rounder so that they can roll.

Results would look similar to this:http://assets9.pokemon.com/assets/cms2/img/video-games/video-games/pokemon_battle_trozei/pokemon_battle_trozei_chespin.jpg

Soyaka was done and rolled out. She was having a hard time to this new form since she no longer has arms and legs. Volt/Vicky, former enemy of Soyaka who is now human, came to visit the giant head.

"Great, how can I be the hero anymore?", asked Soyaka.

"Well even though I'm just an intern, I was told that you can still use your powers and combine rolling to beat the ever lasting shit of your enemies. Let's test it out in the virtual city.", said Vicky.

"Okay Volt.", said Soyaka.

"Its Vicky now.", said Vicky.

"Sorry and could you roll me there. I'm having some trouble moving.", said Soyaka.

"Sure.", said Vicky.

The girl rolled Soyaka into the training room ad begin testing out Soyaka's abilities in her new form.

"The whole thing is like pinball, but you could add your own powers to either keep moving or attack. Watch this clip.", said Vicky.

We see Haruka in her Kaiju ball form rolling at hi-speeds bumping at targets and spewing out her gassy breath to push herself ad wings to propel herself.

Soyaka then started rolling and with ball physics ends up going faster. She changed into her dragon form and grew wings. She flew and then bump at the target. She then turn into her goddess form ad started dashing bashing everything in her way. When she was done she was breathing heavily.

"Nice job Soyaka.", said Vicky.

"I seriously need to get used to you being an ally.", said Soyaka.

"Shut up. Just keep up with the good work and you might be able to fight evil like before again.", said Vicky.

Soyaka rolled out of the building and saw other Kaiju girls now reduced to being a head ball form. We should dub this form as Kaiju ball form. This Kaiju girls with no surprise hate this new law and form.
Right now, somewhere in a random city, there was a huge movie set that was built for a very specific kaiju girl. A 7 year old black haired pink bikini clad crabby giantess girl that is. That is Koyuki for sure, after leaving the island, she made it huge by going into the giant monster movie business, and boy was she a popular giant monster movie icon to be sure at that. In fact, a few like Soniazilla even joined in on the business as well, and they been doing giant monster movies ever since. Don't worry, no one dies during the production of those movies thanks to certain measures taken. Like making a city tokusatsu set for the girls to do, adding the military, etc as CGI in the movie, and a few other stuff. Soon, those dreams might be coming straight to a crashing end for some.

Right now, we go to a movie lot made for Koyuki and Soniazilla, and they been living in it ever since they got it, and right now a friend of their went to show them the news about the girls turning into kaiju balls. This was their reaction.

"Unbelievable, and they even said that we have 7 days to register otherwise we will be hunted down and either turned forcefully or terminated, that is just cruel, and no option to turn back to normal as well, This is crude on all levels, we are just a few weeks away from shooting a giant monster movie and now we will look like balls doing it. I hate this." Soniazilla said (10 year old red hair girl in a black bikini that looks like a humanoid dragon, etc) just as she gets a drink.

"Yeah, and I just hope the movie studio we are working with works things out with the government." Koyuki added just as she gets depressed.

Suddenly, the movie director then comes in very sad. "Girls, I got bad news. The law made it to where.....
"You have to be balls no matter what the circumstances. They will not go back on their proposal.", said the director.

"Unacceptable! How can I cause mass destruction in my movies as a ball? This isn't a story about dodge ball, its about a cute terrifying monster destroying the city. I will not compromise with the government if they force me in such a reduced form.", cried Koyuki.

Koyuki was furious on hearing the news that the government refuse to work things out about this. The director and Soniazilla tries to calm her down.

"I agree with you. You were amazing in being destructive, but we have to follow the law.", said the Director.

"I demand to settle this in court.", said Koyuki.

"I'll tell our managers about this.", said Soniazilla.

The Kaiju girl then left to do so. Koyuki then started pinching her crab pincers randomly and the director tries to calm her down again.


Later, we see some Kaiju girls from the cities protesting at a press office. Miko, the fusion girl, lead the group of giantess and was really furious.

"We demand an explanation about why would you want to turn us this useless form?", said Miko.

"Look, its just that we decided that its better than containing and brainwashing you girls. You will be able to have free will, but will be weak enough to lose against the military if you go haywire.", said the congress man.

"This is bull shit!", said Miko.

"Well you have seven days. Enjoy having arms and legs while you still can.", said the congress man.

Anyone political left and the Kaiju girls sat at where they are. Miko then chats with her sister in her mind.

"Maybe we should do as they say.", said Miki as a floating head in Miko's mind.

"And be in such a humiliating form. I don't think so.", said Miko.

"What the news said is right. Most of our fights and damages are caused by other Kaiju girls and those who betrayed us."

"That does not mean we will do that.", said Miko.

"We might. Someone may soon brainwash us and we could hurt millions."

"We are being punished over nothing! If your not with me, I think I'll just go home myself.", cried Miko.

"Who are you talking to?", asked a random kaiju girl.

"Nobody!", cried Miko.

The two defused and Miko stomped her way home. Miki just stood there looking pretty worried and then annoyed.

"Honestly. Why can't she just listen to reason?", said Miki.


Back at the island, the Kaiju balls decided to have a race around the island. The girls got ready and rolled. Claudia grew some guns to push her further and she bounced. Tegasa used pure energy for her to roll faster. Many Kaiju girls end up losing control on their rolling that they either rolled off course or into the ocean.

Kari used her psychic powers to push any Kaiju ball back. Hana, the flower Kaiju girl grew a plant track above everyone and the physics of the ramp made her faster. Leumya the robot Kaiju ball ends up using a rocket boost and wins the race.

Leumya won and bounced out of joy. Claudia rolled to her and said.

"You only won because I have to be stuck like this. I would have been faster with my old body.", said Claudia.

"We're all are stuck like this. Its for the safety of humanity.", said Tegasa.

"How does this keep humans safe? I can still do this.", said Claudia as she released a rocket launcher and blasted it something random.

"We have no limbs.", said Tegasa as she struggles to grab her giant canteen of water with her tongue.

"I see your point.", said Claudia.

"Not only that, Haruka must face this dreadful treatment too. She has to take charge of the whole island like this.", said Leumya.

"Ever since Haruka became a Kaiju girl after that incident, she got the government on her case.", said Claudia.

"How about sparring in our forms? It might cheer us up a bit.", said Leumya.

"Sure.", said Claudia.

The two rolled outside and went to the opposite direction. They then charged at each other and rolled at high speeds. Leumya summons some rockets while Claudia hops on them like Sonic and grew guns out of her ball form and shot Leumya.

The robot ball girl rolled out of the way causing Claudia falling into the sand causing a big hold due to her humongous size. Leumya then used a rocket boost to give her some speed and released the rocket and rolled.

Claudia was hit by the rocket, but used this chance to bump into Leumya as a counter. When they collided, the whole thing became a pinball game. They bump at stuff and then each other. Claudia then used all of her strength and guns that grew from her back to thrust herself to make the final bump at Leumya.

In the end, Leumya was pushed into the ocean and was defeated.

"Great job Claudia.", said Leumya.

She summons some rockets to get herself back to the island. We see some Kaiju balls recovering from the race previously.

"I'm glad that I still have some fight in me. And I thought that I was really useless", said Claudia.

"Now the only problem left is to somehow live without hands. I seriously need to pick up my canteen.", said Tegasa.
"Say, I wonder if I can do this?" Haruka thought in her ball form and then she tries to shrink back down. She then gets smaller and smaller and smaller, and as she does, she regains her hands and everything. Eventually when she shrinks back to her normal height, she is all human again. "Strange, somehow I can shrink back and become a normal human in this size, but what would hapeen if it..." she thought. She then grows again, but somehow turns back into her ball form in the process. "Interesting, it seems as if I am small, I can become human, but if I try to go big, then I turn into a ball." she said, and then she turns back to normal.

"Interesting, it seems with your case Haruka, as long as you are human, you won't be a kaiju ball. I am incredibly surprised that even for a robot like me they turn me into a kaiju ball." Leumya said to Haruka as she believes her case.

"Yeah. I find it quite strange." Claudia then added just as she notice Haruka was able to do that. "Perhaps you can do some work with us to turn us into our normal giant robot forms?" Claudia asked.

"I am sure I can, then I would probably get the government on my hands again, but hey I will do whatever it takes to help you guys out. Now I just hope that...."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed by a jelly like kaiju girl as she runs by. This is Anni-Thing. "HELP ME!!!!" she panicked.

"What's wrong?" Leumya asked.

"I am scared to be turned into a ball. I have yet to go in there, but I don't know what's going to happen if they somehow find a way to nullify my powers. You know, I can turn into anything, hence the name Anni-thing." she said.

"Well, with your liquid form and all, I am sure it is unlikely, but I have no clue how they would do you." Haruka told her.

"Also, but the real thing is...I don't want to turn into a kaiju ball, plus I am trying to live with the humans and everything.... made it up to my mom, etc.... HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" she said, and then she starts morphing into many things.

"CALM DOWN!!!!" Leumya shouted.
"How about forming into a ball yourself? You could do that right.", asked Haruka.

"Why didn't I think of that?", said Anni-thing.

The gooey girl then formed into a ball. She was then satisfied that she doesn't have to go through the painful process that she was about to encounter.

"At least I can do this.", said Anni-thing forming arms.

The kaiju balls were feeling uncomfortable at the sight of Anni-thing's arms. It made them miss their own limbs. Haruka then got a call from the president and it was slightly happy news.

"Mr. President.", asked Haruka.

"Hey? How come you look normal? Aren't you suppose to be in stasis form?", asked the president.

"Its strange, but I'm only like this when I shrink.", said Haruka.

"Well I will allow it since I doubt that you will cause gigantic harm. Any who, I do have good news for you girls. Rumor has it that this was a plan from a pervert."

"Eww.", said Leumya.

"Well one of the members mentioned it. Despite the progress of this new program, some of us feel sluggish. Its a bit questionable about the ethnics of this. Not the part about forcing you all to be in these reduced forms, but just that fact on why specifically these forms.", said the President.

"I knew something was fishy about this", said Claudia.

"For now you have to stay in these forms unless you shrink to human size. There is a chance that we will abolish this. Though its might only work for Haruka and not you girls. I might be just a politician, but I do know a bit of science.", said the President.

"Thank you Mr. President for the notification.", said Haruka.

"By the way Ms. Nataozuki. How did you become a Kaiju girl to begin with?", asked the President.

"It was a nasty story that involves fusing and defusing.", said Haruka.

"Oh. Its best that I do not know.", said the President.

The president logs out. Guards came in for Anni-thing and they let her go since she is in ball form. Haruka grew again as a Kaiju ball and asked the girls if they want to go out and play. They just agreed as they rolled out.


Some where in a lab, a scientist was looking a photos with delight. He was licking his lips as he gazed at the Kaiju balls. He was also playing online pinball at the same time. A man comes in and the scientist stops what he's doing.

"Doctor. The government wanted me to tell you that they are questioning your methods of stabilizing the Kaiju girls.", said the man.

"Tell them to remember what I had proposed. The kaiju girls could still fight as long as they got fist to punch and legs to kick. Get rid of those and they will be weak. These ball forms lets them fight with a pinball style. They are not too weak or too strong.", said the Doctor.

"I will present this report.", said the man.



In Fusion city, Miko walked through the street and then suddenly found a blue light by the forest. She ran to the forest as fast as she can and went to it. The thing was a small blue gem. Miko knows its stupid, but she wanted to touch it.

She did so and suddenly she turned into her Kaiju form. She was surprised that a gem like that could do this to her. She looked at her left hand and saw the gem implanted in there.

"So you manage to get a Kaiju form with some how.", said a voice.

Miko then saw a ball coming at her and it crashed into her face. It was none other than her sister Miki in Kaiju ball form.

"No way. How did you get your Kaiju form?", asked Miko.

"You know that crystal you found. Its the solid form that turned girls into Kaiju girls. I got one for myself with the help of the government and I was converted into the ball. It sucks, but at least I'm following the law.", said Miki.

The Kaiju ball then showed her gem in her right cheek. Unlike Miko's gem, Miki has her gem color be blue-green. Miko was shocked to see this and her expression turned to anger.

"I told you! I don't think its fair and its so embarrassing to be this way.", said Miko.

"You never listen to reason. I don't like this as much as you, but how many times we fought a villain that is just a robber and not a Kaiju girl?", said Miki.

"You have a point, but don't you think this is unfair to all Kaiju girls?", asked Miko.

Miki paused and thought about it and said, "Your right, but I don't want you captured or killed."

"Look sis, I care about our freedom."

"I know, but I hate it sometimes when you just break the rules when you feel like it. I don't want this to be your biggest regret. This isn't like school."

Miki rolled to her sister and Miko carried her. Miko and Miki then forgive each other and tries to make a plan to figure things out. Suddenly they fused together and Miko is stuck in ball form. Her gem shines in her left cheek.

"Is this some sort of trick?", asked Miko.

"No, I swear!", cried Miki in her mind.

"It was me.", said a voice.

A scientist appeared with a blaster. He just stood there and said, "I did you girls a favor. Now your following the law like you should."

The scientist teleported away as Miko struggles to go after him. Miko is not used to her form thus not being able to move. Miko then puffed her cheeks in anger.

"Miko, I'm sorry for what happened.", said Miki as a floating head this time in ball form.

"Its fine. I understand how you feel. But right now, we need to find a balance in this.", said Miko.

"A way to make Kaiju girls less of a threat without any further cons.", said Miki.

"We need to join the rebels not to just end this law, but make it better. I don't know how, but I'm gonna need your brains sis."

"Of course you do. I'll figure something out like always."

"Okay then.", said Miko," And by the way, how do you move in this form?"

"Just push forward and use your whole body was the stirring wheel and engine.", said Miki.

Miko tries to do it and fails. Miki helps her sister with some mental support and Miko then got a hang of her new ball form. They defused to see what will happen and they ended up back as humans. Miko and Miki then cries as they misses their arms and legs.

"Oh thank goodness. The feeling of having hands again.", said Miki.

"Let's just go to city hall to settle this with the other Kaiju girls and not use our ball forms.", said Miko.

"I agree. However, we will fuse when we need to fight.", said Miki.

The twins nodded and headed to city hall.


Koyuki and Soniazilla then started a short PSA about how wrong this law is. It was cheap and simple as its just them talking trash about this new law. They posted it online and it got some attention, but not much.

"At this rate, everyone will side with us and the government would have to abolish this dumb law.", said Koyuki.

"43,837 views isn't enough.", said Soniazilla.

"It takes time.", said Koyuki.

"Most of the comments just criticize about how cheesy this is.", said Soniazilla and looked surprised, "I think we have an argument here in the comment section."

"What does it say?", asked Koyuki.

"Some think that we're just being internet trolls and the law might have been the right thing to do because of this video."

"Its having a reverse effect!?", cried Koyuki.

"At least some try to defend us. We should be glad that we have some supporters", said Soniazilla.

"This is gonna take a while.", said Koyuki.
Back in an unknown location in the world. The dude was playing a game of pinball when he soon gets a word from one of the many people that one of the kaiju girls have actually managed to go back into their human forms and small an all. They told him that the kaiju girl who did that was a former human known as Haruka, and this did not sound well with him at all.

"What, so one of the kaiju girls was a former human (pretty much all of them are) and this one can shrink and go back to completely normal like a human. What in the world would she.... oh no." the guy who made the pinball suggestion panicked. He realizes that since the girl can turn human, if she voices her complain or what not to the government and everything, or tries to amend it, then his plan would be ruined.

"What's wrong?" asked by one of the servants.

"That girl could ruin everything I worked with. There has to be a way to deal with her effectively. I don't know if finding a way to ensure that all of the kaiju girl balls remain balls, but if anyone has an idea on how this could work, please tell me. I want 3 suggestions. Also, I heard that Koyuki and Soniazilla are protesting online as well."

"We could take control of all of the kaiju girls or find a way to kill Haruka." said by one of them.

"That's one."

"Perhaps we can order the government somehow to kill all of the kaiju girls anyway."

"Another one."

"Or hold her friends hostage with our new mecha girls and if Haruka tries to protest or what not, or the government tries to amend te rules, then the kaiju girls that are friends with Haruka gets it."

"My choice is..."
"I will give them a threat of posting pornographic pictures of them as balls. I manage to get some good ones through the cameras in the island. Haruka would either live with this and stay as a ball, human or Kaiju, or have her reputation ruined along with her friends.", said the scientist.

"You're crazy! They might be big, but they're just girls.", said a man.

"Well your the crazy one for working for me."

"You have to be stopped! I thought we are doing this for the sake of humanity, not for your own fetish pleasures.", said another person.

"I am doing a service for the world, just having a little fun with it."

"Whatever, at least I'm getting payed. Your plan won't work anyways.", said the man.

"Oh we will see.", said the scientist.

The man left in disgust with their client. How could anyone not realize that this plan was made by a pervert made alone has a lab filled with dirty stuff? He might also be a pedophile since he is picking on Kaiju girls.

He then look at his so called pornographic photos and its really not that nasty. Its just the Kaiju balls either just sitting there, acting casual, or just rolling around. If you think about it, the pictures just looks more cute and funny than perverted and dirty.

You could say that this man is really crazy and his idea of porn is stupid. The girls might not even fear him at all if they find out.


It was night time and Haruka slept inside of Leumya's head since the robot girl's head has a room inside of it. Because of Leumya's metamorphosis, the room feels more like a hamster ball. Haruka stretches and Leumya felt really uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?", asked Haruka.

"Its just that I miss stretching out my arms.", cried Leumya.

"Don't worry, we manage to get the government to favor the abolishment of this law."

"That's easy for you to say. You get to have limbs all you want."

"That's true, though I kind of had fun with this new form."

"Your the only one in the island that likes this. Everyone else condemns it."

"Its just me then."

"At least you get to be inside my head at night. It feels cozy that way."

"Good night Leumya."

"Good night."


Koyuki is just posting random messages about the new law and it ended up creating more controversy. You could say that Koyuki is just being an internet troll with good intentions.

Some of her comments include, "Your all idiots for approving this law." or "Only retards think of restraining Kaiju girls."

"Koyuki, I think you should stop right there. Your sending the wrong message.", said Soniazilla.

"I doing what's right here and the only way to get attention is to be an internet troll.", said Koyuki.

"Well watch this at least."

Soniazilla presents Koyuki multiple celebrity news about her being a troll online. Some defended her while other say that what she did was wrong. Koyuki blushed out of embarrassment and proceed to make an apology letter.

"There are other ways to fix this like joining the rebellion.", said Soniazilla.

"Why didn't I think of that before? After I type this up, let's go. A super star like me can really help the rebellion.", said Koyuki as she submits her message and it got mixed reaction.

Some forgave her knowing that she was doing it for her own kind while some just go all out hating her. Koyuki then just turns off her laptop and leave with Soniazilla to the strikes at city hall.
Haruka was surely right now in her lab with several of the kaiju girls who were in their ball forms as she was looking into how the ball forms affect their movements and what not, and how she can find a way to reverse the effects of it. She is currently talking to the government on her computer screen about her story and how in the world the ball kaiju idea came to be. They all agreed that the ball idea was supposed to help and all but restricts their freedom, but what they soon find out would have everyone outraged to the point of instant reversal.

"So this guy basically bribed all of you prior and everyone in some form or fashion to approve the law suggestion?" Haruka asked the officials. "Is this true."

"It was, some of his guys came by and offered our nation tons of money if we were to approve the act. I personally was against it, but I could resist the offer to help our nation." said by the Greece president. "I had to do it."

"Oh, so that is one thing. Well I am sure you have know by now that since I am one of the kaiju girls who can turn human, I can evade the form all together, and there was nothing that states in the law that allows it." Haruka told them.

"Your right. Basically a escape clause and what not was found by you. So, how can you offer to help us?" another official added.

"Well for starters I am going to really look into this man and how he brought this law into place and the controversy that spark it, and once I get some info, we will find a way to take care of this problem...."

"Ourselves?!" said by a unknown voice who takes over the computer screen. "Haruka, it seems you found a way around my law and all. Well I am afraid I got some bad news."
"What would that be?", asked Haruka.

"I got this.", said the unknown voice.

He reveals a bunch of pictures of the Kaiju girls as ball girls. This only made all the presidents, Kaiju girls, and Haruka screaming Aww. Turns out this unknown voice was the scientist that made all of this happen.

"What is this? You Kaiju girls should be embarrassed of me showing pornographic pictures of all of you.", screamed the scientist.

"I can't believe Leumya is so adorable when she sleeps.", said Haruka.

"Haruka, your just a cute as anyone here.". said the president of the United Kingdom.

"Stop it! This was suppose to be a threat.", screamed the scientist, "Fine, I will resort to causing havoc to the world."

The man was gone and the rest were busy being all lovey dovey on how cute the pictures are. Then Haruka notices the problem.

"We need to take action against that man!", screamed Haruka.

"Don't we need the Kaiju girls get their bodies back and turned back to normal.", asked the presided of the U.S.

"We need to stop the guy first otherwise we won't be able to do that at all.", said Haruka, "Besides, we have a fighting chance in these forms too. Just imagine this as a game of pin ball."

"You just gave us a strategy on how to beat this guy. Call all Kaiju balls and get them ready for battle."


Meanwhile, Koyuki and Soniazilla are joining the rebellion. Miki and Miko came in their human forms and saw Koyuki being way to violent as she kept snapping her claws and destroying random stuff.

Miki and Miko don't want to do this, but they have to. They fused into their Kaiju ball form and rolled at Koyuki. They bumped into her thus making her stop for a bit.

"Hey what was that for?", asked the crab girl.

"We know how you feel and how this law sucks. But destroying everything would only give the government a better reason to support this law.", said Miko.

"I can't believe your saying something smart for a change.", said Miki in Miko's mind.

"Shut up.", said Miko.

"But I have to do something.", said Koyuki.

"Then let's do it without any destruction.", said Miko.

Suddenly an army of giant robots appear and turn any Kaiju girls in the area into Kaiju balls. What's even worst is that the headless bodies of Kaiju girls from the island came as well. This also includes Soyaka's body.

Do note that in the island, the transformation of being a ball is that the Kaiju girls literally have their heads cut off and their bodies stored somewhere. The girls at the city hall had it easy.

Koyuki was the one who took the transformation the hardest as she was really upset and was in tears. Soniazilla tries to comfort her, but the force of Koyuki's bounces and rolls pushed Soniazilla away as the Kaiju ball rolled away.

"NO! MY PERFECT BODY IS GONE!", cried the crab girl.

"Normally this requires decapitation, but this is a more easier way. I finally win and get to see my fetish come to life!", screamed the scientist.

"Not so fast.", said Haruka with an army of Kaiju ball girls. She was also in her ball form and she looked pissed.

"I looked into your records on illegal websites and found out that you were the notorious mad scientist Dr. Cage.", said Haruka.

"What of it? I win in the end did I.", said Dr. Cage.

"We'll see about that."

The military set up a bunch of stuff to make the whole area look like one big pinball arena. The kaiju balls were angry, but were shocked to see their bodies.

"Damn him. He's playing dirty by using our bodies against us.", said Leumya.

"I don't want to destroy my good looking body.", cried Claudia.

"Don't lose hope.", said a voice.

All the kaiju ball girls looked and saw Soyaka in her ball form. She rolled to the girls and said.

"You will get your bodies back and be back to normal. We just need to beat this pervert. So let's do it.", said Soyaka.

The kaiju balls got ready and the military then got this device that launches all the kaiju girls into battle. This is going to be one big pinball game.
"Now before we start this new battle, I think I need to reveal something to all of you, and I am sure that you will all be in absolute shock once you realize what I have in store with you." Dr. Cage announced to everyone on the speakers. "I think your bodies will be useful after all." Then suddenly all the bodies started to come to life, and that isn't all, some sort of nanobots then begins to reconstruct the heads of all the girls respectively, yet the kaiju balls are not the ones. One of the bodies was the first to have the head reconstructed, and it was Leumya.

Everyone gasped in shocked when they saw that. It seems like Lemuya's head has been reconstructed from the ground up and looks like her entirely, but surely everyone is questioning it. Then suddenly the Leumya head roars, and the body reacts with giant monster movements, and it smashes a nearby military building, causing everyone to run for it. "What the heck?" Leumya in her ball form said. "That is my body, and those nanobots recreated my head and then started to act all Godzilla on the area, what is this?"

"I guess I should say it now. It is time that you all learn my real actual plan to all of you and the world!" Dr. Cage announced.

"Real actual plan?" Haruka in her ball form wondered.

"Yes, is their an echo around here? My entire plan was to gather all the kaiju girl's bodies, so my nanobots that I created can create the same exact heads, and create the new kaiju girl, but they are under my control entirely and only serve to do my bidding, but that is only one part of my plan. Since I have all your bodies, I am going to use them to create an army of kaiju girls under my control, and then take over the world with them! Soon everyone will bow down to me!!!!!" Dr. Cage announce just as the other kaiju bodies get their heads reconstructed, and then they roared and started to destroy the area.

"Oh no! This is not good!' Soyaka gasped. "Now they have all of our powers and Dr. Cage can now start his world domination plan, and I thought evil Haruka was bad!"
Boom! Haruka spun herself and attack all of the Kaiju clones. She kept on smashing them with her round body and decapitated some. Dr. Cage was too busy feeling some pleasure looking at Haruka spin.

For the record, not only he wants to take over the world, but also make his perverted imagination come to life. Yes, he is a psychopath.

All the kaiju balls join in with Haruka as they take advantage of the pinball like environment and manage to defeat every last of the clones. The headless clones were now lifeless and all the Kaiju heads approach it in tears.

"I miss you body!", cried Claudia.

"I want my body back.", cried a random Kaiju girl.

"Wait, if that's only the batch that was used in the old process. What happened to the ones in the new process?", asked Miki in her kaiju ball form.

The strange part is that Miki doesn't seem surprised. After all the kaiju balls look at Miki, they kind of get where she was going. Even her twin sister in her mind agrees since they are sharing the same mind.

Everyone looked and saw Dr. Cage using a giant robot head and its controlling a new kaiju girl body.

"Let me guess, this was made from Miki and Miko's fusion powers as you fused all of the bodies in the new process to create this one.", said Miki.

"How did you know?", asked Dr. Cage.

"I'm pretty smart for a kid.", said Miki.

"No matter, I will dominate this world and get pleasure with my fetish!', cried Dr. Cage.
"And did you really thing that those clones would go down that easily. Think again!!!!!!!!!!" Dr. Cage added just as he activates a button on his remote. Suddenly the nanobots begin rebuilding those bodies entirely and so do the heads. (in addition, the other bodies have one new nanobot in them when the heads get removed and turned into balls, so at that point they can rebuilt as many as possible, and the nanobots are small so if one got out, which they did, they all rebuild) First Leumya was rebuilt, then the others soon follow. They all roar like giant monsters again and then they started launching their attacks on the kaiju balls, knocking them around like pinballs and what not. "I built the nanobots so I can rebuild the kaiju girl clones I made, they can never be destroyed by any means, you cannot hope to win against me and my kaiju girl army!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he laughed manically just as the kaiju balls were getting hit all over the place.

"I don't believe it! How in the heck did he managed to recreate them?" Miko said surprised just as she gets knocked around alot.

"I couldn't believe it before my eyes, he has found a way to stop all of us for good." Haruka added as well. "But don't give up, we can find a way." she said. She then turns into her human form, small and everything. She then climbs on Leumya ball's form and goes inside her. "I got an idea Leumya. Do you have my gear?" she asked.

"Yes I do sweetie."

"Good, as I am going to need them."
Haruka activates some rockets that was part of her gear and Leumya started to fly straight at the clones. There were some bumps, but it helped her defeat some of the clones. When she got close, Haruka leaped out of Leumya and jumped at Dr. Cage. She landed on the doctor and his controls.

"What the heck?", said Dr. Cage

"Surprised to see me.", said Haruka.

"Well your just a little girl.", said Dr. Cage before being punched and knocked out by Haruka.

"I might not be big, but I still have my kaiju powers despite my size. Being large is just a bonus.", said Haruka.

Haruka worked on some of the controls and then it immediately deactivates everything. The kaiju ball girls took it from here as they bump at the dying clones like a pinball. Even though it looked easy from there, it wasn't.

The clone parts started to rain down nano bots and some nano bots got together and became something so random and yet destructive. The kaiju balls know that their job got a lot harder. No longer that these nano bots were controlled by a pervert. Haruka turned into her giant ball for and get herself into battle.

"Alright girls. We have to blow these nano bots to bits or else they will destroy the city like a meteor shower. Literally, it will be like that.", said Haruka.

"I think I know what to do from here.", said Miko.

"Anything to get my precious body back.", cried Koyuki.

The girls rolled out to the exploding messy menace. And then...

The nanobots then started to multiple into like trillions of them, and then they started to form into one colossal massive kaiju girl robot. They all had no clue on what the robot would become like at all, and then the form was then realize. It was like the appearance of Haruka, but somehow having all of the powers of the other girls, many arms, and what not. Then she roars like a monster. "What's that?" Haruka then gasped in shocked.

"Somehow your appearance as a kaiju girl (the big C-cups for Haruka) was a bit of a shocker, so I took the liberty of creating an ultma robot for my domination. There is nothing you can do to stop me, also... I bet the world would be shocked to seeing a 8 year old big breast kaiju girl destroying them all and still granting my dream." Dr. Cage said just as he appears on top of the Haruka robot. "This is... Ultma Harukagon... MY ULTIMATE CREATION!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed evilly. The robot girl then roared again like a powerful giant monster.

"Oh no, this is not going to turn out well at all." They all panicked. "I just wonder if we will have a way to beat her." Anni-Thing said.

"Well there has to be someway to do it." Soyaka added as well. "Would be good if I had my whole body right now."

"Did you say whole body?" Anni-Thing said, getting an idea.


"I think I have an idea."

Anni-Thing then started to form into a giant substance that looked like the Ultma Harukagon! "Maybe we need to fight fire with fire!"
Anni-thing grabbed the kaiju ball girls as she aimed at the monstrosity. All the girls screamed as they were thrown at the beast with Anni-thing giving all that she got. The monster was weaken, but was still about to pick up a fight.

Anni-thing then used her acidic jelly body to grow and destroy the robot monster slowly as the thing melted. However, the beast threw a big laser at the blob which really got her mad.

"This might be suicidal, but I must do it.", said Anni-thing.

"What do you mean suicidal?", asked Soyaka.

"Don't think about it. What matters is that we beat this monster and get your bodies back.", said Anni-thing.

"Annie, if your thinking of sacrificing yourself...", said Soyaka.

However Anni-thing threw Soyaka in her ball form away and then proceed to used her ultimate technique. Why she chose to do it now? The robot just keep reforming and burning with acid is not enough.

Anni-thing then morph herself into a wave that ended up consuming the whole robot. Melting it until it was nothing. Anni-thing started to lose form and looked as if she is dying.

"NO! My greatest creation is defeated.", said Dr. Cage before being handcuffed by the cops. The evil doctor was then sent into a police car.

Anni-thing didn't really die, but was really weaken. She ended up in a blobby form with the only human like appearance is her head. Soyaka rolled to her old friend to say.

"Why would you do that? You could have died.", said Soyaka.

"Because, what else can I do? My power alone isn't enough and everyone is reduced as balls. I just had to go beyond my limit.", said Anni-thing.

"I know you did all of this for us, but next time be more cautious and not make any suicidal attacks unless its really necessary.", said Soyaka.

"I understand.", said Anni-thing.

"Great, now how are we going to get back to normal? I want my beautiful body back.", whined Koyuki.
Well the ending of all of this was simple and straight forward. Every Kaiju girl got their body back and was back to normal. Everyone was so happy that they want to celebrate in the island. You could say that this is the biggest party ever since there are giant girls there.

Koyuki is there and she met some of her old friends too. She talks to them about her time as an actress and making films. Frankly the crab girl is pretty successful for a Kaiju girl. Haruka joined into the party as she grew as tall as an average Kaiju girl and is pretty much one at this point if you knew.

The girl partied on and the music was really loud since the speakers were big. It was then Haruka had this crazy idea. She got everyone's attention and suddenly transformed into her ball form.

"Haruka.", asked Leumya.

"Don't worry. I made some modifications that let me switch between being a Kaiju girl and a kaiju ball. I now have three forms if you count my normal size form.", said Haruka.

"Why would you do that?", asked Leumya.

"I kind of like being a ball sometimes. So who wants to use me as a volleyball?", said Haruka.

Then there was a big volleyball match with Haruka as a ball. She was too big to be used by the kaiju girls so the game got more intense. Overall, they just partied on the rest of the day.

As for Dr. Cage, we won't see him anytime soon. He's in prison and would stay there for a long time. Let's hope that he doesn't break out since he just crazy.

The End!

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