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Hooves and I are doing a new Campfire for the summer. We hope it will be a great summer.
Welcome everyone. Summer 2023. We hope it will be a great and beautiful summer. ♥tHiNg♥ has been going through a lot. I dedicate this new Campfire to her. She is a beautiful person. We do our Campfires to keep track of the good things and bad things in our lives. We push forward hoping to find good things in life everyday and pray as God guides us. I chose this beautiful house as the cover. A house by the ocean and maybe this house has mysteries and good things. Come join us. We will try to make you smile as we talk about our lives, hopes and dreams. We like to talk about books, TV Shows, The Royals and what ever else comes up for discussion. We would love to hear from you. Let's get started. Have a seat and a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade. Thank you for stopping by.

Downton Abbey Mansion

Pretty Poser of me and my cat relaxing by Angel.
Carol ♥tHiNg♥ and I haven't been doing a Campfire in 2 weeks. She is going through a lot. My life has some ups and downs and I haven't done much. I have a sinus infection. I go to a new Urgent Care and they sent me back to my car. I had to pull my car up and wait for a Covid Test. The Nurse comes out and gives me the test. I had to wait 10 minutes and they called me and said I was clear. I saw the NP. I am on an antibiotic. I got my bladder dilated last week and hopefully, I will be alright next week. Any day soon would be nice. I still need knee replacement but things never go easy for me. Enough of that.

Carol. She has been here almost 22 years and we have been doing Campfires 4 or 5 years I counted up. She is a beautiful person. We would love to write about happy things but we know life isn't perfect. Those of you who know ♥tHiNg♥ . We love doing Campfires, writing and WDC. We love Downton Abbey, Jane Austen, books and The Royals when they behave. We may not write in here everyday but We want to keep our Campfire going.

It has been 70 Degrees in Indiana. Sunny. I can wear Capris and sketchers again. We are expecting rain *Rain* this weekend.

My cousin and I had a late Christmas together. She is busy with her daughters wedding. She had Covid and has been busy. She didn't buy my Christmas present but she gave me money so I sent for Queen Elizabeth's Jewelry Box. I have enough jewelry to put in this. I love having Items like this.

My cat *Cat* has spring fever and wakes me up early. Jumping on the end table playing with my Dream Catchers and knocking the trash can over. I wish I had her pep.

I still go to Game Night. I went shopping 2 weeks ago. I hope to do a few things this summer.

This is the summer of promises and hopes. I hope you will enjoy reading this Campfire. Carol, thanks for being with me for another one. You are a Dear Friend. I am here for you.

Today is April 13. Thursday.

I hope that you feel much better today and things are turning around so you get to feel a whole lot perkier now that maybe the sun is shining and it is spring. Hope so!

Give Miss Bella Kitty a loving hug! *Cat2**Heartv*

I am trying to take it one day at a time and not get too overwhelmed. My brother has come a bunch of times and that helps and we get a few things done while he is here and maybe that helps too. Most people are nice with a major loss like this. *Heartw*

There is stuff that has to be figured out and sorted through.

I have watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey. Sometimes I watch Harry and Meghan gossip on YouTube and the news.

Mostly, I feel sad. But time is a great healer.

Christmas in April sound lovely.

Some April, I will try that. Game night sounds fun. Our friends asked me about the Italian place tonight, but I'm not quite ready to go there yet.

One small step at a time, is what I guess.

Take care and I hope all is well there today and always.

Thank you for being my friend through this hard hard time.

I had an appointment for blood test results with my Doctor. My blood levels are good. My Doctor says I am on the wrong antibiotic for my sinuses. He changed it. He says the Urgent Care I went to, that they are quacks. I hope I am on the right track . I wasn't getting better.

I pray for you all the time. I can understand why you aren't ready to go back with your dinner group. I am glad your brother is helping you. One day at a time applies to everything in life.

Bella *Cat* was calmer today. She leaves us her toys.

70 some Degrees today. We are getting rain *Rain* this weekend.

My friend wants Mom and I to go out for dinner Monday. I hope I will be better by then.

I am always thinking of you. Thanks for doing another Campfire with me. Sending hugs your way.
It is Friday. April 14.

I am glad that your tests came out good and hopefully the antibiotic will kick in and help quickly. They seem to do that if they get the right one going.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug to soothe her from me. *Cat2**Heartv*

I was comforted when SM let me know he made Tom's briefcase white. *moll* That would have made Mr. HOOves smile I think. *Heartw*

I am glad to do another campfire. Sometime, I will go through our last one, but not yet. It is too close in time and so many things happened that I can't bear to relive yet. I know after time passed, I enjoyed reading about happy times with Boo in our campfires.

I don't know if there was any positive in this last campfire. I was so worried and upset and I am pretty much a weak shell of what I was last summer, which wasn't that great. I must build back my strength in so many ways.

Hoping I have the energy and to do all the awful paperwork and traipsing around that goes with wrapping things up for a life, well lived. I really thought he had a wonderful life until this past 14 months. Now, it's clouded, but looking through our older campfires, I will find happy times soon.

So thank you for doing this and still including me. I hope things will get more upbeat here soon.

My brother makes me laugh so that's a nice thing.

Another day. I took my new Antibiotic. Hopefully, it will kick in and I hope after this weekend, I will be feeling well all way round. My other problem isn't better. It took 2 weeks and more last time.

A sunny day. In the 80's. Back to the 40's next week. Like what is up with that?

We ordered a new mattress and freezer. Everything else is good appliance wise. Just hoping the washer and dryer hold up.

That is good that Tom's case was changed to a white case. I am so sorry I didn't remember him as Mott. I read through some of his items. He worked as a cook at a ranch. I take it he loved horses as well. It was nice to read some of his items and I have a idea of him. I smiled and felt sad. He was special.

Our past Campfires. We wrote through Covid. We wrote about the good things. We witnessed the bad. I remember you writing about Boo. The Campfires are like journals to us. They mean a lot to us.

The Royals. It is like Prince Charles is trying to disown Harry and Meghan. My cousin gave me a book to read about The Royals. It favors Princess Diana and I did, too. I care more about the Royals then I do our leaders. The Royals aren't without fault. Are any of us?

Bella *Cat* is still full of pep. She gets her milk rings out. I try to feed her extra food and keep her on her diet.

I hope to watch some Downton Abbey this weekend. I haven't been doing much.

I do hope you are doing better. I hope you get to see Pluto and things are going well with the neighbors. I am praying and thinking about you. Have a good weekend. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is April 15.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go your way and you start feeling better all around.

Give my love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty*

Yesterday was hard. Today was a little better, or at least so far. I'm not crying every little while like I was yesterday. Sometimes I feel so alone. Before, I was afraid to go anywhere and hardly did, other than to get medicine and groceries. I would rush back, not knowing for sure he was okay or had forgotten and tried to get up. I was always terrified leaving.

Now, it doesn't matter. I can go whenever I want to go. Only I don't want to go anywhere much.

This morning I forced myself to get a salad at chick-fil-a and go to the grocery store and Goodwill.

I did okay. Those are all within a mile of my house. I would be scared to go further. Don't know why exactly or what's changed there. If I had a problem when I was out, he hasn't been able to help me for a long time, since November.

I am set to meet with a grief counselor this week. I hope she will be able to help me and give me coping ideas to help.

We had been married so long and did everything together. It feels like part of me died too and I guess that it really did. There was so much good in him before this past year or so.

Everything changed after September and that brain radiation.

Well, here I go again.

I, too, want to watch Downton Abbey some more. Every time I try and watch the last episode of Season 1 (Episode 7) I fall asleep so I'm stuck there.

Maybe I'll try to watch earlier in the day. I have been watching angry rants from British commentators about Harry and Meghan. I don't know why I enjoy watching that. I do enjoy the royal family, but without the Queen they seem sort of blah.

Doing things outside helps My yard guy came late yesterday riding a zero turn mower and mowed. That made my yard look so much better that it perked me up after a long day of sadness.

Maybe mott is back sent him to mow. I like to think so, but who knows.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday. Counting blessings even now.

I has a side effect from my antibiotic. I hope it's better. Three more days on the antibiotic. I will be glad to get off it. I hope I feel better. This has been a bad sinius infection.

I understand about seeing a grief counselor. I feel for you. I hope each day gets better for you.

Glad the man came to mow your grass. Mowing grass I can't do.

I cleaned bathrooms. I watched today all day. Gilligans Island Marathon about 6 hours. I watched Alf, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Just Shoot Me and Murphy Brown.

Ray was outside in his pole barn and working in the yard.

I hope your day went well. I wish I knew what to say. You are in my prayers. Thanks for being here. Later.
Hi on Sunday. It is April 16.

I hope that you are feeling better from your infection and the side effects of the medicine. Hopefully, the medicine is helping.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartg*

I have to take things here one step at a time or I get overwhelmed. That is my strategy for now and I hope the grief counselor can help me with more.

I saw the hound dog next door and his parents. He was bad at Pet Smart and they had to go and get him. He didn't want to have a bath there, but they did it and then said they needed to come get him. So now he's on a naughty list or something. Boo always hated baths, but once she was clean she liked that part and the rubbing with the towel. Then, she would run around like a nut and try and roll in the dirt, first chance. Dogs are funny that way.

But the dog next door got a pretty scart that said Pet Smart. I petted him and gave him treats. He is so sweet and his parents are so nice.

The yard guy came back and weeded and fed the front yard. Plus he cleaned out a vegetable garden that Tom had going in a square box out back. So, that was good. I hope it rains today and not bad storms. Just gentle rain would be nice for the grass seed to take.

The lady called who used to come and bathe Tom. She is so nice to check on me. She was a ray of sunshine every time she came.

I watched more rants about Harry and Meghan and their antics. Also watched a couple of documentaries about Diana. I almost got through the last episode of Downton in the 1st season. Almost. I slept more.

Taking it one day at a time, but I get bouts of sadness where I just sit and cry and feel bad. I guess that's part of the whole thing. I want signs from him that he is okay and that I am doing what I need to do. Sometimes I get little ones, or I read it into things. Hard to tell which.

Writing here helps because I need to get a new routine somehow and this is part of getting some sort of control over my emotions enough to write. So, thank you for doing another campfire for me to cope with the loss.


I know what you mean about signs from someone who departed. Like a butterfly or a bird in your yard or maybe a deer. I have read about these things in my Angels On Earth Magazine. Keep looking for signs. I know you feel sad. I get that. I think when bad things happen in life as we get older, it is harder to accept and adjust. You do get overwhelmed.

I didn't go to Church. I think I am feeling better and then I get a coughing spell. I hope the antibiotic kicks in. I may be calling for another appointment tomorrow. I have a so called minor thing I need help with as well.

Sorry the hound dog was bad at Pet Smart. He don't like baths. I didn't know Pet Smart did baths. That is good. It is like the principal called and said come and get your kid. He is misbehaving. I had to laugh at this.

We got a brief rain *Rain* shower and now it is so windy and cold. It may rain *Rain* tomorrow.

I haven't had any writing ideas in awhile. I hope I do. I don't have any story ideas. I do write in our Campfire and my Spiritual Blog and other Blogs. I hate the word Blog. It sounds like something out of a sinus infection or the Smog Monster. Thinking out loud.

I see bits and pieces about the Royals and all their problems. Like really? The Queen is no longer around to keep anyone in line. Sad.

Bella *Cat* didn't like her Meow Mix Can Food so I changed her to Fancy Feast Chicken so that made her happy. I gave her back her quilt. I had to wash it yesterday. She paced for 2 hours and kept looking at me. Like really? I haven't seen much of her today. She is on her quilt.

I am praying for you. I hope good things will happen for you. Not much going on here. Thanks for writing in this with me. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is April 17.

I hope it is a good day for you and the sun shines on you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug! *Cat2**Hearty*

I worked on something this morning. It was paperwork that I have to do. I will get it done. I have time.

Some of my family members are coming this week. Then, the following week a bunch of them are coming, some from Texas and South Carolina and Virginia. I will be happy to see them. It is so nice that they want to come and visit and cheer me up. I hope it works. It already makes me feel a little better, like a big hug or something.

Some days I feel so alone. But I was handling things here for a while. I just don't have him here cheering me on at times. I like to find signs that he is still around and on my side. I hope I am seeing things right and doing the right things.

Yes, Pluto makes me smile. He got a bad report from Pet Smart. LoL. Now they will try and bathe him at home so it's a win/win for him. I think at Pet Smart people drop their dogs off and pick them up. He got an early call. He is a sweet boy as far as I can see. *Dog1**Heartb*

We were supposed to get rain yesterday, but we didn't.

I am not sure it is supposed to rain for a good while. The grass needs it, but I don't like watering grass seed.

I figure nature will take care of it or it won't.

Watched some more of Downton Abbey - up to Season 2, Episode 2 before I fell asleep.

Plus, I watched YouTube about Harry and Meghan and their antics.

I look forward to the coronation. The one for Elizabeth was before I was born.

I liked watching the story about it on The Crown.

Well, take care and I hope it turns out to be a good day for you.


We had snow *Snow1* flurries today. 38 Degrees today. Just what my sinuses need. I am not feeling better. I don't run a Temp and my oxygen level is good. I see the Doctor again Friday and I hope he has answers or maybe the medicine will kick in. It stays in the body 15 days after you are off it. I get through another day. I am tired of going to Urgent Care Quacks.

I am happy you have family coming to visit you. You need family with you. Cheering up is so important. Ray always tries to cheer me up. He has been in the pole barn a lot lately.

Bella *Cat* has been running around and is unfriendly at times. Maybe it's the weather. It has that affect on me.

I watched Bewitched, Alf, my soaps and Home Improvement. I think I will watch Laverne and Shirley.

The Coronation. I will catch it on YouTube. I guess they will show it. This could be interesting.

Pluto. I bet he is sweet and fun. Some dogs don't want to be bothered. It is like feed me but that's all I need.

I am praying for you. I have no ambition to do anything in here. I hope this passes. I did laundry. Your family will make a difference. You can share all the good memories. That helps. Have a good day and week. Always thinking of you. Later.
Hi on Tuesday April 18.

I hope it is a good day and it warms up there.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

Yesterday I went to Goodwill and McDonalds. Then I trimmed my bushes some with the hand trimmer. I liked doing that, but it tired me out. I take it one day at a time.

The yard guy made it look so nice that it is nice to work in the yard. I have to be careful I don't lose my balance doing it or walking.

The grief counselor comes tomorrow, same with my brother. I hope the grief counselor can help me with strategies for coping. But I am not counting on it. I have been let down by too many professionals who have come to my house.

Not much of an appetite, but I am trying to eat, but not gaining weight so far. I have never had this problem before. Usually, I can't stop eating once I start. Nothing really appeals to me much.

Life goes on, but I do miss my Tom. So much. Not the way he was suffering, but how he was before they did that awful brain radiation on him in September. It was six months of horror after that with the falling and lack of balance when he walked with the walker. I wish I could go back in time and tell him not to do it. But we can't go back, can we.

I am trying to clean a little as I go. I work on the floors now and then. Swiffer mostly and the wet swiffer on the hard woods. Then I watched Brokenwood Mysteries, but fell asleep. Other than that, I watched Youtube about the Coronation dramas.

Charles and Camilla still have issues I think. He isn't that interesting. She is in a weird Cruella da Ville sort of way. Harry is scary.

But whatever seems to work for them and hopefully Charles won't abandon her and support Harry again, unless Harry truly comes home. I think that is in the cards eventually, but who knows. Hard to predict their antics.

Anyway, I hope it is a good day for you. Thank you for writing with me and for being my friend. This has been a horrible time, this past six months. Thank you for listening and caring.


It is still cold today and windy. Ray is out in his pole barn working on truck starters. We got our new mattress. I sat on it before we bought it because I am not very tall. It worked out that I can sit on it. We ordered it and it we finally got it. The guys who delivered it were younger then our mattress. It was 22 years old. The old one. We locked up Bella *Cat* in the Doll Room. I was afraid she would get outside. She has never been outside before except to go to the Vet in her carrier. She was mad because we pit the blankets in the Doll Room until the new mattress showed up. After we the mattress was on the bed, we let her out. She wouldn't go near the mattress. We put the comforter and the light house blanket on the bed, she showed up. She was content. Hopefully, we will all be happy with it.

If I had to leave Bella *Cat*, I am sure they would be calling me to come and get her. She is good for the Vet. She just likes men, not women. I can't wait to go to Pet Smart when it opens by Barnes and Nobles. I won't be taking Bella, her Highness .Ha. Ha.

Radiation to the brain. Why do Doctors do that if it makes things worse? Just like the antibiotics I had to take. I stopped my Probiotics, Cranberry Tabs and Vitamins. Tomorrow, I go back on them. I hate going to Doctors. I am so sad Tom got worse with treatments. I do hope the Grief Counselor has suggestions and things will be alright for you. I wish I could help. I did Case Management at my job but didn't have a degree for it. My Degree was towards Journalism. I just advised the patients and I would tell them to talk to their Case Management. The one girl who lived there, her mother had died and I was the only one she would talk to. The Case Manager asked why she would talk to me only. With certain patients, he or she just wanted a certain Nurse or QMA like me to talk to. Anyway, I hope things go well with you.

I read Kate and William are breaking up. Charles and Camilla live in separate apartments. It has been like that with Royals for 10 or more centuries. Harry needs to be at his father's coronation. That's what Ray said. It is only right.

I am going to Game Night. It will be lonely. They put the sister dashounds down. The one was having problems coughing and the Vet couldn't help her. The other one was having infections and wouldn't go out to pee. It was so sad. She was going blind. I will miss them. I gave them snacks and open the door to let them out. Life is so sad anymore.

Have a good day. I am doing better but I need to see my Doctor. Yesterday, I couldn't get it together. You are in my prayers. Thanks for doing another Campfire with me. I appreciate you. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. It is April 19.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good. Hope the new mattress was comfy.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug from me! *Hearty**Cat**Heartg*

My friend said I am a widow. I didn't really think about it until she said it. I never thought about it. Being called that made me sadder, somehow. I don't know why since is didn't change anything.

I hope your Game Night wasn't too sad. That is so hard when pups get sick and then they can't really let humans know everything. It must have been so hard to have them both so ill like that. Didn't she have another pup? The one that had to go somewhere else?

The grief counselor will be here soon. I didn't get much sleep last night. I hope my brother and his girlfriend are still coming. Haven't heard from them yet today.

I started reading a James Patterson book about the Kennedy's. It's kind of interesting. It's called, "The House of Kennedy." He writes well and makes it flow well. I tried to read fiction books, with no luck. I couldn't get into them. This one, I can get into it and the chapters are short, which I like.

Been donating a lot of my clothes (not his) because they are way too big on me now. That and a lot of Vera Bradley stuff. I have way too much that I got on sale in the past 17 years here. It's weird the way things accumulate, or rather that I accumulate them.

I like going to Good Will and getting rid of my stuff. Still have plenty here so I don't need to buy more.

Watched YouTube and Downton Abbey. Fell asleep, but woke up at 3 something.

I have been trying to clean a little here and there. I heard that the pandemic will be declared over May 11.


So it was March of 2020 until May of 2023. I lost both my husband and my puppy during it, but not to the pandemic.

Sad times. Maybe May will mean that things will be better and get better everywhere. I hope so.

Take care and enjoy your day!


I am sorry your friend called you a widow. It seems like an unkind term. There are so many words I hate. I hope you will find comfort with the Grief Counselor. I hope your brother and family will spend a lot of time with you. Sometimes, it is hard to find comfort. I pray you will.

Mom and I went to Game Night. I missed the girls. I let them out when I was there. I fed them snacks. My friend had Marty. A Maltese, Poodle mix. He didn't get along with the other 2 dogs. He was going bathroom in the house. She found him a home with a couple who were comfortable with 40 acres. They walk him on a lease all over the 40 acres. They have a breed of dog like him and Marty loved her and they became best friends. He plays with her and isn't alone. He has a doggy door to go out and is happy. I am happy for him. His new owners love him. I loved him, too. I love all dogs I meet and ones I see on TV.

My Game friend regrets marrying the man she married. He wants her home with him all the time. He made her quit Red Hat Club and wants her home by 1:30 when she goes shopping. She quit Bible Study and Cards with friends. I like her husband but I am not married to him. She should be allowed to go shopping and stay out until 4:00. Red Hat Club is once a month. Bible Study. He has no right to dictate Bible Study restrictions. I quit Bible Study because of Covid and we just read verses and we need to do discussions. That's why I quit. My minister is beautiful and great but Bible Study was hard to get into by just reading verses. I read scriptures every morning. My friend's husband's first wife was a Nurse and she died. She never went anywhere. As a Nurse, you get days off, you have to have a life besides work. General Hospital did! Poor comparison but true. Now, he found a house online in Mississippi and he wants to go buy it. He changed his mind when they were there last month. He hated the houses they looked at. I hope they will change their minds. They would stay there for 6 months in the winter. I don't know.

I guess James Patterson is writing other things. I don't like male authors much except Stephen King. Edgar Allan Poe. I do like Andrew Norton when he writes about The Royals.

I do hope you are doing better today. I am still stuffed up. I try to think of good things. I see my Doctor Friday. Hopefully, he will give me the right medicine for another problem. I think injections work better then pills for some ailments.

It is cold here. We are getting a freeze. The poor flowers and birds are confused. Me, too.

I had Vera Bradley purses but I gave them to Mom and I just carry Kate Spade. Vera Bradley wears out. I used them for Tote Bags for work. My cousin loves Vera Bradley. I have a Vera Bradley Tote I use to as a suitcase. I don't go out anywhere. Just short trips.

I hope today will be good for you. I wish I could help. I like Garth Brooks Song The Dance. This song comforts me in grief. I don't want to say anything to hurt you. I am thinking of you. Thanks for writing with me. I am glad we have each other to talk to. Later.

Hi on Friday. Sorry I missed yesterday writing. I was overwhelmed for a while.

I hope you feel okay and things are going good and the doctor does what you want him to do today.

Give my love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

The Grief Counselor mostly listened to me cry for an hour. I just sobbed and sobbed. She told me things about what I am feeling and what I went through. And how Tom was coping with what he went through, too. How he changed, but it was the cancer. That is a hard concept for me.

And how something takes over with me now and I am just overwhelmed.

I feel like I am falling down a hole sometimes and can't climb out. I can't describe it very well. I am so fragile right now sometimes and other times, I am almost normal. Almost. But not.

My brother helps me because he picks on me and treats me normally. It's hard to describe it, but it helps when he acts like I'm still his little sister and he bosses me around.

He will be back next week as two of his children and their children are coming here to me. I love my nieces and nephews so much. My brother hasn't seen the one coming from Texas (my niece) in a while.

Once again, I look forward to it, but I don't know if I can handle it. Hope I can.

Anyway, I watched some British Shows that I forget the names of. One was good. It had "Pearl" in the name. Another was a spinoff of Death in Paradise, which was pretty good.

Have a hard time concentrating, but at least I am able now to read something. It's not the greatest, but the chapters are short and they hold my interest.

Take care and have a good Friday!

Thank you for listening and for being my friend for so long here!

I thought you were overwhelmed. I was wondering how things went with your Grievance Counselor. I am always thinking of you. I do hope you will feel better. Glad your brother likes to tease you and you are used to it. That will help. I pray things get better for you. What you are going through is hard. I understand that. It is good you have someone to help you.

I saw my Doctor. My sinuses are better. I have a lady thing you get when you are old. I get to try some medicine for 2 weeks and that should help. I am glad. The other problem I cured myself. My bladder hopefully will be alright as well.

I did some shopping. I went to Ulta. I got my Eye Make Up Remover and some lavender lipstick. I got a alarm clock at Home Goods Store and some blue bowls for Ray. His other bowls are getting icky. Mom picked out some red and pink flowers for Tigger's Grave. The other flowers don't last long. Winter is rough on them. I got her a new vase I can put on her grave. I want to do that next week.

Bella *Cat* has been full of it and running wild. It must be spring fever. I wish I had her spring fever.

It rained *Rain* last night. We need it. The farmers were out today.

I watched Murphy Brown. She makes me laugh. I watched Pink Panther Cartoons. I love that silly cartoon panther. It is time for Downton Abbey. So, this weekend is Downton.
Sanditon finishes up this weekend. I cheated. I went to YouTube and watch previews. I have been watching Marie Antionette. I like her. She and her King had a strange relationship.

I hope you get to see your brother's kids. I want you to be happy again. I want that for everyone. Thanks for being my friend. I am always happy to hear from you. I look forward to hearing from you. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is April 22.

I hope today finds you feeling better and things on the mend.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Heartp*

Yesterday, my brother and his girlfriend left late morning. I felt sad, but I did manage to go and meet our Thursday night dinner group, even though it was Friday. I went by myself to the Italian place we always go to. The owner and his wife and son came and hugged me and so did the waitresses. Everyone was thinking of Tom and missing him. His last goal was for us to go back to that restaurant. He didn't get there, but I did for him. But it was hard, lots of tears. Definitely not the same.

But I did manage to get back and forth to it on my own after 5 in the afternoon. That's something I guess. Although, I didn't drive his car. I took mine. Not ready for that by a long shot.

Then, around 7 the power went out. There was a loud boom. No bad weather or anything like that. The power stayed out until 1 in the morning, so about 6 hours. So, this morning I went to Lowe's and stocked up on batteries and a couple of new flash lights. That was a weird feeling here in the dark on my own.

This morning, there were big storms, but the power stayed on. It's very strange the whole thing. It made me feel like Tom wasn't happy with me going. Irrational thoughts like that. I have them.

I couldn't watch TV during the outage so I listened to the radio and read my book until the power was back, then went to sleep for a short time. I was thinking I was glad there wasn't a power outage with me and Tom here struggling in the dark. That would have been scary because of the danger of him falling every time he got up. But it never happened while he was so limited in his movements.

Downton sounds good to me. I watched Blue Bloods, but I missed seeing it with Tom.

Even though he wasn't his normal self, he was still a presence that has been in my life for more than 40 years. I don't think there will be a time when I don't miss him in the good days. I wish I had known what to ask him toward the end. I was worried about all the wrong things, as usual, like him switching beds. He only had that new bed for six days after all that worry and fretting I did. He told me he wasn't worried and it puzzled me. But I think he knew close to the end that things were deteriorating. I didn't know it then, but now, looking back it seems like it.

As to TV watching if the power stays on, I might watch P & P soon too.

I am struggling, taking it one day at a time. It seems good to have power on so that's a little victory, although I feel so alone here because I am.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday! Thank you for thinking of me and being my faithful friend!

I hope things get better for all of us. I worry about everything. I wish I didn't. Hopes and prayers are what we depend on to get us through things. I am trying to have a good day.

I am glad you went to the restaurant you like. I am sure Tom wants you to be happy and enjoy yourself. You need to be around friends. Your brother visiting was good. We grab any blessing we can get. I have over the years. I don't think we will ever feel peace again since Covid struck and we adjust every day and every month to a new normal. I really get into Philoposy. I don't know how to spell it but you know what I mean.

Struggling. Life is a struggle. I am sending prayers your way.

We got a brief rain *Rain* shower. It may rain *Rain* more.

It was a year ago that man hit our electric pole and the lights went out. We had our last power outage 2 weeks ago. The one bad storm our lights stayed on. Sorry you had a outage.

Bella *Cat* plays and got into my scrapbook items I made in scrapbook class and that wasn't very nice. She found a Barbie Doll shoe and went nuts. Sometimes, I just laugh.

TV stinks today. I am going to watch The Partridge Family and watch some Downton Abbey. Ray watches Bones and I hate that show! I can't take those characters. I will clean the kitchen and get out my personal DVD Player.

I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. You are important to me. I wish good things for you. Later.
Hi on Sunday. It is April 23.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good.

Give Miss Bella Kitty my best! *Cat2**Hearty*

Yesterday, I mostly stayed here. Something came in the mail that I was expecting for a while so that was a positive thing. I try to find the positives now in the day.

Going to Lowe's to get the flashlights and batteries felt positive. I like going to Lowe's so far. Our yard guy was here. Some of our grass looks weird. The part I told him to go ahead and weed and feed, it has yellowish brown patches. But the back where he did nothing is green, although it has weeds. You can't have everything, I guess. We had a long talk about it.

He is going to try and mow this week before my company comes on Thursday. I hope he can fit it in on Tuesday since Wednesday is supposed to be rainy.

I was going to watch Downton, but fell asleep. I got more sleep last night than I have been, but I still feel really tired when I wake up. The counselor says that is the grief taking over.

I got a 3$ breakfast deal at Wendy's yesterday. It was yummy. I thought I was starting to gain a little weight, but not as of this morning. I am eating better, though.

Am slowly trying to get through stuff here. Very slowly. I shredded some yesterday. I cannot bear to go through Tom's stuff, yet. It's all paperwork and my stuff that I'm going through. It's like I don't want to let go of him, but really he had been gone mostly, the real him I mean, for a while. It's nice to have power on. Losing it is the pits.

I watched mostly YouTube nonsense about the coronation.

William and Kate sure have cute kids.

Well, that's about it from me. Am working on my laundry, but don't know if I will venture out.

I hope it's a nice relaxing Sunday for you and things go your way. Thank you for listening and being my friend!

Hello on a Sunday. I went to Church. I got rained *Rain* on as soon as I pulled in the drive. It only lasted five minutes.

Ray did laundry while I was gone. He went to the Pharmacy and got my medication.

I am glad you drive to places. It is important to be able to drive.

Just take your time going through Tom's things. Keep his memories and the items that are important. I get this.

We got a review about this Campfire. The person says it is well written and hopes things get better for us this year.

The grass *Grass* is trying to green up around here. The farmers have been out in the fields. A canadian goose flew out in front of me today. They are so pretty.

I feel better today then I have. Bella *Cat* has been a shite. She woke up early. Jumps on my dresser. I hate when she does that.

I watched Benson today. I cleaned the kitchen.

I am always thinking of you. I hope we have a good summer ahead of us. We live each day as it comes. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Monday. It is April 24.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

I am taking it one day at a time. I drove to Barnes and Noble yesterday and got a reading light with my Christmas gift card. I had not been there since the Fall sometime or maybe even before that. It felt weird, but I was okay and didn't fall apart.

Also went to Lowe's and got a plant to replace a dead plant and another lantern and a couple of other things. Then I got lunch at Cookout.

I feel so alone, although I went places alone for quite a while because he was confined to home. I feel alone here, but then I go and I feel alone in a different way.

A couple of friends (our husbands played cards and golf for years together) are coming to take me out to lunch tomorrow. It is so nice of them to do that and I appreciate it a lot. Both come sometimes on Thursday night.

I had a financial thing I wanted to take care of (on the phone) today, but the person isn't there. I got my nerve all up, but just left a message on her voicemail. Hopefully, she will call me back tomorrow so I can take care of it. There is a lot to manage and see to. I hope I can handle it all without falling apart too much.

It is nice someone sent a review that was nice.

I appreciate the power being on. It seemed really bad without it the other day so that reminded me to be grateful for the good. My niece is flying in on Thursday so my brother is coming to see her and my nephew is too.

I dread after they all leave. It's hard here alone.

Take care and enjoy your afternoon!


It is another day. My new Pur Mist Machine came in. My other one wasn't working right. I do need it for my sinuses. I wish I had a day I felt perfect but maybe someday soon.

It is sunny but cold. It is going to get 60 Degrees later this week. Rain *Rain* again tomorrow. The weather is confused.

Glad you went to Barnes and Nobles. I didn't go there Friday when I was out shopping.. I will get there again. Lowes. Ray likes that store. I went there to get Girl Scout Cookies awhile back.

I understand you feeling alone. I am glad you have family visiting and have friends coming over tomorrow. The world seems like a lonely place. I haven't watched the news. No good news anymore it seems.

Bella *Cat* is still something else. Waking us up at 5:00 AM. I had to shut the bedroom door this morning. Maybe I need to give her more food at night before I go to bed. I keep her on her Diet plan.

I do hope you are feeling good. I hope each day gets easier for you.

I finished watching Sanditon. This is the end of the series. I think Jane Austen might have approved. I watched Downton Abbey last night.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for being with me on this writing journey. Later. I send prayers your way.

Hi on Tuesday. It is April 25.

I hope you feel better today and that your new Pur Mist Machine works better.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug! *Cat2**Hearty*

Yesterday was really rough. I cried a lot. I don't know why some days are so rough. It's like I can't do anything but feel sad and lost and cry. Today is four weeks since he passed away. Four weeks. I feel like every day, I lose a little more of him. I can't even bear to go and get his phone turned off. Maybe soon. His voice is on there, but I can't bear to call his voice mail. Makes no sense, but there it is.

I didn't sleep well. I have a lot of worry and anxiety. I am worried about so many things now that I just pushed to the side before.

Maybe going out to lunch will help. I hope it does. It is nice of them to come and pick me up and take me.

I take it one day at a time. I had to read something over and over for financial stuff. I still don't think I get it, but whatever. I am trying. That should count for something.

Watched some Downton and a lot of YouTube. That Harry and Meghan stuff is really odd. It's hard to know what they are up to. It takes my mind off my worries for a while so that's good.

I hope I can get myself under control better than I am now to go out to lunch and also just in general.

It seems like things are getting tougher, not easier somehow.

Maybe I have to go backward to go forward. I don't know. My brother still cries over his losses, he said. And his are ten and 12 years ago.

I am so scared all the time and just anxious. Oh well. I hope it gets better so I can get some sleep soon.

Take care and enjoy your day! I hope to have a nice lunch!


I hope your lunch day went well. Going out to lunch is always nice. I didn't know it was a month that Tom passed. Time goes fast it seems. I am sorry things are getting tougher. I do care about you and pray for you. I miss my grandparents, friends, relatives and pets I have known that passed on. Leave his phone on. Let it comfort you. Take all the comforts you can get.

Meghan and Harry. I don't know about them. The Royals. I hope Charles is a better King then Biden is a President. I won't rant and rave. William and Kate. Is he cheating on Kate, really? I got a flyer about ordering a Kate Coronation Doll. It won't be here until the end of November. I will order it. Who knows what life will be like by then? It worries me.

I hope my other medicine helps. I don't know how much is stress and what ever. The one med is supposed to help. I just started it yesterday. I call the Pharmacist about reactions. I used to pass Meds but I am not a Pharmacist. I had a quick course in Pharmacology. Just enough to pass Meds and learn what they are from and the rest we read and see how our patients reacted to Meds. I cant see my Urologist until June? Can you believe that? I will see how things go. Maybe I will be better. I want to go to a fancy Wedding Shower next month like the one I told you about that reminds me of Downton Abbey. Lisa of Hooterville is going out fancy! I hate driving to a place I don't know an hour way. I like going 35 minutes away to places I already know. Enough of that. I hope this works out.

I hope you feel cheery today or at least something helps you. Looking at Wedding albums, reading Tom's writing, good memories, pictures of him, you and Boo. Memories of being with him in Ireland and England. I hope this helps. I don't want to hurt you. I pray for you. I care.

Not much going on. I folded up laundry. Bathrooms are next.

Have a good day. I do hope you will be feeling better. Come on Spring! That will help. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Bella *Cat* is being good. I gave her extra snacks. Okay. Thinking of you.

Hi on Wednesday. April 26.

I hope today goes good for you and you feel good.

Thank you for thinking of me and praying and hoping for the best.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug! *Cat2*{e:hearty|

Today has been better so far. I went and did a bunch of errands to Target, grocery stores and Trader Joes to get pastries for my guests. I hope that everything goes smooth with their travel plans. I didn't feel as lost and hopeless today, maybe because I'm looking forward to them coming tomorrow and over the weekend.

My brother has hit a snag with his girlfriend's sister being unwell. I hope he can still come because I know that he wants to.

Taking it one day at a time. I made a call, but still didn't get a call back about something. I hope that the call doesn't come in the middle of the visit, but that seems to be the way things go.

The lunch was real nice. They came and got me and took me to a place that's close here. It was very good. They want to do it again next week. I hope that it works out. There is a new road that connects where they live with where I live. Lots of new roads that aren't that busy yet.

I continue to watch Harry and Meghan nonsense. I hope it goes well for Charles, but it will go how it goes I guess. Harry and Meghan seems a little silly, always whining and having to draw attention to themselves. Like a couple of 12 year olds.

Otherwise, I have started watching The Gilded Age again. I look forward to Season 2 and wonder when it will be available.

Today is definitely better so far, but I know there will be more ups and downs as I go.

Take care and cherish the good days. Enjoy your Wednesday!

We do get through another day. I worry a lot about things. I am always glad to hear from you. Glad you went to Target. I find when I go out, I seem to feel better. I will be going out again Friday.

I did get my bathrooms clean. I changed Bella's *Cat* box. I got a few things done. Bella *Cat* is taking a nap.

I was up early and watched The Brady Bunch. The Price Is Right is having soap stars on it and this is Pet Adoption Week. They had 2 dogs and 2 cats I would like to have. I wish all dogs and cats could find homes.

Glad your lunch went well. I don't get to see a lot of people. Everyone was busy. I should say is. We treasure the moments we have with people. I

I am sorry your brother's girlfriend doesn't feel well. Last week was bad for me with sinus infection. I have been checked out 3 times in 2 weeks so hopefully, I am fine. My blood test said I was.

I am going to do some reviews. The weather is chilly. We got a new freezer. My Queen Elizabeth Music Box will be here over the weekend. That is my Christmas present from my cousin.

I do hope you get some cheery news and visits from friends. I do pray for you. I watched Dr. David Jeremiah this morning. I need inspiring. I hope you get to see the neighbor dogs. How is Mr. Don't You Dare Give Me A Bath?

I still read about Harry and Meghan. The Royal Family. I read Pippa married an important man who is a heir to a company or something. Coronation Day could be interesting.

Have a good day and upcoming weekend. Thanks for all you do. Praying for better days. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is April 27.

I hope it is a good day for you all the way around.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Hearto*

I await my visitors. Have moved one of my cars on the street so they can get in the driveway. The trash pickup is today. I had forgotten that. I am not sure who will get here first. My brother and his girlfriend or my niece and her daughter. My nephew and his daughter aren't coming until tomorrow. They are driving. My niece and her daughter are flying.

Hope it is a good visit and I can be up for it some. I am happy to see them, but sad, too. Tom would have loved to see them all here. He was much more of an extrovert than I am.

I did what I needed to do about one of Tom's things that automatically transfers to me. I had to do paperwork. It's not as simple as it sounds. Had to do paperwork back and forth because I don't want my stuff online. It probably will be anyway, but I don't want to put it out there.

Lots to be sorted out still. I did better focusing and asking questions today. I can't seem to focus and organize my thoughts too well in all this and I need to. Hopefully, that will get better as time goes on.

Watched The Gilded Age 1st Season again, some of it anyway. And, I watched Youtube stuff on Harry and Meghan. I hope that the Coronation goes off smoothly in spite of those two troublemakers.

Harry definitely has a mean streak toward his father and brother.

Not much else to report. I take it one day at a time and try to get things done as I can do them. I am not getting anything done quickly, that's for sure.

Take care and I hope today is good to you.


It is Thursday. I felt better yesterday. I keep hoping spring and summer will make things better.

That is good you are getting a lot of company. Family is important especially now. I do hope you will find comfort.

Paper work is hard after someone dying. I wish they would make it easier for people. Glad you got answers.

Bella *Cat* wakes us up so early in the morning. Ray had a Doctors Appointment so he was up early.

Makes you wonder what will happen with the Royals. I hope England will do better then the United States. William and Kate and all their problems. Our President can't give a descent speech. This is scary.

I hope you have some joy today and this weekend. I am always praying for you and the world. I appreciate you doing the doing the Campfires with me. Later.
It is Sunday and I am alone again.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty*

I didn't turn the computer on for a few days while my company was here. They have all left now to drive home or for the airport to fly home. It was so nice to see them, but I was devastated when they left. I knew that would be the case. I just sit here now and cry and feel sad for a while.

It really did help me while they were here, but it seems even harder now that they are gone. That sounds weird, but I guess it's how grief is. I kept thinking I would talk about this later with Tom about things that happened and that is hard. So hard with him not here or anywhere.

We had a good time and I think they had a nice time visiting each other, too. My brother and his girlfriend came, as did my nephew and his daughter and my niece and her daughter. I got to know my two great nieces a little better. That was nice.

Had not seen my nephew in a good long while. He's a teacher and a football coach and was busy raising triplets and another child all these years. Now, all his kids are in college. The one who came with him works at an emergency Vet's. Both girls were really sweet.

My brother was real proud. That was nice. They were all kind to me, but things hurt, you know? Different things hurt a lot. They all came here and we visited and went out to eat a lot. They looked around the area yesterday. I think they had a nice time.

I always enjoy our campfire and coming back to it. It is helping me today, just as it always helps me.

Thank you for listening and being my friend. I am mostly a mess these days.


Hi: Glad you enjoyed your company. It is always sad when guests leave. Sometimes, life is so hard. Going out to eat and just visiting helps. Time goes by too fast when you have visitors. You enjoy every minute with them.

I was sick Friday. I didn't sleep at all Thursday night. I was nausea and had sinus issues. I called and got to see my Doctor. He checked my urine. I have no UTI or any issues. I have an antibiotic but I am not taking it until I really need it for my sinuses. I feel better now. I still have aches and pains. The Doctor knows all this. Hopefully, I will be better. My Meds cause me side effects, too so I am going to be careful about what I take.

We had a few sprinkle rain *Rain* I went to Church today. I had to pick up Mom. Dad has back problems and said he wished he could have his recliner with him at Church. Mom and I went to Church.

I have been watching Happy Days Marathon this weekend. I have things to do so I decided I had better get busy and get some things done.

Bella *Cat* has been getting more food and she has lost weight on her diet. She still comes in and knocks over the trash can. Nice. I have been sleeping at least.

I hope to go out for lunch with my friend Wednesday. I need to get my Vitamin B 12 Shot, too this week.

They crown Prince Charles Saturday I think. Too bad Princess *Crown* Diana isn't alive and was still married. She deserves to be Queen. It wasn't to be. I plan on watching it on YouTube.

I hope you have a good week and good things will be happening. I am glad we can do the Campfire together. Thanks for all you do. Glad you have been in here all these years. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

Hi on Monday. It is May 1.

I hope it is a good day and that you feel better today.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Heartt**Cat*

Yesterday was rough. I got through it, but it was so hard being in the empty house without Tom here when they left. It was a feeling of being lost for me. No Tom and no Boo to keep me company now.

I ran some errands and checked on a few things today. I let the accountant's office know about Tom. Also, I called about an ambulance bill he got for being taken from the hospital to the nursing home at the end of December. It was wrong, as it turns out. We had met our deductible in 2022, but they treated the bill as if it happened in 2023 because it was billed in January. I think I might have overpaid for ambulance bills earlier in November and December, too.

I went to Target and got my medicine. Just me now. I told the pharmacist about Tom. He checked and they were already notified, maybe by the primary care doctor. I am not sure. But no one else can go in and get his medicine or anything like that now.

There is so much to think about and keep track of, but I am trying to get a little done here and there if I can focus on it.

The lady at the accountant's was very nice. She was so good to us letting us mail it in earlier in the year. That gave Tom some nice peace of mind when she did that, shortly before he passed away.

I am looking forward to the Coronation to see the ceremony. I miss the Queen and I think it should be Diana, but Diana didn't really want it. She wanted to be the Queen of people's hearts and she was. Charles never loved her and he loves you-know-who. They have to put up with Harry and Meghan, maybe that is a little revenge sent from Diana.

There isn't much glamour. William and Kate seem nice, but sort of ordinary. I never thought Harry and Meghan had any glamour much.

Diana had it. Queen Elizabeth had it, too.

Fergie has the corgis. I would rather be Fergie and watch it all on TV.

I watch a lot of YouTube now.

Take care and I hope today is a good day for you!


Another day. The weather got cold again and that doesn't help things. It rained *Rain* I felt better over the weekend. Hopefully, I will again. I did clean my kitchen. I watched my soaps and Alf.

I am looking forward to the Coronation. King Charles will never be his mother at this being ruler. Princess Diana didn't want to be Queen. She cared about people and Charles wasn't nice to her. Sad. William and Kate are cute together. Meghan is whiney and jealous. I hope King Charles can do this and England is better off then we are. Biden. He angers me. I won't say another word. Maybe Harry and Meghan are a revenge from Diana. We never know. I would rather watch the Coronation on TV and sit with the cute, sweet Corgis.

Glad the Accountant was nice. That helps. Glad you got to go to Target. I have Meds at CVS to get but I am going to Game Night tomorrow night so I will pick them up then. We may play Chinese Checkers tomorrow night.

I am supposed to have lunch Wednesday. I had to cancel the last 2 times due to sinus issues and I didn't feel well last Friday.

Bella *Cat* is in her bed asleep. She has a good life. I don't think she knows it. Maybe then again she does.

My Queen Elizabeth Music Box is going to come in the mail today. Our mail lady is so slow. She delivers when she feels like it. Queen Elizabeth will cheer me up.

I do hope your neighbors drop by and you get invited out to get your mind off things. I am always thinking of you and praying.

I wrote a children's story for Bards Hall Contest. I added my Bo and Sprinkles characters and my Purple Princess and Purple Dragon along with the word prompts we had to use.

Have a good day. Thanks for being here with me. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is May 2.

I hope it is a good day for you and it clears up and you feel well.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartg*

Today, my friends are coming to get me for lunch as far as I know. We will go again to a place that is very close to me. It is nice that they are doing this to cheer me up.

My youngest nephew got in touch with me this morning. It was so nice to hear from him - it has been a long time since I talked to him and he visited me (years). He is in the military, lives in Maryland and has three kids so he's a busy bee. It was nice to talk to him and hear about his family and goings on.

It is chilly here and windy. It doesn't feel like May, but the sun is shining. That always makes things seem better.

The Coronation should be interesting. It will start at 6 am east coast time. I was thinking if there is a storm, it will be Diana shooting lightning at Camilla. That crown looked heavy when they showed it in the series, The Crown. I hope Charles can keep it balanced on his head. It is purple.

That is such a good contest. I know they are nice and so welcoming. Have fun with it!

I slept better last night. I woke up as usual at 3 something, but went back to sleep until 5 something. That is a big improvement in how things go.

I watched a lot of youtube stuff on Meghan and Harry and some stuff on health things, too. Then I turned it on Downton and fell asleep pretty quickly. I guess it's because I know it by heart, I've watched so many times.

Have fun with your game night!

Take care and enjoy your Tuesday afternoon and evening!

Another cold, rainy *Rain* day. They promise us warmer weather at the end of the week. I hope so. I get so stressed out. I woke up not feeling perky but am better now. Tonight is Game *GameBuddy* Night.

My Queen Elizabeth Music Jewelry Box came in. It is small but pretty. I have it with my other jewelry boxes. A young Queen Elizabeth is on the lid. The Coronation is in preparation. That crown *Crown1* may weigh him down. Maybe his ears can hold it on. It would be embarrassing to fall or lose your crown. I hope things go well. I wonder if they have a long way to walk.

Bella *Cat*. Her cat cat food didn't agree with her today. I gave her ocean white fish instead of plain salmon. Always something.

I do hope your lunch went well. I hope you will find comfort and be alright. I am always thinking of you. I just want life to be good for all of us again. I hope you are feeling well. Glad you heard from your nephew.

I haven't watched much Royals stuff on YouTube. I hope to this weekend. It is a Royals weekend.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to go out for lunch. I hope I can go. I hope I don't need to call my Doctor. I don't always agree with his diagnosis.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Bella *Cat* says Hi. She was bugging us at 4:30 AM. I had to shut her out. I will be singing Britannia all week. I always do at a special Royals Event. Thinking of you.
Hi on Wednesday. It is May 3.

I hope it is a good day for you and a good month so far. Happy Anniversary Month! *Heart*

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Heartp*

Yesterday was nice. My lunch was good. I get sad when I come home and no one is here. It is when I miss him most, to tell him about things. I miss him all the time. He would be happy (I think) that they are including me in their luncheons. When he was thinking normally he would have been happy for me and pleased that I am trying I think.

Next week, I have the grief counseling and my brother will be here, so I'll skip that week, but hopefully the week after we can go. We will see how it all goes and develops.

I hope game night went well. That music box sounds lovely. I would love to be in the UK now and get a souvenir, but one without Camilla on it. Maybe I will get past that eventually. I guess that Camilla has supported him through thick and thin. I still feel like Diana would have been more exciting and maybe that's the ultimate punishment that they have to compete with the memory of the young, beautiful Diana, who never aged.

To me, neither Meghan or Catherine come close to the elegant beauty of Diana. They just aren't in the same realm.

Harry. I don't know what to make of him. I get the feeling that Meghan is about finished with him, but maybe I am wrong. I don't think he's a kind man. I think William might be kind like his mother. I sort of think Harry is more like his Dad, although he would never see it.

The Coronation should be interesting. I am up early so I will turn on the TV and watch it on Youtube.

I love the English commentators. Some of their rants are so funny. The archbishop of Canterbury has asked the nation to say a pledge of allegiance to their TV sets. They are all worked up about that. It's pretty silly that they get so upset because who will know if they are in their own homes.


I hope today is good to you. I will be mostly taking it easy today, I think.

Take care.


This is my Anniversary Month. 21 Years. Wow. I enjoy being here. I write when I think of something. I appreciate the Merit Badge you sent. It means a lot.

Glad you enjoyed going out for lunch. Coming home can be lonely. I do hope you will have a good summer and life will be good for you again. I hope life goes well for all of us. We need it.

I am not feeling great. A sinus thing and my other problem is better. I felt good last night. Mom and I went to Game Night. We had a good time. It is lonely with the dogs being gone. I miss them.

Mom and I went to lunch with our friend. It was nice. Mom and I went shopping. I got some new jeans,. I bought a new cosmetics bag and found some purple nail polish. We went to see the palomino horses. They are so pretty.

The Royals. Diana had the most class. Camilla can't compete with her. Charles needs to get some class. Harry and Meghan. I wonder about them. Harry was dumb to leave his family. Kate and William are trying to carry on. Charles has a hard job ahead of him. The Coronation will be nice and who knows what will happen. I look forward to watching it.

I do hope grief counseling will go well. Glad you have your brother to come visit you. I am always thinking of you. Not much happening here. You are in my prayers. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Thursday. It is May 4.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Give hugs and kisses to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2* *Heartp*

Moving through the days. Grief is a physical pain that sweeps over me. I never knew a grief like this because of being so alone at times. In the past, with my parents and with Boo and my niece's deaths, I always had distractions. Tom was always here to comfort me.

I made a mistake moving here. I know that now, but if we hadn't moved here, we never would have had Boo and raising her and living with her was the happiest time of my life I think. I wouldn't trade it. There are ups and downs about every decision.

Now, I have to do my best to first of all recover from the trauma of everything I have been through. Then, I need to make a life here for myself or move. I don't know where I would move to. I know a few people here. Not a lot, but a few nice friends.

I just try my best and take it day by day as it goes along.

Sometimes, I just avoid doing things. I am putting off a couple of things, hoping they will seem clearer to me as time goes on. I don't know if that will be the case or not.

I watch Youtube about the coronation a lot. Their news people have a lot to say about the royal family and their inner workings.

Diana's spirit is everywhere in this coronation. Same with the late Queen.

I hope that today is a good one for you and things go your way.

I feel better then I did yesterday. I am tired today. I got my bathrooms clean. Tomorrow, I need to make medical appointments.

I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot today. I went to Barnes and Nobles. I got Danielle Steele's new book The Wedding Planner.

It was 68 Degrees today. Yesterday 40. Like make up your mind.

I know you miss Tom but feel he is with you. Living somecwhere else. Some days, I wished I lived in England. I think Michigan and Canada would be nice. Maybe New England. When I was a kid, we moved a lot. All I wanted was a permanent home. I have been here all these years. I am home but I understand what you mean.

Princess Diane's spirit will be at the Coronation. I saw a magazine that said Prince Charles on it today. I looked at it. There were 2 pages with him and Princess Diana. I just put it back down.

Bella *Cat* has been milling around. She plays.

I hope things will get better for you. I am always thinking of you and praying. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is May 5.

I hope that you feel better and better today and over the weekend, too.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Heartv*

Some days I feel like it is one step forward, two steps back. I do not know for sure about a lot of things now that I thought I could count on. Still, it is hard to focus at times. Slowly, I am getting a few things done, but not everything. That's for sure.

Am looking forward to watching the Coronation. I am up at 3 am anyway so tomorrow, I'll just stay up and not even try to go back to sleep. I hope there will be some good coverage on YouTube. Hopefully Harry won't do anything to hog the attention. The weather there will be interesting. The Queen had bad weather forecast for her all those years ago, too.

This has been the longest stretch of time that I have been by myself since Tom died. But it still hits me in waves. I think I will tell him this or that and then it brings me up short that I can't tell him.

Went to dinner with our friends last night at the Italian place. We are going to try a different place next week, that we never went to before. Maybe that will be a little easier to mix it up like that.

I wish I could focus better. Went to the store and Barnes and Noble today. I didn't buy anything there. It was good to go there and manage it and going to a different grocery store was good, too. I have kept to a very narrow path since the pandemic.

I don't do well with change to begin with and this is a lot of change all at once.

I hope today is good for you and you enjoy the Coronation!


I don't think my antibiotic is agreeing with me but I am better this afternoon. That's good. my Doctor never diagnoses my one problem right. Hopefully, it will pass. I have been to the Doctor's Office every week for 4 weeks.

I do hope you will feel better and having friends visit you helps. Maybe you could get a dog or cat. I know it is hard to start over with another pet. I get that. I am glad you go out for dinner. Your family calling you. I wish I lived next door so I could help. I am sure it is hard to focus. I have days I get so down. I pray for you.

I watched Coronation previews. The crowns are beautiful. Camilla can wear one. I won't say where she can wear hers. I love the jewelry they showed. So beautiful. They showed the palace. William and Kate. Kate is 41 years old now. I will be watching the Coronation on YouTube unless Bella *Cat* wakes me and I get up early. I feed her and then can watch TV. It is quite an event. I hear it costs a lot of money. It is an event of the century.

I did read Devotions. I did some reviews here. I haven't started Danielle Steel's new book, yet. I hope to this weekend. I need to make medical appointments next week as well.

No rain *Rain* expected until Sunday. It is 80 Degrees. I haven't been outside. I never was an outside person. I used to be outside when I was a teenager. I am a house plant saying goes.

Ray is watching Hawaii 5-0. I am going to read this afternoon. Bella *Cat* is taking a nap.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the Coronation. *Crown1* Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Praying for a better summer for all of us. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is May 6. Coronation Day.

I was up at 4 in the morning to watch it live stream on British TV.

Hope it is a good day for you and the doctor can actually help you with what is going on.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty*

The coronation was a nice diversion for me to watch. I enjoyed seeing all the fancy things and them ride in the carriage. I thought that Charles and Camilla both looked scared to death and very pale at times. I felt like, somehow, Diana has forgiven them and is happy and at peace. I got that feeling and that they are both nervous wrecks about things going well and no falls or mishaps.

I couldn't handle Charles if he was arrogant, but I didn't see any of that side of him.

Harry seemed lonely. I don't think it bodes well for him that Meghan didn't go to support him.. Now that he's made a lot of money on his tell-all book, I guess the royals don't want to be in the next one so they seem to steer clear. I felt like if he appeared on that balcony, William would be tempted to throw him off it. I thought Anne's hat was funny in that it blocked Harry from view of the camera. It seems like something she would do. I like Anne.

I am watching highlights on YouTube today, too.

This is a very rare thing. I miss the Queen and how she handled things.

I wonder if I will be around when William takes the throne. I didn't like Catherine's head piece. I wanted to see a pretty Tiara, but no luck there.

Take care and I hope it is a good weekend for you!


Another day. I am doing alright today. The antibiotic is helping my sinuses. Antibiotics give you side effects and I hate that. Hopefully, things will be working out with all that.

I was up at 7:00 AM and turned on the show with Al Roper on it and Savannah Guthrie. She was in England for the big event. I watched The Coronation. I kept thinking it should be Princess Diana instead of Camilla as Queen. I guess Princess Diana never wanted to be Queen so maybe it worked out best this way. Those crowns looked heavy. The golden carriage was beautiful. Kate. She had that colored robe on and it was hard to see her dress. I was trying to figure out what head covering she was wearing. It should have been a tiara. Harry was like a loner. I guess he wasn't invited to join his family on the balcony. He bought things on himself. It was sure a long walk and ride to the castle. I bet it was tiring for all of them. Camilla acted scared. It was a good ceremony. The one horse was all anxious to move. The horses looked pretty in blue ribbons. I enjoyed seeing all the hats. It rained. *Rain* They handled it. Sounds like it rains *Rain* at every Coronation. I had to watch the beginning on YouTube. I had missed when they walked into Westminister Abbey and were crowned and did the vows. It was a good day and it all worked out. Anne always handles herself just like Queen Elizabeth did.

I miss the Queen. Charles knows he can't live up to his mother's name. I can tolerate him and respect him. Harry. I can't. Glad Meghan wasn't there. She would have put on airs and been a pain. Sad really.

It may rain *Rain* tonight. It 50 something I think.

I washed blankets. I haven't done much. We may go out tonight. Bob Evans.

Bella *Cat* had lunch and she went back to bed. Wish I could.

I hope you have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Glad we got to enjoy the Coronation. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is May 7/

Hope it is a good day for you and you are feeling a lot better.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty*

I am trying to get a few things done, but I get so tired and still find it difficult to focus on much. I did get something done that needed to be done but there are lots of other things waiting for me.

My brother and his grandson come tomorrow afternoon for a couple of days. He is mostly trying to give me things to look forward to now and keep me company. It is so nice. But I still get down when I am here alone. Really down and sad.

That coronation has a concert today. I hope they televise it, at least on YouTube. It should be good. with Lionel Ritchie and Katy Perry and others.

Kate's thing on her head had leaves on it. It matched Charlottes little thing. They looked okay, but I don't get the no tiaras rule. That one lady in parliament who handed off the sword to Charles - I liked her dress a lot. I thought that hers was the most striking and original. I have a hard time with Camilla being Queen. She looked very nervous and scared, though. I was glad she didn't look smug.

When they took off Charles clothes, it was weird. But I enjoyed the music and most of the ceremony. That behind the screen stuff is kind of bizarre, too.

Maybe they should consider modernizing some of it.

It gave me something to watch and rewatch and think about so that was good.

I am thinking to get a book at Barnes and Noble, but I'm going to finish reading the book I've been reading for a while first. The new book is called, Camera Girl and it's about Jackie Kennedy when she was young and lived in Washington.

I will get it with a gift card I have if I get it. It just came out.

Watching Coronation and Royal Family biography stuff on YouTube.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have fun at Bob Evans!

We got some rain *Rain* last night. I didn't sleep well last night. I think antibiotics give you side effects. When I was younger, I never had side effects to Meds. I get tired of antibiotics. Two more days to go.

The head pieces Kate and Charlotte wore, were made out of flowers. I like flower head bands but I would think the Royals would have done tiaras. I would have of anyway. Camilla looked like she was was going to be shot. It was a good Coronation.

We didn't go to Bob Evans. Ray was busy mowing grass and got behind. I wasn't in the mood to get dressed to go. We watched comedy movies with Pauly Shore and a movie Stripes.

Seems like Jackie Kennedy was America's Princess. She was the best First Lady. So sad we lost JFK and her life changed.

I may go on YouTube and look for the Coronation Concert. It was a big day for all of them. I bet they wished they could have kept things simple and short. Coronations have always been a big event.

I do hope your company will take you out and you will think of good memories. We all need happy things in our life. I know I do. We wonder what life will throw our way and hope to get good news.

No big plans this week. My friend is selling her house. I don't think she should. She shouldn't have married that man. I am talking about my Game Friend. I just hope she will be happy.

Have a good week. I am thinking of you and praying for you. Thanks for all you do. Things are quiet here today. Later.
Hi on Monday. It is May 8.

I hope you feel good and the day is a positive one for you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty hugs and kisses! *Cat2**Hearto*

Yesterday was hard. Sundays seem to be doubly hard for some reason that eludes me.

I watched the Coronation Concert live on You.Tube. I loved it and it perked me up. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Some of the songs I didn't know, but the light show and the setting at Windsor Castle was magical. I liked how the royals were moving to the music in their seats.

Here is a little excerpt of Steve Winwood:


I also enjoyed Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie and Andres Boccelli. I wasn't sure I would like the music, but I loved it all. It made me feel uplifted so that was a good thing.

I watched that and commentary about the Corination.

I went to the courthouse today to scope it out. Maybe my brother will take me, I think. I cannot walk too far. I was uneasy to park and walk today. I need to take a cane to do it. I called to find out which handicapped entrance is closest to the estate part.

Always something. Will you still have game night? Sounds like the husband of your friend is controlling things.

I look forward to seeing my brother later on today - him and his grandson.

Such a blessing to have him come. Enjoy the coronation concert if you decide to listen to it! And have a wonderful day!


Thanks for sharing the Coronation Concert. I watched Katy Perry. I love the songs she sang. Katy's dress was all gold. Charles seemed to be enjoying himself. I didn't listen to Andre Borcelli. I love his music. I read Tom Cruise flew over the Coronation. He was flying his own plane. That was nice.

I am sorry yesterday was hard for you. I think of you everyday. It was 62 Degrees today.

We went to Bob Evans and Kroger. I got the Pot Roast. Ray got pancakes. We went to Kroger. They didn't have much of what we usually buy.

Bella *Cat* was bad last night. She tried to jump on top of the book shelf and knocked down some stuff. She got yelled at. She has been unruly lately. Is it spring fever or what?

I saw a magazine with Harry on it and whining that he is full of sorrow. He married her. What did he expect? Meghan must feel like an outcast. I know I would. She is an actress. She could have acted it way through things. I admit I would hate to have sat through the Coronation if I was a Royal but it has been like this for a thousand of years. I read Fergie's daughters snubbed Harry.

We will still have Game Night. My Game friend and her husband. If they buy a house in Florida, we will only see them in the summer. He's controlling/. She told Mom she is sorry that she married him. We had to quit Movie night as well. We know how life changes. Sad when you think about it.

Tomorrow, I get my hair done. It has been awhile since I have seen her.

Things are quiet on here, I am going to watch Mash tonight and 911. They are taking it off. They turned it into a soap. They are taking off Call Me Kat. Now, she will have more time to host Jeopardy.

Have a good day. I feel like going to bed right now. I need an old folks nap. Thanks for being here with me. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is May 10.

I hope it is a good day for you. Sorry I couldn't write yesterday. Had a lot going on.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug! *Cat**Heartp*

I had my Grief Counselor come and see me and my brother and his grandson were here. My brother went with me to the courthouse to ask about estate stuff. It was scary. We had to give them our cell phones to lock in a locker before scanning us, like the airport. When my brother went through the scanner it hurt his hearing aids. It was a lot of walking for me, even at the handicapped entrance. His grandson waited in the car for us.

I hope I never have to go there again for anything, but I probably will have to. It was horrible.

Guess I don't have to unless I want to sell a car or the house or for one other thing. But, for right now, I'm not doing it.

My brother and his grandson went to a local baseball game - A level, I think. That was last night. They had a good time, but I didn't feel up to it. We did go to lunch in between the courthouse and the grief counselor. Now, they have left to go home and the house seems so quiet.

My brother wants me to buy a different kind of mattress from what he has been sleeping on. I guess they go on sale soon. I have a high pillow top one there right now. The other bedroom has a pullout sleeper sofa, that turns into a queen size bed. I can't manage pulling it out or putting it back, but people tell me that it is comfy. I hope it is.

Always something that goes on the list of things to get done somehow. I still have trouble focusing at times.

The only things I watched yesterday were youtube and The Gilded Age.

Take care and I hope it is a good day for you!


Hope that it is a good day for you and everything goes your way!

I figured you were busy and that's why I didn't hear from you. Sorry about the courthouse stuff. Giving them your cell phones. Really. I hate going to a court house for anything. We have county police greet you at the door and they have a metal detector thing. That is scary what our world has reverted to. The police are nice and asked where you are going and how they can help you. If a shooter or criminal sneaks in, there is protection at least. Hopefully, you won't need to go back for anything. I hope the Grief Counselor can help you with things.

I had to get an xray at the hospital. Scar tissue pain thing for my chest from surgery I had 4 years ago. I hope that works out. I don't need any more issues. I had to pay $80.00 up front. I had a man who did the xray. A nice guy and young. Doctors and medical people are getting younger. A patient there was nice and talked. Usually, no one talks to you except staff.

I didn't sleep good earlier this week. I have been a little down. I am going to see my Doctor Monday. I have questions about a Med I am on. Side effects are scary. I am doing good today but We never know somedays.

Bella *Cat* jumped on my night stand as soon as I got in bed last night. She was escorted out and I shut the door. I feed her extra. She needs to be awake in the day time and do all her sleeping at night.

I won an Honorable Mention at Bards Hall for my Bo, Sprinkles, Princess and Dragon Story. That is nice.

It is 80 Degrees. Ray is mowing grass. I don't plan on doing much. I need to clean house tomorrow. Friday, I pick up a corsage for my mother. Mother's Day already.

Bella *Cat* was here visiting.

I hope you are doing good today. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Thursday. It is May 11.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good today and get a good and quick answer on the test you had.

Congrats on your success in Bard's Hall! They do such an amazing job and always make one feel so welcome. It's lovely!

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartg*

I am having a plumbing issue with a slow shower drain so am waiting for a call from the Plumber. I hope he is still in business with his son. They were here in November. Always something going on with a house.

I went quite a few places yesterday after my brother left. Even the big Wal*Mart, which I do not really like. Also, the post office and a grocery store and a Chinese takeout place. I got a few things and a few ideas about things to do.

It was better, this time for me, when my brother left. I didn't cry as much and feel the same despair and panic. I hope this is the start of me not being terrified so much of the time. I really am scared to death of everything and it's not good. The Grief Counseling lady is helping me, though. She said, do one thing a day and if you get more done, it's good, but accomplishing one thing is enough for a while for a person who has lost their spouse of so many years. The one thing at a time rule seems more manageable to me. I get overwhelmed at times and it is hard to focus.

I hope to be able to go with the dinner group tonight. We had talked about meeting at a new place that one of the people wants to try. It might be easier to go like that and do it.

I watched a lot of British and Australian News on You.tube, in addition to commentary/rants about Meghan and Harry. I find that enjoyable. Plus, I watch beagle videos.

Otherwise, I just came home after my outing and relaxed. My neck hurt for some reason, but it seems better so far today.

I hope that it is a good day for you and that things go your way!


Ray went to see his accountant and I got to watch The Brady Bunch and Family Affair. I have been sleeping 5 hours. Doctors say get 8 or 9 hours of sleep. It doesn't work like that for me.

I watched Home iImprovement this morning. The one with Alan Jackson in it. I like old country music.

I am glad you get to go out and felt better about your brother leaving. I hope you get to go out with your dinner group.

Our house always needs something. Ray wants to do more landscaping by the house. I hope the washer and dryer hold out. Our air conditioning goes out when summer starts. Same with the heat. Maybe we will get lucky this year and be alright

State is taking their time sending back refunds. They charged $80.00 for my xray yesterday cash upfront.

I am glad things went better with the Grief Counselor. I always pray for you and wish you well.

I read Harry gets to keep his title. The Royals will always be in the news.

That's all I have. I hope you feel good today and life will get better for you. Thanks for writing in this Campfire with me. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is early morning Friday, May 12.

I hope it is a good day for you in every way.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

Problems continue here. The plumber referred me to a "Drain Specialist". He is coming later this morning. As you can see, I am up early.

Some of my Internet went out yesterday. That is so aggravating. I hate it when things don't work right. It seems slow, but working this morning, upstairs at least. At least the technician from Spectrum was nice.

Went out with the dinner group. I met them at this new place. I didn't like it, but the food was okay. Service was really slow. We aren't going next week because some are going out of town. They haven't gone anywhere in a long time so they are excited. I hope they have a nice time.

It will be hard not going, but it's hard sometimes going, too. Everything is hard without my Tom

Life seems really hard right now. I hope that eases at some point as things have been hard for a while.

You never know what problems will crop up I guess. That is life, like Violet on Downton says. It's a series of problems needed to be solved.

Watched the usual stuff when was able to get online upstairs.

Take care and enjoy your Friday!


It is going to rain *Rain* any minute. I went to town to get Mom her Mothers Day corsage of a big white rose and 2 red ones. She wearing her faded baseball denim hat and I asked her who was winning the game.

I saw a woman I worked with years ago when I picked up my corsage and she knew me but I didn't know her and then she told me her name and I remembered her. She wasn't a burnette anymore. She asked if I had to do over again if I would have chosen a different line of work. I said yes. I would have gotten a job at the library or went two more years and became a English, Drama Teacher. I told her I am a writer and wished I would have started sooner.

I never heard of a Darin Specialist. I hope you get your plumbing fixed. Everything works around here I think. I need to clean house but this weekend I hope.

I read Danielle Steel's Book The Wedding Planner and read Devotions yesterday. I did a lot of reviews. I have no ambition today.

Violet is right. Life is a series of problems waiting to be solved. I am going to watch movies this weekend and maybe Downton Abbey. I did write a mermaid story yesterday.

I hope good things will come your way. I pray for better things. Mom and I are going to Michigan City next week. She said she will buy me a necklace at the Kate Spade Store and go eat at the Colonel.

Ray went to Walmart and he left before I was awake. I slept good.

Nothing exciting. I hope you have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you and praying. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is May 13.

I hope that the day is a good one for you and you get to relax a bit.

Give love and pets to Miss Bella! *Heartv**Cat2*

The Drain Specialists came. There were two of them. One worked on the sink and the other on the shower drain. They cleared them and were finished in less than 15 minutes. Came right on time and it wasn't as much money as I had imagined it might be. I would definitely recommend them.

Otherwise, I went and got myself Cookout, but that was about it for yesterday. Have been tired again from lack of sleep, I guess.

I got beautiful flowers yesterday and that was nice. I bet your mom loves her corsage.

Will that be a day trip you and your mom go on? It will be fun for you both.

There are a lot of things in my life that I wish I had done differently, but I have definitely learned as I go. Am trying now not to rush into anything or be pressured.

My grandson and his mama are going to a Taylor Swift concert this weekend in Philadelphia. I hope they have a lot of fun.

Not much else is going on. It will be a lonely weekend here I think. But that is okay. I need to adjust more to being alone.

Watched the usual You.tube yesterday.

Take care and enjoy yourself!

We go rain *Rain* last night. I cleaned the kitchen. I watched Monster Quest, The Partridge Family, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction and That Girl as well as Murphy Brown this morning.

Glad you got some flowers. *FlowerV* Mothers Day again. Time goes fast. I do need summer. I hope good days are ahead for you.

Mom and I are going on an hour trip. we aren't going to Michigan. Michigan City is in Indiana. I hope to get Michigan someday but now it isn't a good time for a 5 hour drive. Mom has arthritis, too.

That is nice your grandson and his mother are going to a Taylor Swift Concert. I love her old music. I guess she still has fans. I liked her better when she first started. Singers change and actors do, too.

That is good the Drain Specialists came and took care of the plumbing. I hate when things break down. Bella *Cat* always tries to help the repair men. It is cute but I go get her and send her to the front room.

I did some reviews here. I have been sleeping better but I still get tired. I think when you get older, you get tired.

Bella *Cat* will want supper pretty soon. Me, too. Boring today but I will be going out next week. Doctor, Game Night, Michigan City. Hopefully, next week will be a good week.

We all wish we would have done things differently but we don't know what life will throw at us. We live and learn. I hope you have a good Mothers Day. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi and Happy Mother's Day! *Heart*

I hope it is a nice day for you and things go your way all day long!

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

My brother has been hinting that I need to get a new mattress for the bed he sleeps in here. He says the one I have (a pillow top memory foam one) is too soft. So, yesterday I went to the Mattress store and ordered one. It is supposed to be delivered today, any time now. They are supposed to take away the old one.

It made me sad to take care of that alone, but I felt like I accomplished something. So far, that is. It hasn't arrived yet. It is a firm 8 1/2 inch mattress on sale.

I hope that the delivery and pick up of the old one goes smooth.

I also finished something to mail to the lawyer who is advising me on the estate.

My neighbor called me this morning and that was nice. I get really down, but I know that will be the case now for a long time. If I can accomplish one thing a day, I feel little better about things.

Watched more youtube and a new Blue Bloods. When I watch Blue Bloods, I really miss Tom so it is hard, but it is a show we both enjoyed. Some of the other things he watched a lot, I can't watch now.

I ordered a used book from amazon that I was curious about, but didn't want to buy new.

Got some things to eat for yesterday and today so I wouldn't have to go out today if I don't want to. I did that before I arranged the mattress delivery so it was a good thing.

I know that things will seem better than get hard because that seems to be the way it goes now.

Maybe it will get better eventually. I hope so.

Still having trouble focusing and can barely manage to finish one thing, but I did okay with transferring the investment/IRA stuff that comes directly to me. I think I did okay, that is.

Take care and I hope it is a lovely Mother's Day for you!





Happy Mothers Day! *FlowerP* I went to Church. I got a red flower plant. This is the only flower I plant. I miss Mothers Days I had with my son years ago but he is in Oregon. He just texts me.

It is supposed to rain *Rain* but anymore, you don't know. I have no outdoor plans. I have been watching TV today. I watched The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles last night. It was a Molly Polloza Thing. Molly Ringwald movies.

That is nice you got a new mattress coming in. I know we like our new one. I have been sleeping good lately.

Bella *Cat* was running around going crazy when I come home from Church. I guess she misses me when I am not around. She ate and is taking a nap. I wish I had her pep.

I get stressed out. I am not feeling better over things. I see my Doctor tomorrow. I hope he has answers. I have to wait to be sure things are alright before I schedule my knee replacement. I am tired of waiting for Doctors to help me. I pray something gives.

Mom and I have Game Night Tuesday. Off to Michigan City Wednesday. I hope I can keep up this week.

I do hope things get better for you. You have to deal with things on your own at times and it can be rough. I am always thinking of you and praying. I wish things in life were easier.

Have a good week. I guess I won't do much today. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Monday. It is May 15.

I hope the sun shines bright and it is a good day for you.

It was gloomy here, but it is sunny now.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Hearty**Tulipp*

Went this morning and mailed my worksheets to the lawyer that I meet with in June. I hope that I did okay with that. Had a hard time focusing and getting it done.

One more thing that I can do is write to the life insurance company, Met Life. They are horrible to deal with and I wish that Tom had never gotten a policy on my life from them. I have been paying for it for more than 30 years and they are terrible on the phone and want to make it as hard as they can to do anything. When Tom called them while he was alive, he was told oh, just call and we will switch the ownership to the insured (which is me, it's on my life, not his). Now they keep saying they need more stuff to do that. I am not paying them any more money.

I would have if they had been good and just transferred the ownership to me and let me change the beneficiary. It is quite a rip off outfit and they hung up on me a bunch of times, transferring me all over the place. My brother had a nightmare dealing with them with a policy on his late wife. It took almost a year before they paid him and he had to get a government (he was a government employee) intervention to get it.

Oh well. The aggravation keeps me from dwelling on the sadness sometimes I guess.

Watched Gilded Age and quite a bit of Downton Abbey yesterday. I love Downton and can watch it. Not so much with NCIS and the Action shows. Those really make me sad if I try to watch.

Have also been watching the royal family stuff on Youtube. Princess Catherine did well with her piano solo at the Eurovision awards. She is so classy.

I keep hearing about Harry's book so I bought it used so he doesn't get any money from me buying it. I don't want to put money in his pocket, but am curious about what he says. I keep seeing reports about it so this way I'll know what it says. It takes a while to get a used book from Amazon.

I hope that today turns into a good day for you and things go your way. You have a busy fun week ahead. I hope it's all fun.

Take care and enjoy your Monday!


I saw my Doctor today. He added a Med and hopefully, I will feel better. I get an anxiety and sleep Med to take if I need it. He had good news for me. My Chest Xray is normal and perfect. That is good. I get to get the rest of me back to normal. Ray and I went to Mejer today. I dis get some frozen dinners, chocolate muffins and trash bags I can't get at Walmart.

62 Degrees today. No rain *Rain* I cleaned the bathrooms today.

I hate insurance policies. Ray and I have them on each other. I had a 50,00 insurance policy at work and they only let it be 25, 000. They exchanged insurance companies so much and my policy was gone. No one notified me. Like really? I hate insurance. Transferring policies and that. I made the last payment on a car and they didn't get it. We paid it and the other check never showed up in canceled checks. I hate that. Met Life. Isn't that Snoopy as their mascot? It gives Snoopy a bad name. Like the awful insurance company that used Garfield as it mascot. Like really?

I saw Kate playing the piano on TV this morning. She is talented. I sent for my Catherine Doll and I they sent me a bill wanting the first payment so I sent it in. I don't know when it will get here.

I cleaned bathrooms. I hope to get a few things done. I have Game Night tomorrow night and shopping day Wednesday.

I guess buying a used book wouldn't make the author any money. Harry. Let him whine. Sad really. Let me know how you like the book.

Bella *Cat* is taking a nap. She still bugs us at 3:00 and I have to shut her out. She is affectionate after we get up and gets fed.

Have a good day. I hope things are going well and some good things come your way. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Tuesday afternoon. Sorry I am late with this. It is May 16.

I hope today was and is good to you and game night is fun.

Give hugs and love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

I finished my work to submit to the lawyer for my meeting in June and sent it. Also put together a package for the crooks at Met Life. Yes, they are a disgrace to Snoopy. I am the sole heir and personal representative of my husband. Everything is either in my name or both names. The only thing in just his name as owner was that dumb life insurance policy. Since I am the only one inheriting anything, I don't think I should have to go through probate, but I am going to double check with the local lawyer to be sure I haven't missed something.

I don't know how selling the car would work. Both cars are in both names. The house is in both names. Things like that. It's a lot of collecting paperwork and such.

My grief counselor said just try to get one thing done a day. One thing, big or small. It can be go to Lowe's and walk around or more involved.

Today, I also met my two friends for lunch at a nice place I had never been to. It's a fancy restaurant in a hotel. It's really nice. The food was so good. We are going to meet there next week for lunch. They ride together because they live close to each other. I am okay to drive myself now pretty much.

On the way home I got ink cartridges for my printer.

I was real tired when I got home. . Based on one of the ladies' recommendations, I watched Call the Midwife. I'm not sure I will like it so far, but I'll keep watching for a while. Watched some Youtube also. Last night I watched Youtube and Downton.

I think my brother is supposed to come tomorrow if all goes well. He has that new mattress here waiting for him. My niece called me earlier and that was nice.

Visited the dogs on both sides yesterday and I am planning to start going to the Episcopal church here with one of my neighbors starting in June. It is the same church that used to have the big book sale before covid. I am Episcopal and Tom was Catholic.

Back to where I started I guess and where we were married (Episcopal church).

Take care today and I hope that you enjoy yourself at game night. We are supposed to have some bad storms this evening. I just hope the power stays on and it isn't too bad.

Thank you for writing with me and encouraging me to get stronger. And for being such a good friend. *Heart*

Good Morning. I am not going shopping. I am not sleeping well. The pill my Doctor gave me interfers with xalerto I take and I need to call him about it. I hope I can take xanax and sleep. Sometimes it lets me down. I need to talk to my Doctor.

Sounds like you are busy with paper work and lawyers. Sorry you have to go through all that Mickey mouse crap. I know the feeling.

Hope you didn't get bad storms. We have 50s weather.

Game night went okay. The neighbor boy who is 10 came to visit. He bought his big dog along and he is old. He stayed in the fenced yard.

Glad you got to see the neighbor dogs. I miss my Game friends dogs.

I never watched The Midwife. I watched Marie Antionette.

Hope your lunch date goes well. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. I hope good things happen for you. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is May 17.

I hope that you feel better and get the medicine stuff straightened out.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat**Heartg*

Today my brother is supposed to come with his girlfriend, but I have heard nothing yet. My stomach was upset this morning, but it is better now. I have been cleaning for their visit a bit.

The lunch went fine and the food was good yesterday. We are going back to the same place next week I think. We don't have our Thurs. night group this week as they are going away. But my brother and his girlfriend will be here so that's okay.

I don't really feel like going to Fresh Market this morning, but I need to do it. I think I will do it soon.

Watched Youtube. We had storms last night, but not as bad as they predicted, thankfully. I am grateful that the power stayed on for me as that makes it harder and everything more difficult.

When I visit with the dogs, I want one, but a little one I could lift. Don't know if I have the energy for that so I'll just keep visiting for a while.

I got most of the paperwork done that I was procrastinating. I just couldn't focus enough to do it, but this week I could. Maybe time will help me. I haven't seen that yet, but in the past I know that time can help with grief and pain and sadness.

I hope that today goes good for you and things go your way.

And the sun shines nice for you and Bella.


Good Morning. I took a Xanax and slept. My Doctor doesn't like passing them out. I use them sparingly. He didn't call me back. He is trying to kill me off with the other pill he wanted me to take. Xalerto and the one anxiety pill would have called me issues. The oncologists nurse told me not to take it. I slept 7 hours. I hope I can sleep on my own. I found out for insomnia, you have to go to Urgent Care. I hate Urgent Care around here any more. I am better for now. They fired the only Urgent Care NP I trusted. They closed it down and reopened it but then they got mold. We had mold so bad at Shady Rest the old building I worked at. Maybe that is what is wrong with me . Live another day.

I hope you get to go out with your lunch group next week.

Mom and I are going to have our outing next week. Ray is taking her to Hobby Lobby today She is working on flowers for the grave. I hate when she takes on projects. She never learned how to drive and I have to take her to buy things. I don't go out much.

Tomorrow, Bella goes to the Vet for a shot and blood work. Poor kitty.

It is supposed to rain *Rain* tomorrow.

I know what you mean about having a dog. I want one but I can't run after it. We don't have a deck with a fence outback. I wanted Marty, my Game friend's dog but couldn't. He is happy with his new owners.

I do hope all the paper work gets done. I hope you can relax and find good things in life. You turn on the news and that is never cheery.

I am watching Home Improvement. I watched The Last Time I Saw Paris. That is a good movie. I didn't recognize Eva Gabor and Rodger Moore. Elizabeth Taylor was an icon back then.

I hope you have a good day. I need to do a few things. Thanks for all you do. You are in my prayers. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is May 19.

I hope it is a good day for you and you are rested and feel better. I have trouble sleeping and wake up in the night many times. So, I know what it is like not to sleep. Hope it gets better for you so you can sleep without the medicine.

Give love to Miss Bella for her Vet visit. I hope all goes smooth for it.

We went to Virginia yesterday. Just about 50 miles or a little less. It was the farthest I have been in a long time. We didn't take the big highway, just a double one so not as many big trucks around us. It was a nice drive and the weather cooperated.

I will be alone again today. It is nice they come to cheer me up.

Wish I could get everything done, but a lot of what needs to happen is beyond my control. I just have to wait and see. I go to my primary care doctor on Monday. Tom and I had the same primary care doctor so I am sure this is going to be hard.

Did you hear about Meghan and Harry's "car chase" in NY? I think it is pretty weird what they said happened. Cars sit in traffic in New York. It would be very hard to have a chase that lasts very long I would think with all that gridlock. Sounds like someone has a vivid imagination.

Watched the movie, Wild Mountain Thyme with my brother and his girlfriend. Plus, we watched Foley's War and Call the Midwife. Other than that, we were mostly occupied with going to Virginia and eating at Biscuitville.

Not too much is going on. My stomach has been a bit upset for a few days.

Take care and I hope that things go well and you feel much better today.

Have a nice Friday!

I am up early. I took a Xanax and slept 7 hours the other night and 4 last night. I hope I have a good weekend.

I heard about Harry and Meghan's car chase. That is silly. Everyone looking for a story and gossip about them. Instead of Storm Chasers, we have Royal Chasers

Ray and I have the same Doctor. Primary care. He sees his Urologist Monday. I have no Doctor visits i may need to call mine about a new Med but I hope not.

Ray went to Walmart. I am watching Full House.

Ray took Mom to Hobby Lobby and Chicos. They bought me home a stuffed sloth and pretty blue stone necklace.

My WDC Anniversary weekend. 21 years. I still love this site.

Thanks for all you do. I hope good things await you. I am always thinking of you. Later. I hope you feel better.
Hi on your 21st Anniversary Weekend! *Heart* It is Saturday, May 20.

Hope you got some good rest last night and you feel well!

Do you remember what you were doing the day before you joined? Who knew that joining a website in 2002 would lead to so much fun and friendship and wonderful creative writing? And your long career as a moderator here. Opened the door to awesome things!

Give Miss Bella a hug for me! Tell her to meow loud and proud on your anniversary tomorrow! *Cat2**Heartp*

I am not feeling great. I feel tired. But I need to rest some so maybe that's just me telling me to get some good rest now that I have a break in the company coming for a few days.

I have been watching Call the Midwife and Youtube. I want to watch P & P tomorrow in honor of your account birthday.

On to other business.

Harry and Meghan. Wow, him comparing that to what happened to his mother seems very out there to me. I feel that this will not end well for Harry and he seems so unhappy. I wonder what gives with their kids that no one ever sees going out. If the press are that bad with them, it's a miracle they don't hound them in California.

Odd, too.

I think the only thing that might save Harry is a return to the UK to his original family if they would forgive him. But that doesn't seem likely and gets less likely all the time.

The yard guy was here this morning. Big patches on the grass are yellow. I think the weed and feed was bad. I'm not doing that again next year. I think it will come back, though. He seems to think so, too. I think time will tell as it does with most things.

Have a lovely day and enjoy your anniversary weekend time!







I am sleeping good and I am glad of that. It is 50 Degrees here. Like really? I wanted to put summer sheets on the bed but it is too early. The flannel ones stay. It is May and the weather is crazy.

My house had burned down before my Birthday and Christmas. We were getting a new house and I was starting over. Life was rough. The day before I joined WDC. I signed for a Free Lance Writing Class online and snail mail. The mental health facility took over the county home I worked at. I was on medical leave recovering from a total hysterectomy. My friend told me I should go back unto writing. I was trying to understand the mental health thing. I was used to working with the elderly and residents who needed some assistance. My Freelance Writing Book came in and there was a page of Web Sites and I found Stories.com WDC now. I went to the site, signed up for an account and did some writing. I made friends but a lot of them left. I wasn't sure I was going to take writing seriously but I did. 21 Years later and I am still here. I am celebrating my 21 Years on this site. I love it. I can't say things are perfect but life isn't perfect but I feel at home here. I am content. We are Mods and I have had a beautiful friendship with you all these years and we do the Campfires and have fun together. We are here for each other. I am glad. I am sad for what happened to you recently and I pray for you. We have a great friendship.

We took Bella *Cat* to the Vet. They had a remodeled room. we let Bella *Cat* run around the room and she hide under the bench. So, we got her out and the Vet checked her over. She got a shot and blood test. I hope she doesn't have a thyroid problem. The Vet said we can feed her more food. Bella *Cat* hissed at the Vet but then the Tech held her and she was calmer. Things seem okay with her but just have to wait for the blood test results. The vet said she is in good shape, her coat is beautiful and perfect. The Vet looked 16 but she said she graduated and became a Vet 2 years ago. I teased her about being like Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory and going to college at 12. She laughed and said she isn't that smart. As we left, there was a dog that looked like Marty. I did a double take. He was cute and sweet but not Marty.

Harry is a lost cause. Meghan is making him common. Maybe that is what she wants. Princess Diana. I always felt the boys weren't allowed to grieve like they wanted to. The Royals are stern about these things. Harry was younger and has some resentment and I guess it all came out. Harry blew it with his book. He is being a brat and rebelling. I think so. Maybe he will be close to his family again.

I hope you feel better. I ate Velveeta Cheese and Mac and it always does a number on me. I will be laying off that stuff.

Thanks for the Elizabeth and Darcy Plaque and Merit Badge. They mean a lot.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for all you do. Praying for a better world. Bella *Cat* says Hi. Hope your yard looks all springy. Thanks for all you do. If you want, you can share your story on how you started at WDC. Later.
Hi and Happy 21st!!! *Cake2* *Balloonp**Heartp*

It is May 21 and I hope it is a good day for you and things go your way! Yay!!!!

Give Miss Bella a big hug! *Cat2**Hearty*

Young people (younger than me) convinced me to join back in 2000. They sent me a link. We were all on a fan fiction website posting stories about the movie characters in Never Been Kissed. That was the first time I joined Stories.Com. Then a year later I left and came back as 4 provinces a month later and wrote other stuff. SM and SMs have done amazing stuff with the site over the years.

mott is back joined in May of 2021. He was one of the first moderators promoted. He loved to read and send short reviews. I didn't even know he was here at first because he was below the radar. He always encouraged me as mott.

I love our campfires. I look forward to them and they keep me coming back. Through the hardest of times. *Heart*

Watched the usual Youtube, Call the midwife and Blue Bloods.

Didn't sleep much, but I go to my primary care doctor tomorrow. Continue to lose weight for some reason, maybe the not sleeping. I had a long conversation with my brother that helped me some with my depression but I still couldn't sleep good.

Take care and I hope it is a wonderful and fun day for you!




I am having a good Anniversary Day. Thank you for all the goodies. I appreciate all the greetings and goodies. I can't believe I have been here 21 years. It is more fun being here then it was working at my Nursing job.

I didn't go to Church. I am tired. I skipped 2 nights of sleep last week not by choice. I do that at times. My Doctor wanting to put me on Meds that interfere with my blood thinner. What is he thinking?

I am making a roast for supper. It hasn't thawed out, yet but it will when it cooks. Bella *Cat* likes roast. I always give her some for a snack. She was rowdy this morning running underneath the blankets before I got up.

Mott. I didn't know he was Tom. I am glad his Port is still here. It is nice to remember members and their writing who have left us.

I watched The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Rat Patrol and I watched Encino Man with Pauly Shore last night. I like Pauly Shore. I used to hang out with a guy that looked and acted like him.

I hope you are feeling better. I hate going to Doctors. I have had 6 xrays this year for this, that and the other thing. They all checked out good. I am thankful for that.

I am hoping to write a story today. Sometimes, you get in the mood to write. I don't always have that idea.

Nothing exciting. I am hoping to watch Pride and Prejudice. I keep looking for news about Jane Austen. I haven't written a Jane Austen Newsletter in awhile. I did read they are selling Jane's family home. The one home.

Have a good day and week. Thanks for all you do and thinking of me on my special day. I am glad you are here with me. Later. *CakeB* *Cake3*
Hi on Monday. It is May 22.

I hope that today is good and you feel well. Congratulations again on your Anniversary Week!

Give Miss Bella Kitty a big hug! *Cat2**Heartp*

Have to leave in a little while for the doctor's office. I wonder if they still do the mask thing. I got a reminder call that didn't say anything about the mask or waiting outside to be called in. It's been a while since I went there, November I think.

My weight is a lot less than it was last time. Maybe he should change my blood pressure meds because of that. That and inability to sleep through the night are my main issues that I know of.

I cooked some Tuna Macaroni Casserole yesterday. It is the first thing I have tried to make for myself pretty much since he died. I ate it for lunch and dinner yesterday and it tasted good.

I gave our grill to the neighbors. It is in good shape and they took the cover off and turned it on. I had a folder with the receipt and the product manual that I gave to them to have. It's a nice grill, but I don't want to work with propane and grilling since that was Tom's thing. It made me feel good that they wanted it and will enjoy it. Then when they were getting it, Pluto came to see me and ran around in my yard. That was sweet, I loved that.

I was feeling really sad and depressed early in the day, but them taking the grill made me feel better. I was hoping it would work well and it does apparently.

A friend sold a lot of things to Plato's Closet. I might try doing that with some of my Vera Bradley bags. I use a lot of them for laundry and carrying things.

Watched too much Youtube.

Prince Harry really confuses me. I wonder, if Diana was still here if he would be in the situation he's got himself in to. He seems fixated on her death rather than her life. I wonder how much of that is down to others whispering in his ear.

Not much else is going on except the doctor visit. My deck looks empty without the grill, but the thought that someone Tom liked will enjoy it (I hope) makes me feel happy.

Take care and enjoy your Monday!


I am not having a good day. The Vet called. Bella *Cat* has a thyroid problem and has to go on medication. We are going to put her on a transderm thing this goes in her ear. Pills and liquid won't work for her. That explains why she is always hungry. Humans have throid problems and we had patients at work on thyroid medication. The Vet ordered it and they will call when it arrives . We have to go in and they will show us how to use it. We don't need to bring her along. She hates being at the Vet. That's my news for the day I didn't want.

Ray always does the grilling. I don't like messing with propane gas. I don't like using knives. I cut myself so easily. I don't like messing with gas or propane. I get why you don't have your grill anymore.

Glad you got to see Pluto. Dogs have a way of making us feel good.

The Royals. They are entertaining. I do love them except Harry and Meghan. I read Kate refused to bow to Camilla after the Coronation. I wouldn't bow, either.

Thanks for making my WDC Anniversary special. I am spoiled.

Hope your Doctor visit went well. I will need to get a UA done. My bladder is better lately. I am sleeping. I hope to do more in life besides seeing Doctors. Have a good day and week. Thanks for all you do. May life get better for both of us

Hi on Tuesday. It is May 23.

Sorry to hear about Bella having a thyroid issue. I hope the treatment helps her and isn't too hard to do. Thyroid can be tricky and if they can help her it might make a big positive difference. I hope that it does.

I hope you are feeling okay today and things are going your way.

Give Bella a gentle pet and hug! *Cat2**Heartv*

My doctor visit was emotional. I cried. He told me I am doing what I need to do and not to worry about not being able to focus. They took blood and will let me know.

He said I am doing the right things with the blood pressure.

No one wore a mask. I asked and they said they got rid of them a month ago. Tom didn't live to hear about that, but I think he would have been relieved to hear the masks are going out.

Today I went and met two friends for lunch. That was nice and it was enjoyable.

Other things demand my brother's time and that is going to be the case I hear. I will have to find a way to cope with things and not rely on him as much going forward.

I am so grateful for everything he has done for me.

And I am scared for the future.

Watching YouTube and Call the Midwife. Not much else.

But I will keep trying my best. Take care and I hope it turns into a good day and rest of the week for you!

Hi on a Tuesday. I washed the old sheets and put fresh summer sheets on the bed. I had to wash blankets, too. I washed the Lighthouse Blanket Bella *Cat* loves to lay on. I read up on cats thyroid problem. She can live another 5 years with the medicine. She's 13 now. I wish we were all younger. I pray she will cooperate with the ear medicine thing.

I am sorry you had an emotional time at the Doctor's. I hope your blood tests come back normal. My Doctor gave me copies of my blood test orders. I am not sure what they mean but I never drew blood or took a blood hematology class. I look things up on line,

I think the future is scary for all of us. I worry about China trying to get us. That song The Eve Of Destruction was a worry about Vietnam and everything in the 60's. I try to think happy thoughts.

I haven't been out much. I felt blah today so I took one of my IBS pills. I think it helped.

It is over 70 Degrees. I need to put the flowers on Tigger's *Cat* in the flower pot I bought l last year.

I watched Grandview USA last night. Patrick Swayze. I miss Patrick. I always loved him.

I am glad you get to see your brother. He sounds supportive. Glad you have your dinner group people.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. It is May 24.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good.

Give Miss Bella a nice hug. I hope her medicine works well for her. *Cat2**Heartp*

I have felt very down the last couple of days. Am trying to cope with it and with the waking up at 3 in the morning. I feel if I could get some good sleep, things might seem brighter.

Met my friends for lunch yesterday. That was fun, but then I come home alone. Then, I cry and miss my Tom, how he was before the cancer. It was 8 weeks yesterday since he died. My brother has really helped me a lot. He has other demands on him so I am very grateful for all he has done.

The Grief Counselor is coming today. That is a hard thing when she comes. Mostly she just listens to me cry and be sad. Her job must make her sad sometimes. The doctor told me to continue with the Grief Counseling probably because I cried in front of him. I try not to do it in public, but I failed at this this week.

I signed Tom on to waiting list for Meals on Wheels. This morning a lady called to say that we would get it now, all this time later. She was very nice. I told her my husband died in March. Sadness everywhere I turn, it seems.

Watching Call the Midwife and Youtube. I wish I knew the answer to get out of this wall of despair. I know it is time, but maybe it won't ever lift. That's scary to me.

Oh well. I will do my best to cope and carry on, one day at a time.

Have a nice Wednesday.


I am doing better today. My sinuses are acting up. I understand what you mean about crying. I cried when Covid first started. I couldn't even call it Covid at first. I called it the Chinese Flu. I know it gets lonely for you. I didn't like working but I saw people every night, there are some I don't miss. I had friends at work and most of the patients were great. Life changes. I hate change. I am sorry you don't have Tom anymore. I pray for you and hope your grief counselor helps you. I wish Doctors were more help. I hope the grief counselor is strong. I wasn't strong when my patients cried. I kept it together and did all I could do to help. Are you on an anxiety Med? The right one would help. I do help things will get brighter. I am always thinking of you.

They haven't called about Bella's *Cat* Med, yet. I pray it works out. I give her extra food and snacks.

I watched Bewitched, Bob's Burgers, my soaps, The High Chaparral and I am going to watch Survivor tonight. It is on for 3 hours. I just hope sunflower Carolyn doesn't win. I don't care for her.

I vacuumed today. I need to clean the bathrooms. I hope to take a shopping day next week. I need some Me Time.

I hope today is going well for you. Not much is new. I have a project here that I want to work on. A Regency Outline story I started and now I want to work it for a writing group project.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Later.
Hi on Thursday. It is May 25.

I hope that you continue to feel better today.

Give love to Miss Bella - hopefully they will contact you soon. *Cat2**Heartv*

Am taking it one day at a time. The Grief Counselor said that at this point (8 weeks after his death) I am doing better than most people she sees. I get up and get a shower each day and get dressed and open the curtains and try to go out one place, even if it is just outside my house.

I still can't focus well, but she said that is normal. She has people who don't bother to get dressed out of their PJS and keep the blinds and curtains dark.

I try to say yes to most things people invite me to or suggest I do. I still cry a lot, but it's when I feel abandoned and alone. It is the hardest when my brother leaves or someone leaves and I am alone.

The Grief Counselor was amazed that I was able to manage getting that mattress delivered and getting my drains cleaned on my own. She said most people can't do that sort of thing at this point. That made me feel a little encouraged. She said it is way to early for the waves of grief and abandonment to lessen.

I don't have my blood test results yet from Monday. I figure if anything was alarming, they would have called so I will wait and see.

Watched Anne with an E and Call the Midwife on Netflix and also royal nonsense on Youtube. I fear that things are not going to end well for Prince Harry and I hope that Meghan doesn't destroy him.

Going out to meet our dinner group tonight at the usual place. I don't know why that makes me so nervous, but it does.

The Grief Counselor encouraged me to try and read, but she said not being able to focus on that is normal. She said it will get better and I believe her. I want to go to church, but I am scared to do it alone. My neighbor said she would go, too, but I'm not sure she really wants to. We are supposed to go June 4, but I will see. I think that I will try and go either way. My church (Episcopal) is the church with the book sale.

Not much else is happening. Small things are what I need to focus on according to the Counselor. I don't feel like as much of a failure after she left yesterday and that was a good thing. I went to the Post Office and the Bank. Two things. One is my goal every day.

Take care and I hope that today is a good day there. Thank you for listening and writing with me and for being such a wonderful friend.


It is Thursday. I am taking a pill my stomach Doctor pit me on. I am hoping this helps. There is another Urgent Care close by I can go to. The last 2 Urgent Care places I went, well, I am not sure about them. Going to the ER has to be a severe emergency. At Urgent Care, they can do Xrays. My Doctor always sends you out for Xrays and blood tests. The clinic you are there for 2 hours. I hope I will be alright.

A Pharmacy called and left a voice mail. Bella's Med is on the way. I hope it gets here tomorrow. Monday is a Holiday. We are planning on having a Cook Out. I hope no emergencies on Monday.

That is good you are doing things on your own. Your Grief Counselor is encouraging you. We need encouraging. Going to Church. I go most of the time. Church isn't the same with new people going. As long as my parents stay and the Minister, things work out. Our Church is small but we have some pews empty. I am thought of going to Bible Study again but just for the summer. My Minister doesn't like to watch TV Shows and TV is important. I should read more .Maybe I will this summer. Survivor is done. I don't know how contestants survive. I wouldn't.

I hope you get your Blood Test results soon. I need to do a UA at the hospital. I will do that Tuesday and I see my Urologist June 8. Sometimes, it takes forever to get results and they can get faxes on these things.

I don't get dressed unless I am going somewhere. I haven't been anywhere in a week.

I watched my usual shows. Summer TV is reruns. Now, they have a Writers Guild Strike. That isn't necessary. New shows may start late. I hope to have a good summer.

Hope your dinner group goes well. No big plans. Have a good day. Glad I can be here for you. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is May 26. The start of Memorial Day Weekend.

I hope that you feel better and today is a good day for you.

Give love to Bella - I hope her medicine arrives soon! *Cat2**Heartp*

Have to take things one day at a time. Today, I went to Fresh Market and Food Lion to get stuff for my brother's visit. He is coming tomorrow with his girlfriend. It is supposed to be cold here, which is weird for Memorial Day weekend. Cold and rainy.

They will come for a couple of nights. I am grateful, but the hardest time for me is when they leave and then I am alone again.

The Grief Counselor tells me all this panic about being alone is normal for what I'm experiencing after being married for so many years and now being by myself.

Watched Call the Midwife and Anne with an E on Netflix and Youtube. There is a dog named Oliver on Youtube that I love. He is a beagle. His humans are funny and so is he. When he looks sad into the camera he reminds me of Boo so much and Pluto, too. That hound face really tickles me.

I reconnected with a friend who has been my friend for a long time, since I met Tom. She lives in California. We encourage each other and she is helping me with my faith and getting my way back to church maybe.

I finally finished the James Patterson book on The Kennedys. Now I am Reading Prince Harry's Spare. Based on the first part he's not very smart. After the Oprah thing, he had trouble understanding why Charles and Williams were hesitant with him. It's like he doesn't understand what they did to them. Weird. It's not well written, but it's interesting. I bought it used so that none of the money will go to the Markles.

I told the Grief Counselor I watch a lot of TV and she seemed to think that was good. I sure do enjoy it at times. It keeps me going and cheers me up in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. The last couple of days that's been better thanks to taking Melatonin. I hope it keeps helping.

Not much else is going on today. I did my two things and have nothing on my list that I can remember.

Take care and have a good Memorial Day Weekend!

No call about Bella's *Cat* medicine. With a holiday weekend, I will have to wait until Tuesday. My Doctor called back yesterday, 10 days late about a sleeping pill he said I can take with my blood thinner. My Oncologist said No. I don't need that pill now. I just take the pills I already take and if I need a new one, I research it. I call the Pharmacist if I have questions.

I guess I am doing better today. I will take that one pill for IBS once a day. I just hope I don't need a Doctor over the weekend for anything. There is a new Urgent Care I can try. At least they have a Doctor.

I know you feel lonely at home. Tom was a good guy and you were together for years. Church. It would be good to get back in Church. I am accepting the new ones at my Church and things have been so different. I used to be happy. I listen to Dr. David Jeremiah and pray. I get mad ad say a word or two I shouldn't but I always ask for forgiveness for everything. God has been with me but sometimes I need reassurance. I call my Minister and talk to her at times. I wish the world was a better place. We know things are in chaos.

Prince Harry. Didn't he know mouthing off about his family would make things worse? Meghan. Doesn't he realize what she has done? He is an undesired Prince. He should make peace with his father.

We are having a Cook Out this weekend. Last year, a drunken man hit our electric pole . He started partying early. Hopefully, Memorial Day will go well. Next week, I need to do things.

I do hope you are doing well and things will perk up for you. I wrote some character sketches for a project here and I hope I did this right. Summaries and outlines I don't do much for when I write a story.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later. You are in my prayers.
Hi on Saturday. It is May 27.

I hope the weekend is nice and calm for you and you feel ok.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv*

It is weird the way patients have to hurry up and do things, but doctors and their staffs rarely do that. Like we are on different time clocks. My doctor's staff never treats anything as urgent even though he might think it is and I might think it is. It is always the middle person that drags their feet.

I hope that they get Bella what she needs when she needs it.

Am up early today watching local news. I have been enjoying watching Anne with an E and Call the Midwife on Netflix and of course royal gossip stuff on Youtube.

I am alone, but I have faith with me. Am trying to learn things and pray. That seems to help me when I feel most lost. I always did that, but now it has different meanings.

My brother and his girlfriend are planning to come today. It will be nice to have company.

Then they will leave and I will feel terrible for a few days. So, I look forward to it, but dread when it ends. I have to get my cars inspected somehow in June. Always something to be done. Doing that and going to the lawyer are my big things coming up. I still can't focus the way that I should.

Not much else is going on here. It is still dark out. Wish I could sleep more, but it is what it is. The weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy.

Take care and have a nice start to your weekend!

I cleaned the bathrooms. I am running the dishwasher. We are having a Cook Out later. I need to do laundry. I feel like doing things today. I will take that one pill just as needed. That helps.

I did a few reviews here. Things are quiet on here. I am still working on that one project Regency Story Characters Sketches and summaries. I think I should write the story. I don't know why I am having problems trying to write the story.

Bela *Cat* didn't eat much this morning but came back later and ate. She looked out the window and likes to lay down by my bride doll. She has beds all over the house. She will be ready for her Noon meal.

I am glad you will be having guests. That will be nice. we aren't getting any rain *Rain* until next week. Just sunny here. It gets to be 42 Degrees at night. It will be in the 90's a couple of days next week.

Patients have to wait forever on Doctors anymore. My Doctor is wrong about meds I can take. I will just call the Pharmacist for now on. They are nice. I used to pass Meds but I am not sure which Meds I should mix. I Never worried about it before. Blood thinners you don't mx with certain drugs. There are some meds I take as needed but they are sensitive to other Meds. I hope things work out with my issues.

I am going to watch Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, The Partridge Family and I watched Alf and Murphy Brown this morning. Last night, we watched a Star Trek Movie Ray hadn't seen before.

I hope you can get things settled legally. I hope things will be looking up for you. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for writing in this Campfire with me. It means a lol. Have a good Memorial Day Weekend. Later.

Hi on Sunday, May 28.

I hope it is a good day for you and you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend cookout.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty Cat! *Cat2**Hearty*

My company arrived and it is nice to have them here. There are things I am noticing as time goes on. I got the new bed but then the pillow didn't suit. Then my blankets aren't big enough.


It's kind of funny in a way to see what will be wrong here next.

I think it is a good sign that I can see the humor in some things instead of having hurt feelings and being wounded all the time. For now, that seems better. Maybe, just maybe, I am a little stronger. I need to hold my thoughts in some. So, I just smile a bit.

My deck looks very nice with the grill gone. I pointed that out and how clean Tom's grill was. LoL It made me feel happy and proud that Pluto's humans will enjoy the grill now.
I hope they do, anyway. I had all the paperwork for it, so Tom would have been proud of me for that.

It is very rainy and chilly (50s) here today. We have talked of going to the Cheesecake Factory and to Penneys at the mall. Will see what develops.

Yesterday, we went for dinner to a place they like. It was an early dinner.

Watched Foley's War, Call the Midwife, Anne With an "E" and Oliver the Beagle videos on Youtube.

I slept later with the melatonin. But am still the first one up, showered and dressed. We will see what today has in store.

Hope that everything there goes your way today and always!


Sometimes, we have to see the humor in things and ger a good laugh then go forward to what's next. When my sister stayed, I didn't have a dresser or shelf in my spare bedroom so she could put her glasses on it. Now, I have a small bookshelf but took out the bed. No guests stay. If my sister comes to visit, she will stay with my parents. I stayed at my cousin's house in Michigan, she had all kinds of herbal soaps and decorates the indoors and looks like outdoors. We don't all do things the same way. That's a good thing.

I didn't go to Church. I wasn't feeling like it. Sinuses. I didn't sleep well. Hope I do better tonight.

We may have another Cook Out tomorrow. Hamburgers this time. I will be tired of hot dogs. I almost wish it was Tuesday. I have things to do this week. I hope I don't need to go to Urgent Care. Game Night this week.

Going to be in the 80's and 90's this week. Maybe some rain *Rain*

It is nice Pluto visits you. Dogs like human friends who aren't their family. Sweet and cute. Hope your visitors and you are having a good time and things are going well. Holidays are harder, it seems.

Bella *Cat* is eating today and she is up. I told her she can have a snack later. Poor kitty.

I watched Wuthering Heights last night. I watched Monster Quest, The Flintstones, The Brady Bunch, The Jetsons, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Just Shoot Me. Maybe it is time to watch Pride and Prejudice.

Have a good week. I am always thinking of you. Later.
Hi on Monday. It is Memorial Day, May 29. A day to remember and honor. I do that with my veteran every day, but more so today.

I hope you feel good and things go well for you so that you don't go to Urgent Care. If you do have to go, I hope it helps.

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2**Heartv*

My company has come and gone. There was a lot of criticism and suggestions on what I should do this and that. My brother confided that his girlfriend has a situation she hasn't taken care of for years. So, she wants to me big suggestions to me and changes to my house. I am trying to see the humor in all this.

I answered back a little and tried to make a joke. I wasn't devastated when they left. I miss him because I love him and he's my brother, but I wasn't crushed as I have been lately. Maybe that is a little progress or maybe it will all sweep over me later. They left an ugly bedspread on my bed so I covered it with the Duvet Cover and found it had a big ink stain on it. But at least on the surface, the bed looks "normal" to me.

Yesterday we went to Cheesecake Factory and I used a gift card I had from Christmas. Today, we also went for breakfast to a local place. The local place was much cheaper and better food.

I will have to get my car inspected soon. If only I can summon the courage to drive the Audi and get that inspected, too. That would be huge for me. I go to the lawyer on the following week.

A bush I trimmed has totally grown back with all this rain. I have to get out there with my clippers again. There is a big dead patch of grass because the yard guy didn't do the Weed and Feed right. Of course, you-know-who had to point that out. I am not worried about it, the grass will grow back eventually. Tom wouldn't have been happy, but I am not too fussed about the yard.

Tom liked the grass to look like a golf course. With all this rain, I am sure things will come back.

Watched my usual stuff and YouTube with the beagle named Oliver.

I hope that today goes well and your cookout is fun and yummy.

For the first time, I don't feel knocked down when my guests leave so that's something I guess.

Take care and enjoy nice weather where you are!


Happy Memorial Day. I remember Dad and all the military on this day. Dad used to hang out his American Flag but hasn't in a long time. Ray and I have a paper flag that we keep in our window in the front room. We have a flag in the garage. I have a ceramic eagle and flag that lights up from 9-11. I can't find the cord for it. I just hope we don't have another war. I don't trust China.

Sorry your company likes to complain. My one sister-in-law said I didn't need the dolls I have. She liked my clean floors. If someone doesn't like my collectibles, too bad. I live here. They don't.

We tried to watch NASCAR and things and drivers have changed and we got bored. I miss Kasey Kayne. I used to watch The Indy 500 but haven't watched in years. Our lives do change.

I am going to Urgent Care in another town tomorrow. I feel better but I got to bed, I didn't feel well. I went to the bathroom and felt better. I hate when things act up. I am going to tell the NP tomorrow. My Doctor says they are Quacks but lately he has done things I don''t trust. I hope things go well tomorrow. I was diagnosed before so I am not diagnosing myself this time.

Our Cook Out was good but cut back on the food I ate. I need to eat bananas and oranges and maybe eat oatmeal. I will find out tomorrow about things.

I am going to watch Mash. Oh! Downton Abbey is making a seventh season. They have to see what actors want to come back and play their old characters. This is good news. More Downton.
My Downton Abbey Favorites

I hope you have a good week. Hopefully, future guests won't complain about things. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is May 30.

I hope you feel better and Urgent Care helps with some good care.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet from me. *Cat2**Heartv*

A remark was made here by my visitor about my cow collection. Over the years, different people have given me ceramic cows. I have them in several places. My guest didn't appreciate them. But I live here, like you said. I enjoy them.

When someone says something about cows that isn't that nice, it gives me pause.

You can tell a lot about people when they say mean things, whether they intend them to be mean or not I think.

Went and met my good friends for lunch. We went to the nice place that Tom never went to. I was really tired so I came home. I was thinking I would go to a couple of stores, but I didn't. Just the bank and to meet my friends.

Watched Anne with an E, Call the Midwife and Youtube. Next week will be more busy, but I hope to get at least one car inspected before the end of next week.

Take care and feel better.


I went to Urgent Care. The NP Said to take the one pill 4 times a day and she says I don't need an antibiotic. She suggests I see my Primary Care Doctor. He is no help. He says I have food poisoning. I don't have food poisoning every week. I am tired of Doctors. The best Urgent Care NP is no longer around. I felt great yesterday and today but I will take that one pill more often. I hope I am done going to Doctors. I see my Urologist next week and need to go in for a UA. I am feeling better with that. Hopefully, I will be alright.

I used to collect cows before our house fire. Some survived. It is a good thing your visitor doesn't see my collection. Dolls, Tea pots, wolves and a lot of stuff. It is like writing. I write what I like to write about and collect what I like. I still have a few Boyds ceramic cows. I don't eat much cow. I like fish better and turkey as well as chicken. People are something else.

Bella *Cat* got her snack. I am going to Game Night so Ray will be feeding her later. No call about her medicine, yet. The Pharmacy called and said they sent it. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be in.

I got laundry done. It is 80 Degrees here. No rain *Rain* Farmers are irrigating and it cost hundreds of dollars to run it day and night. Maybe thousands. I am glad we aren't farming.

They don't do car inspections in Indiana. They quit that years ago. If you don't have insurance and renew license plates, they come down hard on you. You need a permit for everything you build on your land. I don't always like Indiana.

Not much is going on. I hope you are doing well and have a good day. No plans this week. Nothing exciting. Thanks for doing the Campfire with me. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is May 31, the last day of May.

I hope that you feel better and it is a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella lots of hugs! *Cat2**Hearty*

Next time my brother's girlfriend comes, I think I will ask them why they didn't bring a sofa on top of their car since they don't like any of my stuff. I am trying to find the humor. Who goes to someone's house and takes all their bedding with them? Plus it's the ugliest bedspread I've seen in a while.

I hope that Game Night was good and a nice visit.

Watched Call the Midwife, Anne with an E, That Girl and YouTube. On That Girl, Donald reminds me a lot of my Tom when he was younger. Made me smile to see him.

You know, it's weird how much damage someone can do with a review or being nasty on here. It can come back to bite them years later when they least expect it. I think the same will be true with the cliquey awards that go down periodically.

Have you heard about the big scandal in the UK about the presenter that was protected by his network for a lot of years. He won all these awards and was apparently not what he seemed at all. Now, all the awards look stupid. It's like giving someone an award because you like them, but pretending there is a big accomplishment there. A la Meghan and Harry battling whatever when they don't seem to be doing much besides whining. All the award collecting won't amount to much in the end.

I am trying to accomplish one thing going somewhere a day. Some days, I feel like pulling the covers up and going back to sleep. But I keep trying I guess. Yesterday, I wanted to go to the store, but after lunch I was too tired.

I just came back and basically went to bed.

I haven't done my one thing yet today, but I will try. Can't seem to focus on much.

Then there is the fact that some things now that would have seemed important to me are sort of distant. My reactions aren't the same as they would have been before.

Never know when I will be surprised.


Good afternoon. I would like to say I am having a good day. I am not. No call from the Vet. I am not sick but I am tired of Urgent Care not helping people. The NP at the one Urgent Care was great but I don't know where she went to. Enough medical stuff.

Game night. My Game friend and her husband went to buy a mattress and were an hour and a half late getting home. Mom and I drove to the lake 30 minutes away. I can't believe all the mansions. These people live in Chicago and live at the lake in the summer. We played a few games. Her husband still wants to live in Mississippi. Just for the winter. Who in their right mind wants to live there?

That is sad your guests bring their own bedding and don't like things in your house. It isn't like you live in a cave. It is so hard to understand people.

Bad reviews. They do hurt and are so unfair. If someone doesn't like my writing, there are others to read.

I didn't heard about the presenter being a fraud. Meghan and Harry. They entertain us. The Royals have their own problems. Being Royal isn't everything I guess.

I did laundry. I need to clean the kitchen. I will work on it.

Bella *Cat* wants to eat all the time. I worry about her. Once she gets her medicine, I hope she will be normal.

It has been 90 Degrees today. Yesterday, too. Maybe a slight chance of a rain *Rain* shower.

I hope things are good for you today. I appreciate you doing the Campfire with me. You are always in my prayers. Thanks for listening.

Hi on June 1, a Thursday.

I hope it is a good day for you and that you hear from Bella's Vet.

Give Bella my love! *Cat2*

I am trying to figure out what my one thing will be today. Yesterday I went to the store and the bank.

Am watching Call the Midwife, Anne with an E, That Girl and YouTube.

Besides being tired, I am doing a little better. I am on call this morning in case a friend needs me to give moral support. Her husband has a test at the hospital. I will go there if she calls me.

Next week Harry has to testify in his own court case in England. There also is a case in DC to kick him out of the country for his admitted drug related activities. The second one is interesting (did he get special treatment) but I don't think they will kick him out.

Meanwhile, Charles has gone on a "Hiking Tour" in Transylvania. I thought that was a hilarious way to get out of town. It makes me sort of like King Charles in this instance. On a British talk show, they called Meghan "Dragon-ora". I thought that was pretty funny, too.

Have been listening to a bit of Tina Turner music, which is brilliant. Found that on Youtube, too.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday!

I went to the hospital and left a urine specimen. I got in right away and skipped all the paper work Hippa crap. My bladder is acting up. I get all stressed out trying to do a UA. The girls were friendly. Maybe these are new girls they hired.

I bought home a Pizza Hut Pizza. I didn't have to worry about supper.

It rained *Rain* once and wants to rain *Rain* again. We need it. It was so dark when I was out but it rained *Rain* at home. We do need it.

Harry is in trouble for drugs. The little Prince isn't getting away with anything. Harry may have to stay in England awhile and he may pick up garbage. Maybe he should stay in the Dungeon for a week. That's what he needs. I bet the Dungeon is yucky. I bet they wouldn't remodel it after 500 years and more. Scary thought. That thought just occurred to me. Charles went to Transylvania. He can stay in Dracula's castle. Maybe they will send Harry there. I wonder if Charles will see a vampire or a werewolf. I had to throw that in. LOL.

Bella's *Cat* medicine is in. We go pick it up tomorrow. I hope it helps her. She wants to eat all the time. Thank you for thinking about her.

We are going to watch Dungeons and Dragons. Ray went to Walmart and bought it home. I have been wanting to see this movie. I love Medieval and fantasy. We watch Frazier, Mash, That 70's Show but tonight is Movie Night.

I am tired. I sleep pretty good lately. I get my shot Monday. Hopefully, that will pep me up. I may take Mom with me and do some shopping.

Hope your friend is doing well. Thanks for all you do. Another weekend almost. Later. Hope good things happen for you and all of us.

Hi on Friday. It is June 2.

I hope that you feel better today and things are going good.

Give Miss Bella Kitty my love! *Cat2**Hearty*

I got my 2004 Toyota inspected this morning. I took it and waited for it and went to the post office.. Had to get windshield wipers - that was the only thing wrong. Then I took the paperwork over to the Title place and got the registration and tags. That is done. Now, I will have to get the Audi inspected somehow. I will figure it out. One step at a time.

Watched Anne with an E, Call the Midwife and Youtube.

Sometimes I feel so tired. But I am trying and the one thing a day seems manageable. I will see how it goes. I am sleeping a little bit better. So, that's good. I thought I was gaining a little weight but it didn't last long. I seem to be losing weight again now. I can't get that excited about eating things I used to love.

I've never had that sort of issue for long so I'm not too worried.

I hope I don't forget to do things with this trouble focusing.

Take care and enjoy your Friday!



We went and got Bella's *Cat* Med. We are going to start it tonight. This could be fun. I pray it goes easy for her and us. We had to take a sample of her poop in. She never goes outside. We did it right.

I get tired a lot in the afternoon. I am sleeping. I take Vitamins but you can take too many. Ray is taking Vitamins and he says they mess things up for him. I don't know. Hopefully, we will get straightened out.

Bella *Cat* had her meals and snack. She was looking out the window, meowing at birds. She can't have them.

The guy around the corner has two new white calves. They are old enough to eat on their own. They don't interact with the other cows and donkey. They are cute. The donkey used to push the one calf around but the other calf grew up so he leaves him alone.

We watched Dungeons and Dragons. It has good sound effects and reminds me of Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter. The movie got better after 45 minutes but I expected a better movie. It had a good, heartfelt ending.

90 Degrees today. We finally turned the air on. I am always cold but when it gets hot, I am hot then you know it is hot.

No plans this weekend. I need to do a few things around the house.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is June 3.

I hope today is a good start to the weekend and you feel well.

Thyroid medicine helped me with my Grave's Disease symptoms. I hope what they gave Bella helps her. Sending her a hug! *Cat2**Heartp* My Endocrinologist is one of the good guys. So far so good with him after about 7 years.

Vitamins. Sometimes I forget to take mine. It doesn't seem to make much difference in how I feel energy wise (I have none), but the blood tests come out better.

My brother says he sticks to the one thing a day rule. He said in his world, even cleaning out a closet or drawer can be the one thing if he doesn't want to go anywhere. I think this will help me. So, I can have an inside goal on days I don't want to go out, which is a lot.

Been watching Call the Midwife and Anne with an E. Also, I watch Oliver the Beagle's channel. There is something about Oliver that comforts me to see him and his funny and clever humans. He is on Youtube with lots of videos. Very enjoyable and strangely comforting.

Give the two white calves my best. I hope they do well and thrive. *Cow* *Cow* *Heartw* *Heartw*

This is a busy week ahead of me. I go to the Lawyer and meet with the Grief Counselor.

Taking it one day at a time and trying my best not to give up and pull the covers over my head. I am sleeping a little better at times.

Be well and have a nice start to your weekend!

*Cow* *Tulipp* *Heartw*

We gave Bella *Cat* her medicine. She doesn't like being held. She was sitting on the card table and we were able to give her, her medicine. It goes in her ear and hopefully, it will get easier. We give her a cat *Cat* snack afterwards. Like Scooby used to get a snack. Maybe she will cooperate better if she gets rewarded after she gets her medicine.

It is hot again today. I am staying indoors. We want to plant Tigger's *Cat* new flowers next week in the new planter I got her last year.

We watched The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas and Straight Talk last night. These are Dolly Parton movies. Hard Candy Christmas song reminds me of how I felt when my mental health job closed down.

I need to pay bills. I haven't done much today. I always make sure Bella *Cat* gets fed and provide for her.

A Tow Truck bought a car over for Ray to fix. Ray told the man he just repairs starters and alternators off vehicles. This is the second time a Tow Truck bought a car over to be fixed. I guess he's the only Auto Man in Hooterville.

I hope you are able to keep busy. I see you are back with Writers Cramp. I am with a mental health group here but haven't wrote anything for it. yet. I haven't been writing much.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Praying for better days. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is June 4 already.

I hope you feel good today and things are going your way.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2* *Heartp* I hope that her medicine works quickly and she gets used to it. We had to put medicine in Boo's ears twice a week to prevent ear problems. She never enjoyed the process, but it worked because she only had a couple of ear infections.

Yesterday, I did try judging again. Baby steps trying things. It is hard without Tom here encouraging me. It had been a while - about six months.

Watching Call the Midwife, Anne with an E and Oliver Videos on Youtube.

Will take it one day at a time. I was lonely yesterday some, but okay. The yard guy came and did the yard. I want him to trim the bushes out front this week, but we will see how it goes.

Not much new to report. I don't know when my brother will come again, but I hope for help getting this other car inspected. Again, I'll see how it goes and adjust accordingly.

I hope it is a good day for you and things are fine there!

Sunday. Warm day. I went to Church. We had Communion. We got new Devotion Books. I will be reading it for the next 3 months. I have been behind on reading Devotions. I used to read all the time but I don't anymore. I want to write that one Regency story but I just don't. I got a summary, outline and characters but need to write the story. I need a elf to help me.

I haven't judged a contest in awhile. I am debating about writing for the official Quotation Contest this month. I can't come up with anything. I have awhile, yet to think of something.

I have been watching Mamma's Family. My English shows weren't on last night. They had a pledging money thing I watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Just Shoot me. Today, I vacuumed and need to clean bathrooms. Bella *Cat* was in the Doll Room lying by my Wedding Doll and wasn't happy to see me. I told her sorry and left. She came out later. She didn't want to cooperate with her medicine thing this morning but we give her a snack afterwards. If she realizes that, she will be more cooperate about this I hope. Poor Boo. Animals hate taking medicine. Me, too.

Mom and I are going out tomorrow. Some shopping. I get my Vitamin B 12 Shot tomorrow. No visit. I plan on having a good day. I am feeling better. I will take that one pill in the morning for IBS.

Sounds like you have a beautiful yard. Things are green around here. I like it that way.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Hoping for better days for all of us. Later. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Monday. It is June 5.

I hope it is a good day for you and you enjoy your shopping trip.

Give Miss Bella a hug and my love! *Cat2**Hearto*

I also went to Church yesterday. My neighbor and I went together since we are both the same religion. I drove. It was a nice service, very early. Not too crowded and very nice. This is the same church that used to have the big book sale. It is the one I was confirmed in, but I didn't do Communion. My neighbor hadn't been since Covid . I hadn't been in a long time and never to services at this church. Plan to go again next week if all goes well.

The weather was strangely chilly.

I am on my own this week with a lot scheduled. Tomorrow, I meet with the lawyer. Then Wednesday, I have my Grief Counseling. I will have a lot to tell her. My brother isn't coming this week. I hope he comes soon and helps me with getting the car inspected. Fingers crossed.

Watched YouTube Oliver the dog videos, Anne with an E and Call the Midwife on Netflix.

Went to the store and dug out a vacuum cleaner from the closet. Turns out the upstairs one is light and works good. So, I don't need another one. I am glad of that.

Take care and I hope it is a good start to the week for you.

Mom and I went shopping. I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot. I got a neat 4th Of July throw rug at Kohls. My lighthouse ryg is shabby and worn out. Their clothes' are so shabby. It is really sad. They ask for your phone number. I had to give them my cell because the other one wouldn't take. I had to run my credit card through twice. I told the cashier this store is getting awful. I think I am done shopping there. I got my Victoria Magazine at Barnes and Nobles. I got a Bob Rossi, the painter, activity book. I love watching him paint live on PBS. Mom and I ate at Barnes and Nobles.

We went to Pet Smart. I wanted a cute light green chamelon they had. I didn't see the bearded dragon. They had a pretty green and blue parrot type bird and guinea pig. I saw a cute little geeko. I wanted to take them home with me. I didn't see any dogs and cats. A lady bought her dog in but he was shy. I may go visit there again. They are expensive.

Glad you went to Church. I need to go more often. I try to go every Sunday. I am getting used to the other new people who go there now.

We now have porch pirates! My cousin says they took a package for her daughter that her husband to be sent. She lives on a country road like me. Now, we have to watch out for them. Great day in the morning. Ray always wait for UPS to come in and he goes out and gets it.

We can get Bella's *Cat* medicine in the mail and get it cheaper. I think we will. We have to watch out for porch pirates. Bella *Cat* is doing well with her medicine.

I hope things go well with your lawyer and grief counselor. I see my Urologist this week.

I hope things are going well with you. I am always thinking of you. You are always in my prayers. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. It is June 6.

I hope that the day is going good.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty**Hearto*

My day was okay. I have to file with the court to get the cars just in my name. This is because we don't have right of survivorship. So, each one of us has a 1/2 interest in the cars. So, to get them all in my name I have to do estate stuff. It is just a way for the State to get some fees and moola.

The house is mine 100% and everything in it, but not the cars. It's bizarre.

The lawyers were nice. Two ladies. They were kind and not arrogant like men lawyers tend to be. The road is torn up that goes there so that was a pain, but I left early so I was okay. It isn't that far from me. They will go to the court for me.

The courthouse is scary. I don't think I could do it on my own, because it is a lot of walking in a dangerous area. Even the "handicapped" entrance is a long walk. Makes no sense. The lawyer's offices are close to the courthouse but with parking and in a safer area. They had a nice handicapped ramp.

Afterwards, I went to Barnes and Nobles. And a grocery store, than came home and dozed. It took a lot out of me. At least, I didn't cry this time so that's progress.

I haven't been to Kohls lately, but I got a coupon for them so I may go soon. I will see how mine is. It's probably not that great. I am skinny now, but have no interest in clothes.

Tomorrow is the Grief Counselor. She will come here again to the house.

I did enjoy Church, especially the music. I will go back again on Sunday. I don't know anyone except my neighbor, but there were plenty of people there by themselves. I don't really want to meet anyone much because I don't want to talk about Tom.

Watched Call the Midwife and Anne with an E. Also watched a lot about Harry's trial in London. He's not very bright. I hope that Meghan doesn't destroy him when she dumps him.

Take care and enjoy your evening. Those new badges are so pretty - thanks again!


Sorry you had to get the cars put in your name and go through boring paper work. The courthouse is scary. I don't like going there. You have policemen greeting you at the door. It is hard for me to walk long distance. I need a ramp. Stairs and I haven't gotten along since my bowel obstruction surgery. I can do a few steps but not very many. I hate stairs and curbs.

I am glad the lawyers are being nice. I hope things go well with the grief counselor.

I did laundry today. I hope to swiffer my floors tomorrow. I didn't do much today. I got a reminder about my Urologist appointment. It is in the morning and not the afternoon. Glad they called me.

The new Merit Badges are nice. It was a good surprise to find them today.

Harry. He is in a mess. That Meghan is a witch. I saw it in her face when she was in the carriage on the way to the Wedding. I haven't watched anything about the Royals in awhile. Harry hasn't been thinking straight since he married Bernhilda.

Bella *Cat* }is getting her medicine. She gets a snack after we give her to her. Ray can do more with her then I can. He is so good with her and she cooperates with him more then she does me.

I watched Bewitched, my soaps, Home Improvement, Alf, Mash and Shazam tonight.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. I hope life gets better for you. Thank you for the Merit Badges and doing the Campfire.

Hi on Wednesday. It is June 7.

I hope that you feel good today and everything goes good.

Give Ms. Bella my love! *Cat2**Heartv*

Tom used to do Boo's ears with the medicine and drops twice a week. I tried to do it, but she knew she was stronger and faster than me so sometimes she would run in her crate head first and stay there, standing with her head all the way in back. I would have to trick her and wait until she went out on the deck to corner her. But with Tom, she submitted to it.

The thing she wouldn't do willingly was her bath. She would hide in the crate so once again we would trick her to go outside then get the hose. If she saw the towels, she would run for the crate.

Watching a lot of youtube. The British commentary (some of it) is pretty entertaining. I was so surprised, though, at Harry's behavior in his own court case. He needs help obviously. He has so much money and could truly live a quiet life if he quit writing books and going on "privacy" tours and suing entities. He has a point about the media, but should have gone about this in a smarter way.. He has pushed everyone who could help him away. I don't get why he doesn't see that. Charles may need to intervene at some point. I can't see who else can do it.

I don't envy Charles because he's in an impossible situation. If only Meghan would actually try to help but I don't think she will do it. Maybe she doesn't have the energy at this point. I imagine life with Harry is somewhat challenging.

Our air quality is poor today from those Canadian wildfires. I await my grief counseling session.

Take care and have a nice Wednesday!


It is sunny here. I am going to CVS. A pharmacy run day. I haven't done much today. I made some tuna and gave Bella *Cat* some. She does love tuna. I do, too. I could live on sea food.

We have hazy skies from the Canada fires. I haven't really noticed but I will take a look when I go out in a little while .The new blonde calves stay with each other. They don't socialize with the other cows and donkey, yet. I am sure they will later on. They are adorable.

Bella *Cat* is doing good with her medicine. If we both approach her, she knows something is up and tries to run off. I was afraid with pills and liquid meds if I put it in her food, she wouldn't eat the food and get the medicine.

Tomorrow, I see my Urologist. I hope that goes well. I feel better off and on. It is so hard to get an appointment with him. I will ask him about that tomorrow when I go on. I just can't believe how busy these Doctors are.

Harry again. He may end up in prison. What was he thinking? I haven't read any news about him online. He may need Daddy King Charles help to get out of this mess. I am disappointed in Meghan and him both. King Charles has quite a job to do. He probably doesn't know what to do about Harry. I heard he sent gifts to his grandchildren. I guess he is trying. Harry should get out of this mess and lay low and just be with Meghan and the kids. I hope he is doing writing books and bad mouthing his family.

Not much t0o say. Have a good day. It will soon be the weekend again. Time does go fast. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Thursday. Sorry this is late in the day. It is June 8. The day got away from me.

Hope that the Doctor appointment went good and he helps you.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

My Grief Counselor mostly just listens. She seemed glad I went to Church and plan to go again. I am trying my best here, but I feel like I will never be happy again without my Tom.

Went to Target and Chickfil-a today.

Went this evening to Dinner with my dinner group. I had a small pizza with mushrooms. Brought home leftovers.

Watching Call The Midwife, Anne with an E and YouTube.

The Harry Meghan thing. Wow. Harry surprises me. I can't quite make him out. I think he is going for a sad ending. Somehow I think that Meghan will write a book about how awful it was being married to Harry. Then she will tell bad things about the Royals I predict. She will be very rich.

Poor Harry will wonder what happened. It is sad that he still seems to pine for his old girlfriend. She was much prettier than Meghan. She has married and has a kid. He shouldn't involve her in his mess.

There is something odd about Harry. I wonder if he was always this way of if the drugs have done something to him.

Charles has to step in at some point. The longer he waits the worse it will be. He has what he wanted - Freedom from the Royals, but now he wants revenge on the Press. But he wants the Press to pay attention to everything he does.

Something is disconnected in his brain I believe.

I am thinking in a while I might get another pup. Haven't decided.

Take care and enjoy your evening!


I had a lousy day yesterday. I went to my Urologist. He didn't have my UA results. He looked it up in the computer and there was nothing. He did another UA order. While I was there, he told me my Bone and Joint Specialist is quitting in 2 weeks. I have to find a new Bone and Joint Specialist! I will have to go see someone 45 minutes away. That is just great! I called the Bone and Joint Specialist's Nurse and she told me he is leaving. Back to the other problem. I went to the Hillbilly Hospital I do my UA's at. The Lab Tech said I wasn't registered last week and there was nothing on the computer that had said I was there. Where is my pee?? Being cloned? I did another UA. I was registered this time. I pray they got it right. I didn't yell at anyone.

Why didn't the Bone and Joint Specialist send out letters that he was leaving? His Nurse said I could see the other Bone and Joint guy. I said NO!!! That other Doctor botched up 2 men's knees. One is a friend and one is Ray's cousin. They got infection when that Doctor did their surgeries. I don't want an infection. Maybe God has a better B&J Doctor for me. I sure hope so. I am praying.

I went by Mom and Dad's. Dad was driving his golf cart and Mom was walking down the road a 1/4 mile back. I stopped and picked her up and told her what was new, Dad was mad because Mom was talking on the phone and left without her. She said she was going with Dad but she had been busy talking on the phone and Dad was mad,. Dad gets so crabby.

I an happy the Grief Counselor listens to you. I do hope going to Church helps you. I pray and sometimes I ask God if he is there but he helps me. I really need his help right now. We have to be patient, pray and have hope. I need to practice this as well.

Harry. What a mess. I hope King Charles steps in. I read some people in England want Charles to step down and give William the throne. I thought that, too. How did Harry get in this mess? Meghan. Why isn't she with him? I didn't know Harry is pining for his former girlfriend. I was hoping he would end up with Pippa. Harry is weird. Meghan is making him into a peasant. My uncle married a woman that made him low life. I hate to say that but it is true.

I mopped floors today. I ran the dishwasher. Ray has been out in the shop. We have haze from the fires in Canada. It is supposed to rain *Rain* Sunday.

Bella *Cat* shook her head after her medicine this morning and didn't get all her medicine. Like really?

I made ham yesterday. I am glad you get to see your Dinner Group.

Have a good weekend. I hope things get better for all of us. Thanks for listening. I appreciate you doing this Campfire. Sometimes, we do say funny things here. We need a laugh. I hope you get a Corgi. I would like a Corgi. Puppies are cute. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is June 9.

I hope the rest of today is good for you.

Give love and hugs to Miss Bella Kitty Cat! *Cat2**Hearto*

My dinner group was fun. I had a small pizza and brought leftovers home. I felt better after I went.

Your Lab sounds like they need to be reorganized. Everything is short-staffed around here and they weren't really responsive. Hospice was, but everything else was very slow pretty much and not nice about it. The way things were handled in the pandemic did a lot of damage.

The lawyer's office called and I went in to pay them more and sign the documents. They will call me next week to get them after they are filed with the court. Then, I take them to the DMV. And, of course, pay fees. I only hope my brother can come next week and help me with my car inspection. I have to do all this stuff in order to be able to trade the car in or sell it, but I'm not sure if or when I'll do that.

Watching Anne with an E, Call the Midwife and Youtube.

Harry is a puzzle. I don't get him or how he thinks.

It's fun to watch the Youtube commentators yell about him. They can't understand him either.

Went to Kohls this morning and bought a pair of white pants.

I am trying to do more things and will go to church again this week with my neighbor. We go to the early service. Maybe this will help me. I hope that it does give me some comfort and I will find some peace somehow. Or maybe I will bring someone else some peace. You never know.

There was a cute dog at the lawyer's office. He was tiny. Very sweet.

Take care and have a nice evening.


It is Saturday. I am watching Murphy Brown. It is supposed to rain *Rain* late tonight. We need it.

I hate dealing with the DMV. The women who worked there were so rude and I wouldn't take their crap. I took crap at my job and outside of my job, I wasn't going to take it. They hired different people and they are so nice now. Thank goodness. I understand what you mean. Their rules are so stupid. I hope things go well for you. I hope your DMV people are nice.

I want to go to Church tomorrow. I just hope the rain*Rain* won't be bad. Church is comforting.

Bella *Cat* had her medicine. She was in at 4:00 AM and knocked over the trash can. I shut her out. She is feisty.

No plans today. Just reading. I tried to write a story for Quotation Inspiration but I don't know. Maybe I will come up with something.

Have a good weekend. I am always praying for you and wishing good things for you. Thanks for being here with me. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is June 10.

I hope it is a good day for you and the weather cooperates.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartp**Tulipp*

I have been getting a little cleaning done. The floors are a challenge, but I am starting to do them again a little at a time. That's all I can manage with my back and artificial hip. But inch by inch I will try my best. Mr. HOOves used to joke that I wasn't trained to do the floors. He loved doing them. It's all hard woods, both floors so the swiffer works if nothing else.

I have been watching documentaries on the royal family on Youtube. Also Call the Midwife and Anne with an E.

Our air quality is still not the best, but I think that the direction of the wind is supposed to change soon. My eyes get a little irritated when I go out. I would like to do a little yard stuff since my yard guy hasn't been around this week.

Tomorrow, I am planning to go to church again. I hope it happens as it helped me I think. I will do my best to make it happen. I am trying my best to try different things to keep myself a little busy. I cannot do too much because I can't focus like I need to. But one thing at a time seems not to be too overwhelming so far.

Am doing laundry today and other cleaning as I go.

Not too much else is going on. Maybe I will go out this afternoon. I'm not sure yet if I will.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday!

Floors are always a challenge. I hadn't done mine in a few weeks and the swiffer pad was dirty. The floors are clean. We swiffered around the new toilet. Ray redid the floor. It looks nice.

We got that smoky haze, too. It is weird. Canada is 2 hours away. It depends on which part you go to. I hope it rains *Rain* tonight. We do need it.

I started to write a story about a teenage girl whose Dad was going to Vietnam and she was going to have to spend her Senior Year somewhere else. It almost happened to me. I stayed with my grandparents when my parents went to Arkansas in my Senior Year. I didn't want to miss out on being in Thespian Society, Junior Miss and a scholarship. When I moved to Arkansas, this pretty, young teenage girl's father was being shipped to Vietnam and she wanted to crash her car off a cliff. She didn't. She moved. I felt so sorry for her. I knew how she felt. I hope she didn't do anything silly. In my story, I was going to have the girl drive her car off a cliff. It was rough changing schools and making new friends. Heart breaking. I started this story and decided against it. The girl I mentioned didn't drive her car off a cliff but the story had too much of me in it. Sometimes, adding yourself to a story is too scary. I keep my stories fictional and fantasy.

The Royals. I wondered if Queen Elizabeth is looking down and seeing what is happening to her family. Harry is making a name for himself and not a good one I might add. I pray for the Royals as well.

A quiet Saturday. Things are quiet at WDC. I hope you are feeling well and good things are coming your way. Thanks for all you do. Praying for better days. I am still stressed about Thursday. Hospitals and Doctors. Later .Have a great Sunday.

Hi. It is Sunday, June 11.

I just returned from church. It was a nice service. No music and it was short and to the point. The sermon was good.

I hope it is a good morning and day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty!

My neighbor and I got back a little while ago. I met the minister. I don't think he will remember my name, but that's okay. I am just going to see if I want to keep going at this point. So far, I think it is a good thing for me. I wonder why I didn't do it before now. I guess there is a time and purpose for everything. Like the song says.

I didn't sleep much and was thinking I might not go then I made myself go and I am glad. The sermon was about not fitting in. That's how I feel, at times, now. I don't really fit anywhere without Tom to look after. It's weird. It was also about not worrying about details, seeing the big picture. I need to do that more.

Watched the usual Anne with an E, Call the MidWife and Oliver the Beagle on Youtube. I reviewed the Oliver book I bought on amazon. Watching Oliver and his humans makes me smile.

If I can stay away from anything medical it's better for me. I am trying to do that going forward and avoid them all.

Not much else to report. Fiction always has an element that is based in real stuff. But then the imagination comes in and makes it yours.

I hope it is a good, relaxing Sunday for you.

Enjoy it!


I went to Church. We sang a few songs. Our minister talked about freedom and freedom with Jesus. We sang America The Beautiful. It is nice we remember America. I am always glad I went after I got home. It is hard meeting a new minister. The one Church I went to, we had a new minister every year and I finally left. It was time. My Church I go to now has only had 2 ministers.

My bladder is acting up. I was doing better until I got all stressed out. I will have to wait on my UA results. I pray they don't lose these results or the urine comes up missing. I am trying to find a new Bone and Joint Specialist.

We got a brief rain shower, Teaser but better then nothing. Maybe I should say drizzled.

I read Devotions today and didn't do anything exciting today. I watched TV. I watched Dirty Dancing last night.

I did manage to write another mermaid story and this for the Quotations Contest this month. I thought I would give it a try. I haven't entered a Official WDC Contest in a year and a half.

Bella *Cat* took her medicine today and has been quiet. She does get feisty. She goes back to the Vet in 3 weeks.

I hope you will be sleeping better. I finally got my sleep schedule settled. I am glad.

Not much is going on. Have a good day and week. Just trying not to get all stressed out. Thanks for all you do. Maybe will get news and life will be better. Later.

Hi on Monday.

It is June 12.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better and get a response from the doctor's office on your test.

Give Miss Bella a hug! *Cat2**Hearto* *Tulipo*

I will do my best to keep going to Church. I hope to find something there to hold on to, but I don't know what it will be yet. I feel that it is right now for me to go. Feel that I am compelled to do it. That was my one thing I did yesterday.

It is rainy today and overcast. My brother is supposed to be coming tomorrow. I hope that it works out so he can help me get that car inspected. Will see how it goes.

Working on cleaning, bit by bit. The bushes need trimming and the yard guy said he would try to do that this week and mow, too. At least I don't think the air quality will be bad like it was. That seems to have changed.

Saturday night I hardly slept. Last night I slept and slept. Am still tired as can be. I hope it straightens out. Had a weird dream last night about the yard.

Am taking it one day at a time, which is all I can do. Don't know yet what my one thing will be today. It's looking like it might be the grocery store.

Watched Call the Midwife and Anne with an E. Also, Oliver the Beagle on Youtube. I also watch the British commentating. They are so funny when they rant and rave about Harry and company.

Not much else is going on. I hope that today is good to you!


It is 60 Degrees and chilly. I did change the cat box. I gave Bella *Cat* her medicine and Ray vacuumed. Bella *Cat* cooperated. That is a good thing. Ray usually does it.

I watched Bewitched, Home Improvement and my soaps. Not very exciting.

Somedays are better at Church then others. Lately, things have been better. I used to go to Bible Study but we just read verses and scriptures and my mother said other ministers did actual teaching. I heard things are different there now. I haven't gone since Covid. We got a new amph and we can hear the minister better. I couldn't hear her as well last Sunday. Yesterday was so much better.

My Doctor, the Urologist isn''t in on Mondays so hopefully. I will hear tomorrow. I am still trying to find a Bone and Joint Specialist. I get so upset about things. I pray for help with this.

It may rain *Rain* tomorrow morning before I get out of bed. We do need some more.

Tomorrow night is Game night. We may go late because I want to see if my Urologist will call me before they close. My Game friends will go out and be 2 hours late for Game Night. I may have to be late tomorrow night.

Nothing exciting. I hope we don't get any more cars dropped off. People think we repair everything. I wish I could.

Have a good day. Hope your yard work gets all done. I am always thinking of you. Hope your brother visits you this week without his "interior decorator". Sorry. I had to throw that in. Later.
Hi on Tuesday, June 13!

I hope it is a good day for you and game night is fun and timely!

Give Miss Bella a hug! *Cat2* *Hearty*

LoL at the Interior Decorator. She wants to do that for me, apparently. *Laugh*

I have a lunch thing today with a couple of friends. We meet sometimes on Tuesdays. Then my "Interior Decorators" will arrive later. I hope that we can get my car inspected. That will be a big thing to get done. Then I have to go to DMV and update the registration and pay the fees.

Then, I hope the lawyer will call about the court stuff. Then I have to go back to DMV and pay more fees and get the titles so they are in my name instead of both names. Lots of car stuff going on with these two vehicles. One is 19 years old and the other is 14 years old.


Well, we will see how it goes I guess. Always some challenge or problem to solve.

At least one car has been inspected and updated with the registration. One down, one to go there and then the legal stuff.

Watched my usual now, Call the Midwife, Anne with an E and YouTube, plus local news in the morning.

No word on the yard work so far. Maybe today or tomorrow. Will see what happens. I have no idea how long my Decorators will be here.

Take care and enjoy your day.


Seems like life is always a challenge. It got cooler here and I have leg pain today. A reminder for me to find a new Bone and joint Specialist. I am going to research tomorrow and just pick one No word from my Urologist.

I called my Beautician. She has blood clots in her lungs and was coughing up blood. She almost died. There are people worse off then me. The poor woman. She had Covid last year and pneumonia a year and a half ago. I will be going to the Beautician I went to 2 months ago.

Tonight is Game Night. I am getting ready for that. If my friend and her husband get that house in Mississippi, we won't be having Game night for 5 months. We will see what happens.

We gave Bella *Cat* her medicine. She wasn't pleased. I had to hold her. We couldn't sneak up on her when she was lying down because she was up.. She is alright. She always gets her snack afterwards.

Andrea Borcelli, the Italian Opera Singer is going to be on The Bold and The Beautiful this week. I love him. He sings beautiful Italian songs and I could listen to him sing all day.

I hope your lunch date went well. My one friend hasn't called in awhile. I hope she is alright. She never stays home.

I hope things go well with your court stuff and cars. Ray is always in the shop. He likes doing that.

I hope your Interior Decorators are nice. She should see my house. She would have a cow. Have a good day. I hope good things await you. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Thursday, June 15.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Time got away from me with things yesterday. We got my car inspected. It was perfect, of course. Much easier than with my other car. My brother drove us and we waited, but there was no wait. I kind of took that as a sign from Tom that he was happy that I did it. The Audi, which has not been driven other than one time to get gas and to be inspected since early December is perfect. I told the car guy (finally) about Tom passing in March. He was very sorry about it. That was comforting and a little hard, as it tends to be. It's like I lose him a little more every time I have to tell someone he is gone.

Yesterday, we went up to Virginia, about 40 miles from here. My brother enjoys driving, thank God. He has been a big help to me in doing this and I am grateful. They return back home today so I will be alone again then. I like having company. Maybe I really do need interior decorating, but I think I am generally neater than my decorators are. *Laugh* They were telling me they'd be here until Friday but then her sister scheduled something they have to be back for tomorrow. I was kind of expecting this as this has been somewhat of a pattern of behaviors.

The yard guy came while we were gone yesterday. He did amazing work with the bushes. I was so proud of that, too as I could see my brother was very impressed. I couldn't believe how much better things looked with those bushes trimmed back. Somehow the new hose got destroyed, but I'm not sure how. I think it was cut up in the bushes somehow with the power trimmer.

I am still waiting for the lawyer to call me to pick up things there so am on hold. I shouldn't have paid before the work was done. I knew that, but did it anyway so now I will wait I guess.

Always something to get done, but that inspection was huge and I appreciate my brother going with me so much.

Watching Call the Midwife and Anne with an E. We also watched the original All Creatures Great and Small. We went for Chinese food that wasn't very good in my opinion. It is hard to find good Chinese food around here.

I don't really like buffets, but went along with it since they are nice to come here.

Not much else is going on. Mississippi seems like an affordable place to live. There aren't many of those around anymore.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday!


Hey. It's Thursday. I found a new Bone and Joint Specialist. I made an appointment. It will be June 28. I have prayed about this. I hope this is what God wants me to do. Bella *Cat* has an appointment June 26. Blood work for her thyroid. The medicine thing is going alright for her. If she is lying down, it is easier to get a hold of her. If we have to hold her, she gets mad. The medicine goes in her ear.

My UA is normal, no infection. Hopefully, I will be alright with this now. I feel better off and on. I hope I will quit being stressed out.

Glad you got the car inspected. Glad it went well. I like to think our loved ones who have passed watch over us and guide us. I am sure Tom is with you and guiding you. A friend I had at work died and she watched over us for a month at work and home. She crossed over. I knew she had made it to Heaven. That may sound silly but I believe these things. Glad your brother helped. We don't have car inspection in Indiana anymore. We still do registration and insurance. It is the law. Some laws are necessary. In Indiana, motorcyclists don't have to wear helmets anymore. A friend of mine from high school, was a Motorcycle Gang member and got killed riding his motorcycle in the rain *Rain* because he didn't wear a helmet. Sad, really.

We finally got rain *Rain* It rained *Rain* 6 hours Tuesday night at Game night.

Virginia. That sounds nice. I don't like driving long distances. I just drive to places 45 minutes away. I like driving where I know I am going.

My 21ST Anniversary Merit Badge is nominated for a Quill. I don't know if to accept it or not. I always get hurt. I am thinking about this one.

I have a free week next week. If I decide to do something, I had better do it next week.

Have a good day. Almost the weekend. Thanks for all you do. I pray things get better for all of us. Later.

Hi on Friday! It is June 16.

I hope that you feel good today and the weekend starts out good.

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2* *Heartp*

My visitors/ also known as interior decorators - went home yesterday. It was nice to have company. My trash got messed up yesterday. Not everything came out because something big in there blocked it from coming out. Lets put it this way. I didn't put the big bag of stuff in there that blocked things. But I will figure out what to do. Always some challenge awaits it seems. The yard guy did great work, but must have destroyed the cheap hose I bought as it was also in the top of the trash can.

I wanted to slowly go through something else, but someone got impatient and just threw everything in a big trash bag and that blocked the trash under it from coming out. Plus, the trash guys don't shake the cans when they empty them like they used to. Like I said, always something. *Laugh*

I went and met my friends for dinner. That was good. One of the dinner people has moved close to where I am. That should be nice.

Finished watching Anne with an E, but was disappointed with the last episode. Still watching Call the Midwife (there are lots of those) and YouTube stuff.

Harry's book, Spare. It's so boring at times. I feel sorry for him even though I think he can be mean and has behaved badly. The only thing that made him interesting was what he was starting to do to help Veterans before Meghan swooped in. He saw her as his savior, but I think she is the opposite of that for him. His true love, it seems, was Chelsy Davey.

There is a trooping of the color thing coming up with the Royals. Charles is going to be on a horse. Should be interesting at his age. The Queen quit doing that in the 80s when she was in her early 70s.

Today I should go to Target, but I will have to get some energy to do it. Have to pick up medicine. I need to make a list of things I want to get as I forget if I don't do that.

I got my car registration taken care of. Now, I am waiting for the lawyer to call for me to pick up the title stuff so it can be put in my name. Always something going on, it seems.

Take care and have a nice Friday!


Friday. Almost the end of another week. I did laundry. It is still in the 60's. It is going to get warm again. Maybe next week, I will do something fun. We hope to do a Cook Out tomorrow.

I know what you mean about throwing things out and the garbage is in your way. I have throwing out parties. I decide it is time to throw out things. I load a trash bag or two with crap we probably never needed in the first place.

I watched Pride and Prejudice. I have an hour and a half to go. I only watch the one with Colin Firth. He is Darcy.

King Charles is going to ride a horse. Harry. Will he be on the back end of one? I read Princess Charlotte is doing archery. I always wanted to try that and fencing. Harry and his book. I wonder how much of it he made up.

Bella *Cat* had her medicine and she is lying down by my Wedding Doll in the Doll Room. I don't know why she likes that doll.

I watched my soaps. With the writer's strike, they may have to show reruns. I wonder how long the writers strike will last. I heard some actors are going on strike. It is like quit complaining and do your job.

Your Interior Decorators left. I knew a woman who had a mannequin in her house and made clothes for it all the time. She had all kinds of knick knacks. I used to tease her about it and my house is like that.

I feel so so today. Mornings are hard when I first get up. I had to reorder my blood pressure pill. If Doc would have ordered all my Meds when I was there but he didn't. So, I call when I need them.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is June 17 already, more than halfway through the year.

I hope you are feeling better today and things are good and the weather cooperates for the Cookout!

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday I ran a lot of errands and made phone calls. I got quite a bit done and heard from the lawyer that the stuff came back from the court. I will pick it up on Monday. I don't think the DMV will be open that day because of June Teenth.

Happy June Teenth and Fathers Day Weekend!

Am going to try and get a light weight leaf blower. Either a plug in one or one with a battery. Tom has a huge gas one that I cannot lift. The yard guy borrows it and has done that for a while. I sort of wish he would just take it with him, but we'll see. He loses things so maybe it's better that he keep it here. I'm not sure what to do.

I went and picked up medicine at Target, then went to Lowes, Home Depot the Post Office and the bank, so lots of places. Then I went to a sub place and got a tuna sub.

That parade in London was today. The one they didn't invite Meghan and Harry to. I hope that Charles stays on his horse and all is well for it. The British put on a lot of parades. They said this one is for the King's Birthday, but his real birthday is in November. They call
it the Trooping of the Color. Whatever.

Meghan and Harry lost their deal with Spotify so the British commentators had a lot of fun with that yesterday.

I tried to watch the parade this morning on Youtube and they said "Her Majesty the Queen" and I was thinking for a second that this must be old, but then I remembered. It's Camilla. That bothered me that they refer to her as just "Her Majesty, the Queen." I changed to watch something else.

Before I changed to another channel, I saw Kate and she looked beautiful in a green dress. Camilla's dress had a crown or something on her butt. I am not kidding. When she turned around there was a crown on it. She had trouble getting in the carriage a bit.

I am okay with Charles and Camilla, but not in her being "Her Majesty, the Queen." There is only one and that was Elizabeth 2.

I just watched the youtube stuff yesterday.

Harry and Meghan might be running out of money so I look for the two of them to try to get back into Charles good graces. Unless they split up and each write tell-all books.

Take care and I hope your weekend is a good one. No mail delivery on Monday for June Teenth.

Enjoy your Saturday!





Hey: It's Saturday. I have some sinus issues today. My hiatal hernia is acting up. Just what I need. Juneteenth. I guess I don't get why we need another holiday. Father's Day. I just gave Dad money and a card. I may not make it to Church tomorrow. I called the Pharmacy and I can take an antacid with my Xalerto. I am always bugging the Pharmacist at CVS.

It is in the 60's. We had wind yesterday. It is quiet today. No rain. Farmers are irrigating their crops. At least we don't have to mow grass *Grass* I haven't seen one of these guys *Grasshopper* yet.

A Parade for King Charles. I don't like Camilla being Queen. She is Camilla Deville or Snow White's wicked stepmother. Princess Diana would have been a better Queen. Queen Elizabeth was the Queen. I didn't watch any of the Parade but I might go to YouTube.

Meghan and Harry might end up being kicked out of a lot of things. Sad but they bought it on themselves.

Kate always looks beautiful. She is a true Princess. I hope her and William are working things out.

I vacuumed. I did laundry and dishes. I watched Petticoat Junction, The Big Valley, Green Acres, Murphy Brown and Alf. I finished watching Pride and Prejudice last night. I love the scenes of Darcy and Elizabeth.

We may have our Cook Out late. Things are quiet here, Bella *Cat* had turkey lunchmeat. That is a treat for her.

I always liked Subway's Tuna Subs. They had an ocean Sub that was good, too.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Sunday. It is June 18.

I hope it is a good day for you and I wish Mr. Ray a Happy Father's Day!

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2**Heartt*

Went to church this morning. The Bishop is coming next week so the minister encouraged everyone to be sure and come. I intend to and my neighbor said she will come again, too.
I sort of think that just getting out is helping me.

I think I have a sinus infection and I have some antibiotic left. So, I'm taking it and hopefully it will help. I do not want to go to the doctor's office again. When I got back from Church, I was so tired that I took a nap. That's unusual, but I'm getting more sleep at night, too - on and off.

I thought the parade for King Charles was weird. It wasn't that entertaining and it hardly looked like anyone was on the balcony. A lot of it is on Youtube, but it was kind of boring. It is just Charles on a horse with a hat pulled low so you can't see his face very well.

The press is saying bad things about Meghan and Harry with regard to their podcast being cancelled by Spotify. I don't know if they have to pay back a lot of money. If Harry is in money difficulties, he will probably end up going to his Dad for help.

Meghan has made a lot of mistakes in judgment and I don't think Harry is very intelligent or kind. Strange combination. Camilla isn't fun to watch. Kate is and her kids are cute.

Watched the Youtube stuff and Called the Midwife, but not much else.

I seem to be sleeping a lot. I fall asleep watching TV quite a bit. I ordered a leaf blower (Electric) from amazon to clear off my deck. It is light weight and plugs in and doesn't use gas. I hope it works well.

Tomorrow, I have to go to the lawyer to get the paperwork from the court to take to the DMV later on in the week.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday. I hope the medicine helps. Thank you for writing with me!


Today is Father's Day. I didn't make it to Church. Father's Day, we don't do anything. We did have our Cook Out late last night. Hot Dogs and hamburgers. Bella *Cat* got turkey lunch meat.

I did watch some of King Charles Birthday Parade. A soldier passed out. I see Camilla, Creuella was riding in the car with Princess Kate and the children. Louis was holding his nose. They had planes fly over. Everyone was on the balcony. The balcony is famous.

Meghan and Harry. It wouldn't have killed them to stay part of the family and they wouldn't be outcasts and whining. Like really? Oprah started this crap with her special. Oprah can't find a man to put up with her. Meghan is, well, was an actress and still is. She is so dramatic.

I can take Pepcid Complete. I haven't, yet. My sinuses are better. I did use my Pur Mist Machine. It helps. Bella *Cat* has been getting her medicine but she protests. She gets it in her ear. She gets a snack afterwards.

Sunny here. No rain *Rain* I did laundry. Ray is watching his worthless police shows. I watched CSI: Miami last night. I love Horatio. I watch him once or twice a week. I got through Covid by watching him every weekend all day. I watched As Time Goes By, The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Maybe I will watch a movie tonight. TV is lousy at night on weekends.

When we get older, we sleep more. I worked in the Nursing Home, the elderly slept a lot. I take 10 minute naps and miss the ending of a show. I hate when I miss Jeopardy. I am sleeping good at night.

I have a mammogram Friday and another blood test. I hope they all work out .Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is June 19th. June Teenth.

I hope it is a good day for you. Pepcid always helps me - I hope it works good for you.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

I hope this week is a good one.

Went this morning to the lawyer's office to pick up the things I have to take to DMV. Now it is thundering. I will go to DMV on Wednesday, I think.

My brother has things going on so he won't be coming, at least for a while. His step daughter has surgery tomorrow so he has to be there to help her. I hope it all goes smoothly. He has been such a big help to me and I appreciate it so much. Will try to handle things here and not bother him.

Tomorrow, I will go to lunch with one of the ladies I go with. The other one is having difficulty with her knee. I always look forward to our lunches, but I am doing at least one thing a day. The last few days I have been very tired.

The yard guy came yesterday. I had never seen him come on Sunday before. He mowed just the fronts, but really helped me out with something without me asking him. That was nice.

Today, on the way back I went to Barnes and Noble. They have a free rewards program now so I signed up for it. I hope I don't regret doing that. It's new, but they charge a lot more for the membership that used to be 25$.

Harry and Meghan are supposedly going to be spokespeople for Dior. For a lot of moola. That suits them better than actually producing stuff I think. Modeling clothes. Odd.

Charles should take their titles away, that he can take. I'm not sure if he can take the "Prince" one away, but definitely the Duke and Duchess nonsense. It's so nervy that she still calls herself that.

My leaf blower came, but it doesn't have a cord. Always something, no wonder it was cheap. I will get a cord for it.

Watching YouTube and Call the Midwife on Netflix. Suits is on Netflix now.

Take care and enjoy your Monday. I hope you aren't getting storms.


Juneteenth Day. A holiday. Ray went to Walmart. I wasn't even up, yet. I got up. I watched Bachelor Father, Home Improvement and my soaps. This afternoon I need to fold up laundry.

We aren't getting storms. We need rain *Rain* so bad. It is supposed to rain *Rain* Friday and the weekend. A quiet week. Friday I need to get up early for my mammogram and Blood Test.

I am having sinus issues. The weather is in the 80's. It was in the 60's. I got up too early.

I watched As Luck Would Have It with our favorite Downton Abbey Chauffer. I love the scenery. I watched Austenland.

Sorry your brother is busy this week. It is good that he comes to see you when he can.

Bella *Cat* is taking her medicine and doing well. I hope that Pharmacy calls and I can get her medicine account set up. I will have to call the Vet if they don't call by Thursday.

Not much to say. I have two gears today. Slow and slower. Things are quiet here.

Have a good day and week. I am always thinking of you. Hopefully, life will be better for us. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is June 20.

I hope it is a good day for you!

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday I went and picked up documents at the lawyers. Today, my one thing is going to lunch. One person can't make it, but so far the other one is coming so it will be the two of us. We will miss our other friend.

It rained and stormed yesterday in the afternoon. It rained so hard and poured. This morning is it still raining off and on, but so far, not storming.

My brother is taking his stepdaughter to the hospital for her surgery. I hope it all goes smooth. I have had the surgery she is having and it is hard. They aren't being realistic about where she is going to stay and the recovery time involved. My brother ends up doing most of everything so I hope he is okay and up for it. I tried to tell him, but they think they know better.

I had the surgery a long time ago. Now, they try and do it laproscopically. So, she goes home the same day. I hope and pray she does well.

It is worrying when anyone has surgery. She is young, but not in the best of shape weight wise. I just hope that some common sense is used.

Am watching a lot of Youtube.

Still reading Spare. Harry is so boring at times. He whines about just about everything and never has to do much. William seems so different.

I think I will save the DMV until tomorrow, unless I get a burst of energy.

It will be my one thing to do tomorrow, I guess.

Not much else to report.

I hope you have a good day and things are going good there for you and Ray and Bella!

It has been a good day. I feel better today. Never perfect but good. Still, no rain. *Rain* I heard the Caribbean might get a hurricane. Be careful, Captain Jack. I should watch those movies. They make me laugh.

I do hope the surgery goes well for your brother's stepdaughter. I hate surgeries of any kind. I am not looking forward to knee surgery but I can't put it off forever. Surgery by my belly makes me throw up. Hopefully, my knee won't. I will know what is going down with my knee after next week.

More of King Charles guards and palace guys have been passing out. George and Louis never fail to entertain everyone. Charlotte, too. She is cute and pretty. Camilla. I wish a dog would chase her off the palace grounds. Harry likes to whine. He reminds me of a werewolf with that beard. I should be nice. Our {resident's son is in trouble. Imagine that. Trump. I hope he gets off.

I hope things go well at the lawyer's office. I have never had to deal with a lawyer. I don't want to. We do need them. I couldn't do their job. I know that much.

Bella *Cat* is doing well with her medicine. She complains but she gets a snack right away. After her medicine, she looked at me as if to say where's my snack? You promised me my snack. We give her one.

I hear they are working, planning a Season 7 of Downton Abbey. It will be different without Maggie Smith. I saw an episode of Mama's Family, Carol Burnett and Maggie Smith played Jean Brody, Bubba's teacher. Bubba was a troubled student. Anyway, they are trying to get actors together to do Season 7 of Downton Abbey. I wonder what storylines they could do. I hope they do have Season 7.

I saw the last half hour of Breakfast At Tiffany's. I always cry over the ending. Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, holding the cat and kissing in the rain *Rain* Ray is like, I am going to bed.

I hope things are going well. I haven't done much today. It is over 70 Degrees. Have a good day. I hope your yard is all nice and green. Thanks for all you do. I am going to go over my Mermaid and Quotation Story for the Quotation Inspiration Contest. I turn that in next week. I accepted the Quill Nomination. Hopefully, I won't be hurt again by the results. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is June 21.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a big hug! *Cat2**Hearto**Heartt*

We are getting nothing but rain and it is supposed to go on through the weekend. Sigh.

My brother's stepdaughter did good with her surgery. Now they need to look after her for a while. I hope she feels better and improves every day. Someone said that it would be like a "party". Sometimes I don't understand people at all, especially those way old enough to know better.

I have things to do, but don't feel too great. I am going to try and get my one thing done today, though. I hope it isn't too upsetting at the DMV as stuff like that tends to be. I have paid a lot of money and I have to do the work, too. What's wrong with this picture. Plus going in the pouring rain. Not fun.

Speaking of not fun.

Harry and Meghan. Odd choices they have made. There was video on Youtube yesterday of Kate meeting Paul McCartney at an Art Gallery. She has a nice life, I think and hope. Her kids are cute and she seems proud of them and doesn't "hide" them. Meanwhile people are saying things that aren't so nice about Harry and Meghan as Kate shakes hands with Paul McCartney.

Weird sort of justice, I'd say. I know who I would rather be.

Harry's book is so boring and he whines a lot about dumb stuff.

Watched Call the Midwife and met a friend for lunch yesterday. Otherwise, stayed in out of the rain and rested.

It's hard when it's so dreary out. Very moody with that.

I hope you have a lovely day today!


It is Wednesday. You keep getting rain *Rain* and we can't get a drop. Maybe this weekend. It is hot and I haven't even been outside. I don't go outside but I know it is hot.

We have sump pump problems and the water is running strange, Ray called a plumber and he told us what we need to do. Hopefully, we will get that problem solved. The truck is getting new brakes.

I am waiting on a call about ordering Bella's *Cat* med for her thyroid. I hope they don't take their time. I wish you could get pet meds at CVS and this wouldn't be an issue. We will see.

Glad your brother's stepdaughter's surgery went well. I wish there was an easier way then surgery to fix a problem with the body. Maybe someday. I will see the new Bone and Joint Specialist and I hope that goes well. I will send out prayers for your brother's stepdaughter.

The DMV. I am glad our DMV people are nicer now. I got my handicapped Parking Permit and it is good for life. I am surprised how many handicapped spaces are used and it is hard to find a parking space at times. Like Walmart. I don't go there anymore. Mejer isn't hard to get a spot or Kroger.

The Royals. What do Meghan and Harry tell their kids about Harry's family? The kids must realize they don't fit in. They are in line for the crown and can't see Grandpa .I would be upset if I was a Princess and couldn't be part of the Royal celebration. I could never behave like Meghan and be left out. Meeting Paul McCartney. Cute. Queen Elizabeth knighted him. Kate is so sweet. Like you said, I would rather be Kate. Me, too.

I vacuumed. I haven't done much. Next week, I will be busy. Vet. B&J Doctor. I need to get my hair done.

Not much is going on. Have a good day. I am always thinking of you and wishing you well. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is June 22. Pouring rain and chilly. Weird weather.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv* I used to get eye drops at CVS and Walgreens for Boo. The Vet would call it in if I asked them. They like to give the medicine themselves, but they would do it if I asked and gave them the phone number for the pharmacy. That may have changed now, it's been a while since 2020 for me.

Today I need t go to the bank, but am waiting for the rain to taper off.

I got my stuff done at the DMV. It was weird. I was so tired and in a big line. Then they announced that the state computers were down for credit card and debit card payments. They could still process old fashioned payments like checks and cash. So, they told people who didn't have checks or cash to come back tomorrow. But that is what I had. A check and cash, too. So, I moved up in line. It was a weird thing and then the lady, realizing that my husband of many years had died, was very kind. I left crying. But I got it done and they will mail the titles in my name in a couple of weeks. The cars are both paid for so no liens. I got registration cards in just my name good until a year from now. The whole thing made me feel sad.

It was difficult.

My dinner group isn't going tonight. One lady had knee replacement about a year and a half ago. Then she fell and had to have a 2nd surgery within a week. Now, it hurts worse than before she had the first surgery and they won't do more surgery. She couldn't get her appointment until Friday and she called on Monday. As we all know, we have to go through people to get to the actual doctor.

That stuff can be tricky. I think falling made everything harder. She goes for water aerobics, but she said that started to make it worse about a week ago. She tries so hard for it to get better. Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to go and punch the doctors in the nose.

The main thing is not to fall. As we know, my Tom couldn't help falling again and again, too so I know that is easier said than done.

Another lady in the dinner group moved to an Assisted Living Apartment, but it is less than a mile from me now. I will be driving her when we go again. The other couple picked her up when she lived close to them.

I have to go to the bank today. I may change banks if they don't give good interest on CDs now. I know that another bank does. I let sleeping dogs lie during the pandemic too much.

Also, I have to go to the pharmacy or call them. Okay, I just called since it's raining. That worked out good and will save me some driving. I am glad I wrote it here and then I thought and called. Sometimes, my brain doesn't work like it should.

The prescription is for Nexium and they don't have it. So, it will be at least Saturday. Always something.

My brother's stepdaughter continues to improve. Her surgery was robot assisted. I find that alarming. But she is doing good so far. My brother took them their meals yesterday and he was happy to do that. He's good hearted and he has always had a really good relationship with his stepdaughter. She lives in his house while he lives with his girlfriend. Walking distance away. They met on the internet.

My neighbor has had the plumber here three days this week. I hear her Corgi barking at their ankles right now. He's a good watch doggie.

I watched Call the Midwife and another thing on Netflix.

On Youtube, the British and Australian comments on Meghan and Harry are hilarious. Plus, I watch a Beagle pup named Oliver. He has a lot of adventures with his humans. Very heartwarming and entertaining.

Take care and I hope that today is a good day for you. If you get rain, I hope it's not a monsoon like I'm getting here.

We went to Bob Evans. I had shrimp, potato soup and the Holy Cow Dessert. Chocolate Cake with melted frosting. I haven't been anywhere in awhile. People drive like they are crazy. Bob's was slow. Just one waitress. Everyone is short of help. We usually get there an hour early but not tonight. Anyway, we came, we saw, we conquered. We ate.

The new blonde cows don't associate with the brown cows or the donkey. It wasn't too hot for them. We got out of Bob's, it was like a shadow and sunshine and haze falling. Ray say it was muggy. It was 83 Degrees. The ditch is down. That is never a good sign. We need rain *Rain* It may drizzle tonight and tomorrow but no rain*Rain* until Sunday.

Sorry, your friend broke her knee after leg surgery. I worry about that. I try to be careful. I need my knee surgery. I want to quit whining and I hope my new Bone and Joint Specialist will be getting things arranged. Enough of that. I hope your dinner went well.

I get mad at Doctors a lot. I am not mad at my Urologist for now. I called about Bella's *Cat* Med. They didn't call me. I called them. They are closed until tomorrow. A lady from the hospital system called about my mammogram tomorrow. They wanted to charge 90.00. I told her my insurance says this a Well Awareness thing and they never charge for it. I get a mammogram and blood test tomorrow.

I used to take Nexuim. I had no problems with the big meal I had tonight. Maybe I am alright.

I watched Downton Abbey last night. I would need an elevator if I did live there. All those steps. I do love that castle/mansion.

I don't want a robot doing surgery on me. I want a human Doctor. I don't get the robot thing. Bad enough letting some Doctors work on you let alone a robot. My Luck, I would get that one on Lost In Space. Danger. Danger. That would be about it.

Hope your brother's stepdaughter is doing well and continues to do so.

We don't need a new pump. Ray fixed it. I am glad.

Hopefully, tomorrow will go well. I have to get a hold of someone about Bella's *Cat* Med. Have a good day. Hope you go out and do some things you enjoy. Always glad to hear from you. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is June 23.

I hope it is a good day for you and everything goes good. Bob Evans always sounds like a good idea to me. I wish we had one here.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat**Hearty*

Doctors are slippery characters to get in touch with. I hope that improves, but it doesn't seem to get better over time even though the pandemic is over.

Yesterday, the kids across the street showed me a baby bullfrog that they found when it jumped out by my recyclable container. It was black and only a little larger than a quarter. They said that bullfrogs get to be pretty big. I hope the little bullfrog is okay. They let it go, but they have some pet frogs already. My trash pickup was thankfully okay since no one crammed big stuff into the bins after I put my trash in. Sigh.

I went to the bank yesterday. Interest rates are up. That is a good thing for some kinds of savings. It hasn't been that way in a long time.

This morning, I already got gas, went to the bank and got a McDonalds breakfast. It is not raining for a change.

Sometimes I feel so tired. I cannot seem to gain weight and keep it. Don't have much of an appetite.

Watched YouTube and Call the Midwife.

That Titanic thing is so sad. I feel like maybe people should respect that is a grave site underwater at some point. A lot of people were lost in that tragedy so long ago. People respect the underwater ship Arizona in Hawaii. I sort of think Titanic should be treated with the same respect and maybe not disturbed.

Thanks again for all the Merit Badges and lovely gifts. Those really perk me up. *Heartp*

I hope your day is a good one.


Friday. I got my mammogram. I was supposed to get it done at 9:30 AM. I was there at 8:50AM. I had to wait to preregister. I did that on the phone yesterday. Unreal, They told me to get the Blood Test first. I waited 20 minutes and it was 9:25AM when I walked down to Xray. I told the girl I was there I in plenty of time. The Lab Tech had trouble finding my vein and finally found it. After my mammogram, the Doctor looks at it and the Tech told me things looked good and I could go. They were behind. I got things done. Next week is another adventure.

I got mad at my soaps today. Everybody cheating on their spouses. People trying to take over Victor Newman's business like that will happen on Y&R. Andrea Borcelli hasn't sung on B&B, yet. Maybe I need a break from soaps. Like that is going to happen.

The Vet called and the pharmacy called and we ordered Bella's *Cat* medicine. She is probably upset because I was yelling at my soaps. Ray says they are fictional people. I am a writer and fictional characters are real. Anyway, back to real life.

There was a big pillar of smoke by our old farm 1/2 a mile away. I hope someone wasn't burning brush. The Fire Department didn't come out. That is always a good thing. We are so dry. People need to be careful. The smoke left.

A bull frog. They are cute. We used to have frogs *Frog* around here. I would water my plants years ago and one would jump out and scare me. Frogs *Frog* like plants and flowers*FlowerV* Hope no one hurts the bull frogs *Frog* *Frown*

The Titanic thing is sad. Another tragedy we don't need.

I am doing laundry. I need to clean the kitchen. I was up early and I am tired .I will sleep in tomorrow.

Have a good weekend. Going to rain *Rain* Hope things go well for you. I hope you are feeling well. Thanks for letting me be a looney tune about my soaps. Later, my friend. *Corn* *Cow* *Grass* *Sloth* *Strawberry* *Tree2*

Hi on Saturday. It is June 24. The days start to get shorter. It is summer now officially.

I hope it is a good day for you. The thing about weekends is usually no medical nonsense goes on. Everyone I know of who has any sort of medical thing isn't happy about it. I get a tummy upset now and then, but I'm trying to deal with it on my own with the medicine I have here. Last night was a little rough, but I am better this morning and eating my saltines.

Give Miss Bella a big hug for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

Doctors offices don't seem to hurry to do anything that I can tell. I think in the end people are getting more and more fed up.

Soaps are a good thing to watch. I quit them a long time ago, but sometimes I still watch an episode of Y and R or General Hospital. They totally ruined Days of Our Lives by putting it on some streaming service that most people don't get. I used to like Luke and Laura and VIctor and Ashley. At least, I think it was Ashley, the one before Nicky.

My nephew was talking about him remembering me watching General Hospital with my niece. That is one of his memories of me. I was probably yelling at the TV, too.

Watched Call the Midwife and also the Meghan and Harry Documentary on Netflix a little. I never can stay awake for that one. It's like a sleeping pill. I am trying to figure out who is the most annoying. I actually think it might be Harry. He thinks he's an expert on everything because he says so. She's obnoxious in a different way. Also watched the usual Youtube stuff. My biggest problem with them is that they seemed to be so mean to the Queen after she lost her husband. I guess I am sensitive to that. You always find out things when people pass away, maybe even things you might not want to know.

It is hard times.

But I am slowly getting my at least one thing done a day. That is my goal from the Grief Counselor. Yesterday, my one thing was more than one thing. I went to the bank, got gas and went to the grocery store and stopped at McDonalds.

Well, that's about all that is going on. It looks like it might be a nice day today. The rain makes coping harder.

Take care and have a nice Saturday!

Saturday. We are supposed to finally get *Rain* tonight. I read Devotions today and haven't done a lot. I need to fold up clothes. It is sunny *Sun* and no nut is burning anything today.

Soaps. I used to watch Days Of Our Lives. I was mad when Kayla and Steve divorced again. Bo died again and Hope was with someone else. Chloe was a prostitute and I had, had enough of Sammy and Kate. Stefano died. My soaps now. They have crossed over the line. Maybe with the writer's strike, the writers will evaluate and keep the right couples together and quit upsetting the viewers.

I used to watch General Hospital. When I was a teenager, the characters worked at the hospital and had personal lives. The past 30 years, no one works in the hospital anymore. They should change the name of the soap. I loved Luke and Laura's Wedding. I remember when they had a weather machine and the mean Cassadine Family. I will watch Y&R and B&B and complain.

I haven't watched anything about The Royals in awhile. They are a soap all their own. King Charles won't get to know Harry's kids. Harry and Meghan are outcasts. I would be embarrassed to go out if I was Meghan.

Medical things. On weekends, we have to go to ER. Urgent Care isn't open on weekends. My Doctor has Saturday hours but he told me he is thinking of quitting doing Saturdays. I know I would. I wish we could take one pill a day that would take care of every symptom and disease. They would probably charge an arm and a leg if they made that pill.

Not much is going on. My cousin's daughter gets married tomorrow and the cousins and aunts weren't invited. It is in Michigan. I won't be going. It is a 2 hour trip and there are no rest area stops. Right now, I need a bathroom at times and have to work every 2 hours. Going to Frankenmuth, it is a 5 hour trip but you have 6 rest areas and convivence stores. We always stop for a snack and restroom. Maybe when I get my knee surgery, we can go again someday. I don't know. Life isn't what it was 5 years ago.

Bella *Cat* is in her bed. She has been quiet. I cut her back on snacks. She doesn't want the extra snack after her night medicine. She sees the Vet Monday.

Have a good weekend. I hope you are getting sunshine. Thanks for all you do. I will be doing reviews today. I hope you are feeling better. Later.
Hi on Sunday. It is June 25.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty. *Cat2**Heartb*

Shortly, I will leave for church. My neighbor and I meet in my driveway and I drive. It is just a couple of miles. The Bishop is supposed to be there this morning. It looks like a nice morning so far. We are supposed to get bad storms tomorrow night. Always something going on to be worried about here.

Yesterday after I judged, I ran errands. Went to the post office and Target, plus a grocery store and Chinese Food place.

Then I came home and watched TV and didn't do anything else. Mostly Youtube. After just that, I get very tired. It is weird. I do not know now when my brother will return.

There is always stuff to be anxious about I guess.

Harry and Meghan. They aren't very smart. That's not that unusual, but then you add to it that they are mean at times. Being mean like that isn't likable.

Sooner or later people see it when someone like that is mean. They were mean to the Queen. Maybe they were mad at others, but their behavior was mean to the Queen.

Sometimes people are mean and they think they get away with it. But I never think that is true. I think being deliberately mean catches up to them eventually.

Sometimes it is hard and a challenge to forgive those who are mean.

The medical profession has a lot of mean people. It will catch up to them eventually.

Life is harder now. It is hard to go places. But it was hard with Tom in a different way. He would insist on driving when he wasn't careful. That was scary.

I talked to my friend who has had knee issues after two surgeries. They gave her prednisone and it is helping her knee. But they also said go for water therapy. When she calls the water therapy place, there is a huge wait for that. The doctor didn't know that, I guess. She tried for an appointment with this doctor early in the week and the staff gave her Friday. The doctor told her there were plenty of appointments on Wednesday. He needs to take his staff in hand and get a grip on what is going on.

I think this is the same guy who did my hip replacement, but I'm not positive about that. He needs to get a serious clue, whoever it is.

I miss Tom so much, but I don't miss worrying about the doctors and their dumb staffs who don't try to help people.

Everyone I know has those issues if they have to have medical stuff.

Anyway, I hope it is a good day and you enjoy the rest of your weekend and get the much needed rain as gentle rain.

Have a good afternoon!


It's Sunday. We got rain *Rain* at 4:00AM. It rained *Rain* real good for a few hours. I fell asleep. Bella *Cat* was visiting me at me 3:00AM so I had to shut the door. She got fed at 6:30AM. She gets her snack after her medicine. The Vet's Office calls me before I got up to remind me of her appointment tomorrow. She must have been checking on the animals who have to stay for a day or two.

Some people are mean and I have been trying to understand that for years. Like at my job. Those mentally ill were the meanest. You had to let it go and remember their problems. Some people will never be nice it seems.

Water therapy. I have heard of water therapy for knees. I see my new Bone and Joint Specialist Wednesday. I hope that goes well. I get nervous about meeting nee Doctors and when I get medical tests.

Mom and Dad left for Michigan for my cousin daughter's Wedding. The one they didn't invite all the relatives. Mom and Dad will get a motel room if Dad is too tired to drive. I hope so. It may rain *Rain* in Michigan before they leave so it is best if they just stay. My cousin says she won't miss her daughter. She is messy and won't clean house. I hope she cleans her own house. Her husband is South Korean but was adopted. He didn't want the dog so the dog stays with my cousin. The same with the rabbit *Rabbit* My cousin wants me to take the dog if something happens to her and her husband. I love the dog. He is a little guy. She will outlive me. They love the dog. My cousin's daughter won't be sweet anymore I don't think. Sad.

I understand you miss Tom. Life can be so hard and unfair. I pray for you all the time. I get anxious a lot. I worry all the time.

Not much is going on. I watched The Brady Bunch, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and I watched Newhart before I went to bed last night. Have a good day and week. Thanks for doing the Campfires with me.

Hi on Monday. Another week. It is June 26 so June is winding down.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go good!

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartg*

We went to church, my neighbor and I. The Bishop did not show up for the 8 am service, but was still expected for the later one. This made me think of all the sarcastic remarks Tom would have made about why the Bishop didn't turn up as expected. Sometimes, big shots in the church get a little full of themselves. It made no difference to me saying my prayers.

The minister went on about Russia and his fear. That was kind of odd. Putin has everyone a little on edge I guess.

The minister and acolytes were all excited and nervous and then he doesn't show up.

A couple brought two babies. They were very quiet and well behaved. I think they came early to meet the Bishop, but whatever. The babies impressed me more than the big shot.

Hope your parents had a good trip for the wedding and all went well for staying over if they had to do that.

Taking care of a dog is a commitment. I am thinking of getting another one as a rescue, an older dog. I don't know if I am well enough yet for that. Hoping that I will be because I think it might help me and whatever pup finds me.

Your TV watching sounded very entertaining. I'm stuck in a rut with Call the Midwife episodes and Youtube rants about Meghan and Harry and how they are allergic to working for their moola.

Harry will be blamed in the end. Everyone, including her, will blame him for whatever is coming.

I wish he could see that, but he can't apparently. He's kind of a mean person so I have mixed feelings about where this is headed.

Not much else is going on that I know of. Yesterday, I blew off the deck with my new electric leaf blower. It worked well. It only weighs 4 pounds, so I can manage it.

I cleaned the upstairs floors some and did a little laundry. Mostly, I just was lazy.

Take care and I hope you are headed into a good week.





It rained yesterday. *Rain* We had tornado warnings and a tornado struck in southern Indiana. We had hail and a severe storm. We got through it. We did need it. Mom and Dad didn't stay in Michigan. They made it home. The bridesmaids wore black bridesmaid dresses. That is dumb. I would never wear a black bridesmaid dress. I just hope my cousin's daughter will be happy.

We took Bella *Cat* to the Vet. She gained half a pound so I need to cut her back on her snacks. She got a blood test but I won't know the results until later. We got caught in the rain *Rain* coming out. Just what I need. I didn't sleep good last night. I am stressed. I worry about things. Hopefully, my tests come back okay and Bella's as well. Bella *Cat* is glad to be home.

Meghan Markle was on Without A Trace last night. She was younger and pretty. I kept thinking of what a lousy Princess she is. Harry is a pain. I watched 4 episodes of Without A Trace. I always liked that show.

Sorry the Bishop didn't show up. Hope he had a good reason. My one Church used to have guest speakers but we don't except for the Gideon Bible Man. The one guy wanted to be our minister but we couldn't heck him. I am glad we got the woman instead.

Russia is scary and so is China. I pray we don't have a war with them. We don't need that.

I am not doing much. Tomorrow night is Game Night. I hope I will feel up for it. I see my Bone and Joint person Wednesday. I hope that goes well.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is June 27.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good for Game Night.

Give a hug to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

Last night we had alarming storm warnings. There was a little thunder in the distance and some wind. That was it. I am thankful it didn't materialize here and the power stayed on. I fell asleep and we were under a Severe thunderstorm warning, but nothing happened except in the neighboring counties and none of that was like they thought it might be. There was some hail, I guess and I hope everyone is okay.

Woke up at 2 am, but went back to sleep until 6.

I have lunch with friends (if all goes well) today. I meet them at the nice place we like, that is attached to a fancy hotel.

I have not felt well and could not eat much yesterday. I hope that goes better today. It might be stress of worrying about the storm that never was.

Watching Call the Midwife, Youtube dog videos and weird British videos about how off the wall Meghan and Harry are. The commentary is brutal.

Russia and China. Putin is a nightmare.

I worked in my yard a few times yesterday, taking breaks. Some days are harder than others. I have a big yard here and don't do much with it. Tom enjoyed the yard a lot. The yard guy, I never know when he will show up. He's a man of mystery.

Not much else to report on. I hope it is a good day for you, you feel good and things go your way.



It is foggy today. We still have that smoke from the Canada fires. Ray went to Walmart and I wasn't even awake. I did sleep better last night. I feel alright today. I am just waiting to go to Game Night.

Tomorrow, I see the Bone and Joint Specialist. Ray's sister's mother-in-law had her hip replacement done by him and that went well. So, I have something positive to go on. I was glad to hear that.

Bella *Cat* had lunch and has been sleeping. She was up all day yesterday after going to the Vet. I take that back. She is up now.

I hate storm alarms. Our cell phones went off 3 times with thunderstorm and tornado warnings. I hope we just get rain *Rain* without the storms and tornado alert things. Bella *Cat* gets uneasy and paces, I do, too. I hate when it happens at night before you want to go to bed. I am always up until midnight but sometimes storm alerts go on all night.

I watched The High Chaparral, Alf, my soaps {and I still put up with them and their antics}, Home Improvement, The Brady Bunch and Family Affair.

I do hope you are feeling better. I hope you feel like eating. I went out to eat that one time and just ate pancakes.

I got to see Andrea Bocelli on Bold and the Beautiful. He has quite a mansion in Italy. I love that man's singing.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you and praying for you. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is June 28.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well. I hope you get a nice breeze and gentle rain if there has to be rain. Alarming storms are no fun.

Give Miss Bella a hug from me! *Cat2**Heartp*

My Grief Counselor comes today. I hope that goes okay and is helpful. She has helped me quite a bit, just coming and listening.

Taking it one day at a time. The lunch went good yesterday, but then I was so tired. I came straight home. It's like I think I will do all this stuff and then all I can think of is to get back home and be safe. It's weird.

Watched my Call the Midwife show and some youtube stuff. The Youtube stuff is different all the time so it entertains me a bit.

The yard guy came, but he didn't do anything in my yard. Maybe today he will come again.

They are going to dig up my neighbor's yard for a plumbing thing. I hope that they can fix it for her.

Doctors offices are weird. I feel that doctors are good, but they need better people working with them. I hope that happens going forward.

Not much else is new. I look forward to my brother's next visit, but I don't know when it will be. Soon, I hope.

It is nice to have things to look forward to.

Take care and have a nice day!

I saw the new Bone and Joint Specialist. They did xrays. They were friendlier then they were at the other B&J Office. The Doctor answered all my questions and showed me a an artificial bone and steel thing they will be using, The Nurse explained everything and thongs went well. I think I have a good B&J person. I am happy with him. August 8 is my day. So, I may not be back on here right away for a few days. We have awhile, yet. Ray's cousin was there having her shoulder looked at. She was a Nurse for 43 years and she was seeing the same B&J Doctor I was. She says he is a good doctor. That is reassuring. Things are looking up for me.

My Mammogram is normal. I am happy.

We have haze from Canada's fires. It smells. It is foggy and unreal. My windows fogged over last night coming home from Game Night. I don't like the haze and smoke. It is scary.

Ray and I went to Walmart. I got some frozen foods. I bought some sugar free cake mix and Dolly Patron Chocolate Frosting. Her cartoon picture is on it and she signed it. LOL. I am making cupcakes with my cupcake maker. I bought pistachio pudding. I haven't made that in years. I made strawberry Jello with bananas today. I may make some tuna. We bought bacon.

My sister is coming home. She is concerned about Dad. She lives in Florida. She may be here in time for my knee surgery. I am going to call her. We text all the time but we need to talk.

I am glad your lunch went well. I hope things went well with your Grief Counselor. Our yard is dry and we got rain *Rain* and may get more. Our yard needs something. The corn and wheat is growing by us. I hope our yard perks up.

I am always thinking of you. I am glad you can get out. I hope you get to see the dogs. Bella *Cat2* got more medicine. Her Thyroid Blood Test is normal. I have to get another blood test next month.

Thanks for all you do. You are in my prayers. I hope things get better for all of us. Hope you don't get that smoke we have been getting. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is June 29 and June is almost over.

I hope it is a good day for you. Maybe all the hassles with the doctors led to finding this doctor, who is better. I hope that is the case and it all turns out good. Thinking of you and hoping it all comes together now in a good way to help you feel better.

Give love and hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Hearty* *Cat*

The yard guy came yesterday and his riding mower quit in my yard, so there it sits. He said he will get it out soon and push it out, I guess because it needs a belt. That is what flew off of it. He has other things going on, too, and finished it with a push mower so that was nice. Always some drama goes on, it seems.

Still, the mower sits in my yard.

I watched Call the Midwife and Youtube. Harry and Meghan come off so badly now. I wonder when they will go back to England and hang around the Royals, looking for new book material. That's got to be coming.

Went to Barnes and Noble after the Grief Counselor came. She said a lot of the women she works with don't drive so that's an advantage that I drive myself places. What would I do if I couldn't drive at all. I don't know. Everything is relative.

This evening I have my dinner group. I pick up someone who has moved near to me. That will be interesting.

I try and take it one day at a time and look forward to Church on Sunday now.

I hope my brother will come soon again. It has been a while.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday!




Thursday. I vacuumed and did laundry. Bella *Cat* is eating less today. She ate double yesterday. She ate a lot of dry food. I think her appetite is still good. She does well with her medicine.

I get my MRI Thursday. I have never had one. I have a busy month in July of medical stuff. I hope I can keep it with things. Mom gets her stomach scoped Thursday.

Tomorrow, Mom and I are going out for lunch. I have earned it. We will do a little shopping.

I plan on going to Church every Sunday until my surgery. I don't know how long I will be out of sorts after my surgery. It is always easier to go to Church in the summer then it is in the winter.

Sorry your yard guy is having problems. The lawn mower is always breaking down. We hope to get a new water filtering service put in. Always something.

We are getting storms this afternoon. They may get bad. We still have that awful air smoke thing. I am staying in today. I will be out tomorrow. Just enough to get in and out of places.

I am glad I drive. My mother never learned how. I have to take Mom places. Dad doesn't want to shop so I take her. I just hope I don't have to take her grocery shopping again. She always wanted to go to 3 stores. It is like buy what you need at one grocery store. I hate grocery shopping.

I have my Vitamin B 12 Shot next week. I hope to go to Barnes and Nobles. I am so done with Kohls.

hope your brother will be visiting. Have a good day and weekend. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is June 30, my youngest grandson's birthday. I will call him later. It will be weird without Tom. We used to call and sing Happy Birthday. I will just wish him a good one. He turns 13 today.

Hope it is a good day for you and that smoke is clearing out. We are still having it and it is dark and gloomy this morning from smoke and overcast.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug! *Cat2**Heartp*

I picked up the lady who moved close to me. That went smooth. We met the others at the restaurant. This lady is a lot older than me. She said it is hard to get used to not being in her home. This is a assisted living place, but I think she is in the part that is independent living. She still does a lot of stuff, including driving.

The restaurant we go to closes for a week and a half so we will go to another one. There is another one close by.

So, June is almost over and Tom has been gone three months now. Sometimes it doesn't seem real His birthday was the 6th of July. That will be a hard day.

Day three and the mower is still in my yard. Sigh. I will call him later on (either today or tomorrow) and remind him where it is because sometimes I think he forgets. Another sigh.

Watched Call the Midwife and Youtube and local news yesterday. I am in a rut with watching and reading. I have been trying to read Spare by Prince Harry for a while. It is very boring in some parts. Sometimes I wonder if that is just me unable to concentrate or if everyone who gets it has the same issue. I bought it used so that Meghan and Harry don't get any money from me.

I tried to watch their Documentary on Netflix again to give them a fair chance. It is so boring and they are both so full of themselves. She looks like she has a receeding hairline in some of it.

The royal family has Kate and William for glamor now. But no one comes close to Diana. When I see films of her, she glows and of course, never ages beyond 36.

I see Biden on the news. What is with him, what's going on there I wonder. I hope the Democrats have some alternatives. Same with the Republicans. They all need to have candidates who are younger people. I don't like politics either side of the fence.

Well, we never know what the future will bring.

I wish I could figure things out better sometimes, but my brain gets foggy. However, I know I am too old and not smart enough to be president, unlike some people as we all know.

Take care and I hope this last day of June is a good day for you!



It's Friday. We have smoke on the ground from the fires. I don't know how anyone can be out in it for so long. It is 88 Degrees. I was out to lunch with my friend and Mom. We went to Bob Evans. I had their noodles and mashed potatoes and potato soup.

We went to Beals. I did buy some make up. Mom went to the furniture store to buy a new recliner. She picked out one and got a sample of the material to see how it looks with her rug. She will order the recliner later.

Bella *Cat* is having side effects from her meds. I called the Vet and they told me to cut back on her medicine. I just gave her one dose yesterday. She is on probiotic for 5 days. She is better today. She is back to eating. I picked up her Probiotic medicine. I got nudged by a beautiful German Shepherd. Brown and beige. I had to pet him. I love seeing pets at the Vet's Office. I am always happy when dogs and cats have people who love them.

Happy Birthday to your Grandson. I will think of Tom on his Birthday. I know it is hard for you. I think about you everyday.

Meghan and Harry. They are brats. They will raise their kids to be brats as well. So sad. If I was Princess, I would love it. I could do all the celebrations and things. I would wear my crown and be nice. Kate and William are important. Kate holds her age well and smiles and seems happy. Their kids will get to know King Charles . They already do. Kate is a lady.

Biden. That jerk interrupted my soaps. He doesn't know Sickem. I wouldn't want to be President. If I was President, people wouldn't like me because I would be honest and care about the people. I wouldn't be crooked and underhanded.

Your yard guy. IIs he on a break? Wow. I guess he is in no hurry.

We didn't get any rain *Rain* It bypassed us. It is supposed to rain *Rain* tonight. I hope the storms won't be severe.

I watched The Brady Bunch this morning. I watched Dr. David Jeremiah. He is my favorite TV Minister. I hang on to every word he says.

Have a good weekend. I will send you another Merit Badge when it counts for CR. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is July 1. Sigh.

I hope it is a good start to the weekend for you.

Give love to Miss Bella as she adjusts to her medication. *Cat2**Heartv*

As we all know (or soon will) the mower is still in my yard Day 4. I don't want to nag him so I'll give it some time. Surely, he will miss it and come and get it, it is a zero turn riding mower, not something little, but time will tell.

Am doing laundry this morning and some housework. I will go to the post office and some other places after a while. I have to figure out at least one thing to do every day. Yesterday, I judged and went to the store and post office.

Watching Call the Midwife and YouTube things. Same old stuff. I love watching videos of the Beagle called Oliver.

My neighbor on one side is in India by now. She will be back toward the middle of July. The hound pup next door is there with his Daddy. I saw him in the window yesterday.

That is a long time of flying I think.

I talked to my grandson. He was going to the movies and out to dinner on his birthday. He sounded more grown up, his voice did.

Not too much else is going on. I am thankful for what I had, all those good years that I had with Tom. Hope that he is at peace and not suffering anymore.

Take care and enjoy your day.



Saturday. Ray went to a Tractor Show. I am watching Green Acres all day.

Bella *Cat* is doing okay. She didn't want her tuna with the Probiotic but she has had one and a half doses. Ray comes home, we will give her the other half tonight plus her thyroid medication.

We got a brief *Rain* shower today. We are supposed to get more tonight.

I do hope you will find comfort in Church and Tom's memories. Look at his pictures and save some of his favorite items. Thibk of the good times you had.

I like watching happy animal videos. I watched My Fair Lady last night. Rex Harrison was wrong for that part. I still enjoy the movie

I made Mac and Cheese with Velveeta. I cleaned the kitchen and I vacuumed. I washed clothes

The lights tried to go put but came back on. I am glad about that.

The dog next door has his Daddy. That is sweet.

Sounds like you have a mower. If you are like me, that is the last thing you want.

Have a good day. Enjoy the weekend. I am always thinking of you.
Hi on Sunday. July 2.

I hope it is a good day for you and not too hot or stormy.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Heartv* *Cat2*

Went to church this morning with my neighbor. I feels good to do that. She says it starts her week off good. But then I come home and it's alone again for long stretches. I guess that is life now and what it looks like. Sometimes I get a little confused about what is going on in general.

The Yard guy's mower is still in my yard. I guess it is day 5. I left a voice mail for him, but I'm not sure he gets them. I will call him again next week if he doesn't show up.

I wish I had more energy, but it is very hot and smokey, so I don't have much pep.

Watching a lot of Youtube videos.

We had storms in the area last night, but nothing right here. Thankfully, the power was okay. Went to the post office and got gas after church.

I hope that today is good for you..

This week ahead seems like it will be difficult emotionally. Maybe the whole year will be like this and beyond.

I hope I can perk up some at some point. For now, it is just sad and lonely. I have some moments that cheer me up though and that gives me hope.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday and going into the 4th of July holiday!


We had rain *Rain* last night and this morning. I went to Church. We had communion. The ten year old girl who is there every Sunday hugged me today. That made me feel good. She is a pretty, sweet young girl. I never had a daughter but if I did, I would want a daughter like her. Ray's cousin was there. The poor guy had a flat tire on his wheelchair. It made an awful sound. He is a nice guy. He laughed. I didn't know wheelchair tires could go flat.

They were going to have a NASACAR Race in Chicago but it was canceled due to rain *Rain* They rerouted Chicago for this and I was anxious to see this race but that isn't happening. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow?

Bella *Cat* isn't too active. She refuses the probiotic. That med. has side effects. She did well with it a day and a half. I may have to call the Vet back tomorrow if she isn't back to normal. I hate this. I hope she can stay on her Med. I don't know. She eats and lets us pet her. She was up at 4:30 AM.

A busy week this week this week. MRI. Ray has a Doctor visit. I need to get my VB12 Shot. We are thinking of going to Walmart tonight. I haven't been there since Christmas. Watch the walls fall down when I walk in.

I hope you will get some comforting news and visitors. Life seems unfair for all of us at times.

Things are quiet on here. I haven't done any reviews. Some members have returned. No one misses me because I am always here. LOL.

I heard there were 2 shootings. In Kansas and another state. I hate this. What is wrong with shooters?

Have a good week. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Monday. July 3.

I hope that you feel good today and things are nice and the weather cooperates.

Give Miss Bella a Get Well hug! *Heartv**Cat* It is so hard to adjust to medication for everyone.

Watched a lot of Call the Midwife and Oliver the Beagle Dog on Youtube. And, of course, Meghan and Harry.

The mower is still in my yard. Sigh.

The other shooting was in the Brooklyn section of Baltimore. People get drunk I think and out of control at gatherings. Plus, they shouldn't have guns when they get drunk. Same as they shouldn't drive.

Who has come back. I am so out of it I don't know. Probably I didn't know they were gone. LoL

My neighbor and I keep to ourselves at church. We go at 8 so it isn't crowded and most of the people are older.

I still take it one day at a time. This has been a tough year and continues on that path.

I hope that today is good for you.


No rain *Rain* today. Bella *Cat* is doing better. The Vet called to check on her. She will take awhile to adjust to her medicine but she followed me around this morning. She got an extra meal. Ray didn't know I had fed her. She's perky and going to the bathroom. They want to do a wellness blood panel on her. I pray that goes alright. I am always nervous these days.

I watched my soaps and some Twilight Zone. Not very exciting.

We are having a Cook Out tomorrow. There were fireworks going off last night. Probably 2 more nights of this.

At Church, I talk to a few people. My Game Friend goes there and my parents. Some other people I talk to. I sit by myself towards the back. The woman had a knee replacement and hip replacement right in a row. She inspires me. She and her husband are so nice. Too bad their daughter isn't. She was so rude at a Gleaners Turkey Dinner. Ray's aunt asked if I was going to the family reunion. I don't think so.

I do hope things will be better for you. I hope the same for all of us. I am anxious about surgery in 5 weeks.

Things are quiet on here. I am going to do some reviews. I read Devotions. I read Bible Passages every day.

Have a good day and 4Th. I remember Grandma had a 4Th of July Cookout when I was a kid. Dad's sister did but I quit gone. Her daughter was so hateful and was mad because I bought a cake. She said I was supposed to bring chips. She was always so loud and bossy. Now, my 4TH Of Julys are quiet except for fireworks at night. I like the quiet. Later.
Hi on Tuesday, but feels like a Sunday. It is July 4.

I hope you have a good day. and everything goes good in the lead up time to your surgery.

Also I hope Miss Bella continues to improve and is perky. *Cat2**Heart*

It is quiet here this morning. I got sleep, but I still feel really tired. I made myself some oatmeal and half a bagel for breakfast. It tasted good to me. Lots of fireworks went on last night. I don't get why people don't wait for the actual day to do it when the weather will be the same.

Yesterday I called my sister in law to thank her for the nice birthday card that they sent me. Her husband is doing well after knee surgery. They gave him a sort of IV thing that delivers pain killers right at the knee. It has lidocaine in it and it stays on for the first week. I talked to her husband, too, and he says he's doing well. I am thankful for that.

The paperwork came for the cars. By that I mean the titles in just my name. So the cars I take care of, pay the insurance and taxes and fees on are now mine to sell. Another thing taken care of.

My brother is coming next weekend because I think he is sad to leave me here alone on my birthday. That is nice of him to do that.

Very thoughtful.

Cleaned some of the floors yesterday and went to the grocery store and Lowes.

I don't know if I will do much today as a lot of places are closed.

Watched Call the Midwife, Part 3 of Meghan and Harry on Netflix (boring) and Youtube videos.

I hope today is good for you and you have a nice cookout. I will try and stay awake to watch the fireworks tonight on PBS.

Happy Fourth!

Fourth Of July. We had our Cookout. No rain *Rain* Farmers are out in the field. There will probably be fireworks going off tonight. Has been the past 2 nights, Otherwise, I wouldn't know that it is a holiday.

Bella *Cat* is doing real good. She is up and around and her perky self.

I watched some Twilight Zone episodes. My soaps had old episodes and Y&R characters were all so young. I was younger, too. I watched Newhart episodes last night. Home Improvement, The Brady Bunch and Full House.

When is your Birthday? I left a note for Choconut for something for you in her Chocolate Forum.

I am running the dishwasher and not doing much. Ray went to Walmart this morning. He said it was a big mistake. The shelves were empty. He was up early at 5:30. We didn't go to Walmart last night.

I made pistachio pudding. I haven't had that in years.

I cleaned out my closet yesterday. I had no room for anything. I have Barbies in there and I rearranged my clothes. The hangers were awful. I got rid of a few, I had new tops to hang up.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. It feels like Monday. July 5.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go your way.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! Am glad to hear she is doing well! *Cat2**Heartp*

My birthday is this coming Sunday, the 9th. My brother has plans to come on Saturday. But that could change. I will try not to be too crushed if it does. Thank you for the lovely merit badge, again! Tom's birthday was the 6th so tomorrow.

I continue to slowly find my way. There were a lot of fireworks here. At 3 in the morning loud ones woke me up. People always have to run a good thing into the ground.

Yesterday, I went to Panera Bread for my outing. I got a half Asian Sesame Chicken salad. That has shrunk a lot from the last time I got it, a while ago. Sigh.

Am going to lunch with a couple of friends today. We will meet up and I made a reservation. A lot of places are closed for the holiday week in summer here.

I am still trying to read Prince Harry's book, Spare. I will finish it. I will. Especially if fireworks wake me up in the night. LoL

Watching Call the Midwife and will soon watch Part 5 of the Harry and Meghan Show. I have to watch it in small doses so I don't fall asleep. Also the cute beagle on YouTube and other Youtube stuff.

It isn't supposed to be as hot here. Yesterday, the yard guy finally came and pushed his mower out of my yard. He struggled with getting it on his trailer, but he did it. Yay.

Take care and enjoy your Wednesday! I never like going to Walmart anymore much, either.

Today, I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot. The Nurse was by herself. Doc is on vacation. The new Assistant quit already. The Doctor put a new picture in his office of painted lions. It was an oil painting. So pretty. He used to have a huge black and white picture and older looking of men in their 30's at a woman walking past them. I bet there were 20 men in this picture. It was in poor taste. Doc moved his picture to his office. I will take the lion pride painting for a thousand, Alex.

I went to Pet Smart trying to get a new carrier that is bigger for Bella *Cat* They only had 2. I guess we will have to wait on that. I saw a cute little bearded dragon with light blue stripes. He came up to the window and looked at me. He is cute. I wanted to take him home. They had the bird I saw last time and guinea pigs. Pet Smart is small compared to the other stores.

I went to Barnes and Nobles. I got Danielle Steel's newest book Palooza and some Jaws playing cards from the movies. I love the movie Jaws. I got my chocolate cupcake. A cashier there said I was dressed like Aurora. I guess she is a a Rock Singer. I will have to look her up and check out her music.

It was 80 some degrees and hot. It is supposed to rain *Rain* tonight.

Glad the yard guy got his mower. The farmer down the road has computer screens at the end of his field. Maybe they are solar screens.

We watched Fireworks on TV last night. They were in New York sponsored by Macys. Someone did fireworks the past 3 nights.

I do hope you have a Happy Birthday *CakeB* this Sunday.

Tomorrow, I get my MRI. I hope that goes well. Think of me.

I am going to watch Jaws tonight. I am in the mood.

I hope you had a good lunch. Read Harry, the spoiled Brat. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Thursday. July 6.

I hope it is a good day for you and your MRI goes quick and you get the results soon and you feel okay to do it all. Thank you so much again for the lovely awardicon for my story!! *Heartg**Heartp*

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2**Heartv* Have you looked on amazon for carriers? Sometimes they have things I can't find in stores.

Today was Mr. HOOves birthday. Already a couple of positive things have happened. The kids across the street who do my trash are away. So, I went out and did it myself. It took me 20 minutes to carefully roll the trash can down the driveway, but I did it okay. I am just putting out trash, not recycling as I don't want to push it.

Then, when I was done taking it down, I looked up and there was Pluto (the hound doggie) and his Daddy. So, I got to visit with Pluto and he was very loving, even though I didn't have the usual treats with me as I was still in my sleepy time outfit, leggings and hooded sweatshirt over t shirt. When I get dressed I usually put treats in my pocket just in case. But Pluto was very loving without the treats. I got to hear about his wife's trip in India and she is having a nice time. I told him it was Tom's birthday today so I was very happy to see them. I felt like Tom brought us together this morning very strongly.

Oh, and I forgot to mention last evening. Around quarter of 8, I hear a mower and it is the yard guy back again mowing in the night time, even until dark. The mower was fixed. I didn't go out as it was too late for me, but I will catch him next time I see him. I am not sure if he was finishing from a week ago or doing a new mow. I was just glad that when he left, he took his mower with him on the trailer and it seemed to be still running. Maybe Tom helped him.

My lunch yesterday was nice. Because so many restaurants are closed for the 4th of July week, we went to one in a shopping center. The first time I went there was 1995 with Mr. HOOves and my brother and his wife at the time.

I think we are going to dinner tonight at the Italian place right around the corner for me. I will pick up the lady who lives close to me now and meet them there. One of the women has today as her birthday, too.

In the not so good department, they are digging up my neighbors yard (the corgi) to reroute a pipe for her plumbing today so lots of digging, dust and noise. But I hope they fix it good for her.

I am wearing one of Mr. HOOves smaller shirts today in his honor. I got a card that his sister donated to a Catholic School in his memory yesterday and that is nice too.

Watching Call the Midwife and Youtube and local news.

I hope it is a good day for you and things all go your way. Thank you again for the lovely awardicon!

I couldn't get my MRI. They didn't have the rest of the equipment to check my knee. I have to go to the hospital and they have what they need to do my MRI of my knee. Talk about incompetent. I am scheduled Tuesday. I hope things go better there. Not a good day.

It was hazy and foggy. We didn't get a drop of *Rain* The traffic was terrible. Darn semis were all over the place. I hope the trip to the hospital goes better. This hospital is by the Rehab Center I was at for 2 weeks. The hospital I get my surgery done at is where I had my bowel obstruction.

I was thinking of you. I saw the Merit Badge you gave Mott. I am sure he was with you today like you said. Your Birthday is Sunday and I am hoping you have a good one. I was glad to send the Awardicon.

Glad you got to see Pluto. I saw two dogs at Pet Smart and said Hi to them I love animals.

Bella *Cat* got 2 meals. I fed her before I left and as soon as I got home. She loves to eat. She is doing good. We will try to get her a new carrier in 2 weeks before her next appointment. I didn't check at Home Goods. I was there when Ray went to look at shoes. I didn't buy anything except a belated Wedding Card.

I need to fold up laundry. I have a few things to do. I need to relax. I am upset about having to get my MRI somewhere else. They sent some Spanish guy to get his MRI at Porter. He walked in and told him he had to go to Porter. Like seriously?

The guy mowed the grass late. Our neighbor likes to mow grass *Grass* at night.

That's all that is new. I did watch Jaws last night. I won't get in the water with the sharks that I promise. The sharks:🦈 *Shark2* can have the water.

Hope today was good for you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is July 7.

I hope it turns out to be a better day than yesterday for you. Maybe that place is better that you are going to on Tuesday. I hope so.

Give Miss Bella a nice hug for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

I had a nice outing for dinner. The yard guy was in the neighborhood again so I stopped on my way home and paid him for the night before. He did it as a new mow as he is going to the beach this weekend.

I heard from some people who remembered about Tom's birthday. That was nice.

It looks like they may have finished in my neighbor's yard. But it looks torn up. The workers/plumbers spent a lot of time standing and sitting around yesterday. But the noise wasn't too bad. I was surprised at that. I hope it is fixed. In the middle, the guy who marked for digging came back. I didn't think that was a good omen.

I showed my dinner friend where I live. The others have been to my house. I feel so tired this morning and do not know exactly why. I will make myself some oatmeal and a half a bagel soon. Maybe that will perk me up.

Watched YouTube and Call the Midwife and the end of the Harry and Meghan videos (all 6 hours of them) on Netflix. I realize from watching how mean Harry and Meghan were to the Queen it seems. When she was so sick, too. I think that if they have any sense, they would feel guilty about making the end of her life harder than it was anyway.

I hope that Netflix doesn't post any more of their stuff. I like Netflix otherwise pretty much except when they get on a big woke tangent and forget about entertaining.

The Crown was good at the beginning, but Seasons 5 and 6 not so mucn.

I hope that today turns out to be a very nice day for you. Stay cool!

A quiet day. I am still unhappy about yesterday but I hope next week goes better. I can get the MRI. I have plans next week. I need to be in a better frame of mind, Enough of that.

I still get upset about my soaps. We get tired of watching the same old shows. I need to watch some movies. I will do that this weekend. Dad watches history stuff and Mom's dish and TV went out and she hasn't got her own unit back. We don't do dish. I just watch old TV Shows.

Glad your neighbor's yard is back to normal. It is still so dry around here. Makes me nervous.

Glad you had a nice outing for dinner. Ray and I may go out for our Anniversary Dinner since I am having surgery. I don't know how things will be after my surgery. I hope things will be alright.

That is good that people remembered Tom's Birthday. I am glad you were able to feel close to him yesterday.

I appreciate you writing in here everyday with me. It means a lot. I am always thinking of you. Your Birthday Weekend. I hope you have a good one. I always hate being another year older.

Here's to better days. I have nothing to write about. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is July 8.

I hope today is a good day for you and the weekend goes good.

Give a hug to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv**Heartp*

My brother and his girlfriend come later on today for a day or two. That will be nice and I appreciate it. Then it will be hard and I will be on my own again. But it will be nice to have company and I am grateful. It's been almost a month since he was here this time.

I went to a few places yesterday. Kohls to use a thing of Kohls cash and another thing of rewards. So, I got a blouse and save 15$ which was pretty good. It seems I still can't gain weight and most of my clothes are pretty big on me. I went to Barnes and Noble, but they didn't have anything I wanted. I wish they would have as they were giving double points and I have a gift card to spend. But no luck there.

Otherwise, I went to the grocery store and the bank. And cookout for a burger and coleslaw.

This was a big outing for me.

Then I came home and watched the usual Youtube and also Call the Midwife.

It was too hot to do much outside besides walk down to get the mail.

Thank you for all the merit badges and awardicons! Those really have perked me up.

Thank (((you)))!!!

Enjoy your weekend adventures!


I am in a better frame of mind today. Ray and I planted the flowers I bought for Tigger's *Cat* grave. I used the cane to walk out back. It has grass and dirt and it was farm land at one time. I had to throw out the white broken cat planter. I had it 20 years and more and used it for her. Now, I have a glass blue one for her. I still have my angel cat statue and her grave stone. We put that back on the grave. I miss her still.

We did get some rain *Rain* It drizzled earlier. It looks dark.

I watched Lost In Austen last night. This is how I learned about Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice and Darcy. I had to read the book after I saw the movie to know who who was who in P&P.

Bella *Cat* is doing good today. I think I can quit worrying about her.

Hope your brother and the decorator are doing well. I am glad you have company.

You have 2 more Merit Badges coming from Choconut. I had it spaced out for CR. Have a good Birthday tomorrow. *Cake* *Cake* *CakeP* *BalloonY* *PartyHatB*

I watched Green Acres this morning and Murphy Brown. I watched Alf. Tonight is Bill and Ted Movie night. I always loved those guys. They are crazy but sometimes dumb movies make us happy.

I may make mini cupcakes this afternoon if I get in the mood.

Happy Birthday! *Cake3* *PartyHatP* Later. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on July 9. It is Sunday. The day I was born a long time ago.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and all the love and awardicons and badges and everything. Most of all, thank you so much for being my friend through these tough times and always listening and being kind. It means a lot. *Heart*

Give Miss Bella a nice hug from me. *Cat2**Heartp*

I got a stone marker for Boo that came yesterday. I will decide where it will go by her birthday in September. It is nice to remember them and how much they meant to our lives, isn't it?

I am trying to be strong, and some days I do better than others. I leave for church in a few minutes. My guests are staying here while I go with my neighbor, which is fine. They are not early risers usually and I am so this works for me.

When I get back the plan (so far) is to go out to breakfast.

It is nice that they came with all that he has going on there and elsewhere. I appreciate it a lot.

Watched some different stuff with them yesterday. We watched Endeavour and Lark Rise to Candleford and I watched some Youtube Beagle videos to perk up.

I hope today and every day is good for you.

Thank you again for everything and for helping me so much during this tough year.


Happy Birthday! *PartyHatR* *PartyHatP* *Cake* *Cake3* *Cake2* Hope your day went well. I see you got some greetings here.

I went to Church. I told my minister about my surgery and she will want to be there when this happens. I pray it all goes well and having my minister with me will help. Someone took my parking space and I wasn't happy. In a month, they can take my spot and I will probably be gone 6 weeks. We will see.

Bella *Cat* saw a bird and was running wild and meowing. She saw another one and was meowing. She played with her milk ring and straw. Pets do add a lot to our lives. She woke me up at 3:33 AM. That isn't going to work. I had to lock her out.

Hope you will get Boo's marker up. It is nice to bury a pet like we do people. They are important.

I see my Oncologist tomorrow. The blood tests should be alright. My other Doctor got a copy of them and said they were okay.

Game Night Tuesday night. Hair Day Wednesday. Busy week.

I watched a spooky movie Hell Night. Only one person survived. A non human person was killing college kids in a mansion. I don't know why I watched it. It had Linda Blair and that guy who played in The Powers Of Matthew Starr.

I do hope you found some comfort and happiness today. I hope you got Birthday Greetings from others. I am always thinking of you and praying. Here is to better days. I was happy to send you Badges and Awardicons. Have a good week.
Hi on Monday. July 10.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2**Heartp**Heartv*

My birthday was pretty hard. My brother left for home right after breakfast because there was a drip in his house that the people there were hysterical and couldn't deal with on their own. So, even though he promised he would be here and stay until Monday, he left. I was so alone. The Grief Counselor had told me do not be alone on your birthday. But my brother took care of that. He left me here and it was a storm and I couldn't make other plans. I would have made other plans if he had not promised.

Then there was a horrendous storm, and it got very dark and there was a lot of flooding. I was thankful that the power stayed on. There are a lot of branches and trees down all over.

Today, (Monday) I went to lunch with my friends. My brother leaving like that really hurt me. He has also helped me, but I was so hurt yesterday. Am trying my best to forgive and move on, but that was hard. I was pushed to the back of the line when one of the people who lives in his house is a plumber. I am not kidding. The plumber and the others couldn't handle a "drip". I guess they don't want him to help anyone but them. That is how they act.

I found out a couple of things also yesterday that were shocking about things I had no idea about. I had thought Tom's birthday would be the most difficult, but mine was much tougher, partly because some people chose that day to give me their shocking news.

But it is the next day and I am still here. I am terribly sad, though because of the way my brother treated me like I don't matter at all. The irony is he rushed home and his drip still isn't fixed and probably won't be any time soon from what he told me.

I will try my best to carry on, but I don't think I will ever be happy again or be able to count on things in my life.

But that is okay if it is how people want to behave. At least I know that I am not that way.

People are sometimes mean and selfish, but that is life. I found that out a long time ago that there are those who choose difficult times to kick people when they are down. It's not the first time with some of these individuals.


I watched some of the movie, Woman in Gold and Call the Midwife. Also some Coldplay videos and other Youtube stuff.

Take care and I hope that things are going good there. I have to say that I am trying to recover from being knocked down here.

Your minister sounds nice. Church was somewhat comforting yesterday and was one of the few bright spots in a hard day.


I saw my Oncologist. He didn't get my Blood Test Results. My Primary Care Doctor got them. I told my Oncologist to get them from the hospital or my Doctor. He said he will take care of it. My Doctor wants a A1C Blood Test and Central Scheduling called and wanted to know if I wanted it scheduled,. I can just walk in for that. I am getting a UA done as well and they better get them to the right Doctors. Like Rose said in Titanic: "I am doing being nice blank blank! " If I go to the Clinic by my Doctor, it takes an hour for a Blood test. I am so stressed. I didn't sleep last night. Tomorrow, is my MRI. Guess who needs her Xanax?

I am so sorry your brother left and the people at his house couldn't fix a leak. One is a plumber. Your brother could have let it go until today and go home. Family. My sister hasn't text me when she is coming home with her flight plan. I can't go pick her up utt Ray and his niece can. I will be having knee surgery. She is all worried about Dad. My cousin I love dearly has hurt me twice. My other cousin's granddaughter is getting married. I won't be invited and I am glad. Family is a pain. My other cousin's daughter is getting married and I won't be going to that Wedding. My surgery is taking priority. Dad doesn't like this great niece. She and Grandma couldn't stand each other. Your brother. He should have told that plumber to deal with the drip or find someone who could and he would settle up with them when he got home. I hate that you were alone and sad on your Birthday. I hope he makes it up to you. Couldn't his wife have just gone home to take care of the problem?

I am sorry you had to deal with the storm. That is scary. Glad you were safe and had electric. We may get rain *Rain* tomorrow late or Wednesday.

People are mean. I feel like it is Pick On Me at times. My cousin acts all Downton Abbey and she is Hooterville like me. She and her husband have a nice, big cottage in Michigan by mansions. I would feel out of place. I pray that when I get my surgery life will be good again and I will be happy. I pray God lets me quit hurting me and that I don't hurt anyone. I try to be the good person. I know what you mean.

Bella *Cat* seems okay but I worry about her. I hope I don't need to call her Vet or take her to the Emergency Vet.

Thanks for listening. I am glad you talk to me. Hoping for a good week. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Tuesday. It is July 11.

I hope it is a good day for you and the MRI goes smooth and efficient and you get quick results. I hope then it is smooth sailing.

Give Miss Bella a gentle hug from me! *Cat**Heartg*

People can be so hurtful. It is hard to forgive. I am working a lot on forgiveness, but am not very good at it. Every day is a struggle to try and do better for me. I feel like if I could find a way to happiness inside of me, it wouldn't matter very much when people are mean. I am sorry you have mean ones there, too. Mine seem to always sense when I am vulnerable and they give me an extra knock down.

Maybe it is just the way they are and I don't see it because I don't want to.

My Grief Counselor comes tomorrow and I will have a lot to share with her. Maybe she can help me figure out how to get on the right road and not be knocked down so hard at times.

This birthday was bound to be hard. It was just worse than it needed to be. But maybe going forward if I have more birthdays, I will look back and say well at least it's not as bad as that one right after Tom died. Because it is still early days. He has only been gone for a little over 3 months.

Watched the rest of Woman in Gold. I love that movie. I also saw Call the Midwife, a few of the episodes. I also watched some Cold Play.

I feel lonely, but that is natural. Maybe I will get a pet of some sort. That is where I might be headed, but am not sure yet.

Take care and I hope today is good to you!


I forgive people but you don't forget. I pray for guidance. I just wish people were nice to each other and I try hard to be nice to everyone. I hope you will never have another bad Birthday again.

I got my MRI. It went well, They had all the equipment they needed. The Lab Tech couldn't understand why the other facility couldn't do it. I cooperated today and listened to 70s music while they did the MRI. The machine is noisy. I am glad that is over. I heard some people panic and won't sit still.

Bella *Cat* is fine. I was worried about the medicine affecting her bathroom habits but she is good. We give her the medicine just once a day. She still gets hungry. Last time I was talking on the phone to Mom and she was behind me on the bed. I got up and bumped her head. She bumped me. She follows me me everywhere. I guess she likes being with me.

I hope things went well with your Grief Counselor. Somedays, I need a therapist to talk to. I slept good last night but sometimes I don't. I am stressed out but I hope things settle down. I have a busy week this week.

Tonight is Game Night. After November if they get that house in Mississippi, they will be there from November until April. Who know what will be happening in the world by then.

It is supposed to rain *Rain* off and on the next 3 days.

Have a good day. I hope things get better for you. Not much is new. Thanks for all you do. I hope good things come your way.

Hi on Wednesday. It is July 12.

I was glad to read that your MRI went well. I hope today is a good and rewarding day for you. Hope that Game Night was fun.

Give Miss Bella a hug from me! *Cat2**Heartgr*

My Grief Counselor had to reschedule to next week as she has a family emergency. I can adapt I think and I totally understand.

This has been hard, these last few days, but I ask God to help me to know what is right to do and make it through and handle things the way I should. Sometimes I wish I could control my temper better, but at this age I don't see it happening. But I pray for help in coping and being kind, or choosing to be kind. Just because other people act mean, I don't want to get down to their level.

Sometimes, I have trouble walking. So, yesterday I used my cane a little out in public. It went much better for me walking when I did that. Have to swallow my pride and do what I need to in order to be okay.

There are those with much worse problems than me, I tell myself. I don't live in the Ukraine for one thing. I cannot imagine how difficult that must be.

Watched my Youtube and Call the Midwife yesterday. I calmed down some.

Did my couple of errands with my cane.

I miss Tom all the time. I guess that's normal after so many years together.

Will keep praying for help with coping.

Take care and enjoy your middle of the week time. Moving to Mississippi sounds scary to me, and like it will be hard to juggle back and forth, but maybe there is a lot of energy there.

I hope so and that it works out however they want it to.


We got *Rain* today. It cooled off. I got my hair done today. That will have to last until we see how my surgery does. I hope things will go alright. Therapy called already and I am scheduled August 10 to start. I hope it works out. I think that is rushing it. We will see.

Tomorrow, I go in for a Blood Test and UA. I have had a busy week.

I understand not having patience. I get that way a lot. I worry. I try not to get mad at anyone but medical people can be a problem. I know you miss Tom and it is hard to deal with things on your own. Your Grief Counselor canceling doesn't help. They should have had a back up person. I pray each day gets better for you. I tell myself things could be worse. We always want life to be better.

Game Night was canceled. My friends went to Mississippi to see two more houses and he has a heart failure and will sleep half the day. He says he is better and wants to do this house thing. He is 70 some years old. I think it is silly but it isn't my call.

Bella *Cat* knocked down the phone and ruined the phone jack. We need a new phone jack. The phone works so that is the main thing. She ran over the end table and knocked everything down. She unplugged things like the answering machine. She was running AMOK. I guess she is feelin good. I wish I had that pep to run like that. I would be a lot better off.

Things are quiet on here. I haven't gotten any writing ideas. Maybe later.

I do hope you will be alright and life will get better. I slept extra last night and that is a good thing. It rained *Rain* some more. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Here is to better days.
Hi on Thursday. It is July 13. We are well into the summer.

I hope it is a nice and good day for you. Sorry your game night was cancelled.

Give Miss Bella a warm hug from me! *Cat2**heartgf*

I will take it one day at a time and try to be grateful for all the blessings around me.

It is hard when there is a loss and then people are mean or thoughtless like medical people or other people. But it is good to see what is what and who one can trust. These are hard lessons that come at the difficult times. I went through similar things when my parents died.

I was glad to see that Harry and Meghan did not get nominated for an Emmy for that awful Netflix thing. I did end up finally watching it and what a waste of time. I wonder if Harry will be able to buy himself a prize for his horrible book. I hope to slog through it eventually and am determined to finish it, but it is not easy to read how much he loathes and resents this and that and thinks that Meghan can do no wrong. When he wakes up, if he ever does, he's in for a big surprise.

Then it will be him whining about her and her whining about him.

That's what my crystal ball predicts.

I had to take out my own trash today. What a struggle. I felt like I was in the Olympics. LoL I am so spoiled when the lads across the street are on vacation that it's a wakeup call. I also realize I need to take my cane with me more and use it.

Watched Call the Midwife and Youtube yesterday. Also went to the Grocery Store and bank. Plus I got gas. Lots of nothing going on.

I hope that today is good to you and things go smoothly now leading up to your surgery.

Take care enjoy your day!

I got up this morning and went and got my blood test for my Doctor. He already has results of my other blood test which weren't supposed to go to him. He got them. I was going to do a UA for my Urologist but he takes forever to get the results and the Bone & Joint Specialist will be calling about tests for my surgery, which will include a UA so I decided to wait. I went and got a McDonalds Bacon, Egg and Cheeses Biscuit.

Ray went to Walmart and I was still in bed. This afternoon, We went to AT&T and got new phones. We upgraded again. I am glad. Ray had talked about going to Consumer Cellular. THAT is for old folks. I am not young but I didn't want that. I heard people have problems with them. AT&T works for us so we are just going to stay with them.

We went to eat at Bob Evans. We waited and waited. Three other tables got waited on before we did. They came in after we did. They locked our food orders in the computers! WE were there 2 hours waiting for food. They had only one waitress. This happened last time. We will just order take out. I had a turkey dinner and a chocolate cow dessert. Ray was all crabby and I wasn't happy.

Harry and Meghan didn't get nominated. I will give them a Pity Party His book was horrible. So is he. My Prince Harry Doll looks like a werewolf the way they made his red hair. Harry fell from Grace and that thing is dragging him down. I read Fergi was playing with the Corgis and I saw a picture of them. I wanted to hug them. I am glad Fergi loves them. So pretty.

Bella *Cat* was good that. She got fed late. We were out late today.

I take it one day at a time. I have no patience and get anxious easily. I have been gone everyday this week.

I hope things go better for you today. I am sorry you had a struggle taking out the garbage,. I struggle with things. I am always thinking of you. I am always happy when I see you wrote in here. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. July 14. Moving through July.

I hope it is a good day for you. Sounds like this doctor is on the ball and maybe proactive. Sounds like he is really good. I hope that is the case.

Give my love to Miss Bella! *Cat2* *Heartt*

It ended up just being two of us for dinner last night as family members of the other people arrived a day early. We went to the closer place, which I sort of prefer. The other one holds too many memories.

That is what happens this time of year. Plans change I guess.

My brother is on a road trip up in PA. He is going to Pauxatanay on his way. He loves doing things like that.

I have to do something with my phones, but am not ready to do that yet. I am not ready to do much yet that I haven't done so far.

It was storming this morning early and now there is flooding again. We either get too much rain or not enough, but that's summer. It's not too hot so far today.

I take it one day at a time or else can't cope. But one day at a time, so far is manageable.

I hope today is good to you!


Not a very good day. I took my Christmas Card Invitation and coupons to Hallmark. They tell me I need a Golden Pass and have to be a special Rewards Member and had to pay $60.00 to be this special Gold Crown Rewards Member! I wasn't allowed to buy ornaments until tomorrow. WHY DID I GET A SPECIAL INVITATION????? The person put the ornaments in a bag and told me I could pick them up tomorrow. I am not going back tomorrow. I am ordering what I want online. I will never step foot in their store again. I will just order online. I didn't yell at anyone but I am mad. God held me back from yelling. I feel like everyone is picking on me. Like Elsa sings Let It Go. Let It Go. I am.

Some man almost hits us sneaking out of Speedway in traffic in his truck in between cars. What a double jerk! Ray laid on the horn. We passed him up. We didn't give any rude gesture. Being a Christian, I don't behave like that. I still get mad. I don't yell or do the bird.

We are still trying to learn how to use our new phones. I don't know how to do voice mail. It won't take my Password. Life goes on.

Sorry your dinner group was just you and a friend. I hope you had better luck getting food then we did. At least my Doctor visits went well this week. I hope tomorrow is better. Your brother went to Pennsylvania. Hope he has a good trip.

Ray is going to a Tractor Show tomorrow. I quit gone. I hope Mom and I go to Lake Michigan before my knee surgery.

It is supposed to storm here tonight. Ray is out mowing grass.

The cows and donkey around the corner are so neat. They watch when I drive by. They get plenty of hay and have a barn to go into. he new blonde calves are growing and socialize with the other cows and donkey. The donkey and one blonde cow were rubbing heads.

I hope you are having a good day. I hope you don't get flooded. I am always thinking of you. I saw a Basset hound today on TV and thought of you. and Boo. I hope you are feeling good. Thanks for listening. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is July 15.

I hope that today is a good and better day for you!

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartt*

Sorry that Hallmark was so awful. I ran out of patience with the ones around here. I get greeting cards on amazon and at Target now and I used to go to Hallmark. Hallmark doesn't care about their customers is the message I got. They would send me coupons on my birthday and then run out of whatever the coupon was for. Very disappointing. The only two Hallmarks left aren't convenient for me.

I hate it when stuff doesn't work right. Technology is very tiring. It's why I have a flip phone and not a smart phone. I don't want everything to be on my phone. But I am a dinosaur.

I love cows and dogs and cats, and all sorts of animals. They are much kinder than people.

Earlier I went to Kohls and took my cane. Then I went and got takeout from Cookout, but they didn't give me all the coleslaw I ordered. Always something goes wrong. I came back and now it is cloudy. At least my birthday is in the rear view mirror so I don't have to think about how I was left here with nothing to eat and roads closed on my birthday. So, that is something I guess.

I took a nap and watched a lot of Youtube.

It is overcast here now, but I don't know if the forecast includes rain. It looks like it might do that.

I hope that you and your Mom get to go to Lake Michigan and have some fun before your surgery. Tom's brother in law did well with his knee replacement surgery that he had in June.

I hope things go very smooth for you and that the doctor stays on the ball.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday into Sunday!

I went online and ordered my ornaments at Hallmark. I can't get Elsa and Anna until later this month. I did get Elsa and Nook, Princess Leia and the Ewok and Midge Doll. You can go crazy at Hallmark with ornaments. I just buy 4 or 5 a year that are my favorites. The Hallmark 15 minutes away closed down. The women knew me by name and would have let me buy my ornaments yesterday. Like that bat crap yesterday. I am going to buy my Hallmark stuff online for now on. As for their coupons, I will just throw them out. I saved $5.00 anyway. Hallmark doesn't care about their customers and Kohls are being jerks as well.

We got rain *Rain* and looks like more is coming. We needed it.

Ray went to a Tractor Show and bought me a pink dream catcher otterbox for my phone. He also bought me a purple and rhinestone cross necklace.

I cleaned the kitchen. I did laundry. I watched Green Acres, Petticoat Junction. I listened to Dr, David Jeremiah. I read Danielle Steel's Book Palooza today. It was okay. Her next book coming out about a woman inheriting an mansion in England that has a mystery to it. NOW, that is my kind of story. I can't wait to read it. I like mysterious and something of gothic nature.

I like Take Out better then cooking. I am not Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray or Rae Drummond. I didn't get my mini cupcakes done today. I got lazy.

Technology. The younger generation at work taught me how to use my phone and set up the hardware for it. The older generation is lousy at this technology but I am learning. Like at WDC, I learned how to use the computer. I am glad I did. I wish they wouldn't upgrade all the time. My phone stuff will be 4 years old and so is my computer before we upgrade again. They upgrade every year. I hate that. I like the old. Stop upgrading. I am too old to keep up.

Hope your flooding is done. I hope you are getting sunny weather.

Bella *Cat* is fine. She just wants to eat.

I do hope things go well for you today. I am always thinking of you. Animals are nicer then people. I would rather be in a room with cats, dogs, cows, horses more then I would people. Animals don't judge. Just feed them and love them. Treat them nice and they love you forever. Thanks for all you do. Later. I hope your brother comes over and makes things up to you. You deserve the best of things in life.
Hi on July 16. It is Sunday.

I hope it is a good day for you and nice and relaxing.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a gentle hug from me! *Cat2**Heartgr*

Today I am up early and will head out to church in a little while with my neighbor. It looks like it might be a nice day. Yesterday was nice, too, but kind of hot. I have a bag of food to donate at the church.

I look forward and not backward and am trying my best to cope with things. My brother has helped me a lot, but sometimes he is mean. He just is. Always has been. I forget that when he is helping and being nice. Then he is mean to me. Then he gets past it. I hope I am not mean and thoughtless like he is.

For now, I choose to forgive him and hope for help in that department.

Christmas Ornaments. Since about 2003, I have bought the White House Christmas Ornament for us and one to give to my mom's former neighbor. I bought them from the White House Historical Association by mail. Then, about three years ago, I realized that I could get the same thing cheaper (because no delivery charge for prime members) on amazon and they would deliver it to my mom's neighbor directly. That worked much better than sending it myself by the post office. It took more than a month one time and that was that for me. These ornaments are nice because they have the date on them and you get historical facts in the package. I have enjoyed it, but do not know if I will continue.

I bought gift points recently for the first time in a long time. Slowly, I will get back to something more normal I hope. I like to support the site because I think it does so much good for people. I wouldn't be able to cope as well without writing with you in our campfire. It has been a God send to do it all this time. Thank (((you))) for being here! *Heart*

I saw a memorial merit badge. That was nice and a nice memory for eyestar. She was so kind to everyone I think. I miss her presence a lot. Always pleasant and encouraging was she.

Shopping is good therapy.

Got some tops and a pair of capris at Kohls. I had a 30% off coupon and a 5$ off coupon, but they wouldn't let me use the 5$ off one even though they sent it to me in the mail. Why do they do that if they also send the same thing directly onto the Rewards card, I wonder. With Kohls, I just think they need to get their act together in how they communicate with customers.

Watched some music videos. Piano Man and Uptown Girl, with Billy Joel and Elton John. Watched Beyond the Sea with Bobby Darin singing in Black and White. Also watched some Cold Play. I like to mix it up, I guess.

Hope that today is good to you and things go your way in a big way!




I got up and went to Church. I gave Mom the Danielle Steel Book Palooza to read. I gave Dad back his Dr. David Jeremiah Book about Heaven. Dad loves those books so I read them and get them back to him. I parked right next to the ramp by the church. I like that parking space the best.

I like the EyeStar Merit Badge. Eyestar was nice to everyone. She liked my Jane Austen Newsletters. I dedicated the last one I wrote to her and wrote about her in an Alice In Wonderland entry. She loved fairies. Me, too.

Sorry your brother is mean. Mom's brother told Mom that Grandpa didn't like her. He had died and that wasn't right. Grandpa was like the man in Reba's song The Greatest Man I Never Knew. Grandpa was quiet but helped me with Math and was close to me but sometimes after hearing Reba's song, I ask, Did I really know him?. He gave his son, Mom's brother everything and Mom nothing in the Will. My Grandparents said Dad gave Mom everything and had everything. Dad had money and no worries. Anyway. I love my Uncle but he was mean when he was younger. What you said about your brother, I thought of Mom. My Uncle is nice to Mom now. Families are unkind. Anyway, I forgive everyone. Just pray for them. Pray for your brother.

Those White House Christmas Ornaments sound nice. Washington DC is so neat and beautiful. Too bad I can't say the same for our America Leaders.

Coupons. I just love when they can't say you can't use them. Like Hallmark. I am so thankful for online. I may do more shopping online.

I am trying go decide if I want to do another Merit Badge. I thought of doing a Unicorn and Fairy or a Princess and unicorn. I am thinking of having one done of a fairy and her black cat. I don't know. It is hard to get every Merit Badge on here.

I made sugar free mini chocolate cupcakes in my mini cupcake maker. I used Dolly Parton Frosting. They taste good. Bella *Cat* was running around and rubbing up against me. I told her kitties don't eat cupcakes. She left.

Keep looking forward. I need to do that. Leave the hurt in the past. I do hope you have a good day and week. Thanks for listening. I am always thinking of you and looking forward to doing the Campfire. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is July 17. More than halfway through July.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartgr*

Whatever you decide, I know it will be lovely about the other thing. It is fun to create them and give them out. I wish I could give that other one out, but my level isn't high enough I guess.

Am going for a late lunch with my friends (at least I think I am unless they cancel) I will leave later on.

Yesterday I went to Target and the post office. Also, I went to Church. We took food donations with us and I used my cane. It all went well.

I am going to try my best to forgive people who are mean. It makes everything harder when people act that way.

Speaking of mean people, finally finished Spare.

Harry is unbelievable. It is astonishing what he admits to in that book. And what he admits to on his wife's behalf.

He is especially hard on Kate.

She would be well advised to have nothing to do with him, but I'm sure she realizes that.

His father and brother will have to sort him out sooner or later. Unless he develops a talent suddenly that makes him self supporting or writes another Tell all book. It's hard to do that when he's already told all and they are (or at least seem to be) avoiding him.

Watched Call the Midwife and Youtube.

Trying not to be so sad and depressed, but I guess it's all part of the process. Still trying my best to say yes to things.

Take care and enjoy your Monday. The only way to overcome mean people I think is to wish them well, work on forgiving them and try to avoid the situations that set one up for nasty behavior. It's a challenge sometimes.

THanks again for the badge - Sorry I can't give it to you!


Sunny day. We still have smoke haze. I don't go out. My sinuses are bad enough. I don't go out and spend anytime. I was out everyday last week. This week is stay home week.

The Mental Health Merit badge can be given by Sunny and myself. Sunny will pass one out to all Group members later. I went ahead and commissioned the Princess and Unicorn Merit Badge. I love all the purple in the picture.

The Officer and A Gentleman Movie I ordered, came in. You know what I will be watching tonight. I have it on VHS but can't play it in the DVD Player. I get tired of VHS tapes. Rewinding and sometimes the tapes would break.

I hope your lunch date went well. I am making roast tonight. I make it in the Crock Pot. My mother starts food in her Crock Pot at midnight. Why? I don't know. When I go to bed, I want everything off.

Harry. The media loves trash and doesn't care who they hurt. I am glad I am not famous. You would have the media hiding in trees and in my case, cornfields to see what I will do next. Harry shouldn't trash the Royals. Meghan looked liked a witch riding in the carriage on their Wedding Day. I had a strange feeling that day when she was riding in that carriage, Sad, really.

Forgiveness is hard. I learned how after going to Church and praying. I still hurt but we need to forgive. Just let a person do their thing and do yours. That's what I do. There is a woman at Church who tries to act sweet but she has venom. She said something mean about my brother-in-law. She needs to stay clear of me. At Church, I will tell her to leave me alone. She has been kicked out of three churches. I stay in the back and avoid her. Her daughter was mean, too. Sad.

I hope you are feeling well today. I hope today is good for you. I appreciate everything you do for me. Here is to better days. I am always praying for you. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is July 18.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella from me! *Cat2**Heartg*

Lunch went good yesterday. It was crowded there, but nice. It is better when we go earlier but one of the people had an appointment early so this worked out.

I thought I would go and shop afterward, but I had no energy. So, I just drove home.

Today, I went to WalMart and the grocery store. Walmart didn't have whole grain pasta or a decent brand of Tuna. So, then I had to go to the grocery store. I was going to go to other places, but ran out of energy. This is one of the few walmarts that still has cashiers. But the store isn't well stocked, even now. Since the pandemic, it's been like this but with some things you can only get them at walmart around here. Frustrating.

My Grief Counselor is scheduled to come tomorrow. I hope that things are okay for her and she can come.

I don't know if my neighbor is back from India. I imagine she is catching up on her rest. That is a long long couple of days of flying. I was relieved to see her puppy in the window this morning and his dog-walker guy just came to take him for a walk in the heat. It seems like people are back home now in my neighborhood. My brother is back home seeing to all his household repairs.

My brother wanted to gossip about my cousins, but I wouldn't participate. My uncle is doing well so that's good and my cousins help him, so that's good, too.

Some of my cousins don't speak to other cousins. If I let my temper get the best of me I wouldn't be talking to a few people, but whatever. I pray to God to help me with the forgiveness process. I need help with it on a daily basis. And to focus on the good and not get angry and bitter. This is a challenge in this world with the way some people behave. That's for sure.

I am sure your new merit badge will be gorgeous. I love purple and the badges are always so lovely.

Watching Call the MidWife and Youtube.

I wish the world was a kinder place.

Thank you for being so kind and such a wonderful friend!

Enjoy your day!





Today has been okay. Bella *Cat* had roast for a snack. She seems content. I did laundry. The haze from the smoke has left. I think of the 70's Song Smoke On The Water. One of my favorites. We had smoke in the sky and not on the water.

I got 2 of the Hallmark Ornaments I ordered. Princess Leia and The Ewok and Midge, Barbie's Friend. Elsa and Nokk will be a couple of days, yet. Ray always gets packages from UPS for his business. I hope they don't go on strike.

I hope your Grief counselor shows up. She needs to be there for you and be helpful. Our Game Friends are still in Mississippi so, no Game night again. Last time I was out for Game Night, I walked outside to the sky and my throat was irritated because of all the smoke from the Canada fires. I don't know why it was so bad that night. I won't have to worry about that tonight.

Ray says Walmart doesn't have anything anymore. Mejer was the same way the last time I was there. Ray is going in the morning before I get out of bed.

Cousins. I don't like all my cousins. My one cousin hurt me but I can't say anything. I won't be in a hurry to buy her Christmas gifts. She was so upset over her daughter's Wedding. She didn't have us over for Christmas. She didn't invite half the family. With my knee surgery, I am not sure when my life will be normal. My one cousin, we text each other twice a week and I go see him. He is my favorite. He has never hurt me.

Hope your neighbor is home from India. The dog will be happy.

I can't wait to see the Merit Badge of the Princess and her unicorn. The purple will be great.

I hope you are doing well. Glad your dinner out went well. I hate crowded restaurants and places.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. I appreciate all you do. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is July 19.

I hope it is a good day for you.

The Grief Counselor cancelled again. I wonder when she will come again. It seems to help so I hope that she does come again.

It made me feel sad and lost, but I keep trying. This morning I went to Barnes and Noble and used my last gift card up. I took my cane and that helps me get around where they don't have carts.

I also went to Office Depot. People were nice today, nicer than usual. I also went by the bank and Goodwill.

My Yard guy came yesterday and was sitting on my front step talking to my neighbor. She came over. He was overheated so I gave him some water and told him to go home in the air conditioning. He didn't listen and continued to work in the yards for a while. He's stubborn. The heat and bad air were really bad yesterday. It is overcast today, but the air isn't as bad.

I started watching The Chosen and continue on with Call the Midwife and Youtube Oliver the Beagle videos.

Supposedly Harry and Meghan have separated. I don't believe the reports.

What was the whole point of them anyway I wonder. To attack her father and the royal family for money. I don't get them.


Well, we never know the truth until later, if then.

Diana would not be pleased, I don't think.

Take care and enjoy your July day!


I don't really like Walmart and I used to like it. But now, I just go once in a while to get things I can't get or find elsewhere.

Also I figured out I don't need Costco because I can get everything same quality, comparable prices without paying the 60$ a year fee or whatever it is now to join.

I am so sorry your Grief Counselor canceled on you again. You really need to see her. They need a back up Counselor. Surely, they have someone else for you to talk to.

Meghan and Harry separated. Will the lost Prince go home? This will be a mess if this is true. William and Kate were separated but I guess they aren't now. Queen Elizabeth's family seems to have fallen apart. Sad really. They have their own soap opera. Princess Diana would be heartbroken. You want your kids to be happy. I wonder if King Charles thinks about Diana at all.

I am writing a story to go with the Merit Badge I had commissioned. It isn't very exciting but I decided to write something. I haven't heard about The Quotation Inspiration Contest, yet but I did my best.

Walmart. I loved it at one time. It is always so crowded. I use the handicapped and the spots are always taken. WHY IS THIS STORE ALWAYS SO CROWDED? Ray goes but I don't. They can have it.

I made strawberry and banana Jello today. It sure beats plain Jello.

I may watch Love Letters To Juliet tonight. I love this movie.

I hope the yard guy is alright. The heat can be unbearable. I haven't been out since Sunday. I need to get out before my surgery. I don't know how long I will be laid up. I dread going to Therapy. I want to go to Lake Michigan. I hope the Canadian smoke haze is gone. I need to do something fun.

Bella *Cat2* was up and had dry food. She does okay with her medicine. It is easier to put it in her ear. I couldn't get Tigger to swallow pills. I mixed it in her food. Bella *Cat* is content.

I hope good things will come your way. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is July 20.

I hope that everything goes good today.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartt*

It is the dog days of summer, I guess. I don't know why they call them that. Maybe because dogs like to be in the sun if it is not too hot.

I was disappointed, but will hopefully just wait for the Grief Counselor to come again. She does help me a lot when she has come here. Life could be getting in her way. I guess I know how that is.

Am watching The Chosen, Call the Midwife and Youtube.

I go and pick up one friend and meet the other friends for dinner. That is my main thing today. I have things I need to do, but am procrastinating somewhat. My neighbor kids are back and took my trash out for me. That is a big help. I missed them while they were away.

Harry and Meghan. They have millions and the life they said they wanted. But nothing ever seems like it suits them for long. If they would forgive and help her father, I think it would help them, but I doubt if they see it that way. It's hard to believe that Harry never made the effort to go and meet her Dad, as mobile as Harry seems to be.

I saw this thing on YouTube, called, Diana in Her Own Words. It was a National Geographic Special. It was sad all that she said. If Harry saw that, I can see why he's so angry still about things. I think if Diana had lived, she would have had a good life with someone she loved eventually. Maybe not that Dodi guy, but someone.

I hope the Yard Guy is fine. He said he can't not be working. He can't relax. Oh well.

I saw that Love Letters to Juliet movie a long time ago. I don't really remember it. I wonder if it is included with Prime or Netflix. Did you like it as much watching it this time around?

It looks clear today here so I hope that the air is better. It's not overcast like it was.

Take care and I hope it proves to be a nice day for you!


I am not having a good day. I tried to get my Xalerto filled and I called the Nurse and someone from Audiology called me back.! I called Audiology and they never heard of the person who called me back. Why isn't his nurse answering her messages? I called Oncology back and get a hold of someone who is going to refill my Xalerto. Like really?

I need Pre Testing done and I thought they were supposed to call me but I haven't heard anything so I got a call out to the Nurse. I am all upset to say the least. I hope I get all this done.

Mom text me. She got scoped. She has a hiatal hernia. I have had one for years. She will go on medicine for it. So, that is my day.

I hope your dinner goes alright. I am glad you have the neighbors to help you with things. I hope the Grief Counselor calls you back and reschedules sooner then next week. It is so frustrating waiting on calls.

Diana. I wish she could have lived and married someone who was worthy of her. It is really sad about her. Harry and Meghan. That is sad, too. I would never write a tell all book about my family. I may not love all of them but a tell all book should never be allowed. I don't want the world knowing my business.

I enjoy the movie Love Letters To Juliet. I love Taylor Swift's song they play. Ital, the scenery always looks so beautiful, nice and inviting. The story line is really good.
Sophie ended up with the right guy. I love this movie.

Were supposed to have rain *Rain* Rain puts me in a better mood. I don't know why.

I got my story wrote. It is just one I threw together. Something to do.

Bella *Cat* had her turkey. She is happy.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Hope good things happen your way. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is July 21.

I hope that today has been and continues to be a much better day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartt*'

The dinner was interesting. The person I pick up brought her walker and I had to put it in my car. It was heavy and awkward. The man that goes with us helped me get it in after dinner. She needs to bring her cane, not the walker. It is too much for me to lift.

Always something going on, I guess.

I had a Shrimp Caesar Salad and it was good.

Today, I went to Kohls and the grocery store and City BBQ. I got smoked turkey slices to have for today. It was good. I have had a concerning health thing for a few days, but it seems to have improved. I hope so. I really don't want to go into any medical setting.

I hope all your test things get done and you get the results and things go smooth. Health care is always a hassle these days and not much gets done right with doctor's offices in the middle of it.

Came back and did laundry and watched TV, The Chosen and Call the Midwife. I will watch Youtube later on I guess.

I also did a little rearranging here and there. I still can't go through things like I probably should. It's just too hard. Take care and I hope your evening goes good.

Enjoy yourself, pet Bella and relax if you can!



Saturday Morning. Ray went to get a trailer to haul his tractors Thursday. I hate when he does that but at least I don't have to follow him while he drives them to the show. The last time, a tractor broke down. It is going to be 94 Degrees Thursday. I hope he will be alright. It will be too hot to drive them a half hiur away and tractors don't go very fast.

We didn't get any rain *Rain* It bypassed us.

Walkers can get heavy. Sorry your friend bought her walker. A cane is easier. I use the cane when I need o. I will be using a walker after my surgery. I hope things go alright with my surgery. The anesthesia made me light headed last time. I hope I will do better this time. I get my tests done Monday and I just walk in. My Primary Care Doctor wants to see me so I have to go see him. Bella *Cat* goes to the Vet early Thursday. I pray that goes alright. I am having anxiety and I hope I don't have a UTI. I wish medical things would leave me alone.

I watched Eclipse last night. I think I will watch Mamma Mia this weekend.

I need to clean house today. I have no ambition.

Not much going on. I may go to CVS today. I have meds to pick up. I haven't been anywhere all week.

I hope you are feeling good and eating. I am always thinking of you. I pray things get better for all of us. Thanks for all you do. I am always glad to hear from you. Here is to better days. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is July 22.

I hope it is a good day for your and you feel well.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Heartp**Cat*

I am feeling very tired today. I hope that gets better. It is early and maybe I will eat some oatmeal in a while. I make the instant kind with water. I do not do well with milk products.

Have not gone anywhere yet, but I may do so after noon time.

There is nothing going on. Hope to go with my neighbor to church tomorrow morning. That is something I look forward to now. Things are overcast here and very quiet. That is okay. People (for the most part) are back from vacation that live close by me. I don't know why but that makes me feel better than when a lot of them are gone.

I got something done this week that was hard for me. When that happens I feel better about it.

My youngest grandson did real well with his baseball games the past couple of weeks. That is nice to hear about that. I talked to his Mama yesterday. My eldest grandson will have his driver's license soon. Time marches on.

I tried to watch the movie, A Man Called Otto on Netflix. So far, I'm not enjoying it, but I probably will finish it. Tom Hanks is usually someone I like, but in this he plays and old grouchy guy. I can only watch little bits of that sort of stuff. Watched The Chosen and Call the Midwife, too. Then, of course, a little bit of Youtube. They have a lot of Princess Diana stuff on there for some reason.

Suddenly, there is not much about Harry and Meghan. I guess what is there left to say. Everyone knows that their reputations aren't what they might like them to be. They have only to watch the Oprah Interview and read his book and watch the Netflix thing to know why that is so.

I hope that your day is a good one. I don't know if I will go anywhere or not. It won't be until this afternoon, whatever I decide.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday!

Ray got the trailer he wanted. It is in the back yard. If taking tractors to a Tractor Show makes him happy. At least I won't have to follow along like I did two years ago and I had to go find him.

I did go to CVS. I got my Meds. It was a nice drive. The neighbors around the corner have a new brown calf. I think he is barely old enough to eat. I stopped and looked at him. The other cows are used to me stopping to look at them. The donkey, too. I wonder if the donkey will push this calf around like h did the one they had last year, I hope the cows are just for pets.

I watched Ghost Hauntings. Ernst Hemmingway's ghost haunts a motel room that he stayed at all the time in Florida. Marilyn Monroe's ghost haunts a hotel in Hollywood that she stayed at.

I watched The Flintstones, Green Acres and I may watch more Flintstones tonight.

I have been tired today and my leg hurts, If my leg can just be patient. I was tired today. I did vacuum and clean the kitchen.

Harry and Meghan. Oprah and her interview set these things off about Harry and Meghan. She is mean. Meghan is, too. Meghan and Harry love the drama. Harry was so sweet at one time,

I hope you feel better. I may go to Church tomorrow. I hope I feel better tomorrow. If it rains *Rain* well, I don't know. I am always thinking of you. I am always happy to hear from you. Here's to better days.

Hi on Sunday. It is July 23. We MOOve through July.

I hope you feel better and stronger today and everything goes your way today and for the week ahead.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

I went to church this morning with my next door neighbor. The weather cooperated here and we got a close parking space. I use my cane a lot now so I don't fall. I am getting used to doing that.

It starts out the week with doing my one thing for the day (church) early. I feel like it comforts me and prepares me somewhat for the week ahead. That is probably something I cannot fully explain.

Some days, I feel like there is no purpose to me now as my purpose was caring for Mr. HOOves when he needed me. That abruptly ended. I would keep track of all his medicines and times and all his appointments with doctors, the cancer center and the hospital. Now, it is just me. I have lost my main focus in life. Will it get easier. When I go to church, I feel like it might get easier with time.

I sort of think that the time isn't right for a lot of things so I am in some sort of holding pattern.

I guess I will see how it goes.

I finished watching A Man Called Otto. I didn't like it. Someone had told me to watch it, but I can't remember who. Also watched The Chosen and Call the Midwife. Plus Youtube.

Oprah. I feel like no one saw the real Oprah until the last few years. Then it turns out she isn't who I thought she was. I wonder if other people feel that way about her. Maybe she couldn't be herself because it wouldn't have worked as well.

Are people capable of hiding themselves for that long. Some are, I guess and then some change over time. Maybe she changed. Why she went after the Queen, I don't know.

Meghan, I think wanted total control over Harry and she went after anyone standing in the way of that or that she perceived was in her way.

I wonder a lot about someone who wants their last word with their parent to be about anger. Who does that. I can't really understand it all. Maybe church will help me to understand things and forgive in some areas. We will see going forward.

I hope that today is good to you!


I didn't go to Church. I am not feeling my best. I am a little anxious about my tests tomorrow and surgery. I pray I relax and keep my mind on good things. I did get a lot done yesterday.

Bella *Cat* had her turkey snack and she is doing well.

Sometimes, I ask myself what my purpose is anymore. Maybe my writing uplifts somebody. I hope so. I always try to be nice and caring to people. Yesterday I was in the store waiting to pick up my Meds and I was dancing to a Cher song playing on the radio. Maybe after I get my knee replacement I can dance and sing like that big woman on the Jardiance commercial.

Oprah. She has money and doesn't care about anyone. I don't see her as a nice person anymore. What did she have against the Queen? Meghan and Harry. The Royal Saga. I guess they are like a soap opera, I haven't watched anything about them on YouTube in awhile.

Things are quiet on here. I haven't heard anything about my Merit Badge, yet. I hope it gets done soon.

We got a few sprinkles of rain *Rain* Other states get flooded and we get a few drops.

I go to Church to find answers. Sometimes, I feel really peaceful and happy at Church. I talk to the ones I am still friends with. I feel the most peaceful at Church at Christmas Communion. We have individual communion and have communion with the minister, along with prayer. I like this one on one communion the best. You sit in Church at night with just candles and Christian music playing. It is a great time to reflect and be peaceful. I wish I could always feel that way in life like I do at that hour when I am there. It is Heavenly.

Have a good day. Think of me tomorrow. I am always thinking of you. Later. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Monday. It is July 24.

I hope your day is good and your tests go well.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Heartp**Cat**Heartt*

It is another day. I go to meet my friends for lunch. That is my one thing for today. Maybe I will do more. But one thing is manageable.

I watched The Chosen, Call the Midwife and Youtube. I watch documentaries.

It is another week. I hope it goes smoothly. Another week on my own.

Some nights I sleep better than others. Last night I didn't sleep too well. But maybe tonight I will sleep better.

I cleaned my floors yesterday. Mr. HOOves loved a clean floor. We have hardwoods throughout. So, I vacuum, swiffer and then use wet wood swiffer to clean. I let it go too long avoiding it.

I try and go through things of his. I do a little at a time. Then I donate some of it. Just gradually figuring things out. I avoid parts of the house, but then I try and do a little. A little goes a long way.

Some days I go out on the deck and water some flowers I have there now. Other days, I avoid the deck.

Oh well. Time and the summer march on. I hope everything goes your way and goes smooth with everything. Keeping a good thought and prayers in your corner. Thanks for always being my friend and for writing with me! It means a lot!


got my tests done today. It takes so long to get registered. You wait and they finally call you. It takes me awhile to move with my leg pain. I told them I am coming and I said so is Christmas I hope to move fast again someday. The hospital is so big and a long walk. You go sit down and they tell you the Lab will call you. I waited and other people got waited on before me. I went back to the Lab and they sent me to Xray. I got the Chest Xray and then a EKG. I went to the Lab and had to wait again. They did the Blood Test and then I got the Urine Test. The Lab was slow. They closed down the Gift Shop. So sad. It was the most beautiful Hospital Gift Shop ever. I don't go there often but I love their jewelry. I once got a purple shawl there. I get my letter from the insurance approving my knee surgery. It is like yeah. I hare getting Labs and Xrays in the same day.

Ray and I went to Mejer. I love their frozen foods. I found Pillsbury Zero Sugar Cake and Frosting. I was bad and got my chocolate muffins and pichitasso pudding. Mejer is so much better then Walmart.

I got my Elsa and Nook Ornament today. It has my name on it.

Mom says our friend wants us to have lunch tomorrow. Okay. I have a busy week.

Bella *Cat* thinks we got a bug. She keeps looking at the curtains. I hope not but maybe she knows something we don't.

It is time for The WDC 23 Anniversary Birthday Party. I don't think I will run a Contest. I am not sure how things will go with my surgery. I want to be here and check in on things.

I hope you find some comfort this week and your Grief Counselor shows up. I get down, too. I pray all the time. I hope your lunch date went well. I want good things for you. Thanks for all you do. I hope the weather is good your way. I hope the WDC 23 Anniversary Birthday Party cheers us up. Later. Enjoy your flowers.

Hi on Tuesday. It is July 25.

I hope that today is a good day for you. You are getting a lot done and accomplished. I hope all your tests turn out good so you can get to feeling better with your knee.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2* *Hearto*

Yesterday's lunch was good. I went to the bank and Goodwill to make a donation before I went to lunch. My friends and I had a nice time. After lunch, I stopped at Fresh Market.

I saw my neighbor and her corgi out front. Luckily, I had treats in my pocket.

Watched a lot of YouTube and nothing else besides local news. I took a break from Call the Midwife and The Chosen.

Something I was concerned about came in the mail so it means I did a hard thing that turned out okay. Yay for me. That was good news.

Today, I will try and get to the bank and the post office. Don't know what else. Maybe Target.

I got that email about activities. I always love the site anniversary. This year, I don't know if I will do my usual thing with alliteration. It's not a hard thing, but I don't know if I want to put added pressure on myself. Maybe I will do that since I enjoy it. I will decide this week I guess.

It is really difficult to think about writing, but maybe that's over for me. I don't know why it makes a difference, but it does that Mr. HOOves is gone. There are a lot of things I have to think about. I get a lot of bossing advice sometimes, do this, do that. I will find my way without them bossing me, but whatever I am sure that they mean well.

In most cases, they mean well. I am sort of finding out who is nice and who is not. This is a difficult time to learn that sort of thing. In some areas it comes as a shock, in others, not so much.

Well, we will see going forward. I will take it slow and be sure of what I want to do.

Thank you again for the Trinket!

Have a lovely day!

My lunch date was canceled. My friend who I was supposed to have lunch with had electrical problems. My Game friend is still in Mississippi so I won't be going there tonight.

I don't write much lately. I can't think of any stories. The Princess and Unicorn Merit Badge is done. It turned out beautiful. I can't wait until it is in the shop. I hope I can participate in things for the Anniversary.

Glad you got to see the Corgi. Dogs do love treats.

I am doing laundry. Our friend from high school stopped by with the latest news. He goes to the Truck Stop everyday and sees people and gets all the news. I just stay home and don't know what is going on.

I get tired of people diagnosing my medical things and the Doctor will be taking care of my knee. My foot acts up. arthritis does love to pick on me. Our friend from high school has to have his hip surgery done again from 7 years ago. Ouch.

I watched Momma Mia last night. I do love that movie. I watched my soaps, Alf, Home Improvement and watch Murphy Brown. We watched Star Man last night. I love that movie.

Ray is busy in the shop. I see my Medical Doctor tomorrow, I hope that goes well.

Bella *Cat* is always hungry. She sees the Vet Thursday.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Glad you liked the new Trinket. I wouldn't mind having a pet Fox. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is July 26.

I hope it is a good day for you. A lot of things get cancelled in the summer time. I have noticed that especially this year. My Grief Counselor is supposed to come today, but who knows. I hope she does because it really helps me..

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet from me! *Cat2* *Heartv*

Your new merit badge is lovely - thank YOU so much! I LOVE it! I am thinking of having my alliteration thing for the site anniversary time and maybe commissioning a new merit badge for it. But I am not sure. I will make a decision soon. I don't know if it is more than I can handle. But if it is, I will just be slow about it I guess like a lot of people are on here. I don't have to do everything right away even though that has been my habit.

Foxes are interesting to watch from a distance. I like watching possums too and salamanders.

Frogs also interest me and as you know, I love dogs and cats.

I am working on forgiveness in a lot of areas. But it is a work in progress that I don't know if it will work. But I am praying and trying to find my way.

My yard guy came yesterday. He is always entertaining and I never know when he will show up. He only mowed my front yard because he said that the back didn't need it so I only had to pay half of the usual. I sort of thought the back needed it, but he didn't think so, so I'll defer to him on that I guess.

I am reading a book about Harry and Meghan by Lady Colin Campbell. She is a very accurate and knowledgeable source when it comes to those two. I think I read this book before on Kindle, but it's more interesting now that I know more about who the people are from watching British TV on Youtube. That is what I watched yesterday.

I didn't sleep too well and woke up in the night and read some. Some nights I do better than others in the sleep department.

I went to the grocery store, post office and bank yesterday. Today, after the counselor leaves, I want to go to Target and get my medicine and a few things. That is my goal today.

I hope it is a good day for you! Thank you again for the wonderful merit badge!

I was having a good day until I went to the Doctor. He said I may have a UTI. He got the results from my tests I did at the hospital. My urine is being cultured. Great! If I do have a UTI, they better give me a shot or something. My surgery may be delayed. I was feeling good and now I am not. The Doctor gave me more Xanax. I need that. My A1C is good. That is the good news. I hope my other tests come back alright. I am praying about everything. I am a little down.

Bella *Cat* goes to the Vet tomorrow. I hope she is alright. More blood tests for her Thyroid.

I hope you are having a good day. I hope you got to see your Grief Counselor. I need a Therapist right now.

Harry and Meghan. There are probably more books being written about them. The Royals are in the news a lot. I hope King Charles can straighten his family out. Right now, I would trade problems with them.

Good news is the Woods Princess Merit Badge is beautiful and I am pleased. I love it. New Merit Badges come out all the time.

We got some rain *Rain* for 10 minutes. We may get more. It is hard to say.

I am trying to think of positive things. I don't feel positive today. I try to do things right. I do write a few things here. My Game Friend's husband rules her and she told Mom she wished she wouldn't have married him. Being in Mississippi for 6 months at a time, she will really be unhappy. Ever since Covid, life went to H in a hand basket. I will try to cheer up.

Mom wants to go shopping next week. I need that to cheer me up. I wanted to go to Kate Spade but I will see how things go.

I hope you are feeling good today. I am always thinking of you. Glad you got your Yard Man to help you. I hope good things come your way. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Thursday! It is July 27.

I hope it is a good day for you and that the rest of your tests come out good. I guess for an infection it is best to be proactive before surgery. They did that with me when I had a hip replacement. I had to take an antibiotic before because one of the tests came back that I had a UTI. So, they just gave me the antibiotic and went ahead with the surgery. I didn't know I had one because I had no symptoms besides the test results. When you have joint replacement they try to be proactive like that I guess.

I hope that Bella has a nice day, too! *Cat2**Heartv*

It is sad to read about your friend's regrets. I hope that he will take her feelings into consideration. Of all the women I go to lunch with, not one wanted to move here. It was all the husbands wanting to move here. I thought that was interesting. This is a great golfing place is why. But there are things I have come to love about living here even though I didn't want to do it in the beginning. When a person is older, it is hard to adapt to a new place.

I had family here the first time we moved here, but they moved away to Virginia and passed away. But even though I am here without family, there are things and people I care about.

My Grief Counselor did come yesterday so that was good. She is encouraging me to keep both cars. She said if I can get so I can drive both cars, it would be cheaper to do that then trade both in for a new one. She said it would mean a car payment (I haven't had one of those for years) and higher insurance, even going from one to two. When she asked me about the car she is the first person who didn't say they would like to buy the audi. That was refreshing. I still think of the Audi as being "his" car.

She said my brother needs to get his priorities straight. She wasn't impressed by his antics on my birthday. I need him to come and help me to take the Audi to an area like an empty school parking lot so I can drive it (where there isn't traffic or kids and animals) and get comfy driving it. I start it a few times a week to keep the new battery charging. He won't be coming for a while because he has other plans now.

Going shopping is therapeutic and fun. I have Kohl's cash that is calling my name to Kohls.

I go out with my friends for dinner this evening if all goes well. I hope the one person I pick up brings her cane and not her walker.

Watched Youtube and local news and not much else. I wish the 2nd season of The Gilded Age would get posted.

Not much else is going on. It is the hot time of the summer, but the air quality isn't as bad as it was with those Canadian wildfires.

Take care and I hope that things go your way!


We took Bella *Cat* to get her blood tests. I hope they come back okay. Her weight is where it should be. She meowed al the way there. She wakes me up at 4:30 AM so I got up at 6:30 .

I am waiting on a call from the Bone and Joint Specialist's Nurse. I will probably need to call them. I am a little concerned about things. I want to trust all my Doctors but lately I don't know.

Glad you got to see your Grief Counselor. Keeping both cars. I don't know about these things. You do need one car. Sometimes, we don't know what to do about things in life. Stress adds more grief and you wonder what you need to do.

Your brother. The electric wasn't a crisis. He should have stayed for your Birthday.

Ray is taking his tractors to the Tractor Show. I pray he will be alright.

Bella *Cat* is out in the front room. She doesn't relax after coming home from the Vet.

We got rain *Rain* last night. It didn't last. We get teaser showers.

My Game friend and her husband found a house in Mississippi. They will go stay there in November and be gone until April. All I can do is wish them luck and hope they will be happy.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Praying for better days. Later.
Hi on Friday, July 28.

I hope that everything goes your way today.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2* *Heartp*

Yesterday I tried doing something and everything went wrong with it. It was here and totally my fault. But then I did what I needed to to fix it (I think, but am not sure) I should not have tried this year. I should have waited for next year at least. But live and learn. So, I will do my little activity and try to do a good job and not give up. But I think this has taught me that less is more for me right now.

There are just things that I am not up to yet and I have to face that.

On the positive side, I am walking a little better and did okay a couple of times walking without the cane yesterday. Yay for that! Not as wobbly for some reason.

I went to Kohls and then the grocery store. That all went okay. Then later I went to dinner with the usual friends. We went to the place that is closer for me. It worked out good and again I didn't use the cane. The lady I pick up brought her cane instead of her walker so that was better, too. Yay! I ate Veggie Lasagna and it was delicious. I have enough leftover for two meals, tonight and tomorrow. Yay again!

Little victories and baby steps. Today is 4 months since Tom passed away.

Watched just Youtube yesterday and took a nap. I watched some documentary type stuff for a change.

I am working on my kitchen counter to get the clutter sorted. The crock pot was there from a while back. I won't be making enough for the crock pot with it just being me that I (rarely now) cook for. So, I took it to the garage. That was emotional to me because it's more of me accepting that he's gone and isn't coming back. I don't think I have accepted that fully yet even though it seems obvious even to me.

Some of the stuff on my counter is my brother's. He left a coffee maker here. I do not drink coffee. Mr. HOOves drank instant. I have put my own coffee stuff in a cabinet, but my brother's stays there. But I will keep trying to declutter when it comes to my own stuff.

It really is a little bit at a time because that is all I can handle.

Taking it day by day. Some days I am more scatterbrained than others.

Hope that today is good to you.





I think things are better today. The Vet called. Bella *Cat*. Her blood tests are all good. I am thankful for that. I worry about her. I give her a snack after her medicine at night.

My Doctor upsets me every time I go in there. He always tells me I need a specialist for this and that. The one Stomach Doctor acted like I wasted his time. The good news is my urine culture is fine. It is a woman thing but I don't need medicine. I am nervous about things but I am better right now. I pray things will be alright.

I went and paid my bill at the Hooterville Bandaid Station Hop[ital. I had to wait. The girl was short of help. I know how that goes. I went to CVS. I got my Meds and an animal hidden pictures differences book.

I do something trying to do the right thing and things go wrong. Been through all that. We pray and try not to that wrong again. We feel hurt but get past it. I forgive easily. I still hurt.

The kitchen counter. I have an old fashioned bowl with Bella's *Cat* paper plates in it. I have a Ree Drummond Barbie Doll Pioneer Woman on my counter, a drawer full of silverware with a towel over it. The silverware came in a fancy drawer. I hate clutter. I throw away paper receipts that get on the counter. I have my liquid soaps. I do have a nice big counter and one on the other side.

It is 91 Degrees. HOT! The cows and donkey around the corner have plenty of hay, water and trees for shade. They were lying there today when I came home. We got rain *Rain* today.

I have been watching CSI:Miami, MASH, Wings, Murphy Brown, Frazier and I hope to watch a movie tonight.

Glad you went to Kohls. I walk better somedays then others. My leg pain. I hope surgery solves this and I hate when I use the cane.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is July 29.

I hope that you feel better every day and that today goes good.

Yay for Miss Bella's good tests! Give her a hug! *Cat**Hearty*

Once again, I take it a day at a time. Yesterday I went to Kohl's and got a couple more towels. They have the ones I like on sale, plus with Kohl's cash and 20% off it seemed like a good deal.

On here, I adjusted my submission. I didn't do it right the first time and that is my mistake, but I ended up liking what I ended with better. I think it's because of lack of focus (on my part) and me not remembering things. Maybe it is better not to try things, but I will try my best since I already signed up.

Things are not the same for me. Lots of things that came easily before are a struggle now. Also, I have a tendency to be overly sensitive and I over react so I have to watch it with that.

Mr. HOOves had a simple, but effective policy. If he was rubbed the wrong way, he would quietly depart for a while with anything online. He never took stuff to heart or too seriously and I have to get better at that because he isn't here now to talk me down.

I watched The Chosen, an episode of The Crown, Call the Midwife, Gilded Age and Comedians Riding in Cars with Coffee yesterday. Plus Youtube documentaries on history stuff.

I am hardly making a dent in organizing stuff around here, but a little a day works so far.

Again, I hope today is good to you!




It is Saturday. We got rain*Rain* storms last night. The electricity went out three times but came back on. I finally went to bed. The storm ended.

Ray and his friend went to go get his tractors and bring them home. That one orange bad boy tractor had better not break down again. I wish he would sell it.

I need to clean the kitrchen but I watched TV all day. Ghost stories, Green Acres,The Partridge Family and Murphy Brown. Strange haunting things happen at Edgar Allan Poes house.

It is 78 Degrees. It is hazy

I try to be optimistic and look for good things in life. Hopefully, my surgery will go well and I will want to do more.

Three members have hurt me on here this week. I just let it go . I try to be nice to everyone. I keep the peace.

I hope you are having a good weekend and find some good things in life. I am trying to as well.

Bella*Cat* is milling around. It is too early to eat.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. I say prayers for you. Here's to better days. Later.
Hi on Sunday. It is July 30, almost the end of July.

I hope it is a good and relaxing day for you.

Give my love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Heartv*

I am getting ready to go to church. Yesterday wasn't as hot as it had been, but there were storms last night. Thankfully and gratefully, the power stayed on.

Been watching documentaries and history things on Youtube. Otherwise, I went to the grocery store yesterday (the close by one) but nothing else.

I felt very alone the past few days. Guess it is settling in on me that is the way it will be going forward. I miss him, but he's getting farther away from me by the day. It's hard to describe how that seems, but it is true. I guess it is the way of things as time passes.

I saw my yard guy drive by, but he didn't come here. He was at the other end of the street. It was still too hot for doing much in my opinion. Maybe he will come again this week as it is supposed to be cooler.

Taking it one day at a time as that is all that I can handle or focus on.

I hope that everything goes good for you today and it isn't too hot.

Have a good one!



I didn't go to Church. It was Baptism Sunday. Baptism is great and beautiful and I was baptized. I can't stand too long while they baptize people. The peers stand around the Baptism Tank and I can't stand too long. Maybe that will change after surgery.

No more storms. Someone was lighting off firecrackers at 10:00 PM last night. Like really? What's to celebrate right now?

I felt good last night but I am so so today. I try not to take Xanax except once or twice a week.

You think things will be alright and then you don't know. You pray and that's all we can do. Covid changed lives. At least we can go out without masks again. I am thankful for that.

I had vegetable lasagna for lunch. You mentioned you had vegetable lasagna the other day for lunch. I don't even mind the spinach in it.

Bella *Cat* has been playing with Ricky today. She still loves the raccoon I gave her when we first got her. She liked him. She took him off the computer desk. I let her have him. I think she was missing her brother and sister.

I watched more ghost hauntings, The Brady Bunch, the Flintstones and The Rat Patrol.

I like the Charlie Chaplin Merit Badge. Thank you for sending me one.

Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow. We may get Game Night this week.

Have a good day and week. I may read more Devotions. No big plans. Thanks for all you do. Later. I am praying for you always.
Hi on Monday. It is July 31 already.

I hope it is a good day for you and you have some fun shopping. It often takes my mind off things to do that.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartg*

She sounds so adorable playing with her "Ricky".

Yesterday was pretty quiet. Went to church and the back up minister was there. I guess the main guy is on vacation. The other guy did a good job, but I heard some muttering behind me.

I had some trouble with Verizon not working in the afternoon. I drove over to the Verizon place. They said it was probably an "outage" in my area. It really upsets me when things do not work. I have meltdowns and just cry and cry sometimes. Maybe I just need to cry more.

Watched Youtube Documentaries, mostly about the royal family and the Kennedy Assassination and also The Gilded Age, Season 1, Episode 2. Strange combination for my viewing.

I have to get it together better somehow. I saw the site contest and thought maybe I could write for it. Then, I get overwhelmed and can't focus. So, unless that gets better today, I won't be entering. On one hand, I don't need to be knocked down by an unkind review. But if I get brave today after I get back from lunch, I might try it. Probably not, though. I just get too overwhelmed by everything these days.

Not much else to report. One day at a time is my motto. I will do my little activity for the Site thing and maybe give out some badges and have fun. Other than that, I hope it is a relaxing, fun experience.

Living with hope and fear.

Take care and enjoy your Monday!


I went shopping today. I hurt really bad. Too much walking. I went to Barnes and Nobles. I didn't find any books. I got my chocolate cupcake I love. I didn't go to Pet Smart. I want to take all the animals home I see. Mom and I ate at Chili. I got chicken dippers, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. I went to JC Penney and bought a 600.00$ ring on sale for under $300.00. It is a big stone and green and blue with diamonds. I bought some neat blush that is plum, pink and blush. I went to Home Good Store. I got a blue and white pattern ceramic pumpkin, a elf witch wearing a purple dress, a ball for Bella *Cat* I think she will like it. I liked the one the baby had that day. This is a dog ball. I got a nice Kate Spade light blue towel. I bought the pumpkin because my friend had one her mother bought her years ago and I looked 15 years to find one. I had a good shopping day.

I was going to do my Unicorn and Bunny Writing Contest but I decided not to. I will see what others have to offer and just pass out Merit Badges. I hope my surgery will go well and can do things here. I don't feel needed here at times but I am staying. I don't hurt anyone and deliver what I promise.

It was 83 today. Hot. That is my outing for the week. I didn't sleep well last night.

I watched a hallmark Romance Movie the other night. It was a Christmas one. A country star and an actress and he broke up with her for publicity reasons and didn't really love her. The woman found someone else and directed a school play. There was a cute dog in it. I fell in love with the little white dog. I always fall in love with dogs.

That's all that is going on. Another week, I get my surgery. I pray that goes well. Ray saw his Doctor today and got medication adjustments.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Game Night is canceled until I don't know when. My Game friend is in Mississippi moving in. I hope she will be happy. Praying things get better. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. It is August 1. Another month.

I hope that you have a good day and feel better. Sounded like some fun with your retail therapy time yesterday. Shopping usually perks me up, too, especially when I find things and get bargains.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Hearty*

I hope and pray everything goes good for your surgery that is coming and it helps to relieve the pain. You are beloved and needed here by me and by many others. People appreciate things, but don't always express everything they feel. Stuff can be harsh here, but maybe it isn't meant that way.

I couldn't write anything. Had thoughts of doing it, but couldn't focus. I wonder if that will ever change. I sort of think that it won't. But I will do my best with my activity and hope for the best. If, at the end of the day, I can say I did my best I guess at that point I can let it go. I have tried before, but now is extra hard to think of writing something. Even though I have ideas, they don't lead to anything now except feeling sad.

Watched Youtube videos and went to lunch with my two friends. I didn't have the energy to do more than that. I always go and think oh after lunch, I will do this and that. But I don't usually have any energy to do anything except drive home, then feel depressed.

August doesn't sound like fun in Mississippi. My first sister-in-law was from there. She couldn't wait to get out. She lives in Houston now, It is hot, too.

I want to get something done, but can't focus enough to do it. Maybe today or tomorrow.

This morning my internet didn't work, but I unplugged the modem then plugged it in and it did. I didn't get to the point of a meltdown because it was too early I guess.

Hope today is good to you!

I agree that summer in Mississippi wouldn't be much fun. My game friend. This is her new life. I wish her well and hope she will be happy. Mom and I will shop when we can. Our Game friend doesn't go out shopping much. Her husband won't let her. Sad really.

I appreciate your encouragement and I always try to encourage you as well. I hope I can help you more. I hope this knee surgery will help and I can be a in a better frame of mind. I worry a lot and I pray I will be in a better frame of mind. I hope you will be getting out more and find some great things in life.

I did laundry. I cleaned my kitchen. I got a few things done.

Bella *Cat* had her lunch and likes to hide behind the curtain by the air conditioner. She doesn't seem to like the new ball I bought her. If we throw it, she will run after it. It is cute how she chases after it.

I am hoping to write a new story but I have no ideas at this time. Writing does relax a person. It does me and just doing a Blog entry can be uplifting.

My sister had been trying to move into her new modular home in Florida and has been running into obstacles. The sewer. The electric. I guess she won't be coming to visit until she moves in. She has moved four times or more because her daughter sells her house to her and then they decide to buy another.. Her daughter moved and bought 4 lots so my sister and her husband decided to sell their house and live in St. Augustine. St. Augustine is nice. I would live there if I had to live in Florida but oh the hurricanes! I will stay in Hooterville, Indiana.

I hope to watch some movies. I watch the same ole comedy shows.

I accidentally got kicked off but I am going to finish this entry. Not much to say. I hope to get calmed down and things will be go well next week. Have a good day. Thanks for listening. I am always thinking of you. Praying for better days. Hope you will have a lunch date and get to see the neighbor dogs. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. It is August 2.

I hope you feel good today and things go well for you this month, leading up to and recovering from your surgery. Is it Outpatient? I hope you can come home that day.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday, I tried to do something about getting land line phone. It is so complicated since the internet is in Tom's name. I would have to cancel that and get new in my name then apparently install something myself. I think that is full of peril, doing that. I went over to the Spectrum store and was not impressed. I waited a while, then left. The employees didn't seem good. I would have had to stand for a long time to do that. So, for now, I will leave it I think and hopefully just keep paying the bill and they will provide Internet. If I pay, which I always do, then they shouldn't mess with it (I hope) The whole thing makes me nervous, including showing them his death certificate. The idea of that makes me feel sick.

I think an alternative will be to get a phone of my own, independent of what we had, which is just Internet with Spectrum and cell phones with another carrier. I will think about T Mobile or AT & T and some others and see.

I have to really think about and worry about it some I guess. Maybe God will guide me as to what to do. Nothing is as straightforward as it used to be. If I do get a landline I want someone to come here, put it in and get it working. Apparently, that is too much to ask now.

I want a traditional landline that works when the power goes out. Apparently that is a rare thing. I don't want a lot of "apps" and such as that gets on my nerves. Oh well, hope for the best and prepare for the worst I guess.

I wonder what happened to our old phones. I have no idea, it's been a long time since we had a landline - like maybe 13 years or more.

I am a dinosaur *Dinotrex* living in a cave.

I hope that AT & T isn't as bad as they used to be.


Watched news and Youtube. That's about all I can handle right now, don't know why. It's just a hard time adjusting to things. I have always had a big problem with change.

Another sigh.

Take care and have a good day. I hope the sun shines and the air is fresh!

I just talked to my minister. She wants to be at the hospital when I have my surgery. She isn't sure what else is going on that day. We talked and she prayed over the phone for me. I am supposed to be an outpatient. I hope there is no infection afterwards. I guess the other blood tests are good. I want to get this done and come home but I want to be sure things are alright first. I am praying.

Land phones. We keep ours for the computer set up. We don't do dial up. That went out 20 years ago. I just called a number when the phone goes out and they send a computer/phone tech. I hated dealing with phone companies. They have the cell phones in my name first and that is silly. We had Verizon and they kept charging us $25,00 every month. They said we were online! The Goggle Play Shop was downloading all the time and we didn't order any games. We canceled Verizon. Now, I can't get games to download on my new phone. I just have my Bible Trivia, Word Game and Solitaire. We have AT&T. What I hate about my Land Phone, we get Medicare insurance calls wanting to update our medical stuff and I won't talk to them. I let them go to the answering machine. Some jerk called from Healthcare and said he heard I have leg pain and hip pain. I told him that isn't his concern and I see Doctors and I discuss my problems with them and hung up on worthless butt! It is bad enough seeing Doctors let alone talking to Bozos on the phone. This is my Soap Box speech.

I understand you being hurt about showing a death certificate. It is too real and hurts. I hope they are sensitive and kind to you. I hope you get the phone stuff taken care of.

I have more Apps on my phone then I want. There is an App for everything. I don't like having a lot of accounts and passwords. I just want to keep things simple.

A dinosaur *DinoTrex* *DinoBronto* living in a cave. I am modern with computers and phones but limited. We don't a new phone every time a person sneezes or a new computer. We go 4 years with computers and phones. I don't go out a lot. Our friend stops by to tell us the gossip. Ray has his shop but I spend all my time at the computer or watching TV. I read my Bible in the morning. My cousin and her husband have Amazon Prime and every new gadget for phones and computers. I have what I need for my phone and computer and I am always on them. I don't do Blueray or Blue tooth. I don't have a Pod. Maybe if I had a billionaire dollar business but I am just me. A writer who isn't famous and I live in a house by fields. Okay. Enough of that.

I hope you are feeling good. I am going to do a few things here. Not much is new. Bella *Cat* didn't like her new ball. *Ball* It bumped her on the nose. Have a good day. I hope you got your phone straightened out. Thanks for all you do. Later. Thanks for listening. I hope you got a laugh. We all need laughter.

Hi on Thursday. It is August 3.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go your way.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet from me! *Cat2**Hearty*

I am slow getting going today, although I woke up at 4. Maybe that is why I feel slow.

I think I overreacted when my phone wouldn't work. I am thinking I will get the prepaid from AT & T maybe when my brother comes here again since they use a different cell tower. Then, with everything if one messes with me, I will dump that one and get another fresh in my name. But I would like it to be three different for (2) for phones and internet. I do not like the bundle thing, although that is what they push. Also, I don't like that companies won't answer questions about their plans without me giving them personal info. I don't know why they do that, but I don't like it when I just have simple questions to get answered in order to even consider their plans. Then they say give us this and that. I said no, I don't want to, thanks anyway.

Baby steps I guess.


Tonight I go out with my friends and pick the one person up. It is supposed to be rainy so I hope that goes okay. Rainy and much cooler. It was 100, now it is in the 70s.

Watched Youtube yesterday.

I went through some papers yesterday and found something funny that Tom wrote that made me laugh and smile, remembering his humor. It made me sad, too, but also made me laugh. I got some stuff to organize a bit. Got it from Target. The Target store was a mess with them getting boxes sorted, for Fall I guess.

But I got what I went for.

Also, I went to Office Depot and got some things on sale and the AT&T branded phone.

Taking it one day at a time. I couldn't write here yet much. Maybe that will change over time.

I hope today is good to you!


80 Degrees today. Ray went to Walmart and I stayed home. I watched The Brady Bunch and my soaps. I also watched Alf and Home Improvement.

I got my hair done. My beautician and friend has a cute brown and white boxer. He sure was friendly. His name is Buster and he only has one eye. I don't know how long she has had him. I had to pet him and love him. My beautician has a spot on her lung and all those blood clots. She is having surgery at the end of the month. Her grandson has a hole in his heart and he was standing on his head and spinning around on a chair. He is having surgery Monday. The kid acts like nothin