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by teena.
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Three beautiful maidens waiting for their suitors...


Three beautiful sisters are destined to choose their own suitors only at one occasion that is the "annual ball" which is held in mating season of spring.The sisters; Mariana, Crystal and Charollete are desperate to find their mates by their own choice, time is running out for them.If they fail to find their match at the end of the ball they will have to resign to their fates chosen by their parents.
The Ball is very high social event. Every one who is anyone is invited in this annual event. Besides that it had become popular among youngsters.

THE SETTING. the story will start with the scene of Ballroom which is buzzing with people.the hall is grand with high arched ceileng beautifully carved in pale gold and white.chandeliars are dipping in the hall brightening the atmosphere. soothing music is filling the room mingled with the chatter of the room. people are talking and eyeing everyone, waitors are roaming the hall with trays of various drinks. The three sisters just made their entrance...


The ball ended and three sisters finally had their prospective suitors. But the passage to their finall union is layed with hurdles to cross. Samuel had attracted Mariana, she is struggling between her commitment to Henry and her strong attraction towards Samuel. Will Crystal will wed with her mister right or sneeky Annalise will snatch him away from her. Charollete is caught between two twins which one will be her destination or Andrew will break his silent barriers and voice his love for Charollete. Henry once again is falling for his first crush, Victoria Elisabeth. He knew that she is married but will it stop him to express his attraction towards her...

Rule: With each two rounds of addition a new addition starts with a new day. i:e one day would have two entries. and thus it will roll on to next day. So keep every addition timed with everyone else.

RULES:Select any charachter and give the description of their physical features and nature.The main charachters name will not be changed.The other important charachters should be included are three appropiate suitors, a jester, and high socially snob couple to pep up the story.

*each person who will join this campfire will have to make their own new charachters, and can't choose the already chosen one. so be careful.

P:S:- the main charachters are alreay chosen so make your own other charachter.And please give the physical and nature description as required (mail this charachter description to me). use the format given below.

The Main Charachters.

Mariana: teena.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:ivory creamy skin, long jet black hairs to the waist, big almond deep blue eyes, narrow features with high cheek bones. she is a smart slender lady.
NATURE:She has charming and very decent nature. She likes to make friends with loving and attractive people. she is little shy and naive but she is also intelligent and shrap enough to read other people.

Crystal: Diane
Age: 25
Physical Description: Red hair, hazel eyes, and curvaceous with porcelain skin
Nature: Very outgoing and aggressive. She goes after what she wants but takes time to consider how her actions will affect others. She cares deeply for her sisters and wants to see them happy.

Charollete: Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade
Age: 27
Physical Description: Blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'5", somewhat overweight, tan skin with brown blotches.
Nature: Very shy, Introverted, doesn't have any friends. Being in social situations makes her very nervous since she's not experienced with handling herself without her family's input and influence.

Beau: skoglunds
Age: 26
Physical Description: Light Brown short hair, brown eyes, 5'9", athletic.
Nature: Brave, ironic, likes to read classical books, high educated.

Victoria Elisabeth Daniels: juwl4373
Description: Victoria has long, wringletty brown hair,green eyes, 5'6, 111 pounds,curvy body, beautiful skin.
Personallity: Has a fiesty personalltiy, Is very socially known. Is married to Edwardian Daniels ,one of the richest men in the kingdom.Is also one of Marianas best friends.

Samuel Lixson: VB is catching up
Physical Description: Blonde hair, 6'1, hazel eyes, biceps
Nature: Nice, kind, but mostly likes to be the center of attention. He likes all spotlights on him, and is determined. If he wants something,he works hard for it.

Annalise Wintour: claudia_bitu
Age: 23
Relationship to Girls: Susi's step-daughter; doesn't get along well with either of the three.
Physical Appearance: Dark-brown hair, amber colored eyes, heart-shaped face, pale flawless skin, 5'8, lean but curvy body. Very beautiful.
Personality/Characteristics: Highly intelligent. Arrogant. Calculating, but very charming in her ability to get her way in all aspects of life. Manipulative. Snobby and enjoys "putting people in their place."

Name: Christian Delacrouix, the son of a french nobleman and english heiress.Phoenix Rising
Description: 6-4, very handsome and charming, white blonde hair and silver grey eyes, muscular to the point of having to have all his clothing hand tailered.
POV: Hates entanglements of any kin because his parents have been sleeping with other people since before he was born. Loves to flirt and seduce, but will NOT take it beyond that point. Too cynical, he believes, but the truth is that he is scared to death.
Status: Die hard batchelor, filthy rich, highly intelligent (hides it behind his charm calculating mind. Hilariously funny. Usually the life of the party and the 'sigh' on every woman's lips.
Secret: Is attracted to Mariana's sweet, gentle nature and for the first time, finds himself at a total loss. None of his usual machinations will work, because he respects her geniune nature too much. but he will do anything to upset the apple cart and change her mind.

Other Charachters: {they equally play importanat part in this campfire}

Andrew James
Edwardian Daniels

Note: These charachters can be adopted by the members as the main charachters {then these charachters have to have their indvidual bios} *Smile*

Mariana enters the hall and took a quick view of her surrounding. She feels the gush of excitement set in. she instinctively fiddle with her evening gown; which was in royal blue colour tinged with silver. her dress shimmered with her every move.She looks at her sisters who were looking petite and beautiful as ever.
Mariana searched the hall to find someone familiar, instead she find herself gazed by a group of handsome gentleman....
Crystal smiles at the attention her sister, Mariana, is receiving from the gentleman in the room. Mariana's royal blue dress brings out the sparkle in her matching blue eyes. Crystal looks down at her own emerald gown and wonders if it coordinates as well with her hazel eyes. She selected the color to showcase her fiery red hair flowing over her shoulders. Looking around the room, she spies the man she's determined to snag and moves in for the kill.
Charollete is totally overwhelmed and in awe of the whole event. The gown she chose to wear now seems ugly compared to her sisters' gowns. It is a long black stapless silk. There are no frill that adorn its bodice. Charollete's blonde hair is wound in a bun, and fastened in place with a gold clasp. She chose to wear no makeup, since her mother always criticized the way she wore it in the past.

Charollete was a very shy girl. She didn't have many friends, and definitely NO boyfriends. Her life wasn't her own. She was never allowed to make the simplest of decisions for herself. Her parents and other sisters took that upon themselves. Charollete was very naive and trusting. She allowed people to take advantage, and that they did. She was twenty-seven and still lived with her parents.

She was hoping that this ball would be the turning point that would change her life.
Mariana hesitates, she was not comfortable with open stares. She quickly dropped her gaze, and selfconciously moved towards the group of elderly ladies. She found their aunt Anna chattering gleefully among the group, whome she recognized, were the members of the kitty party.
She walked gracefully, though she didnt approve of the open stares of the group she witnessed before but she can't help herself to notice that one among them was stunningly handsome. her heart had skipped a beat, when for a brief moment their eyes had met.
She hoped that she was not blushing, inwardly she wished that he felt the same as she had.
Midway to her prey, Crystal spies Charollete standing alone by the wall. Her sister looked beautiful in her classic black gown yet she seemed uncomfortable. Torn between wanting to dance and her concern for her sister she paused on the edge of the dance floor.

Her friend Beau was also standing alone looking uncomfortable. Crystal made the decision to pair up the two for the evening. They had a lot in common and she was amazed she hadn't considered the match before tonight. Determined, she strode toward Beau.

"Hi. Why haven't you asked Charollete to dance yet?", she asked.

"Um, I didn't know I was supposed to," Beau responded.

"Well, you're both standing around wishing you had someone to dance with....so ask her already!"

Not waiting for an answer, she gave Beau a push in her sisters direction.
Charollete is becoming more unconfortable by the minute. As she looks around, she sees Beau approaching her.

"Hello, are you Charollete? My name is Beau. Would you like to dance?"

Charollete stood in total amazement and shock. "why is this guy asking her to dance?" she wondered. "Which one of my good intentioned sisters is interfering now?"

Beau stood there, hand outstretched, waiting for an answer. Charollete put her hand in his and was led to the floor. Crystal, watching from the doorway, smiles at the apparent "Love Match" she began.
Charollete in good hands, Crystal continued moving toward the tall man in the corner. He was surrounded by women but she didn't let that deter her. She always got what she wanted.

Men turned to stare as Crystal crossed the dance floor. She was oblivious to their looks, intent on reaching Christian. He looked sophisticated in his tuxedo, very different from his usual khakis and polo shirt. He was tall, well over six foot and made her feel petite even at 5'8".

Moments away from reaching him, he took anothers hand and led her to the dance floor. Crystal stopped where she stood, irritated. She wasn't rude enough to interupt so she waited by the edge of the floor for the music to end. She would have him after this dance.
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Beau was dancing with Charollete but his spirit was far away from the party. He dreamt about a girl whom he loved but who was too far away. She was much richer than he and it was the reason they couldn't meet. It was Beau's biggest secret. He was very polite with women but he didn't try to date any of them. Women knew he was safe and it would not try to flirt without their permission.
"How are you?" he asked Charolette just because he wanted to be polite.
Mariana reaches her aunt Susi and greets her. Susi looked at her with calculating eyes, and after a brief pause pasting a fake smile she commented her, "Well, you are looking darling, Mariana"

"Thank you" Mariana replied politely.

"How is your mother" Susi asked"

"She is fine, she isn't coming here, she has other plans with father to go at some offical party" Mariana replied modestly, she observed her aunts face and felt inward delight, when she saw sting of jeolouy on her face.

"Oh! i persumed she must be coming. Anyways she had done good job of sending you three here.You must not waste your time with us, i can see there are many eligible bachelors who wish to escort you. Am i right ladies" Susi commented and laughed. All her friends joined in.

Mariana embarrassed, politely excuses her way out, she practically hate her aunt Susi for such bluntness.But she didnt care about it much, she walked away and noticed Charollete dancing with handsome man. She smiled, and realized that they look very comfotable together. She find Crystal standing outside the dance floor, she looked so graceful and beautiful. Mariana wished she could be more like her, little bold and more confident.

Mariana got startled when somebody coughed loudly behind her. She turned and found Henry standing, with his one hand in his side pocket of his pants and one foot tapping on the floor. He was staring at her with his mischievious green eyes with apparent amusement on his face.
Charollete looked at Beau and realized his body may be there, but his mind was elsewhere. She wondered what or who he was thinking about. And if he's thinking about someone else, why is he here?

"I'm fine." Charollete replied dryly. "And you? Do you want to dance with someone else? After all, I don't want to be a mercy date even if this was arranged by one of my sisters."

"Um, what? What did you say? I'm sorry I wasn't listening. I was thinking about something." Beau said, trying to recapture his composure.

"You mean thinking about someone. If you'd rather be elsewhere, then just leave. I don't need to be second on any guy's list." exclaimed Charollete.

With that, she stormed off the dance floor, oblivious to people's stares and whisperings. Beau was left in shock and speechless. He was at a loss for words.
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Beau didn't know what to do. He was astonished by Charollete. He liked proud and inaccessible girls. He decided to go home but he wanted to say good-bye to Crystal and also to speak with her.
"Henry! what are you doing here?" Mariana asked; surprised. She didnt expect someone like Henry to be here.

"Well, every body is allowed here and may i ask you the same question?" Henry said mischivousely, he knew why she was here but the idea itself amused him.

Mariana looked at him and for the first time she realized how handsome he is. In black tuxedo jacket and pants he looked so neat and attractive contradicting his usuall image of sloppy salcks and baggy tee-shirt. His well combed shiny jet black hair drooped casually from front, hiding half of his right eye. He casually sweeped them back.

for the passing moment his smiling eyes and boyish face gave a twitch to her heart. she blushed,she was about to reply him when the abrupt diturbance on dance floor stopped her. Mariana got alarmed when she saw her sister storming off the dance floor.
Crystal looked over to the commotion on the dance floor in time to see Charollete stomp away from Beau. She smiled, her sister's actions were bound to catch Beau's attention. Crystal knew he enjoyed the chase and maybe Charollette's huff was enough of a catalyst to get his attention.

Charollette and Beau forgotten she looked back to the dance floor. Her intended partner was still dancing with another. That would have to be remedied. She straightened her shoulders, brushed a stray strand of hair away from her face and strolled out on the dance floor as the song ended.

"Excuse me. May I have the next dance?" Crystal smiled winningly up into Christian's deep blue gaze.

Eyes filled with amusement, Christian responded, "How can I refuse such a polite request?"

He turned to his former partner, "I enjoyed our dance and the conversation. We will have to speak again sometime."

With that said Christian took Crystals arm and led her deeper into the dance floor.
          Beau started looking for Crystal and noticed that she was on the dance floor with another man. It seems that nothing is going well tonight. Beau just wanted to leave and forget this noght ever happened.

          Beau saw Mariana and thought that maybe he could get some answers from her. He turned a slow walk into and half-sprint to catch up to her. He tapped her on the shoulder.

          "Hi, Mariana. What seems to be wrong with Charollette? Why is she upset with me? What did I do?"

          Mariana was preoccupied with Charollette's departure. She wondered what happened and possibly what Crystal had done now. Mariana didn't like the way Crystal interferes in Charollette's life. This really angered her, and she had to put a stop to it and fast. She left the party trying to find Charollette and get her side of the situation.
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Beau didn't know what to do. Should he leave the party and try to speak with Charollette tomorrow? Or, maybe, he should stay and wait Mariana? He decided to leave.
Mariana agitated by the outcome of Crystal's another setup, hurried to catch up Charollette. She watched how swiftly Charollette move towards the exit.

Mariana following her sister looked back to find Steven standing there baffled and Beau stunt. She realized she wasn't prepared for this.

She reached the exit and entered the court yard.
Charollette was standing by the railing looking forward with blank stare.

Mariana sighed she was now relaxed, she knew Charollette need her time to calm down she used to do this, isolating herself when she is angry.

Mariana reached her and softly placing her hand on Charollette's shoulder inquired, "What happened?"

Charollette turned to look at Mariana her eyes were teary but her face was composed.

Mariana's heart sank when she saw those teary eyes but she insisted "Tell me...what happened" and stared at her waiting for Charollette to reply.
"Crystal forced Beau to dance with me. He stared at her the entire time. It was humiliating!" cried Charollette.

Mariana rubbed Charollette's shoulder, "She means well but she just doesn't know when to butt out. She shouldn't have put you in that position."

Meanwhile, Crystal nestled into the warmth of Christian's embrace. They swayed to the music as one, oblivious to the conversation between her sisters.
Mariana knew that Crystal needed to be put in her place and right now. After talking to Charollette and being assured that she was calm, Mariana went back into the ballroom with daggers in her eyes for her meddling sister. After finding Crystal, Mariana patiently waited until she finished her dance with Christian.

"Wait till I talk to her. This will be the absolute last time darling Crystal will be the snooping sister." seethed Mariana.
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Suddenly Beau saw Andrew who was standing near column. Beau came to him.
"Hello, Andrew. How are you?" Beau asked.
"Hello, Beau. I am fine. I see you are not lucky today."
"What do you mean?"
"Three girls left you."
"Acctually, one. Others are her sisters."
"I see. Will you stay?"
"I don't know."
"I think you should go home. Tomorrow you can solve your problems."
"You are right. Bye.
Beau left for home. He was ready to take shower and sleep to relax his agitated nerves.
He entered the room, seeing all the beautiful women... he walked toward one and tapped on her shoulder... she was standing with a group of friends and she looked up surprised and said someone's name, as if she thought he was him...

Mariana stood outside the dance floor waiting for Crystal to finish her first dance. "I should have known what Crystal is upto now, she dont know when to stop" Mariana thought.

She also saw Beau leaving the party, some how she also felt sorry for him. She looked at Henry, she had completely forgot about him, but she was irritated when she saw some another pretty girl talking to him. Mariana sighed, she realized that the is night going to be long...

She turn back towards Crystal who was now turning in her direction. Mariana quickly mouthed the silent words to Crystal "I need a moment, please come here"

Crystal got confused, but she nodded in accepting the request. Frown appeared on her face it was apparent she didnt like the interuption but like always to her sisters come first.

Mariana looked at the sudden stirring at the entrance of the hall. She was surprised to see Beau back, he was standing among the group of girls. she got confused when she realized that he was dressed up differentely and that his presence somehow negates that of Beau.

She got starteled when someone tap at her shoulder, she turned and found Crystal was standing behind her.
"This better be important. You've given Isabella another opportunity to get her claws into Christian." said Crystal with a glance over her shoulder.

Christian was still standing alone at the edge of the dance floor but Isabella was sure to notice any moment.

Crystal poked Mariana, impatient to return to Christian's side, "Well, what did you want?"

Mariana turned, a glazed look in her eye, "Ummm, I needed to talk to you..." She turned again to peer in Beau's direction, distracted once again.
While Mariana was talking to Crystal, Charollette was at the edge of the dance floor looking at the dancers and wishing someone would ask her and really mean it. Her feet were getting tired, so she found a chair to sit on.

She looked at what was happening with Crystal and Mariana. How she wished she was a fly on the wall, so she could know what was being said. While she was deep in thought, there was a tap on her shoulder. She looked up to see Christianwith his hand extended to her.

"Would you like to dance? It seems my partner is busy at the moment, and you looked forlorn," Christian said softly.

"Yes, thank you. I would love to dance," said a surprised Charollette.

Charollette was starting to feel better and felt very at ease in Christian's emabrace. Suddenly, she thought of Crystal. This will not go well with her. But it's not her fault. After all, it was Christian who asked her, not the other way around.
Mariana was confused, she saw Beau leaving the party and when she turned, here he is again.

Crystal nudged Mariana, She turned around and was about to speak when she saw Charollette dancing with Christian. She stuttered, "um...well i want to... nothing...Charollette is dancing with Chritian!" she excalimed. Mariana didnt want to react this way but the scene completely bewildered her.

Crystal turned swiftly, and for a moment she froze where she stood. Mariana sighed, 'now what?' she thought in agitation.
Crystal focused on Christian dancing with her sister. She knew Charollette would never have the nerve to ask him so he must have asked her to dance. She wondered if he were trying to make her jealous. Crystal didn't like playing games and planned to confront Christian as soon as the song ended.
As the song concluded, Christian thanked Charollette for the pleasure of her company. He escorted her off the dance floor, and was immediately grabbed by Crystal. Charollette was stunned by her sister's actions.

"What has Crystal all in a tizzy?" exclaimed Charollette.

"You were dancing with Christian. She considers him her boyfriend and mostly her property," said Mariana.

Charollette made her way to the punch bowl to get a bit of refreshment. As she was pouring the punch into the cup, Beau approached her to ask for another dance.

"Excuse me miss, would you like to accompany me on the dance floor? asked Beau.

Charollette was perplexed as to why Beau didn't know who she was. She wondered if he was himself or someone else.
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Andrew James saw that Beau behaved strange and decided to understand why it happened. Beau was very depressed when he left the party and he couldn't return. So Andrew understood it was someone else.
"I must look after that strange man so Beau would not have problems", thought Mr. James.
Andrew came closer to "Beau" and heard that he invited a girl with whom Beau danced. Mr. James didn't know her name (it was Charollette). Andrew quickly came to "Beau" and told:
"Sorry, sir! This lady is busy".
"Ha, do you have any problem" Bex said, he was now getting pissed of. it seemed that everyone is trying to jerk him away.

"yes, i told you leave her alone" Andrew replied sternly.

"Why! i only want to dance, is this a big problem or this miss is with you" Bex said taking one step closer to her.

Charollete was taken aback by his behaviour, 'no wonder he can not be Beau, he will never be so rash' she thought ' but his face he is so much like Beau that she blurted out in confusion "Can't you get it Beau!, leave me alone"

"Beau!" Bex repeated, deep frown appeared on his face.


Mariana was preplexed, she just wish to have some good time. She searched for Henry.
Mariana found Henry standing by the buffet table drinking punch. she smiled 'he will never leave such a chance at neat buffet', she crossed the passage and was quickly by his side. She blushed at her own move, she didnt realized how she can be so desperate to be with Henry.

"Ah, so you are finally free now" Henry remarked mischivously. he was amused to see her blush every time she looked at him.

"What do you mean?" Mariana questioned smiling at him.

"Well, your sisters surely keep you uptight",Henry said in playful tone and rather in matter of fact way.

"Hey, dont say anything about my sisters, anyway you yourself was quite busy?" She said teasingly.

"What?" Henry remarked surprised, but he knew what she meant.

"Who was she, that 'blonde'" Mariana agin inquired mouthing the word blonde more boldly.

Henry chuckled, he was taking pleasure in her jealousy. He looked in her eyes and found the same passion he felt for her.

"Forget about her Mariana, would you care to dance with me?" Henry asked with sudden politness. Mariana was preplexed with sudden change in his attitude but when she looked into his eyes there was warmth and unspoken love lingering. Her heart skipped a beat, she never felt this way before.

Smiling she replied "yes"
Crystal towed Christian behind her toward the balcony doors. She pulled him through the doors out into the cool night air.

"So what game are you playing anyhow?" she growled, stepping closer.

"What are you talking about Crystal?" Christian asked.

"I'm talking about you dancing with every woman in sight...leave me and my sisters out of your little games!" Crystal spun around, heading back to the ball.

Christian grabbed her arm, "Not so fast my dear. You are a little hellcat aren't you?" He smiled, his blue eyes peering into her upturned face.

He tucked her into his embrace, pinning her arms to her sides. "I was killing time until you were available, nothing more. You are more than enough woman for me."

Not certain how she should respond, Crystal remained silent.
Andrew led Charollette to the dance floor and proceeded to take her into his arms. Charollette was beginning to feel like a bad penny being passed off to every available man within sight of her. She had no idea who Andrew was. The one thing she wants to do is find out about this stranger.
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"It was not Beau", Andrew told to Charollette during dance.
"Beau went home long time ago", he continued.
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Victoria walked into the hall with Edwardian on her arm. He looked at her and smiled. he whispered into her ear,"You look very lovely in that gown." she thought,she better look good, this thing cost her a lot of money.It was a strapless, dark blue and gold colored dress.she had her hair up into a bun with curls haning down. she saw Mariana and walked over.

Henry took Mariana to dance floor. he held her gently but firmly and with rhythem of the music they swayed and moved in the middle of the floor.

Mariana sighed in pure pleasure and her face was at peace. Henry felt a tug at his heart when he looked at her face, he moved closer and let Mariana rest her head on him. He was feeling a sudden rush of warmth and contentment which he never experinced with any other woman.

Mariana was feeling the same. At that moment she couldnt believe that 'he could be the one', 'Henry her childhood friend'. But she think it will never be same again like before. She looked at him wondering 'does he feel the same'.

Henry searched her face reading the question which linger in her innocent gaze. He wants to say 'yes' but stopped when he saw Victoria approaching them.

"Ah, Mariana it seemed that we are going to have some company" Henry said little dejectly.

"What?" Mariana asked she was still in his trance.

"Victoria" Henry said smiling.

"Oh, where" Mariana said smiling, and turned around to meet and greet her.

Henry sighed, He casually shufled his hair and beamed he was amazed and little shocked that Mariana closeness affected him that intensly. He blushed with this realization but he understood that he will never feel for any other women again.


Bex stood their preplexed. The mention of his twins name disturbed him, he planned to know about his brother and the only way was to talk to that graceful woman who ditched him.
"What? Nothing to say. That must be a first." Christian teased. He put his finger under Crystal's chin and lifted until she met his gaze.

Crystal was still at a loss for words but didn't want Christian to see how he flustered her. "Hmmm, it's not that I have nothing to say. I'd just rather be doing something other than talking."

She pulled his mouth to hers and nibbled lightly on his lower lip. "Can't you think of better ways to occupy ourselves?" she asked.

Christian gathered Crystal in his arms and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss. The music from the ballroom drifted out onto the balcony but neither heard a note.
This dance was nothing that Charollette had envisioned at all. She thought she would be Cinderella. Instead she felt more like an ugly step-sister.

"What do you do for a living?" inquired Charollette.

"I'm a student at the present time. I'm studying to become a doctor soon. I don't know what i want to specialize in yet, but I've seen some very good propscts."

Charollette looked at Andrew with wide eyed amazement. Her mind was racing. Maybe this one has some potential.
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"I am also Beau's friend and I didn't want him be in trouble because someone who looks like him makes some stupid things," told Andrew.
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" I am SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry to inturupt," she said waving her fan," But Edwardian wanted me to ask you if your father got the cigars he sent over."Marina knodded, smiled, then lookeed at Henery, then back to her. She knodded again and said," Well I will sure try to visit you tomorrow.Excuse me inturupting." Then she walked back to Edwardian and they started to dance.
Mariana turned and looked at henry. Her eyes were cleared now but she was amused to see Henry flushed. She came close to him and ask teasingly, "So Mr.Henry, you still have feeling for your highschool sweetheart"

"What?" Henry replied bewildered. But when he looked into her eyes he relaxed. "What made you think of me like that?" he asked, smiling.

"Well...you seem flushed,Victoria... she has same effect on you even today" Mariana asked casually but kept looking at him trying to read his expressions.

"No,i was..." Henry stopped he read the seriousness and little fear in Mariana's eyes. His eyes became soft and pure love for Mariana was lingering there. He softly held her face in his hands and gave her the soft kiss.

Mariana was little shocked with by this move but she relaxed at his tender touch. her eyes swelled with warm tears in love, she just then at that moment wanted to everything to freeze and hear those words which she can read in his eyes.

"I love you Mariana, and only you...do you love me?" Henry whispered these words in her ear.

Mariana's whole existense shivered with these words she steped little back and looking into Henry's eyes replied "Yes"


Bex walked towards Charollete. Andrew steped in front of her and stopped bex.

"I told you, leave her alone" Andrew said sternly.

"I am sorry to disturb you i want to know about my brother... Beau?"
After the kiss ended Crystal stood staring into Christian's eyes. Her knees were weak and she was at a greater loss for words than before the kiss. Seeing that Crystal was as effected by the kiss as himself, he pulled her close. Crystal laid her head on Christian's shoulder, enjoying the sound of his heartbeat and the warmth of his arms surrounding her.

"Would you like to go back inside to dance?" Christian asked.

"That would be nice," Crystal responded.

They headed back to the ballroom, the hour was late and the formal ball would be ending soon. Before it did, they wanted to enjoy a few more dances in each others arms.

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"I knew you were not Beau" Andrew told. "I didn't know he had a brother."
"Yes, we are twins but the problem is that we have never seen each other" Bex told.
"How could this happen?" Andrew asked.
"When we were born doctor told our parents I was dead so I was raised in another family. It was a plan of some secret service and I fon't know much about it. I try to discover the truth. I didn't know Beau lived in this city but I noticed people thought I was him. I want to meet him and tell the truth" Bex told.
"Maybe I can help you in your problem but before I must contact Beau. If you want to take a revenge then I can help you. I think I know who are your enemies" Andrew told.
Henry kissed her again this time more passionately. it seemed that he wants to channel all his passion in that kiss.

Mariana, breathless, responded with same passion. They broke their embrace and kiss which both of them still want to continue, Mariana was beaming and was glowing in love. she still clings to Henry's neck.

"I want to dance with you like this forever," Henry said.

"Me too," Mariana replied sheepishly. Henry chuckled.

"So, will you marry me, my love" Henry asked her playfully enjoying the blushed look of Mariana.

"Do you really want to hear?" Mariana asked.

Henry nodded still smiling.

"Yes!,oh yes my love" Mariana replied with passion.

"So, will you tell about this to your sisters?" Henry asked.

"Sure, lets find Charollette she is the eldest and i know both of them will be very much happy for me", Marianna replied.

Both of them looked around to see where Charollette was.


Bex was surprised to listen Andrew, "If you know about them then i need you, i am also looking for this secret service...but i think, first, we should consult Beau...i was waiting for this reunion for such a long time," Bex replied thoughtfully.

Charollette was preplexed but she quickly apologised with Bex.

"No, you dont need to Mam, everyone was being mistaken by my looks...can i ask you a question?"

"Sure, as you please" Charollette replied pleasantly.

"Do you love my brother?" Bex asked with seriousness.

Charollette was startled, she wasn't ready yet to confirm her feelings. she looked at Andrew who was also straightened with the question and was looking at her. She for a passing moment read something in his eyes.

She looked back at Bex...
Henry was extremely happy and felt his life couldn't get any better. His heart leaped for joy and pounded with love beats. His thought of marrying Mariana made him want to do a happy dance. Now Mariana was very pretty. She was clever and witty and had a lot of good stuff about her. 'Who knows what could happen to her? Theres a lot of other guys around..and they might be nicer than I am!' thought Henry. Just then, another guy walked up to Mariana. Henry and Mariana were on the dance floor and were passionately dancing to a slow song. "Hello Mariana, my name is Samuel Lixson, and I have heard many great things about you. Would you care to have this dance?" Henry was fuming, knowing that this Samuel guy OBVIOUSLY didn't notice the two of them dancing and this made him really angry. Mariana opened her mouth to say something, but Henry said, "Come back later, she MIGHT be able to a little bit after midnight." Samuel grunted and walked away from them. "Sorry Mariana, I was afraid this would happen."
"Afraid what would happen?" asks Mariana.
Mariana was surprised to meet with such bold introduction. She already knew her answer when she looked at Henry, he was angry. She felt little satisfied by his jealousy but she knew he would not dare to misbehave in front of her.

She turned around and looked at the back of Samuel Lixson, his presence filled the room. For an instance she felt like having a dance with him and to feel his stenghth around him.

Henry noticed that desiring look on Mariana and winced. he coughed and a little, Mariana turned back to him but there was pleading look oh her face, he regreted that.

"Henry you know i love you.. but one dance would not make a difference"

Henry sighed and nodded "ok"
Crystal and Christian swayed to song after song, oblivious to the chaos around them. Christian knew the time was approaching that he would have to let her go for the night. Not wanting their time together to ever end, he pulled her closer.

Crystal felt Christian's arms tighten around her. She loved being in his embrace. She rested her head on his shoulder, never wanting the night to end.
Bex's question left Charollette gasping for air. She was totally taken aback. Beau was her "Prince Charming". She wished that SHE would be the one to decide her life's path, not someone else.

"I'm not sure. I don't know how I feel," she lied.
Suddenly, Charollette's face became a deep shade of crimson.
Annalise Wintour looked on from where she stood next to Susie, amber eyes glued to Crystal and Christian who danced by, looking so in love. Seeting hatred and an intense anger clutched tightly around her heart.

"You shouldn't make your interest so obvious, Annalise." Susi glanced up fondly at her stepdaughter, her tones were the soul of discretion.

"I don't know what he sees is Crystal...she is so...common." Annalise's words were dipped in sugar-coated poison but any onlooker to she and Susie's conversation wouldn't have been able to suspect anything.

"Come now, Annalise. Crystal has many...good qualities." Susi added in some semblance of family loyalty, but couldn't keep a straight face and laughed. "I agree...you know I agree. If it were up to me, you would have Christian and Crystal...well, let us just say that Crystal wouldn't fare too well."

Annalise smiled and her beautiful face lit up.
"Christian...what would become of my poor cousin if her boyfriend decided that he wanted me instead? She would be absolutely heartbroken." Her smile widened. "Christian, Beau, Andrew, John, Michael...whatever her love interest's name would be...I would want him. And I would have him. Merely because I can."

"That's horrible, Annalise!" Susi smiled, not sounding in the least surprised.

"Do you remember her first boyfriend, I don't even remember his name. He dumped her. For me." A look of complete triumph crossed Annalise's face and she shifted her shoulder's back like a peacock. "Unfortunately for him, I wanted nothing to do with him afterwards. Oh Susi...it was great fun!"
Mariana was now getting irritated by her sisters reaction. She dreaded the moment when they will return home, and their parents will finally introduce the prospective suitor for her sister.

She sighed, 'she and Crystal were saved' she thought, for she got Henry and Charollete got Christine. she smiled for this passing thought.

She was just entertaining this thought when she caught Annalise, the trouble maker. she halted for a moment to realize that she had
that 'mischivous' look pasted on her face again. she silently prayed that God, keep her sisters away from her clutches.

Mariana went back to dance floor to find Samuel, smiling at her. She smiled back and thought that "one dance can't make a difference". She stepped on a dance floor and held his hand.

He gently kissed her hand, and took her into his arms.


Bex, stood preplexed, watching Charollette, his brothers might be girlfriend turning crimson in embaressment

He, sighed and ran his hand through his hair in confusion.
This was such a confusing night for Charollette. Her heart was aching for Beau, but he was nowhere to be found. Now, here was his brother asking her her intentions toward him. Her mind was in a whirlwind and all she wanted to do was find the exit sign.

"I don't know how I feel at the moment. Right now, I'm very tired and need some air. I feel faint. This night has not at all turned out as I ewpected," an anxious Charollette replied.

"Why Miss, I just want to know if you are as honorable as you seem," a puzzled Bex asked.

Calling her honor into question was the absolute last straw. How dare he! Charollette's face turned candy apple red, and she felt embarrassment well up in her torso. Quickly, she scanned the room for the nearest exit. SHe had to leave and fast. She ran as fast as possible and nearly tripped in the process.
Henry ran in on Mariana and Samuel, raged with anger. "Hey, this is MY girlfriend, and she's mine, so you can't steal her!"
Samuel stepped back, looking harmed.
"I'm sorry, I didn't know you two were together." He started to walk away.
Mariana cried, "Wait!" He turned back, and his face made Mariana's light up. She loved how he made her heart flutter.
Henry gently grabbed her and tried to pull her away, but she didn't let him. "Henry, it's ok, we're just friends."
But inside her head...Mariana was thinking something different..

"Hullo Christian darling...oh and Crystal too!" Annelise's amber colored eyes widened as if she'd just realised that it was her step-cousin that he was with. She smiled slowly when she saw the thinly veiled dislike on Crystal's face.

She came forward to give them both a kiss on both of their cheeks, Christian's lasting noticably longer. Crystal glared at her.

"Hello, Annelise. How are you?" Christian asked with a polite smile.

"I'm doing well, Christian darling. Just a little disappointed is all."

"Why is that, Annelise?" Christian asked, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend wasn't enjoying his continuing to speak to her evil cousin.

"Oh," she moved forward slightly and looked up at him through liquid golden-brown eyes shaded by thick black lashes. "I haven't had the chance to dance with the most handsome man here."

"Who is that?" Christian asked politely, ignoring how Crystal's grasp had tightened considerably around his forearm.

"Why you ofcourse, darling." Annelise stated with a flirty grin, her smile widening more once she caught the look on Crystal's face. "You don't mind if I borrow him for ten minutes do you...Crystal?" Annelise asked, her melodious voice dipped in venom.
"Henry its only one dance and last dance of tonight, it will not make a difference honey", Mariana said pleadingly to Henry.

He halfheartedly gave her the permission, which he consider already been taken because without waiting another moment, Mariana took Samueal's hand. Henry felt a pang of hurt.

Mariana was aware of Henry's hurt, but she thought 'I know i am doing wrong but still it feel so right'. She moved into the depth of dance floor along with Samuel.

Mariana looked into his eyes and she felt frozen, his magnetic eyes were like pulling her towards him.

"When i have set eyes on you, from that moment i want to dance with you", Samuel whispered to Mariana.

Mariana blushed with such flattery "Really"

"Yes, any doubts...but Henry, is he your steady boyfriend," Samuel asked cautiously.

With this question all of a sudden Mariana felt guilty. "Yes he is" she replied.

"oh" Samuel said, little taken aback.

Dance ended, Mariana walked of from the dance floor. Samuel was beside her. She noticed guests were started to leave. It was getting late but still people were enjoying the dance, music and food, which seem to exhaust real soon.

She was tired and want to leave. A sudden burst of giggles caught her attention. She looked at the people from where these fit of giggles erupted. She froze for a moment when saw those were the Henry and victoria among other few guests. She was not annoyed by their merriment but the looks Henry was passing to Victoria were questionable.

Samuel noted this obvious discomfort and asked "Are you all right"

"Yes" she replied politely. She was now tired and confused. She realized her sudden strong feelings for Henry. she looked at Samuel and she felt a pull which was as strong as her feelings already developed for Henry.

"Can i drop you at your place, you seem tired," Samuel politely asked.

"No, thankyou Samuel, i will return with my sisters, will you excuse me i have to look for them"

"Sure, it was a pleasure meeting you" He said, and with courtesy he kissed Mariana's hand.

Mariana bid him farewell and hurriedly move towards her sister Crystal.


Bex thought of leaving, but first he requested Andrew to give his brothers address and asked him to meet him next day.

"Sure, no problem and here is Beaus residence," He gave Bex a slip on which Beaus adress was written.They shook hands and Bex left the ball.

Andrew stood there, thinking about Chaorollette...

Crystal glared at Annelise. The vixen had wrapped herself in Christian's arms and snuggled her head onto his shoulder. There wasn't and inch of room between them.

Mariana noticed the chilling glare on Crystal's face and looked to the dance floor for it's source. She winced as Annelise slid her hand further down Christian's backside. She was obviously doing it to irritate Crystal, and it was working.

Mariana tried to distract Crystal. "I'm having a problem." she said.

Concerned, Crystal tore her gaze from the dancing couple and looked at Mariana, "What's the problem?" she asked.

"I have feelings for two men. I can't decide who I like more." Mariana shook her head sadly.

Crystal laughed. "That's not a problem! Enjoy yourself and see where it goes."

Mariana shrugged, "That just doesn't seem fair to them. I don't think I can. I have a decision to make."

Crystal looked at the dance floor, "You're not the only one." she muttered.
Mariana knew exactly what was happening. Henry was pretending to like someone else just like she was doing to him. She felt hurt; she didn't mean to exclude him like that. But Samuel was so cute...she just had to have one dance with him. She was sure she would never see Sam again anyway. She tried to forget..but it just couldn't leave her mind.
Henry walked up and said, "I heard what you said to Crystal."
Mariana's stomach dropped. What should she do? Run away? Scream and cry and beg for mercy?
Henry paused. "I have something to say..."

"So tell me, Christian...darling, why in the world you're letting my dear cousin monopolise your company all evening." Annelise said with a feline smile...her eyes narrowing appreciatively as she pressed a little closer to Christian.

"I uh...Crystal and I...I uh-" Annelise placed the soft tips of her fingers against his lips and smiled up at him with a flutter of thick lashes.

"Oh Christian...can't you see that you're made for...I hate to say it because I do love the dear girl so...but for much better things?" Annelise gazed up at him with liquid amber eyes.

Christian gulped audibly and cast a nervous glance in Crystal's direction. Helena only smiled as she too looked over his shoulder, and waved delicately...and had to contain her laughter once she caught the murderous gleam in Crystal's eye.

Ah...Mariana was there too. Helena smiled at her as well, receiving no such greeting in return.

"Its seems their good manners have left them both." Helena said with a breathy catch in her voice, drawing Christian's attention back to her. He looked at her curiously.

"My cousins Crystal and Mariana...Christian darling..." Helena leaned forward and to her amusement, he also came closer to her...her breath tickled his ear. "Christian, darling...I'm feeling quite hot...would you be a dear and escort me onto the balcony so that I...we can get some air?"

Christian looked at her again as she withdrew and once more looked in Crystal's fuming direction...before agreeing softly.
"PART 2"

Mariana woke almost in middle of the day. Her head was heavy because of oversleeping. She stretched her body on her queen size bed. struggling to open her eyes she lazily peeled herself off from the heavy layers of comforters, which were getting hotter as the day advances.

She nimbly slipped out of her bed and crossed her spacious room towards windows. She parted heavy magenda draperies and poked her head outside the open windows. The fresh smell of roses from rose garden below her window awakened her fully and she took deep breaths in refreshing slightly warm breeze. she smiled, then gazing around the ravishing green forest and sparkling brook running before it she turned and headed for her washroom to take bath.

On her way she found her evening gown still lying on floor next to her dresser. Immediately she remembered her last night bitter sweet experience. she sighed, Lifting it from the floor she involuntery smelled it, she smiled again for she found what she was hoping for. Slight scent of Henry's perfume was infused in her gown. His scent brought back the memory of passionate kiss they shared when he dropped her at home.

Knock on the door distracted her, she attentively answered "yes"

"Madam, your mother wants you in parlour" Safina, the house servant answered back.

"Ok, i will be there", Mariana replied. She gasped when she saw the time, she was late,there were supposed to be family meeting at that hour. She quickly completed her morning rituals and after another half an hour she was heading towards parlour.

Mariana prayed that her sisters may also be late like her. She swiftly glided down the stair case and entered the parlour.
Charollette was so confused, she didn't know what to do or where to turn. She ran all the way home and when she arrived, breathless, she just wnet straight to her room. Immediately, She motioned one of her ladies in waiting to assist her in undressing. She thought that if she went to sleep, this night would just be a bad dream.

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