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A crossword puzzle utilizing names, places and events relevant in the Middle East.
This crossword puzzle uses names, events and place names relevant to current events in the Middle East. It is by no means meant to triviliaze any of the events presently occuring, or push forward any particular agenda. Rather, this crossword puzzle might serve to familiarize the reader with critical elements of ongoing events in the Middle East.
 3 Interprets the Iranian constitution and may veto the Iranian parliament.
 8 Set up as a peace keeping force in 1978
 9 Began as the Gaza Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood
 11 The only non-Arab, non-Muslim country that does not accept Israeli passports.
 13 The President of Lebanon must belong to this religious group
 14 Israel claims it's Syrian territory; Hezbollah and Syria assert its Lebanese.
 17 Hezbollah envoy to Iran
 19 Present Secretary-General of the United Nations
 22 The present prime minister of Iraq
 25 The Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament must belong to this religious group
 27 The 1967 War between Israel, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan
 28 Justice Minister of Israel
 29 The ideology which supports the establishment of a Jewish homeland
 1 The 1973 War between Israel, Syria and Egypt
 2 He was trained as an ophthalmologist before becoming President of Syria
 4 A light-water nuclear materials testing reactor bombed by Israel in 1981
 5 The popular name given to the 2005 Lebanese Anti-Syrian movement
 6 The Israeli corporal being held captive by Hamas
 7 The Prime Minister of Lebanon must belong to this religious group
 10 A heavily armored armored personnel carrier manufactured by the Israeli Defence Forces Corps of Ordnance.
 12 Also known as the Syrian Heights, captured by Israel in 1967
 15 The Mukataa here served as the headquarters of Yasser Arafat.
 16 The name of the Israeli Operation consisting of the heavy bombardment of Hamas targets
 18 A simple home-made steel rocket filled with explosives, produced by the Palestinian Hamas movement
 20 The political party of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
 21 The present president of Iraq
 23 River in Lebanon
 24 The legislature of Israel
 26 Third largest city of Israel
 30 Literally translates from Arabic as "shaking off."
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