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A crossword dedicated to my favorite TV series, Heroes
Here are some names and events of the "Heroes" series on NBC. Enjoy!
 3 He'll erase your memory
 6 He can mimic other's abilities.
 7 The character played by Sendhil Ramamurthy
 10 He's an earth mover
 11 Charlie had an extraordinary ______________
 12 She can "see" sounds
 13 First name of "HRG"
 15 The "Puppetmaster"
 17 Noah Bennett's wife
 20 Super speedy, she was Matt's love interest in season 3
 22 The first name of Nathan Petrelli's Mother
 24 Hiro's best friend
 26 Also know as "The Rebel"
 27 Last name of "Kaito Nakamura" actor
 29 The "Ice Queen"
 30 Sylar's real first name
 1 Save the ________ , save the world!
 2 One of Hiro's favorite foods
 4 Mr. Muggles is a
 5 First name of Claire's birth father
 8 The painter from season one
 9 ____________ Brothers Carnival
 14 Hiro's one true love
 16 "I did it!"
 18 She was Mohinder's love interest when he was "scaley"
 19 Adopted daughter of HRG
 21 Claire's "power"
 23 Sylar kills his, with a pair of scissors (accidentally?)
 25 The first name of the person who plays "Sylar"
 28 The "tattoo lady"
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