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How many World War II leaders do you know?
Fill these in using only their last names. Good luck!
 2 Influencial armoured tactician.
 4 Defended Admiral Donitz' unrestricted submarine warfare at Nuremberg.
 7 Chief of the US Army.
 8 The commander of the RAF in the Battle of Britain.
 11 Commanded Japanese defences in the Phillipines.
 13 Leader of XXX Corps, British Army.
 16 The first commander of the British Eighth Army.
 17 The victor of the Battle of Imphal.
 20 USAAF commander who eventually commanded US atomic weapons.
 22 The man who surrendered Singapore.
 23 Supreme Allied Commander, North West Europe.
 24 The USSR's most successful commander.
 28 Widly considered to be the best German general of the war.
 29 The liberator of Paris.
 1 Headed the evacuation from Crete.
 3 Reluctant commander of the 1944 Ardennes Offensive.
 5 Senior Soviet officer in 1941.
 6 At the end of the war, he commanded more troops then any US general in history.
 9 Creator of the Chindits.
 10 Narrowly lost the Soviet race to Berlin.
 12 The Fuhrer's Fireman.
 13 Controversial head of RAF Bomber Command.
 14 The Desert Fox.
 15 Australia's only field marshal.
 18 Defended Bataan until called away by Roosevelt.
 19 Main Finnish leader of World War Two.
 21 Mastermind of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.
 25 Soviet commander at Stalingrad.
 26 Victor at El Alamein, commander of the 21st Army Group.
 27 The leader of the US Third Army.
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