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The space within WDC which allows reticent and shy "ME" to speak about my own self.
*GiftB*What will you find in this Guest book?*GiftR*

1. A bit about myself as a person. Who am I? What do I do?
2. What are my passions?
3. What are my bugbears?
4. What am I doing on WDC?
5. How can you help me?
6. How I can help you?


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I live in India. I'm a student of Engineering and Business Administration.I had the privilege of studying in my country's best schools and finest colleges. Life wasn’t exactly a bed of roses after that, and I struggled hard for anything of worth. I have seen my fair share of ups and downs. However, I am happy to say that I am doing fairly well on the professional front now. I hold a posistion of significant responsibility in a large firm with a pan India responsibility.
I'm married to the same woman for the last fourteen years, have one son and a daughter.*Smile*. I also have a mother who is lonely and sick. She suffers from a painful ailment called osteo-arthritis which needs a costly surgery, plenty of time and lots of post-surgical care to heal. It's a situation I am still grappling with.

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I love to travel, visit exotic places, eat indigenous food (nothing too adventurous though) *Smile* and learn foreign tongues. I am blessed in this area and can converse pretty fluently in five languages. Till last count, I have travelled to twenty two countries. The other high point of my life is writing. It gives me an outlet from my frustrations and failures, allows me to take on an alien identity, and embark on adventures which would never have been possible in real life.

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I am worried about my lethargy and easily distracted nature. Writing is a form of leisure.

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WDC is my private and secret world. It is something which I look forward to the whole day. I love to write, participate in contests and review items of other authors. Visitors are free to visit my port. Minors, please be honest and refrain from peeking at items which are beyond your age. Right now focus on your studies and your writing. Trust me there will be sufficient time later on in life for naughty stuff. *Smile*

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I love to receive reviews (not unduly harsh ones though), mails, critiques, Merit Badges, Awardicons and any other communication from other writers. I love to hear from other authors. I wish I had friends who would write to me every day, about whatever they want and I could also mail back to them, maybe about mundane things like boss’ mood and the weather.*Smile*

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If you need help with a review, please let me know in the forum post giving a link to your item. I will try my best. But you need to be patient. You may send me reminders though. If you need help with an upgrade, feel free to write. However, I am an ardent advocate of meritocracy and will decide basis the quality of your items, reviews and participation. If the decision is not in your favor, you need to understand that “It's not personal.”
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