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Downton Abbey Forum to talk about Downton Abbey and where writing prompts will be found.
Downton Abbey Mansion

Welcome to Downton Abbey! In this forum, you can talk about Downton Abbey. There will be prompts here as well. You can leave entries here and write about Downton Abbey. Please be respectful.

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Downton Abbey Account  (E)
Downton Abbey Account and Group.
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Downton Abbey Folder  (ASR)
A folder for my Downton Abbey items.
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Downton Abbey  (E)
For the Group Downton Abbey
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If you write an entry about Downton Abbey, you can earn the Downton Abbey Merit Badges:
Merit Badge in Downton Abbey Ladies
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Thank you, Megan Rose, for introducing me to the wonderful Ladies Group.  Congrats! Merit Badge in Lord and Lady Of Downton Abbey
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What a lovely badge you have commissioned!  Here's to spending a lot of time enjoying the things we love, like Downton and it's reigning couple, Robert and Cora.  Thank YOU for all that you do to lift spirits - it is very much appreciated!  *^*Heart*^*

My Downton Abbey Commissioned Awards Of Mary and Violet


1. Who are your favorite upstairs characters?
2. Who are your favorite downstairs characters?
3. What were two of your favorite scenes?
4. How would Mary's life have turned out if Matthew hadn't died?
5. How would Sybil's life have turned out if she would have lived?
6. What was Violet's life like before she married Robert's Crawley's father?
7. How do you think Earl Grantham met Cora?
8. Lady Rose. She was a relative of the Crawleys. It seems like her role was brief. Do you think she should have had a bigger role and two or three romances before she married Atticus?
9. Edith. A hard luck woman, sister of Mary and Sybil. Gave birth to a child and couldn't claim her as her daughter until later. Write about your views on Edith.

My Downton Abbey Favorites

Answer all the questions and you will get a 25K Mary and Violet Ribbon plus a Merit Badge to match. Post your answers in forum. This is your opinion about the show please be nice.

I am just getting started with this forum. I hope you will want to write something. When you do, post in forum. Thanks! I want this to be fun for everyone.
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