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Poetry Contest Based on Star Trek! Happy Birthday WDC! {BACK for the WDC 16th Bday !)
Go where no person has gone before -- Write a Star Trek poem.

Star trek Poetry Sig by Cerulean Son



*Star**Star*The Star Trek Poem Contest*Star**Star*

Round ELEVEN  September 1st to September 16th

Hail, Star Trek Fans!  Yes, I mean you, even you who are cloaked and hiding out, in denial!

Dust off your phasers and unwrinkle your uniforms and get ready...
'Cause STAR TREK is Back!
So far we 've seen poems take trek where it's never gone before. Kirk in an asylum and then romancing his ship, trek characters comment on a romulan movie, a Star Trek Quatrain, a Poetry slam, trek limericks, an acrostic and even the Borg show up! Generations for trek characters meet in time rift and Spock meets himself! No Bones about it! *BigSmile*

The challenge is set.  So send a poem from your star trek muse! *Star*

*Balloonr* This month is the 16th anniversary of WDC, so this round is dedicated to the WDC ship!  *Salute*
It is also the 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK on Sept. 8th. *Alien*

You can contact eyestar~ or leave a message on this forum if you have questions. For now, here are the:


This contest is open to everyone.  It doesn't matter if you're a big fan, or you only watched one episode.

  Pieces based on the prompt given below.

  Limit of 1 narrative poem per person.

Narrative Poem UP to 29 lines.  Add Line count.

  Please keep your piece no more than PG-13.

  Enter your piece as a bitem. {bitem:xxxxxxx}
"How to Post in A Forum

Narrative Poem

  Contest deadline : SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 at 6:00pm WDC Time.
You have 16 days beginning September 1! *Starstruck*

  Please do not edit after you post as judges may read them at their leisure.

  Winners announced within 2 weeks. (if not sooner!) .

An image used in contest headings


*Balloonp* It is party time!  WDC is 16 years young. *Cake*

So let's talk parties!

Write a Fan Fiction Narrative Poem in honour of the 50th year of Star Trek Anniversary on Sept. 8th! *Alieng*
It will be based on  a Birthday scene in episodes in any star trek show that mentions birthdays.
Kirk might do a log entry about how he feels about his friend and the gift he recieved---prompted by this scene. 

Or then there is the fun of Worf's birthday:

Others can be found at:  http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Birthday

You can check out images from those episodes as well. Voyager had a lot of birthdays!
Kes had a blue cake.*Cake*

Narrative poetry is a form of poetry that tells a story, often making use of the voices of a narrator and characters as well; the entire story is usually written in metered verse. Narrative poems do not have to follow rhythmic patterns.

Boldly go  wherever your imagination will take you.


*Cupcakeb*Best Poem for Party Trek Contest - 10K Awardicon and  SCI FI Merit Badge


*Cupcakey* Second Place Poem: - A 10K  awardicon  and 2000 gps

*Cupcakev* Third Place Poem -   a 10k awardicon

*Cupcakep* Honorable Mention - 2000 gps


If you are interested in being a guest judge, please let eyestar~ know.

*Star*Donating Benefactors*Star*


*Star* We appreciate any Donations to "Starfleet Command Contest Bank to help provide awesome prizes for this unique and entertaining contest! *Thumbsup*

Remember this?
Image for The Star Trek Poem Contest.

Want to chat? Step Right into the TRANSPORTER here to meet again at
The Star Trek Forum!  
Star Trek Message Forum  [ASR]
Welcome Trekkers. Have a cup of Klingon Raktajino, and enjoy our friendly Starbase.
by Maryann

For added fun you can participate in these Star Trek Polls.

 Did You Like STAR TREK?  (E)
A poll in honour of Star Trek's 46th Anniversary!
#1891554 by eyestar~

 Favourite Star Trek Captain  (E)
Of all time!
#1767606 by eyestar~

Stroll down memory lane as you transport to:


The Winners will be added to this list...

 Star Trek Poetry Awards  [13+]
Here are the winners!
by Maryann

So, trekkers and fellow space travellers, you are welcome to take on the challenge and post your pieces so our judges and all who enter here can enjoy them!

*Smile*Remember to have FUN! *Wink*  You have until September 16th to complete the mission.


*Star*A special thank you to "Leger's Shop for the lovely starfleet emblem.
*Star*A special thank you as well to CeruleanSon for  the Star Trek Contest Sig!
*Star* A special thank you to Riot for the awesome award.

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