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What annoys you when reading a story? Share with us!
Hi all! *Bigsmile*

It's happened to all of us: we're reading something, maybe really enjoying it too, when suddenly the author does something that just rubs us the wrong way. It's the literary equivolent of fingernails on a chalkboard.

Maybe you're the only one who is effected that way, but probably not. We all have pet peeves when it comes to reading.

The purpose of this is to help all authors recognize stuff that irks off their readers. Please read through this list and remember, everyone who posts here is a potential reader of your work. Take their advice to heart as you write.

May we all avoid the figuritive fingernails/chalkboard situation!
"When a writer rips off a in vogue idea and dosen't try to put his/her own spin on it "

"Writers that write about something that they know nothing about as if they know about it! It comes across as ignorant and insulting to anyone who does know!"

"CLICHES!!!!!!! Especially when used in characters: the perfect handsome prince, fair maiden, evil wizard, etc. They're boring and predictable."

"People who make up their own grammer rules, like no capitals, then tell you since they're failing English anyway they couldn't care less about proper rules. If you don't care enough about your item to do it right, I won't either."

"I also detest too much description. Unless it’s critical that the reader knows the in-depth details, leave them out - I have a good imagination. Also, unnecessary crude language makes my mouse head straight for the "close" button."

"Anything that breaks suspension of disbelief! I hate reading something that could never happen, or is impossible. It ruins the whole piece."

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