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For writers seriously interested in publishing short fiction and poetry.

Let's Publish!

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Welcome to Let's Publish, a group for those seriously interested in publishing.

To introduce myself: My name is emerin-liseli , and I am an aspiring writer (aren't we all?) interested in reaching out to other writers who want to familiarize themselves with the publishing world. I've worked in academic publishing, at several nationally circulated magazines, and as an editor for smaller venues. However, I am certainly no expert -- hopefully, this group will function as a stepping stone and a learning tool for everyone involved.

About Let's Publish!:

This group is a meeting ground for writers who are serious about the craft, serious about writing, and serious about revising. We give tough, thoughtful reviews (take a look at our Affiliated Reviews ,) and we aren't afraid to challenge each other and ourselves. Members of Let's Publish! are seeking to learn more about the craft, diversify their writing portfolios and venture out into the world of publishing.

This isn't to say that we're a bunch of cranky birds -- there's always lively discussion in our forum, and room for members to get to know each other and develop friendships.

How Does This Work?:

*Note2* At the beginning of every month, I will post links to a few publishing possibilities in our forum: "Invalid Item
*Note2* Members will choose which publishing possibilities they wish to pursue, and submit up to three pieces for polishing and review. Note that this is NOT the place for pieces that require extensive line-by-line grammatical edits or lack basic understanding of plot, character development and story arc. The group's intent is to fine-tune or tweak for a larger audience.
*Note2* During the reviewing and revising period, members will be required to review at least one other member a week. All reviews are required to be in-depth. Please take a look at our reviewing goals and guidelines: "Invalid Item
*Note2* Revisions are necessary! We thrive on growth and continual improvement.
*Note2* Submission. Of course, this is on your honor. Check our list of publishing opportunities: "Invalid Item. If you're having problems with formatting, take a look at this handy reference: "Invalid Item.
*Note2* Celebration for those who get published! *Smile*

A Few Miscellanea:

*Note2* There is a cap of forty members for this group. If there are already forty members, you will be added to the waiting list.
*Note2* If you do not remain an active member of Let's Publish!, you will be removed from the group. I will provide periodic reminders and group updates before removing members from the group.
*Note2* Prospective members should fill out the application survey, found at "Invalid Item.


Congratulations to our published members! We are so proud! *Laugh* Below are listed a few select publications per member. For a complete list of acceptances, please see "Invalid Item.

*Balloon1* 🌕 HuntersMoon for his acceptances at Dark Gothic Resurrected   and Raphael's Village  

*Balloon2* Raven for her acceptances at Absent Willow Review  Twilight Times  , Aoife's Kiss  , Enchanted Conversation  , While the Morning Stars Sing Anthology   (Resaliens Press) and Crossed Genres  

*Balloon3* Vampyr14 for her acceptances at Residential Aliens  , Halfway Down The Stairs  , Daily Flash Anthology   (Pill Hill Press), A Fly in Amber  , Barrier Islands Review   and Every Day Fiction  

*Balloon1* Lorien for her acceptances at Ruthless People's Magazine  , The Shine Journal  , Cup of Joe: Coffee House Flash Fiction Anthology   (Wicked East Press), My First Time Anthology   (Softcopy Publishing) and Crossed Genres  

*Balloon2* Ben Langhinrichs for his acceptances at Foundling Review  , Strong Verse  , Enchanted Conversation  , Beyond Centauri  , Daily Flashes of Erotica Anthology   (Pill Hill Press) and Big Pulp  

*Balloon3* Fadz for his acceptances at Quarterly Literary Review Singapore  , Aether Age Anthology  , Every Day Fiction  , Fallen Anthology   (Northern Frights Publishing), Crossed Genres   and Cosmos Magazine  

*Balloon1* edgework for his acceptance at Every Day Poets  

*Balloon2* NOVAcatmando for her acceptance at Six Little Things   and Emerald Tales  

*Balloon3* LJPC - the tortoise for her acceptance at Emerald Tales  , Literal Translations/Litmocracy  , Daily Flash Anthology   (Pill Hill Press), Niteblade  , Peace on Earth Christmas Anthology   (Whortleberry Press), Spaceport & Spidersilk   and Beyond Centauri  

*Balloon1* Veritas for her acceptances at With Painted Words  , The Battered Suitcase  , Foundling Review  , The First Line   and Writer's Bloc  

*Balloon2* Michael for his acceptances at MicroHorror  , Horror Bound  , Fem-Fang Anthology   (Pill Hill Press) and A Fly in Amber  

*Balloon3* asymmetrical for her acceptances at Strong Verse  , Everyday Weirdness  , Lorelei Signal  , BluePrintReview  , Every Day Poets  , All Things Girl   and Drastic Measures Anthology   (Blueberry Lane Books)

*Balloon1* Radler Zpheitor for his acceptance at A Golden Place  

*Balloon2* AliceNgoreland for her acceptances at Wicked Jungle  , Nova Creatura Anthology   (Lame Goat Press) and Hazard Cat  

*Balloon3* Crys-not really here for her acceptances at Cliterature  , Daily Flash Anthology   (Pill Hill Press), Poetry Quarterly  , Stories That Lift  , Stir Fry Magazine   and Every Day Poets  

*Balloon1* aszreal for her acceptances at For the Girls, A Thousand Faces  , Daily Flashes of Erotica Anthology   (Pill Hill Press), Cup of Joe: Coffee House Flash Fiction Anthology   (Wicked East Press), Skive Magazine   and Infinite Windows  

*Balloon2* bazilbob for her acceptance at Blood Bound Books  

*Balloon3* Light for his acceptance at Mimosa Books  

*Balloon1* emerin-liseli for her acceptances at Suss  , Every Day Fiction  , Strong Verse  , Cabinet Des Fees  , The Lettered Olive, Best Poetry Winner 2009-2010   and Time of Singing Magazine  

Feel Free to Use "Invalid Item!

Check out "Invalid Item for the image links to Let's Publish! signatures.


*Heart* Participants and Donors of "Invalid Item
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Does this sound like it's for you? Fill out this survey: "Invalid Item. Feel free to email me, emerin-liseli , with any questions or concerns.

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emerin-liseli -- Group Founder & Moderator
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