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by Joy
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Link an item to advertise or for r/r and write a short piece with the given word.
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Welcome to the "Tap the Muse" In & Out.

The idea is: Write small; Think big!

All you need to do is write a couple of sentences, prose-poem, or a very short poem on the given word.
See what you can come up with in a short time.
I'll try to change the word often, depending on my time and real life. The original idea came from a website called, "one word, so little time."

Here are a couple of examples:

Glitter on the frost like the moisture in your eyes...Little did I know before I heard you crying, before I left in a haze of falling snow like a driven person who failed to see what might have been.

The prince rocked back and forth inside the huge barrel. He choked up a scream, hissing, wheezing. Cinderella was nowhere in sight, but he knew she was hiding in the bushes, waiting for the barrel to roll down the Niagara falls.

*Bullet* Keep it very short.
*Bullet* Keep the rating under or on 18+.
*Bullet* Use the word inside your entry. You may use it in its different forms. (Singular, Plural, in different tenses or adjusted to different parts of speech like beauty*Right*beautiful.)
*Bullet* You may enter an item ID that you'd like to advertise or to offer for review.
*Bullet* In this activity, please refrain from touchy subjects that may irritate other writers, such as those of religion and politics no matter how strongly you believe in your cause. Such controversial additions will be deleted.

Make sure you have a copy of what you write. In and outs may change quickly and what you write may be lost.


*Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Heart*

The phrase of the day is:

ultimate assertion

*Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Idea* *Heart*


The words offered were:

Fourteen Parrot Jingle Bash Novel Support Wing Chain Bottle Shop Garden Spill Price China Chatter Punch Artist Salt Ten Pop Page Harbor Slump Drive Bathe Swamp Silence Shopping Snow Cloud Moon turkey Crawl Voice Seed Pine Gold Whistle Cook Game Thread Sin Knot Wander Coffee Pin Bliss Eyes Vase Poison Shriek Torch Nest Bloom Vine Tattoo Friends Signal Dawn Tune River Rush Wave Virtue

The phrases offered were:

Moving on; fool's paradise

Adventures of Olivia Berns     (Rated: 13+)
: Vaishali @ 03-05-21 @ 9:47am
The love of a mother for her child is the purest thing that ever exist. It is my ultimate assertion that no love can compete with this heavenly love.

Black Baccara     (Rated: 18+)
: Elisa, Stik of Clubs @ 05-04-19 @ 11:01am
My ultimate assertion is he's being mistreated, and there's nothing I can do to stop it without further endangering his life.

Plot Support - Results announced!     (Rated: ASR)
: THANKful Sonali LOVES DAD @ 12-24-18 @ 1:50am
My housekeeper's 6 year old grand-daughter bosses me around -- so when you say 'ultimate assertion', I think of her! *Laugh*!

The PET NEWS CONTEST     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 03-21-17 @ 5:11pm
The ultimate assertion of the couple was, "Love, at its highest, is more powerful than anger and fear"; as to my ultimate assertion, I have to think about it, don't I?

Fool's Paradise     (Rated: E)
: ☮ The Grum Of Grums @ 03-13-16 @ 10:23pm
Fool's Paradise. I do go under the name "Andy" sometimes although I'm usually a little more formal as "Andrew".

RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 03-13-16 @ 2:05pm
I live in a fool's paradise, South Florida, to be exact, oblivious of the fact that a strong hurricane can thrash everything there is in a matter of hours.

Eyestar Views     (Rated: E)
: eyestar~* @ 03-09-16 @ 9:53pm
Moving on and Moving through all the obstacles which prevent you from Moving on to all you can be, every possibility, is just a choice within your capacity when you give up judging how people with see you moving on beyond POV

Furbaby Ballet     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 12-23-15 @ 1:04pm
Little by little we let go of the past year, past joys, past tears to make way for the future ones, and we keep moving on. Happy New Year, Everyone!

Eyestar Views     (Rated: E)
: eyestar~* @ 12-22-15 @ 8:22pm
Ah the sacrifice we make to live within the box of collective thought, to belong even while we are straining to break free and BE our wild infinite true selves! Death to the demon of sacrifice. Let us live our dream.

Blog City Prompt Forum     (Rated: E)
: Joy @ 03-05-15 @ 10:42am
What we sacrifice for our freedom is just as important as the freedom itself because what we give up in pain results in our greatest achievements.

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