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This In and Out is designed to create a wide variety of names for people to use in stories
The 'Normal' Name Experiment

The Normal Experiment is ready for your contributions to build the most comprehensive list of Forenames, Surnames and etymology of names WDC has ever seen.

When I write a story or any writing of any kind, I always start by thinking of the names for my main characters. What I have found is that creating names for mystical beings or really evil characters is actually quite easy and often quite fun; however when I need to come up with a generic name I tend to fall back on the same names- single syllable, uninteresting names.

This In and Out is designed for generic names that really exist have an interesting but believable feel to them. Obviously names that are unpronounceable aren't usable in a story. You can submit full names, first names, surnames. If the name also has a meaning you could also submit that. The idea is that when there are enough names we can mix and match surnames and forenames to create unique names that can be used for the generic characters in any story, poem, novel, etc...

Our Aim:  To create a pick 'n' mix counter for names

The following entry is from williampadgett. Due to the formatting of ins and outs, his method doesn't show properly.



Timothy = Gonigsa
Sarah = Hojat... "Hojat, storms are brewing in your eyes."
Use tandom lower rows.


I like to use last names of students from my secondary school: Hazelton, Barclay, Manners... I like last names that are strong and can stand on their own, for instance a teacher calling students by their last names - like 'Granger' and 'Potter' *Wink* (Lady H )

Filbert Shellings (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Winston Smoker, John Hopper, Marseilles Frank, Chico Go, Oro Gold, Misaki Yorshu, Mope Melange, Branklin Brunt, Chimichanga Choco, Bellarussi Bullabassa, Tom Mot, Vigara Everhard, Hawthorne David Longfellow the third, Bob Bibb (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

I've used Audrey, Steven, Zack, Mattie, Garfield, Milo Simon, Brandi, Surge, Katie, Maura, Kohana, Ryu, Luca, Tia Fairweathers, and Jessica Heartfield before. I haven't often used last names, though. (Detective Barricade )

David Skrimshander (a person who does scrimshaw); Shady Lane and Hezekiah Verity are a few of my favorites (Andy's Grandad )

A few interesting names from me: Bracken Dweeb; Theresa Greene; Arthur Animoor; Ivor Rees; Maurice Dance: Mortimer De Ath; Bill Hook; Rich Goldsmith; Richard Head; Claire Head; Russell Bussell; Mavis Davis. (A E Willcox )

Stegoman Allowishus Ferrybottom ... Eh, I just think it's got a ring to it. (Eliot Wild )

In fantasy, I like to name characters appropriately - for example, rock names for the delvers like dwarves, trolls, ogres, etc. Flower or other nature names for the flitting-about types, like sprites, fairies, pixies. Wood for dryads, water for naiads... (CeruleanSon )

I like surnames that mean something. The traditional ones are good for some stories, like Cooper (barrel maker), Chandler (candle maker, Fletcher (arrow maker), Carpenter (wood worker), Mason (stone worker), and of course, Smith (blacksmith), etc. (CeruleanSon )

Last names are harder, but seldom not as important so I resort to a random opening of the phone book, close eyes and point. Interestingly, I frequently seem to get "ethnic" names which also help my vision of the character. Foreign names are much tougher. (Sticktalker )

For first names my favorite trick is to think of someone I knew as a young man, a buddy even, who I use as the physical model of the character: Mark, Jerry, Don, Robby, Carol, Diane, Linda. Nothing fancy but characters are usually ordinary people, eh? (Sticktalker )

For male names, My main characters are usually Draden Rilen or Telhan Orlavis, i first thought of Draden for Soul Caliber 3 character creation, Draden seemed like a Paladin name to me, as for Telhan it just came to me (D.R.Perry )

My favorite male name has always been Kieran. It means 'little dark one' and is of Gaelic origin. I also like it in it's original form which is Ciaran. Other male names that I like are Parker, Braxton, Landon, Dylan, Kyle, Lucas and Alfie. (Alexandra Jones )

Adrian, Aaron, Andre, Connor, Elijah, Evan, Geoffrey, Gordon, Jerome, Justus, Landon, Liam, Marcus, Michael, Myles, Spencer, Tobias (Michaela Elliott )

If you are writing fantasy, a creative way is to actually spell something backwards, like I made a male character named Krad, and if you read it backwards it spells "dark" (Continuum )

Audra - Reese - could be male or female, but i think mainly male (audra_branson )

There is a great name site on the web that I stumbled upon. If you google Roman names or Western names, it should come up. (I am not on my computer right now to post link.) I like Dungarvin for a guy, shortened to "Dun". Have fun! (Jale DeCrittare )

I agree with Karlie about the baby name book. I have two. I also use the phone book to come up with last names. (Ashley )

I like male names that either have a good feel like Brad Towson or Wyatt Towson. Those are two of my favorite. For my protagonist I like to use a common and unique name together. I think it gives then a believablity instead of seeming to cliche. ~Bill (Billmania )

In my story my main characters are Griffin, Tyler, Hunter Du Coudray, Adrian Scott and Lucas Marazona...and my girls name is Holly Samuals which is simple and I liked it... (MaskedHero..xx )

I always like girl names that can pass for or shorten to a boy name for example: Danielle(Danny), Natalia(Nate), Morgan. (Dri Silvan )

Here are a few of my favorites. Female- Michelle, Heather, Rebecca. Male- Magnus, James, Derek, Kyle, Steven, Caleb, Joshua, Luke. Surnames- Jacobs, Merek. (~A.J. Lyle~ )

Antonio O'Toole- Irish father, Italian mother, but his friends just call him 'O' (Mr. Chowda Head )

I have this story in my head... where the lead characters are named Luna (for the moon) and Lumiere (meaning light)... and Luna has a dead twin named Elios (for the sun)! *Bigsmile* (mARi‚ė†StressedAtWork )

I truly have very few preferences until I "know" my character, but Blaine Cooke and Joseph Wright sound like some pretty good outlaws.... Charles Thompson could be a great crime character (on either side); James Avery feels like a pilot to me.... (Stephanie Grace )

I have two all-time favorite boys names: Hayden and Creed. I also like the combination of Cara Camille and Sydney London for girls. (Rixfarmgirl )

I adore the names Noah, Cooper, and Carter for boys. I really like Charlotte, Adeline, and Addison for girls. (A. Elizabeth Jacobs )

I love Genevieve, Corinne, Marina, Iris, Phoebe, Carson for girls. In my most recent stories, I've used Autumn, nicknamed Auto. and Corinne, nicknamed Cori for my female main characters. The less common the name, helps the character stand out more. (Dawn Stone )

Christian Patton and Kaitlyn Thomas ----I'm writing a book and have had a devil of a time thinking up the two main characters names. I finally decided on these two names. Maybe not very original or different, but they fit the characters perfectly. (Maddie Rose )

oh yes, I forgot... Vladmir, Victor, and Sven are my favourite first names ^_^ (Karlie Marx )

One of the most useful tools I use for finding interesting names is my "baby name" book. I suppose it is actually meant for expectant mothers/fathers.... but aren't all literary characters someones 'baby'? :) (Karlie Marx )

Sarah Janvier - the name's been rattling around my head for years (originally from a failed SF updating of Snow White). It felt mildly exotic without being overwhelmingly so, surname obviously French but not stereotypically so. (Michael_Mauser )

Rachel Profitt - I used that name in Hurricane Devon K (It's in my port) The name struck me as a good one for a strong, yet very pretty woman. When my wife (Mom) read the story, she told me she went to schoot with a Rachell Prophitt. True story. (Dad )

For instance, if you have the ordinary last name of "Jones," possibilities include, Jonie, Jonelle, Johnston, Joelle, Joe, Jon, Nojen, Senoj, Sonje... the possibilities are endless. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

I like using anagrams or spoonerisms of the names of people close to me. You'll find an infinite amount of inspiration doing that. Or, you can "Play" with a last name to make it a first name. (Ravenwand, Rising Star! )

Smak Pretzellian. The idea of a "normal name" is nonsensical since the setting of the story will determine what is "normal". There are no Bob Smiths in Czechoslovakia. (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

Nikolas Anders: Normal in sound, but ethnic in script, can give a Greek background if needed, can be called Niko for short. A charming variation on a normal name. (Seraphemme )

Matthew Bird (Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC )

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