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Jump start your imagination!
Can you come up with a hysterical heading, an interesting inscription, or a silly subtitle?

Check out the Daily Snapshot and come up with the best cunning, creative, or clever caption and WIN.

Things to Remember:

*Brain* No vulgar captions. Try to keep'em 13+ or lower.

*Brain* Each round will be judged around midnight, WDC time, and a new photo will then be posted.

*Brain* Free to play but bribes donations are always welcome.

*Brain* One entry per person per day.

*Brain* Every entry acts as a ticket for a prize drawing!

*Brain* Write your caption directly in the submission box. No bitem required!


*Dollar* The best caption for the day will receive 1000 GPs. *Dollar*

*Badge* But that's not all!

Every Sunday night, every entry from the previous week will be entered into a drawing, the virtual dice will roll,
and one merit badge will be awarded!

[caption me!]

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Special Donors

: Buddhangela, Ghost Of Coraline @ 07-21-22 @ 10:16am
Looks like Genipher HASN'T POSTED SINCE MAY 10, 2022. I'd call it ON HIATUS until we hear from her again. *WORRY*

: Sand Castles Shopgirl 739 @ 07-20-22 @ 8:41pm
I thought we were told there would be Manna in the desert!

: Solace.Bring @ 06-05-22 @ 7:33am

: Sumojo @ 05-27-22 @ 5:49am
Is this a yolk?

: ridinghhoodwitch @ 05-15-22 @ 11:57am
I thought I ordered scrambled.

: Vaishali @ 05-14-22 @ 10:15am
Have gotten this before, we would not be skeletons today.

: Hocus Pocus Jeannie @ 05-14-22 @ 9:52am
Why does this always happen? They know we can't eat anymore!

: BlueMoon @ 05-14-22 @ 9:15am
Salvador Dali would be so proud right now!

: Solace.Bring @ 05-12-22 @ 6:41pm
This mirage seems to indicate we're hungrier than we are thirsty, right?

: Petra 'The Hag' Pansky @ 05-12-22 @ 11:38am
I knew we should have just ordered takeout.

: Beholden @ 05-12-22 @ 9:46am
Yeah, you can fry an egg on these sands. But no one said how long it would take.

: Tegs @ 05-12-22 @ 8:38am
Our doctor said, eat nothing you canโ€™t lift.

: Ablackbewhiskeredface @ 05-11-22 @ 8:17am
I didnโ€™t expect the storm breaking to be literal.

: Joesmoe @ 05-10-22 @ 10:20pm
Oh, Mrs. Clucky is going to kill us!! Oh waitโ€ฆ

: Steven (Penguins > Halloween) @ 05-10-22 @ 7:34pm
We should always temper eggs-pectations...

: Buddhangela, Ghost Of Coraline @ 05-10-22 @ 6:45pm
I still say we would've been better off eating it raw.

: Kyle Curcio @ 05-10-22 @ 5:20pm
Hear no ovum. Speak no ovum. See no ovum.

: ๐Ÿ‘‘ pumpkin princess wheeler @ 05-10-22 @ 4:53pm
I think we took this fasting thing too far.

: Emma @ 05-10-22 @ 4:44pm
If only I could taste...

: ๐Ÿ‘‘ pumpkin princess wheeler @ 05-09-22 @ 4:13pm
Oh no! Someone put molasses on my skates and I'm stuck!

: ridinghhoodwitch @ 05-09-22 @ 7:38am
These wooden skates are the pits. Where's Hans Brinker when you need him?

: Emma @ 05-09-22 @ 6:47am
*Scoff* And they said I was too fat for ice skating...

: Petra 'The Hag' Pansky @ 05-09-22 @ 3:25am
After snagging the last tree from the tree lot, Santa hurries to install it in his own home.

: Ablackbewhiskeredface @ 05-08-22 @ 9:04pm
I need to get the sleigh repaired soon.

: Princess Morticia Megan Rose @ 05-08-22 @ 8:51pm
Santa is trying for his gold Olynpic Medal.

: BlueMoon @ 05-08-22 @ 8:50pm
What could go wrong?

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