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Who is one tooth less?
         As my daughter was driving her sons to school, Tyler complained, "I can't eat my breakfast sandwich because my tooth is too wiggly."  Amazed, she gave a quick look and he definitely had one loose tooth.  Because he is seven and most of the kids in his class have been losing teeth for two years, we were beginning to wonder what was going on with Tyler. 

         Phones started ringing all across the U.S.A. --- mine first (I hope).  Rushing to get ready for work, I was prepared to say,

         "I'll call you from the car," when Clarissa said,

         "I've got important news." 

         "What's going on?"  was my rhetorical question...

         "Tyler is losing his first tooth!" 

         And she proceeded with the big debut.  It all happened at 8:10 a.m., Monday, December 1, 2008.

Who is one tooth less?
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