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by Lizuka
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Four perfectly normal girls deal with the supernatural. Offers 100 points per addition.

Four perfectly normal girls deal with the supernatural. Offers 100 points per addition.

This is an interactive story containing 139 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Notice: in order to increase reader participation, from now on every addition to Oppur Town Interactive will result in 100 gift points to the person responsible. Be forewarned, however, that due to the nature of this chapters will be up for deletion or heavy editing if they do not consist of at least three paragraphs of passable length.

Furthermore, as Oppur Town Interactive is nearing 100 chapters, whoever contributes the one hundredth chapter will receive an additional one thousand gift points.

The story off which this is based may be found here, but is not mandatory reading -
Part one - http://lizuka.deviantart.com/art/Oppur-Town-Girls-No-1-Part-1-138381641
Part two - http://lizuka.deviantart.com/art/Oppur-Town-Girls-No-1-Part-2-139360199

There is a particular group of four friends in Oppur Town - Mel Nunez, Suzanne & Katlyn Parsons, and Wendy Flowers. They're perfectly normal girls with nothing special about them, but they have a strange habit of stumbling into situations not of this world.

Brenda Nancy "Wendy" Flowers: Wendy's tiny, but the oldest member of the group by a small margin. She's the hyper one, and truth be told has probably been mistaken more than once for being an eleven or twelve year old the other girls let hang out with them. She has known the twins since they were in sixth grade, and is head over heels for Katlyn - that doesn't stop her from teasing her constantly, though. She's quite the Pokemon fangirl.

Katlyn Ruby Parsons: The older of the two twins. Katlyn's the Tsundere of the group, especially in regards to Wendy - she can be very snappy at her at times and gets annoyed with her quickly, but truth be told is rather fond of the girl and has been friends with her for so long for a reason. The main way Katlyn's softer side shows is through her relation with her younger sister, though - Katlyn can be very loving to her, and is also willing to snap someone's head off if they do anything to Suzanne.

Suzanne Vanessa Parsons: The younger of the twins. Suzanne's a cheerful but easily startled girl, shy and slightly cowardly but one not many people could find real fault in. As the baby of the Parsons family (even if by only a few minutes), both Katlyn and the twins' older sister Hannah are pretty protective of her - which doesn't gel well with the fact that Wendy gets a kick out of spooking her.

Melanie Su "Mel" Nonez: Mel's the smart one. She's the youngest of the group by about six months, but one wouldn't know it from looking at how tall she is compared to the twins at average height and the tiny Wendy. She wears contacts and is generally a very composed individual, but she does have a certain dry wit that doesn't come out much (though not to the degree of Katlyn).

Oppur Town is intended to be a family-friendly affair, and so there is to be no profanity, and nothing overtly sexual.

However, things involving gender changing are perfectly acceptable. So long as things don't lead into talking about new genitalia or what have you, that is an accepted and welcome possibility.
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