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The revised 1.5 Edition about one teenager getting a harem is here.

The revised 1.5 Edition about one teenager getting a harem is here.

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Edit: 2-18-20: After a while I decided this story needed some loving as it needed some changes. Fat needs to be trimmed, rules and characters need some changing, some new characters needed to be added, and just a tune up in general because I felt like I could do better.

Revised 2/18/20: 15 year old Leroy Rogers is a high school student with a dream: having a harem of babes at his beck and call. Watch as his dream becomes a reality with more ways than one. Hopefully they all aren't just plain old mind control because that's been over done.

Physical appearance: Leroy stands at 6'2 with messy brown hair and light blue eyes.
Leroy's personality: Leroy is very easygoing and likes to goof off a lot, but this has often gotten him into trouble with his teachers a lot. The best way to get him to do his work is to scare him into doing it, or to get him to think it was his idea. To say he isn't smart would be inaccurate. He has the potential to be a straight A student, but doesn't put any effort into it because he's lazy. Whenever he gets in trouble with his grades or feels like proving a point he will apply himself to get results. Due to his laid back nature Leroy is quite likable, and mostly keeps to himself. He does hold a particular dislike for snobby and or bossy people, and can hold grudges towards anyone who comes between him and his relaxing time.

He also does have a couple of fetishes that he liked to keep quite about. Perhaps because of his hate of being bossed around and desire to be the one doing the bossing around his domination fetish was born. Leroy also enjoys expansion (mostly breast and butt expansion), lactation, and petplay Leroy would like a harem of babes, both real and fictional. Leroy does have a crush on one of his classmates, Victoria Johnson(see below for the revised version).

Revised: Other Characters
Adding new characters is highly encouraged but for now let's start off with a few here.
Leroy's family:
Candice Rogers: Leroy's older sister now in college. Introduced him to anime.
Physical appearance: 18 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has c-cup breasts, but has a nice, big fat jiggly butt that she is proud of and secretly likes it being messed with.Wears white jeans, and a blue top.
Personality: Candice is a mild mannered geeky girl, and a joy to be around. She would like a bigger chest, but is okay with her's. She might be smart, but she'd fall under mind control pretty easy. She cannot handle pressure too well. So if somebody had some sort of enslavement pheromones, it would not take long for her to crack. She loves to play video games and likes to play with mods, and maybe make her own. Is still a virgin.

Joyce Rogers: Leroy's divorcee mother. She divorced Leroy's father after finding out he was cheating on her while she still pregnant with Leroy, and hasn't regretted it ever. 42 years old and with blue eyes and blonde hair, D-cup breasts. Wears a simple green dress usually. After years of having to provide for her children by herself, Leroy's school problems, trying to get him to stop being lazy has left Joyce a drained woman. The light is still works but doesn't shine as bright as it used to. She is very strict on her son, but she really does want him to be happy and to do well in school. She used to be something of a wild girl back when she was in collage and had a high libido too. She might still have that libido and possibly her stress problems are due to a lack of sex in the last 15 years.

2-18-20: Extended Family: Here are three new members of Leroy's family now. Brooke Compton, Lucille Compton, and Dorothy Compton.
Brooke Compton: Joyce's younger sister and Leroy's aunt. She lives with her twin daughters out in a rural part of Montana on a ranch. Appearance-wise similar to her Joyce's but in better shape due to years of outdoor activities. Brooke is a widow who lost her husband a few years back after a hiking trip gone wrong, and had to sell off the livestock at the ranch to pay the bills, but unlike her older sister she is in mostly good spirits. She remains a bubbly woman with an adventurous streak, always eager to try new things. Whenever Leroy is around she dots on him constantly, and enables his laziness much to Joyce's disappointment.

Lucille Compton: The older twin of the two at the age of 15. She is a short albino around 5'3 with b-cups and wide hips. Lucille prefers to stay indoors for the most part, and will often trick her sister into doing work that is assigned to her. She can be as lazy as Leroy, something she will vehemently deny as she hates the idea of being like her cousin. She and Leroy often get into fights.

Dorothy Compton: The more outgoing and outdoorsy of the twins. She takes after her mother personality-wise, but is a bit gullible and is hyperactive. As a tomboy she does not mind getting dirty and doesn't generally enjoy typically girly stuff. Like Lucille she too is an albino. Her assets are bigger than Lucile, and she received a cut around her right eye that has become a jagged scar.

Some of the women from school:
Elizabeth Acord: 35 years old, blonde hair and blue eyes and has DD breasts and an hourglass body. Leroy's homeroom and English teacher. She is a very strict and seems hellbent on removing joy in her classroom. Elizabeth has something of an ego and other teachers think she's a bit insufferable. She has a temper problem, and doesn't like it when students disobey her rules, or when people call her Liz or Lizzie. She thinks the only and best way to get students to behave is to scare them and enforce harsh rules and punishments. This is frequently used on Leroy. Leroy is terrified of her, and has many a nightmare with her in it. They have a mutual dislike of each other and would prefer to never seeing each other again, or would especially like it if one was the other's little slave. Leroy thinks underneath that stick in the mud attitude and suit she wears, she's secretly a masochist that wants a master to spank her. Not that he'd ever say that out loud of course. She scares people just by smiling when she does.

Gabriela Garcia Revised: She is 25 years old, black hair with green eyes and a DDD chest. Leroy's math teacher and a smoking hot Spaniard babe if you asked him. Gabriela is a kind and gentle woman who thinks the best way to handle students is to act like a mother to them. She doesn't see eye to eye with Elizabeth and thinks she needs to loosen up. Elizabeth thinks she's a newbie that doesn't know any better. Gabriela is one of the teachers that thinks Elizabeth is insufferable, and likes to call her the names that she hates being called. Despite being a new teacher, she's quite popular among students for obvious reasons. Leroy's her teacher's pet, and is often distracted by her body to pay attention to her. She has problems with Leroy being lazy in her class too, and isn't afraid to use tough love on him if she needs to. She has a bit of a submissive streak going on, and it's rumored that she can lactate and she actually has E-cups that are being suppressed due to her bras being made out of strong fabric. Her family moved from Spain in the 80s and she was born not too long after.

Revised Victoria Johnson: Leroy's crush and childhood best friend. She is 16 years old, and looks awfully like Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa with minus the hair color(Victoria's is black) https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/danganronpa/images/3/39/Danganronpa_The_Anim... and has medium sized C-cup breast. A straight A student that plays the violin in her spare time. She is unaware of Leroy's crush, and wouldn't know how to react if he told her. She doesn't have a lot of knowledge about current trends or media and it can bite her back if she tries to socialize much. She doesn't talk much, but is very polite. Leroy thinks she has no fun in her life, and needs to cut loose every once in a while. She doesn't even like Elizabeth and thinks she needs to be put in her place, but is scared of her too.

Revised Jenny Stone: A Québécois girl who moved to America with black hair and brown eyes, 22 years old. Has B-cup breast. Leroy's neighbor that jogs at least twice a week. She's the neighborhood's resident fitness freak and always drinks a "sports drink" as she calls it that she got scammed into having a year's worth of. She's kind of a ditz, weak willed and not the brightest bulb. She hates it when people think of her as an airhead, and can be nasty when she wants to be. She owns a lot of exercise equipment in her house, and trips over a barbell once a twice a day. She is related to Elizabeth but they don't talk to each other all to much. They don't get along.

Time for the updated rules.
1st rule: Death can be okay so long as you ask me first.
Rule 2: No scat, vore outside of cock vore, guro, unbirth, futa, furries/anthros, weight gain, gay sex, watersports, diapers, or anything else gross or bizarre.
Rule 3: Leroy will be the only one to gain abilities to get his harem.
Rue 4: Adding new characters is encouraged as I previously said but hey I'm repeating myself here.
Rule 5: This might be a smut story, but I do enjoy my smut with some plot.
Rule 6: Please use correct grammar.
Rule 7: Let's be creative here about methods on how Leroy gets his harem. Let's not just go right ahead and use mind control. How about a magic tongue twister that turns a girl into a bimbo if she fails to say it wrong? Or a CD that plays a song that enslaves the girl that listen to it? Be creative on enslavement methods.
Rule 8 Breast and butt expansion are welcomed, and so is bimbo transformation.
Rule 9: Chapters that violate my rules will be deleted.
Rule 10: 4-18-21: Weight gain is now allowed. Obviously Leroy is not the one to gain weight and male weight gain in general isn't allowed. Using weight gain to enslave girls is good so long as they eventually lose the added pounds. You can have Leroy fatten up Candice only to make her regain the weight for example.
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