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You are tortured by your crush with farts!
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Chapter 3


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Patrick stood on the other side of the class, chatting with his friends. None of them caught my eye the way he did. How I wished to stroke his golden, honey-sweet hair. Sadly I would never be allowed. When he suddenly turned his back to his friends, I suddenly felt a warm flush of excitement. But not because he was looking at me. It was because his butt - the one that looked like two large scoops of divine ice cream - had released gas towards his group with a loud sound. All of them laughed as he fanned the putrid air in their faces, but I desperately wanted to inhale the beautiful stench. Later on, after class was done and we were the only two left, I dropped my pencil while packing my things, and it rolled all the way to his side of the room. He quickly looked at me with those beautiful light blue eyes, and then bent over to pick up my pencil, releasing another wave of gas on his way down. He seemed embarrassed, and the pink in his cheeks couldn't be hidden. He apologized, but I stupidly choked out that it was alright, but then he could see the pleasure in my eyes as a grin slowly stretched across his face. He walked over to me seductively and almost sadistically. "You like it when a guy farts," he said, almost turned on.
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