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Can you survive the only human in a building full of giant monsters? Fantasy monsters only

Can you survive the only human in a building full of giant monsters? Fantasy monsters only

This is an interactive story containing 670 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
(9/21/2016: Under new management. Originally created by RedHurricane)

You are R.L. a rare example of a human living in Horrorville, a city inhabited by the monsters of folklore and legend. To make matters worse all the monsters are giants hundreds of feet tall. Despite this, you've managed to find a place on the second floor at the Monster Arms apartment building. But even there it's a dangerous place. Every apartment houses a monster giantess and they have mixed feelings towards you. Try not to die.

Other Characters
Cadence Deadman- Your roommate, a blue skinned zombie giantess with long hair and two differently colored eyes. The conditions of you living in the apartment was that you share a room with the last new addition. Despite being roommates you don't know much about Cadence since she doesn't speak but let out a few zombie grunts. But considering she's a novelist for a living, she's not as stupid as most zombies. Of course, you're not sure how she thinks about you.

Nefernina-Su-Ancknamun's- Your landlady, a pear shaped mummy girl wrapped in gauze up to her neck. She surprisingly looks no older than you but she's obviously older than she looks. Unfortunately Nefernina hates humans and sees them as pests. It's a wonder she even let you live here. Of course she warned you that there would be consequences should you make any trouble.

Floor 1
Patsy Hardy- Another tenant of the apartment, a giant Siamese cat sith girl. You usually try to avoid her because of her hyperactive nature and your fear of what a cat would do if she caught you. Patsy is a biker who is usually seen with her gang, the Firecats. She also doesn't get along well with Lupa.

Georgia Alexopoulos- Your downstairs neighbor, a humongous hourglass shaped gorgon with cobras for hair. Georgia works as an artisan and craftswoman. You don't have a problem with her, but Georgia has to constantly wear a pair of specially designed sunglasses to keep those petrifying eyes of hers in check.

Shelly Roshi- A giant kappa girl with the shell of a Ridley sea turtle. She's a rather dodgy character who you suspect to be a con artist since she avoids Petra like the plague but you haven't seen enough of her to know.

Chel Sherpa- A yeti girl who is one of the few monsters in the building you have no trouble approaching. She's one of the few sensible creatures and would never intentionally harm you. Usually Chel will try to avoid any of the crazy antics of the rest of the apartment. Unsurprisingly she works as a nurse.

Floor 2

Mavis Blaze- A gigantic hourglass figured banshee with pale skin and dark rings around her eyes, a next door neighbor of yours. She sees herself as an accomplished opera singer but all her music does is give you a headache. Unfortunately for you she's too haughty to listen to you complaining about her.

Alicia Wocky- Another next door neighbor on the opposite side as Mavis and a large yellow green skinned jabberwock. She's somewhat out there and you can barely understand what she's saying. Like Mavis she is musically inclined, but more towards rock than opera. You're pretty sure she's a stoner.

Lupa Howler- Your worst enemy and a giant obese werewolf girl. Lupa works as a tailor/clothes designer but that's not what you're interested in. Lupa is out to get you, in her stomach. She's eaten humans before and she isn't going to quit pursuing you until she's caught you. That's why you don't like leaving the apartment without Cadence.

Izzy Zard- An overweight, bespectacled but beautiful basilisk girl with a long forked tongue. Izzy works as a schoolteacher but she's also very flirty especially towards you and is determined to make you her boyfriend.

3rd Floor- You don't know much about the third floor's opinion towards humans since you rarely go up there, they might be friend or foe.

Bernice Robins- A giant red ifrit (fire genie). Bernice is not very open towards the rest of the apartment but you know she works as a gourmet chef at a monster restaurant and is very single minded when it comes to her work, getting really angry when she's interrupted. You have no idea how she feels towards humans but you don't want to really find out.

Irene Stargazer- A giant purple cyclops girl. Irene is a hypochondriac and is always exercising. She takes health very seriously and even works as a physical instructor. She lives directly above you and Cadence.

Aqua Laguna- A giant apple figured kelpie girl with blue skin. Resembles a scaly anthro horse with gill and a fishes tail but still with hooved feet Aqua is a pacifistic girl who is usually out surfing and generally acts carefree. However you heard a rumor that she used to eat humans. Of course, you don't know if that rumor holds water.

Petra Maza- The tallest girl in the entire apartment complex and an orange skinned hourglass figured gargoyle woman with long white hair. You don't know much about Petra except for the fact she's a cop. You don't think she'd harm you but you can't be sure.

Elle Morningdove- A Native American looking harpy with the wings of a thunderbird and electric powers to match. You've seen Elle getting along with everyone in the apartment (except for Mavis and Nefernina) but you've also heard that she tires easily and is usually asleep. The fact that she works as a night radio DJ might have something to do with it.

New Additions- New monsters added by myself and others.

Bianca- (addition by Spiralwriter) a three headed chimera woman with three personalities. Her left head is a goat's head that's friendly with everyone while her center lion's head is always angry and her snake's head on the right is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist and a paranoid.

Corlette- (addition by Spiralwriter) a ghost girl with long pigtails with pink streaks in her black hair. She's nervous and shy and a bit of a crybaby. She was originally a human who had the extreme misfortune of being eaten by Lupa in a violent manner and is deathly afraid of the wolf girl as a result.

Giselle- A gigantic sphinx. Giselle is very fat and almost spherical in shape due to having no humans being able to answer any of her riddles and as a result she has developed a fear of humans and tries to avoid eating them when she can. Unlike the other monsters, Giselle walks on all fours like an animal.

Arbara- A giant hippie mandrake with the appearance of a humanoid tree. Arbara is against the idea of monsters mistreating or devouring humans and believes that humans can't defend themselves. Unfortunately, this also causes her to see humans as little more than pets.

Zelda- A titanic centaur with the legs of a zebra and long bluish black hair and dark skin. She's usually drunk and not particularly intelligent as a result.

Catalina- (addition by me, name by Spiralwriter) Zelda's roommate and a giant chupacabra woman. She resembles a grayish pink dog woman with spikes growing down her back and long brown hair that appears to have horns. Catalina is the "Felix" of the duo and is always angry with Catalina's messy habits and brainless actions. It would be best to steer clear of her.

Janine- A giant kitsune woman. Janine resembles a human with fox's ears and feet and nine tails. She also has a blue kanji tattoo on the side of her face. It is unknown if she is friendly or evil because she mostly speaks Japanese rather than English.

Koko- One of Janine's neighbors. A green skinned jiang-shi (hopping corpse) giantess. Works as a stunt woman in monster martial arts movies for another jiang-shi but is trying to score higher, with little success.

Renee- A giant and very pear shaped gray skinned hodag woman. Renee has long red hair, horns on her forehead, a dinosaur like tail, a frog like face and large fangs. Renee isn't prejudiced against humans but she despises all men regardless of species. Definitely a bad idea to cross paths with her.

Layla- One of Bianca's neighbors and a 450 foot tall Dullahan, (500) if you count her severed head) who dresses like a medieval knight. Bianca believes that she's an assassin but it's unknown if that's true.

Astrid- Another of Bianca's neighbors and a giant obese crimson skinned manticore with long purplish hair and three sets of razor sharp fangs. Astrid mainly keeps to herself. This is because she is secretly keeping a human mate named Ashley in her apartment (who's gender depends on the storyline).

Amy- A chubby purple skinned gremlin giantess and new addition to the apartment. She's very smart and good with machines but unfortunately is horribly racist against the undead and even treats Nefernina with disrespect.

Elizabeth Williams- (addition by UltimateNeo) A human looking giantess in a trenchcoat and black leather. Before she became a giant, she was Jack the Ripper and Springheel Jack and has the ability to turn her hands into weapons and leap high. Nobody else knows this however. Holds a grudge against Lupa for eating her when she was human and turning her into a wraith like creature.

Selena Brown deCrata- An OC by the 12th Doctor. Selena is an 850ft tall and hourglass shaped were cat covered in black fur with orange hair worn in a ponytail. Mainly wears a black bikini and speaks in a Cajun accent. Selena loves to play pool and will challenge anyone, human or monster. Any human who loses to her has to spend the day in her cleavage.

Aiba Raven Howler- A werewolf with ivory fur and a long, bushy tail. She has short dyed black (it's naturally brown), and red eyes. She has a fairly muscular physique, but since she has Lactose Overload Syndrome, her breasts are gargantuan, easily obscuring her torso and upper legs, and filled to the brim with milk that she can't lactate. Aiba wears black, gothic clothing that shows of as much cleavage as possible and thigh high heeled boots She is a goth through and through. She loves anything that is dark and creepy. It takes a while for her to warm up to anyone. She is rather distant from her family, rarely seeing eye-to-eye with her sister Lupa (since Lupa eats humans and Aiba doesn't) and outright refuses to talk about Persephone. But she can still be a friendly person once you get to know her. Like some women with LOS, Aiba is proud of her breasts. She does hate it when people bring up her namesake though. She is an OC of the 12th Doctor.

Kyoko Hana - An OC of the 12th Doctor, Kyoko is a 1000ft Onryo with chalk white skin, long stringy black hair, and solid black eyes. She has an exaggerated hourglass figure, with MM-Cup breasts, wide hips, and a huge ass. She is covered head to toe with tattoos, all of sexy monster women. They range from BBW's to massively busty, to gorgeous bodybuilders. She wears a skimpy bikini so her tattoos are exposed. Kyoko herself is usually silent. When she does speak, it's limited to one or two words. She is largely emotionless. The majority of her personality are in her tattoos, which are sentient. The tattoos represent aspects of herself, including a very shy bodybuilder, a tomboy with huge boobs, and a very flirty BBW. These tattoos can move freely on her body, are capable of speech, and can even control parts of Kyoko.

Outside of the Apartment

Kimiko "Kim" Drake - An 825ft tall Yuki-Onna who is an OC of the 12th Doctor. Kim has chalk white skin, long, light blue hair, icy blue eyes, and blue lips. Kim's body lacks legs, ending instead in a ghostly tail. Kim is naturally and enormously pear shaped, with a fairly slim upper half/ Kim, being a Yuki-onna, constantly causes it to snow where ever she is. Despite this, she is a warm person, being very friendly. She is a serious meat eater, but refuses to eat humans. She is the landlord of a building with three businesses: a deli, a comic shop, and a salon. She is married to a succubus named Alia. Both have the opposite body shape of the other: Kim has decent breasts but a gargantuan rear, while Alia has a small rear but Lactose Overload Syndrome.

Nicolette Lito Macht - A 1015ft tall were cheetah who is an OC of the 12th Doctor. Nicolette has short, spikey red hair, orange eyes, orange fur with black spots, and a medium tail. She is extremely muscular, but due to her training style, has a gargantuan obese belly. She wears workout gear. Nicolette is a well-known fitness instructor from Germany. She is known for her program that can make woman super muscular, but requires them to have a fat belly. She is loud, demanding, and strict, but she gets results. She wears a ring that protects from all disease, including nebutori.

Tori LeCroix - An OC of the 12th Doctor. Tori is a 1680ft (originally 920ft) rose creature who is friends with Aiba. Tori has forest green skin, blue eyes, and a red rosebud acting as hair. Various other flowers grow out of her body. There are also what appears to be vines on her body. If it weren't for her weight, people would say she resembles Poison Ivy from DC comics. Due to a bizarre strain of nebutori, Tori is impossibly obese. She wears an enormous green bikini made of leaves. Tori may not be the tallest monster (that honor goes to Morgan Wayne) but she is the fattest. A strain of nebutori has turned her into a literal mountain of a woman, weight little over 5 tons (10,000 Ibs). She is extremely proud of this, and determined to get even fatter to maintain her position. Outside of that, she is a friendly person, willing to talk to anyone. She loves comic books.

These are the monsters, try to survive.
All monsters are giants. Three hundred feet is the minimum.
Males Monsters can appear, but only females can interact with or harm R.L. I've decided to let it slide but to be honest, I don't like male giants.
Only female monsters live in the building
No toilet stuff!
No extreme sexual content. It makes me uncomfortable.
Do not use existing characters from anime, cartoon etc. OCs are okay.
Try to keep the monsters adults
Try not to end the story too soon.
Read the previous chapters before you add. I don't want to see anybody using information that is clearly wrong. I had to fix some chapters because some fool wrote things about the characters that contradicted previous information.
You can add more monsters if you want, just try to make them different species than the ones I've put in.
If you come to a type of monster you've never heard of, you can look it up on wikipedia. You might learn something.
Please try to keep this story a fantasy. It had gone out of control with sci-fi giantesses and I had to sadly delete a lot of chapters to restore this story to its glory.
As show with the above rule, no human giantesses, mechas or mutates. I allowed it once and it turned out to be a HUGE mistake.
Keep underage characters to an absolute minimum. You have to be an adult to have an apartment. Be logical.

This story is meant to be black comedy, try and make it funny.
Other than that have fun and please add.

Thanks for all the additions. I really appreciate it. Special Thanks go to Spiral-And-Twist, Forestfire5000, Xoncron, Anonymous One, Runic, UltimateNeo, Dylan M, Oregulus, Infinitebull, J.M. Darkly, the 12th Doctor and Crimson Freak.

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