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Someone is granted the power to swap anything with anyone, no questions asked. GPs given!

Someone is granted the power to swap anything with anyone, no questions asked. GPs given!

This is an interactive story containing 1,621 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
David Reynolds was just an average college student until his life was changed forever when a mysterious old woman grants him the power to swap anything with anyone. The story also includes branches where someone else is granted the power instead.

Gift Points will be given out to good chapters. The amount of points will depend on how good/long your chapters are. Happy writing. *Smile*

Special thanks to Switcher Fenrir and engineered for all the wonderful additions.

How the powers work:
The person with the power can swap any physical or metal trait as well as clothes and possessions with any person just by thinking about it
They can also choose who is aware of each swap they make
Only equivalent parts can be swapped
Swaps can only be performed on real people within visual range
The powers do not work on people in pictures or on TV, etc.

General Writing Rules:
These are the guidelines for adding to any of my stories. I reserve the right to delete any chapters that break these rules.

1. Use good spelling and grammar. I will fix small mistakes, but I will delete chapters that are too hard to read.
2. Keep the story in third person and past tense. It's jarring when these randomly change.
3. Be consistent within a story branch and maintain the established continuity of the branch.
4. Keep characters consistent with their bios. It's okay to expand upon what's in the bios, but don't have characters act completely out of character or change established details about them.
5. Avoid adding too many one sentence or choice chapters. These are fine for earlier chapters in a branch to get things started, but after that point it becomes annoying and doesn't add anything to the story.
6. Don't write something completely different than what the option you selected says.
7. Try to avoid leaving only one option at the end of a chapter.
8. Sex is fine, but please try to be at least a bit realistic about it. Most people don't have sex constantly.
9. Try to avoid killing characters, especially the main characters. It's fine to include character death sometimes, but it's not really the focus of the story.
10. Please try to avoid adding to chapters that obviously violate the rules. I'd hate to delete a good chapter because it was added to one that broke the rules.
11. No promoting hate speech or being otherwise disrespectful of others.
12. Most importantly, have fun and don't be afraid to add! The story isn't going to write itself you know...

You can find a list of characters below that you can include. Feel free to introduce your own, as long as they don't conflict with any characters listed here. I might even add your character to the official list!

Main Characters:
These are the characters that will be the focus of the story in most of the branches. David is the person with the power in most branches, so it's pretty much him and some related characters. I'll probably update this section from time to time as more information is established about each character.

David Reynolds: 20 year old guy attending college to study computer science. He has short dark hair and an average build, standing 5'10" tall. He's a pretty nice guy, but he's kind of a loner and has a kind of kinky/perverted side that he doesn't show people. He's never really had a steady girlfriend or close friends on account of his loner attitude and kind of nerdy personality although he is pretty close with his family. That being said, college has helped David come out of his shell a little bit and make a few friendships.

James Hale: David's 21 year old roommate. He has short blond hair and a slightly muscular build and stands at 6'1" tall. He gets along well enough with David, but they don't really hang out together since they don't have much in common.

Emily Ryan: James's 20 year old girlfriend. She's pretty nice and very hot. She has beautiful red hair that comes down just past her shoulders, D-cup breasts, and a height of 5'7". She is very girly.

Alicia Reynolds: David's 22 year old sister. She's in her final year of college at a nearby school so she visits David pretty frequently. She's smart, nice, responsible, and decently attractive. She has long light brown hair, C-cup breasts, and a height of 5'6". She has a pretty girly personality.

Jamie Reynolds: David's 18 year old sister. She's in her final year of high school and her first choice of college is close to David's. She has shoulder length light brown hair and B-cup breasts. She's much less organized and responsible than Alicia but she is more attractive overall. She also has a slightly tomboyish personality although still very girly. She is also kind of short, standing 5'2" tall.

Paul Saunders: David's 20 year old friend. The two met in CS 101 as freshmen and bonded over a few similar interests. He's really into heavy metal and plays guitar, which is where their interests diverge a bit. His brown hair is shoulder length like you'd expect from a metalhead, but his face is clean shaven. He's got a pretty average build, but he's a little on the thin side, and he's got a few tattoos on his arms. He stands 5'9" tall. He's got a chill personality and can get along with most people. He also smokes pot on occasion.

Kyle Wright: David's 19 year old friend. He's a psych major David met in a mandatory intro to psych course. He's a genuinely likable guy and gets along with most people, even David despite the fact that they only have a couple shared interests. He's got messy blond hair, a thinly trimmed beard, and glasses, making him look slightly hipsterish. He has a height of 5'10"

Michelle Green: Kyle's 19 year old girlfriend. She's another psych major like Kyle, and is pretty friendly. David doesn't know her too well, but they've gotten along well enough when they have met. She's got very light blonde hair that's usually done with a short pixie cut. She's thin, has B-cup breasts, and a height of 5'5". She's attractive but a little plain, and she has a hipsterish fashion sense.

Gary Wang: David's 20 year old friend. He was David's roommate freshmen year. He likes gaming a lot and has a very logical way of thinking. They get along well, but they haven't kept up as much since they're not roommates anymore. He's of Chinese descent, has short dark hair and glasses, and a height of 5'6".

Allison "Allie" Hemingway: David's 20 year old friend. She's a cute, slightly quirky girl from England studying CS like David. David probably would have asked her out if she wasn't a lesbian. She's half English, half Indian and her father is a history professor at the college she and David attend. She's short and petite, standing only 5'0" tall, and she has small A-cup breasts and a cute, round butt. She keeps her dark hair in a somewhat short asymmetrical cut that just reaches the base of her neck and she has a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon on her right upper arm. She's got a somewhat tomboyish personality and doesn't usually wear skirts or dresses, but still wears feminine clothing otherwise.

Natalie "Nat" Price: Allie's 20 year old girlfriend. She's a lot more feminine than Allie, preferring to wear skirts and dresses. She's also more assertive, and has a bit of a rebellious streak, putting her at odds with her rich father a lot. She has shoulder length brown hair, but it's dyed purple, she has piercings in her ears, nose, and bellybutton, and has a few small tattoos. She's about average height and weight for a girl, standing at 5'5" tall and has C-cup breasts. She's an English major and wants to be a novelist. Her parents divorced when she was a little girl and she lived with her father and stepmother until getting an apartment with Allie.

Brandon MacArthur: David's 20 year old friend. He's one of David's more recent friends, having transferred from a different school at the start of the semester. He studies CS like David. He's a super nice guy who is also smart and good looking. He was in a car accident when he was 16 which left him paralyzed from the waist down, but he hasn't let that slow him down. He's got good upper body strength from wheeling around in his wheelchair. He has shaggy dirty blonde hair that just passes his ears, a dashing smile, and a clean shaven face. He has an average build and a height of 6'0". Most people don't realize how tall he is since he's always sitting down.

Riley Castle: David's 21 year old friend. She's one of David's more recent friends who he just met this semester. She's friendly, into music, and has a cool personality. She has small breasts just barely into a B-cup and she has blonde hair which she keeps in a short but feminine style, giving her a somewhat boyish look. She's got a slender frame and a height of 5'3". She also has a piercing in her nose and one in her lip. Her clothing is usually more on the tomboyish side, but she has been known to wear skirts and dresses from time to time.

Hayley Porter: David's friendly 20 year old neighbor that lives down the hall. She's quite hot, with her most notable feature is her beautiful, silky smooth raven-colored hair which reaches just past her shoulders. She has a very attractive face and a nice figure. She has a great butt and nice C-cup breasts. She is also 5'7". She's a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl who likes to wear skinny jeans and other tight pants and tight-fitting t-shirts, but she has a lot of more feminine clothes too and likes to wear skirts and dresses every now and then. She has a fun-loving personality and enjoys rock music.

Other Characters:
These are some other characters that may or may not be relevant depending on which story branch we follow. For the most part they'll really only be important to branches where they are the person with the power, but feel free to use them anywhere! There's plenty of room for expansion on these characters so I'll update this section as more characters are introduced, or the existing ones are fleshed out.

Jodie Reynolds: David's 47 year old mother. Despite being in her late 40s and having given birth to three children, she's still quite attractive. She has straight shoulder-length dark hair, a shapely, if slightly chubby, figure, D-cup breasts, and a height of 5'4". She's a kind mother and likes to keep in touch with her children.

Edward "Ed" Reynolds: David's 48 year old father. He's still in decent shape for his age, although his gut is getting a little pudgy. He has short brown hair, a short, neatly trimmed, but slightly graying beard, and a height of 5'11". He's a cool dad who enjoys watching sports and movies.

Kara Burton: Emily's 20 year old friend. A pretty brunette with long permed hair, an average figure and C-cup breasts. She's still quite attractive despite lacking the curves that some girls have.

Danielle Mercer: Emily's 21 year old roommate. She's an attractive blonde and her good looks make her a bit arrogant. She's also a bit of a slut, but that's something she's actually proud of. She's has an average build, standing 5'5", and has a nice figure and C-cup breasts.

Kendra Morton: A 21 year old art student and a friend of Nat's who's into punk rock. She's smart, creative, and headstrong, but has a bit of an attitude, especially when people piss her off. She's generally nice to people on her good side though. She has a punky fashion sense and her shoulder length hair is dyed bright pink. She also has several piercings in her ears, as well as one in her nose, one on her lip, and one in her tongue. She's about average height for a young woman of her age, standing at 5'4", but she's a little bit on the thin side. She's also bisexual.

Terri Ward: Kendra's 21 year old roommate. She's a 5'7" brunette who is fairly attractive, but not stunning. A little on the plain side, her most notable feature is her large E-cup breasts. She's a very polite person.

Nora Oakley: Kendra's 21 year old roommate. She's a pretty blonde with a slender build standing 5'3". She's a hip girly girl with a bubbly personality, and she's quite a partier. She's also a very talkative and chatty person. Despite her friendly personality, her tendency to babble on makes her sometimes come off as annoying. She has D-cup breasts and keeps her blonde hair in a chin-length bob most of the time.

Monica Diaz: Kendra's 21 year old roommate. She's a pretty Mexican-American girl with caramel colored skin and a full figure. She's 5'4" and has long, curly dark hair, D-cup breasts, a large ass, and an infectious smile. She still has a bit of an accent, but her English is perfect, and she can speak Spanish fluently. She's a friendly girl who can get along with most people, but she can also be a bit sassy at times.

Seth Bolton: Kendra's 22 year old ex-boyfriend. He's a 'bad boy' and a guitarist in a punk rock band. He's also a bit of a jerk. He's a good looking guy with chiseled facial features, short, dark brown hair that he usually gels up in front, and a height of 5'11". He's also in great shape with pretty impressive muscles. Both of his arms are fully tattooed. Kendra broke up with him recently, after she found out he cheated on her with Danielle Mercer.

Avery Bell: Kendra's 21 year old ex-girlfriend. She's a cute, slender 5'3" lesbian girl with long dark hair, a nice ass, and C-cup breasts. She's the overly-clingy sort, and a bit obsessive. Kendra hooked up with her when they were freshmen, but after a few months Kendra ended things because she was too clingy, jealous, and obsessive.

John Cooper: A 21 year old business student, John Cooper is a spoiled rich kid who had everything handed to him. While other students were accepted to this school because of their academic or athletic achievements, his parents simply paid a lot of money. He's a jerk, views himself as above everyone, and likes to flaunt his money. He keeps his dark hair slicked back and his face clean shaven, and he's 5'11". He also wears expensive clothing. It's not hard to tell that he's an asshole.

Jeff Samuels: A handsome, muscular 22 year old guy and the quarterback of the football team. He's attending the same school as David on an athletic scholarship. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he at least manages to get good enough grades to maintain his scholarship. He stands 6'1" tall and has short brown hair.

Abigail "Abby" Thorne: A quiet, nerdy 19 year old freshmen girl majoring in mathematics. She has shoulder length raven-colored hair and wears glasses. She's a bit overweight and isn't particularly curvy, making her a bit self conscious of her looks. She's also 5'3" and has B-cup breasts.

Simone Williams: A smart and athletic 21 year old African-American girl. She's on the school's women's basketball team and is quite good. She also gets very good grades. She's tall for a girl at 5'9" and has a pretty athletic build. She's also quite attractive with a nice butt, C-cup breasts, a warm smile, and very curly dark hair.

Roberto "Robbie" Ramirez: A 20 year old guy friend of Nat and Allie. He's of Hispanic descent, but he has no accent since his family has been in the States for several generations. He fits the stereotype of sassy gay friend to a T. He's a pretty good looking guy, is about 5'9", and keeps his body mostly hair free. He's also got thick, dark hair that he usually gels up in the front.

Stephanie Wilson: A 19 year old freshmen girl who is good friends with Michelle. She's a friendly, outgoing girl who is rather physically active, going for a run every day. She's quite attractive with straight shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights, a nice figure, D-cup breasts, and a height of 5'5". She also has a pretty girly personality and likes to dress fashionably. She has a 17 year old brother named Evan and a 15 year old sister named Alex back home, but getting home requires an out-of-state drive so she only sees them when she goes home on breaks.

Amanda Lawson: A 19 year old freshmen girl who is Stephanie's roommate and also a good friend of Michelle. The two have since become good friends. She's also an outgoing, sociable girl who can get along with almost anyone. She's smart, pretty, and a real go-getter who always seizes opportunities. She's a member of several clubs on campus. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, a great figure, C-cup breasts, and a height of 5'4". She has a 17 year old brother named Matt and a 15 year old sister named Ashlie back home, but home is very far away so she only sees them when she goes home on breaks.

Dakota Reid: A friendly, energetic 19 year old girl and Michelle's roommate. She's a pretty blonde and has long hair, often worn in a high ponytail. She's 5'7" and has a decent figure with C-cup breasts and a nice butt. She visits the gym now and then and stays in pretty nice shape.

Harvey Robson: Dakota's 21 year old boyfriend. He's a handsome guy and has an athletic build, standing 5'11" tall with nice muscles. Has blonde hair kept in a short crew cut style and often has a bit of facial scruff though it's hard to notice due to its light coloration. He's a bit of a jock but has a warm personality.

Samantha "Sam" Hill: a 22 year old girl attending the same school as David and a good friend of Riley's. She's a cool, fun loving girl with a bit of a grungy, alternative fashion sense and has full sleeve tattoos on both arms. Her shoulder length hair is naturally light brown, but it is currently dyed bright blue. Sam has a skinny, slender build and stands at 5'4". Despite being skinny, she has a decent figure, sporting B-cup breasts and a nice butt. In addition to her several ear piercings, she has one stud piercing in the hollow between her lower lip and her chin.

Brendan Maguire: A 22 year old senior student athlete who is also a member of the school’s swim team. He is 6’0" tall with an athletic, swimmer’s body, short brown hair, bright grey eyes and is usually seen wearing athletic wear or something with the school’s logo on it. He is a nice guy with a good personality that can make friends with just about anyone. Despite his good looks and personality, he is still working on his confidence with the ladies.

Charlotte Evans: A 20 year old girl from England attending the same college as David for a semester as part of a study abroad program from her school back in England. She's a very loud individual who can frequently come off as rude as she isn't one for keeping her opinion to herself, regardless of how offensive it might be deemed to others. She's quite tall for a girl at 5'9" and she has B-cup breasts as well as dark hair that she usually wears in a bun, but sometimes in a ponytail or down.

Sabine Drechsler: A 21 year old girl from Germany attending the same college as David for a semester as part of a study abroad program from her school back home. She is fluent in English, but still has a bit of a German accent when speaking it. She's 5'6" and has an athletic build, but also some nice feminine curves including some nice C-cup breasts. She has a pale complexion naturally dark red hair just past her shoulders that she usually dyes an even darker blood red shade. She has a feminine but very gothic fashion sense and an extensive wardrobe. She is usually pretty care free, but also has a strong domineering side to her. She also has a strong fascination with vampire fiction. Sabine identifies as pansexual and will sleep with anyone she finds attractive if they're interested.

Brian Jacobson: One of David's professors. He's a 40 year old man who teaches computer science. He has short, neat brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and glasses, as well as a height of 5'10". He is a pretty nice guy, if a bit strict as an instructor, and really knows his stuff. He genuinely likes teaching and passing on knowledge. He's never been married and doesn't have kids, but he kind of likes it that way, not that he would mind having a woman in his life. Sometimes he wonders what it would be like to be young again, though. His usual attire consists of button-down shirts, khakis or casual trousers, and loafers.

Chelsea Yamamoto: A professor at David's college who teaches psychology. She's a 30 year old Japanese American woman who only just started teaching there last semester. She taught the psych course where David and Kyle met last semester. She's attractive, outgoing and friendly and has high energy, which makes her popular with her students. She also has a genuine fascination with how the human brain works. She's a bit short at 5'2", but she's got good looks with shapely legs, a good figure, and B-cup breasts, and shoulder-length dark hair. Her usual teaching attire is usually a stylish skirt suit or sometimes a pantsuit, and she always wears heels. She usually keeps her hair up in a bun, but sometimes she wears it down.

Ronald "Ron" Hemingway: Allie's 55 year old father and a history professor at the college she, along with her friend David and girlfriend Nat, attends. He has short dark hair and a beard, both of which are graying, and he stands 5'11" tall. His typical work attire is a gray or brown suit and loafers. He's from England originally, but he moved to the States along with his daughter a few years ago for a teaching opportunity. He's a bit distant and buries himself in his work, which has been the case since his Indian wife, and Allie's mother, died many years ago. As a result, he is not particularly close with his daughter. He lives on his own since Allie moved in with her girlfriend.

Sarah Harding: A professor at David's college who teaches English. A rather plain 33 year old woman with mousy brown hair, usually worn in a bun, and a height of 5'4". She's not particularly curvy or attractive, but isn't ugly either. She wears glasses and her attire is a bit frumpy, usually long skirts and long sleeved sweaters. She is a pleasant woman, though, and is a good teacher who knows her stuff.

Katie Hunt: A 32 year old woman who works as an academic adviser at David's college. She's an attractive woman with hazel eyes, straight, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and a height of 5'5". She's a pleasant person who works well with other people. Her typical work attire consists of a pantsuit, or sometimes a skirt suit, and high heels.

Anthony "Tony" Reynolds: David's 43 uncle, Ed's younger brother. He's a bit more fit than his brother with a strong 6'0" build. He has short brown hair and a handsome, clean-shaven face. He's a physically active guy and tries to stay in shape. He can be bit of a hardass at times but is a generally good natured person.

Francine Reynolds: David's 42 year old aunt, Tony's wife. She's a very attractive woman still even in her 40s, with nice curves, a great butt, and lovely C-cup breasts. She's 5'5" and has long, straight blonde hair. She has a bubbly, sociable personality and likes to dress fashionably.

Scott Reynolds: David's 16 year old cousin, Tony and Francine's son. He's skinny, 5'8" and has short dirty blonde hair. He's a nerdy guy and a bit of a loner and looks up to David. Like his cousin, he's got a bit of a perverted side.

Gabrielle "Gabby" Reynolds: David's 14 year old cousin, Tony and Francine's daughter. She's a cute but quiet 5'3" girl with shoulder length light brown hair and glasses. She's not super curvy and has modest B-cup breasts. She's a bit geeky and artistically inclined.

Cassandra "Cassie" May: Alicia's 22 year old friend and roommate. The two met early on in college and now share an off-campus apartment together. She's more of a laid back free spirit than Alicia yet the two get along very well. She's 5'4" with a decent figure, shoulder length dark hair, and B-cup breasts. Only her close friends are allowed to call her Cassie.

Jefferson Price: Nat's 45 year old father. He's a rich, successful businessman from a wealthy family with a bit of an authoritative parenting style. He's not particularly happy with Nat's goal of being a writer, wishing she would go into the family business instead, but he knows he can't really talk her out of it. Unsurprisingly, he and Nat don't get along particularly well most of the time, but their relationship has improved as Nat has gotten older. Nat at least appreciates that he father is accepting of the fact that she's gay and that he has been giving her more independence now that she's at college. He has short brown hair, broad shoulders, and stands at 6'1" tall, making him a bit intimidating.

Scarlett Wolfe: Nat's 30 year old stepmother. She's a former model and is absolutely gorgeous. She has a sexy full figure, large, natural E-cup breasts, and long blonde hair, and she's 5'4". She's a little bit of an airhead, though. While he was single for a long time after divorcing Nat's mom, Jefferson recently ended up dating Scarlett, and they've been married for about a year and a half now. Some people think that she's just with him for the money and he's with her to have a trophy wife, but they do seem quite happy together. However, Nat doesn't like Scarlett very much for a few reasons. She's a bit uncomfortable with the fact that her stepmom is closer in age to her than her dad, and she's annoyed by how hard Scarlett tries to be her friend despite having nothing in common with her.

Katherine "Kate" Burke: Jamie's 18 year old best friend. She's a lot more feminine than Jamie and a total girly girl. Despite their differences, the two still have plenty in common and are extremely close thanks to years of friendship. She's very friendly and easy to get along with and is the ringleader of her and Jamie's friend group. She's a very gorgeous girl with a full figure, C-cup breasts, long, wavy blonde hair, and a height of 5'4".

Kimiko Yawada: Jamie's 18 year old friend. She's a very smart and pretty girl who moved to the US from Japan when she was a little girl. She has adapted well to western culture, but she's also a total geek when it comes to her native Japanese culture and loves introducing her friends to anime, music, and pop culture from Japan. She's a girly girl as well and loves cute things. She has a slender build and is only 5'1" tall. She has dark, shoulder length hair, B-cup breasts, and very cute features.

Corie Fischer: Jamie's 18 year old friend. She's a longtime friend of Jamie's but has become a bit of a rebel over the years. She's known for her cool style and carefree personality. She can be kind of rowdy, but she's also very easy to get along with and always willing to try new things. She's 5'7", had B-cup breasts, and she keeps her dark brown hair in a cool asymmetrical style.

More coming soon.
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