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A transformation story where all changes are final, and cannot be undone, only added to.
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Chapter #15

Make more butt people

    by: pillas
Hilde strutted down the boardwalk in her new fitter body, enjoying the tightness of it's muscles, the sway of it's toned ass and the pleasent jiggle of her heavier and fuller breasts. Taking a deep breath and for once not wheezing was a welcome change and the energy she felt was very empowering, Hilde gaped at the possibilities she had before, she could do this as many times as she wanted, and change her bodies nearly however she wanted.

Glancing down at the stone, she brought it to her lips and kissed it passionately.

"You're the best gift a kinky lesbian nympho could have asked for" Hilde proclaimed to the stone. As she practically began to skip down the boardwalk now, picking up her pace and running backwards effortlessly as her new body could handle the pace with ease without her chest feeling like a jackhammer was working on it.

After a very brisk and enjoyable run Hilde stopped near the pier area and gazed at her surroundings, there was food stands and people fishing along the pier along with restaurants and street vendors and entertainers, there was a veritable smorgasbord of unwitting victims at her disposal, and all of them would be none the wiser.

Going with her previous idea Hilde scanned around for her first couple of victims, she stopped at the sight of young man and young woman sitting down to get their portrait drawn by a street artist. They hugged eachother close and snuggled their heads together. Hilde already had the change in mind as she focused with the stone in hand and watched as their forms quickly changed shape to her whims. Hilde laughed as she sat back on the bench and waited for the street artist to finish his drawing.

"Alright, there we go and we're done" The Artist said, as he deftly used on his dainty petite feet to hand it to the couple. Hilde had not spared the artist in her changes either, where there was once a scruffy older man sitting in the artists chair now sat an odd sight. A very shapely female lower body with long smooth and tanned legs leading to a very tapered waist. Above the waist was attached another identical shapely female lower torso. Whereas the bottom half was clad in a pair of very tight jeans the upper half was bare assed, literally. Like some sort of torsoless queen of harts style conjoiment the double pair of legs acted as one, the upper half used it's upside down legs as makeshift arms, which were shown to be very very flexible and dexterous. Between the upper thighs could be seen the what was left of the scruffy mans face now having been transformed into a very meaty pair of feminine nether lips, what was left of his beard making for a rather bushy but soft looking pubic hair. It's large labia squished as he used his upper legs to rip the portrait from the canvas and hand it to the couple.

"Oh honey doesnt it look wonderful?" The young woman asked as she faced her husband, accidentally brushing her large cheeks against him as she turned her head, bumping him off balance.

"Whoops sorry honey" she giggled causing lewd noises to emit from her "mouth" The young woman was largely unchanged besides the fact that her face had been replaced entirely with an identical copy of her own buttocks. No recognizable eyes or proper mouth, her cheeks flapped slightly with every word and what could be seen was just a regular looking pink little sphincter in the middle of her face. The girl already had a particularly large derriere and having a similar copy attached to her face was just as distracting. Hilde couldn't help but become aroused as she admired the young womans face, she could stare deeply into her one brown eye all day long. Hilde giggled at her own joke as she turned her head towards the young "man".

"Yes honey it looks wonderful, could you get my wallet from your purse" The man asked, however Hilde just shook her head, what was there could hardly be called a man anymore, barely human at that even. Sitting on a large bar stool where the young man once was, now was nothing more than pair of naked and very well endowed pair of feminine ass cheeks. He was now about the size of a medicine ball, with an almost apple like shape, large supple voluptuous cheeks stood firm on the bar stool, it's shape perfect for standing on it's own two cheeks. Hilde could make out the small whisps of pubic hair where the ass cheeks tapered to where it would meet a spine if it were attached to one, obviously he had gained a pussy to go along with his new very female form. The man now reduced to the definition of feminine booty blushed at each of it's cheeks as his girlfriend brushed her ass face against his cheeks in a strange but chaste kiss.

"Sure thing honey, I'll let you pay this time" She giggled as she reached for his wallet in her purse. After gathering her things and paying the quad legged, double assed artist and picked up her "boyfriend" and lowered him into a modified baby stroller for him. After nestling him into his stroller comfortably she scurried off as the couple enjoyed the sights of the pier, each bump of the stroller causing the young "man" to jiggle enticingly.

The young woman carrying a "foot" drawn portrait of the couple, a pair of sexy butts snuggling up against one another.

"What a beautiful couple" Hilde laughed wiping a fake tear from her eye.

Continuing her walk down the boardwalk Hilde scanned for more people to change.

You have the following choices:

1. Stopping by a restaruant

2. Mess with more street vendors

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