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The regulars at the small-town mall are starting to get chunky.

The regulars at the small-town mall are starting to get chunky.

This is an interactive story containing 25 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
In the small(ish) and wealthy town of Porto, California, the Colony Mall is one of the main structures that houses the varried selection of communities within Porto. Whether it be the preppy high-school girls, the dorky middle-schoolers, or the hipster college student population, everyone makes their way to the hotspot at some point durring their days.

The surprisingly upscale mall contains a variety of stores and attractions including, (but not limited to): a game store, plenty of new (and sometimes expensive) restaurants and junkfood venders, a comic book shop, high-tech gizmo shops, bookstores, coffee shops, toy stores, far more than needed apparel shops, and much, much more!

Summer has dawned on the population of Porto, so the Colony Mall's boutiques will be their closets, and the eataries will be their pantries! With all the burger joints, the Italian establishments, the pretzel stands, and more, what a tasty, and callorie-filled, pantry that'll be...


Create any character you want but keep him/her around junior high to high school and collage.

Feel free to explore Porto proper, but keep the real stuffing and gaining within the Colony itself.

Please hold your barrage of short, pointless chapters and fabricate a single longer piece instead (unless you plan a following up a short chapter with a longer chapter).

Please try and use proper grammar and spelling as best as you can!

Please title your lengthier chapters chapters.

Please try and use descriptive language to the best of your ability (Show, not tell).

Please, please, please write a chapter if you enjoy the premise of this!


Magic or ray guns

"Weight gain darts"


Reliance on weight gain powder/pills, liquid lard, or other fattening agents like these (try and keep weight gain natural and stretched out over time).


Gender swap

Extreme hight growth

Underage sex


Gay and Bi relationships

Sex and nudity (not in extreme depth)


Ripping clothes

Secret fattening


Please write quality chapters that adds to the story alongside the weight gain. Chapters that go against the simple rules can and WILL be removed. Authors that contribute care and effort-filled chapters will be graciously appreciated for their limited time and patronage spent on this story.

Personally, this will be a learning experience to bump up my game to produce more chapters that not only have more substance, but quality as well.

If you can, send an on-site email with suggestions on how I can improve and refine my style of writing.

Thanks for reading,
Polish Warchief
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