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You have woken up in the world of Pokemon, and somehow your younger, and/or smaller.

You have woken up in the world of Pokemon, and somehow your younger, and/or smaller.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
So, you wake up one day to find yourself in some place that is very similar to home, but, it looks different. You realise it is different when you see that there are pokemon roaming everywhere. All different types. But, the question is, are you still human, or are you a Pokemon yourself. You decide.

In this story you will have the option of being shrunk, but there will also be a story line where you are normal size human or Pokemon. There will be no limitations on which pokemon you can be. All existing Pokemon, no matter what tv series season or came series are fine, and I will also allow fan-made pokemon. (ex: Arcticanine, the ice version of Arcanine.) If you do turn pokemon upon arrival, be aware that there can be stroylines where humans will catch you for whatever purpose, be they a trainer or team rocket or anything else. If you are human, there will be the chance to become a trainer, breeder, team rocket, or other such titles humans take. Also be aware that if you are a human, there is a chance a pokemon might outsmart you and either make you it's next meal or have you become it's young by means of transformation. Unbirth is one posibility. This can also happen even if your pokemon already.

Things I will allow in this story:
1. Unbirth
2. Pregnancy. (you can follow the mother's pov, if the main character is unbirthed for the time being and/or in an egg for the time being depending upon whether the Pokemon mother gives live birth or lays eggs. And yes there will be the selection to end up in a human womans womb, but only if your human to begin with. And once the main character is reborn, you have to go back to the main character's pov.)
3. transgender (This can only be done when the main character is unbirthed or transformed by other means)
4. soft oral and breast vore (Only pokemon are allowed this ability.)
5. age regression (This can happen upon arrival, but you can choose to go younger.)
6. breastfeeding. (This of course and can only be done by pokemon considered to be mammals, so Pokemon like Arboc and Charzard are unable to do this.)
7. babying
8. diapers can be involved if you are a human baby in this story. (Don't go into heavy description about using the diaper, or the chapter will be deleted.)
9. transformation into Pokemon of course. (like earlier stated, this can be achived through means of unbirth. It can also be achieved by means of getting bitten, kind of like if a vampire or werewolf bit you. Pokemon using magical forces, or any other creative means you can think of are also allowed.)
10. Death is allowed if the main character is orally vored and digested, but their soul will be transferred to any unborn children the Pokemon that vored them plans to have. Do not have the story end on a death chapter or it will be deleted.
11. parings of straight couples. So this can be between two of the same Pokemon, but different genders. The main character can also have a partner, whether they are human or Pokemon.
12. Sex, but not in front of young ones, especially the main character if they are just a kid.

Things not allowed in this story:
1. Hard vore.
2. anal vore
3. using the main character or other characters as personal toys or toilets.
4.. absorbtion in the breast or womb. (even though I allowed digestion, that is only if they get orally vored.)
5. turning good characters into bad characters (unless you provide an extremely good reason for doing so.)
6. permanent death of the main character. (like stated earlier, any chapters that end the story at death will be deleted.)
7. rape (there will be no forced sex on any character, including the main character.)
8. gay couples. (Do not try and work around this like trying to pair up two characters after one has become the same gender as the the other. Chapters involving gay couples or gay references will be deleted.)
9. Gore and blood (I'm not one for that kind of violence. I'll allow a few bruises and light scratches, but nothing more.)
10. making humans become giant or Pokemon that are not as tall as buildings to begin with become giants

If there are other things you wish to include in the story that was not mentioned, give me a shout in my on-site email and I'll let you know what will be allowed. Have fun with the chapters you add and be sure to provide selections for others to branch off of. Help me get at least 75 chaptersup. Thank you.
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