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Characters from various TV shows act out fairy tales.

Characters from various TV shows act out fairy tales.

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Much like how my interactive Children Learn Basic Skills was written because there was already one on the site about potty training, I'm writing this because I saw an Interactive about TV characters reenacting Hansel and Gretel, so I decided to do the other fairy tales.

Note: The Hansel and Gretel story was focused on characters getting fat, but this one is not like that. Please leave characters as they are.

1. Nothing too sexual unless it was part of the fairy tale, and even then, change it if the character is a kid. Also, getting married is fine as long as it doesn't break apart an existing couple, require children or related people to get married, or require an age gap.
2. Don't make characters OOC or kill them off, even if it was part of the fairy tale. (For example, even though Snow White's mother died, if you're parodying Snow White with The Loud House and Snow White is Lucy, don't kill off Rita or have her be the evil queen. And speaking of villains, if someone is playing a villain, don't have them do anything so evil it'd be OOC, for example, continuing with the above example, Lola Loud is a bit of a brat, but she wouldn't try to poison Lucy.)

If you have difficulty following the rules, remember that you can parody (for example, if someone is playing Snow White but a person who's not her love interest is playing the prince, you can have him act awkward about it).
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