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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2182890
Weight gain and vore in the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Weight gain and vore in the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Despite the fact that there's a ton of vorish Pokemon interactives, I've always been bummed out by the fact that I couldn't find any about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a spinoff series that's always fascinated me even more than the main series. There's been PMD-themed routes in other interactives, but I can't find any that are completely focused on PMD related shenanigans. So, it seems my only choice is to make one myself!

*GreaterThan* How the World Works: In case you don't know, the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is inhabited entirely by Pokemon! That means no anthros, no humans, no animals, no digimon, and no fakemon. While the main focus is on stuffing, weight gain, and vore and such, all sorts of other kinks can also be experienced throughout the world.

*GreaterThan* How Eating Works: Have you ever seen how massive the average berry is in the Pokemon universe? Needless to say, every food item in this interactive will be weirdly huge, and the average meal will lead Pokemon to having at least big, round, full-looking bellies. However, their metabolisms are designed to compensate for this, so just stuffing yourself normally won't lead to any weight gain. If you REALLY stuff yourself silly, though, you'll experience some pretty rapid weight gain, able to earn pounds and pounds of pudge over the course of a single day! You lose weight just as easily, though, and there are upper limits; it's impossible to become a big, unrecognizable blob of fat or anything.

*GreaterThan* How Vore Works: Every Pokemon has naturally stretchy throats and stomachs in order to hold all that food, which has the side effect of allowing them to swallow other Pokemon! This is a skill that will have to be trained. At first, swallowing prey will give you a sore throat and a terrible tummyache, and digestion will take all day! Experienced preds, however, will be able to swallow and gurgle prey with scary ease! With some effort and training, other forms of vore might also be possible, but much more difficult. There is currently no known method of safe vore or reformation; however, preds have a window of time they can spit their prey out before digestion begins.

Which kind of vore do you prefer the most?
      Female Pred, Male Prey
      Female Pred, Female Prey
      Male Pred, Female Prey
      Male Pred, Male Prey

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